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#ICYMI - Cosmic Queries: Sports Physics Trivia, with Charles Liu

2018-09-27 | 🔗

In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel… Football on Mars, tricky cricket physics, curving curling rocks, and more – Hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice sit down with astrophysicist Charles Liu to answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries that span across the sporting world. 

Photo Credit: Xiaphias [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free I am the other s case of your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you, a U show where the universe in sports and now you're camps have nice. I like, and we are, the host of playing with science is ready for it U business will be the stars. Oh yes, we have opened up the cosmos, your particular quit.
Is called the office hours if you wish that this is going to be. Our show, of course, is going to be labelled with science and had a bit of a sprinkling of sport at Russia joining us and, of course, when you say science, you can't say science without the one, the only the astrophysicist who knows the most about sports of any site. Does I've ever met the one the only professor Doktor Charles Lou, sure I'll see that guy Gary, you are too kind in your introduction. There are many many people know much more about sports than I yet, but I am very happy to be here, but not on the list. That you know sports and not the way you're able to late sports to science. My brand, I'm sorry I mean not even are not even our fearless leader, doktor near the grass Thyssen would say, has deep breaths of knowledge of all sports that you do you now. I,
really live to serve, and I hope that I will be able to answer the questions from our excellent audience. As always, they bring good stomachers to the table. They do that. We opening up their inquiring minds, and here we go this this one caught my eye straight away. This is from Joe Anderson too, for two nine on Instagram the waves, our affair, TED by the Moon sounds English because it goes. The waves are affected by the moon right. What You ve had another moon Howard, adding another moon to earth impact sport. Some guess sailing. That's one not thought about that before, but over to you, professor, I mean yeah. It is a great question. Yes, the reason that the moon affects the waves right is because them
its gravity has a subtle effect that stronger, when in on the part of the earth closer to the moon, then away from the moon now solid rock doesn't really feel that so much but liquids like water and the surfaces. Say, lakes, rivers or most likely, the ocean will actually move a little bit toward the moon, and this enter of the earth was a little closer to the moon and the backside. So you basically haven't you long geishas of the of the earth, the liquid pops out and then back soon, as a kind of this undulating motion of the waves back and forth and ass, because, where the most of the moon is here and the tides are strongest along the access- and it just kind of follows this one. So imagine two moves. In that case you have a moon here in a moon here and if it goes around, it's gonna cause even more pulling under the right circumstances. You could get double the wave action right, so maybe
you're a surfer and you're looking for that monster, wave you're, getting a seriously double monster way: men, whereas at other times the pending the positions of the moon. They might actually help counter act. Each other's motions, so you'll have a reduced amount of moon action so one way or another, the tides can be strongly affected and it has all to do with the relative positions of the moons and the earth at any. Given time to where you are, while so dimly lighted the relationship in terms of their orbit around the earth would be critical as to which way that that takes place. That's exactly We also have to depend on the size of the moon itself on me. You would have to take them the consideration to write the size of the moon itself is not as important as the mass of them. That's what I'm that arms? I see this as well our scientists, because you actually are specific enough to say mass, because there are lots of things
the great size, but not great mass right. You can imagine some basketball. Players with tremendous size, but they do not have as much mass azure, perhaps smaller, more compact football right. Yes, so a small moon like of with a small size but made up primarily of something heavy like metals, might actually have more mass. Then a large moon that made up of primarily something like ice or rock, or even our own moon, which the way is not made up of metals too much. It has mostly rock mostly raw choice. If I look at how to leave us gruyere good stuff, crushing dreams their Charles? Yes, the distance, but this thence between the moon and the earth. Also matters so both mass and distance and then position relative to the earth and where you are all of that puts a really interesting tug on the very.
