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#ICYMI - Hockey: Physics on Ice (Part 2)

2017-04-06 | 🔗
Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly explore the slippery science and skate technology that leads to speed – and collisions – in the world’s fastest, toughest team sport. With physicist Alain Haché, Bauer Hockey’s Craig Desjardin, NY Riveters captain Ashley Johnston.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe on:iTunes Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceTuneIn: http://tunein.com/radio/Playing-with-Science-p952100/SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceGooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Thanks to our supporters on patriarch for sponsoring this episode of Start talk, joined them and listen to every episode with no meal. The grass taste of your personal astrophysicist star talk in stitches pleased to present to you a new show where the universe and sports collide. Your hosts of nice, I'm very right and we are the hosts of flame with science.
To overlook at the fast and furious world. Lies hockey part one: will you not the net with the science of the shot and stick engineering, and today we punch through even deeper into the signs of the fastest and toughest sport theory and helping us with the slippery subject. The physics on ice will welcome bag physics. Professor Alan has Shea, whose also the author of slap shot science and the physics of Hockey AL is gonna. Help us understand just how much force is going to take to flat your opponent against those boards and whose number is not going to want to know that I can tell you who may ok we're even
throw in the science behind the ice itself, no extra charge, you go lucky you once you ve done. That will be chatting once again without good friend and vp of product. Bower hockey, Craig Dishevelled, and only this time, with a focus on the tank in the states themselves. Yeah, I'm fine, It wouldn't be here from the captain of the New York Rivers. Mechanical engineer and a shut down the Frenchman who's, not a man at all, we're Talkin about Ashley Johnston. I love this woman Woman is a year of mine, I'm sorry people she's into stem. She is a an athlete. She is the captain of her team. This is gonna, be a great show, an inspiration to stay tuned. Just like the ice, it's pretty cool stuff, so la show we got into the
with the stick right gaily opened up, learn a lot about that professor gave us what was going on in the slap shot, the pious everything else around it. Now we can get into the skates in this some real cutting edge stuff regarding high see what you down there did you this is data and commemorate cutting edge stuff and they don't just throw the shell together without that pass. As us, as you said there, the professor gonna give us an insight into collision, and we know it's not a context bore hockey. Is a collision spoke,
God's, you have said, a mouthful there, man, because I got to tell you something. I look at these collision and the last collision that I washed and I spent some time cuz. I wanted to find a clip for us to get into the show with so I've been watching like hockey collisions for two days now, and I am pretty sure I have a concussion just from watching this is insane. These guys are crazy. Some of the biggest hit, ever seen and I'm a huge football fans, and I love when guys level, each other on the playing field of about these issues that looks personal, I'm waiting for the guy to struggle into his pocket and take his money, the where they lay these guys out. It is in saying I feel just a little bit less of a man Gary that's what I'm trying to tell you cover hurts ethical partake of gardening. Ok, you quite simple, but it's not
for the faint hearted you gonna have to be brave. You're gonna have to be tough and is probably why they were putting our eye while chuckle conscious chosen from, as I said, that from our airlines, I too, where a pad not too much for my real father. I led a piece of audio now, so we're going to take a look at Scott Stevens of New Jersey Devils, who is known to be one of the hardest hitting players in an age of history. This guy is a beast, but what is scary is that in this particular clip as they can, the blue line. Slab of cars. Love is in front of the net and he has a shot on goal now. Of course, Stevens is a defence meant, as though he lay my job is to make sure you don't. Even the shop, what it is or what he does is he comes across eyes and why I am he levels, this guy
and when I say level on I mean not only does cause love collapse like a cheap card table, but he is knocked out. I mean not I'll call, ok, but before we run the clip, I have to say when we come back, she will be behind a desk what no worries worry, I'm gonna tell you right now. Ok, I watch this and I felt a little bit of my manhood drain out of me, I was like this is now cool man. This is not like. This do not be legal. This is a sport where a guy can come across the ice hit you in such a way. That is clean and legal, knock. You out, and people come over to him about your man. I was awesome, but everybody plays by the same rules said: that's why hockey is such a popular sport? All right
Well, let's take a look at Scots Stevens inaction: lights out, baby, one guy in this. I'm in you proposed, not look like he is with us right now. What a smack Scott Stevens. If you ask players around, the league was going to hardest hit, see what he does before he makes. Contact stick goes down. Otherwise sticks up these out. Well, yeah! Now that's a family, so yeah by Armenia will often the guys would anticipate the fact that if I'm near the park I'm getting hit you your natural spider senses kick you can write, but he never saw that come well. You know it so funny he was so so focused on about,
