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#ICYMI: Baseball TweetTalk, with Neil deGrasse Tyson

2017-08-17 | 🔗
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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, I am the other Ass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, the startup network, is pleased to present to you, a U show where the universe and sports, and now I hear your books I am so nice I m, going away and we are the play, We are ready,
yesterday. We return to the expanding universe, studies to despair and explore the focus of the Doktor New digress Thyssen. The man them the legend Doctrinaire progressed, I said I didn't Rosa myth, nor was it a mythical go. You are not. Indeed, you are you're not amid out of my being a myth- and I didn't know I see you are here, incorporeal form, so I cannot call you a myth. Coral form of,
as stated by the law, Oreo body, but word of the day the worry tomorrow's I've got that far to Morrow is obstreperous. I'm gonna go with their own and are you gotta get stay in the mood and say to our? If today's quarrel- tomorrow's theory? Yes, absolutely very good there, you go I met a meal is a man of words, he loves words and so the island. I appreciate that mainly in much of the latter. Less than a hundred and forty characters, there would be fewer than two hundred and forty characters. You kindly said Emma the grammar is now brought itself Antoinette grammar in the house. Brit you're supposed to know this. I suppose we jealous of you Commander the language we ve kind, are you staying out of this kind of violence and all groups like ever Meta, Iraq's our lives and our group's lightly on the grammar, and we ve allowed you to run free with it. That is why we are divided by
common lacking ochre referred, your church will yet be cheese. Here we go so this is our tweet show us and we have the tweet and chief, the twitter and chief regrets sizes. Are you plug my tweets from the twitter sphere ones as we deal well. Yeah yeah, yeah, he's a school day for us really is front row. The class you on hope. I remember my tweets that you pull out again whatever you got here. Ok here we go, stop first up baseball. Ok! Here we got whew in baseball you should read the pleasure I can have their voice. Zaire lay may be one in a hundred tweets. If that often, I will present an opinion and other tweets may feel like opinions under written with passion. As most opinions are right, there actually just facts passionately convey.
Fashionably factual, yes, but this one I'm ready to read as if it had been in writing. This is a vision of how we gonna want it up in baseball. If a pitch hits you on both for you should get to advance to second base wow so as well, because if you hit by pitch you take first base before you take first base. If hip I picture before you go to second big right, because what you just gave the pitcher was a free. As a beam in somebody is thy its aid. What do I got to lose this ball? For I don't like this guy he's gonna take base anyway. Let me just pop, and why are you worry, that the batter might intentionally get hit by the ball right across the world?
You know even step across what you could do that for any pitch, and why don't you that's cause it's ball. For now we have introduced a math, I think, but by the time we get to first base, there's an attorney waiting for you to argue the case against you progressing. Am I going to say the guys who leaned into a pitch and take a hit? Did they got? opponents where they got they deserve that base, because I believe that ball might be travelling somewhere around ninety miles, an hour plus or minus ninety miles an hour. No doesn't have that kind of heat and that's not a thing, maybe take the percentages. Maybe you gay, I don't know enough about baseball rules to know. If you intentionally go into the strikes home with your body, get hit.
Really getting hit by pitch under the guise of done that their guys, who leaned a little strike they ve leaned through some rule. Another pause. The ball is slightly the balls on the edge, ok and so, of course, its adjustment call at that point, and so do you leave it to the pits, because you want to take their base, you guarantee that base, but isn't lean into a strike. I don't think they give you your base well you have. If that attorneys come back. I can we look at our Garrett reactor units at up to view lean into what is clearly a strike it got hit. I don't. I What is the rule and baseball? Will you be awarded a base, or will you be called for perhaps something interference. So is our little interfere heavy clouds head of our legal team, sourcing, a definitive answer to that question, and as soon as we get it you'll have it like the concept of Balfour. You get hit, you get a second you get to basis since you wouldn't gotta.
