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#ICYMI - Gymnastics: Leap, Bounce & Balance

2017-10-05 | 🔗
Chuck Nice and Garry O’Reilly vault into the world of competitive gymnastics with the help of two former Olympic gymnasts: Dr. Phil Cheetham, Senior Sport Technologist for the US Olympic Committee, and 2008 Silver Medalist Samantha Peszek.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:TuneIn: tunein.com/playingwithscienceApple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/gymnastics-leap-bounce-and-balance/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free. I am the other aspects of your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you a new issue where the universe, sports, color and now you're camps at nice. I am going away and we are the whole stop playing with science ready for it. Today we would fly with boats. We balance we spend some assault and twist and all with the press taking grace
elegance in the pursuit of a perfect year and who better than Add us, through the beam bars floor, an vault than Samantha Patrick of a two thousand, U S women's olympic team, which, by the way the silver that year yeah. That's not bad, not bad! No, better torn and dropping the science on us is none other than our good friend doktor filled. Each from the, U S Olympic Centre, Intuitive Vista, can afford. And himself two time olympic gymnast, Moreover, the australian Olympic team, in seventy six and nineteen eighty three times not once not twice three times national, Australian, all Round Gymnastics Championship Champion ROD and twenty National titles, individual events alone, Is there I gotta talk to? I think he might just be doctor
cheese him? How are you, Sir you had morning? I'm very well. Thank you also. So, first of all, what was your specialty? I know a lot of dubious compete in many different events, but they all have a specialty. What was your presidency? Well, that's true. I wasn't all around her and complete at the olympic level back when I was a gymnast, you have to do all around and I could eat it for twenty years. So I'm in that time to be honest with you, I ll All different types of apparatus, all the different equipment that my debts was definitely walking in the six times, are completed at the astray and champion ships. I won pausing five out of the six times thought very fast, which I could somebody really well also, naturally gifted doctor. So this, because when I've watched Olympics and the gymnastics. Taking the floor exercises, I will see it. A gymnast tumble lie and then pop. I mean
almost vertically into some sort of whatever days and think. Why did that power. I come from. Where did that transfer of energy happen? Could you explain that from a gymnast and scientific point of view? For me, yeah that's become very popular lately. We call it rebound tumbling and is being honestly painted by the increase in these bringing up the floor or is not just the man actually Spraying underneath it so that real food dumping, minor difference. He's, not floor, dumping doping, the floor definitely lifted the tumbling skills and there you know we're doing, doubles with twists and propose an incredible stop and then just bouncing trade into another, some about, so what sort of forces are in play in a tumbling routine or vaulting routine, where you ve got that build up of momentum and state and then the
pollution and twisting the rotations but you're in contact with the ground when you're tumbling that path, but less than it about a tenth of a second, maybe a point, one fire, the second and in that time, you're gonna experience about ten times your own body weight. So it's incredible forces. Now it is mitigated by the fact that you ve got a mad and you got sprung, but nevertheless it is explosive. That's why I bangs when it goes because literally is explosive, the forces of huge you yourself were an olympic gymnast and you yourself now in your capacity with the: U Dot S Olympic Center in Chula Vista California, work with Klaus, gymnast and athletes. What would you say to one single thing that would make a world class Jimmy
and I'm not I'm not thinking Chuck, and I can ever gonna come close, but you will know the one stand out thing. I need to navigate billowy, don't hang in there through all the injuries through the training for all the depression, the difficulties and just keep coming out every time you get nothing you get backed up with you just keep on going. You know it's Gary just mention the fact that you are the seniors Or technologies at the Olympic Training Centre Ensure Vista. What are you responsible for in the development of these athletes? What is it that you do? Well that's interesting question. My job is to help our athletes and improve their form and more rapidly, so that we can win more levels at the Olympic Games. My jobs in some call the technologies is to find the best and most current technology that can help us keep back information to them.
