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#ICYMI - Figure Skating Physics, with Olympic Medalist Sasha Cohen

2018-02-08 | 🔗
The Winter Olympics are here! Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice kick off our series of episodes about Olympic sports with the physics of the most watched event: figure skating. Physicist John Eric Goff is back, along with figure skating analyst Jackie Wong, and Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:TuneIn: tunein.com/playingwithscienceApple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/figure-skating-physics-with-olympic-medalist-sasha-cohen/Photo Credit: Rich Moffitt (originally posted to Flickr as Opening pose) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. This package is brought to you by patrons, like you on patriarch on this episode of playing with science, its eyes eyes, baby, we're talking about bigger, skating, yeah and it's gonna be read: Salute Leap, brilliant. We have fabulous, guess figure skating, endless Jackie, warm the good professor professor Airy Gulf and appears to resist those Sasha Cohen former World champion, and silver Medalist play with science starts right now I am the other Ass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, the startup network, is pleased to present to you a you show where the universe, sports, and now I am so nice.
I am very light and we are the play. With science today? We live with us. As you with a double or maybe even a triple. We will certainly Sancho and most definitely do it all lost on the edge and for those of you who don't quite get figure skating as limp export get out of here. You know you love it, you watch it all the time it's got. The highest ratings gymnastics went on a date with them. Lay and ended up in the ice Rincon. You know you love it. Shall we now this? Once again we have our good friend, Professor Eric Gulf, who is going to break down the science and with us throughout this
Along with the good professor, we have figure skating, analyse jack. You want will no doubt be marking both chuck an eye on our performance, and there is absolutely no hope of either you and I met that is for sure, and to give us an unrivalled performers pv. We have three time world championship. Medalist, former team, USA figures, Gator Sasha Kirwin, welcome to do good professor. We will have you on board for quite a large part of the show and in the studio with us you on yeah yeah. I buy a fabulous. Let me to be here the name of your part cost once again, so everybody knows up front, please I stuck I talk as network. I talk cause it's a little bit. I suddenly size talk exactly very cool. If I had to pinpoint the ones stand out feature of a figure skating. Where would you go? Would it be they ve gotta, be unbelievably graceful strong or is it a one component, one company for you that screams top
it's not something that you really see physically but its course strength. Everything is about course, strength near skating, when you're, when you're jumping in the air in your landing jobs at you know whatever eight to ten times your your body weight and in fresher like you really have be stable and you really have to figure out how you don't collapse when, when you landers jobs and the same thing with dispense, you can't spin, at the rate, a revolution that that we do without being actually very strong their Eric. This is perfect. Tommy view what sort of forces male or female figure skater once they stop
to perform a sort of forces of eggs exposed to in terms of take off, spinning landing, etc. Are there certainly having to get off the ice with a couple times their weight? They're gonna execute some spans, keep in mind the year. The great athletes in the NBA who go up and we get dazzled by our three sixty spin Doug. These ice gaiters are going up, spitting two three and even four times and their landing on a little blade on some slippery ice. There, not you know landing on a nice hard court floor. So athleticism is incredible and I definitely agree with Jack you're too about a lot of course, strength involved in executing these techniques surfing chunk. What we have just learned is under no circumstances from now. What do we applaud? Lebron James, that
Lebron James seriously tried out with some skates on buddy. You see what happens then we might we just my applaud. So let's say let's say I just want to know. I want to do dub. I want to learn a double to loop, how much time I have to be on the ice and first before you answer that workers through what a double to loop is and then how much time would have to spend on the ice to learn how to do that so without going to technical. That double tulip is a jump where you pick off your your free lights. Are not your landing like safe, if you're, if you rode tape, counterclockwise, which at most skaters do you land on your right foot for those gaiters, you pick off of your left OPEC and you go up in the air and you spend picking sororities age of as correct yeah. Ok, sorry- and we say
office when you see them their skating backwards, and then you see them, pull that leg up and it looks like there you're almost hacking the eyes with the with the front of the skate yeah. That's it took that pick off. Is that means pick off pick off again. It depends on how you talk to you about a year, so you take off from hitting the topic on the eyes and generating that worse to go up in the air and down Anders. There are certain kinds of other physics of like your leg swinging in your body being in the right we'll get to those. Don't worry That's good at my series I waiting ready to go and that I will. I will not be talking too much about physics, but then, after you pick off that topic, you rotate twice around? And then you land on the right foot, your landing for why axis of rotation is head through to correct yeah, ok as pretty wild. So
so, how long would it take to? How much would I spend on the ice to do something like that? It's in ours very, very dependent? I mean I, I would not say I was the most talented, rigorous greater in the world, but it took me probably a year of training to a double jump off MIKE Mister Childs. Ok is at an end now that now that there, how much weight would I have lose in order to pull this off. Now you can't, oh my god a year. That's insane! You have two years to get all the basics. First, you have to figure out how to actually move on the eyes. You have to act, to figure out how to jump on the eyes and- and those guys considered out like a basic move. Right is a basic move. A year of your life is one basic move, one stuff a home, maybe you'll see some other
