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#ICYMI: Baseball: The Perfect Game

2017-11-02 | 🔗
There have only been 23 perfect games in baseball’s 140-year history – and only one in the World Series, by Don Larsen in 1956. Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly explore what it takes to throw a perfect game, with guests Neil Tyson and Houston Astros announcer Geoff Blum.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:TuneIn: tunein.com/playingwithscienceApple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/baseball-the-perfect-game/Photo Credit: AP file photo via San Diego Union Tribune at http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/sd-sp-larsen-1008-story.html

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. I am neither airspace in your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you a u show. Where the universe, sports and now you're camps of nice. I am going away and we are the whole stop playing with fire and ready for it,
as regards the limits of sporting, possibility and ask? Is it so hard to achieve sporting? Really really? Is it that difficult to achieve a perfect tenant gymnastics, oh tough to go a whole season and beaten in the inner fail or even pitch a perfect game. I mean no hit first, yes, and if we're gonna go there, then we certainly need a co pilot. Better than the man himself. Speaking of perfect Doktor Neil Degree,
because when you made me where there's no, whereby the store on the way you normally are born and raised in the Bronx egos. So for those of you who don't have the benefit of watching us on start up, our access tat com- if you just listening neil- is in full Yang, Regalia area, the hat, accurate, I think, I'm a legit Yankee Van born and raised in the Bronx, is what we call a bomber legacy and I'll tell you this in my formative, kid years where that's when you would be most likely to be a Yankee fan, a baseball fan when your view dad takes it it again kind of thing that was the driest episode of Yankee. Yeah she's, there ever was. I was a fan during the awful awful years. People dont know that the Yankees had during the eighties. They were a bad bad and I'm talking about
Seventy seventy work before for registering were registered outside of around the world, willing up right now, with laughter really out at what the Yankees bad network Then they went like a dozen years without without getting along a bit throughout bill to possess a triumph for the Yankee. I'm sorry, it's a drought, but anyhow yet so put some boy went in jack. I don't take off and will take this year. While you do I'm mad, we better get. So I guess you ask. Other guests are other guests ingenious via Skype is who stood ass. Troezen answer are very good friend Jeff. Ah previous show homerun science Jeff. How are you my friend
I'm doing extremely well until you showed me or their jack. You noticed some things we can do in some things. We count. There was no matter what let's get into this game. This game we are showing that the most difficult thing to achieve an elite sport was, as a baseball player, hit a passport, and then you sad us down and said I have another idea: yeah, you came up with the perfect game to pitch the perfect game hardest EU and sports peer knows what what's so? What would lead me there? If you just find something, that's hard to do, let's look at the singularly hard things that have happened in sports right, so you can they haven't a hole in one engulf. I so you can go ahead. I've had not hit a hole in one, but the kind of happen often enough. They don't make the news a few times off season and maybe not the pros about it. Some somebody
but he's gonna hit a hole in one, so it's rare but not impossible, and you don't take that person and build statues to them right. So, whereas I just bought a perfect and yes hitting a baseball, with a round object, going ninety miles an hour when the person who, through it the whole point of why wider point you so that you don't get it and the fans are screaming, and you have to click back me up on this here you are on a the old genuine of your visitor in another stadium and the ninety miles an hour, and everyone is booing you and your exposed you're supposed to hit the ball. We involve the ball is sitting at are not moving and telling people to shoot quiet. If so, how do you feel about just wondering?
it's all experience, it's a matter of going through that process, but you're right eye, and it's one thing physically and scientifically to actually try and manipulate a bat to hit a crown bat to hit a round ball. But then you out, on top of it, the outer pressure, the fans, just they are just waiting for that moment when you swing in mercy attics, absolutely so here's a happy so, rather than look it. Yes, it is it's. It's odd that we have a sport called baseball where, if you succeed a third of the time you Our whole famer, so that's just kind of really weird right, your body, three thirty, three, your whole life you're, the best hitter. You know hundred hitters there ever was that's just that's that's an extraordinary fact. It is such a thing exist in sport, but then I thought about other kinds of achievements and let's look at the perfect game. They remind people at a perfect game. Is it? Is you were tire, twenty seven consecutive players, three per eating?