Two basis, as you would have gotten the base. Anyway, you're gonna based anyway, so that each of them just my opinion. I just If we needed a new rule in baseball that should work, everything: the live in this game Tarzan concern too, and we had holding cushion IRAN whose a host for four tuning on their major league baseball and they were saying they are looking to really get something going to to get this thing up and who does the vigour rated? So I don't know whether you ve struck a little bit of a vain their little bit of a golden vain can, basically what what shape he was saying was that the league is looking for ways to make the game more exciting and he said it in the most diplomatic way possible because he's a former major league baseball player, because you know flip side of our enemies. Flip side of the coin is the game is boring right as the flip side in Oslo swell right and it's not going to the persons appearest its
bowing to the guy who sits there with that little car. That's my thinking at the ball games and the people. You know that that that's a person who loves- or somebody like me who loves opinion, do you know me well because that two material things I love the tension that builds tournament moulded in both you, ok long baseball games were two hours. That was a long gone baseball games and then it would not be uncommon to have a ninety minute baseball game at most hundred minute and why, our days they bought em out two hours and a chip illegal three three and a half. I asked you write a letter want to change the watch, because I did this experiment once catch beckoned that video days wetware there's like videotape, I wonder how long the action of a full nine inning baseball game with you. So you beat you just added out all the time stuff nobody's happening all game fifteen twenty minutes, they interrogated retarget. When you just added out everything. We were not hurt, Louis
in any event we the run in from the field. I switch annex the time after the pitch, which so here's what have in the old days the batter, never left the batteries box right now, a days every pitch, the batter steps they hit cleats with the bad, where there's a reason for rub their hands in the dirt. Those autumn funny, I read a subtle hole at bat ritual didn't used to be there and all it takes think about it. If it previously took you one minute now it takes you three minutes. At your add bad. Every body takes three times longer disaster that right as Tibet, but as a whole. But of psychological Richardson and what does not regulate its actual. It's actually neuroscience. When you see a pitch and that an you stay in the batter Spock's, you don't walk away. You don't and of an the pitcher throws you another pit. You will see the light So your brain and shaking it all right, your brain will say here: it comes again when it's not so you
brain lies to you about the pitch that you're saying you walk out of the battered by a fresh, enrietta rest entry back as so. That's why they do that case. I know you're! Syrian, ah, monsieur sets a nor there. There is neurosciences behind that. Are you saying that major baseball studied the neuroscience resource papers? Yes, show our! According to the scientific american article that I read for five years ago, sell these brain training in baseball in terms of seeing the page you can probably get into that, but getting getting back to life, bit of hatred for baseball, also slightly hatred of man's word. Coming out. My word a minute when you told your hey data using your vocabulary. Ok on so when you take baseball and you reduce it down to its action, only you can do that any team sport, any tennis, Match Saka game. And a thoroughgoing baseball isn't alone. So when you see when you have
lemme tennis, the time you're playing versus the time you're not playing, is vastly greater than it is for me I don't, but I'm saying you have some highlights. You can by as many tricks as you like with editing to reduce that down to say this wasn't the great game which have a sport. It is on saying that when I said the Bayswater left the fifteen or twenty years time, it highlights until every single pitch right on every single pitch. Doesn't this come with televisions, influence into Disport, Balkans or so and at times, so the media guys got into buying major league franchises? Didn't yes sort while you what you have is you have collaboration? If that's the right word between of a professional team and a broadcast network? So you have the yes network.
Didn't Disney on the Yankees at one stage and his knee only with a Murdoch linking if they did, I would have heard about it a shot. I dont get some native of the Bronx Not always I may be spreading this information. It seems quite popular. These texts are so now we asked the question whether or not a batter who leans into a pitch. That is clearly a strike. Who does he get the walk, and here is exclamations of rule five hundred point: zero, eight hit by pitch situation. One batter takes his or her position in the batteries box, with their arms extended into the strike zone. Batter is hit on the arm by the pitch, while not swinging dwindling dead ball time. Ok strike on the batter.
No a ward. So it's a strike. You are you're right. The bed with better democratic does not get it right here. Take a base when right it's a strike. These is given a strike situation to situation, to be our swings and misses the pitch and the pitch touches. The batter ruling dead ball strike on the batter no award, so the swing out ways the boar contact exactly so you swing and get hit right. You struck. You struck out I'll try to clean it up by taken up the situation. Three, where we have a situation. Three batter takes proper position in the Batteries Box pitch is inside and the batter mix no attempt to avoid being touched by the pitch ruling dead ball, in other words, he took the yea I just took it ruling no award, so they just get rich is counts as a ball.
