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#ICYMI - Baseball Physics Mashup, with Ron Darling, Geoff Blum, and J.P. Arencibia

2018-05-17 | 🔗
In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel… Home runs, World Series winners, pitching physics, and more – enjoy our baseball mashup featuring hosts Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly, astrophysicists Neil deGrasse Tyson and Charles Liu, physicist Alan Nathan, Holden Kushner, and former MLB greats Ron Darling Jr., Geoff Blum, and J.P. Arencibia.Photo Credit: AlbertoChagas/iStock.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, hey guys, it's a special baseball Barnett himself featuring some of our that's moments concerning America's pastime. We ve got major league. All players, Braun, Darling, Jeff, glum and J P Serbia and breaking down the science will be physicist. Alan made them asked for physicists. Charles Lou very own, notorious indeed he stopped another S eyes and for those who sit back relief, and in joy based, I am the rest. Hasten your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you a: u show the universe and sports, and now I am so nice I like, and we are the host of play.
With science, you listen to the brain with science, new spin off of start on and I'm your dinner. Low host near the grass facing Europe, an ethical physicist, aerial, Riley and Chuck nice. You the main duty here and with a right darling, New York mats the one, and only one, and only and so what we want to know you as a professional baseball player, we ve ever thinking about the science of the pit, at all, or is it just kind of you feel in it? And you just go with the flow now. I think you think about the science, the time I made it depends on it
who you are and what you like out of the game. I mean you're, trying to at some point span a baseball the more resolutions. It has the better pitch. It's going to be so you try to maximum is there as in more confusing to the batter markets that are more break. You not you not only full. Would that break is just in case. We have any lesser break would be theirs. The trajectory you think the ball has come. In and we actually lands is across the plate. Yes and ass, the brake yeah, the break in and also you can change the brake by your grip. So if you want to twelve the six you more on top of the baseball getting this seems to turn
for twelve, the six and if you ve, only use digital clocks before you have any idea with maritime traffic should be talked about on top to bottom. But if you change your position on the ball, you can have it more word goes from, I can't say the clock now, but from two to AIDS, so you can change how the how the pitch breaks one thing I tried really hard to do and I never could do. It is a thing that we called carry when you throw a fastball for seems. Just buy gravity alone. The ball at some point is going to fade. It's going to start work its way away from the intended target. You worked on Carrie so that the ball would fit. If you finished your pitches, the ball instead of fading, which the hitter is going to see and say boy. That falls
fade out of the strike zone, it had carry food stay on that line and they hit, it would be fooled, take the pitch for a strike and it would be a strike on they look at you like how'd. You do that the hell'd you do for so is this. Is this what they call rising fastball, that's what they call arising factor the intellectually rise. They just simply don't fall, there's so much good. So your perception, since you we all have a native, because we grew up in earth gravity. We have a sense of the rate at which things fall, even if, when calculating that, you just have a sense of it. Ninety days. It is per second squared somebody hasn't physics, one should be nine hundred and eighty seven meters per second. I pointed meters per second ok, still bread. I accuse the rather than at first, but you know I got a bad thing when the other grass ties and cause you stupid, you're late, we headed
all earlier and it is not left his hand since no, I wouldn't put it down and kept. It went on with my life, but did this? If you can't put down baseball! Won't! You know it is just a minute, lady and feeling it and thinking to myself the ball is different than when I played the schemes are not as much as high as my play, they always say this is not like it use. Now we played in the snow up, I'm saying probably had an advantage and I played the plaza slicker. It looks Flickr an ad in the day used to be able to pick out the seams, them rise, and if you picked out I'm enough why you're waiting the sign from your catcher. You can make it right. Got a little more grip. The ball gripped here. Give you a little more action. If a little more action is probably not one hundred percent legal, but I need to have precise legal, so accurate Bobby. We give you action that you then would necessarily be able predict, but that's ok, cause then needed
