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#ICYMI - Extended Classic: Planet Soccer, with Neil deGrasse Tyson

2018-06-14 | 🔗
In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel… Re-visit Planet Soccer as we gear up for the 2018 FIFA World Cup with Chuck Nice, Gary O’Reilly, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and former NY Cosmos assistant coach and MLS All-Star Alecko Eskandarian. Now extended with physicist John Eric Goff telling us all about the new Telstar 18.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/extended-classic-planet-soccer-with-neil-degrasse-tysonPhoto Credit: XiXinXing/iStock

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode. Commercial free private science, I'm Gary O Reilly today show is planet. Soccer must, of course, will be with us as will be your own, very personal astrophysicist. Neil digress: Thyssen, major league suckers, Electro S, candour and form a U s: Man's international player and a fire and you're gonna love this doctor, who played phobia like Galaxy and the New York Cosmos better that away. To start the show, but just as a teacher, Let you know the aims we would be talking to a very good friend, professor, Eric Gotham Lynchburg College in Virginia, who has become a bit of a world exports export. Yes, expert even on the added ass tell STAR eighteen ball, which will be used in the World CUP in Russia. Year. So still
for that. I know he has tested it thoroughly, prison the wind tunnel written a paper and there isn't any he doesn't know about. It said that now I hope he does know everything get on with a show. Shall we stick around the instrument, be brilliant. I, on the other, Ass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, the startup network, is pleased to present to you a view show where the universe dense, and now I am so nice I like, and we are the host of playing with science ready for it
the day before his eyes, still gaze onto planet suck, the science and technology and in particular the new text that has come. Play a might well be over the horizon in the coming years and who better to break? for with the science and check. If the Tec is up to snuff, then our very own personal astrophysicist doktor meal, grass Thyssen Krupp, just just to be clear like most Perkins, I'm less fluent in soccer than I am with others So my role in this conversation will be as someone who is fluent in physics. Well, that's why you're here look at first,
I'm deflecting all soccer questions specific Zagreb, too, their guests, and, speaking of that other gas, we have with us loading up the professional viewpoint, former: U S men's national team player and coach at the New York Cosmos. Go: ask em dairy tribunal, pleasure and a lack of Libya compliment you on working for team that has the main cosmos I really would like an interesting histories. Father played from New York Cosmos back in the day with Pele, Nay skins, back about HU. I will bow down on my knees in front of football royalty and I are the gods of the games, so envious you, father or lack of an election is now working. Also with major league soccer also need got quite an import role to play in the future of Zog. What you say is likely to the rear of the flunkey of the family
It's always saying that, because you know that he's gonna have to punch me to get to you get us out of here thanks figuration onstage here so insulated. Continuing with the celestial seem we'll take an echo back to his day. At the illegality. Oh well, thank you and then one David Beckham with everybody in this room. Those David Beckham, everybody outside. It is right for the Galaxy Ready, if so, the cosmos and the galaxy I'm in the right place. You all you see, you outcome is of no red ball here. Whenever owner, I say you, no formal suffered a new, letting all right. So for those of us who are familiar with David Beckham, we no kind of the story, but there's one in the room. He who knows exactly what it's like to play to trying to work with by thinking
Why why do you have to embarrass me big, that's just the latter had not happened right, but we'll get to elect about joint of with echo sooner for checks. We set up a clip. Yes, we can of Becum am bending it like back on. It was very cool to go back and find a clip of his first goal with the galaxy which was on a freak kick and I think, a wall of six players in front of them and and he actually did his signature bendy like back home. Signature yet assure point it was definitely signature because within any budget, so we take a lesson that yeah.
So anyone who doesn't know best almost ninety nine point- nine percent centimeter whitefoot it inside the right, both freaky gonna, go come right and left, but that is much science is, I know, and I gotta tell you what's when you look at that goal- is exactly what you that's preamble. You know and everybody As you know, we have to professional soccer players here today, because Gary O Reilly is also a warmer soccer or footballer
because he played in Crystal Palace and tighten ham right. Yes, and at tat time tat I M is varied. Radiating essay doesn't sounds a glamour is applied, pronounced with what we do in that. But, yes, we have to professional soccer players here, and that is why Gary was able to point out fact they're just by listening, that you could tell you exactly had about which I watched the play. That is exactly how, but what was so I'm not just standing about it. Is the amount of curve that he was able to? On the bar, I mean if this were mutually baseball, he would have immediately been ejected from the game. That's how much curve was,
on the subject of an illegal amount, occur. Yes, it was in the air it is, can you bring putting vaseline neighbouring the signs to want Becum is doing and able to achieve what? What's curies, I'm curious about a couple of things to curveball is just too spinet while its airborne. So, of course you want to be accurate. Precise, as you do this, so you need to know what you're doing know, how to aim at how much to curve it not no not to take it to slow or the faster, because all of these factors influence how far it will go at how much it will curve. So, presumably he's done a lot of homework. That is in the case of it an elite athlete alot of practicing on exactly what that kick would do Now what got me is here's the gully stay in the middle of the goal and watches the ball just sail off was right into the net. Almost like a tennis ace where he's not even diving fright, he was complete, taken completely,