No one successfully reaches first base, and so not only is the pitcher awesome, but you're fielders are back in Europe, S you're fielders. They can't make an error HF. Let me ask you, since a meal just part that up you weren't in, were you ever in part of approved for ever contribute to a perfect game was never witness or operate in a perfectly my plate and no hitter. And oddly enough it happened in Yankee Stadium when it was with the Houston Astro, as we had six pitchers go up, throwing no Henry. I remember there came, I might even in TAT game, because at the end date they because it was a little bit here. Someone booing really really loud on and on and on and on. Bali is weird because it was a Gilbert Anticlimactic right, the Yankees get no hit, but you like for relief pictures, and at the end of the game they all gathered, I'm looking into we'll be all gathered for the cameras vary widely. Have you not, and I say then: I looked up at the scoreboard Holy
We should note that no hit, or is it an innocent, no Hereby committee as the reaction of the whole love what the whole cop out of the house. How did they react to that event or water meals? Point replay that we continue to show how, throughout the years is Billy Wagner, closes it out and get to groundwater first based Jeff bag Well Holiday. Flips it to Billy and he stepped on a basin Billy's got your hands in the air. We did it and just babble, as is look on his face like man. Do we just want to gain and all of a sudden economy, this domino through the team and we were like holy cow. We did some special, but just to be clear, I first
I wanted to do a reality check on how often you would expect a perfect game, and so at the time I did this. There are like fifteen perfect games ever pitched by three of them, pitched by Yankees. Okay. So, let's cut that's extraordinary one of them in the world series which will get you in just a minute right, but so S, Atomic did its calculations were fifteen perfect games and so. That's not a big number guys and look at how many games or played over seven hundred thousand gain. How many years this has been going on so I said, let me just do a sanity check on this calculation. What you do is, you can say, let's say, you're batting three hundred just two, so that means the pitcher has a seventy percent chance of getting you out. Ok you're, not getting it hit,
favours a pitcher. So now Garriga comes Tibet, which is also a three hundred pitter still in my favor, let every percent chance. But for me to get both of you out, it's the joint probability of getting you out and getting joint probability of getting you out and getting you out and mathematically. I take point seven and multiply that by point seven, that's the the rest of what is in the average taken away by banning three hundred right. So three, thirty percent chance you'll get hit. Seventy percent chance, you're, not gonna, get it ok, so all you have to do is multiply this twenty seven times. Oh, my god K. Then you get a probability of you get how many games that will happen if all other things being sorted equal now, the first time I did a secular, I didn't do it right cause. I only took people's batting averages
but if you want a perfect game, you're not getting a first base at all, so on base average doesn't well here, but at the time I did this on base percentage was not a thing when did on base percentage, become a Jeff become a statistic that people tract you know what they did tracking quite a bit, but they didn't racket in the sense of adding it in two and on base percentage and banning average and slowing percentage was until about four or five years ago, that on their dying, It's ok with me, we give sense because it can be more, one and there's no no I don't buy it just what the reason is is always analytics. They wanna take banning average out of it. They wanted to, they want to show production and they show production as boards getting on base and sluggish, so they takes lugging percentage and add that to on base percentage. Therefore, you get o p s and makes sense, because it's kind of measuring productivity in the workforce, like you show up to work every day on time and leave em,
day. Ten be the last gotta leave. But if you don't do crap Are you there? My point is that that statistic has no man makes no mathematical sense. To me. Just add percentages. Doesnt work, none of those things Ok, I want, if you succeed, eighty percent its I'm an icy seed. Eighty percent of them we Bolton succeed, a hundred and fifty percent is this also to get me to death. But let me finish this, so what I had to do was the use of the on base we're sitting which is higher for everyone right, because sometimes we get a box. So it's justly be clear on based percentage and Jeff correct me. If I'm wrong, you did your batting average, plus your walks, plus hit by pitch plus catcher interfere. Plus poor, taking a based on a strike out. Ok, ok, as any other way to get two first base now depends on how much
I guess you. Ok, I'm sorry carbon date that joke list. Out of this letter. You look up. That's that's. It had joke what state did play is focused on because that's what he's going to answer my question for you see I was I'll get in line in Africa to court in Germany when you get to further resources. Now, that's the only way to get a first base other than off the field, but I'm not sure if they actually. They can do account getting on bye, bye strike out because it counts against your batting average and the talk and hit by pitcher intentional here. But if I got on base I got on bail,
If I had my free Hitler, their limitations are always limitation. Soap sober that so regarding credit for the other guy stroller. Ok, that's what it is worth so. This is why I want to start a movement of you: walk on ten pitches, their counters a hit if you walk on ordinary accounts against the pitcher so I really changed my numbers. I really don't know what do you think of this you're coming battling the picturesque? If I can battle the pitcher and exhaust all their strikes an ice and I have a good eye. I earned that base that should count in my favorite. You shouldn't be a non at back and count against the picture. I I still I took that and so you come up with some number of pitches for which you then get credited with that there's still, I am always for changing game. So what do you think about this? That's at me. I cannot see what he's saying. What do you think about that?