better, but you know what counts it is. So if it's a three to pitch, we need fraud strike you wouldn't take, it seems to get more action, but it was an ode to petrol. If the guy to swing at a ball in the dirt, you ones which actions can get you gotta. So evil, when you talk about technology, let me ask you this: with respect to equipment, so in football waggeries These are allowed to wear gloves their specially designed to help them catch the bar quarter, basically, sticking quarterbacks are able to wear gloves that are specially designed help them throw the ball Would you be accepting of that kind of technology coming into baseball? Why I think there pictures after that who's, the combination of the Ross and bag ass, whereas with well, I heard a sun tanning solution that they use. I used to use because I've
good I got to appoint. Why do you ask your going fast to us? I know what it is I wore long sleeves and I would whet the sleeves so that I always had the moisture from the sleeves now, I didn't want the moisture from my forehead off of the back of my neck cuz. It wasn't always the same, but if I wet my sleeve I was always getting a at. The same kind of boys have always drives undermine. I never figured I'd get excited about. That's funny could see them lift up there, a cat and you know they try to get some on their viewing. They actually in their take them waste her off their brow, that's what they're doing of courts so now, maybe I don't. They thought this through. If you get brown moisture, put it on the ball rather than pre wet sleeves, then that more to revamp rates in your left with assault residue in that could have an effect on it seemed to say why is that's the case yearly that you already knew this night? I didn't I did. I did not know that. Ok, but you know there was a pitcher in the name of some of our older guess, my retailer Perry Hall of fame
It was known for cheating all the time and it through it wasn't a yankee was indeed the aid through. He was its one right here at Easter prospects on the way to Spit Walpole was done. It's hard to show the people who are listening, but most pitches or throne with seems or across seems with you, which your hands enough. A superpower throne with no seems- and instead of throwing it with this kind of action with with twenty six. Actually, you pinched it and when a pinched it came out with no spin and hitters this when hitters see a bit what they do want to stand in the box. There first thought is: is this bargain hit me in the head as a first that at the second that set out? Is it's not going to third but is, does it have any spin and the forced thought is where is it because I'm gonna put the ball where I think the balls gonna be now where I know but where I think the guy from
by the time we have their fourth thought the balls already in future international Orient has hit you and they really rather than an organisation. So a couple more points here: if you allow, way to reflect on this. One of my favorite films, just because it was a head trip just to watch and to experience, was for the love of the game and it was like the tenth baseball movie by by constant having Carson, how many baseball moves? Can the guy make this? So if you unfamiliar with the film and I'll leave out many details, he's an aging pitcher and the entire movie is, inside his head during a game that he's pitching and he's pitching this game very well, and what I did not appreciate what you guys do on the mound until I saw that sail because you in his head in his and he saying hey Joe we had a Joe, it's been a while, since we both came up at the same time.
I remember you know you never at the first page. She just never did ok, so bad thrusters, strike right down the middle of meatball right down the middle, and he looks at it for a strike. So have something? Can you just trying to throat but now my name, I find I finally appreciated deeply what this chest match. Really. As you know, it's interesting is that people ask me all the time. Do you remember pitch, she threw a game and I try to explain it if you have children, you remember everything about your child right because you are so dear to you. I remember everything I've ever thrown in a game. If you tell me ugly field and nineteen. Eighty four you face, the Cubs gave up three home runs you knocked out. I'm the third a guy through beer on the issue of common after feel, where'd, you throw to say in the third a bat bomb. I can tell you exactly every pitch,
where the light in Genoa that's narrowing the aside away, but absolutely all one hundred sixteen of your loss to understand no runs. Word atmosphere is trying to view earnest. So let's move forward into your sports commentator now and could you react? the role of the application of science to sports today, to training to the analysis, the statistics baseball is always have statistics, but now its reach, other, like dimension, has decreased right. What's your reaction to it, it does not add to the game or take away from the game from the old days. I think it definitely adds to the game. I think the analytics so Sabre metrics of the game, the math of the game, just adds to your knowledge of the game. That being said numbers can be used in so many different ways.