We have. These guys are more, even though you got hit you have to actually so did we get out of the way the pitch sit down. The ruling is this: if you are not if you look like you're intent, we in any way taking I hit they're, not gonna, give it to you or or passively or actively or passively actively. You just stand there and don't get out of the way whether you lean into it either way you can't you aren't you can't. I want you to do that Why interesting interesting? What vacuum Garrett, forgetting us, We really are cracked research. Team area looted. Her eyes still says. It's still a pretty cool and interesting prospects to say what that maybe too may be here on a process. It will find its way back at Major League baseball, H, Q, just an offering at all
I saw it. Let's move onto another tweet, please another baseball tweet! Please us bring it up near the tenacity, careful observation that was made. Do it doing statistics on its rightful observation reveals that players in coaches of three Our baseball game o spit at least six hours of saliva onto the field, my God now meal. Why? Why why why its number one? Why would you William shudder Why why? Why would you would you measure like that This number- What I want to know is: how do you measure this? Did the spit, ok, spittle, without this?
now that the anatomy of this calculation guess ass, like ass? We do. Is we ve got this far? We models we haven't got so here, you're ready, so I made an assumption which could be off by a little bit, and so they just scale the answer appropriately, that every time you spit you're spitting one Cuba, centimeter of liquid. How is not, then, must not a lot. Maybe it as our Hawkins, the Blue, get their Hawken Luke you get lucky, sir. Do you made the Aluys magazine or colluding hook you? How colluding Hockin look? Ok, so that was first assumption. Now. Here's how you make the measurement watch, the camera focus on one player and another one out of four times in the five seconds: the cameras on a player, the players
players quitting it like you, that was Mustn T just thing, don't know: what's the first guy spirits, they all kind of looking at the play, the pleasant looking at a lower then really look at each other. So I could, even though, that what are you gonna call of splitting has contagious at if, in these four or five five second bits right, a players always spitting. That means every player is spitting once every thirty seconds. Ok, ok, right and so once every thirty seconds, source of a game. So now you have twenty four the players and other players not on the field rattlers sitting down, so you can in demonstrating salesman course this written in the dugout. Just look at em, my god, I'm getting sick, ok, Well, I I think, is twenty five active players and the dugout as what you know. You got the bull pan and dug out and the players on the field. Ok, so every player spitting about it.
It's really relax. Just do your own measurement! Look at how often the cameras on a player and how often it and any random players spirit you Luke, you can now you may start losing due to marriage surveys and goals, and we wait so if a guy cubic centimeter Lyra every thirty seconds, thirty seconds every player for three hours and it just it just simply adds up. That's all I'm saying how you are my guys. It's fact that you may well have underestimated while so be out, so I did, I say approximately ordinary rapidly but make the, but no honestly it's it's clearly and under estimate based on the time and you're using one cubic centimeter right which, like I said that's not a lot carriages left. I tried spitting and I could not spit one cubic centimeter, not chewing. That out
what you got it shouldn't arriving at an acute it back right. You got it and he now there are people who don't spit so I've such as IRAN, a rod, spits shells. The knots of his it now and all the other ones. What I was thinking of our meeting shelves of sunflower seed. So that's not I'd, say that still takes a volume, so this mixture would be like pop delude ease. Shells of knots. As well as just pure. So you know, I don't know why, but I am so hungry right now, shoeing tobacco, now how many amity games in a season or a major and sixty two, how many teams there's how many teams are there where I have no idea to teams that without a lot since a lot of saliva Scylla elaborate. So let us- but I had its when we are used to speak as I thought it was. Cool right, rose a middle school right and I found myself
in writing more so I refer having done so after about a week of it, the more you spit and what is more, the more you have, the more you have spent right strange you talking about the spitting in the professional players. I had a team, I was so young players so nervous he would sit and just spit really consciously just pure. No, I guess not here. I can sit here. People out there right now, going totally like gagging, so here's so here's my think, so the good thing about a simple calculations. I guess what I say: six gallons so so, if I converted cubic centimetres to imperial gowns correctly, let's assume I did that correctly for just for the moment. So if we find out the average spit is a half a cubic centimeter or two
