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#ICYMI - Hole-istic Golf, with Craig Davies and Sean Foley

2018-06-22 | 🔗
In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel… The U.S. Open may be over but we’re still on course. Hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice chat with Dr. Craig Davies and golf coach Sean Foley about taking the hole-istic approach to golf and the secrets that make the best players great.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/hole-istic-golf-with-craig-davies-and-sean-foley/Photo Credit: Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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I am the other s place of your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you, a U show where the universe in sports, and now I am so nice I like, and we ivy host play with science is ready for David backing to swing. Yes, we are its gulf and we with Doktor Craig Davies performance. Optimize. Guess and golf coach Sean Boldly- and here we are in the Hamptons notice to use for the EU is open.
If you see he's quite simple: Poland, a tape swing and hit good work ruined or whichever view you have, we might just be to change your minds because they are too incredibly interesting. People too. Of the leading components that you will not hear a great deal about rags. They are behind the scenes, but the goal this themselves. The pain so heavily and there's one calling that's right now would be to that Tiger saying please I need these two guys. I you animal desperately, gentlemen, how are you yes good Avenue as for so heavily terms, means that you something between the pair of you now twentysomething. Probably yes, It's been there. We were very young when we got out there originally, but it's
every year for me, since two thousand seven lazo eleven years ice biggest change, another venue changes, but yet I think the other fields gonna lot younger. Yeah, that's a big feels gonna lot younger and the field a lot longer lot longer. These guys are you know you get these young kids come out and not all of them, but you see a lot of room like six to one. Ninety five, so physical specimens, as opposed to just where's used images? Athletes athletes sooner was growing sooner physically, as well as their game. There's before you have a lot of the poor golfers, yes right and now you're having a lot of people who were ass, leads that Gulf there's a difference now in the the person the individual, whose playing this for you now before. I think a story. You have a lot of people
playing off, who didn't play other sports, and now you have a lot of people who are great and other sports were playing golf, because it's kind of cool now like off the liar. You see that with many other, major league athletes from different sports, what they all love to do. Everybody wants to be a great golfer. You know no matter who it is, but before we go any further, why don't we just get from both of you a breakdown of what it is that you do with the player of what it is? looking for in terms of metrics to improve a player and just two into an extra dimension that there are a hundred and one and more gulf makes what makes you so unique in this particular field. Yeah. You know it's a good point. There is a lot of people who do both. What idea on which I and as I think the difference is not too many them. I spent the time analyze. All the components that go into being a great professional and our fields right now, so I've been fortunate,
have a roommate out on this tour. Since I started, who is one of the preeminent golf coaches Dalton, one of the preeminent mines in golf, not just about the golf swing, so how Sean looks at performance is very unique compared to other coaches and the very holistic. So that's a great influence that I've been able to have that no one else would be able to have. You know I've spent more nights on the road with Sean and I get to spend at home with my wife, that's a very you need relationship, you must like each other. I think we ve never had a single argument, not know absolutely incredible. That's more than I can say from me and my wife for diesel: that's that's a massive damage and then, from their I've, just been fortunate to have a passion to follow the body in and where the body is in all aspects of science and quasi science. You know like
arrive where people can study. So looking at how the body moves both from a micro level on a macro level, look and had the energetic of the body. How do we optimize the geometry physical swing by by tweet, how the bodies able to move your improving the game by not doing anything about the game you're coming to the genesis of it all the body. Absolutely I'm trying to create, and indeed- remains that allow Sean to have an easier job to allow as players to give the physical assets the girls. So can you give us a kind of enough because our listeners, of course loved the science and the sports and that's what both of you guys are especially together? So can you give us kind of a look at the tandem, a fact that you have like you said:
you may adjusted players body. I would assume that would mean you mean positioning and and and like you know, in terms of contorting, I would say and then song can you tell us what that does for you and how respond to that when you are looking at a swing. I started out like very intuitive about all of this like way more creative and then I met crag in two thousand one, any. He kind of blew my mind with a couple things that never even really thought about it. So I was just kind of an intuitive golf coach. I was young, really young.