the more of talented figures. Gaiters will you know Adele they'll be four years old in and you know, within a couple months, you'll get it that will jump Rakkeed, you crushing him absolutely crushing with you'll see for yourselves. I, let's get to the professor decision. Hang about. My sequined tights yeah well done not just yet Ryan, as you know, to go right. Ok, professor just wants to do a double toe loop: let's go through some of the physics involved in that and then we'll go for the big stuff will go from double total to accord and then break down the physics and forces and everything else that takes place within executing that kind of what we call routine Programme programme programme Thankyou. So the rotation part is it's just a kid sick, angular, Madame Conservation example, as long as we don't have any torques acting and you get a little bit of frictional torn from the ice, but you'll notice. What a skater goes into the final massive fast spin.
What the skater will do is have the arms completely out. Perhaps even one leg out trying to get his or her mass is far from that access irritation as possible and then right whenever the turn as initiated, bringing everything in as tightly as possible, so that the mass is confined to the access of rotation as close as possible, and that causes the skater spin, even faster, and you can try this at home. If you have a nice swivel chair or if at work at, maybe your hearts game isn't working on your computer and you need to kill time another way you got your swivel chair, you get a couple of books in your hand and you hold him modem outstretched and you get a good spin going on your chair, then in real tight and with your feet off the ground, of course, and you're gonna notice you're going to speed up when you pull those arms in its a fantastic feeling. If you ve never experienced it, if you're over forty
chop for dizziness, you dont want to follow your chair bet it's it's a bit of fun, feeling singled out, I'm gaze from can where you are in a child, I'm about to do this right now, and that is what a scientist is. A child ask invested anticipated that the towns heart down but his kids in the world. Are there we go man, I'm gonna, I'm gonna. Take my arms. I'm gonna give a spam. I'm gonna take my arms. I'm gonna give a span. We're gonna strangled him out this right and Jackie. I want you to judge how good this is. Ok it without their use, bear up idea that yeah. Actually works, and let me show you how to recover: let's do not just not during the break in the break. I'm sorry, professor. Let me tell you how you're gonna have to jump. So if you're gonna get in the air and you're gonna do say, acquired now, are the men are the ones that can do this first because they got the stronger legs. So if you're gonna do a Claude
going to spend four times in the air you're going to need to jump really high you're going to need to get three to four feet off the ice. Your sitter mass, elevated by that much, which means jumping between eleven miles an hour off the ice well to be in the air between five six than a full second. So your your life speeds here, to be you know that ten MILAN our range and spent four times you know you're talkin for hurt, Sir, for you know rotations per second. This is getting a baby about half the rotation rate of a all that's thrown a nice tight spiral, so you're gonna have to be able to elevate. You'd have get a hang time comparable to what an mba player could do if you're going to execute for those spins wow citizen is engineer, sticks on the floor routine. The flu is itself is sprung right. I mean
exactly I'm no expert, but I'm guessing you can't get a sprung, get many spring off eyes. So how much more effort professor? Does it take to washed down into the ice to get that up, or is it all done through the speed of skater well noticed right before they go into these big spans. They get a little at a speed claim before they execute the span and then there's caught up a pound off the ice to really get that impulse off the ice vertically upward. So when they get launched off that eyes, you know at ten miles an hour. They have to get those rotations in before they come back down. They gotta keep their arms and tight and that's another thing if they keep their arms and tight, they keep their legs and tight. That's going to enhance their spin rate if their arms or out too far, they're gonna spins lower as Chuck just showed us in the chair and Jackie. Do they could judge soon that they had judged
our position when air position, if Serbia, if if the access of rotation is, is completely off. That is something that you would. You may get the deduction, execution, Grey it less answer you! That's that's how they judge the element. Imagine I'd be thrilled to bits with just one rotation. You ve done. You ve done a cord, but you haven't quite good, the position that the judges one and they mark you down here must be harnessed. There has ever been a skater who just got poor marks and stood up and go really. Let me say you do that you so damn which judging well, let me say you don't get. The ice is right. There buddy. The ice is right, John Mcenroe matters. If the matter were skaters Mcenroe scale makes backstage driver likes backstage arrive with that's what we're going to take a break turn Mcenroe nice. We're gonna, probably need to lie down and consider that fully right, we're gonna come back. The professor
Gulf and, of course, Jack you warm, the figure skating expert analysed will be with us for a second part, don't go away hey hello secret for you. When I consider singing all of the ads on this shell, just one way to get out a hearing. There go to patriarch arms last started talk and the porters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite park has player and ever hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not after hear me saying if you support us at patriarch dot com last, our talk I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying.