Two EC centimetres, then it goes is three gallons of dollars is already under way in a very simple. The rangoon. Is it's a lot of spit? It's a veritable salami of spit ass, yet at cypher movie can I think it will be the only game, It is an awful lot more than we ever considered ya. Think that's the lunar right. I say we move along. Let us do our seas. Are. Why don't you read your next one, because we only have less than a minute. That's right where, with financial years an that's when we go air, it is go head hand, stitched, balls, rubbing, mud, leather, mits, wouldn't bats pine, tar baseball again,
untouched by modern materials dead at its, they always say, based bar, we fear chains, but nor is it better or is it worth while if changing materials will improve the performance of the player, I think you should do it absolutely. Do you go to sea performance? You don't go to see the absence of performance you have so if they now I'm told that there are what we will pick it up. We can you ran out of time we're out of time, but I will take it up when we get back it up when we get back right, ready for verses element, not a thing we got in with J P and in Serbia, so we'll take that break. We'll, have more baseball thoughts of the good doctor, I will tell you what our medium is. When we get back that, yes, we will hey I've got a little secret for you
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Playing with science, we are exploring the tweets of Doktor Neil digress Thyssen and focusing most definitely on the sport of baseball. Before the break we were discussing pint and export wooden bets and getting into old verses knew. Now when we spoke to J P and serbia- and we spoke with Charles Lou- yes, what's the best material, you could have for a baseball, bat and Charles went
Albania and absolutely he said. Oh baby, I'm a power here, give me that aluminum bad seas ass. He saw the woman, and so what I was told by a Sabre Metricians, someone who thinks this is long and hard and deep about everything that every bit of detail in baseball, that even baseball fans would not care about. Ok, just to put this on scale, so he told me was that in professional baseball and m l B, if the batteries used an aluminum bat, it would kill the pictures Because it would come off the bat sat right now. They barely have enough time to react to react, correct merrily they can just get emit in front of their face and not get hit by the ball left with an aluminum bat that time has dropped to below their reaction. When it
and you would basically you ve would harm. So you would increase the axe velocity to a point where reaction would not be passed here at a typical of hard hit. Ball right will reach the pitcher before the pitcher can react and you can be will hurt. The pitcher, though I am all about this, we have decided to call on you just made. Braced plumber favours poor, so you can learn about inherit four hundred foot homerun every time and you'd kill the back the picture. The hosts, nothing I'm paying position. This is where I knew it would. God will pay to go see this line on this so this, so this is kind of gladiator based batteries, revenge to the pitcher loved the batteries revenged on the pitcher Kostas Richard. We can draw the batter anytime, you guys. Aren't you can't pay the picture, you can't win Paley, I mean you, we would only sort of accident. We hit it back to the pitcher communal have Controls goes that you have to be the best personal.
You could do that you would never hit the picture. You would just placed the ball out of the park. Everything a little time can be the greatest home one hit or ever ever right. There would be like betters revenge on the fact that you set your sitting duck in front of a ninety miles an hour. Fastball plough, I'm just saying TAT S. What he told me and and so I had no reason to doubt what he said to me. I should get a whole as to whether or not they want to see the pitcher in danger or whether they just want to say something s report that evening tragically another death today and major league best. You might not a busted, no right exactly how to make a brief. Yet I regret led some another fractured orbital bone or Bulgaria supermodel orbital everything. That's cool may well wonder what that's it.
Fascinated every movement. It makes sense that we have at some other things so, for example, to these pine tart, so that Greece sticky, surely that some artificial sticking us that works better than pine tar, gloves now with the gloves now I've got it will do it gloves that fact you can put the material that past receivers, right use. It have you felt the gentlemen area right that jail material like like Olga down Becum out, I'm back Only when the nightly innovation Timmy came in and they'd explored a whole. The text of a serpent search your hand goes up. The borders hits and sticks to him. So yes, gloves help that they do not need the pine tar, but I like it was kind of fun to watch all time like the Yankee Catcher from a few years back inward loves, he just Yogi opinion no way way, facade
Are we going to put more thought? I was out no glimpse my boy, just their words. Tying tar and sticky. He was loving for that I'd. I'd, like I just thought of some classic about that coal is worse. Is that need gloves right? So you have. The gloves will improve your grip, but also, if the gloves to spongy, then your hand is not actual you hand has give against the surface of the bad, so an fraction of an inch make a difference between a pop up in a home run right difference between home run, I'm guessing from four for a catch. Her knees, mid the intimacy and feel it has to come through the handle of through the leather and be able to feel that they ve got total caress on that born I catch and through a garment.