the on it was so focused on taking the shot he was about to make a shot and he really had a nice shot on GO and ever never happened so let's bring in now somebody to hopefully help me our eyes while chart takes a deep breath and introduce someone we are familiar with from our first show. Professor Alan has Shea from monks University in Canada, author of Snapshot, I am the physics of ice hockey. I welcome back. You saw that clear Are you in the yeah? That's what happened school or are you with chalk? Yeah? That's not a pleasant experience, I'm sure for our kids,
love their thanks for the overstatement there, a doctor, a half ass, a kid I like way to get at her with a controversial statement. So, ok, let me this this different types of collisions in the game of sport of hockey. Now I can see a guy, a big guy hit, a smaller guy in the big guy bouncing off. I'm looking at saying, and I quite understand what happened there, but there must be some basic laws of physics. That means that actually can happen, yeah, it's a matter of fact. When you look at a collision with a force on each player or each bodies, that collide is always the same, less common action reaction, so it's always the same force except that it a lighter body. You like salaried, much more faster to your sufferers, bigger and displacement are enough to have a small car against the tribes and experience the same Foresman because
truck is much heavier than guy inside will not noticed ass much soul. So, yes, it is Guy's going faster than the limb bigger guy. Then you know I have a chance to knock him overboard Yes, indeed, there are different types of collisions amid ice collisions, as we saw with the Scots Siemens, sally rare their dangerous, yes, collisions happening along the border. Rattle went when you have an almost stationary player the more than in the other guy comes in. We have this absorption by the board, because the moors will tend to move a little bit too will not suffer as much impact. So now are you saying that, from the standpoint of physics, when a player is up against? boards, and you hear that crash, and you hear the sound of the board, making the thunderous kind of warble that the board itself is acting as a shock absorber.
Four. Would the one player hitting the other player? Yes, so so in that the bigger the distance, the smaller the force, ok, ok, so actually being hit against imports is better. I like the I do exist decipher Miss Seyffert, because I know where mothers listen is I'm playing on the outside. I repeat: so now is there because all of the impact is absorbed by the player when you are on centre or open ice just from a physics, standpoint, Gimme the physics difference between the two of them that makes the board safer. So in the MID ice collision, you have two guys coming often time something. A lot of times in opposite directions at approximately equal speed account so that that means a relative spend much higher, whereas the board than you have a guy which is already against abortion, cannot move further and then one other guy comes and hits him.
The relative, the loss. It is less in the second case, so from a physical equation from a physics equation is the relative velocity. That is their factor here. That's at play, so we open eyes. The relative la velocity is higher, so the head is more devastating against the board. No matter what you do, the relative velocity will be lower, and so does the hit is not as as I devastating begun it while so when, when we talk to any fell guys, particularly lineman, they always talk about the low guy wins when their tax, when the hitting at the line scrimmage do we have a similar scenario in hockey where the guy with the lowest centre of gravity can make. Devastating hit, or maybe a bigger guy, yes, yes although there is none that being of indifference in height between players the time. So you wouldn't dare this quite a big difference in size, but when will
Sometimes one guy will crouch over case No law, let that serve their dangerous because the other guy will get you know absorb all the impact on his hips are his legs and that's. Why did your gay and you see we're gonna get low breeds and you see him go flying they just just flight in oh, let's Conor Switch gear is now and go from the end of of this thing, which is the collision to how it starts, which is the skating, give us just an elementary breakdown of the physics of skating. What what is it happening when someone is skating. While its says it's a bit complicated by one could say that the main difference between skating in running is that during skating, your foot is not going at the speed as as, in the This is going under yourself, EU whereas running you have to move your feet as fast as you're running, but in skating, because you're pushing sideways like this side,
motion of the state as much slower than the actual speed on the player. So that's how they propose themselves. They will put their near blade slightly openly. Miss start, pushing side, decide exerting force propelling themselves forward, now? You can obtain much higher speeds because you have low friction its adverse slippery, and because of that, I find that you don't have to move your feet as fast as you're running that that's the main difference here, but it takes a certain technique, because if you want accelerate Ask then you have to then your knee after to get low in order to the lawyer centre of gravity in order to prepare yourself faster sometime, you see, kids, they tried to go familiars staying up straight up.