I'm very rightly up dies of corpses playing with science, and today we're unravelling the physics involved in the elegance of figure skating, which is all known as ballet on ice and having seen Chuck executed most immaculate turn. You can see why I am a pitcher of grace and
boys is now just yes, I'm with isn't this video, who we have figures, gate again, this Jackie one or two, the pod cause. I talk yes, ice talk, so remember that one of our Skype. We have the good professor Airy Gulf, the author of gold medal physics. You remember it was a stocking stuff back end of last year and there and still is it still is, and the book for all sports fans who love this science. This is a really fastening the tablet, because the figure skating is the most watch event of the winter Olympics, there's nothing that gets higher ratings. So clearly it is extremely popular. What do you think mix for this popularity, Jackie, I they partially its dramatics of it all its other that the kind of history of figures gang of having music having programmes and then the fact
You know you when you're on your figures, gay you're really expected to be some sort of a sign of perfection. So in a way little slip up and they are now. You do get something wrong and you have you forget how really incredibly difficult this stuff is to do. Please please explain and then we'll get the professor to break down the physics behind the state itself, because it's not a single played is it's it's it's too edges on a blade. So you turned the blade upside down, you literally see to cut a knives and then can I use shaped it's too late? razors without trough in in the MAC lay Yang and that's called the rocker- has caught the rocket at little trough in the middle, exactly okay and as that, so that You can turn either left to right and get a blade on the ice either way, or does that speed you up? What's the purpose of that, it's too
Oh, you d have a an inside edge and outside edge without without it literally just being one eight one blade that goes on the ice, and it's it's about it, three sixteen of an inch thick. So it's it's not it's pretty happy, but it's not that have tat, professor with with the double edged played. What are we? working with in terms of the physics where there is an inside and outside edge
camera shave with it? Yes, you probably could wear out about shaving, but you were certainly get a little bit of enhanced stability when you have two options instead of one four year, your blade placement, so Jack, you're saying you have you know certain moves are going to require an inside edge. Certain moves are gonna required outside edge. Do you have a little wider flexibility than you would with a single blade, so the pressure melting was a popular theory for how you might actually get the ice to be slippery, but that's been somewhat debunked, so you could actually get those thin blades to start slightly warm the ice and reduce the
friction coefficient and actually help you go a little bit faster than the idea eyes, temperatures around minus five and a half or so degree Celsius, which is what twenty two or so degrees Fahrenheit Annie you see, you're not gonna, be able to warm at quite up to pure melting. Although the surface is a little different from the box, you can get a little bit of melting right at the very very surface layer and a thin blade whenever you're on just one one or the other and actually enhance that melting process. So you could actually get a little bit more lubrication and a little bit more speed. So Jackie wait speak so that for one second from a skater standpoint, is it better to have what what's better like the softer eyes harder what's fast or do you want fast or ice on? What are you was the perfect eyes condition I was sort of landing. Are you I would like to get rubber eyes so that when you have one please or for a lot,
bigger scares. They love the softer ice because, Duke the softer ice allows your edge to to really carved into the eyes of the heart of the ice. There is a harder you're edge it it's, it is gonna, be for your edge to actually make the curves that you want to make so harder eyes actually gets to be a bit more slippery, so the softer us allows more controlled, get it the lobby more control, ya, professor, is, is there is sweet spot? Could we would find that in sports? Is these in its inextricable point of being a sweet spot on the blade and if there is whereabouts it and how does the performer get to utilise it? So just a pick up quickly on a jack he's point: the added slippery. This is gonna, come when you're trying to push outward like when you're trying to make a turn. So when the ice is harder and you dont quite get that that melted layer that you want right,
