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#ICYMI - Baseball - Home Run Physics

2017-05-25 | 🔗
Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice learn why it’s so hard to hit one out of the park, Guests: Geoff Blum, the Chicago White Sox legend and announcer for the Houston Astros, and Alan M. Nathan, Professor Emeritus of Physics.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:TuneIn: http://www.tunein.com/playingwithscienceApple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceGooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free I am the other Ass Thyssen. Your first last refused. The startup network is pleased to present to you a show where the universe in sport- and now I am so nice- I am going away and we are the whole laying waste sites ready for it. Look at the size behind among shop, the kindest
but by the bat, rather than a seventy. Yes guess what listeners today, it's all about the home run the physics of the bat, the ball, the brain and letting fly, but the signs physics, professor alum Nathan, from the University of Illinois, but first you know if you ve ever wonder on our hand, like you have your argument weapons. Do you have wondered like too much because your professionals athletes, so here, but the certain things you want to do in your life? That's not true one of them it is probably the hardest thing. They say it is to do in all of sports, which should a welcome Rome run. Yes, yes, actually taking you too far, it goes into ITALY. Go to Rome find a guy who was jogging wagon.
But a bad, that's clodagh. Rome run but of course, we're talking about a home right, but then take that year and then put it in the setting of a world series and then put it in the setting of. I don't know the last evening, maybe the fourteenth ending. What do you get You gonna find out today. I because with us in the studio, is none other than the Chicago White South Legend, a man with his own problems and statue, yes Jeffrey, yea, rather than just how good a bigger thank you for having we embarrass, you could well enough for any more real Urania. Ok, we're gonna laid on man. That's just something else! Ok, so here we go when you grow up Do you know this? One is leaving the park always just in the hands of the gods, or do you do you have a sense like I feel like like? I feel it?
feel really good. You know what it's kind of funny that you talked about that because they had me mic'd up and batting practice before the game, and I know it we're in a nationally ballpark, where the pictures going to hit. So I know, there's potential double switch. Pinch hit all kinds of issues. Create that get me the game and my dear, but I'm taking bad practice, I'm yelling at the banning practice picture like would you please give me better picture, so I can try and hit em out of the ball park on trying for home runs and who would have thought you know five and a half. Hours later and have the opportunity and follow through the town I called it, but I'm saying had a pretty good, pretty infinitely of ammunition. So you know what before we go any further. Ok has we're taking it for granted that those listening and those watching us start talk all access. No that we're talking about the fact there Jeff is a former manually baseball in
the older he is currently the announcer for the Houston asked rose at an endless for em I'll, be at the play on tune in radio, but specifically, what we're referring to is there? As a world series champion for the Chicago, why sites in two thousand five Jeff in the fourteenth ending the of the longest game in fall. Classic history came to the plate and not a ball out of the park to win the game. So one we take a look at that longest game those days the whites, your mother, that doesn't ITALY, no, it doesn't, and I love look at this issue very seriously?
I do not have. That is as follows. The manager Phil Garner for their use NASH rose literally picked up his bar slowly. We sit non am I right into the tunnel. So there was of anger and aggression slows. Can you run the bases once you ve, deemed homer, which crazy is. I was on the asked. Team two years prior S meeting a year and a half prior swine knew a lot of guys on their teams, so there is a little bit of oh hell, yeah frightened at the same time go on all man, my boys or in the other Doug eyes. So it's kind of ironic that had they already have the red on the pitcher. Did you know what he was going to not a good idea or a word in in knowing that I played for that team? I knew they had the scattered reports on me, so I knew what they were. You know avoid in that place where he thought The baseball is the last place you wanna pitch me one place where I don't have to think, and I can just react as set down in an annex monkey read that report and I
That's why everybody in the dugout snap, when I get home, run because I knew exactly where was going as soon as I put the brain, whoops yeah yeah yeah. Here it was funny, I'm sorry you made it look so pedestrian, you know its dominant. And the way you just cut it was like a dead. The office. There are few little went down scoop this ball and it's like this is like that. It's almost like it was a script for you present Maybe was I didn't, write it, but I know somebody out there didn't I'm grateful for it, but no that's what I mean just a reaction? For me I was, I was actually mentally thinking on the outer through the play, because I know that's where they wanted to pick me right, but as soon as I recognise down an end, it was an easy reaction for me to go there. Okay, so you recognize this. It's not it's. Some four tenths of a second hand about what are you looking for a walk and that, as the information tat