How you use them. Let's say I'll get the same numbers about whatever we're doing. Rather they might well same data. We're all gonna apply it in a different way I think the ones that can apply it that have the car. Nation of the data also factoring the human factor, but once it do it the best, both other ones, Vanity, I have got no secret for you When I consider singing all of the ads on this shell there Just one way to get out of hearing there go to patriarch since last star and supporters. At the five dollar level or higher to listen, the star talk ad free. You download all current episodes into your favorite pack has player, and
ever hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not after hear me sing. If you support us at patriarch, dot com last talk radio I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying. You're listenin to playing with science. Very rightly observed this he's playing with science today and take a look at behind among shop the kind it's powered by the bat rather than a second. Yes guess what listeners today? It's all about the home run the physics of the bad, the ball, the brain and letting fly with the signs we'll be physics, professor alum Nathan, from the University of Illinois. But first you know, if you ve ever wonder, and I hardly
Who have you volume weapons you? You have wondered like too much because your professional athletes, so here, but the certain things want to do in your life that such and one of them, it is probably the hardest thing. They say it is to do in all of sports, which Is he rode home? Rome run yes actually taken here too far, it goes in ITALY, go to Rome pilot die. Who was jogging Whack What a bad! That's clodagh roam the right, of course, we're talking about a home run, but then take that year and then put it in the setting of a world series and then put it in the setting of. I don't know the last evening, maybe the fourteenth anything. What do you get older, not today, because with us in the studio is none other than the Chicago white spots. Legend, a man with his own problems, Yes just alarm day whether these judge after
go to bear? Thank you for having to be embarrassed because not enough you're funny, Moriah neuron yeah, ok, we're going to lay it on man. That's just something else! Ok! So here we go where go upon deck. Do you know this? One is leaving the park always just in the hands of the gods, Do you have a sense like I feel like like? I feel it if you're really good, you know what it's kind of funny. You talk about that because they had me MIKE up in banning practice before the game really and I know it we're in a nationally ballpark, where the pictures going to hit send another potential. Double switch pinch hit all kinds of issues. They don't create to get me in the game. And they had we might happen, I'm taking bad practice, I'm yelling at the banning practice. Bertram like what You please give me better picture, so I can try and hit em out of the ball park on trying for home runs and who would have thought you know five and a half six hours later. I have the opportunity and follow through the net,
I called it, but I'm soon had a pretty good, pretty would think of ammunition. So you know what before we go any further. Ok has we're taking it for granted that those listening and those watching us on start up all access. No, that we're talking about the fact there Jeff is a former major baseball in fields. He is currently the announcer for the Houston asked rose at an endless for em I'll, be at the play on tune in radio. But specifically, what were referring to is that as a world series champion for the Chicago, why sites in two thousand five Jeff in the fourteenth ending the of the longest game in fall. Classic history came to the plate and not a ball out of the park to win the game,
why don't? We take a look at that longest game in world series? History gets hit in the right down the line, it is gone before. Marasco goes deep that doesn't ITALY, no, it doesn't then look gonna the varies from these like I don't know the half of it as well as the manager Phil Garner for their use. Gnashed rose literally picked up his bar slowly. We sit non in an iron it into the tunnel, So there is a lot of anger and aggression slows comes you run the bases once you ve deemed. A homo easy is. Was all on the ashes team two years prior ass a year and a half I swear. I knew a lot of guys on their team, so there was a little bit of oh hell. Yeah
the same time gone all man, my boys or, in the other guys it's kind of ironic that it had a gives. You already have the red on the pitcher. Did you know what he was going to not a good idea, or in a word in in knowing that I played for that team? I knew they had the scattered reports on me, so I knew what what they were going to avoid in that place where he threw the baseball is the last place you want to pitch me because one place where I don't. To think that I can just react as set down in and out ass. You think he read that report and I think that's why everybody in the dugout snap, when I had that homer because I knew exactly where was going as soon as I put the brain groups as well. Yeah and joining us. Now by video call to help us rabbi. Heads around the physics is professor Nathan Alan welcome to the show. How are you, sir, I'm very
fine. Thank you got to be with you. The ass were glad to have you. Of course. Alan is professor emeritus of physics at the University of Illinois and he spent decades studying physics, a baseball check him out at baseball. That visit the dilemma. We don t you so, let's just get end the anatomy of run short of always coming into the events, please, let's say for the sake of argument is a really good. Fastball believes that maybe ninety five miles an hour. Ninety four sunlight that by the time it gets the whole play this going on a bit slower, is probably going more like eating five miles an hour, because air drag slows down and is following its descending at May, be for a fastball. It probably is coming in the whole planet. Maybe a six or seven degree angle is descending. Ok