next to the blade you can. Actually, if you know it can enhance a fall you're, not gonna grip that, as he was saying, if you're going straight on the ice in your looking to have a slight reduction in the coefficients, friction associated with the the blade in the eyes. If you get a little bit of warming and you gotta soften that, I slightly you can actually lower that coefficient a little bit and help you go faster in a straight line boat, but deftly what you're, when you're, trying to hide out on a turn and you're trying to get that nice interpreter force inward to help you keep moving in a circular path. You definitely like that softer ice to be able to conduct cut into it and how to hold you there a little bit better than you would if the ice was a lot harder and you don't have that give in it cool, and so where is the sweet spot on that blade? And what and what does it do either? One of you can answer that Jackie use gate. So what was the sweet spot about, and what am I
would you even want it or need it? So it's sweet spot and it looks kind of like in a lot of other sports. It's it's the ball of your foot. There is why I was wrong about the earlier. The rocker write, the the rockers basic at the curve of your blade and- and there is despair and the blade were literally if you stand on the right way. Your topic, which is an affront, is elevated. The back of that which is a heel as also elevated, so you're you're, not like the blade, is not flat to the eyes. The blade has a curvature to it and said: that's where the rockers, where you want to be your spinning, because that that service, that people are in contact with the ice exactly and end the thing about spending is what you don't. Is its literally just circles and you're making around the eyes. It's not that you're, like a rotating on one point, Europe rotating and very, very small circles. Wait now speak to that, because I watch this.
I don't know what it was. Maybe it was the last olympic sort of modern world championships that weren't NBC okay, so the young lady was doing the super fast ban at the end, but the announcer, I remember distinctly saying Oh, she did a little travelling there as you can see. As you talk about the circles moving across, like, I don't know one answered. I have two inches unlike really lady, the judges that brutal make. Is that a bit right? Really that's a big problem anyway. What is there is that is that you have to be in one. You gotta stay in that place if you wanna get, if you want to get the best marks on an element. Yes, it's it's about speed its positioning, it's about centering, birches ones, during that world about the russian judge. That's why I used to be you watched August that occurs
I didn't want to see the Russian out alone, your mom other russian jug, and the russian judge gives her a minus six. No, that was the all of this strange. Doesn't it with? There is now a different system of, marking and judging it seems an awfully complex procedure, because I just thought I can cope with less reminded my math, I'm good with that. Now you can get marks of over a hundred and thirteen wherever again, and that has a lot to do with figures getting trying to make itself more objective, and, and so half of the mark now is much more on along lines of like, here- the elements that were done, what here the basic values of the elements that were done. This is how well it was done. That's how you get to a number has you when you go back to the nineties and before- and you had to explain our system You literally have you know the russian charge, driving
fi knows right. The Russia, Canada, russian Judge gives oh what is that on the card capitalists pig I didn't know that was a score a new, and you wonder what those marks mean right now. They at least there is some sort of account of quantified them. How much more can we see from the performers in terms so we ve got to accord now at which was I dunno twenty thirty years unthinkable? Can we go further? I think so. I think so. I dont, however, when that's going to be, you know you ve got the thinking that there is a right now, the Quad Lutz, is the hardest shop and there is one other cry which is quite Axel, which adds a half rotation as four and a half rotations as by the axles and more and more difficult in the rest of it cause it's an extra half rotation cause you're, taking off forwards and landing backwards. So there are coaches out there who think that a quite Axel
we'll be landed sometime in the next couple of years or so there are other their skaters who are actually a trying them near there, not they're, not actually training them seriously by the Ets, that's possible! You know whether or not a quintuple jump. Is gonna be around in the next ten years, will see independence really a lot of. It depends on how how much people are willing to push themselves, how training methods chain, where it professor, how long? How much time hang time, call it? What you may will a queen tuppet quince,
supple. Quintuple take me, so it's probably gonna take longer than I takes me to say it or not. I don't know solely remember it if you can jump in the air and stay in the air for one second, you're gonna have to elevate your seller mass about four feet now. That is better that even some NBA players could do. You have to job eleven miles an hour off the eyes and you need to stay in the air for a full second and you're. Really The laws of physics are constraining. What can happen here, so you have to get four feet in the air and your look at it. You know five rotations during that. Second, that is just about the limit of what a human can do right now. Can we up the speed and would that have any benefit or these debts me in the front row of the audience. What do you mean at the speed on the ice? In other words, if you go for