About the skills they doing and how to improve their skills, how are you going about analyzing their technique because, in the end, the the commission of the routine is what's gonna, get them the extra points in my correct drachen and when you learn skill, obviously your pretty shaky added and so you're a kid that's cool over and over again and you use video feedback is primary. Had the gym at the training centre in Colorado, spring has cameras on each apparatus and EVA delayed feedback, so they could get off. The apparatus go, look at the video and then confer with the coach about what skill and what aspects of that kill were were good or were lacking, and then you gotta be able to basically get that scale nine out of ten times before. We need to think about what
did you retain guys doing is still on its own. Is one thing, but putting it after seven or eight other skill is entirely another thing. So your building a routine one kind of skill, one kind of movement at a time- is that how goes it almost like exact It's almost like riding a song is, like you know your laying down the tracks. You know what I mean, so if it the routine? Has like sixty moves dislike you? No, sixteen different tracks that your laying down one on top of the other. Yet better, that's a really good analogy ended, and the idea is to combine those in a nice manner that flows very directly and he might have one specific skills. If you just learned a maniac to confer, would you go to sleep? Well? Where can I put this? Shall I put it at the beginning, the middle of the end, how to connect with the others
and watch the old, should I dropped out in order to include this girl? Oh my god, why would anybody wanna be a gymnast Ok, ok, ok! Ok! It's ok. He got the old fashioned. Look from those who knows better now. Are you using a? U using three d analysis, as you did with, which is half rose, yeah. Well no hoping in nice, the boss, Loner Olympics, has gone back along wild and we were commissioned by the I'll go see to do three: the analysis of the rings and the high bar. We set cameras.
Cameras up in stadiums, damn I'm all around and we looked at the high bar before the athletes would actually come in the gym. We set up a calibration, praying we'd filled it termed it and then, as long as we didn't move the cameras, we rode do treaty analysis on every move that the gymnast did. However, we would literally have to sit up all night digitizing, each skill that putting the mouse cursor on the shoulder the elbow. Nowadays we can do that more efficiently, but would we not quite there yet would progressing to what we call marvellous motion capture where we can just point the camera magic camera point: the camera the athlete and get the data that's coming when that comes then will be able to really do three, the announced in a very efficient way. Well, so let me ask you: when you talk you, since you are a Walter, can you break down for us from biomechanics of physical science.
Tippit point of view, the action of voting and exactly what makes the water so good. So the big thing in copying is these days. You're gonna be a splinter. I mean that's one thing: the gymnast could really improve on how well they spread the need to take sprinting Leslie because they gotta get to that boys passes they can to produce the kinetic energy. Yet a second. Into the height of the box, but then again you think if you get too, if you get too much power and you get a gymnast to accelerate with, control!
You gonna lose everything in the world. Do you know here next year, if you gotta take I mean that these days they going for everything. Now you gotta be controlled, but you got a hundred percent of your speed and then you back up to ninety eight percent of the trick is to not back up very much because you need to convert that horizontal velocity into heightened spin. You gotta get that that board and then just like tat the horse, Bayard, barely touching the hot with people think that you actually post really hot and push with your arms. You dont really push with your aunt much at all. Most of that largely comes from the board and fly straight into the air and my masters basis. I did analysis about you for my master.
Of the athletes, gymnast, Aragon, State University and we analyze them and we found at the centre of gravity never actually comes down onto the horse. It just keeps going up really to suit. The worse is really there for cosmetics. It's just like you know you wanna did the anointed. Now, don't even have you I'm you gonna, let you know what I'm doing right now. I do not come up with a new its it poor. Ok, it's called death, vault you're right the horse, it's like Let's do the opposite since you barely touched the horse like let's What's so that if you touch it at a certain time or a certain pressure. If you touch it with more than certain pressure you get electrocuted Called double many tramp and that in another aspect of gymnastics called humbling and tremble Kate, they have that view be much in mad max. Ok, I guess
don't say that that does bread. The question then dot. Why have the horse they're? All at all, if you're barely touching it causes called bulky, not many train. I gotta go You mentioned centre of gravity now and then unkind of combining that with the sprinting aspect we touched on just a minute ago. The It has been driven time you saying about coming in at about six foot. Six guess he's, never really gonna be the ultimate gymnast, but you. Long range e athletes sprinting, but gymnast on that. Tool without me being rude. Why ah gymnast. Notice? Yes, thank you noticed told us you same bolt. Is there? Is there a scientific reason why we are, we argue, gymnast like that, rather than tall and rangy straight your honour or on the highway. How about those loans is a practical reason. I kept a ring,