To another place now that baby, that's, my girl had to climb a science after hours. My gloves this, whose gloves so what they could do so holding materials aside, what they could easily do, as is have a laser, measured, strikes home, and then you don't need the where and how do they do it? In a ding, Ding Ding Ding, Missis Reed we're working. They basically have it in tennis. Yes, they do stupid, eleven and they did it. You ve gotta, listen to the dead. The baseball show we do with J P aren't sepia because he talks about what
call me and gives us a little PETE behind the curtain of what goes around will not know. So I'm tired voting this way. What I'm saying is you could do that and they would be precise every time wanting a debate so now support, but I don't I don't have a horse in this race if economic supports a catch that even there I'll have a ball and his glove right right, o gloves,
nice to it. It is only one on each hand, so so so interesting thing, what makes baseball interesting is not knowing if the umpire is going to accurately call the border shrink, the edges of the strike zone- and this creates another dimension of out of uncertainty for ass adder right, because the pitcher wants to throw a strike but if they flow strike your more likely to hit it, so they have to throw something that looks like a strike so that you try to hit it, and you know, get good good good night would on the ball exactly so it's it's. It's is cat and mouse like no.
Their one on one encounter in areas. Another dynamite national sport to try some get well know, and that that that is a that's. That's very salient what you just said and then the what J P told us was that, in addition to that, there is a political aspect, because when you mouth off to an umpire me then says: oh really, ok, and what he'll do then is not good the car a thank you to the naughty base. A girl, and you hear Yes, so you don't so so, plus they'll give you I saw on parts. Give G2 call that they were not given some other players, which is naturally player, but that's just makes sense. I mean come on his dreamy, Derek Gaeta kidding me me, gorgeous. Alright, let's go to another. Twenty hydrogen joint looks I'm not that arms are here,
This is physics, one hundred and one right here. I just thought: I'd talk about their laws of physics show that it takes twice as much energy to throw a baseball a hundred miles an hour. Then it does to throw one at seventy miles. An hour ok, so much energy. Now, why is so hard? How many people throw her hundred while outbreak was right. How many would like five? Ever you know how many people that number is not as high as you think it would be given how many people through anymore. Here's the deal. I know that that is physics, one. Oh, why? Yes, but there are a lot of people out there who do No, why that is so maybe used to tell me why?
I would cover all nonsense and thought she saved me from saying so in in physics, once we finally learn what energy was characterized it and how what forms a can take that birth of the industrial revolution. Just we know how important this is also energy and it's your ability to transform it from one form to another, is the foundation of every machine we ve ever built gotcha. I was you yeah, ok, so why do cars work because we take chemical energy in the fuel and converted chemical energy, which is you moving to the past, has gone up. Indebted the mic waited the chemical energy come from. It came from living matter that once got its energy from the Sun plant life that was buried got converted into fuel, so we have sunlight converting to chemical energy, converting to mechanical energy. Does it at once. We learn this. It blew open civil
nation of pitches, a solar powered threat, mostly, ultimately, we are also a power you got because even if you re stake right, it's some cow right would have carried grass. What we gotta get the grass grow, its follow synthesis away and when the sun get its energy from I'm gonna say or while you got me on that, one is thermonuclear. Fusion is about to say the plasma that is so called burning, sir we're we are thermonuclear fusion driven right, ultimately like it like it very much gonna get that they like a badge MAC, Thermo Nuclear fusion. So this this was the problem I saw there's, a bumper sticker quantities, soda green bumper sticker left, leaning, green bumpers, green. It says no nukes, no nukes and the o in the know is the sun. No! No! I still Thermo. That's I know what you mean. The physics of this doesn't play right, exact because how to help
think the sun is making its own damn energy. Did you like go by them and put in the burden go yet commie and Cuba? can't we literally liberal bastard you hold them over and then just given the one to one lecture. Why are you not gonna get angry with people for not knowing as an educator of course, where the pitcher around this year come out of the car. Dragging to decide their own and then you give them a lecture lethal. Finally arouses Chapman is first of all our way in that loans it at a hundred and something By so doing so, energy scales here sales, as so one form of energies, kinetic energy, like energy being and motionless became. So anything in motion has kinetic energy and is a formula for that. Its one half times the mass of the thing times. The velocity of the thing, Squared, ok with squaring we're squaring so baseball, seventy miles an hour square. Seventy! What you get you get