Oceans and rivers and season so for cool Mass Joe Anderson's got. The answer was looking for this is how Med Isham from Face and always say that, because he for these, but without actually fanatically, he must have known that. I was going to read this mad Isham says this: whatever football player capable with a star click on the moon, Willis. At a certain level or will it continue to climb up out of the atmosphere and on forever signed amid from it? Now? The one thing I will say with that question that might be a little suspect is he says, atmosphere, with respect to the moon, so good that even be the case when the moon does not have an atmosphere a very occasionally some amount of volatile material
vaporize from the surface and temporarily create a little bit above labour vapor, but it doesn't have a standing atmosphere and that something it's very important so that the first saying that you should realise is that without an atmosphere on the moon? If you take the ball, it won't curve. You can't make it spin in such a way that the ball will either go towards the sidelines, for example, or say some sort of weird thing against the wind and so on. So when we are so the end over end of a football on a kick off that we see that that that flipping motion that caused by will call it resistance that caused by the air resistance, its original caused by the kick I'll catch up by the. And then, after that, when you have the end over Andrew, when you have a flipping instead of turning position, then the air will affected to change either is dead chicken or its pay surrounding I've got it yet
the greatest punts in the history of all Time College football was harboured, verses, gale in nineteen eighty seven and it was forty miles an hour wind going in one direction: Yale was on forced down needed to Pont and they were gonna wait till the third quarter, indeed to switch over to the fourth quarter, and then they could kick with the wind and the Harvard coach called time out, with only a few seconds left in the third quarter, forcing Yale to kick in the wind and the boy, aware like this and then like that the total net yardage, because the We then just pushed it all. The way back was nine yards wow, nine yard part which then led to Harvard we're scorn the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter, and it was a glorious victory.
Nobody knows it, because it's Harbour Yale thing and they fell anymore. It's a great story to tell you how important atmosphere is in football, but on the moon. There is no atmosphere, so the box, go and over and it can spin, however, at once, but it will still just go in a parabola up and down, and the primary question which on its use, you asked what it go on forever. No, it would not. The answer is that the ball would come back down because the moon still does have surfaced gravity. It's only one. Sixth, the level, that of the earth, but what that means. It'll, slow things down, one sixth, the speed you'll take six times longer for the ball to land. Then it would be on earth, which means that it should travel six times farther before
she's the surface of the moon compared with being kicked on the surface of the earth, but it will come back down again while another comprehensive answer with the sprinkling of Harvard and oil, but of course, have the poorest matters of a yearly. Didn't Rhine, Fitzpatrick, the former jet now temper by buccaneer, thought about what back the buccaneers is attending. How really take it easy. I can rolling down. There is wrong in a rolling and I believe he is a Harvard man, smart guy, by the way in our and who else is going to Harvard is it? Who is it? Is it s old who's? Who John right, o John Herschel, with my name on the offensive line for the Baltimore Ravens Ravens. When he got back not he's going to MIT. I'm sorry he's going MIT either he is about to get his doctorate or is getting is dotted MIT and pure math correction, remarried, impressive stuff. I've read, I read a couple of hours.
The first. He really knows what's going on here, that this is an unhappy for him, not just walking in tackling guys all out on the mat. Isn't it all that these guys, like you know, dedicated to academic, and academia and yet, at the same time there are able to play professional football. Yet scarcely guys who are built like tanks who hit like tanks are very super intelligent. Yeah, scary people. That is a scale that either a think tank scary. That's where you got it, tank Shahrazad he's dead ass. I say there. Thank you All of that is that in tell you, this is a year and astrophysicist taking the coop warplanes, which is why I'm not a comedian
a another right boy right spoke with W, just in case anyone was wearing on Instagram. How hard would you have to take a football foresaid ball to reach orbital, velocity and orbit PLUTO, my God In from Kamloops British Columbia and is a hashtag PLUTO is opponents are just as well Niels, not here So what does the escape Lastly, we have a strong political Europe. Last any object is the same, regardless of whether it's a footballer, a golf ball or an elephant. Ok, but I haven't calculated the escape velocity of PLUTO. Yet that's not something that I normally sits in my head. Right, but there is a fairly well known, calculated formula for the escape philosophy, which is the square root of two times the gravitational constant of the universe. G times the mass of PLUTO, divided