as a hit. Are you are you you talked about how hard it is to hit a baseball and get credit for it. You should be able to you shouldn't, be able to get ahead without getting hit Ok, so you're saying that cheapens, the actual batting average were too that will play a part of it? I gotta know one just because that, while I am on robbed you get hit by a pitch on both, for you should be able go to second base ok, we're not aware about you hit because this differently, innovation, and let me like bear a cup I kind of like carries thing, because if you get hidden the balls, which is almost impassable cruelty to actually go the third place
first of all hit you in the balls accounts. That's three revive. We love the math. Math works closely. Articles three are acceptable. I wonder if it is to conclude the equation. Ok, so you do the numbers now with with on based percentage, because a perfect aim? No one makes it the first base at all right as opposed to a no hitter. We just no one gets ahead, but you can give up a walk, so I ran the number. So so what you do is you can get so the average batting average fourteen is actually lower than you think. I just checked this yesterday, so the American League Batting Average, which is typically higher than that for the we have we have the we we have. The
right. So it's not. It's really easy out with the pitcher batting nice, so r, r amp d, just slightly higher the arbitrary tire league is two fifty loud wholly ass. The average of the team averages is too fifties nodding. He ever so so that means you got some folks bad to forty two, whatever you now and that that rounds out your club. So that means this is, even more in the favour, the pitcher. If you try to pitcher perfect game but you'll, we have some batter, that's bad and three something right. So, but again I just want you to do a sanity check on that number. Fifteen catch all I did so you take two fifty and you say alright, there's a seventy five percent chance only get every player every time I faced them right. Ok, give everybody to fifty five zero. Just sanity check right. If you do the calculation perfectly, you d would strip set up a watch, so you do it so point. You five times point to five times point to five: do that twenty seven times
I would insist that you find it. How often would that happen right? It's like one in fifteen thousand games to some crazy, it's ok! So then it was at the number. I bet a double check, my notes on that, but if some one in a huge number then I look at all the games ever played thirty teams right now and they play hurried, sixty two games, but a team player and other team. So it's half that number right right could accounting games now right. So it's thirty teams playing. Eighty. On Games total games. Ok, if you want to think about it that workers applying each other due to play each other, then you Malta. Then you'll be out of all the games back to do not stay in the model error that eighteen hundred baseball what the hell is going on back then
and we're playing with gloves, and there are plenty of why I agree- and I was shocked by solving some of the numbers of crazy. So you want to see them that the relatively modern era- nothin Soulis Joe Jackson, so it's mostly a hundred years ago, so it so when I did this, I came up with like the number Well, there's something I mean it was. It was sanity check the real member with fifteen. I got twelve and I so my God, this is actually working as a calculation and so right now we're up to twenty or twenty one runs three twenty three three three aims for games, and I'm just saying a perfect game is a stunning fact in baseball right, we're gonna, take a break, don't forget, coming up off that we will have the rest, Thyssen and Jeff Plum. So that's one world Series win,
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Amber welcome back, I'm very rightly, and I'm sure this, of course is playing with science, and today we are talking about the hall.
These things to do in sports and according to Doktor Neil digress Thyssen that is pitching the perfect game in baseball, not just hitting hundred mile and our fastball, but pitching the fact game. I suppose the most famous perfect game has to be back in ninety fifty six Yankees versus the duchess. What brought the Brooklyn Dodgers are everywhere. The ass really something special, a real local event there, because if you calculate, if you can calculate the odds, are picking a perfect games using everyone's, on base percentage, you would expect that you will be more likely to throw a perfect aim against the last place. Team, rather less play seem all their numbers are suppressed, rang the dock and a big deal.
Can have the good hitters, probably don't even have any Marquis players. So I would bet most. I haven't check this, but I would bet that most of the no hitters in perfect games that have been pitched have been against subtle. Lesser teams in the rankings ok extent so statistically statistically expect that. So, if it's different from that I'd be very surprised but keep that for the moment. So in nineteen, fifty six in the World Series, the Yankees, the best team in the american league- are playing the Dodgers, the best team and the nationally.