yeah yeah. Ok,. No, not headline. Sorry, Now, that's funny, that's funny. Now I've come up with a new sport, oversize gymnastics. I would get guys. Every body is like a tall as Karim Abdul Jabbar Ages, that's a flop at around and Again, their knees when we're done road to big eyes chuck. You know you're gonna lose on that were you got that. Then it believers that they have to control the length of the muscle, yelling, probably heard at becomes very disadvantageous very quickly again So the fact that that then not moment rangy means they have a great deal more natural control over. Petitions in spins, etc, and think about the ring think about the across on the reins and think about the leaders that you do on the ring. Those would be very, very:
Oh yeah, I'm talking about the rings and what is it? Is it the Maltese cross, yeah yeah? where they go into that sort of projects. But, as I said earlier, Do you wish domestic as it's all for me, looking at in a very layman's terms? Obviously it's a great if, if not everything to do with flexibility, but then you ve got exercises like the rings where, if you do not have power and strength, you are getting nowhere near the executing Any kind of routines: how do you? How do you balance the two of strength, power and flexibility in training and few gymnast? Well, that's why, back in the old days when we had to do all around, you were impact and all around you strength, Lex ability, power insurance. Now they are coming becoming more and more specialised, and so you can see the differences in those actually coming. The ring guys I get busted really built, really really strong. Tumblr
Tend to be a little bit later in a little smaller, perhaps now about the guys who do the pommel holds a horse. Well Alex unadorned king. There is actually the son of a friend of mine, my door from we working made, the arrogant state and you gotta be extremely strong, shoulder at the same time being very, very flexible, and they now with the autonomous, where we see them doing the circles. With this strategy split. Yes, you ve gotta be flexible as and you have to have a huge amount of insurance because those regimes last for a long time now? So how do you? How do you build a Jew as two to be able to do a pummel horse routine that length I'm, but incorporating all those different aspects do. Is it is it
Simply you just wait for the naturally gifted athlete gymnast rather to tuna. Who do you work to achieve them? No, no, I just work and expanding should mention pommels, because that is one of the most frustrating events in origin aspects. I remember when I was learning I could barely two double like circling. You just work and work and working you just gotta have paid, keep working and then eventually something clicks and all of a sudden. Now you start to circle, you start to circle, you couldn't you can do more and more, but it is definitely strengthen insurance. It was interesting to me because, when I finished gymnastics enacting, I'm telling you how old I am now, but it was like eighty one. Eighty two when I quit completing and I was working at the: U S, limping training centre in Colorado Springs at the time. This is my second time with the: U S: seat am I was able to get in
german work out, and I remember after six months of finishing gymnastics, I got on the powers and all of a sudden I could do all the skills I couldn't do when I was a gymnast. It was amazing. How do you came for that? He was learning it's almost like it can, and my party got stronger and it's all the open, neurons finally connected, and I just got up there like while why couldn't I do this. I was competitor, was made the you glad the men don't do the beam. I've done that I remember doing a copy once I'm getting one one leg: beside the egg and you know one: don't do it again, yeah winks. It wants him. My voice ended up sounded like this I have to I mean I've total respect for the Ladys on the way they are just autumn when you, when you think that, but you know that the media sometimes and landing on basically a pang of wood. What is it four inches across a humble like that?
yeah! Well, you may now. Is it true that women are able to do that because they have a naturally lower centre of gravity and that's why women are able to do the beam and men are not well, it all helps, but there's some talk about their nostrils was pretty tall, and so I don't know that that were never ever really. Quite you, one thing is always a combination of things. Yeah, I think, if I was a mile and a half being my, I would ever being a gymnast that will put me out, but uneven bars and tumbling importing year. Their fantastic comment has all you don't feel: Thank you, too, dark to fill Cheatham fabulous. As always with the good doctor, we are going to take a break when we come back a real treat, an olympic silver Medalist and a world champ.
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I'm getting a really and I'm sure it's a curse is playing with Sciences day. We are exploring the science of gymnastics, I'm thrilled to say Unex guess is that you must have some repute, cement, the Pacific, Silver Medalist and world champion, and that's over metal Chuck came in the Olympic. Let's go, Samantha, welcome to playing with science you are an all round gymnast. What was your favorites discipline? Well, don't like you mentioned, I get all about. Math is waning.