the radius cooler, so the square root of two GM over are well. You plug in the mass in the re use of poorer respectively, will give you the escape velocity on PLUTO now here on earth. The escape philosophy at the surface of the earth is something like twenty twenty something fun. Miles per hour, PLUTO, significantly smaller and significantly lower mass? Then the earth in fact significantly lower mass than the moon itself, which is part of the reason why our distinguished friend Neil argues for its demotion to below planetary status, but that a discussion for another time arise. We don't want to be controversial up earlier Ashley. Very probably the answer is somewhat
Everyone will now examples per hour. I was an eye, it's probably less than twenty thousand miles per hour, and I just don't know exactly how much it is, but it's not say ten miles an hour, but it's definitely not ten thousand somewhere in between ok cool, serious kick near so now, as Cape Philosophy put you into orbit Once you achieved that the people ass, they put you beyond beyond orbit around our legal velocity, that's what I'm saying or so escape you escape velocity put you out of orbit right and allows you to just now, you and now you're, headed out into space, a threat, you're gone forever. Ok, so now because prices, a vacuum, you're, not him. Let's say you're not incur. Most spaces mostly empty
you're not, and let's say you don't encounter anything, would you just keep going at that speed forever? Yes, until you interact with something else right and you re up an excellent point, because the question was indeed not just for polluting, suffer the football to escape polluters gravity but to orbit around PLUTO right, and so I'm glad you made that distinction between orbital velocity and escape. It turns out orbital velocity. Is about seventy one percent, that of escape philosophy got so it's a little bit slower, ok, but it's still a very high speed right and basically the answer is no, no matter if his orbital velocity or escape velocity. You have a job with any NFL team on earth. If you go What's it is any footballer soccer team to re thing is when you put on a leg like that, it's controlling it right. I guess you could you beaches kicking it
through the stadium for what you really mean to control it. I mean it's just like you just kick the ball right, who needs to control, no it's going to stand in the way that we know what he's got. It right check your leg, a wholly he's going to stop at a penalty. Thousand mile and no one's gonna sit near the go you make it was a soccer team, no one's, no funds going to sit behind around the go, because suddenly things coming at ten plus thousand miles an hour, you I'm not stopping that is going to pay per eyes, may also certain soccer. Is the coolest sport in the world to me right now that the main thing, let me ask you this web now. I know we're running out of time for our first sediment, but this is so fascinating may, when we do his little thought, experiments, let's say because it's it's an actual football or a soccer ball.
Why are you do reads that kind, the velocity near the ball just burn up because of the protection of the air before it does anything? Would that be really what would happen it would burn up? There was no question about it. I just wanna how fast it would burn up, ok, but because I'd have to make that calculation as well. It is true that the viscosity of the atmosphere will cause this thing, the slow down and as it slows it also heats up, but I dont It will burst into flame in a few feet or if it might take a few miles or some other distance set out to do that, calculation that another bureaucratic out all see the unease. The only thing that would make that An unnecessary calculation is the fact you ve put so much energy through a suitable or a football. It would explode. Surely it just wouldn't glad to contain itself before it gets basket. We just go right side. The typical football probably can't take more than a hundred pounds per square inch from the interior before blows,
right. Maybe fifty in a regulation ball is much lower than that. So, if you're going to kick it that measured it put from the outside and you're gonna compressed that bar that the interior pressure was substantially exceed a hundred p s I or even more, which would probably caused to explode. First, that's that's a score one point four Gary, but what you could do What you could do is started from a rail gun right. We go, oh sure. Yet shoot from a real gonna watch. You burn up. I just want this. Bab would burn up asylum say what the real gun is that it's not like. It usually requires a magnetic approach right and soccer balls footballs. Don't have a lot of metal in them. So you can't exactly continued to accelerate the music. My electromagnetic for some positive, the by some other way.