is mixed itself to you, while you calculating on what part of the pitch. Do you get that information before you're into the swing under the connection? there's a lot going on there. But it's also repetition and experience used to I've student at box. Thousands of times I mean I hate to bring up all the outliers stuff, but the ten thousand and before you know it becomes a reaction and as it hid her you recognize span, you recognize release point it's a little bit harder to pick up speed, sometimes, but The Scottish poured in light of the the tenants is that we have on pictures and a lot of the video we watch can give us enough information to counter prepares for that, and it was a two ok. So I went in there with the intention of taking at least one pitch because I'd never faced as equals dossiers, so I decided to take a picture, so I could recognize. Ball out of hand, his delivery, the timing and trying at all that inside yeah. Why
that's what you do that, but I took them in a two hour count and that's another thing: no understanding that due account is typically a fastball council. What you're trying to do was narrow down say the guy has three pitches and you get the first, but you ve got thirty three percent chance of being right in a two o count. It goes you know you a hundred percent chance of being right. So I looked out in the I got ahead in the count to one hundred and he was going to try and throw me a fastball. It just so happens if you missed a spot, so I had the pitch, and when I recognise location, it just made it that much amid Amis easier. So talk about the chest match because now you're talking about when we are facing a pitcher and the actual count means a great deal to you as a hitter, because I think the count gives you the advantage. You know when you're ahead in the count as a better, I think that's very much your advantage to talk about that as a hitter when you're ahead in the count, what that does to the chest match and what that does your your anti spy
we'll all little over different, but it did. You know after the first pitching kind of get an idea of what's going to happen next cause a lot of guys do have tendencies, and I know in my career in my personal experience of something else, you have to take into account if a pitcher facing me into one ball? No strike count. I know I'm gonna get enough speed pitch right just through experience, because are anticipating and mentally that I'm sitting on a fast also there, anticipating the gearing up for ninety two ninety five miles an hour. What they want to do change, speed change span the little brake on the baseball and maybe a swing in Miss or a ground out pop out something out? You know something negative rang: does it take you as a major player to get to that level of data, in your own mind, to be able to just a guy- and I use bring it forward and restoring that data on each pitcher that you face like? Are you going to your mental reservoir? You know it's crazy. Is I mean I lie all refer to some things. I remember that a big old pitch by pitch we have
yes, bag, one or both the other day he's going to the Hall of Fame, but he had four hundred and forty nine home runs, and literally we showed a video of two or three home runs back and nineteen. Eighty nine and he recalled the bats the memory on these guys is unbelievable, obviously, is a positive outcome. I was going to say you remember, remember, to strike out as well as on the at the end of this equation, is the pitcher and we did a show would run darling. The former Metz nature he yet after an hour Is it a maze? Not fate just go through every broke down several pitches from years back them looking at him thinking. It's amazing you just have ever so and is that because of the experience of being in there is it such a high percentage of experts instead, it's just kind of burned into your mind indelibly or is that kind of like so memory type d, aware you're, so highly focused on what you're doing that it makes it easy to recall, those things like my things a little above, but you gotta remember the same time. This is our job.
Since my life as it is now, my life and my career is on the wine. So in order to make to continue in this career, I've gotta be pretty good at it. So there is different, it isn't, I know guys who have gone through a bats, gone back and have a note book in the in the dugout the right down pitch by pitch. What's going on, I don't have to do that anymore. These days of the inquiry that got a team of analysed do literally they do they had they travel with four five video guys we're tracking every single pitching. You can recall it on the computer just like that. So that's got a nice, but it is experience any, You need that knowledge, so in going into the bat, obviously, if you'd facing a guy for the first time, you have an idea: you're gonna, start blocking away some of that stuff in your memory bank, because you know you will face these guys forward twenty times throughout your course. Your career, supposedly the most difficult single act in sport yeah, I says the hardest thing ample round bat, and my right, you hid it square less, that's the phrase,
That's the whole thing now is it something that is a difficult one sure on the plate as it looks, and we are told it is from way back in the stand him way back at home and tv. Will it so hard that you can fail seventy percent of the time and we consider new grammar others, like seventy percent of the time and they pat on the back and go great job, gives idea right there, but yeah. That's just getting ahead best, just heading making cuts. Backwards? We are being safe. That use thirty percent of the time you right now and you can literally do everything right and hid it right at some. And get nothing to show for it right, the ass theirs what's going on, but it is one of the other things in you to talk about the timing. Yeah, a male us run dawning this question is, no matter. What you through was there one guy had your number in every single time. You said yes, so do the reverse of that is. Was there one pitcher always through you to kryptonite? There were no Kevin Brown number out for me was an absolute beast in it.