so the banners job is to get the bad in the right place at the right time. As a right location on on, though on the bank itself, with I thus be that's being is basically are the thing that matters most in terms of how hard that ball will be hit and, of course, how hard that Bobby head along with the law Change is what the term is, how far that Bob goal when, therefore, whether it's a home run or not so the matters job is a pretty difficult one at least for me, it would be difficult for major players is maybe not as difficult because you don't have a lot of time to react. It might take something like four tenths of a second from release until the bog. It's the whole place
and not all that time is available to the better in terms of observing the pitch, and you have to decide by roughly half way through that. You know roughly two tenths of a second. You have to make decision swing, or am I not swing a swing? Ah, how am I gonna swing is up is be on the low side, hi side inside outside the pit. The swing itself take something like point, one, five, six, I mean typically having sort of on average for an angel bitter. So you don't you take you use a track that point one. Five from the point for that you have all together, you you don't you know, you got point recently, there's plenty of time. Basically, you got plenty of time to make up your mind about how you gonna go about it and Craig probably have a cup of coffee transport obeyed. Oh yeah, I'm here comes the ball saw euro. You did you really have to process
that information very very quickly, and I am basically, I think, that's what they're doing there there you know they see the pitch, they see the pitcher release. Are they observe it? They essentially transmit that information to the brain, and they have some memory. Look at table there, comparing it to pitches similar princes, that's it before and using them to make their decision about without pitch is gonna. Do therefore, what with whether they should well you know, websites. I hold one for one second, because this is fascinating em. We have a major league baseball Run World Series Hitter in the room legend. Mr a man who has a bronze statue of himself like do you like the idea of life can very much cargo but Jeff. Can you speak to the things that professor just told us? Don't think that's what he's talking about actually appreciated. I should have put him on my pr team, because
to try to explain how hard it actually is. But you know I have a whole new appreciation now watching what these guys do. A lot of what Alan is talking about now is actually provided by major League baseball for us to actually look at and they can instantaneously look at. They don't necessarily look bad b, but they can give you the exit, velocity, launch angle and they can calculate probability number one, and then they can go ahead and estimate the distance because of adding those through things so you it's a lot of fun. Look at a launch angle depending on which park your playing in that's. What's crazies, you could stay, put I want in a bad, engage right now. Until these guys, you want to try and hit a launching a land again, the pitched coming down hill, so you ve got a choice. Your bad angle, almost into an upper cut, to make contact with this? But these guys we're talking about how to create a launch angle that will deliver a long. Why bother down is talking about it? Incredible wow? That's it! That's insane. Does the theory translate into the back in your hands so early?
I dont know, because I grew up in an age of swing down on the Baltic, the ball in the air right. You know and they're not they're kind of shifting away from that because of the launch Nor is it outlines talking about Ireland. We talk about that's the bad I hitting with the sweet spot, and we ve spoken to a couple of bad as a major league makes him. When you connect you hit on the sweet spot, you don't feel any vibration, it's almost invisible hit. So what is the sweet spot? Ok, so that it is not a rigid body again taken vibrate, and when will the ball The sweet spot is the location of the simple way to say it is it location along the lines of a bad where, when you the ball his there is simply no vibration. You know if you live in your hands and you know it really, but if you
We on the Tipp of the battery way on the inside part of a bad. You know that I can stay. I mean it right, if sometimes and now, a days with high speed, Jeff but my job that wasn't studios make him his head, like we nodding moment, has had an Sagan his hand like you have no idea what we call it a handful of bees, a handful of glass doesn't feel very and now a days initially games use oftentimes you have high speed. Video, you is, is dramatic, the kind of vibrations that you actually see the bad weather but does not kidding on the sweet spot of the back, so the sweet spot is. There are many dead patients are the sweet spot where they all amount to about. The same thing is the place where the vibrations are the other the lease, so it feels best so where's the location. The bad vibrates that represents energy than the ball, transferred to the bad and therefore less
as for the ball to have on his way out. So is also the best place in terms of exit speak to get the highest excess. Be you want the Swiss, but always do points on the bad or regions of the back. Pretty much printing must coincide us. That's why the sweet spot, but no, you have to science, why we are gonna. Take another commercial breaks: stick around we'll be back shorter, robin
Here we are years out myself worse than we are really to be here with some really Rog, Especial Guess, Kirshner from Itunes and me and in format, major League baseball player. The one, and only Charles Lou right talk about pitching Charles, I think J p he's got a little bit of an interest in batting eighty home runs by the way this man, Total area, Hideel Zombie, eighty holds the record, still still holds the record for what twenty three home runs for throughout a blue days as a culture that still stands right still stand occurring three now berries and read a book and is charged alluded to before the break of these major league Davy.