Years, while quite a long time, and when I was younger occurrences, depended on whatever about the best day on both my favorite. But as I got older, the beam definitely became my things. My best about money they put the beam is something that scares man. You know that I'm absolutely be very area. It was one of them. Go to bed at night re that I would wake up and they re only three events and now things because I was so afraid of being caught have arrived at a dinner. My best about in my favorite a little bit later? Ok so far gone through, and chalk on you for use followed your concern. I will be speaking in tongues. Xo, Backtalk, bagpipe, aerial, car will round of double pint dismount. Does that make any sense to you, Samantha yeah? You see yeah. So why don't you help me
I am privileged enough to say that I can say them barely that's it. So let me out do this. When you start out on the beam, how early do you have to start training to be a proficient the way you are. What took you so long, tat language, my dad was a regular glaring college and my mom was a gymnast in college, and I mean I did a bunch of words when I was younger. I play soccer dance, but I think that it is actually read this. What do you can start? The earlier hello, eventually good foundation, the matter what's more, even that pursuing later in life. And so, if you start that early win win, does Windows competition start or is there any competition for forests younger? You know, I know once you get into the Olympics
world champions stuff like bad them. The participants are pretty young, but is there a circuit before that yeah the jail programme, the Junior Olympic Programmed lulls, there's level one to ten at hand being the bass and just to give you an idea, loved hands, get college scholarships, and then you have the qualifying the next level, which is the elite level which put you on track to compete. How do you like your bags and things like TAT, actually started competing at lever for when I was six years old? That was how old you had to be too after completing that level cool. So now I gotta, I gotta bring this up occurred and Gary taken
This a k and for those of you who are listening to us or watching us on all access I'll make sure that I give this picture to our producers Johnny BO so that he can put it as part part of the podcast and remember you can always find everything that we do a star talk related or start all access, dot com, but SAM. I gotta ask you about this picture because there is a picture of you you're doing the uneven. Parallel bars, okay, and it is an awesome picture because you are fully released from the bar cause. You're going from one bar to the next- and you are just suspended in mid air and it is super super cool. Like I mean, if it's just a great picture, the intensity concentration on your face, actually hurts my head
like? That's how like yours so focused that was made. That would be fear exactly yeah, observing the little of that you like ass, the markets, the markets of our, whereas it were that where it is not like Canada in my bed than I'm only. I can only guess what what picture it is, and I am sure, my facebook
most unattractive guy? I'm not gonna say that I'm not gonna say that I'm just gonna say you look. You look really raised. It happened because that was certainly the most intense time in my life is impeding especially for he looked back than bigger competitions, but it was funny because when I was on my very first big competition, I was twelve years old and I will repeat an unholy and which is a big serve as there was a big audience is where my eyes were competing. So as a big moment me, and they took a lot of picture than I remember, a travelling back picture, you ever talk about my body position was really good. My sheep was good, it was an often picture, looks like I was flying button
there was just so at first look at the girl. I was thinking about my face. I was thinking about having the bar, obviously also I went into the gin and I decided that I was gonna practice mining in the middle of my what a solid relief milk on, because I thought we would indeed be the only person to be able to. I will never leave me and the only thing that I was there You have. Our Anna ended up almost like hitting my people in the bar eating the bar, because I wasn't thinking about getting it. I was just thinking about smiling and, let me just say my coach was not happy with me. He asked me what I was doing and we're gonna look like Poland was trying to smile, and you dislike very nice, respectable chinese man, and he just like three times. What would you do
I'll, do what I never tried to smile and any word it's pretty either. Meaning of spatial awareness in the fact that you're, like a release, move like that. So you know what is it that's going through your mine in terms of all Is there anything going through your mind, because when I look at these pictures of you It's amazing, like your toes, are perfectly pointed sector. Like your foot, is was in a straight line, I mean every month, in your body- is in a tense flexed contraction. They would, they need to be all of this elegance that has to be transmitted comes through this in an insurmountable beginning points for having such elegant display.