Got a funny because it was my rookie year, I believe, and ninety nine, and he threw me sinker about ninety four. Ninety five miles an hour. I had a bullet through or at the shortstop, and lays out makes a great play on me and I from there a b on. He threw me nothing but split fingered, fast Oh, my god I did. I could not square him up for the life of me. I couldn't figuring out beside the Stag Unita amounting to around you state with satisfaction, angry Zella, Mattie eyes that actually play into the psychological back and forth. When you see as a little bit out o the Randy John soon ass, there was Darrell. Kyle was extremely undergone amount, but Kevin Brown. For me, I mean he was literally snort and smoke coming out of his ears. Kennedy deal with a guy. How do you do with a guy that brings that temperament to the mound as a hit, there's a lot of psychology to step in kind of trick him into the sense of you're, not afraid of what he's bring and right, but that that sometimes can you are when you do that, and you get him maybe to throw a different pits. Cause he's just like. Oh you think you're. So damn hot shit, I'm sorry
where I just love, yeah figures they hot park ass, like says yes, but kid: can you get a guy gonna get my settings. I really mr hot stuff really will watch this. You know it's fully you have a bees against guys against own you and you fell one. You see a guy fallible straight back in ball, the fan at home. When some of the analysed, even I do sometimes go while we just missed that, but what they dont realises. I grabbed the baron, the middle part of my bad, where it hit off the pine tar and I'm trying to cover up the fact that if I We would have hit the thing he was shattered, my bad into a thousand pieces right on trying to play off like mad. I just missed at Break raise the portfolio and then they hit that it makes him think makes the catch or thank you While he was on that pitch. Maybe we'll go to something else. It actually works out. Your favor mentioned the bats and ignore the fact that they will split. If, if not now
this is a very naive. Innocent question might be off when you pick a bet up, will a sweet, spa or the balancing the bat be different to the next one you pick up? Are they very or is it all just standardized oh, no, it's two completely different from model two miles or not every eye in the lineup, not every guy on every team around the major leagues, we'll swing the same exact model back again, because the the shape of its different, the weight of its different laugh is different. Now am I correct in this I've seen actually just speaking to what you just said right there, and maybe I'm seeing this, but I've seen guys actually take too bad, the same, Emmy, indifferent hands and then put one down and put the other one is: is that
a shower. You I mean, what's going on their responsibility, is the one these notes. Positive news like this depends in my four for my last ten, or am I offer my last twenty, so I mean the psychology gives in their because in my going good and I go in bad because when you go and good you can pick up, could pick up a microphone stand to go out there and get a hit. No, there are differences and it's funny because you will or regional I was a be three. Ninety two guy I had my own that's made, so I pay. I would pick up to differ at the same box, and I could tell which one was heavier lighter than that for me. So you know it's never one of those things, because the guy willing intuitively Oh, he knows exactly what he wants. He knows exactly what the place in our railways so he's going to choose a bat that gives a little bit more advantage. In that mean was it by Bruce, had two big heavy club? all those guys back in the day. It was amazing on number here stories and Emily literally swinging tree. Try yeah we're
mass everybody thought that you know the bigger the bat, the bigger ahead, that that seem to be gone. You gotta go and towards zone. If you something that large and make contact girls going to talk about extra velocity and that's how to come out of the swing, so you know that's from from you. Point of view: what was your assets on hidden this one at the ball park, crazies. When I played it, wasn't they didn't talk about launch angles? They talk about exit velocities, it was. How do I get the barrel of the bat today is because I will not hide Andrea, that's contact, it was everything pre. It was everything pre contact. Now everything is post contact that creates the home run supposedly so that that psychology in the thought process of of hitting is, can greatly change a lot great for me. Now I can sit back, not worry about having to do it. I can we learn and talk to it a little bit. So there is a lot of fun for me not now that you say that so that I definitely want to know who is it right now that she would hate to face
Right now, he's on the mouth Was it right now that you would love to face dad I'm see my swing in about four or five. You givin you two x ray, I'm stated if there's a guy out their thrown eighty eight ninety two miles an hour. Let me have a shot at him because there's a guy in the bullpen right now for the New York, Yankees or oldest Chapman, ok averaging a hundred miles an hour. I want absolutely no part of that. But even do the Cubs last year is a three did it pitcher and bodies, but they caught him. A hundred when he was in the AAA Ya know That does not make any sense to me so now, it would make. Do you think that make somebody unheeded? But what makes somebody on do you think like their speak? Or is it movement like
or you can argue the fact that great managed as one of the greatest pictures of all time and he threw eighty eight miles an hour consistently, but he had unbelievable movement. So if you can create velocity and movement, I think you're gonna be one of the union we wanted and although some, what about a guy like Marianna, you know he's retired now like yet is that yeah There was a guy you anticipated and think about what he did. I mean he's going to hold a faint, but he had one pitch. Like literally, you said I almost got an important said: he's gonna, throw cut fastball. Ninety two, ninety five miles an hour go, get em right! You can't blow me up every time it left handed? I could I could not the barrel out fast enough for it to make good contact on the sweet spot, because he so much good late, move made movement, couldn't anticipated, you'd, see one spot start you swing, and it would immediately change and blow yeah. That's how gunslingers high noon thing, which is all have our four intimidation sand. I can t tell you what I'm doing one page candidate ever had a favorite ballpark view and comments,