I listened very difficult to get Alan Skating backwards, not that I can state forwards by the way justice and mission of troops there and guilt? Can you skate as quick backwards as you can? words and if not, why not overlook question? No, you can't he can escape quite fast but you can never provide is just the way the leg is. Design is designed to move a certain way so that they need bans in afford. It was the other way around. I assume that we could ask a backward aside. No, I mean it's not a symmetrical situation. Worse, turn around me cannot exert the same power as if you're on your own skating forward. Ok, so thank you for breaking down the physics in skating without the ice itself. This is a particularly different game. Are tough lot have to do this in a pool of water?
Thank you your in Canada, and they tell me that you are blessed with the best ice. Why? How please explain I'm not sure. That's true necessarily, I think. Well, put it see you this way. You know girl grown up and Canada. I know a guy, I know a guy. You now lives in Vermont, but he skates on ponds and he played hockey growing up skating outdoors on a solidly frozen pond. And when you look at the ice inside of a stadium, I'm trying to figure out how they keep this ice so high I'd with the body heed of twenty thousand people, it's in doors and sometimes it summertime so lake. Is there a difference in fast and slow ice ice that is so frozen, solid, so hard like that of the ice? That's three
and a half feet thick on upon and the ice in in an arena which is only a few inches thick? So is there a difference between fast and slow ice? Yeah? It's true You want to keep the ice temperature unseen, minus seven to minus ten new resources, just to arm close to the melting temperature gets soft. Then, when you hear skating on the new digging deeper into the ice and slows the skate, if it's who called than the friction. Cohesion is not as good as not I slip away when it's really really cool, ok yeah, so they want to keep it at us Certain temperature is absolutely true that it's difficult to do that in the stadium outside. I remembered it was his name in Pittsburgh outside. When's and ideology, but the challenge, because it was raining on top of that and the rain top on the ice and makes came like tat, makes it slushy. That's very good.
The call to get good eyes under any condition. The indoors fusion is much better. Am I right in their being conflicting theories of how you're able to skate across the surface of the ice, one being pressure? The other being vibrating molecules on the surface is one c theory: gonna be debunked or, the case of maybe it's the two together yeah. It turns out that eyes itself if you look at it with microscopes, very powerful, Michael jobs. You look at the actual water molecules, their action On the top surface, there very mobile said our almost a guess: semi liquid type thing: it's the ices by itself and wet you dont have this, of it is is whether even if it's a microscopically take its very, very thin line.
It is there and that's what makes I slippers and a very unique material, because we all know very many other solids that our asked slippery as ice. And let me tell them that we have you no winter sports without that winter sports would be not possible. I my writing, saying the molecules vibrate vertically rather than horizontally, because if they were horizontal, it would just be a leak surface, no, the vibrate in all directions is just that they're not attached The new molecules that are under the ice are haven't neighbours everywhere in their linked there. Monster I'll tell them to place, whereas the ones at the top, they don't have anything upstairs so they're kind of dangling there and if that's, what Thank you for for putting me right on that one, because this in others a lot a sort of written evidence about molecules vibrating, but right we have a definitive explanation,
from an era who knew they were actually vibrating, as is yes. This is good news loudly on the. Why? Why that's good news, but it is so ok, so they indeed are vibrating, yes, which is called, but that brings us to the second, not ferryboat postulate, which we heard from our own doktor near the grass Thyssen about how the lead on the actual ice surface creates a pressure that causes a molecular change in the ice to an actual extra Emily thin layer of water that causes this gate, then glide on a sheet of water. Which immediately rephrase is once this gate has passed over. It is that also true,
Yeah, so what you are referring to his words, com pressure, melting of the ice is actually very neat experiment you can do you take a long blot on a vice and then you attach she copper wire around it and you suspend to masses and Eight of the masses will make their wire captain to the ice because its holding right under the wire to water and then right on top and becomes ice again so the the wire will just cut through the ice and will fall down and their eyes will be in tat, will understand. The nice will still be a block of ice, the s okay. So yes, this happens under escape as well. So if you looking the sharp edges of the blame. You have very, very small area, a lot of force applied, so you can melody, listen, that's, probably playing a factor as well, except that it cannot explain. Why say a package which is as a big area under animals is very light, can also final
the ice fairly easily with exactly the same ass, exactly the same friction, and that explains it. So ice itself is slippery, but you can help it by a yard, liquefied some of the layers of water on time. That will help lubricating the surface, but wish even with low pressure, something can slight easily on the ice? They have it. So we have a boyfriend so we have a both air and that are either or yes. This is awesome. We are solving the problems of the world right here. Ok, that's all I'm saying this is professor with your experience to play with your knowledge as an expert in the field of physics. Can you see hockey embracing science take itself even further forward sport. I think it's under a lot of help by the industry. There is technological improvements.
