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#ICYMI - Esports, with NicoThePico

2019-02-07 | 🔗

In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel…. We dive into the expanding world of Esports as hosts Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly get the science behind the screen from Nicholas "NicoThePico" Korsgård, head coach of “League of Legends” pro team PostFinance Helix, and neuroscientist Heather Berlin, PhD.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free. I'm very rightly, enterprise is playing with fire Today we take a look at the rapidly expanding universe of sports computer bangs. Well, I've been around for decades from Poland, Donkey Combs the marrow to league of legends and now play a one became player, one billion and want absolutely and Gary just doesn't understand how is seen as a sport being that he's a
former professional footballer, I'm sure, looking down on all those gamers that are virtually playing the game on the birds will pitch. Of course, I'm kidding. Of course, I'm only kidding but to get a clear view of gaming and all it takes to be talks in the field. We have Negro the pico, who is head coach of Swiss S, ports, team, p of helix and a player himself and apply who is educate me as to the house wise where's, except for so that thing is well. Nikko explains how Doktor Heather Berlin, a very good friend
doktor had the burden will explain why and what is taking place in any sport right. Yeah, yeah, erroneous, First Nicholas Cause, God all. As you might know, I'm Nicodemus pico Ray I'm coach. As you said, head coach, like that head coach of swiss sports team Peer Felix League of Legend, says, put this: let's go get me started within Education League of Legends right, most popular video game. He hides are using either. Yet any colleagues around gets. Let's get myself, then that would do a brief, but a homework for myself here: legal legends, most popular video game. Since twenty twelve, with over a hundred mill in monthly, active players thou, I can say what I like: no one's going to care and let me tell you I don't know if you know this guy per se- where you have Premier league here on Saturday mornings, rain yet have league of legends on
yes, p, m. Now that's how bid this thing man, you're right. It's it's a real sporting event that has televised coverage. I made the torments a set up globally and their of over a hundred million views, so Nikko welcome to playing with science and for those of you unable to see Nikko, he is ridiculously young. The end, an M m and charmingly handsome, yet these good all of these got all the good stuff go in the areas of game. On top of his head, coach and coach, I'm getting paid, you are getting paid, rightly go. Of course I can tell you tat. I felt like your dad for a minute. They're. Just like you not just sit around playing games, are guaranteed rights zones. Traitor, Dagmar exactly are you? You gonna backtracking, appreciate your patients with me. Just when did he sports become a competitive months
that it is okay. So, twenty years ago you had some games in some areas so in the south. Korea was really starting with star coughed, had its twenty years There are three now recently I think was this year last year: that's really weird start and then what People really saw in the big corporations- solid, hey. Maybe maybe there's something we can do with this scent and people are starting to take it serious. You have big sponsors coming in. You had the biggest telecom companies in South Korea coming sponsoring individual players and teams. You had the military going in and sponsoring teams so that when these players were picked up to go to the military, they could continue doing their useful life within the military and the rest of the world caught on and saw but you could actually enable games to be applied. More serious. So you could have a game that is both for the casual player, but is also able to be honoured.
National level just like, for example, all of us are probably play chess. At some point or another in life, but you also know there's an entire different world of just where those people having tournament, our over entire weeks? and by the way, captain monks, Coulson, there's no reason then I like to make a lot of correlation stood up because that something that people can fathom and they have some sort of relationship with, because not always easy to explain game, for example the game that I coach. If, if you have no idea that type a game, it's extremely hard to try and understand so instead of trying to get out, I was gonna say it is very hard to understand and it is very difficult to follow. I try to watch a league of Legends tournament
and I have to tell you- the commentators were speaking about it like I couldn't tell what they were talking about big as there was so much going on on the screen for the uninitiated kid. Can you give us a breakdown of league of Legends, because you know it It's a battle game, as you know, there's a lot of fire power going on on the screen. Can you break it down for us? What is what's what's league of legends about again, so it's a five player per team game. You have two teams and each day as one base, and you have different structures that protect your base. In order to win the game, you have to kill many structures and then the final piece of the base, which is called the nexus, whichever team kills, does nexus. First, once again, that's the simplest isolation at so here you go. It's capture the flag.