waiting period. Colorado I mean I was before the human or was brought enable internet without, but on the other, to cause there there's some questions about. How does humidity affect the baseball and things like then we get an internet look at sea is a way for the rest of the south is trying to do my part provided, but no Colorado had no friction in the air, and I mean there were plenty of their work at times. I miss getting a sack bogged down and it was no to count, and I thought I got jammed on a ball and went out of the ball park. Retie five and me, and I'm like you, guys, have no idea how bad I just hit the ball and went out. Parkes one allocating there. That's great, that's great, round by mistake, freeze, Homer I set great store, I we will take a break up next lawyer. The physics
behind the home run. Stick around has just said. He needs to know. I'm sure you do to see hey I've got no secret for you. I'm gonna considers singing all of the ads on this shell, there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free, you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying
Gary Riley Jerk, like this, of course, is playing with science. Today, joining us now by video call to help us rap. Our heads around the physics is Professor Alan Nathan. Alan welcome to the show. How are you, sir, I'm very fine? Thank you going to be with you, the ass to have you with us Nathan, Alan welcome to the show. How are you, sir, I'm very I thank you, gotta, be with you. The ass were glad to have you, of course, Alan this, professor emeritus of physics at the University of Illinois, and he spent decades studying physics, a baseball check them out at baseball. Dat physics
Illinois, DIY D, you so let's just get end. The anatomy of run and for you This is what I want to know. Are there any parallels between experimental nuclear physics hitting a home run. Well back back when I was actually on the regular factory retired. Now I used to tell people because that way, I couldn't tell people that I was studying physics in and still really doing my job so that there are. There are some analyses in the sense that the the ball back. Collision is basic physics. I mean the end. The same physics applies the ball collision as applies to the college. Aristotle, Tom and particles, so in that sense there is, there is some overlap. And the same kinds of laws of physics apply. Of course, the context
this doesn't really new nuclear weapon. Just in case you worried about Now homes arrest. Alright, professor, can you break down the anatomy and the era dynamics of the before and after all, the home and so we can get some real nitty gritty science in terms of what needs to happen? You know going to the back towards the people and then what needs to happen at the play and then what needs to happen afterwards, short, Wallace coming you never even really slow say for the sake of our remit is a really good fastball released it. Maybe ninety five miles an hour. Ninety four sunlight that by the timing,
the whole plate is going a bit. Slower is probably going more like eighty five miles an hour, because air drag slows down and is following its descending. It may be, for a fastball is probably is coming in the whole played a navy. Six or seven degree angle is sending sold the banners. Job is. Get them back in the right place at the right time. As the right location on low on the bad self. The high bans be that's being is, Basically all them matters both in terms of how hard that ball will be hit how hard that Basel II hid alone with the launch angle, is what determines how far that bomb goal when, therefore, whether it's a home run or not so the matters job is a pretty difficult one. At least,
for me, it would be difficult for major players is maybe not as difficult because you don't have a lot of time to react. It might take something like four tenths of a second from release until the boy the whole place. Not all that time is available to the better in terms of observing the page, and you have to sign by roughly halfway through there, you know roughly two tenths of this. Can you have to make a decision when spring or am I not going to swing a swing How am I gonna Swingers appears gonna, be on the lowest high side inside outside the pit. The swing itself take something like point, one. Five, six. I mean, typically, I mean sort of on average for an angel bitter. So you know you take you use
track? That point one, five from the point for that you have altogether you you don't you know, you got point three saying there's plenty of time. Basically, you got plenty of time to make up your mind about how you gonna go about opening right. You probably have a cup of coffee or transport obeyed and in austria- and here comes, the ball saw euro. You you, you we have to process that information very very quickly and basically, I think, doesn't I wasn't doing there there. I may see the page. They see the picture release they observe it, they essentially transmit that in patient to their brain, and they have some memory, look at table their computer yet the pinches similar principles, we have seen before in using them to make their decision about without pity, gonna, do and therefore were well, whether they should you know, I'd like to hold on for one second, because this is fascinating and we have a major league baseball
run world series hitter in the room legend, MR, a man who has a bronze statue of himself like? Do you like the idea of light and very much cargo? But Jeff? Can you speak to the things that professor just told us not think they would? talking about actually appreciated, I should have put him on my pr team because in trying to explain how hard it actually is, but you know I have a whole new appreciation now watching what these guys do. A lot of what Alan is talking about now is actually provided by major League baseball for us to actually look at and they can instantaneously look at They don't necessarily look at bad speed, but they can give you the exit velocity, jangle and they can calculate hit probability number one