The make and its I it's it's it's actually beautiful, seriously hurt you're you're you're, actually beautiful in this in these shots. But once what opening months, women with what's going through your mind mentally when you're executing these moves? So it's crazy because a lot of people don't either by you seen than we train between four and six hours a day without right in and train so many hours so often listen, it's not there's not enough even in sport and you get a laboratory. Be in competition to do the best thing, the best job you can, and so you can really rely on your mental, really say it's like eighty to eighty five percent, a mental sport, and then
This is a boy who were watching. It. Just looks like a very visible for you can imagine how mentally demanding it is to make sure that you are in the right mindset before you go up. I was not like. I did better under pressure. Ah so when I was younger, I used to tell myself like people watching you. People are watching you and I would be like on the top of my game, because I will watch
all my hard work tat. I put it in the G8 and the new skill, but I had but the old that I got the more I focused on each individual scaling almost have a mental routine as well the visibility and see you said that things in your head in the competition as you do in practice. So you have to train your mind to be that, no matter what you said in your answer, no matter how loud the proudest sharing you're doing or what what what what spendthem entrusted with different sort of skills and techniques, and I'm looking for you to come down here and I'm gonna. One point asks you to explain: how long would it take you to master that particular skill and all other skills that you would use on the floor on the beam on an even balance, etc? All eleven that's a little bit of a loaded question, because I'm, like I mentioned before,
you know level? Also, each level is kind of building a foundation of gymnastics. So when you go to start learning these higher still, you already have a really basic foundations that really you're starting to learn at your tango were higher level scale. Ah, you boy put a year, though you know the groundwork so to speak. Now, he's a training into the sovereignty or maybe with a spot, and then you have to do a lot of repetitions to build what is called a muscle memory chuck size of lit up, because you ve said soft cone pit, the
right, sorry, he's just thinking he died. Facebook summonses after that I ve seen a child is actually come very interesting. That's where I'm a vacant, the soft Bompard, ok, I gotta do conditioning on it needed not want to go in the supper. Tat really itself, like someone's farm. Was there one particular skill in competitive leg and people are even in the rack, because everyone wanted to go in the end. We will actively trying to be anything, but only because it took so much energy to get out. He had at that that I could see that being a problem, because you you're walking on big giant pieces of foam what what what are really clever way of getting conditioning into any athlete to say right now get out of there. What was the most difficult skill you found?
for you to master, bearing in mind the level that you did achieve what we gotta handling all of gas. It I mean it's, it's pretty clear that day you have had on all of us. I mean you're, a silver meddling in the Olympics. I mean that's, that's incredible. While the most difficult and at the time there was only a few browsing, the entire world that were performing a scale and it was called a double babble to works and teach with me, before. You hit the ground and it was extremely scary. It was one of those where I was like you know: let's go don't freak out, you know you can get really really hurt. If you freak out in the middle of it or you don't commit fully, and so that was definitely the scariest skill in the most difficult Are you aware of the science that involved in a double double a twist to turn and all the rest of it, or do you just sailor
I'm feeling I'm doing this, no matter what I would have been better off by didn't know the science, because I like to know how things were- and I probably wouldn't have been as other frayed but to me it just seemed like whenever I think about it so impossible that you could do to flights, and it was in the air without hitting the ground. I think the less I thought about it. The while he's a well by the way is there is any signs. That brings the comes to your training. That helps you mean when you were when you were turning. Definitely do not that we thought about all this is the science of the scale by the angle that you have to help to. You know: take off a certain direction. You know you're doing a twisting building a triple all your elbows on the floor, ass to be deeper as opposed to a flipping scale, reactor standard, stressing higher instead of distance. So they like tat for you,
I mean the jam, you don't necessarily profiling of this is the science of the scale, but yeah we definitely wearing out. You want to run fast envelope. Will you dont want to run out of control? So what's the eighty percent of your speed to you? No state aid control, but also be the fastest, even though, while being in control so different. Things like that, and you know when you're done release me moves like we're talking about earlier, like what angle you have to let go how high how long, are you, gonna, be in the air when she reached the catch, the barn, it definitely building the muffled memory of the size of the scale, while the man I gotta, tell you it's. It is just a phenomenal accomplishment to perform at the level at which you have when you look at the amount of training. The dedication necessary to get too. To where you are, I mean just congratulations kudos to you and the fact that you did it. The fact that you did it represents