It's like a military exercise capture. The flats uses military. An U inch in South Korea, save for people who don't don't know. South Korea has military conscription its mandatory to do military service cs yet two years, two weeks, not a camp right. Here's an all of a sudden how smart without ago do these kids are gonna, be prime for a certain element of war. Will be necessary for our defense right to bring that forward. I can see why the military jump straight on top of this okay. So it's a lot of fun, it's great, but how do you go from? I want quite like to have a look at this. I'm going to start playing,
to being a top ten player in the world to being a head coach. What are those stepped through that because its it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, but it also says one hell of a lot of work. Yes, well, you are a football players off right. Yes, So I would say it's the same. I all I was make reference to football and just because a steep things that people are familiar with like if you this play football and you just enjoy full playing football. That doesn't mean that you can suddenly become impressionable. You actually need to put in a lot of work. You need to actually be skilled or you need to be built. To put in the amount of time and effort and energy and sweat and tears and an area change your life and cut out whatever time constraints you have so that you can emphasise more, I'm on football in order to actually go programme and then, if you're lucky,
then. Maybe somebody finds you and you gotta team opportunity and you get a chance to to Sharia, often like there's a lot of things: threads How do you need to hit the in order to to make it in anything? I think, and it's the same in chess and it's the same any sports like to give an example of myself. I will supply to begin with. I was among the two hundred in Europe in total and all positions I was playing in the team that we were trying to qualified to what's below oh, the highest league in Europe that we failed to qualify. As so I started changing my vision into potentially becoming a coach, because I was finishing my bachelor degree and like either. I start making money out of this, or I have to go regular job saw to keep going for a bit. I actually sold my car to keep paying rent and I was down to like maybe
More weeks before I had to actually get a job and then actually got picked up by experts in Berlin, which was origin and I started my first head coach job there, just flew down, and that's that's four years ago brow I want to do this. We can build a perfect, a sport, a gamer whatever you want to call them again. What is the correct terminology because they eastwards athlete ah grey areas, but I want to build one from the ground, outputs Joe. What's the first thing we need and what are we have when we finished again? So I think that in a team of five different players and just like in football when you're different positions, you need different personalities right, so you there's some generalizations, but this also differences in what because you obviously need some sort of captain bill? Fidessa does personalized, but in general
you need someone who is able to hold very high level of focus, because Usually you can our best of five matches and each game can last up until an hour, and then you play the entire set in one go so internal. Settings you Kanab justifies the Gore five or six hours. And you need to be able to hold your focus, drew out the entire thing. I'd need to be d like among the very best in the entire region that you're playing into even get to participate in a professional team, so you need to be extremely skilled at the game- has fallen that just either fires very, very high talent or extreme levels of debt, and motivation and unjust effort in order to build yourself operate. Ok, I've got these big useless hands. Now I've got a white. Those work as a game has any sports actually work.
The dexterity of I gotta have what kind of mental agility of I gotta possess. Apart from what you immediately went to this dude gotta, be so focus its on real, I think that's analysed and former. So how about the dexterity? How about all of the strategy? Where how do I build? What do we need? We building this window by the way, we're building the keys, the new weapons ethically book Oh, that, like. I think that the austerity in your hands, as maybe over the bed and especially for my game, because my game is more strategically as a more strategical depth. My link, but obviously you need to be able to do. Click, the buttons either certain speed in order to- play the game at high level. I saw, but I think We want anybody can do that. I would just enough practice. I too, I don't think, that's not the sum. That you would necessarily need to put points into when you're building somebody's. I would rather look at them to seek an
mentality of the player in order to build an imperfect teammate that I would try to create at least company on person dump just one person why the whole team out on their own or does it have to be a five Man, five go effort, the palace the game in my game right now is three. We hide it s like nearly impossible. It can have you have some players that are like fame like faker in South Korea. That just body in the entire world respects because he has the most skill player in the game, but even he can't just one be five an end when the ass, the wind to and with this team, and he has to bring his team and on the place in order to make of happiness, it's a very coherent and strategically like team, poorest game. I would say so: do you have to be a grape were to be?