they can go ahead and estimate the distance because of adding those two things together. So it's a lot of money. When you look at a launch angle, depending on which park your playing in that's, what's crazies, you could pie, put Alan in a bad, engage right now and tell these guys you want to try and hit a launching a land again the pit coming down hill, so you ve got it. Your bad angle, almost into an upper cut to make contact with this, but guys we're talking about how to create a launch angle that will deliver a long, Why bother down is talking about it's incredible wow? That's it! That's insane! Does the theory translate into the back in your hands? work? I dont know because I grew up in an age of swing down on the Baltic, the ball in the air right. You know and they're not their condition away from that because of the launch, feels it Alan's talking about so the more Alan professor? Maybe if I call you that with a lot of the Swami out Is this far I download element is so now. There's a lot
been going on a page and will a batter like Jeff, use that back spin to his advice It's too maybe create that that angle, that True that we're looking for and does it make a difference as you change the spin on a pitch too. What happens to the bar when it comes off the bat That's where very interesting question it and something that I actually spend some effort trying to study. It turns out when you do careful measurements in the laboratory all back collisions and user of asked a question. How much does the spin of abandoned all which is really what matters in terms of? the trajectory the flight of the ball to carry the ball. Does that depend on the pitch of the speed of a pitched ball. It turns out not all that much. Not all that much. Yeah. It is
is in a way, is a little bit of a surprising results, but we we will look into the physics to let you consoler make sense of it in terms of collision miles and things like that, but it is for sure, not an obvious result. Okay, so your own, for example, it was signed You know maybe, a decade ago that a year Current ball has top spin fastball has backed in right, and that would lead to some difference in this. The basketball ended speculation about the people of Iraq Mr Martin, was all speculation over. There wasn't any data that you can use in our vice, but now we have data. That seems to suggest that this the sin of the basketball really is not greatly dependent on some. It's been so you know what and please forgive me if what I am about to say makes no sense of the year I believe what it will do is just and baseball as we know it,
What I am about to say is not right, but what I just one popped into my mind was a point of contact go where you have the spin on the ball, that will change the trajectory in flight as it comes towards the bat that point of contact is going to just be this one single, of contact on the ball and one single point of cars. On the back and then with its almost as if that, rights an entirely new chapter, four, the flight of the ball. Leaving the bat. As a result, this then, the bar on the way into the bat would not have that much of an effect, because that point of contact is going to be the same, no matter. What am I crazy for making this hypothesis right here on the spot? actually what you said. They thought the sands inside you explained in a lot of work as a sort of what I have observed. Experts only I wouldn't
say it any better myself you didn't. I saw you, I guess what here's the deal. I quit, I'm going off to become a scientist at the end of July. We gonna take my class. I would love to think you claim. That is something I would pay money. We watch our teacher class and want to do very well. Ok, island. We talk about the bats. The bad I hitting with the sweet spot and we ve spoken to a couple of bad as a major league, NATO when you connect you hit on the sweet spot, you don't feel any vibration, it's almost invisible hit or looking at that, From that point of view- and this is something member- we spoke to J parents to be of yes said when he hit the sea, and then Jeff, I'm gonna come back to see what you think about the same question: sulphur before you and before you get into that. Can you just tell us what is the sweet spot and then answered firstly, Alan. If you can talk about and then Jeff, I'm gonna come back to see what you think about the same question so first
before you before you get into that, can you just tell us what is the sweet spot and then answer the question about what the largest asked Turkey so that that is not a rigid body can weaken vibrate and get a win win the ball. The sweet spot is the low Patient. I mean the simple way to say: it is its alone, Asian along the lines of a bad way. When you the ball his there there's an essentially no vibration. You know if you live in your hands- and you know it really If you hear it all on the Tipp of the battery way on the inside part of the bad. You know that that can sting a mean right, sometimes
nowadays with high speed, Jeff but jumped Jefferson Studio shaking his head, like nodding moment, has had an second his hand like you have no idea what we call it a handful of bees, a handful of glass doesnt field are nowadays initially games. Use oftentimes you have high speed. Video, you is, is dramatic. Kind of vibrations that you actually see the bad weather but does not kidding on this forms, part of the back, so the responses there are many definitions of the sweet spot, but they all amount to about. The same thing is the place where the vibrations are the other, the lease, so it feels best. It also where's the location whenever the bad vibrates that represents energy, that the ball transferred to the back in the poor, less energy for the ball to have on its way out so is also the best place in terms of exit speak to get the highest access. Be you want this report
two points on the bad or regions of the back. Pretty much pretty must coincide us. That's why the sweet spot, but now you have to science as to why, right as it so Jeff, if you had the scenes on a ball as opposed to the leather between how much of a difference and Your point of view why I'm actually impressively knows it is hitting the seams I'd. I had no idea what I think he looked at. His back need to sort out is the orientation, but at the moment I don't. I have no idea that that's happening all I'm trying to do is get that barely go through the zones as fast as I possibly can and that as a hidden. The idea you are focused on that sweet spot and that's how do I get that through the zone as quick as I possibly can, but with the with the seams hitting the Oh, you know that I know we're gonna get into the maple. Ash would but the grain. If you against the grain on eight May on an ash. Bad you're also gonna hit the hard side of the bad, so you're trying to create a connection. But I like the word collision of the sweet spot of the bat with the heart is peace.