Every you know. Every year there they come up with new products more talking about the collision before, while others, better equipment, new matter girls that can use US pantings new types of, materials, first game, blades, new design in the booze, new stakes, etc. So I think there is a lot of improvement in the sporting by companies that provide equipment, there's also parliaments in the way they measure hockey players. You know they need require a lot of data now, just our position on the eyes house. As they know, maybe they get tired. They slow down alone. Bed linen analyzed those data, but those are these teams will do like a professional teams will do that to try to optimize Durham. Their team is as best as they can awesome. While man will thank you so much as ITALY, this been absolutely free, during an quite quite a low education have been revelation,
Shea. Thank you so much for your time been a pleasure to have you Wanna show, please listeners go and check out the professors, books, snapshot, science and the physics of hockey if have enjoyed listening to me, I'm sure you be interested in Throwed reading his work. We will take a break and just as the professor touched on before, entrusting technological developments in the equipment and who better to tell us about it, but Craig Asia, Thou Bower hockey to discuss all of that next and playing with signs do not go away. Hey I've got a little secret for you When I consider singing all of the ads on this shell just one way to get out a hearing. There go to patriarch
coms last starred talk and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and ever hear another commercial on star talk ever again, you will definitely not have dear me, saying if you support us at patriarch doc, arms last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying man made you guys, got your garden by surprise, some bad Welcome back, I'm very rightly until now. This is playing with science says no that because you stole June dean and you're here from the beginning and today,
As you know, we are exploring the world of hockey a k, a thesis on ice concerned not to be confused with this, you're nice! No, it's just not merely as good, no, not at all, no and are joining us by video call to break down all the technology that goes into skate dine and the union Think it's a group with a blade o uses amounts to around Craig desire than the vice president of product to bow a hockey will tell you otherwise, Craig good to have you back on, showed my friend, westward I'm a bad man or excited, thank you got a man, as we did in show one with D. The hockey stick a little bit a history, because what Bower the originator of the first sort of complete riveted blade, boot lace up scenario way back in the thirties, ran about the time I was born before you say it exactly on taking out what it certainly was a boot and something as novels. Attaching
yeah a steel blade, so they could skate across the frozen ponder to get where they were going in. This sort of warfare in two hours were very fortunate to have about seventy percent of an HIV players and valor skates. We are very exciting, that's it then it's true, I mean when you go. By supporting the store. Even when you look at the skates, you guys are still you're. Still there too, like how much I mean you don't have to tell us that cause. Maybe this is, it does make a difference, but how much market share? Do you guys? have like they. What do you guys like? Are you really up there? Like you like about ninety seven percent of the market, Bowers Gates? Aren't minority treatment I mean just gates! That's it says that quite that high. But it's
relatively high? I know it is ran all right. If you can't see Craig Space, it has got a green yeah he's size of is that Good Sesar CAT grid, like the rest, all disappear to smile stay there? Are these not there's? No arrogant, no arrogance a want. We really pleased that we have this slice of the market, so you ve gone through the perforated shit, see, phase on my right now, you're on two oven baked, he moulded skates with carbon fiber. Am I right because that's that's something could never have imagined was happening while you know before even get into that. Just give us a breakdown of like the history of escape hockey has gotten so much faster of I mean I'm not gonna professed to be like the biggest, okey fan, but I have always been a fan I am a Philadelphia flyers fan. Thank you very much. Yes,
I know I know you were going to say that and then you going to say that you know, but we are a team that is steeped in the traditions of hockey. Okay, lot: a lot of history there, my broad street bullies going all the way back there, the orange and black forever. But anyway, when you look at these older clips and you look at hockey, come back in the day. These guys are now. Moving merely as fast as they are. Right now. Is that because of skate technology advancement- and if so, can you give us Canada break down as to what has happened to states and why hockey has become so much faster? It's interesting question I think part of it is the athlete and how they train, because I think it's that fortunately, game is significantly evolve, but from an equipment standpoint. Here we came out with the vapor AIDS Gate and ninety ninety seven, which was a game change