The oft off and what makes the curve so I don't speak for the pros here, but if the ball is curving, it means- You think it's coming towards you, but it's not so You're ready to sort of extends your arms to punch it out of the way, but They just sales to your right. You ve taken completely off guard, and I just by now all goes we're just the right side of the Gulf of Aden when you aims left ended up? Maybe so so what happens? If you, if you pick it with a spin sort of there's something in physics. Call the right hand, rule the right hand. Will yes, it is the right hand rule it's, not what you think interact. Ok, I hope you're taking notes, see me on those me too. Well, I'm not sure. Yes, so the right here role is if you use your right hand and you curl your fingers in the direction. The thing is spinning. Ok, ok and then your thumb points to the North pole. Of that
check out. North poles are uniquely unambiguously definable in space out across the universe and in all physics. Okay, so if you click the boss in such a way that spinning with your right main role with your thumb up. Okay, then the aerodynamic on the ball, because the right side of the ball is now going against the air. And they left side of the ball is moving with the air as it goes through. Okay, so so the forces are gonna, be for an on each side of the ball. For that simple reason now it turns out this cynical Magnus effect, which is a lot written about it, and so at the risk of making more complicated than necessary? Now, please, do not yes,
rolling out you guys complicated, I mean thrown a little calculus. Why so gift the texture on the ball? If a ball surface is not perfectly smooth, ok, then what will happen? Is the texture on the ball? Will break The air flow along the surface of the ball. Can ok in such a way it will reduce what would otherwise be sort of a partial vacuum there through open, reduce that I don't know you lost me because said, while creating more slightly more was angry, exactly so watch what happens so so all all balls that we play with a caring, perfect professional. You got me back you uttered area professionally. Have some kind of texture ought to be the Gulf balls or in basketball, wrinkles, good or or any they all have some kind of texture when they spin they will break up what would
The wise we are very smooth flow around the the the contact edge. Of a between the air in the bar. So now so watch what happens. So you break this up on the part of spinning into the wind. Ok, ok, it breaks it up very effectively. The side is spinning back. Would you with the wind, has a lower airspeed against the window? You got nothing like it up as much all the disruption. Actually reduces the airspeed on the bat sigh. Yes on the backside. That gives you a lesson Russian right more vacuum, actually more of a of pulling for yeah set out, that's why they say so on that side is is actually pulling and, on the other side is hosting. So so you once you spin the ball. That's it then there's an air force that will push on the ball at risk. Angles to its motion at all times cookies are as occurs it. It keeps current right. That's it'll, just be careful because that
we're changes rotation their rotations would have any so so so as the direction changes right so does the direction. That is great. So that's why, when you see these curves, it's like, you go in right, keeps curbed and right, that's cool, and so that boy All that we saw that that was that the within see, if we heard vast radio, this Israel's Para imagination, let's say you. We were in an abyss where there is atmosphere that more would just keep no matter what accept gravities pointed to the grand right so evident, curved enabled core like really hit the ground before comes around a hit. You back in your face. Brightened, ok, we'll have a lack of. If you knew all of this, will you ever been a bowl? Would you have bothered, or would you so another question to put on top of that government is physics
Why is he the only one in anyone talks about bend in the ball sets that's a good point. It is, in my opinion, everyone everyone crucible write about I will see with what they back when he's not the only one the world there's plenty of talented freaked, specialist martyrs noticed, Buller or famous, as as David, his breath, anthem, horror better, like India, which is probably the case that has really what a separate, maybe a spice girl element in there as well for moving all asked Yan, while using me, I didn't know you look at me like. I should know that national physicists people should know that the editor well sees a star. Ok, a lot of. It is the shape of your foot tube is your remit. For example, I have a very powerful shot and when I please
is so yourself. Walter will also mean the Bobo's fast me. I was able to generate more power, my shot than than anywhere in league with us by nice, but I think a little harder than ever a very wide foot. Very very why so. I feel, like I had known of facts, back to some, but I feel like I have a base that my sweet spot is This may be bigger than someone else's interest, whereas with David I don't know what to say to clarify that, so you can have we'd spot, but if you're sweet spot, doesn't it sweet spot is not going anywhere, you ve ever wise, we spot your margin of error is larger, so oh right. If you're running in the balls move in and someone is, is bumping into you, you will have a higher likelihood of making a powerful kick under press. So what are you saying? Your powerful kid comes from and tell me the difference. Please is your powerful kid a free kick or is that a powerful kid while you're in motion, for example, does not mean, and it's not just the ship
obviously its course and I ratio between quadriceps hamstring salutes the outcome in the length of the lever. Sometimes did you have along a high along back, lift or short back with tobacco is very short. So when you go to kick, the motion of the heel backwards from both. Sometimes you find guys. I had a very quick release which made it difficult for the vote, which is quite strange because I played with one guy Tottenham whose backlit was minimal and the power that he import into the boys not whoa there s also confusing for globally to exactly because the reaction time for the goal keys at much less like a pitcher and it really wind up to hit to kick it and you dont wind up annually, and it goes faster than they would have to re, examine this time for their goalkeeper to react. So now, because I've never play soccer Here's! What I want to know you talked about. You know that the part of your foot that you kick it with.