About so along the grain with those seems in the baseball is going to increase your chances at his fascinating. I may do After all, these variables are coming together at one single point. To create this event is just mine: blowing need to be an expert in. Timber, lumber and grain of right and integral masonry enough ballplayer is actually do know a lot about the actual itself, the cool. So let me ask you this both of you, ok, professor, you and Jeff. There is- and I ve heard this myself- there is a certain crack of the bat. Now I dont know if it happens, because in the ball park at the time I don't know happens, because you make the association, because the ball leaves the park, and now you make the association that that was a different, sound,
but you her, because you just saw a home run, but there seems to be a certain sound that the ball and the bat, makes that when you're in a ball park, your life- oh slap, that's buried like something how am I wrong or it can you hear a home run. Absolutely o snap I can get my head down open the booth and I e, and you hear it, and I immediately noted that balls well struck whether or not it's gonna go out. The ballpark depends on launch angles and things like then night instantly, even if a guy, taken batting practice. I can have my back turned of bad occasion of I heard a certain crispness of both about you. Definitely no look. I gotta hold one thou, so professor, is there a reason why there is a certain site I found that a home run makes yes guys, like you, ok, we're out of time. Thank you now go. I haven't personally studying this
I have read a little bit about insult the basic ideas. It saw this your hearing is scientists only a home run, but they will hit ball meeting a high exit velocity of whether it is. Just pointed out whether, the whole rebel dependent, the wandering about certainly a hard line drivers going south. Just like you know. Fuck it aside any differently. Hardly a home run. Ok, any it's all is partly the signature of the fact that the ball back in the ball with high speed along the sweet spot, the bat ok you're, a soul, partly as the high speed of the bad, which gives rise to a high speed of the high speed for the ball, and the fact that some sweet spot is important because, when you're off the sweet spot This sum is really is different because of that vibration sound lower frequency, south sea. This crap that you here
The deal with a collision time, the collation time between the ball, and that is something like a thousands of a say in the sun. Your hearing has to do with the fact that the the air that is between the ball back is pushed out of the way is that you and your setting up vibrations in the year, and that's why you're here? Ok, it's like an arrow many thunder, yeah yeah I'd lose. Many thunder guns announcement this all is about to leave radio you're off the sweet spot of the bathrooms two different things that goes on. First, creation of a bad gives you some low frequency sound that you could hear, and second, the because that is more flexible when you're off the sweet spot, the we ve been time is a little bit longer so that frequency spectrum shifts a bit lower frequency gotcha. I hear that high frequency crack gotcha. When you have to say, is what I think I've heard from from other
all players in that can tell just for the sound the even been told. That is your and our, and you hear, that crack you first step is backwards, makes any sense because because you, the ball, is not high enough off the bat that you can actually see words going, so you have to make sure you have the Megan instantaneous reaction. Anyway, you hear the crack your first, that better be backwards. Nice as France, Fabulous arm. Hey, we are going to take another commercial break. Professor will be with us Jeff will be with us when we combat we'll get into balls and banks in their effects. Homer on playing this stick around we'll be back shortly. We hear the sound they start to the girl.
we'll bang and is playing with scientists and we're. Looking, the signs behind eating the home around with us in the studio former Major League baseball, inferior and all round the legend in my book. Jeff, plum via video call. We have physics, Professor Alan Nathan, who spent the past decades studying the physics of baseball. So we could never too, but it s really could reach No, we could not, especially lists have been a fascinating, so I have to say- and my favorite part so far- is the fact that my arm My little theory on a point of contact was correct and K. Jugs gotta go see the current by mass versus bat speed no batman at all. In there.
We witnessed this well, we're gonna die. So let's go with you first decide. That's an interest. Question a question. People ask alive, we saw is getting comes up in lots of different contacts, If you have a lighter bad you're swinging faster right in all other things, boy you baby hit the ball horror. However, all other things are not equal because of the bad does away as much then there's less weight. Like behind that collusion with the ball right. Likewise, if you, Have you back you're gonna, get a lower best, be but you're, going to have a higher efficiency, the ball back collision and soldiers but optimization which one wins out. So if this is the reason why, this comes up in different. For example, this comes
in the context of cooking of that which, as you know, is illegal brown, death, so barriers to court the bags their removing some of the weight in the barrel of a bad and just replacing it with cork, the cork unsolved doesn't do anything but Why do you sell your your lightning, the bat and you're you're able to get better best speed higher bessie, however your collision efficiency suffers as a result and the net effect. According to all the studies, I've done it not seeing other people died. Is that you, but the more exit speed altogether. Those bad as if you do that, if your golden life is the hit the ball harder, making them later will not do it for you, so now giraffe. Yes, I want to speak to us about four as a hit her in a major leagues which which It is better for you. Do you want a lighter bad? You wanna heavier, but remember that what was that movie was called the natural Redford. An answer
yet the lightning ball, unlike that one, do acts that one wonder bad you know, and so what does it for you does it? Is it the happiness of the bad or is it it it's creed with which you want to swing it? It's kind of evolution, of of guys that thinking about bad speed wishes. What the professor talking about, and I think the growing theory in baseball now's, the faster the bat, the quicker you. Through the zone that will create a better velocity off the bat and Bruce Wayne, a big bad. A lot of these guys plan the fifty to sixty one big bad. But now, currently your seem guys go with bigger barrels, thinner handles networks. The bats break more often so, but my I swung a bad that had a thicker handle and a thicker beryl, because I wanted a more balanced bat, so I could spend a heavier battle, but it would In summary, I just stop ragged wooden, create you know not a trampoline effect, but the bat wooden Ben. I wanted a more firm denser piece of wood that wouldn't
when the barmaid car, when the balmy contact with my back now speaking of that and and and the natural. So this mythical back that was still magical. You know made out of this incredibly hard word and forged by life. By lightening the gods themself delivered this bad. So, professor, an end Jeff, Could robot Redford made it? The major aspect: question: are you saying they answer? Is yes and I took us he's just dreamy snow one. We care if we actually got a hit or not, but which would a softer work or a harder would make much of a significance in terms of hitting the ball where the bottle- and I believe it would. Professor fester, look I hated disagree with professional, but not least, I think he is right I think it makes a difference? Ok, so Jack taught them.