a good coach or is it like other sports? You know some sports. The coach never really play the game. You have made on me, as you have some sports, where the person just knows the game so well that they don't. Even though you know they did, they haven't played the game they just able to actually direct the game. Do you have to be a player in order to coach as the main question? Actually so I think that there are many different opportunities we have as a coach. Can be a coach said. You were a player before this happens as football that happens in any game or or sport that I can think of, or you can have somebody that really good working with people a really good understanding of the people that are working with and are able to just bring the best out of the players that they have an end sort of make. The players teach himself with each other. That's also an approach that is passing in my case I came from being a player and I was a very good player in three out of five roles and I was able to
lead. While I was the player I was a captain, always I was able to sort of just try. For that naturally into being a coach, but I also think because, together with the sort of human approach, that I have any human understanding that I have and ability to me. People will work together. I watch interesting and I was reading just the other day is a young players could f to tax? Is a fee for nineteen player? Is seventeen years of age? Is one maybe a hundred thousand dollars in prize money already with great for him. He said when a new game comes out, spend ten hours a day for maybe two months and then after that couple of hours they just stay on top logger. Does that sound cause, that's kind of like? If you wanted to be an early athlete track unfilled? You did the tenth,
so now is think group always quoted the ten thousand, as does that sound about write to you for an athlete wants to become a late. No, it doesn't an end for me, like. I don't really view FIFA at the same level as what we're doing completely different Chandra like arrive I dont a little video games snobbery happening right now. I know I like yeah no player at the highest level. And in legal legends or see as go and daughter. An over watch. All these sort of games could play two hours a game and be it the best in the world. It just doesn't work. So what this guy that you're referring to does, as he picks up the new his game, any gets. It becomes the best added ass, fast ass possible, and then he is just playing similar game so that the skills sorted prosperous, but he just more picking up new games to make quick cash or or just feel good. It's really the same as ours.
Becoming an expert or mastering the sport that you're doing or mastering the feel that you're doing so, I think it very different things: Nikko is breeding sport ninjas this guide to have two tax, isn't got no help Mckinley codes team on my right, so ok, the top ten players in the world right now. Is it fighter you mentioned in Korea? Would he have a very similar skill set to two three four, five or woody have just something outrageous in one category, so sacred very outrageous. So there's like a hundred plus champions different characters within the game right now and you can only choose one person, but he has shown throughout this entire career that he can litter
He play them all at the highest level like like, he goes versus the best players in the world and he asked them what their best champion us and then he placed their best champion versus dumb and beat them so consistently. So now is one of the characters that you pick em again. Are you saying that they have a different skills that you have to master the skills the character, has in the game S whilst also Ladys. I look at a crazy he's looking then you look at these items that yeah yeah, that's what I do is I got off exactly that's how I countenance ass, I'm a Viking damp air by the way, that's not a characteristic. Go and you say we go. There is lacking in the end, that is the regardless of a girl. I was just going to build olive oil ok, what we're gonna take a break and you're not going anywhere. We not allowing you to our guard. We're gonna go sack of village, not joking good. Please don't write waiting to take that break. Negro Topeka will be with us, Olaf, the Viking will be explored and-
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And this is playing with science playing science on dairy running the show Olaf, the bike, but for now that didn't take lumpy becomes the truth. This is a sports special and we, as I wasn't maybe yes by tonight, because they hated me go the peak. I was told us they are EU sports athletes. Now I wasn't sure about this. Being a sports per se, but the more we tore we get into it. The more
sit down guy now I gotta challenge my own. I've gotta think deeply. I'm listeners out there who is Jerry, how long's it taking you to get to this point in time with you. So ok during the little commercial break there we we sought us, draw com, the I sort of issue and you had a valid point chuck you always playing a computer always like if you're just practice in Europe. You're playing the computer but Nikko told us now really enables Europe to already on us. Yes areas. Can this a young danish prior called caps need about how I take it from there, so I take them up, pretty much joined the best team in Europe. At some point it became the head coach. I reshuffle dainty. De my only kept one player, and then I rebuilt the entire team, I rebuilt either on this at the time seventeen year old
Dennis Midlander, I will I went to his parents and I told them when he was sixteen. I want to bring this guide to Berlin for two years on a two year, contract can stop school, please home. We have all, but the parents loved you do your people listening to you see how serious this is. This code is talking about YO omelette onwards, it kid so good, a video gaming. I wonder the calibre line on a two year contract any sixteen years old. That's how serious this thing is going to continue. God, yes- and he is just incredibly talented, mechanically and enmity This is what we're talking about like using your mouse and keyboard and just your mood months within the game? Saw you mutants, probably do reference football as well, but I think people understand but the way he would practice individually. He would find people who were using cheats in the game explained. He was just just just for me to explain how can these thanks