First ball, I'm ran wow. What do you think we're? That's when that happens? I ok search your amazingly debut. Should first too bad, you get up there and you Papa Home run it did you say to yourself like damn. It is all downhill from here, yeah remember, as has not really nervous thousands ready for the opportunity in a long road to get here immediately game. Yeah, I'm in the Middle EAST and in all these different stop. So we have been in baseball that force an unfortunate people who see the measure is a lot of New Hampshire Fisher cats springs to mind. Yet, let's talk about or does not augur well, but LAS Vegas was where I was at the longest
that's where I almost died a few times but whose it was worth it worries long journey totally where what about anyone have that drink? First, ball home run major league, because if I was a baseball player- and I would add that dream MR reality credible detour to us during the brake about density of woods and arrive pitch that question, no pun intended, it was really to Charles go for it. I wouldn't. When I went to my struggles, I started struggle over nicely thought that I would use lighters smaller bad, that it would help me and a hitting codes told me your power hitter, the bigger harder heavier more
This would would be more useful for you sort out, I'm, u those governed. I've got you kids, they all those words together and not expected it to something with, and so honestly I started using it but mentally. I can adjust and say man if I use a heavier bad as I always thought it was slow down my hands I do, and so I was here and take it. Let me let me get around on the swing quicker and a lighter bat will help me do that I'll get around on the swing quicker. I can meet the bar faster, but junior pitching codes. You say no hidden, cohering code. Sorry essay! You see, I'm was no about this boy. He said you need a heavier back cause you're a power hitter. Yes, a weapons is, he said, lighter Barry. Since its lighter your body, you try more when it's a heavier about you. Try do less, but also when I
fear- and this is my question- is when a heavier billet of wood, so when they start making a wood, bat, it's it's a diesel, lumber and lay down. So it's there's heavier billets, there's denser would there's harder, would rise or visa heavier bad when it hits the ball. The balls gonna go further, and so I got convinced when I started struggling start using his bath first game. It is about. I went on to home, runs our ideas of recall and then when I would hit balls on not the sweet spot, part of that there were still leave in the park and I was like complete sold and nowadays in you in an older times, guys used to use much heavier bats. It was a big difference. Now everyone wants he's a lighter
I still trying to convince guys. I did you sooner used to go with the heavy about the bigger heavier they're. Having a banker have your about. Everybody knows why bigger Europe, so that's, ok. The thing is, of course, the major Liese haven't walls right. Just like you. The all requires you to inflate Europe Also, a certain pressure. Whether or not you want to have the same is true with baseball bats. You can only have a certain no lying burdened with a certain amount of pine tar, certain density things like that. Ok- and you may remember there was a controversy some years ago about people putting cork in your bats, re opening up some spongy stuff inside new capital. When you make the ball bounced little bit off, offer your them back a little bit more. So here's the physics right Jappy year by year, batting coach was correct,
that if you have a heavier bat, you swing it around and you are creating more momentum in your back so that when you transfer that momentum to the ball, when you hit a we'll go farther, the problem, of course, is that it requires more talk. You have to generate that extra turning of your wrists and your arms elbows eventually denoted a move
that back head fast enough to transfer that momentum. But the main issue is the matter of contact. If you can contact a ball pulling while swinging a figure, heavier bad, you have your bad is gonna work for you. If you can't get the bad around, though, if you don't have the arm strength, we run the risk strength. Then the heaviest back the world isn't gonna help you, because that fast Bozman a blow on right, but that makes sense yeah does because that's what is coats was saying: you're a power hitter. Therefore you need to have your bad. It makes sense yen and whose point those guys, I'm in the different gifts guys have there. I was always able in a bar far, and so that was my gift. There was guys that Canada Ball far that some guys can throw hard some guys.