And Don Martian Pitch is a perfect game against them in the world series. Coming to you. I know you love your numbers. Ninety seven pitches, that's all Lawson, okay, so the minimum, while the minimum pitches would be twenty seven pictures. We have three down all the way through gets Nano up one pitch: right when pick out so ninety seven pitches- oh, oh, oh, so that ok, I just want to show you a little twenty some pictures. That means that a minimum gaze contact on twenty seven and then you're out in the field of field or plays and you're out ratchet ninety seven pitchers today Jeff they were, they were to take up what not in their game. But today nobody pictures. Ninety set known for hundred richest anymore than that right now,
extremely radio, you get two hundred pitches, all of a sudden bullpen Robin manages Freaking out. It's gonna be able to you. Don't you take danglars, set out in this game, God, no, Ok God for that, where there is our way about low. No honestly Jeff, is that hindsight speaking or is that just the fact that when somebody gets to the seventh eighth any no matter how many pictures they ve throne there are thrown the perfect game. You leave him even in here, even though even more than their average per game, and they might take him out of an ex rotation the out they would that's exactly what happened. There is actually a believer was Edwin Jackson with yours went diamond backs, who, through a no hitter had ten pon childs, walked eight guys through a hundred fifty This is what the manager left a man and they did skip is next starts What's that would happen, but in a perfect game, you're not touching any
you. Look nice guy played out Jeff. So here we go. I'm going to read you a list of names, dig Williams, Jackie Robinson, pee, Wee Risa. He released recently re silently, like the grass silently happened, Panella which, by the way before you sit Snyder all Future Hall of Fame, batsman the Larsen, flew past, all the very bad it against Larsen Negative and William Deirdre he'll. Let me restate our campaign Ella and Duke Cider and Jackie Robinson is in there with some girl louse when you said it gets cohesion of Hungary's that's why this is absolutely Stella right right and I think Don Morrison is not in the hall of Fame and
not as a player for like Turkey, berries. So so. My sense of this is, if you have achieved something so singular right, that no one has done it before or since. Nor can anyone even think you get to go? It happened and that's put, the put the boy has been mention of him justice and the history part. But I'm thinking this. If that's all, he did in his life and he gets to government were even for their. I may, even if you were to you, know how they say: ass, regular, ok, hall, famers now, gonna have to ask have asterisks, because you know blah blah blah so do that, put a madame put an ass It's like tat, singular turning. This singular thing that he did and no one else has ever done it and is the hardest thing to do and sports, and that put that that going back to your point about Don Larsson olefin. Yes, it is the only ever the game in the world's Erectness Grand alone, and if we only know here, we know Henry's even than along the rapporteur, that attitude
more than that, no more than I've game. Six thinking, five in game too, I think he had to things and they pulled him out. He wasn't very good and he came back and delivered a game lie about its awesome there. The fact is that I mean the fact is that the world's Demi in the Hall of Fame, let you know that this singular accomplishment wise his singular. It's like the one is like the one wonders you know: you're the rested at album, merely taking them out of the need to save you know you're the one eyed wonder, and so let me hear the rest of what's on that. Album right said that I'd like achievement. I like it when people's talent, artistic, Philip Physical, athletic, rises up against everything else. You have to just stand awestruck in what they have performed
God of Goodies Corner. I've got dawns, corn and no matter what Chuck says our eye. Ok, so we talk about down Larsson, only perfect game and only no hitter in world series history, but you know it. It doesn't end there. Let's take a look at Randy Johnson, who Your friend who I, who I ll cynical nine or anyone was it so much rather be Randy Jack's, giving its export nine over us. It was by the way, one of the most dominant pitchers ever right. Jeff I mean seriously you face ready.
He's a by book I gotta hormone off in my eyes down he. He asked me the entire way around the bases and was great somehow that must use it to your regret, your world, it's gotta, be grey areas. These rocks, we emphasise Randy Jackson ahead, even things right exactly now. People notice that keeps saying in this moment onwards you wanna tell me: will you have a termite cause? You were the diamond pacts as well. Most of our care and worker, so let me ask you when you face him, because he was so tall is: are you taking that into account in any way. How do you? How do you look at him? Where do you look for the release? What kind of driving he's if it's a perfect game? Yes, he happier with we're we're gonna, take a look at that and a second just want to know. What may we should look at the club and then one of the upper put em on an honest look at because opens up against the Atlanta Braves for the diamond back. So ok, all it.