sorry Gary, so none of representing the EU as a baby yeah. It's actually. I still think that it's a real because an outer space it was the first time that I decided I want to go to the Olympics. I saw the ninety six team win gold in Atlanta and other five year old. I just told my parents, I was going to go to the Olympics and I'm pretty stubborn and my parents always told me I could do whatever I said but I dont think anyone really understood how theory it. I was about this dream, no teachers in school and ask me what I wanted to do and I grew up in Wanted to deal with got it back then, so I didn't really understand how much work and how difficult it was gonna be down the line, but it started I at a young age, and
I you know I was always in the back of my mind during training and day. So this is what I love about. Talking truly athletes like Samantha. They will start with a dream. Just like I need any young persons yes bought. Something makes them see it through. Something makes it dumb or are not just a wish. What, if all those questions, don't existence it is like. She knows: she's she's been there ok to make them with only let you go. I have this wonderful question. It is wonderfully my mind. Probably the only place, it's wonderful. High school back in England? I was blessed, however, a sports master, who was very very involved in british gymnastics, our kind. I had a feeling
well champions in international gymnast around me in school, and I wasn't one of them. But having got that kind of feeling for gymnastics, I would always watch the Olympics and intrigues me. Do you get to choose your own music for the floor Does someone just dump it on you when you're hurt is at a higher level of you to have it? by the National STAR understandable, but to tackle them to think about it again, you wanted to matter personality, Like the number one thing, I would never have like a graceful, beautiful
Thou lay war music. You, even though, because I was more powerful Jim, I needed a little extra from the music. So there is a lot that within the picking on gives it and your style- and I was definitely I like to be a little bit more smiley and shall often have a little bit more fine. I was really the serious girl, so I had a big music back. Bitmap birth now leave, but also was serious enough where the elite world, so that a difficult balance and times, but I always had a say in what funny good, because I always felt at some point the that suited the gymnast perfectly and another time I'll be watching. Thinking was nowhere. You chose that I can say the same, for everybody knows TAT. It was out of their completely. But again I couldn't. I had a really good relationship and I thought we were only nineteen. He respected my opinion.
Generally? He, ah in so that was definitely something where I felt like I needed to interjected get my opinion while fabulous Samantha before you, He let you go. What are you doing with yourself at this moment in time in terms of career by some absolutely right in that set up again in January with them double agent, but I was fortunate enough to go to Rio and cover the Games friend Bc Army with my first I'm back in act in all of the games on synthetic eating. So other really really neat opportunity for me to just be surrounded in the atmosphere again
but on a completely different level, you feel having to stand on the outside. Looking you it was. It was cool, beheading over me, Gordon. Happily, Europe Tunnel Vision, you of your job, and you know what you're supposed to do. If you don't really think about anything else, it was really move for me to see how everything else works. On the other side, it others either. Then it was a lot less stressful. Let me tell you- and you know why you have had such a good in a week- didn't know just yeahs, though with it was a fine. I shouldn t wonder if that were so proud, just because I know what it's like to be in their huge than that. Finding at your dream come true in that car, but I do not just from the USA Browser, but there is a view other girl, but had the job and has to go and big game that
like that, I can really understand what that was like, because they put years and years and years you know gymnastics is one of those sort that people tune into one hundred and thirty four years at the Olympics, and then I kind of forget that those girls are training for years before the next one, and so it's really cool you know that first hand into really appreciate all the girl better training that hard around the world Well, we really appreciate you silly, and hopefully our lessons will now appreciate that it's not just every four years in its in a year round, think so, meant a passive. Thank you so much for being our guest. Today, it's been wonderful. Who taught you under quite enlightening. Robbing me you're welcome, we'll job, that's it another playing with science. Are you? Are you thinking about taking up gymnastics now? Absolutely the first and I'm gonna do is actually learn to touch my toes, and I hope I get scored at
I I'll leave you with that, all that's it from playing with signs that has been signs behind gymnastics. If you can your treasure, a better man than to put your company whereby lockdown my I'll drop, the organs. Which you can listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio
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