For them. The rail gun needs nuke, windy and negotiate a contract and ass. It don't worry. I've. A super lightweight magnetic thread that I've actually put through the entire football so that I have yet to that speed and watch it burn babe land totally I totally will want to see that baby bird such signs villain Our assigns villa is why I'm not a scientist because of the universe knew that if it gave me this type of knowledge, I would definitely use it for bad. For good. I own. I were there any excellent scientist with love to fires. Soccer ball fast enough to watch it burn up in the air, and I would be true, science think do you're not allowed to meet them right. We are going to take up I'm gonna have to talk to chuck during the bright and kind of talk him off the ledge of badly The good and the lights
when we come back more sports physics, one amount with the magnificent professor Charles. welcome back to playing with science. We ve taken sports into the universe and of world as it were and prefer, the Charles who, given us some most, is really an ounce has become a kind of bring it back down to earth. If we can
We ve had so many fabulous questions and Jennifer measure on Facebook. If I've pronounced incorrectly. I apologize how long- and this is, theoretically speaking, Would it take you saying both to run around the earth? What a great question I was saying, but of course the facets sprinter in the world. If you sort of pick up is top speed. As he's running a hundred meters, is somewhere between twenty seven and twenty eight miles per hour? ridiculously quick. Yes, it's like forty something kilometers per hour, and so that's really good. Now, the radius of the earth is just under eight thousand miles, which means that its circumference at the equator is about twenty four thousand miles. Okay, so if he's running at that top speed would save twice.
Eight miles per hour going twenty four thousand miles would take him a little under a thousand hours, which I guess at twenty four hours per day, brings you out around several weeks. Ok I'll get! that's good! That's pretty impressive for a human being and be able to do their right, but remember he can only keep up this pace for ten seconds at a time right. So he's gonna run that fast and he's gonna walk at all, Take it easy, take a break breathed whatever whatever and then run fast again, then breathe, and take it easy she building all that extra rest time take? have the terrain. So the real answer is two hundred years. The little while remember that nearly equate Mount Kilimanjaro is like more than nineteen thousand feet, so he's going to have to do a little bit of a altitude track as well. He runs around there so he's going to stay in the lowlands. So now what about the flash? the real, lose them bolt. Ok, do we know what the top speed of the flashes keeps chain
depending on what the comic book writers decide. There was a period of I'm where the flash could literally go faster than the speed of light gray. I think, might be the case in certain universes right now. There was another period a time when the flash could only run about the speed of sound, maybe a little bit faster It was like in the nineteen eighties or something like that when I was going to anyone who you're talking about you He bowed and eightys it wasn't. A lazy. Do bag made easy, also gained a few pounds. So that's what did it now, while I had to do with something called crisis on infinite earths, where Barry Allenby original Flash had to sacrifice his life to save the universe and Wally West took over, but while he west in his efforts to save the universe, a second time or multiple times from the Anti monitor, had he had to sacrifice some of his speed power and then nowadays, of course, there's this thing called the speed force
I will get a little bit into the fiction and out of the cosmos but universes one step to talk about tat and ass. Let me ask you this what you said the speed of sound flask, breaking the speed of sound. And you were running at the speed of sound occurs as a human being let's just say that you have like us: pursued or a little force field around you? Ok, Are you running at the speed of sound would you do it signed boom is happening, creating basically a shockwave right. You have the air She was on the ground as you run. That's right! You have this thing. Yes, what you're doing cycle is happy with creating basically a shockwave right. You have the air in front of you and your running your basically pressing the air, so the airspace bending around you when you pop through that barrier. What we call the shots front, then you literally create that sonic boom in a kind of a weak behind you use it by, and is that guy in another example of why you know loud to be good at science, you want you want to run past people, you don't!
Latin, creates sonic booms outside their house and break their windows Wyatt as why Oana hardly right now the same reason that they are all right. I got ready Let's move on to the next question, and I have to read this because it's not quite fair on chuck cattle bells and quite so, on Instagram. Now you know who you are so how heavy of a kettle can chucks? being and does he know what the ball is I don't know. I don't know why he's got a diss me like that man, but you know Do you have an answer to both of them? One is I do know what a kettle bell is. The two: how heavy of a one can I swing were ever it is that will break your foot.