I've had a surgically altered. It looks as though, when you see guys you know why do what soccer a lot of times it looks like their kicking it with the side of their fled their instep at their instep, as opposed to that of their foot. So what happens in poultry you can ask is for me, what is the difference when you kick with the top of your foot as opposed to your in Ok, so the thing would Neil was saying about how you know you ve got a guy bar. You ve got someone running you down or you got a narrow opportunity, but you see the goal. A lack of will talk to this cause, you're a strike, a right up, sir. You are in June and intuitive balance. You know you need to dial up technique so goes through the techniques that you would use and the different possible for you. They used to execute the absolute during a matter in the flow of a game there is. There is different techniques you're going to implement the penny on what you wanna achieve out of it. So
along pass? I see you can't use the inside of my foot to get a ball from here forty yards down in the air lock it. So it's a different technical use. My instead gotta get only More gets more distance on a more power on it. It'll probably been Baxter as well whereas if I'm gonna take a shot, I want to pay right through it. I want to keep a lower, I'm not even worried about. I'm more it more consumer by keeping it low and on frame, because I'm a target if I have a barrier for myself that cameras in front of me and I have a teammate, that's making run behind. I have to now decide ok which way is that defend we're gonna be moving? Which way do I want a curve it around them to be in the path of my team, save my teammates running this way left right left. Right across Europe, and I want to play a ball in front of him, but there's a bearing the way I'm gonna wanna curve. It maybe outside my foot so gets right,
our own survival, actually come back in his pack were at it's not too far or to two different than basketball. You know when you see James, sometimes even put spends on his on the balanced pass exact areas, bounds, pursuits, Jason kid was the guy that was phenomena. One, important point here: the basketball, Jenny really is not traveling fast enough through the air for this effect to matter? Yes in its airborne trajectory right, whereas in soccer a kick goes fifty miles an hour, and so it turns what I did, but it should a left. What I should have exited then bit about what you do things that matter for how much it's gonna curve. But what is the ball way? What is
density of the air that you're playing in a campaign of the world s eyes were different games at different. One was a sea level. One was higher than in South Africa. Women was at two thousand and ten ten, so so the theatre air sensibly will have less effect on pushing the ball than thicker erewhile workers as the air. This pushing the ball. So it's the thickness of the euro, the air pressure, the weight of the ball. How fast to kick the ball gossip and also how high the how long the ball stays era, because then it'll, it has more time to curve right. So, if you keep the ball lull, it's gonna drop to hang around ground before it does. What is worth anything interesting and part of the curving is not just to fool the gully at the risk of state the obvious you have a wall said in front of you, write it and how far away or that you set me up to ten yards so allegedly so. The gospel sprang up and I never see a liner out. So I looked at the angles on that and they try to cut off your angle,
to the go right by where they stand if you even curve it where they stand, is irrelevant gotcha. To put it around and they'll jump, there's no different ways, but they jump. You work they jump you think of an average of sideways the good job up. Not, but the other thing is, you know, I don't think we have to strike a pull down when you struggle to get some curvature on it. It depends how much longer can testify to this? How much of the ball you actually meet with the instant when you thought, if you want to call it a little bit or a lot if you're going for power anyway, look we're gonna, take a break You know when we come back also glad the tube brought this out. Cuz actually have some balls that I actually went to a storm and thank you for clarifying decline, five years, and I want you guys to take a look at him and then maybe breakdowns
little bit more of what we're talking about in terms of how these boys might react. Yes, we can take a break our seas shortly this summer, there's a huge soccer tournament. Maybe you ve heard of it. Unfortunately, the United States men's team didn't make it, but Iceland did Rikiu. Barca is recruiting you to be an honorary iceland and cheer for Iceland this summer, Iceland is the smallest nation to ever qualify and they also take the field and red white and blue. It's a perfect match when you cheer for Iceland, you, to do the Icelandic Viking chat. It's easy follow me!
a guy come on. You know you what to do that and most importantly, Iceland makes delicious rikiu vodka perfect for celebrating any victory, go to rake dot com to get team Iceland Gear and find a viewing party mere you, that's Raker, R E. Why K a dot com, we'll fan, strict responsibly, wreak havoc of forty percent by volume, eighty proof distilled from grain, copyright, twenty eighteen, William grandsons, New York, New York, welcome back to playing with science, where we today look at the beautiful game Sancho for both call it what you wish and the signs the technology the technology of now and in parts to come,
knowledge that will be available and coming to a game knew you very soon write a letter. You have the brand new, tell STAR eighteen ball in your hands or similar to the one that was gonna pressing galaxy and now tells communication satellite. But this is test our eighteen. Ok, that's right how they would it not be original? Tell STAR Eddie, that's tell style. Ball was for Mexico, nineteen, seventy, the black and white accidents, the cat, We all have in Mamma, said this. The new version there and what do you notice? Don't miss Round otherwise under Zebedee upset with you, a different contour when you feel it a verifiable, but there are some accuracy Howard. I so I'm gonna give you this one, which is another adding their support for those of you listening in black and white, its green and black right over there. Thank you kindly. What are you first noticed architectural when you pick and hold them both.
While this is the I'm holding the ball, that sort most familiar to people, it's a communist no extra guns and an intermittent Pentagon. To finish out the stitches. And so if you see this be, would obviously just say: that's a soccer ball. Yet here in Amerika other stitching Jude, wonder what game is that for so the surface of this because of the stitching. It is part of this. The surface contradict contouring of the ball that enables it to break up the air that goes across it and without the stitching, by the way, if a bull perfectly smooth? Here's the kicker, no pun intended. Wasn't our earth please move without disrupting the boundary layer of air, the maddest effect changes, mathematical sign and the Balkans in the opposite direction. So this is a smooth serve. This is smooth, but these these stitching here is is enough to, but
it would because it serves a smoother, would reduce the Magnus effect by a corresponding amount compared with us. Boy that has a muddled surface. For example, okay, so back into ten. In South Africa we had the Jew Bologna Ball, which was hated by goalkeeper loved by because, like Aleppo, because it became at a certain speed, a knuckle ball of things. I would do all sorts of stuff that nobody quite could define, and it was more. The surface was smooth that now, I'm gonna give you this tell STAR eighteen, which you will come it because of its name, I know swap the sun were swapping. Just just tell me: ok, so just a point about the your smooth bought so what happens? There is a few kick the ball basically without and so a knock a ball and baseball Isabel thrown without spin, and when it does not have a spin, then it's no longer spin stabilized and what what that means, as it is at theme.