saw the way- the cheats, Workin and our game is that you have an obligation or your computer takes control or your character in the game I just makes him play perfectly saw you, never get hit by unease goes up. You move perfectly in every direction and you should your spouse at exactly millisecond right time. A new predicts movements and everything. So it's it's unfair and it goes removed right away. Ass, soon, ass, the game realises that someone is shooting. They get, remove them from abandon their never allowed to play again, and it is not allowed professionally at all. So it's like very looked down upon, but caps, the crazy guy that he is he's like well. If I can just. Practice versus destined. I'm I'm gonna get really good as well, so we actually did I get here. You will have it
You do it and I would watch him anywhere do it would be incredible to watch because you're playing versus something that you can I hit right it s hand he would beat the cheap? Yes well. So when you ve got a young player and the ages is to appoint irrelevant, because you are now discussing someone with a high level of strategic intelligence, yet they are coming I if that's good and better than what anyone else has done. I need to learn from it and the only way to learn from its to get in and mix it out and get an so when you find a player like that, how do you then elevate his or her game so as they become even better? That's your head coach challenge shirt. So I will try to send to the project that I'm doing here because I think is really important to tell about power while it before you go any further won t tell everybody where you, because you're not you're, not coming to us from your I'm in Norway you're actually share where I'm in I'm in the capitals which,
I'm in Berne, and We are. I e sports team were called that use part of sperm and or oppose finance. Helix post finance is one of the largest banks in Switzerland, and so we are fully financed by one of the largest banks and Switzerland to do a sports to play legal legends and they had answered me from the north of Norway to come down and lead their team. While I swear I look how serious this is like, I can actually see parents now totally flipping. The script is just like becoming to turn him for the night. No, you get down there and you get on at the Imperial Game son. You get a video game and you continue to work until you get this right. You know it's like wow, I mean you're, so you're you're you're finally by the largest break in Switzerland and one of the largest banks that we want to prevent. What is wanted to large bags, inhibitors required of who blocked by large banks in Switzerland and and and for those of you
Can't say legal to pick up was sitting in what looks like a training facilities. I see screens and are players behind do so go ahead like we have a huge first in and literally the centre of burned like right next to the train station, which is like that, the main I'm building our next to the old. Baroness, it's fantastic. We are How could coach we have a mental coach. We have a personal trainer. We have our own nutritionist, who makes all the food like. We are managers like this, many levels of degree in this. Within this t that is working and and to give you an idea, I wanted to just tell you how our basic deus, because I think that might be interesting. Yes, all, please, for six or seven days a week, we have a regular colleagues, we do one core muscle work on one day and then cardio the next day, and we always do ninety minutes of cardio saw the day for the players nine thirty in the morning then,
do their Jim, whether its core muscle or whether its cardio after that when to lunch, and then we have mental training with our mental coach, which is everything from meditation of breath, work to do to medical. Activities like ass, a t more individual or individual talks for like two three hour and then we do have team practice where we actually play the game, which also goes on for three four hours or more on Sundays who do up to six hours and then there's individual practice on top of that, and that is everything while in addition, the players are whenever they do have off days, They are very much encouraged to play the game as much as possible and be active and actually help themselves become better place because the best place in the world they don't take office. They literally don't stay operating these poor, ninjas yeah, they add video games is not child's play, is basically cycle really interesting. It's a meal made it
and breathing, because as little as I know- and it is little Let'S- let's not get carried away here- adrenaline flow must be immense in terms of searches that comes through and being able to control, breathing being able to control a flow state. We talk about alley, athletes, basketball, players, baseball, so I can place where they might be. Controlling this state of mind, you are employing no wonder you're able to get the best of the best to come to work with you, you're getting people to educate your athletes and we're gonna call him athletes now to bring that state of mind didn't absolutely what absolutely which, in no matter what you're playing what sport your plane is very important to have the these skills that you're talking about. I heard you tell a story about well. Actually I didn't hear you that's why I want you to talk now. I read us quote from you, where you were talking about a team that you took over that was crumbling from the inside,
but you were able to do things to turn the team around. What were you referring do. I am, and how do you do that as a coach and sports ass allows Actually, the team that I joined where I sold my car and I just left for berlin- I was actually the team and they had to kick their coach because it didn't work out and the players came from semi finals in the world championship bright. They came from some my files and the World championship. They were too too three weeks into their season, and there were losing pretty much every much and everything was just crumbling, so they came from so my files that girls and now they're losing in their european Series like European Bee and being able to hand losses is very difficult, especially far for younger players, especially for immature players, which most of them are because they they live.