because, prior to that, every state on the market was traditionally a black synthetic leather, very traditional we're all made similar and the it was a one piece quarter. It was roughly twenty percent lighter than any skate death players teen out there and instead of having that traditional lace profile. It was more grass of so players could really not only flex forward more easily, but they had a better feel for the ice because there is less interference between their foot. In the end, the blade how much do play talk to about the transmission between the ice and their own for inside good boot, so that they talk about that. Is that these that, as you say, so vital to them? be able to feel intimately what's going on beneath them, which is funny because you hear their from race car drivers about their tyres. How the two
airs, give the road a certain feeling. Is that the case Bulgaria just said about the ice in the blade and escape threats? Actually, a great analogy because you wouldn't want to play the formula one tyres on on a pinto, so absolutely you're, talkin about these elite level. Athletes in sometimes it's hard to articulate what their what their feeling, but I think any time that you know when they take those first three steps there crisper, they you're like the energy transfers, is pure and worldly, eliminating the slop that comes from a state that is either loose fitting or to bulky then players not only feel more responsive. They also feel more agile because as their crossing over a running into those quick stop and goes there their ability, move their feet and articulate their ankles quicker is also part of the benefit. So how We managed to eliminate that slack within the boot itself. All in all, especially in
are our highest skates. We use a manufacturing process that skull three decompression moulding. So if you look at the state from the rear, it actually mirrors the actual shape your foot, so the ankle loans than the articulation of the heel and the beauty of the curve composite materials that we use is you can take that whole skate. Put it in a escape, oven, heated up in about three minutes, and you can further shape their material around, whether it's a bone spur or any specific nuances of someone's foot. So they have that purely customize fit. Is happy spoke boots for the elite play is exactly the same. Must love you. May we told you Cinderella this is this is absolutely fabulous,
I don't know any other really sports, where that attention to detail for afoot for footwear actually takes place. Why in always taken one step further, so an often overlooked element is, is the blade so what's below the Buddha of this gate yeah and we came out with a technology a couple years ago, called light, speed edge, and once you can assess, they do is there's a little trigger and you pull the trigger on the blade and you can remove the steel and won't were seeing is because air Well, you're much like the blade of a stick has preferences on their share opening hollow yeah or whatever rocker? They can essentially go to the bench pull the trigger move the stone put in a new one, such players, some of what you have to reset the game.
What you have done is kind of like in the NFL and I'm sure any any real football fans will know this and am probably on any other sports where they use cleats. You can change the police. Now, if the field a sloppy than you, can change your cleats and you put in a longer deeper cleat if the field is dry and cut a dirt like you want to put in a short of clean and says so that you can get a better future for the for the ground under your feet, so you can do that same thing for the player, with a blade or you can do it on ice conditions, and there is also the dynamic and hockey whereupon here I'll go crashing into the matter into the boards or enforcing break their steel and lose an edge. So it's it's a combination of both and we're trying to cover for all those factors owed. So it's a great advantage for those players who often not scorn a goal, namely to change sick, something that's an option or if they lose an edge during the game? There not wasting your five minutes. Sir. A couple shifts they can change, it would be. No. Twenty two
and it's what you say, you wouldn't say losing age. It's that sharpness on the blade itself right exactly now mass! That's how in tune, A player is that he will know the age is gone on his blade really about, but I dont skates clueless. That's how that did you talk about the transition of of knowledge between the ice and that the prior its it's so invest in saying that the fact that you will know like while my skates on I've I've lost my skates doll it up. I got it. I gotta get a better agile, my skate, that's pretty wild yeah. I think it's pure sense who are trying to do is. Is create a sensation of having year your barefoot without a blade attached to the bottom of life. We can create that sensation on the icing and have that sort of energy transfer happening then
then that's an adventure. Let me coming ass. One last question about the anatomy or the design of a blade itself, so I've seen that the blade is actually met a flat metal surface. It's a little curved hollowed surface. Can you tell me why is that? Was that wise? It shaped like that I think sort of curved in both ways, so you have a hollow so that, because you skate on both your inside in your outside it I got you so it's like having to blades on one blade yeah, it's almost like it. You can imagine skiing, turning left and the right of rival, similar phenomenon. So, depending on your skating style, some people, it's almost like a ballroom dancer. You have whether your big or small, some people.