C of any gust of wind that blows by and in the case of a soccer ball. Yes, that's also the case, but unlike a baseball soccer ball have hours, which change the centre of Mass of the ball and soaks. I bet some pickers are aware of this and will place the ball relative to where the The the air valve is getting because out. That's an asymmetric point of the ball. So in a novel, the ball. Sorry in a non spinning soccer, kick yes, Muckle Ball! Equipped it don't look alongside a parasite? Granddaughters, not your novels. Tell knuckles so wished what's happening. Is the ball will move according to its own centre of mass, but this structure the ball is not centred on its centre.
Because it's a little more mass to one's organizing, because its asymmetric is asymmetric guys. So in other words, the ball will sort of way in a sense, even though it is keeping its own set of mass on a straight line. Right, ok, cause that's how the physics works, but the site, because the ball itself It's not even it'll it'll work as it goes through the air and so that a mess with the gully shirts are those of you familiar with the Cristiano Ronaldo freak. If it goes up down left right all in the same breath. What he's doing is playing with the science, Coming tended by the way me saying that is, he will kick through the aperture. That's on the board, the defamation right through is then what plays and that's what go, keeps a sit me looking at ways of frozen goalkeeper coil from thinking. Well, its role of advice by dive, left royal stands what advice than you could see us as soon as they pick up the bother they're looking for that little nozzle. That's a definite answer! Now I predict based on this, but this is a start.
Ball by the way of this ok stitching, as it has more stitching than your classic extra gone Pentagon ball. Although it's only got six panels, I don't care. No, if you think it's forget the panels on talk about how many places is their stitching, you wear a perfect sphere, dimples, because their stitching there, this way more stitching that I can see on this ball way more segment, where there are surrounded by this and the surfaces smooth its texture, oh my gosh, you wanna talk about banned it like becum this, Ben double ball. I predict in the next tournament their features this ball. The balls gonna look like a like a whistle ball.
In a hurricane applied by data be go, keep back all. He was again that this point is a goal. Keepers, nightmare disappear, goalkeeper, nightmare for sure, but unless the kicker have time to practice their normal spin. They would put that they ve train that would aim and land in a particular place could go completely wild. That's Then, with a jubilantly bother you mentioned, there are a lot of shots. I we're goin twenty yards over the gorgeous because it was, it was difficult for free. You didn't get the curve that they wanted not always sometimes a nerve, bending left and right to pay any left or right put it or on what side of the boy you kick it. That's sideways, bending you can bandit top down with it have backs been our top spent correct, so tops mineral die, quick a blacksmith. It'll sustain its tradition, reed wider than what your brain sense tells,
gravity should do so. It's not really rising like the right, well, well, correct, etc. It's got it correct. So is falling lacking baseball to you. Might you know me? analogies air with America. I'm here the rising fastball that people talk about. If you look at the side and now at an hour set of it, it actually doesn't rise at all, just as a fall as fast as your brain thinks it should. So. You feel, as the batter like is rising, and so at same would be true with with the soccer ball. So so I will look forward to what kind of Sakharov played with that with that'll, be a fan. Favorite ball Fisher, it's loaded to the strikers and use a strike, a how long it will take you or you think some of the World CUP stars to How to work that ball out where the sweet spot is where they want to work it, how they can pass it distance. Thirty out twenty
us ten yards and strike a go? How long do you think it'll take Lothar The good I would say I did your day bureau had two days we never would be applicable out about now. Within a couple. Training sessions is usually politics. That's easy teams try to get these, then you know if you're gonna play a match and you're gonna play with a bow stiffened than the one you train with guys. I'm always try to request alleys two days before the manager awaited in UK. I think that if this ball, when, if you got a headache for distance, I sixty yards fifty yards plus- and this ball starts to change its flight path and become unpredictable teams. Will change the way they play. They will not play longer diagram of parties. The game will become shorter and therefore quicker. They will adapt to the ball, because, by the way the board won't be changing. They'll have to change their style to accommodate what that, and is that the roughest texture boy of it
It might be the remnant I've seen it feels like what were we, we analogy not quite like the dimpling on a basketball, but it's like ridges it's. It's got a texture out on its rougher, though rougher than that while normally is presumed houses had attached to it as well, but it had a way you ve kind of pan. If you get this up close, you will see. It's got that texture to it, but it is now There's no waving the patent, so that must there's no way as these boys get tested at NASA.