At their brands place, but until they got a contract and that they were sent to Berlin right. So they know actually have a life experience right So when I came in there, was not only their head coach, but I was also their psychologists there, mom and and their dad, unlike like just helping people, get their minds. Sorted and sort of helping people understand that we are all trying to achieve the same thing that if we're gonna make this work like, we all know that we're good players, like the you, went to semi fancy worlds. Armies you're, a great players. So you guys just need to align yourself and get on the same page and learn to work together and then to practices and to setting poles and end to having a lot of individual talks. I was alone At that time I only had a manager above me, so I was sort of filling in everything I could actually made a welcome every just changed a lot and we change of routine sun and just started.
Eating healthier and like there's so many things that people on considered that actually effect and I like to make reference to minors just where he has his own nutritionists with them and his own personal train out everywhere? because in the world and make sure that it healthy and daddy. He lives healthy and that he doesn't work out an especially they cardio. That increases the blood flow in your body and acid and pick up on your blood so that you're able to focus better like us literally, why we're doing work out ways to make our brains work better and like nutrition, and it's all down important. What does it cost to run the helix team per year? And how much do you make out of torment winds? so the team makes seventy five percent of whatever winnings that we do and the twenty five percent that is not to the to me and the players is reinvested into the team. I I couldn't be
who to guess the amount of money justice office costs, because it's so central, the building we are in this literally owned by the bank, like, I guess, can probably use this. Space saw if they had to rented without going through the bank that we're working with them. I would be crazy crazy. You haven't evaluate how many people were detained at other your level of understanding, preparation organization and with a mission statement that you're actually completing on How many teams out there or is it just individuals who are they doing haunting of they all part of a network with a level that Europe I think, if you're looking away from me, because I'm I'm no clue one on China and create true, but if you're looking Where, from that, you may be looking I'd like twenty thirty
this level of infrastructure at the most. Well, that's pretty! Well, you know we're we're running out of time here. So I want to go to a couple questions. There appears to be pleased. If one is all this put took to couple things, one, you talk about focus you're, dealing with faint, basically kids, who are going through puberty. You know it. About focused arraigned at how difficult is it and he ever lose a kid to burn out and do you ever lose a kid to leg? You know why aren't you focus? I can't stop thinking about boobs. Like you know, I mean like this Your deal. What you're dealing with kids, I mean: how do you? How do you make that work? So so that's a very good an doesnt candidate on something that is done. I've always done when I built my team system, to balance. Personality abounds ages and I think that is incredibly important to makes things work so far.
Apple in the team ride took in the Cavs. He was sixteen when I wrote the contract with them. It was seventeen when he came to Berlin, but I also messing with people that were the twenty four twenty five made sure that the team as a whole had more maturity mixed with the lesser majority, so that, obviously, who would then he will get to pick up more from the bigger guys, but when these guys are in season, one off day a week at most and on that, after your very highly and courage to to play as much as you can it's, I, like as I like, so many Things are going to be on their minds and if there is, then an acronym just be able to perform so so, if you're not cut out for you not cut out for it and that's the same,
in football are any then it any for many, a cold air which shows and very good answer. I gotta as one more or less dangerous before we run out of time. Here's the deal man, everybody on who is listening right now wants to know this one question: how much money can I expect to make as a programme, Ok, so in Europe through, you can probably look at that ten thousand euros plus per month easily? Easily MA am in Amerika. You can double that easily with the current situation, so there are guys making twenty thousand dollars a month playing video games in America and that's that's kind of like a baseline light for the for the good guys for the back for the password layers, yeah that status a baseline and then you have extra with respect.