A quick on their feet and move more fluidly and and some don't so you can really fine tune that based on its getting so what next advanced the sport so far with your equipment. What next? Without giving away every one of your secrets? You know what I think there's a couple things. I think we're really taking a closer look at. How do we take? the migration of equipment to the next level, because we are seeing not only advantages by reducing their weight because as hockey's a game of agility. So it's not like speed skating, which is more like NASCAR, were more like formula one where the disease, quick, accelerations change direction, so the ability to fine tune that equipment. I think the other aspect is technology and how technology is integrating with equipment. Players are looking for feedback, not only under biometrics. Harp heart rate pulse sweat.
Is like tat, but also, if you could know, either as a training to or on ice how fast, your skating, your location. So as your positioning sound if you're a left, winger versus array player. So I think we're actively looking at how technology can be infused equipment, the game players not only an advantage performance wise, but also the to help them become better players lass. So, let's whiskers for quick, second, When you talk about helping players, I am still just flabbergasted by the fact that the hits in hockey are just so devastatingly difficult to watch. I mean these guys flying across the eyes, sometimes at thirty something miles an hour way hitting one another. The collisions many times are far. A greater than what they aren't football, and you know Papa, has similar most spectacular collisions that you will find
What are you guys see in terms of helping players protect their noggin when it comes to Euro taken those kinds of hits, so I think there's gonna too exciting things that we have in the works at each one of you look inside a helmet pair to your helmet, six or seven years ago. This change dramatically, because what we are seeing in the game as you have these low energy impacts, the outer reply or getting bump. You have higher gene impacts which are sort of the bigger hits in collisions, and then you have sort of rotational impacts. We are now a man of a lot of different types of head. So when we're looking at technologies and helmets, whether it's a suspension system, others multiple different layers that her that are sort of made to absorb it, dissipate the energy from and manage all those different types
impact so? That's, that's one were able to stimulate rotational hits and all those different types of impacts in are in our lab and recreate exactly what's going on on ice. I think the second part to that is either were coming out with a technology this year and in the canadian market called Neural Shield, which is essentially a collar players, can wear around their neck. Sweden, in what it's doing is, is actually simulating. If you can imagine what a woodpecker does and how many times a woodpecker hits a tree, and you get a wonder how yeah there's no sort of head injury related to the amount of fish
since applying he don't being able to. Essentially, maintain a slightly higher blood volume around your brain, a note no different than that and when you're here you know your coughing or you get up in the morning. There's more more blood flow with that does is. Act is almost like a bubble younger, more progressive. Your cushioning from from the inside of the had itself exactly that's awesome. I mean that is something that can actually spend all sports where we're had injuries can be a problem right, that's exactly a game changer as a game changer. Yes, sir, we can do as saying that can protect an athlete, particularly in a collision. Sport, like ok, yeah, absolutely to you and you your technical and engineers and on the little science bunnies you have had good luck. I haven't Craig once again has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for your time.
Thank you for allowing us insight into what you do with your company and we wish you all the very best and we hope to have you back in the future. Gentlemen. It's it's been a blast. Thank you very nice, very kind of you to say thank you so much well what we learned our lesson great stuff right there, I'm ok were excited another break. When we come back, we will have a defence man Ashley Johnston from the New York with it. The team, as well as being a mechanical engineers, sports and science combined in one person, stick around with actual
welcome back, I'm very rightly, and I'm stuck nice. This, of course, is playing with science, and today we ve been exploring the scientists skating and vision fast and furious world of ice hockey, like that. That was my idea. That was my a sitting of the EIS. Second, that's ok, enough of that yeah I was have we had a deal. Hungary's happy hunting is now by video call, is actually Johnson Captain of the New York rivets. Firstly, welcome to the show fabulous because you're, not just a hockey player. You are a mechanical engineering. If bill Nigh was here, he would be in the not worthy position. He would absolutely a door you so welcome to us.