Foreigner. Ninety, ok Square, a hundred miles an hour. Would you get some hundred non trying to have a truly current you're like there s? Only seventy Squared is four thousand nine hundred. I so that wrong with seventy seven is forty nine carians, zero, two zero swank, four thousand nine hundred to put opinion, a number of square a hundred miles an hour you get ten thousand by intense out is about twice for thy for ninety time. Right so great ass, I get so. The laundry squared is twice basically twice what seventy squared I could have said seventy two or whatever we get your exact idea, but to give you an example that who care seminars idea the idea, so the girl from seventy two hundred twice as much power, is needed. Direct now now I went to one of those M l B, have a leading arcades. Ok ever been to one of those with
The pigeon k I added and wet urea editors, fun and there's a bunch of trucks they open up and you go against your play, its agree, PR for M L B and that a pigeon cage- and so I thought me, let me fro almond shaped Guy- was at the time the I'd have strengthened, speed. I've agility. I took the boy I threw it as fast as I possibly could they went my seventy two miles an hour s, not a bad pits. Excuse me, that whatever pitcher enamel be froze, seven is well. You can play a major league baseball now this that's a lot of speed- creates got em off me. Everything I got into this thing is you would full of major events with that page because he's thinking he comes to heat. We needed a bolder, concise and bad ass Thyssen. They don't know, that's all. I got seventy miles an hour pit see just square it, and this is why, for example, it is much more dangerous to drive who's got you gotta, quick calculator. Here,
do what you can do so Oh, if you drive yet so if few driving fifty miles an hour ago and square that would you get done? Two thousand five hundred yoke- so what is the square root of five thousand God get one got? We only got for this one. I do. God for the really hard calculations in the square root button. When I do not know how to slip that thousands of the screen rising, I guess I can you ever come one that guy we're here. Man, please be patient missionaries leading these hosted a game here. Ok! So what do we say? We said thousands and thousands of fifty squared was two thousand and five we have fought so now. We want five thousand square root. Ok, and we get seventy. So if your drive
seventy miles an hour, your car has twice the kinetic energy, then fifty. What it means is, if you are in a head on collision, this twice as much energy that has to dissipate the time everything stops. Moving that energy goes into crushing the car making the glass into the sound of the collision, and it goes into crushing the squishy things that are inside the car itself right when being unless, of course, you are rejected and go through the front windshield right, then you go through the financial at seventy miles and miles an hour. Then you hit something else and several miles an hour. We did that kinetic energy goes hit a brick wall, another haven't, bring all exactly all that energy is put back into your body and you look like a worse access throughout the rhetoric as the. Why exactly so going about going back to the nice? It is not pleasant What I like energy variation if I've got a guy six,
Five really long leave, as does the thanks of the leave and not then Mina have less need to upgrade the energy. What does a southerner case angle of release created all guy I've, gotta believe and I'm bringing to bear easier for you to two hundred miles. An hour is what you're saying until we took to get that speed with a longer leave a reason not to allow me to use less energy you still have dwelt. So so here's the thing, if you, if you pivot at your show, a really long arm. Then, if we are both pivoting, our shoulder at the same rate, yes, but my arm is longer the balls moving faster at the end of their life, but you still have to the boy. Has a mass you have to check and he's a constant edgier add your arm has mass, so you must all has to be so. Do not it's not the same thing happening so and so the so Beckett
yes to arm swinging at the same angular speed. If I've wander arms on thrown the ball faster than you are, but I have to move my arm as fast as we're moving your arm. That takes me more energy to do so. I call it s called us right, What what one string is shorter and the other thing is longer gets yet two things on the end of the strange one is gonna, be going faster and the longer strain on the water string when it takes its more energy to move in a ring that they're going to grow from. For my logic, it would have been the other. Two things on the end of the strange one is gonna, be going faster and the longer strain on the water string, but it takes its more energy to move, ensuring that eighty per go in and to grow them. For my logic, it would have been the other way round, which is why I asked the question Coca you're gonna bust. That makes us where we have yet so I don't know how you got your logic, because