Most positive people, people being rebel athletes with just a bunch of them. You have gone sponsorship sponsorships an an has and anxious natures. So that's just a base salary level. Well, I gotta to tell you something right now. I have to go I apologise to my son and allow him to kill me square in the ass because it came to me two years ago. And he was eleven at the time he was a dad. I wonder I wanna be a programmer I said you get the hell out of my house. Eleven. I wouldn't recommend that either. So, if I can end with something guys, I've always tell people as long as you can keep good grades as long as you can stay in good shape and behave accordingly and at the same time you're able to become a ragged player than sure
Maybe you can go for it, but if you are not able to maintain your life at the same time, what are you doing? This don't go for it, because it's incredibly hearted, requires incredible amounts of time and effort, This incredible amounts luck, wowzer, don't get the rest of your life to just try to become a professional gamer. Look at this, Amanda, how old are you league? Can I join your deal like your night sittings? Ok, you're, twenty six! Ok, but you look like you maintain. I've got his eyes, he dies, but it's greater here, so how can we should worry coming out of those persons, a move for then the F success for the team, where disease sports from where you are now maybe I mean I know the big Socrates, big football teams in Europe have their own sports teams and when they mom boards. You wonder what kind of direction it takes, I'm your close to the ground. What's where's it headed ass. I M very glad. You said that, because I was going to mention, shall get yes elimination, calendars, Legatee, yes, shelter has,
How do you support scheme for many years now and they made a really good video, which I might be able to send you later, but pretty much they say in the video, is they are over ten million France and Germany, and these million faz are mostly at an adult age, and of these people are getting kids are already have kids or multiple kids, and these kids are not going up with football. The same way that you did your site or that dated saw if they're going to keep the family. Going into the future, they need to be on the media. Is that the current? creation and the platform that it can get away actually gonna see so that its unnatural decision for them to actually participate in exports and shock is literally showing their eastwards player on Football matches before the matches and in the brakes and showing them on the big screens and showing trailers and everything and trying to make I pretended so they're really going all in on it occur while in that
This is unbelieving. Thank you. I mean I'd is bright eyes. I had scepticism and I am pleased to say that you washed away very easily and although I still a very small knowledge. I am much better for having spent this time with you, so thank you so much and what you expect ornament it's gonna be any weak. Now like a where we're participating in pretty much anything that we can and everything that we can. But we just started up. We ve only had internet air and offers for like two weeks. Just very much in the starting face right now, I'm a girl up for you and your project, IRAN's phobias, and I think they got the right person in place. Your mother, you seem like a great coachman, so good luck to your body, nuclear Eco, Nikko coastguard. Thank you so much indeed, p of helix, a team. If you haven't heard of them before you have now, and I think we're all gonna be interested in following
waiting to take a break when we come back to Heather the Berlin and a trip inside the mind of any sport I should now be calling on wouldn't take that break the seashore well, I'm explained with science and again and of course we have with us new scientist doktor at the Berlin, if you're not familiar cognitive neuroscientist, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the guy can school of medicine at Mount Cyanide Doktor Berlin welcome back
thanks. Thanks robbing me how much is always all right. These sports, whereas Nikko the pico, was educated Us E sports athletes. Now, for me, with my very limited knowledge prior to speaking to Nikko, couch potatoes, niceties fingers The sums well did to control books, and that was it an he's just below that completely away and opened our minds to an ultra professional attitude, but that's one side now everybody, is an elite export athlete. So if we come back to the very basic of it and with your good self, what areas of the brain are being engaged by a competitive, professional sports game?