Is this genetically whatever they have, but there was one thing always, and so, when I was able to start using those heavier bats it it really made a huge huge difference. Charles, I think, J P as another question yeah. So another thing I did you I needed squirrels getting laws eyes. I love it. I loved argued this is so then some of them. This whole grown us some of the first. Tom runs overhead. I realize in the barrel, the seams were indented in the bat, and so there is a there's, a Mason. I know they're, always you say you gotta seem. If you had a bar CERN super super long distance. It was a difference between hidden hitting it the latter. Would you call the white part of today's bar or Spain or the right on the sea, because if I in in older women, and you say that you have actually look at a bat after you, ve hit a home run and the scene with the ball.
And then there s a sullen maple, I mean ass. You can see a lobby, but a maple. If you had a ball square cause, it guys always want to clean there back to it. The thing is: is guys always clean their bats, because you want to see where you're hitting the ball back as a swede spots, you wanna be able it's it's all the things I go into, but one that when you hit since it's a clean that when you hit a ball good, I know actually, where I hit it cuz you can see if especially the longer homewards you see, this seems the invention of the seems on the back. So I just want to know that was if that makes sense it that's a saying. I make a difference, Charles the having the same or hitting the white space. Does that make a difference of why Let me tell you two ways: it could make a difference. Ok, one way is it the white part of the ball is slippery. Here then the seems so if you catch the seemed, you may be able to hit the ball with a more clean shot without slippage, so that by going on about it would happen,
as you, you catch a piece of the ball and its spins away, but if you hit it on this seems you might be able to get a little more friction so that, even if it's not exactly square you might be able. So is this gettin rid out? Why that? But here is to save resources, a pitcher grips, the seems the ban is gripping the seems to say where the picture throws. The ball. Excellent points. That is as yet more spin out. I thought if you, if, if we sort of cut across all major league baseball rules, what would be the perfect material to make to cork a bat about so as a power will be like J P could do staying and no worry about. Tell us from astrophysical employee is. How can we invite asked that this aim? If we have? If I want the perfect bat, I would actually using aluminum that really it shaping you're, probably remember from college right that that ball wages
lay off that aluminum bad news is that ok, aluminum is very light for its it still heavier than would ride. Denser than what I should say you but you can make a kind of hollow the typical luman about isn't filled all the way through with luminous. You got some space in the middle. You got the sort of ability to two ricochet bounced back and forth limit that you last hissing why there is a second point about having a ball and laces that matters rank as his job. You say the bomb laces. What when you're getting is a little extra compression right? The laces are up by a fraction of an inch and if you hit that lace just regular electrical pressure. You have a little bit longer to transfer more energy from the back to the ball and therefore you can get a better launch of the box. That says it is basically a spring load is weak. Serbia as if you have an aluminum bad. It's got a little bit to give to the bitter hollowness in it. You're just gonna,
on tat of a longer period of time to transfer energy. Therefore, your little bill extra rebound offer that the dialogue gyp you that that makes us to you in terms of labour, can feel this right. The contact with the ball is just a fraction of a second, but you ever feel like when you get a ball room. We really well. It seems to hang on the back just a little tiny bit longer than when you just get a piece of it all seems almost the opposite. When you you, when you super square with the wood back, you know which is why I don't know. I don't know. I thought yes, why they called it. The sweet spot is because there's no reverberation in your hands through the back. When I had a ball good, I am used to say
That was it. I'm very rightly said nice. This has been playing with. Sides seemed like Galileo, job the organs
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