Not drop it on main obedience. You wanted, but possibly the answer. You deserve That is great. I give a cheering charcot manner that we know my day. I'm happy here we go. This is tony alleys. Some thirty eight from Instagram is how does the rock in curling turn by the broom action? Great question. Great great clash, see the path that the little rock goes in. Curling is not a perfectly smooth sheet of ice. That's right! There's rough bits. On the ice shavings almost like gum and ass, smooth slashes. They make it and, unlike her hockey rink right, they made would so stippled on the top. That's right! That's where those
My pills on a sweater kind of yeah, but their stiffen the end their hard and so overtime when the rock slide down when it touches the things it'll cause. Whatever spin you ve put on the rock to either magnify or decrease, and this causes the changing of the direction when the broom are the sleepers. I guess are using the broom there get read of wearing down those steeples or the other non smooth environments which allows this smoothness, to take over as opposed to the curliness stippled measure as a great word, by the way, Gary stippled. That is something we should use more often in the english language. Yes, there are some great words in the english language right by the men, so the bruise will allow the rock to go farther.
Does it really doing? Is sorry sorry preventing? What are you talking about because this, like there's some great words in the english language, and by that I mean the british language cities, british I'll, give out I'll, see you steeple and raise you Rummy right. What These words have fabulous yes, that rummaging through my playlist stop rummaging through my past dammit, clearly, science and sport unrelated but yeah on professor sigh professed it's? No! No! I like, I got my like me. A good rummage sale once no, yes, and so so rooms basically make it so that the rocks can go farther without curling as much because its reduced the amount to friction between the rock in the ice need It also makes. One gets makes sense with when we did the show back in the winter uncurling here the science on the initial viewing of curling. You thinking an value drill, down deportees thinking. What am I
Somehow I sums headache I can see why so many people of latched onto curling. I may get addicted every fool you have so loosely. I'm missing it right now. I can't tell you how many nights during the winter Olympics, I was up at three- I'm drunk Watson curling. It was amazing, but there are two things about curling that are really great. For me, one is the posts that the persons strikes It is pushing the raw as yet beautiful by letting structure. I think you should get style points for that in future Olympics and then the second thing which I love about early as the yelling about now, where were we I mean what others or has that kind of verbal interjection right? You should get style points for how well you shout at you. Friends as well. I like it. I like it and I'm resisting every single, including
some in my body to comment? comment on screaming hard hard hard. These continue to resist all temptations leaves our right, professor there are things we know we can ask for things that we know we shouldn't ass wrong. I think that it was the latter Lloyd. You just gotTa Wanda straight to that point. Right here we go. This is from Christian, took a dick, took headache, this is being set up as in it. For me, realer iming is perfect s. Take about five minutes before Chuck stops giggly it might not mine then take longer term. In Rugby Union. All Rugby League, you have to pass the ball to your teammates, stop killing these gulping, using the non side position which is behind what
the bulk carrier policies from. Is it possible for a play, a running at full speed to pass the ball to attain my meat or to behind, and in line with him and the ball not go forward relative to where it was passed from this happens all the time, and sometimes it is penalized. Sometimes it is not so so, professor moving forward while passing the buck backward seems really quite strange and not surprise. The British invented rugby her. This is a good question. I dont know the exact rule Gary. When is it- that the person who receives the backwards pass has to be behind where the person who passed it is at the moment of reception. Yours at the moment of departure from the task. I think the ball
they'll have to travel backwoods, so you would imagine he has to be in a position behind the thrower, the pathway in right on catching it yeah. This is where this is, where something called galilean relativity comes into effect. You you're moving at ten miles per hour and I m sure I switch the metric because we're talking Rugby Noah. No longer is the British invented yards, but quite happy if you're running this way, a ten mile for our and your Europe friend is run
behind you. Also, at ten miles an hour if you travelling together, even though you are both going tent relative to one another, your travelling at zero, which means, if you were to pass it backwards, then he'd be right there, as if you were there when you task the ball, the ball would have your ten miles an hour added to its backward motion, so it actually be still moving forward, even though relative to the two you it's moving backwards again. So let's say if you're moving a ten miles per hour, but the person has to catch the ball behind the place where you passed it originally, that's back here, then that case you'd have to pass it harder than ten miles an hour, maybe eleven or twelve miles an hour backwards. In order for your mate to receive the ball before he reached the place where you have just hostage rays of the answer to the question is yes, it's complicated and you d:
We have to toss it backwards, but if you don't touch it backwards, foreigner, let's say you're running a ten miles per hour and you toss it backwards and eight miles per hour, the balls to moving forward. As far as the referees concern at two miles per hour right, an end. What will happen is that person will end up in the place beyond what four point and be penalized, even though the all was actually pass backwards that can happen here was a real judgment call depending on what the referee decides, I've seen enough rugby, I will have not played it myself. I value my my health a little bit too much like the big eyes hit hard. Let me China, all these. I'm told you. I know that the watching it is is a fascinating game. You know- and I guess watch childlike really interesting stuff Next question is definitely for the reluctant artist wants to know there's from Instagram. Please could you explain the physics behind the reverse swing of the cricket?