These are areas where I say we are very poor. Let me ask you know, first of all that such such wonderful marriage of science and sport, how did you get into hockey because you know the strange sport as far as I'm concerned for a young girl to say you know one of our play hockey Canadian I am today so that, ok, what do you have a basic warrant? Misgave? Yes, you were yes, you were, or looking both sides of you, did you bring any of your mechanical engineering thinking to your game I actively every labourers, strategic game and say circle. A simple things like I love using the board's may pass because things like in Angola Bassa Pack into the Boers. The same angle is essentially to come out
Things like behind your hokey, my ass that's a by everyone, as well as a symbol of the strategic plays accept plays. I I love things like bad. It is really work out wells like one They gave a risk, not cool. When you look at TAT, background in robotics, which, before ass, we said that we should let people know you lead robotics team as well as leading the New York Rivers. You are also leading a robotics team. I believe, while you were in school, you developed a prosthetic that actually grows with a child who has lost a limb. Am I correct there is, that is that there are. What I'm saying it right, yeah, that's all crack. So at my eye, I work with his family father I led a industrial sash manufacturing engineering senior, so it is
do a lot of work on the assembly line out the robot go together. Thousand college. I developed an industrial process parasite. So what idea as children, grow prosthetic would fit to stop a lot better because it would be a just war, essentially every asset and before you're the invention, but you're innovation. Children basically had to buy a new prosthetic every few years, as they grew right. Yes, crack something like a shoe, essentially on the same she size for entirely. As your growing dealing having to buy your shoes supper. Prosthetics are exceptionally more expensive than shoes and state aid for something that doesn't really totally fit. You is kind like a like wearing shoes at our half his eyes, to beg your half a size to small disputes and how much is some swells throughout the course of the day. So let me
ass interesting thing about a teenage girl spurts they go through in the short space of time. You could be weeks in a month and there you are you back down their buying a new one, and that really must do that families must layer of families. That's love you for two families. You stop yelling airport, like you up up up up up like that's gotta have an air as family I saw. I saw brides access outside as allowing organs are crucial product. What I saw it and I think it's, I think it's an ingenious design and I just love the way what Ashley did for those. Since I don't want to talk about it without explaining it, though- and I hope I'm explaining it- that's not you use like a bladder tat. It can be inflated the same way like you pump up a who was unanimous and then there is an adjustable strap around that and then
The same way that you, if you think of the crutches that have the little pin, in them that allow for different heights. On a pair of crutches. You ve done that with the stem of the press that it for like a leg and so that the person can it can literally grow with that person. I think it's ingenious. I applaud you. I have to say for the time: I have a feeling is gonna work and you should be very proud yourself. Thank you very much. So let me ask you this: when it comes to innovation that you find in putting together something like this and leaving a team. About us. Our theory parallels that you can draw to be in the captain of a professional hockey yeah sure I always science leaderships everywhere. So here we are. See in industry early a team. Ices suddenly came in same thing from forcing a group of people towards one common goal, whether that come on
all is building a row by building a prosthetic when he achieving share bids related, uniting everyone, contrary to bring other ass if everybody so that you off at the other as one one big puzzle in, can cohesively achieve your goal. So the moment you ve got, couple of big games on the horizon of semi final of a play off and is it the Isabel CUP the tragic, so your leadership skills can't be doubted, then check care now by the way, as well CUP, so much better of a name. Then then, let's just say: I'm do you ever think they were married, a balanced diet anyway, I'll ask you what you think you're challenges are but it's kind of a leading question and you might not want to answer it silent stand as the law and not a word, but I think we have a good chance
get over. One they've even talked about it throughout the season, really speaking at the end of the year, so he can bring his championship season so we're playing our best hockey at the right time trajectory has Dappling Dan right on that course run. Let me ask about when I look at you. You're physical play your ears somewhat taller than most women. Period little bit taller than many of those on the ice with you. Is that an advantage in hockey or a disadvantage How do you use it or overcome it depending on what it is? the average, whereas the most we will see some six feet saw. The first question that they had is: oh you play that smaller Zack. I missed the boat on that one. I've actually awful a basketball fire rocky asbestos. That's not my stick as a lot longer than most other players. So, with my region, I post in Canada overcompensate for
the faster smaller females. You're escaping around obviously being very strong. Clyde's and a lower centre of gravity is really beneficial hockey, but I observed the upper end in the sense of bad further couple substance than we might have on me again and backed by having a foot longer stick certainly one of the ways I tell me, is there any other ways that you, because of your physique, adapted yourself to the game of hockey and found awake you obviously a quite a good thinker found a way to exploit that as an asset side of the length of the stick. Air pressure is also like by positioning two speakers. I am here. I have proper buying positioning. I didn t really use my strength