There's no way these put that I will just go straight this year and will not work in fact waterway that you're not that way. As this really tested at NASA, capsule moodily there are tested it. I went on olives and yeah. We got this I'll get further discussed there. I might find a better use from my tax dollars. I think I d done will have people, people will have died for their so so good hands. Now there are now that I'm looking more closely at this. There are two pair, apparently one panel like a strike, the stripes the go around. I it's equator and above the pole and another one around the pulses separated by ninety degrees and in there are eight triangles. So I'm curious if the figures be able to find a way to spin the bomb such that how o panels are operating hence the air rather than some other dimension on the saddle just be so. I'm telling you Your couch
I was. I was more evident way the secret going to come out. I just tell you not to play, and I can tell you that the ball spins along with these parallel panels, people curve differently than if it but I have to tell me that right now, the guy I gonna work this out. And if you gonna knock abolish it watch out where the valve is and then make that work to your advantage, so very cool, I can't wait. Watch real food poisoning, we have if we will look at citing World ACT. That way this our excellent before we take a break liquor, your favorite bit of time ology, does come into the game since you became a coach, be stops after you finish playing which, with their effect, your management of yeah, yeah gps. Oh sure, immoderate he tracking, where it we, the players,
This is in doing a governess visit. My jp said you should be the stated as a coach. If you go measure how hard someone's working that's, that's just gives you added incentive to yellow now why the love the data they now have on how far they run in a game. That is that it also Jp Us thing or to some yeah. Ok. I love that Three hurry, monitors and gps year, able alleys manner he's here. You know that here in the: U S, you can you enamel ass? You used that in game. Major. We soccer make anything. Yes, so in european leagues, you're not allowed to use that, because if I think my mid filled, my sentiments The populace pick on them isn't working is hard and that's instrumental to my game plan. I can see on the data that that's the case. If if the Mama my eyes might be telling me one thing, but the data confirms their or denies. That said, that's that's something! That's Annette! bonus here in the? U s that we don't have another european leagues, why don't you haven't elsewhere? I think that they want to take away
fact that you could have really accurate, always acknowledged they. Have they don't know that entire technology they just? I just think that no king to use it in game, but I think it will becoming so so simple. Just a really efficient player, exactly measures just get my arm rate, isn't exactly how work just as hard as anybody else. I just make it look as we have all gonna come around to chase down by. They are when they got to me that there is evidence guys working toward pay out. Did you running this much for no reason without thinking, so there's a fine balance? That's where soccer iq comes into play. Where you can't just based on numbers, it's more of reaffirm it's not what you already thinking. I argue that sick. I liked the yes so soccer menu with soccer iq. We will take an irregular, am it'll, be doing question as equals and during the rifle com, but I can say with which one of us doesn't have the best soccer.
A q and holding my hand up right now, right, we'll take that show practices by outsiders and we'll go back, show greater and we might have a special visits above sounds about yes, hey start up, bands start what you're doing and repeat. After me, Our universe is filled with secrets and mysteries, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers, as the very fabric of
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and technology in the beautiful game so near you gotta question burning in sign of told me his earnings, yes, go direct words. What's up with you, people said reinvent the ball. Every four years, What is and what does it? Even me? It s a very good question beyond Zimbabwe and to get a lot over a very long time ago. Europe, everybody go: hey we're gone with nerve, this nerve, biomaterial, american football right right or baseball is unable to come up with some others shape more states is on that. That would be crazy in any other score wise it just the thing you guys do, I don't know I don't know the exact answer, but I think things rose improvement, you'll get jerseys, for example, jerseys twenty years, You are the same as they are now and with the ball as well. I think they're mine improvements that are made random, so just dreamt it one night that I don't. I don't know that their improvements
more than just simply like changes then approve any one else want to sing along with me must be the money our I've got. Some progress gun a gut you you know. What carry you are absolutely right here is why I just went shopping for soccer ball, and I can't tell you the wall of different soccer balls that I had to go now. The gate in orders it out like buying Jello in the store. Yes every flavour yet, and so there was dead method ball. Yet there is a World cup training suck all, and there are worse they. I forget, the other one. That's all guys? It's an email s ball, but it looks like jubilantly, but its unsteady, like the for it.
We got like too little curvy Pavel now, you're, absolutely right! It's a bit mates! That's ok! So you touched on jerseys what about the future of jerseys wedding, think it could go. Then are we just want clothing here? Yes, uniform that loathing what a soccer players uniform could be lying, in a similar way. Do not come because I dont and I'm uninitiated how have how have jerseys chain? Ok, go back many many years, an imagined me as a small child which was so determined clothing here. Yet that's what I thought. We'd harbour, like we're talking soccer, uniform, heavy cotton, you sweat and run around, and it becomes three pounds heavier if you're lucky, then you go through some unrealistic that poundage was in your body to begin with, so you carrying out wait around at the beginning that I have announced on the outside, but I'm in either case. You way that much before it's gonna be clear that what income from space, ok
when I walked out on the field at the beginning of yours, you have these three pounds on me. Let me get rid of it knows: it's raining framing the ray I just can't they tell us now. I really just pretend you're just say right, run around a sweaters at all now occurring around this every thing because its wet, but the truth is that it is a key it's so you go through nylon and synthetic fibres, and now you get fabric lotteries synthetic this I know, but then you get synthetic subjects that are able to develop recent weeks away, the sweat that you once side inside that's now outside the best thing. That might think if you hear something MR whipping so now, where are we headed? Where do you think jerseys will go and will constitute a pick up some threads right now we're talking a bit about the whole gps and hurry honour that animal peace at the most guys are wearing devices almost like sports Praus and ever hooked up. If you, if you watch
a match right now, if you see guys who have almost a little device taken out from like Backer Knacker their spine, there is large yes, devices nuts are signs of a cell phone. You can imagine that they're saying now. If you're going to get the the coming forth of intelligent fibre. Nanotechnology we're all of that sort of cell phone size equipment stuck between you, shoulda blades. Is be minimalist into the fabric, also, while you're watching your retain their uniformly change. Color. Imagine that they have a shirt sponsor right, some of the most expensive, real estate in the world would be real Madrid, Barcelona, the big guys imagine if they could changes where are they We have that and believe me, that's gonna happen not just in this report that is most uniquely suited to have that happen is of course soccer. What will happen? Is it's gonna,
like NASCAR? So you know how I'm NASCAR, you have all these different medallions on the car so, though, have banned across the shirt and that band will change advertisements. During the game. So if you ever wondered what it's like to be lino messy Cristiano outer Alexa they'll be cameras in the Jersey, the fibers like fiber optics. They will be that now the tv color like a cloud- you don't put your shorts one inside out. So this is this is not really work as well as a family or camera. So you can imagine, as if care, important role, you can die lot which player when the cameras
What oh, you might have other options where you can have chalked where we shorts inside out it just depends very complain of getting a game via the technology of the Jersey. Absolutely right now. I know I see why we're talking about clothing. Thank you. So would you will look players embrace this problem not to So do I, do they have a choice. Do they have a choice? We will become so sponsors and all eyes are not, but at a day as a player you wanna be as light as possible when you're out there in various things might mean, if you think about it, a camera on the side of the field or in the stadium very different. This is fibre up but even even if it's two ounces players or for use as an excuse to that's. Why can make that I think, you'll jerseys. What's this thing they want to feel and take off the shirt like. What is that oh, be taken out of my certain frozen food said another shop right, wouldn't reiterating what what's up with that.