So the scene parts of the brain are gonna, be engaged when you're playing a game and also depends on the game right so depending on which game you're gonna have slightly different parts of the brain that are activated its not kind of a one size fits all, but let's say you have an amateur and professional both playing the same. Game you're gonna get the same parts of the brain matter that are activated usually also out of focus, attention were being able to shift attention. Break would be for one thing to another: having really fast fine motor movement. So your motor cortex is gonna, be really active, perhaps having some emotional suppression, a regulation because, for example, with your inner utterance combat game, a start getting really stressed, allocating get shot up. You're not gonna perform as well. So it's almost like other people, the military being able to stake, pool, calm and collected in various, hence situations and remain focused. So the parts of the brain and
forget the dorsal therapy for imports. Acts on the insular we know is involved, are gonna be active in both cases by professional athletes might do things that can even get them to be more effective in terms of the brain areas that are engaged when they're playing the game itself, maybe go how come home, dangerous or computer games when they purposefully building this dream linen heart right, boosting elements and through visual, an audio features, because I mean I've only played them many many years ago, and only very briefly, and it was very much like wolves, the heart right Serbia,
Rennie levels are high, you can feel it and since it, so, how do they do that? What does trigger off in the brain and does that then come to a dangerous levels very quickly? You saw me they're they're meant to stimulate work or to kind of trigger your emotion motion rash, assess whether silly gauge, Agnes, there's more rewarding aspect like when you can win points from gold or whatever it is, I'm worried they take up things away when you lose points were lives or what? But it's all men's, it's a kind of engage you emotional day and what we see there's some say where they actually just look at brain activation. Am people a magic just said we imagine a neutral sooner. Or a marriage in an aggressive scenario, and simply imagining on aggressive scenario, decreases activation in the overlook report points out in the very fond of the two final points out, so imagine
not now now, you're, actually Ewing, aggressive or illustrates a combat game on its actually deep is an innovation. Your people, affords us now how long effects it at last is unknown. So maybe right after they blades of grass game for hours, they might actually go out and do something aggressive. So it is triggering its triggering our emotions, but I think that those professional players probably have developed the skill to not be as affected by those emotional cues within the game, so they can stay again, pool calm and collected and respond adaptively. Rather than letting emotions trigger them are what is truly stressful, you know you down to one life and that people start messing up because of their stress. They probably can modulate out about how we spend recite. The truth is the human brain to that soon predicted,
reward scenario. Is it something that some people are able to naturally block or, as you just highlighted, the elite game as having I've got there, but through a process of hour after hour after hour? So it's a very myself so I see patients are they have it like internet game interjection or just simply as United Action or internet gambling addiction and their own of interrelated. We see that the same parts of the brain that are involved and addiction to drugs are involved in these behavioral addictions. Like internet gaming, see you get dopamine activation, you get cravings, you withdrawals symptoms, Annette it's the same girl, neural circuitry, that's involved so now, for instance, let's see took like a gambler professional poker player, it's over A fine line between are is it? Are they just a professional they're doing it as a living or is denied addiction and when it becomes usually went, becomes really? Does your mental, too
life. You know when you keep doing, even though you're losing or even though, let's AIDS gaming, you know you're doing at the cost of social life at the cost of making money and having a job or whatever it may be, and you just can't stop yourself, so the point that they would then addiction is that, despite the negative consequences, you still still need to do it and you can see the same thing happen: drugs, whereas these professionals, it's hard to say I would probably say that a proportion of them
Santa job than might have some addictive like eight years, but I assume, if there really skilled and really good and their doing things outside of the game, to train and their exercising and are having a social life. It you're really seriously. Just looking at this, I could job, maybe they're not turn out to be acknowledged. That network in the brain variables assets on our and there's also, people must have words active personalities that are more likely to get its act. It suits you mean than others. So you know with respect to that. The workers employed video games for twelve hours a day and a lot of it when you talk to them is because there is an online community and they establish relationships and it becomes the new playground. Now, when I was a kid and it was not going to go out and play twelve hours at the park with my friends
I will ride bikes, we're doing all this kind of stuff. So where is the line drawn between a just really want to spend time with my friends into this thing? I really love and hey I'm addicted to video games or sit, and and also are these videogame companies, though you know putting these games in these forums so that they can. They know that psychology, will you we are social creatures and we want to use you establish friendships, and so you want to be there and new youths. Gonna keep you therefore, twelve hours or first of all, there we do know from. There is actually a great documentary
forget any rip. It was about these dealing apps, but they talk to the people who create them, and they literally admitted that yes, we're using techniques that we know from psychology like when you have reinforcement schedules that are unpredictable, like things like that were actually trying to get people sort of addicted to want to want to use it the day to manipulate these things are accordingly, but the argument has been that wall there There are some positive aspects of this social interactions in these communities by what we are lacking. What we're losing is when they d they show that the more time kid spends online weather playing games or even if you know social costs
chat rooms or when everyone I call them there actually losing their ability to interact with people face to face they dont learning. Take they don't understand, I'm social cues day. They have much for communication skills when their face to face with a real human game, so they might be getting some aspects of like serve the social interaction online, but it's its there's something lacking and they're, not learning the skills that we ve spent. Many years of all thing to you don't have faced. The patients are actions which could mean that when they go out in the real world, they're gonna be at a disadvantage and so and they might have gone into their unfound that disadvantage. They immediately recoil back contrite comfort of the zone that just come out of the and that's when you see these people you know there was some guy who was a well founded this mass shooting. You know these these, these guys that really shocked
comes about arm. I think they were like a sexual. They weren't having sex overcome liberated themselves. The answers then sell you guys are forced into celibacy.