It is here, came up, he's living it's really. When the goose moments in baseball ever is you The best pictures to have one of those on the record right. You knew he was a great pitcher and even you kind of that kind of completes the story book of what could be someone's career break efforts are also had a perfect game saluted these are great pictures. The great thing about Randy Johnson's, perfect game was he doesn't dialing up until these forty. So it's not one of those least forty one he purchased, the oldest play ever didn't look a day over fifty two Jeff, that's a mean. Looking do let alone the six, but nine that's a face so here
what I want to know Jeff. How do you face somebody? Because, when you look at how tall Randy Johnson is, how do you adjust you're hitting because it had to be kind of weird and freaky to see this lanky John, where do you look for their release? Where do you do all that? Well, how do you change your you're, hitting it's tough because a hit or you'll look at the logo on the hat of the hero of the pitcher and then adjust to wherever that arm angle is coming from who, and he is a whole different animals bars trying to pick the baseball abnormally was six ten, but he is coming down he'll he's letting go of the ball, maybe about three or four feet later than a normal pitcher. That's what makes it took to sell your timing is thrown off because normally or to see the ball fruit. Maybe another five years. As opposed operandi Johnson. So you have to adjust the timing of your swing into adjusted quickness of yours swing and usually the brain has to get involved in recognising span rotations an velocities all this,
in time he was extremely tough. I didn't have good numbers against him, but if you face, guy, that's dialed in like he is makes it that much tougher. He creates a tough angle to because he's so tall and other trajectory in the point that he is pitching from is completely altered. All also so you as a hit or you gotta, create a different angle in your swaying to try and combat how he's coming from so high, sadly repay it. How do you pay for a guy who is going to be picked up to you like that? Ensued? A practice Oji just think. Well, you know up. You ass, simple ass. You can see me and you can t, go out there and put your batting practice pitcher on it on still but there is really no way to replicate any good at the time he was really the only God. It was over six point, five that I ever face, so he was another five inches on top of that guy, such if you're, not old enough for this. I dont think, but I know this sounds like I'm father time here, but you maybe you're old enough to remember when it happened. You surely we're in playing when they
the deuce, the height of the mound I was. I was bar Gibson right what made a delayed sixty we yet so that to reduce the advantage that the pitcher had over the batter so that there be more hitting and more action, and so what we are saying here not to put words in your mouth, but he just took those six inches back put it on as long as you're gonna did. He gave something value vanish. There had been subtracted away from a whole generation of baseball players that we could get more acts in the more small course right, ass, great, a cop scout, the toll of pitches. Simply because of that I'm a big. They may, but I mean ultimately comes down. Do we talk about an earlier production if you're going out there get now you're gonna be? They gather goes out there for me and there's different guys that are tall that haven't us. You know the lower arm angles and things like tat, but it's a lot of the conversation, but if you're big throw hard. It's gonna be an advantage for if Pedro Pedro wasn't very tall economic, even six feet exact origin,
yeah. He was far inferior here. It's all about paradoxical look at Fernando what his big fat, but so I mean seriously over Siberia base. For example, you can have got it right. I'll be in the eye of the beholder we will take a break. We will be back with total perfection, he's just Plum Emil digress Thyssen Stick around would be factual, where.