Using a thicker bad and I thank them one reason for using a thicker bad, is that when the boy, does not hit on the sweet spot, then Europe likely to have vibrations with a sick bed engaged in thinker heavier bad, so I think I think, for balls. But the weight of a bad, certainly matters by the thickness of a handle, probably doesn't matter very much, but it does matter for balls off the sweet spot, perhaps for hours so, I think I think are handled that will be more forgiving for balls. He'd ought to swim I fell in terms of the heart. Is the lower that's an interesting question again, I think, that primarily matters when balls or hear off the sweet spot? The socks we're going to vibrate more than the heart and was now. I think you you have asked verses. Maple
Mabel, I think, is harder than ash and better people have done really really careful size trying to compare performance of ash tomato. In terms of the elderly in terms of ecstasy, I'm going to say this, a little limit aluminum this. This is just the most alien thing. For me to say, aluminum and I'll say it this way: aluminium, you go see how it is a nice to know so much so how about how bout aluminium bat says, aloe, meaning in this different, ok sorry, sorry go. I carry on professor, so saw so there the thing about an aluminum, bad or a composite that which are basically use in amateur based on college high school whatever. Is there hollow facts, as they are hollow, plays an enormous role. First of all, the weight distribution of the bad, though that is not so
We took a bat, an aluminum that on the same lines and the same overall way, the wind that with some sort of feel heavier because a large infraction of that wages in the band barrels ride was the You have a different way distribution if they will definitely feel different. You would be able to swing the aluminum that faster because less of the waves in the barrel, but you also suffer the same problem Ok that you were, you don't buy using the weight in the barrel, but they really key to How an aluminum that performs is just alluded to it. Briefly before the so called trampoline effect for I saw ended, with that is you have to realise that the ball back collision is very, very violent and when the ball hit something that sort of her rigid sort of like a bad that Balkan squish will be video. That boy is really compressed and
compression of fibres of the wool, is inside the ball, robbing together and creating heat, and that represents energy. Those losses very inefficient collision now where's different about a woman of that is that when the ball, his aluminum, that, since the all the bad is thin, yellow that back uncompress a little bit not all of the compression is taken up by compressing. The ball, which is very Eurovision song, is taken up by compressing the wall of the ban, which is real, he returned back to the ball. Is it's more like it's more like a slap shot? Then it is because the debate itself, is kind of like a hockey stick the hockey the hockey stick bends and becomes more gay catapult, so the best bad actually acts like that in an aluminum, bad guys act with a shovel
what you do is daily the though the hockey stick, here's the ice first right and desert, and then its brings back to me of course, that little cake point in a moment: Billina destined trample the family ineffectual hockey so that you can get the same thing with aluminum bat, so so Jeff would rather hit with an aluminum bat. Yeah, lot more fun. Conversely, almost as if I was usual aluminum bad, but I would not want to be a pitcher and I would not want to be a third basement because I bought would get on you so quick. I won't the game as the game. I want to see. Ok, Jeff, you need about. Vice was other Joost. So what what about Can you do so? Many? Am I right in thinking that the behind the scenes of altered on a baseball over years always
yeah yeah. They have imagined, but I know the difference between amateur baseball in Major League baseball, but it's because everybody gets better, so they're trying to even the playing field. I know that the scenes are flattered on a major league baseball. It's not necessarily how it affects off the bat. I think it's more or less how the scenes react in. Air to create a slider or corral org. You know have your fastball plain out so to speak. But I know that in a saying, a juice baseball, it means its wild, tighter, I'm not sure What do you know how they do have a judge there, but that is that was my impression of wild baseball's used issues while tighter, that's professor, that would mean Walt in terms of physics, so it has to do with this property of all that has the fancy name coefficient of restitution wages. We like that
the technical term? What is essentially the balancing of a ball allegation universe, football is really bouncy, a baseball is not the gate, and so when people talk about a juice baseball this properly, The ball is actually regulated. I mean there were major league rules. There are considerably rules, India, whatever about the bounds, This is a measurement you can do in the laboratory in and tell em The ball is juice, then it is, has a coefficient, a resolution which is higher than it ought be ended. Resolved- is both Europe and the Balkans off the bat faster Grady every now and then there is speculation that is the bombs used. In fact, there's literally in the last few days has been a lot of discussion about that, because there has been some articles written in my name is the sole Some of those articles
unfolded in them? Because there was a big increase in home runs the two thousand sixteen season and actually and interestingly, it sort of began around in season in two thousand and fifty and this has been rendered ramparts, rum epidemic right, the runner a and soldiers speculation about it, but major league baseball uses a laboratory at the University of Massachusetts Logo and oratory employed by major baseball and an entity that all I want to know Does Tom Brady run that lab as if you cannot help yourself? Can you just San we're not even talking about those balls here, we're talking about you Mass is Tom Brady?