ah warheads or what is the reverse wing of a cricket bought locate? I have to tell you we're: gonna have to do a cricket show its. Point just so that I can now what EL. It is because all I know is that there are. There are big time ads for a cricket on the subway in New York and this may be the only city in America outside of perhaps Michigan, where cricket as advertised and what it first of all, what is a reverse wing? Secondly, What is cricket perverse, are yours and I'll do my best pick up. Anything is more than a spot. It is a lifestyle. It is true way of thinking of the universe. So I respect all those who live by cricket
we're swing, is a little bit less metaphysical than that. I use a baseball analogy right. A baseball has two seems as though, when the pitcher throws the baseball depending on how the scenes are moving when it leaves the pictures hand the balkan curve, as it interacts with the atmosphere. Now the cricket ball has one scene down the middle and when the cricket person does the equivalent of pitching the ball to what the equivalent person of the batter is the ball bounces off the ground, and then the ball gets me by this wooden paddle. As you know, and heads out into the field now, this ball is used over and over again, unlike in
baseball where, where the ball gets hidden goes far away in the empire decides the ball is been deformed or been damaged by the bat. Then it gets tossed out afresh. Balls put in that cricket ball is reused, and so some people figured out that if they could make sure that every time they pitched
the cricket ball. They only got the side, one side damaged and then the other side. They tried to keep smooth and polish it as much as possible. Then, after thirty or forty such pitches called overs right up, the ball will start looking very asymmetric. One side will be rough up and beat up. The other side will be smooth and polish, and you ve got the leather seem in the middle. That's that you just described my marriage, ok, marriage or otherwise. Imagine that ball now the person who is doing the equipment of pitching of his ball. He can throw the ball down and make it look like it's gonna bounce left, but because he uses exactly the side of the ball. That is damaged as opposed to polished, to hit the ground first, instead of the Bob bouncing and going left as you might expect, it'll bounds and go to the right
that's the reverse swing and that causes batteries to get fouled up. While the thing he took the same that professor Louis talking about you would normally place in your fingers either side of the regime is a middle, but now you would come over. Maybe I could twenty degree angles over the same, and if you will, cricket for long enough when they wear Y, all white as we have a red scuff down one thigh, that's the, but that's the bowler, the picture in this, create brought his shining at one side, and now they have learned the Pakistanis National Debate, love a cricket is every bit as strong as the Indians, and they really brought this up for this an artful they want this forward and they ve been also matter and they just befuddled. Another lovely word right for, like back off,
after so many years and now everybody's thinking how they do it? Because there's other things if you ve got some moisture, the atmosphere, they use everything plus the fact. Unlike baseball, you use the ground to make things happened right and if the ground is hard enough of it's not it's crept all. Told you didn't things, and I agree with what the professor cricket a surreal rule. Sport sounds awesome. I might have to check it out. However, all this talk of cricket and the way that they damage their balls has given me a new phrase for baseball baseball watch us above all his fresh and, on that note, we'll take a break. This has been playing with science and I'm not sure we're still on the earth. However,
West Columbia, when we come back out for this fight going to be great because every broken professor child slowed and chopped will be on the northeast. That for about the next six weeks, see you shortly. Afraid of them.