Certainly they attempt to get into the jump and the rotation faster. Will that allow you to get to the fifth rotation? Well, it's kinda. Like this. You know trade off, you haven't you do a long job. I mean you want to get a lot of speed whenever you're taking off for the job, but you also need a good balance in the air to go high because you need to stand here a long time. The same thing with the skate you you can go fast enter the turn into the span, but you're going to sacrifice a little bit if you're going too fast, because you have to have that that hard jump off the ice that gives you that vertical force upward so that you can have that nice vertical velocity end of the year. You have. You have to stay in the air at least a second turning four times and you're gonna be forefeet, jumping in
the year mean this is gonna. Take incredible, athleticism core strength. He note in a justice as strong as you could make it in you're. Gonna have four five rotations. I think we're away all for thou. Ok, ok I'll show you! I'll show you so right. Wild you'll see you gotta, get out of the chair check, asking how we are going to take a break and when we come back, Chuck would have had six rotations that is guaranteed I'm staying with us, the professor and, of course, Jackie, won't, but join us U S champion an olympic medicine, Sasha cooing, absolutely plain! Science is still here and we're back with those wonderful people after this break,
I'm very rightly, and I'm still sub nice, and this is still playing with science. We're in pseudo, with figure skating, analysed Jackie Long who is being fabulous with us in his host of podcast. Could I talk? Please go and check that out and joining us via Skype. We are through. We also rode on us loudly saluting shrewd, to have Sasha Comin to say six silver Olympic Medalists three time while Championship Medalist the list goes on and on and on and Chuck. I do believe this lady was involved in the blade. Glory movie, make you even more jealous. Yes, exactly cuz. You know, that's like that would have been my dream to be in blades of glory anything where I can wear tights and skate I welcome to the show you may one leave now they are it's a pleasure for us to have you here. So
you started off as a gymnast as at in an early age and then graduated into figure skating. The gymnastics background that must have been such a it was, I actually was a bit of a terror. I destroyed the house, so my parents were trying to figure out a way to to use up my bow. Energy, and that was and took the form in three hours of gymnastics a day. It ended up giving me a chance to develop coordination and strength, and then, by the time I started skating item already had some natural athletic but by ices still slippery two different things you know, I think Eric you have a question for Sasha. It's that right. We have actually got a couple, but let me start with this one,
When we do a little luck, karate or martial arts were taught when we're doing spins to try to have a focal point, and I'm just wondering when you're spending on the ice so much you do any kind of training to get you to the point where you could spin like that, fact away without getting dizzy. Or are you d have a focal point that your checking out when you're in a spin, or is there a certain technique to help you with that? so the the secret is which is very different than dance, which you spot your head with every time. In order to not get to see our figure skating, you have to stay centre, if you stay within one fight, your patterns tracing over and over you old, miraculously be able to come out and not be dizzy. But if you start travelling, which is the point and not the ideal way to go in, and a competitive figure skating spin you'll get very dizzy anything something to do with the inner ear and losing your political life within speakers, and that's when you
completely lose it would come out and see stars. Indeed, I daresay, but if you say in one spied, you can come out of the fires that nothing ever why are you really really need to keep the vertical drift too, to a minimum whenever you're doing that. I guess we inches That is all to see that we face. You come out of it any area very disoriented, so the horizontal drifted is minimize. Your vertical drift is minimize here, your heads, pretty much thing in the same spot is just spinning. I guess. Well, let me ask you this question about stretching because you're famous for you to doing these split on the ice. These vertical splits, where you no one likes way up in the air, and you can do spins like that. Do skaters