welcome back deployment science- I am Gary O Reilly. Enterprise have just plum and of course, do the rest Thyssen as our guest today, weeping chatting about perfect games in baseball the obvious thing to do in sport, according to the men to my left, only because it is by the way you are harder things to do. There are things that baseball players have done where they, no one else, has done it. For example, Aaron Judge on the Yankees, yes has four strike out three consecutive, seems like in a play off that has never happened in history, the sport, because eight thats, the hardest thing TAT S, something erect behold, uniquely? Isn't that? Because there is a statistic for everything
baseball, and you know why, because of all the downtown between pitches that naturally something to talk about. Don't you your mail. That's the reason why I've got she No, that's so truly live com. If you hadn't you to your response to be real base, because baseball throws up some of the most unique statistics events, they offers our bread and throws up right so anyway, less not miss about Jim Abbots, no hits a wheel. We carry on with correct. We, your mangled three American here some further the club, so going for English lit right so anyway, less not MES about Jim Abbots, no hitter! We are very Yankee centric, but I make no apologies right now played this clip please
Why are you wearing three eighteen, of course, what may Jim Abbot so very special workers there there couple hundred, no hitters their obvious it's easier to throw a no hitter, then a perfect games. I was however, your play at this event, yes, so did you notice that his glove resort resting on his aren't exactly right cause? He doesn't have a hand in hand. Right has congenitally worn with only one hand, and it's always wanted to play baseball, and imagine people saying you know you guys do you're barking up the wrong tree
fella know, and you know I wanna play baseball- figured out a way to field as a pitcher with one hand, I tried to persuade throws the ball and right out of that tossed stroke, his hands this house into the glove so that he's ready to field and catches and it will catch the ball, put the glove back into his right hand with no and his right arm and no hand retrieve the ball and throw it ended. There is great you two clips of him feel too. In that field day, unbelieving triumph suggests as as an inferior. How frickin
Some is Jim Abbot to do this, or is it just brain and muscle memory? I'm sure brain of Mosul memory has to go into it, but I mean this is years of practice in him, trying to figure that out and obviously don't ever doubt the human spirit. When you say you can't do that, instead, we desire little because obviously there was something in that left arm of. If there wasn't anything in their left army power to shut down baseball never played again, but he understood he was good. And figured out a way to make it happen. That's what's remarkable about it, but then to go out there and accomplished something like a no hitter You know kudos to Jim Abbot what I mean, what a miraculous thing, but I dont understand as air and having watched Jim Abbot? you know you will try and do this yourself with your own glove and failed miserably credit to him What just? Why get a little weird here? Could it be that, because he's missing a hand that throws off the better,
Oh, you know what I don't think there's surely this is a history are focused on their release. Point! Ok, ok! You know, so I dont think it really throws off. The motion really interesting to me is that he can't use that right arm is I can't leave or to cut it, help him pitch. So he was basically the thing was all net leaped one side of a body thing does not always a balance act. Did you do it by an to get that the pitch out at high and it is to be able to master the technique, not having the other hand and- and this determination is a young person like it, like you said, Jeff, the that the the will to do so I wish when other people say you can't? Oh, my god, you must have faced that count. Yes, it how many die right right. Absolutely. We have one last clip. Please with it, to fast the statistics on how likely they can you can you break their debt
a pitches desolator out the possibilities of meal. You bought the hardest thing to do is up earlier and that is Randy Johnson pin we're off the air, so this is ready Johnston's Randy's game game growing a pitch and end of highly unfortunate pigeon flies into the trajectory of this only five miles an hour fastball and there is nothing left to the pigeons and we ve already discussed Superbowl day being a bad time to be a chicken three, a chicken because of the chicken wing consumption Americans consume. One million chickens per hour per hour forever. Our the year while now add one dead. Pigeon days of bad data, be a pigeon one million and one man for those of you when you say that you want me to go to Youtube or start talk, all acts as if you are a lover of all things, feathered and flying, don't go there the air without a doubt, failures. We are at the end of March
We were just where you not any, because I gotta see Albert Neil. Isn't usury Jeff Jeff scrimmages couple: The asked rose for put in you the space shuttle on the arm of the saloon. Is that what you have a mortal ones or is it just a standard one? Yes It was a immemorial. I believe it was a two thousand three jurors that we had no shadow launched. Gosh. Yes, Colombia and Houston is, of course this is the place where we The problem is a problem we have to have a problem, we haven't used. No, no! No, if you have a problem, you tell Houston about. We call in every day, if their straight this saying the Man Space Programme of NASA is Houston. Johnson space center and a little known fact. When the shuttle launches from Florida K all to control. In Florida until the instant, the spacecraft leaves the country, then all control ghostly to use it. That's correct, as its author
it off the packet, how out ahead like order with children, s return with eleven I've always liked. I just always like the fact that used in that spaces in the culture of used in the factory even call the asked rose. I mean that's their part of their culture, the Astrodome there was astroturf. All of this comes from Houston cells That is our show. It's been an honour to have new aggress ties and doctrinal digress ties in with us, and these perfect calculations and, of course, Jeff Plum. Our old friend and good friend you have now, sir,
Yes, rose, that's kind of science and the perfect game enjoyed it. We'll see, Wilson, lockdown lay I'll drop. The organs which you can listen. The star talk commercial free join, Star talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio,
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