The trade injuries is real amount of ago when you meet a historical links up with the other celebration. That's that's. You re at a yellow card that I'm so but to get a yellow card. I will now run around with my shirt off Zodiac car defense. He absolutely really that's a cheap way to get one only recently Y know, even if you look like Cristiani so the Enzo dance you're not supposed to do that in the american policy might said they changed that now, where are you now? They ve encourage the ends on dance as long as it is in its haunting pushes only you, you can't get the whole kick line going right Actually, you can barely territories that ruled this year. Ok, so we got that we get the teller metric Day, ten girls, don't campsite gecko, eliminated this goes do not happen a lot and soccer dammit. If a guy wants to take off his shirt
Do anything you want to take off every was the waivers previous epigram do often do cause. That's. Why? I'm sorry, I'm sorry I know I know I wanted that camera inside so talk over the parental guy. So when we get to the teller metric, somebody have these latter days agenda. My head now think hard, so shouldn't behalf. So what are you looking for? What what are the telling that mean most to you as a coachman read it. Saying: hey like this. What what real? It is the most important factors, I think, as a coach thought, the one thing we were told at the future yeah injury prevention that Some EU is the biggest thing and that's why I see technology going that's what This data is used for not some atop clubs in Europe. They, honor down, Sir the distance were the the toll on the body in that's what determines whether Harry
the sky, a break. Next, we do have the red flag. Another thing: yeah, yeah yeah. Another three games in at this toll on his body in Africa. Why would they conjured finches gown ass? I went to take you out right. What's going to put you back in the protests, are so difficult to cause, there's something different variables, because not any two games are alike because the score too just how much in put your point, on the field, the condition change the surface changes, so you know if it's a great, feel that doesn't hold the water well and it's raining now after a game, you feel like you, two notches, that, even though you just played one so there's a lot of different things that go into it and I've been collecting. All this data will help prevent in talks on Wednesday. The injury acting lessons
there was a lot of amendments. If love one another, ok, no, so nobody had to go there now, that's findings. Whoever has tell STAR eighteen that has been constructed to benefit strikers. Therefore, fever governing the world governing body are looking to get advantage in or at the feet. I should say of the strikers. Now they won't like a flopping aspect of it. So if you flop dramatically and fail to get an Oscar but should have got him all right. What means for full get ain't I injuring yet simulation as it will be called, don't be surprised if players get three going bans three game bans do it now, you see whoever you are just go draconian, a very hard on means of her, so that a league sure if you're of young people are flopping Dan the three games suspension its leg. Bear yes? Oh! I thought this is a new thing aware on Europe S wrist, ban,
and banned if not three game ban. Thank those are what some place right now and in our legal. Nonetheless. Yes, there's just our committee, where they review all these places of some fashion, embellishment and theirs. The circulation of girls. You can call. It hasn't, because there's a lot of others there's a big difference that most people that haven't played percent. There's never stream selling file that you ve been filed, reverses completely faking it, and you have touched in year, China, I will do so. I guess it would use like what instant replay, because I think this little dangerous- I mean if, if, if you were a fouled, even though you're selling that I made, if there were, an offence. You should be able to be had that credit it so there Agnes buying the right, and that happens in every support I mean I don't care what it is. Every human reveries human- you see it happen all the time, so I'm just saying like how would you go about How can we re? I can fix that operates
reveries human. We we have always yet everyone has heard of Google Specks right, Google specks levels back. I haven't Google glass, your college if the referees views and broken incident is obscured. Imagine he's got this very clever. I whereon, the dial up immediately, an instant instant, replace you called it chuck incidence of that of that same instant from another angle. That is very clear. Would you be happy with that I'm going to find you can't hide and if there are absolutely no in us, you were seen the implementation of video review now. But that's where the game is headed is human error, whether it's the reference is roughly the lines when that's There are three winning a losing a game, so if you can help avoid, errors made in and video can come into play think everyone is is all for as long as it's implemented properly because they had their theirs human operating
machinery reduces attitude, does it as things are so subjective, were you know I've? If I see there could weaken could you get a new ball? We both played and there could be just whatever goes down the box- and I would a penalty might say: no, it's not a penalty, so there's always going that opinions, but at least with video review every that it eliminates the doubt. Could it be that, unlike some sports, such as baseball, which is still using wood and leather and pint, ah and it's one of the least touch sports by technology that sir, because you get a new ball every four years and the rules are too whatever anybody thinks up to make the boy that guy that you might be ripe for a complete technological revolution in the sport, Gabby cool
I can't see a complete technology revolution and we ve got. We now have goal and technology where the goal is in a day, It would seem camera answers and things. Ok, I'm wrangles that both would such high speed. I've read some about five hundred frames. A second arioch these like really can play my head really, but that is definitive. That's within about two or three millimetres, accuracy: okay, so that that's happening that that's the whole point of this knowledge. We are if you have that many frames per second and each frame essentially the ball in MID air yarn and have lower frame rate, it doesn't stop the ball. Those blurred and, if you're, trying to decide whether something cross the line or doesn't and you have an image of a if blurred image of the ball. You cannot adjudicate that with precision, so you need a high frame. Thank you what I just! No, no don't! Let's boot, that's beautiful! Because now I understand exactly why there five
the frames a second and what the outcome in the early you need to know in the early days or tennis, before your high frame rate replace the Tennessee? One hundred and four minutes are thirty miles, so the boy comes out comes bounces so fast, and they the show that in slow motion and the whole bounces a blur, everything is and here is really can we, but without that we would never had John Mcenroe. Yes, our technology gets rid of a whole behaviour, Echo is there's something that you would like to see: a change in the game for positive, for both France and for players. Just preventative whatever they want to work. That I think I think every that plays the game, their watches game, they they want enjoy watching it. So you can alone look. We talked about the the diving or the bad guys. The things that people get so infuriated do it. I would be all for that, but the same time I do
do enjoy the human aspect of it. I do enjoy that there's gonna be curveball throne the way that you have to deal with it ass, measured, no time out and how his flowing once they got rid of the in they put in Ty tie rule, I had that been going. Where you have the is swept off kicks. Shoot out. One million tonnes of ornamental stare o illegally attire styles, and the answer was that we're gonna ask is because, of course, hockey they had a similar. Hello Scoring Games Tiger. I have to say that it is in their invoked. Shoot out was at generally welcomed or not. So I think in soccer and again I grew up in US her family, some and probably a soccer purist. You appreciate a tie if you're against a tough team on the road and you get down and you put a solid effort telling can't underground feature, and they don't be you that's a well deserved the wind. That is why soccer is not as possible.