engage in any kind of sophisticated stretching routines, whatever their training, I mean. Do you use equipment for this, or is it just cut of a standard, get on the mat and make sure you can do? A split cell was passionate, decided a cholera gymnastics. I'll bet, it's it's a date. Stretching is a day habit it SAM, it's a commitment in its a discipline, so at night I would take a bath and then, if I wanted to watch tv arab sitting in the splits arms, another discipline of sport, of stretching of repeating daily is how you you call today that annex ability and then you work on the strain, important to be able to hold those kind of flexible positions in aspire when you're out in the eyes- and I don't have the floor to support you as well. I would say I would maybe sometimes Is there a ban to strip? I thought my hand strings? Were I to ban the general? I think I'm flexible enough, but I think I just grab onto my cap and pull it close to my face,
I am on my back, but anything if you're a big problem, Yours you're, such a show off, saw imagine everything else I could have done with my life. I wasn't sitting in this, but rather the type of my total voted in by been my knees. Also, you are now listen. I got to say goodbye to the good professor, because he is a man in demand has elected to attend and there are eager students awaiting him. So, professor, thank you so much for your time and we look forward and we are very soon as is ours, is always a serious error. Take care. I thank you and I so we have such a his Jackie. What was her trademark? What was her unique point in her performance that everyone just went out? All people would crime through the doors,
see every time she performed, why was it gets away? Because her trademark really was her flexibility and probably still is her flexing. Maybe when she's on the ice and and so much of some the currents of appeal was the way that she presented herself in you know in the music in the choreography. And then dump the jumps really were in a lot away secondary for her performances like they were, they were just seamless you can have integrated within our programming and that's that's why people loved her so much at incisive we're not talking about you like you're, not here it's just. It says that we don't don't want you to have to teach her own horn. But you know you are a fan favorite! seems as though we are known and people love your performance is your routines. Europe programmes. Does that give you a bit of an advantage,
during the competition knowing that yours. Oh beloved by the audiences that are watching personal for every athlete, I think also, we on a personal level of prove all and connection to an audience is a wonderful doing. The have to have cultivated a relationship with the audience is already here decade competing in the spring, and you know some people thrive in opposition. Some people thrive as the underdog when no one knows that But I know that you know when I came back in two thousand and ten for the championships just knowing that I had been here. I've competing at this event for the last fifteen years issues if it becomes home to you and the people have seen you grow up
the seniors isn't your twelve years old and and that's a wonderful connection to have when you you, ve, grown up with their audience ass, though something that I very much cherished just to induce would trouble. So you have been interpreted into the hall of Fame, which is two thousand and sixteen, I believe so. Congratulations to that a lot of people would look at your performances and say they were effortless. How did you and how much effort did you put in to achieving effortless on the ice and does had ever heard? because you know when you make something, looks super easy when you make it look like you're not put like yours, it's a day and a walk in the park couldn't a kind of an old chain, the psychology of the weather judges are looking out to cover, like you know like yet she she's not really do you know she's not really putting that much into it, because, obviously that's how easy you make it look bad. But I think this is something that happens.
Stood about sport, a figure skating, it's our job. To make it look you there we're not supposed to be breathing heavy and struggling and grimacing. This isn't football, and so we have to make it look easy and when I go back and watch videos unlike allow like it just seems so, effort less and now go back and I you know, try asking for a few minutes. I bent over me doubled over, like there breathing everything a sore about cancer cramping up and that I think stating is like an art as well Sport, like that lay, and so the beauty is clear, this exterior shell for for the deep let us is on that. We call today underneath bad, and it is part of the figure skating
job to make it look. You say- and I think there's not many people- they go to a really high level that they make you thinking aloud for similar juice rules. By struggling. If you can the heights of you performances walk on a routine daily routine, would you go through from start of your day going to bed to going back to bed? What would your day encompass to my cue? top elite asked me to my day would start and I gave a round six thirty. I would make some coffee and then too And then I get right on applauding man? I had a plot is mad in my kitchen and I had spent about thirty minutes, on a farm roller stretching doing ten minutes of core work and an arab workings and stretching just the kind of get the body warming.