Bob with this lab in any way, do we not even talking about a new brought you Brady High Gotcha, Brady, hey you're off again our I forget that one professor Jeff was interested in the use of whom human, whom adores know that something else humidor was cool. Park Colorado, you gotta taught me through that one because it sounds as if it's wrong, but the deafening silence involved, all this a lot of science involved directly in in the and the bulls I about one. So the basic physics is the following one: baseball absorbs water right on is coefficient. Restitution is, if you well says it becomes less bouncy. Ah me, so back. I think it was beginning in two thousand to two thousand and three. I remember the year. They they decided to
the more the baseball's, inhuman or course field, and then not Denver hi the year is thin balls carry much better there so hard. Reason for doing that was distorted by redo. So looking back at the second genders very dry in the summer time he's got a relative humidity. Maybe thirty percent relative permitting? Ok, it's always story with baseball's, suddenly degrees Fahrenheit. Fifty percent relative humidity, your Astley, decreasing this about Agnes has a Arafat in effect on run poor on production drawn by something like twenty five percent as a result of that I took it upon myself back in nothing. It was two thousand ten. I in my mind colleagues, did some measurements of the Tori measurements of the effect of humanity.
Beyond this balancing pertaining to see, if I could, I shouldn't say, predates I should say posted there. You're like what happened at ports and basically at you, you could comfort perfectly immediately it all together, very well now. The reason why this is early recently is that now chase field in Phoenix is doing the same thing In fact they are made. They may already have done it. There was an article came out a month ago that they are now for the store. Their baseball and he would- or so I wrote an article that just appeared. Maybe two three weeks ago, coming up with you. In the same calculations. But I did earlier. Being a large increase in whole runs and changed. The also on IRAN does not oppose it of radiation in some way out and out one ok. I predict somewhere between the twenty five percent reduction in full rights. This belief
I guess you here is how how old? Are you exactly what I mean? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, professor light, haven't seen. I think, there's a naughty step over. They go and take five authorities that pose arrive. Is this humidor available for both teams, or is it just for the benefit of the home side or noise? All baseball's? You, ok, fine work, as I said, is that sounded like a locating going on there. I've never happens in sports giant, follow there could be some abuses going on, but in fact this over very carefully by major League Baseball Timmins complain a few years ago there, in Colorado, they're using different baseball's from home demon. They work for the way, but there was nothing to them up into it. Conspiracy theory
faster Alan Nathan, you are an absolute pleasure. They have on such a credible reservoir of Physics, M baseball knowledge. We certainly appreciate you. We cannot wait to have you back for more your Paul. Yes, please would you grace us with your presence again, if you maybe I'll be here. If I enjoyed Papa would also MIKE you don't really was great. Thank you, professor man. This was a man of great those upon you at the sharp end would weaken the professor sort of opened up food. Does it kind of command for our sins, absolutely, I think of physics and science is its would baseball's all about these guys are trying to create ways to get better at hitting the baseball, nothing understanding. What he's talking about is gonna help you, hopefully get a little bit better because the athletes are getting better than you had the science to these guys. Who knows so? You talked about you coming out of the game and all of this take all of this big data. Coming in. Where do you see baseball?
evolving. These materials is athlete sees the data. What do you see being the thing? A push now in forward the most It would be interesting to know if I say, data or technology based one reason to talk about the unpardoned strike zone, so I want to avoid that there has to be a certain human element in I'm, I'm with you, I never ever so. We when we talked a J, P R Cbs happens between a batter and the catch her at the plate and what between the batter and on pyre at the plate and how they there's. Politics involved in their ears and emotions involved and past experience? In relation to your latest I was, I said, I will never ever again advocate for computer calling balls and strikes
what I found that out. We is fascinating because I think it's great you'd want to take the gamesmanship out of it correctly reported that involved in baseball network Jamie's talk about because over the conversation I ve got plenty of countries to shut the hell up right. I'm like me about a line of your door! You with the umpire he made that he made a great call, leave him alone quarters the area I mean. There's a lot going on at the other thing is: if you take the human element out, what a guys like us, gonna talk about! exactly guys in bars? What a guys at home or guys in the stable door? But if it becomes it's a hundred percent definitive decision, we can't say what that guy got it wrong is. You lose a lot of really what binds everybody together. On the non playing side of the sport. Well, we'll see you and the post did to find out if you're right. What I'm talking about. I see this as this is what I have to work with.
It's great fun by the way they have the same Jeff prolong, rebate bags earlier guys. Thank you so much the saying goes and my young range- and I am very rightly said my this has been playing with sides- will see- will soon like Galileo job the organs which you can listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk on pay. Ran for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch doc. Coms last star talk, radio
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