In America because we are like you did now with the logic another way, the cultures that lie, but we're logic. This headline ever was when they enter the I'll start game in a tie and was it the new posts. This it there's no tying in so. The logic is we didn't who's, the game. We lost the penalty shootout and that's how coach, put its house, Spain to keep the morale of the team unit together, upheld shouts of appoint us today, well known, there is scientists, but that's The show
a whole new show, guys that say it for us to play with signs. Thank you to our audience being fabulous. You guys. Thank you to elect Co S. Can therein Neil digress. Thyssen good doctor knew the grass Thyssen, of course, from very rightly myself and trot a nice big plan with size or to accompany for more episodes of playing with science and for our other shows start talk, radio and start talk. All stars, please find so in stature how can we explain the signs and upon itself a special and, as promised the voters segment beginning to show, with the professor Eric Gulf from Interpol College Virginia
professor, you have become I've, decided a world experts in the added ass ten star, eighteen ball, because announcing any else's investigated as thoroughly as you. So how things going with that to progressing or of you concluded. We had our paper published on the Tell STAR eighteen comparison to Brazil, Russia and we ve been answering a lot of media inquiries about the ball and I should point out, as of the first of July, Lynchburg Color It has been renamed University of Lynchburg, so will be using a different moniker from from IRAN out. This means I have to salute. If you like, Much is true. Do that make it even more formal, Let's, ignore what has happened in the last week or so. Some rather call no doubt NEA added ass marketing machine sent a tell star eighteen ball up to the cosmonauts in space in space station,
and let them have a go. What on earth in terms of physics happens in space, as opposed to here on earth? Yeah I mean what what not on earth right so that the space station footage was fascinating and even if you're gonna be a scientist you gotta love to play, I mean that's a pre record to being a good scientist? And you know there's always this. What you know, if you ever had the question, what would it be like to kick a sick soccer ball? Why your orbiting the earth, if you get to answer that you're you're, doing good science so Cuba is today on a tie, ass, fer for actually pulling. It often fail me for us so going back to the World CUP. Let's go back to the basics in terms of procedure. We are looking at eight completely different.
Telstar, eighteen, not just in, but in the number panels, the way that they are assembled Excetera Excetera. So if you, you could break that there to ideal so bazooka holding one here in my hand, was used in twenty fourteen in Brazil and it had six panels and it had these very nice circuitous groups apes, that held the panel's together through thermal bonding, and it was a much improved ball over the twenty ten ball that way used in South Africa. The Java Lonnie much hated, I believe, is because nobody eyes. I was alone in pride, of a kind of poor Java Lahti, but you I was a bit was a pretty pathetic ball, but the Brazil was a mass improvement and when you reduce the number of panels on a ball, you run the risk of becoming to smooth so with the eight pounds on job Miladi. When you go to presume it has to fewer panels, will they made up for that by having the seams
Much more circuitous shapes around the ball and this total seem linked with sick the eight percent longer than it was on Java Lonnie, so that added the roughness to the boy. All and what it did was it pushed the drag crisis to a lower speed. The big problem with the Java Lahti was it had its drag crisis right in the middle of where corner kicks and free kicks or are made and drag crisis where the flow and the All changes from this turbulent flowed. Lameter flow is your slowing it down and caused the drag forested to rocket upwards, the Brazil I didn't have that problem and the tell store eighteen also has six panels It is a very different topology. The panels have very different shapes and in fact, for this particular ball. The total same length here is actually thirty percent longer than it is on Brazil, Russia, so because of that links, difference
and is it it as similar depths in terms of the way the built this penalty banded together, because you ve got you ve got a few Maginnis over Allie running through around the ball and that the length of those areas, what impact will that have on the flight of the ball? As far as you can and from testing. So when you add the same length like that, you run the risk of making the ball a little bit too rough you're pushing the drag crisis back to to lower speed. So what ADI thus did was they actually made the width of the, proves a little narrower than the ones on bazooka and a little shallower than on bazooka, and that the text during on the panel's is actually a little show Then it is on Brazil and you can feel at what I hold these two balls up in my hands. I can tell that the textures on Brazil, taller than the ones on the Tell story tee. So it's like an active
then stated for the added seem length and they have roughly the same great great crisis right now. So what they ve done is point are they voted certain components of the structure? You will expect that they will perform in much the same way that that's right, we ve got a whole slower. Trajectory testing on the balls to see what would happen when we're under models of various kicks, and it turns out for the really high speed kicks so we're talking about. You know well over sixty now our large kicks the tell store. Eighteen could go about eight to nine percent shorter distance than the berserker did for the same type of kick it as a slightly larger drag coefficient at high speeds that Brazil, but from a narrative point of view, given the very different shapes the panels and the textures and seems, and all that there A similar error, dynamically so is. If we then comes,