When you wake up in the morning, everything is incredibly painful and stiff. You know from five hours of training the day before the day before in the last fifteen years, and that really that goes up and then I ll go to the rank and than our warm up again with a twenty minute Rhine and you just really wanna be so supple. So warm you're, you're running you're sweating again, and then you start to cultivate coordination and quickness and noted that quick, twitch muscle fibre with doing jumped off the ice and really quick drowsy how fast you can move your feet and then it would be the start of other skating day which would again start with third Amanda edge work and leaks feeling your fee and your Blaylock exactly where was on ice under the shoulders and hips overview on and then maybe an hour later. He would start jumping and spinning and working on the choreography, because the body in Israel
Finally, two in machine and it doesnt just turn on it. It takes, you know, takes a couple hours to really kind of culture. The two were able to do a peak performance and I think that's part of the reason why we ve kind of trained ourselves to compete at night which is enough of your ship when all the event bar your body is most awake, you kind of work through all the morning stiffness and not one year, it could have been in pickup That's like centres, yes, anger sing. It might be as you know, you need the day to warm your voice up your vocal course to that point. That's really wild animal waste, unlike in the morning a voice in the morning they made the same. I have. I would like to say: ok, there's no morebury. Why plays barred from very wide wherever they may be, competitions do before we get to to Turkey in the B competitions, were they always
Did you find yourself having to perform your programme during the? afternoon and therefore you're out of sync with the whole build up that you ve had. Well there, certainly an element of being out of sync. Just from jet lag and timezone difference answer you try to get there in advance and switches fast, as you can, but usual always the final round will always be at night What can really messed up, though, is the qualifying rounds. I get a world championship and you might have to do your full long program at eight in the morning of the very difficult for the bodies that you would get yourself a beforehand and read We try to work into it. Warm everything. I've got a practice, because the body again just take so much time to get out and ready to pick wow while so Jack. You have a question. I did well for first,
The thing about the Olympics this year is actually that the scanners are gonna to be mostly competing in the morning, so that that's gonna be an interesting one at its ally. Based on the fact that you know- and I see once primetime coverage and that's the agreement so we'll see how that affects the skaters. By such I wanted to go back to something we talked about here on the earlier in the show which was quads and and we talk the men doing a lot of quite you. I think there is a certain amount of as let us assume that we don't credit. U S, bed at one point in your career, you returned quiet and there is a very skating famous video of: U S, Gate America, two thousand too! I think too that in three you two than one one of those doing and landing, triple sow- and I wanted to ask you as escape
who has done quads and train quads what that process was like, because I certainly can attest to training quads it different paradigm. Anything especially for a woman. You know our body does not rotate as fast as the men do and an issue. It was such a different paradigm from a triple to acquire. And for me you know it was really only a possibility with my eyes out how, because on the take up, I had an edge that I could just really work. And ass. I was going up and start to get incredible torque in order to be able to complete for rotations. But what's scary about you, know a quiet as you have to go in with more speed.
You have the candidates. I got a bow that your pulling back and see, and I have to pull a little further to get off irons. Everything is not completely streets and right and you launch with that. Much talk in velocity and it's wrong: when you follow when you go down, you can economic really babbling and that some, That you know is mitigated to a certain extent in a turbulent, even more So in a double you got time to correct when you're rotating more slowly and so with a court it just in I trained with a harness and decay of get comfortable, launching my full at the letter torp behind it, because there's like there's a stadium and again we take off the ita backwards from my inside edge, I left foot and if I was my shoulders, but dropped like two millimetres to the right. I could end up putting a lot of work into it and kind of getting
a crooked in the air, and then I will go down in just kind of ruin. My head, though, so there's there's that balance that you have taken account on. Everything has to be that much more precise, is when you are putting another layer of talking to our he's going to science. Just I was about to ask you: do you are you cognisant of the fish? while you are training and performing- and the answer is clearly is yes, I think I can aesthetic level you feel like you're, so in tune with your body as an athlete, it is your medium is something there you develop for twenty years in different capacities. Arms are yours, very aware and Then do you know there's a level of awareness you develop when you're you're, learning a quiet and have different, you know it takes, different level of awareness of your body and messaging to your specific
your arms related of what needs to be done in order to get up to get around four times and to land and so on. Yes from from that level from kinesthetic level, I'm I'm aware the physics, but from from the Ngos the towards the sign, typical. You know you, you might have to go to the bathroom, the professor on it exactly sashes. Thank you, wow, nice, so great that sought to talk to you and for you to share your time with us. I'm sure our lessons are through justice, chalk and I So thank you very much for being one of them is a pleasure. I thank you again, thank you and thank you too, Jackie yeah. A call? Man went off to South Korea. You will be at the wind will impede sure? Well, it's gonna be tweeting like a man. Tweeting debating, learn all kinds of things. Yes, well, so travels, never great trip. Thanks for having me you're welcome, but let us show is disquieting if you weren't
really into figure skating before, hopefully, now what we ve done is rollback the curtain to allow you to good luck. What's going on right interest is peak Jack and I, although we don't look great liker or sequence, we may just take the ice in Skype. What you think we're off right now to go practice. I doubles programme, yeah we'll do that airline male eyes, dancing, it's a thing, isn't it I just made that ok, I'm a bit scarred now right, that's it for us to replace gory blades of glory. Isn't it right, so that's it from primary signs. Hope you enjoyed it. We will be back with a new episode very very soon.
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