aside to overpower smaller player that suddenly made a huge wine and that also just saying in the mental side of the game. So I know where the fox Gonna be for somebody else does than I can get there. A head start raw, though in a river had starry have a much higher chance of winning and also the same time. Using over probability in their understanding. That is something the matter so much for going so fast. Then the chances alarm getting their first of able- maybe I should go over here instead saw science thing, emphasising designs, think I did it probability the working out of the victory of where went. No, I need to
We hear pop right place right time eyes. So let me ask because you're known As- and I have done a little bit of reading- and it's been said several times in anything, this written about to shut down the Frenchman, I'm gonna say, shut down defence person. What is necessary to be a shot down defence. In the game of hockey, saying exactly where I live, for peace in the calculation of knowing where people are indeed beforehand. Ok, here is at issue here, We also need them sooner and take away the time and space the player has a lot of time and space save a lot more time to think in a night typically will result in them you saying a better played and they would if they had to make a rush same day every day. Follow me all the time the world here probably gonna, get more likely to go to the right answer. Then, if you had thirty same countdown flock,
So let us use the boy without thinking her opponents. Jerk you go in a very real hope? You know what I love is the fact that the way, the way that you said TAT is very humble disease. No, it's not like us. Real answer is a who I'm smarter than you. That's ok. Here's the real deal, I'm smarter than you, I'm not thinking you on the ice. That's would have deal. That's Ashley! That's just that! That's the whole personality! Alright, let's let slip it outside of you and put to the two ways here. What technical advantages of advances have you seen in hockey since she started to play and walk so the technical side civic advances. Would you like to see come to your support so that they wanted? These funds has been stacks of an absolute It is over you had the word like a beautiful. What signals a lot more of the Bible ass? Actually, somebody even have Kevlar weakens island.
Some, the Bower sex. So from that causes it you're basically gained the best of both worlds. Where is structurally sound enough to be a partner beside it it's taken and not fall apart. I knew what you saw when you have your force. Going down can get that flax makes you shine a lot more powerful unconditionally, one things it's been worked on, Eliza feel the park. So not only are you getting at again that that flax factor, but also since bucks under sick, but you can literally feel it all the way up, the shaft, your hands, which will prevent us mid or low flicks point. I, like it first point by its limit? More look better price, you just because a collar and actively doll bend. My nieces lunch apparent that will actually bid at the end of the stick, really helps me out some whip factor so
blades coming through. Have you got your hands on those new bow escaped stood at the hate moulded and have the carbon fiber little trigger blade things? If you put your hands on those yet Yes, sir, I have ie, I love them. I think that their their amazing, especially holding factor of it really does like wraparound your flight so how do you feel now wearing a boot like that in being able to feel exactly? What's beneath your foot or feet I so you think about your skin. Around I like no coupled millimeter thick played on ice so it's incredible to be able to have that sort of. Chile that that food allows you to have, as well as to Sir even science behind the metal on it that you're melting ice wire, skating That's how you really! Your truly moving is pretty cool.
Engineering you in a hard skate is an you're actually feel all aware. Rallies be very, very proud, Well, you know what you are. I can tell you just how impressive you are just across the board being somebody who as a leader in mechanical engineering leader in sports, a person who is an innovative, you're just impressive. All aware rallies be very, very probably yourself. I want to go and kiss your parents and tell them that you know they ve done a fantastic job, and I want to call love me. I am, and I want you to call my daughter, and let her now that you know everything that she once in this world is possible. We're just so happy that you came on the shell thanks so much sleep duration, and we wish you and your team the very best of luck in your future games and your elite in both the field of science and sport in us exactly what playing science is all about. So thank you. So much bigger
the show in February we hear so much. For I mean this is great. I really enjoyed it. So thank you very much pushes us arrived. Thank you so Chuck, yes, physics. I thought your gas physics on ice on ice. Eleanor Shea opened our minds to everything that goes with snapshot of what we can find out physics and science on the ice then Craig does y'all. Then let's is inside the secrets to go into Bower product right and then we have an inspiration of applying a leader from the New York with it is you know, I've been Grange was graecia. That's what I'm going say. I'm Gary Riley homes have nice, and this has been playing with science
like Galileo job the orange wish, you can listen, the star talk, commercial, free, joint start talking, Patria for as little as five dollars per month, and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot coms. Last star talk, radio
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