on the style of play because drew bologna. If you were to kick the ball during free play on our own The distance the flight of the ball was so unpredictable and players hated him. So what happened was it seemed to suit the teams that played the much shorter style of game? Are we going? any sort of affixed to the style of play with this Tell STAR eighteen, I don't, I don't think you're gonna see that much asian the ball there's a slight. As I said, a slight reduction They range for a high speed kick, but you know, that's gonna, be something that's noticed by the you know the Gulf first, you were gonna, be kicking the ball way down the pitch you. They might notice that compared to Brazil, it's going a little less far, but as far as style of play, I mean you know of course use,
Gonna win and twenty ten, when you got a job aloni ball, that's acting like a beach bonnier, you're gonna get Spain winning cause there'd, be another short passing game. Is what nominated that world cup? Exactly I'm just wondering I mean he's been coded. There are players, and I mean the fastest ever recorded strike of a ball and professional games. Like a hundred and thirty miles an hour in Portugal and we found players hitting the ball of close to a hundred miles an hour from fake free cakes or on volleys. How much will tell STAR eighteen, be effected all maneuver, if its head with that sort of Spain and that sort of power again it's gotta, have a slight reduction in the range is, could be at eight to nine percent reduction in the range will. You kicked something that asked him in the drag force, initially is gonna be well over. The way to the ball into the way to the ball is nearly a pound, and when your kicking, some
close to a hundred miles an hour like that the drag forces going well beyond the way to the ball. So it is really feeling that air resistance, as soon as its being kicked mean obviously you're going to be able to kick the ball way down the pitch, but I think the players who are capable of reaching speeds like that are going to notice a slight range reduction, but air dynamically. As far as what's going happen with the knuckling at the ball, the kind of the wobbling with no spin it's gonna, be similar to what Brazuca was We ve seen boredom actually in them. In one seventy bananas banana kick the curling free, kick will tell our eighteen, three more inclined to make that happen, or will it fly a little bit trail we, but where we as we decided already, we just taking with force its very similar. To presume, I think it's gonna be similar to resume mean that
The aerodynamic properties that we measured on the ball show that the different flow types around the ball are very similar to presume and when you see spinning the ball crush. You lose the knuckling effects, because the surfaces or change with respect to the air coming over, but the idea behind a banana kick, as you know when you, when you kicked that ball with a lot of span like this. If this is the first part of the ball going in, you know away from the player that if it's spinning this way, that boundary layer of arrogance wiped off the back and it gets move in the direction of the span. So you know in the direction my fingers pointing here to the left, so you can get a lot of players that our own corner kicks. There are purposely gonna, be kicking that ball trend it. You know abbot, steering toward a goal so that there be no Megan headed into the girl or even away from the goal. You often see that too. So, I think a lot of people and it's funny players whew, if you didn't tell him which bore with which they would
Otis differences within the suit as a number of balls, they would even tell you that one bout ball felt lighter. Visa than another, and then they watch and see how The ball, reacted in in certain ways that they kick it pass. It short pass it long, passing meteor range hit with power, all the different array of techniques they can bring towards their game. Are we going to see anything spectacular different with this ball for Russia? Twenty eighteen, I don't think you're gonna see quite the change that you saw from twenty two and twenty fourteen, certainly not from the team guys that was used in Germany in two thousand and six to two thousand and ten. The of I mean I don't think the fee for once to roll a law that is so drastically differ from what the players are used to just to play with them and see something kind of spectacular I mean you could almost make us standard within making us. I mean if you,
the rules in soccer. Really it's just the size of the ball in the weight that are specified. I think a better specifications should say a better of another specifications would be to add a drag. Earth. I mean you don't want to make a mistake like with Java Lahti and have a drag crisis too high speed. You wanna be able to give the players something that as a familiarity to it, but, like you said, if you're at the elite level, you're gone unnoticed, slight changes, I mean it's impossible for these two bottles to fly exactly the same and the players. What They find a unique quality that the bauxite liked you Bologna did. They will find a way to utilise that the We will find a way to make it beneficial for them, for sure, look at hand is free. Kick for Japan and twenty two,
I mean that ball did not have much spent or not at all, but that poor goalkeeper could look like he was trying to bad a beach vulcan at him. I mean you can definitely do things with these balls once you get a feeling for we need professional tennis player is gonna, noticed just a. Couple of pounds, change and the tension in the racket, so they're gonna notice these things who had been a baseball player. You shave off a tiny amount on a hand in the grip of a bad they're, gonna notice that professor, thank you been interesting to talk to visit. Gulf WAR, the soon to be university of Lynchburg. Talking about this year's World CUP football, the added ass tell STAR eighteen
hope of enjoyed planet soccer. Look forward to your company on prime assigns very recent. Lockdown lay all job the orange. If you love startup, playing with science, be sure to tell the world go to Apple pog cast and read us, so more people can enjoy the purchased wish. You could listen to start. Our commercial free joint start talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio,
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