By your lot work on July logic, against Josie, fair competition could not, but the good thing about taking physics crisis. You learn the logic of the universe and replaces the logic of your life, but a lot. Of our universe. Right now is that we do have to take a break. Do that we are, ass. We ran over here we ran around, but guess what it was worth it as, though we're gonna take then we'll be right back with more near the grass I and his tweets place gets up now media, thereby model in the satellite budgets, Bulgaria, Riley Jug NICE honoured to have doktor meal degrees
ties in with us and she's various numerous tweets, and we are sinking our teeth into baseball. We chewed on quite a bit you gotta. So what's between? What are you earlier? If baseball reported averages too for decimal places instead of three Vienna, three hundred hitter would be batting three thousand ok, but I make sense so I just want to make it clear to people when they so is bearing three hundred grand mathematically. That's not what he's values banning point. Three: zero, zero right! Ok, so is actually batting three tents right exactly so three out of it. Times, he gets a hit ahead. So basically, as seventy prissy represent a seventy percent failure, rate of which is what it is, we can feel semi presented. I'm still get an awesome player,
if you still get in them at the Hall of Fame. So it's just my tradition that we carry an extra two decimal places beyond the first one, so technically he's batting three hundred out of a thousand okay, so but you leaving off the thousand and if it's just a pure three hundred hear your batting three we tend to do. Any of these would work the same way as saying your batting three hundred. Ok, but we don't say their batting point: three that we just don't buy is not in the tradition of the reporting of the game, and it also makes them like losers turns out later in the season. You want to carry a fourth decimal, because a single at bad has a much lower tor on your average than it does at the beginning of the season. Frank about it, ok explained I'll. Tell you please I'll tell you
all right. I played one game this season. I've had four at bats. I happened again for its o suits. What's my batting average, a best so I very much that the thousand without you, your betting, one, while adding one. Ok now the next game, I'm all four four Now I have a total, let bats with some ban five hundred to five hundred the next game, I'm over four again now that I still battle to fit it revealed to very fitting out right now would be no you be bearing no point now you batting flock is what I had
no cause I've twelve hits. I may have twelve it bad now, flight warheads, ok, so I'm not gonna fly to twelve forty twelve right. So you go down to know you barely three three three three right. So, are you ready for jumping much many more digits early in the season because the average has fewer has a smaller based? I'm on which to calculated at young, ok by the end of the seas. In your bet, a thousand times five hundred times, a single at bat is touching, maybe that last decimal place gotcha. So you add a fourth decimal place and then you then use you back in business watching what you're doing? Who could that phrase, statistics and damn lies of Lized analyzes statistics, so you can manufacture that statistic to say whatever really wanted to say: no, no, no! No not allowed. I now demanding irony that seventy percent of the time a momentary However, you wanted to do both accurate. Yes, that is essentially what attitude you want to call. It isn't right:
you- and I assume you are really potentates- is really a marketing. Think how you gonna presented. Will that's Cora, let's get another, Sweden is wanted. Another mixed up, baseball should track extraordinary, plays that fielders can bank and then credit against errors. They might later commit this. Our opinion, ok I'll among ourselves on following a case already ready. I am after the Bahama outfield, I'm right after I do a shoestring catch and I by way of roll back to my feet and throw the guy had a second base. Are right? Ok, that's gonna, make a highlight real Yes, it is the next game. I make an error that play should cancel out there this. Why have to push back on body? no. I want a bank that extraordinary play now. You know why you don't think that, because you can pay
a million dollars? The great that's, your strength has to be done. Every single game are supposed to be the absolute cream crammed della, come and so you're, not what I want. I want to back again you wanna bank beggar care about the golden rule whereby we, especially since, if you make a great play, you may have prevented a run. Oh yeah. Well, I rise in any color wrung out around. They call it Robin a diver homerun there. You got you when you catch a ball right, one is about the lead. The hearty can even seamen, though, doesn't work like that you get the golden rule, the bread and another site. This sort of overall king sporting attitude in the elite sphere is you're only as good as you last game in this account scroll. Let down to Europe He is good as your last play, so whatever you did in the past baby history.