As they can't get laid because they don't know how to talk to a girl, and then I hate that anger and actually blame the girls with women and their hate for women being expressed in these tat reads: crazy, it's crazy! They haven't they have. These are mine communities that are like these echo chambers that are just making the problem worse because the more time their spending or that the lesser and the growing out and shrines, actually developed the social skills to learn how to let's say, pick up a girl. So I'm not at the extreme ends of things where you can see the things like that happening where you get your innocence with nearly but you're. Really. Actually not your lacking skills have realise interactions, so I think it's just another way in terms of gaining a just such people and keeps them their longer mean that's what these developers. Why me leave is very strategic, the ways not by accident other developing these games when somebody's injuries, interesting, because what we're talking about here is a massively nigger
if side of gaming there and what we did with Nikko, the PIC Onek, of course, God who is the head coach of the swiss exports? Tain right was understand from him how he demanded of his team balance how hard line must be involved with meditation mental strength, physical exercise, engagement and said we want you to have good grades. We want you to be involved We want you to have aspect and an understanding right, so it wasn't a very inshallah environment. It was that dive but see, however, as I said many a chosen few cold when it comes to being chosen to be brought onto a team for any sport. So there's a lot of people out. There was a hundred men a month playing league of Legends alone right. Well, I think it's that coach is Joe, it's really its narrow protected. We would call.
Right? So if you, we already know what the negative things that amateur there's even mention that substantial atrophy and Europe, as we know the negative impact so to counter that, if you want these people to be like sort of lead athletes exercise meditation, you know making sure they have time for social life. That's none of your nerve attacks. If that answer, to make sure that there are the top of their game and they're not getting the negative impacts, it's almost kind of like counter countering the negative potential negative impacts on the outer study. So that you do develops ruins goes against our attention and end switching attention very quickly and fine motor skills, but at the cost of maybe some other things like sustained long term attention on an end social skills developing them outside. But if you can, you can counter that by. Let's say you have a cold. She that most people don't have that right side and could be professional had leads, maybe are protected because there they had these other regimes outside when applying, whereas the average person does not
listen we're out of time. This is fascinating starve. Yet, as I gotta go, I gotta day when my virtual girlfriend we can't resist it, cannot be, cannot resist doktor here, the Berlin enlightening and a pleasure as always? Thank you so much for your insight in your time and year, thanks here, Chuck yeah came over here. That's it that's a baby. We actually we beat this game where the final level and an end it's done. Yeah I like it. We got all the coins, we got all the point. This is came over baby. That's it we're out of here. This is the best tool which happens, we're going out on top. That's it. You don't wait for the next incarnation of the game to come out. Maddened, twenty twenty five! That's how far ahead. We are baby. We're winners, ok, League Champions Area, champions right here we don't need a leg. Is this tool bars do of therapy is about that deal
deal with. Can I leave the basement now check as long as you press, those crumbs of that counts? Young man lives to assured right that this has been playing with signs, I've not being chuck nice, and I have not been Gary O Reilly. We look forward to your company very, very hopefully have enjoyed a sports The enlightenment of Meda is both at which you could listen. Star talk, commercial, free, joy, star talk on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio!
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