back to playing with signs and your cosmic queries. Your inquiring mines have opened up all Pandora's box, all full of questions, and we have the perfect person to answer them. Yes, professor Tripp slow and where we looking now chuck at the perfect Number one can be throw Will J, which is well in the third. Though in third is actually he's a patriotic patron
and therefore we will you know when you support us, we like to give you priority, because you give us money right, you he says from a visit standpoint when I go bowling, which is about once a year the most hey, thanks, retinal insight into life. There will J. Should I go for a lighter ball that I can throw faster or a ball. What's more mass that I can send down slowly will in Houston interesting concept, A lighter ball probably gives you the ability to throw it harder right, but yet what are the advantages of a heavy ball? Well, the thing that you're going for it momentum reign. The momentum of the ball is the mass of the bottle multiplied by its velocity, so whether it's a heavy ball moving slower or a light, bulb moving faster if you have the same momentum.
The ball will transfer the same amount of impulse to the pins. So what you look, Four. Instead, I think, is a man. Of your technique. Are you gonna spend more are you gonna try to contact as many pins as possible? Are you gonna try to whack a pin, particularly hard, so that you can cause it to do something funny like knock into underpinned by the way has called mob bowling when you wake up in a lab. Tell you I'm sayin that we I don't know this. If it's gotta be done, it's gotta be done nothing person. This is the business we ve talked, so it really. I have found, of course, I'm not a very good bowler, but I have found that I prefer a heavier ball movement more slowly, because then it is more likely that I'll be able to control its motion, because I don't have that Armstrong threat.
Push forward, but it goes more slowly and you're going to try to get the bowling ball to contact as many pins as possible as it heads it right or to have the each pin that gets hit, transfer as much information sideways the energy, so little knock out more pins off to the side. I find heavier balls going more slowly works better for me, but there are friends of mine were actually the good bowlers and they are of two minds, some of them even use alight ball in one instance, and a heavy ball in another. Let's say they have a: they ve taken down nine ten nine out of ten pins in the first hit efforts by I'm frightened at what are they call them your second ball, maybe because they want to aim at more accurately the use a later one and they thought hard so that the bar has less of a chance
to start changing direction because of its contacts with the late. So maybe a combination is the radiance cool man. Looking at it. From my point of view, The heavy able will allow me more accuracy because I'm a novice Ola, Will is a novice bowler if I've got a lighter ball, I'm possibly going to be trying to throw that really hard. Therefore, as you touched on professor, you lose the control right. You wished, you aren't really just a little bit causing a curl. Guttural So, if you're a novice, possibly the heavier ball. For me thinking about it would be a better solution, but I can't explain the physics like you too now say might take on it is when I'm bowling. What I like to do is just leave the bowling alley altogether and go get drunk as out on me bowling as an excuse to drink.
Moving on to the next question Betty from many bans on twitter. Why does spinning a baseball make it cover interesting ravished, just as we were talking earlier about cricket right, roughness of the ball or one side of the ball will cause a change in direction. And when it hits the ground. The same is true with the laces on a baseball depending on how spins it actually affects the airflow around it and at first it doesn't do anything, but after some certain distance that it travels enough turbulence builds up from the interaction with the laces to cause that ball
change direction, so we Talkin about late brakes on the breaking ball or early brake on a breaking ball or a slide or slider or sinking fastball. That movement depends very much on which direction the laces are spinning with his going this way. That way, but whether it's kind of slowly ambling or going very fast, but also your answer there you go. Let's see what grace twenty two boroughs just answered that question. Yes, we did Yes grace twenty km over those rights. Twenty two borrows: you ve got your answer in the previous question
I'm just in case. You want to hear your question red on the air. Here's. What your question was grace, how do the stitches on a baseball that the speed at which it travels and an end yeah? It's it's the same question, bub phrase! Rather differently is it doesn't? It affects the speed because it slows down right and it's the city had ever so slightly and it's the rotation of the ball that causes it to break day. Go right. Right so Panda sixty one. Twenty four panda is like he's real, dumb panda that Japan is or it could be, a russian and die than die as in an affirmative. Yes, a pan does is is there,