We live in the now? You think nothing for what you did before, because every time you step out across that white line, you have to reprove your reputation. You have to improve reprove deliver. There was reason we weigh who, as I know what I like it, I like it. That's the JANET Jackson. What have you done for me lately lately there like a tax and happy nasty right so where must have a time where, at the end, so anything else where the economic governance we are sticking to treating this put, it required more thought than than I was able to give it, and so I haven't tweeted this question now: ok spoil! Ok! If you are outfielder and you always make the highlight real for extraordinary catches, does not just mean your slow, I ended, and that ok, ok, cause here's the deal. Ok,
let me say the following lived, I'm with you on this with my gets, so let me so let me see if I follow you correctly, so here's the deal ball is hit hard to rights, to write field rights and rights that are receiving their hearts rights. Ok, and I take off and I feel the number I felt and run and I'm haul ass it and then all of a sudden. I lay myself out, and I snag it I hinted growled eyebrows. I come up and I hold up a number of years. Those same play on the sooner you send a filter, hard right. I am fairly is out on the word. I get their way. Football puff lot of luck as unfair, as you say, so. The slope do
always looks nobody's those items, press where's, my god, I gonna like it's. Ok with you you're looking at insane. He got there late because he's slug what if he shouldn't be within the same zip code. Of this catch and the only reason he gets there. Is that quick he's cheek. So, we know in advance right that he is slow. That's all I'm saying we know he slept that's why he always looks like he's, making a great play. Here's where complicated to your point on our! So here we go. Yes, master, Brit, Phelim, booty! Here's to your personal think! Why do I think? That's not good for me he's no! No! No! It's all set with affection, ok. Here's years using our this is ours? What I think you're trying to say? Yes, ok that the slow person
has a smaller circumference, a smaller perimeter, the in which he can make the play, because he doesn't run very far between the site of the hit ball and when the ball gets out. There is another point, a mere, as the fast person covers a wider area of our field, so their perimeter is if they might have a much wider hosts. Last wider, yes, and so there coastline gives the more opportunity to make.
A spectacular. I guess why then did its own go home, so I have the guy he's towing, trailer right, a good promo people here s right, so a good pro knows the limitations so as to guys really fast he's limitations, as you ve highlighted that much bigger. Now that the guy who doesn't have the foot spadework lowered members were also undertaken to see no incentive to the space they can gas based on a guy who's got less speed, nobody's got less speed, yet he's been in the majors x. Amount is possibly ten years there's a reason why what doesn't happen down at his fate happens between his ears. He will now know the pitch the better, the way, the serious
he's the smarter player he hasn't museum or if he will be moving or he just could be lucky teams where there's a centre fear that whose like I got it I got. It is not all about space. Sometimes the intelligence and experience of a player will make him naturally move before and position himself to compensate for the lack of space, which is why the guy's been Norstar five out of ten years. That he's been in the major least does not this first, but he's got something going on upstairs. That's another side of the coin. You might or might not wish to consider well, for the purposes of this tweet that guy doesn't exist, I would say I would has no amount of intelligence that will compensate for now,
first on. I don't I don't. I don't feel funny, I'm not lying guides. You wouldn't want a team follows a limp expenses that could do the job, but the guys, don't all have the same foots bits of the guys that can exist without the full picture frameworks that got something else going up there. They know their rights They are head of the play. I gotta tell you what you just said about: there's no amount of intelligence that can compensate I just very quickly. Long time ago, when I was in corporate Amerika Valise ahead on speed things, so we did this team building exercise. Will you go away for weak and want to corporate Amerika s worst? Please does not go there led to reconcile anyway, as part of the seminar the guy. When it comes to putting together a team. He says he says everybody so when you're, putting together a team which they were putting other football team, what would you want? Would you rather have a guy who is the fastest, the most incredible physical specimen ever or
but maybe he's not that bright or would you rather have a guy like Rudy? Remember them, We Rudy a guy who will give it a hundred and fifty percent, even though that's impossible, but he would do every single time I'll give you a hundred and fifty percent he's completely reallocating warmer, really the best one guy who got to play his eye. What guy would you want on your team and so abundant? we'll put up their hands is there. I want Rudy because that guys, like you know, he's got grit he's got and I went Gimme the Stupid Gimme, the stupid fast, and he said absolutely. You want the stupid fast guy cause, there's no accounting for that. You cannot make that up article. Teach him to catch her through the rest or I m talking about for intelligence. We can only add to that sentence. Doctrinal degree I see things you should I tweeted outfielder fail idea filled it I like it. I have
I still don't feel I'm coming out, went out of this right on that point, let's say goodbye. Thank you once again, for being our guests on playing with science, I'm very rightly at I'm certain eyes, had the pleasure of doktor near the grass tunnel vision and we look forward to. Thank you, sir. Thank you kindly and me tweets on shore from male in the future, stay tuned approach. You accompany your company next time. The devil may adopt the orange We should listen. The star talk, commercial, free joint start our compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio
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