it has consistently ensure a purpose throw with a fine. Also praiseworthy ultimate is great for people like me, who don't have a whole lot of arms, strengthened, just love to watch something go a long distance in the air, leaving my hand right the best way to ensure a perfect. In frisbee is to do it because you don't have any wind rosy ever be in some sort of indoor stadium and toss it, but I think what were asking here, the mechanics. You want to release the frisbee when the frisbee is going to go straight. If you let the curve too much- and you have the angle to the frisbee- that's not parallel to the ground- you will wind up with a much more curling kind of throw. So the perfect throw every time is pretty much
sure that you're leading forward and you let them frisbee, go in the direction you're looking and that when you release is in the direction that you looking as opposed to go in that away or that, but would it make any difference if it were back hand or foot hand? Ah, no, it does make any difference between forehand, you want to also make sure that you're releasing it in the direction you're looking right, but forehead is a harder throw than the back, because Naturallyspeaking, the back throw, is a you're more able, most of the time not to involve the twisting motion of the wrist and just the snapping motion of the wrist when you're throwing this way with your forward hand, then you got lots more motion. This way, cuz your hand naturally,
more degrees of freedom going forward, but the true exports. Of course they can control that were easily and emphasising the way you throw beforehand. What you're really doing is showing off guess about overhand, throw you guys know about overhand grows and overthrow him frisbie the frisbie. Yes, I've seen that when you washing ultimate, these are amazing. A lot you wholly vertically vertically bought the frisbie travels vertically in the air and It's just amazing how they can do this. I I'm not been able to perfection but it is I'm showing off to a new level. That's that's! Really! That's really obnoxious, Meda, drawing a prince be vertically and the judges stays in a vertical possess, axis you're, not as your
really just sooner man. That's that's you just answer the whole world, like I'm, not mortal united at us. That's that's cool. I write like move on, and can we take about a space for a second from professor we can take? the space for seven- and this is for Zella forehead on facebook- wants to know this house we play football on Mars and I'm gonna say that the answer is eight billion dollars, not joking yeah how'd, you Purple Bala Mars, or how could you and what difference big? Well, assuming that be football, players would like to is your problem. We need to make a dogged stating right rise. Certainly, use you'd have some atmosphere in there, okay, and that would allow you to do all the things.
Nord narrowly due on earth with a football, because you have the air at the pressure that required for things to move the difference. Is the surface gravity on Mars? Is lighter, so someone who kicks the ball upward, as we were talking about his similar to kicking a football and the moon You take the football on Mars. It will stay up a little bit longer and then a fall down so that all the passes will be longer all the Things will move a little bit faster players jump pile players will be over jump higher as well. Yes, some interesting guy. Web. It sounds like if someone gave very interesting game, I would enjoy watching a football match on Mars, but it's gonna, be awhile awhile right. We have one more question here: we're pulling Travis Instagram all yours, yeah poet.
Travis is not going to is any way unless I'm patriarch, dad gum, sellouts J K, your awesome there you go, You said it wouldn't happen, but it did ok. You said it wouldn't have and by the way, that's not really moral hazard by thinking that you can get your question read by insulting us or is saying that we want read it down again, whom I kin it'll work. Every time graduates average straight over my memory, thirty eight thousand feet. So here's the thing clearly appalling Travis is a star talk, fan and on startup we do patriarch questions, and if you I support his unpatriotic. We give your question priority, and so
he's basically their local read it because I'm not a patria, to which I say just support us on Patria. Emma start, their deep give us early was tat problem. You can be nice girl right, that's all show that is stark loom. You are the best in the past. It is my pleasure, they also seriously its Azerbaijan and our listens. Pleasure professes been so good to have you on board and just for you to unlock So many of the secrets involving artlessness questions, brilliant. Thank you so much you're very well, as was a lot of I'm having a school again get that school. Again, I sat in the front row. The class you girl Ramrod Reign the cat about school there That's it! That's praying science and your cosmic queries. Please keep your minds inquiring and keep those questions. It has been a pleasure. I've been area. Riley had been justifies this
in playing with science. We look forward to your company. Susan confine dies down my I'll drop, the organs which you can listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk on paper for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Slash star talk, radio
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