I'm just trying to make a living, but a new. I knew I was really cable. His didn't whether I knew not what I was doing. Most people got better, so I knew how to get that and it is. I met crag and he started breaking down like physics incoming geology to me, then the things that never interest me until I realised that they could benefit when I'm interested in. So I started to learn it that way, and so basically any sports motion period is about applying force and talk through optimal rage, emotion, so we can measure on forest plates and three D. Why mercies like
Oh no spin, can't yourself active right near or people say he's gifted from God, I'm ok, whatever that! That's does not to me. That's not really accurate, ok! Well, for US science, is God none job like this. I just had to say that, as is profoundly really gonna change your enemy, just like, I think I think the word talent and all that and in the things that we hear like thrown around quite often just comes from, like mediocrity, being okay with itself is to believe that someone was born dislike of so much better and- and I think that that sir, I don't really believe that. So I'm with you, I mean I've got no, that's all I'm glad. You said that because- and Gary will test this because Gary's former professional player, ok so, for instance, what was the free throw percentage? We we found that who was Stuff curry has an eighty nine percent free, throw percentage. That's not natural talent, now, he's grind. It is way too exactly that's why
you look at it though right so take the in this is kind of what happens with these. Like super athletes right, the environment is so massive in the intelligence, so staff Craig rose up is that they'll carry great yes M brother, South curry, less and Africa in a progressive lingo del curry is like close meets with Glenn Rice. Road can chew. And realities like his mentor, Joe. You have three of the best three point. Shooters of two generations, and then, when you dad, is playing in Toronto, you don't leave the court and then you just sit out there with Vince Carter. So I just watch a documentary on Vince Carter that was really funny cuz. It had like staff when he was like ten and they couldn't get em off court. So when he went to the Mcdonald's, all American basketball Camp,
he was sweating for two hours before they shut of her practice, and everyone was early for practice less and so that that's that's kind of it. So you do when you see when I see what goes into just a roses: a third ring player in the world and guy coach, their Craigs worked with yeah, ok at twelve and thirteen. He showed like a really interesting skill and if TAT was like a little bit of strength and balance and proper reception in hand. I coordination that he's a visual learner, so he's watching as heroes he's going from there, but to see our taken himself from I started with him, twenty eight is now thirty, seven to be the best player. He's ever been right now, thirty, seven, when all the young guns are coming up and how much further is headed, how much better he's got at certain things that were weaknesses, you see the work, so one someone's I got, she said It's like no, not at all it, but he did it because you know, like Michael Selves, astounded as a swimmer,
He came out of the room if they checked them in a pool, he waited on the breast rogue up. I got a feeling he might and I also think he has given- I guess- I'm just saying I get to feel you to be a lot of it- let alone plagues back. When you talk about an ethically up for the Nirvana baby, seven euro. Lastly, goes, I d, never mind. Sorry, that's right! Gotcha, sorry, none another good! So cats, thanks for what an athlete goes deep into their career and shows the best for that must really please. You was a coach because you sinking aren't they good before the body is beginning and downward slope, because that's the way it goes depending on the sort of sport you involved in absolutely, but there still able to buck that by bringing their bass, it has to have someone of the is it just about you beginning to be knowledgeable about your game and how best
or the other factors the coming to play. So do we know more with that with the science? Yes, exactly. What would the ability to measure it now right? So I have a bunch of devices ever three, the union from cave, asked for an elixir what you just kind of its like, for example, you you put it on the player and then you said it and then they move. And then you can look at the range, emotions and amount of rotation inside then in all these different things. In a lot of it is the things you're seeing our come so much from a fact that the causes aren't many right principles as thousands of stars, but there's only a few principles that matter in the whole deal. Whereat comes almost ain't that right right, and so I think what happened
is that being able to measure force in the ground and three d, and then using arrayed are like a track man to follow the ball. To give me all the information from impact that that was something that we, you know a sort of pioneered on the on the Pga tore them is. Are we having that track me out their years ago and it was like one of the first ones, and you know the next thing it was like sixty five to eighty of them, every coats now in any almost every player, writer and so did. The thing is, is white like? Why should a video when I can get really a thumb print of what happened at impact and then problem solved from that point right. Engineer a swing. You naturally take from the point of impact. Go back. Faced with the rat our impact. Those way where I've gone in the last couple years is so much into the loading and the movement of the Centre of Mass on the way back in the back swing, which is kind of a linear movement or rotational move.
A vertical movement you doing that and the unit you just I'm just saying say, someone's not really limited in their movement, they are now. I got to skin the cat, the other way, okay, but I'm still going to get to what I want. Cuz there's other ways. No cats were hurt doing this, but they were delicious, but that are set out to me now it's all about how I'm setting up that moment in transition, because as soon as the the grip and the hands start, arching back down impact is a thousandth of a SEC ways like once once it starts coming down even more than that that there is not really a torque right or a force that you can chew. You can do nothing to be able to handle her right. That's gonna be more. The vertical forest a rotary for creating talk in a body and that point. So if you go back really and look at the greatest ball stragglers volatile, you'll see the centre mass of the golf club, which is close to the Gulf head. You're always see it,
trailing behind the net force factor from what the hands or doing so, their hands are twisting upon the shaft they're pulling in pushing. So it's been really interesting, especially amongst power is like we're here, ground forces, but I seem without a doubt where the centre of Mass of the golf club comes down based on where the net force is in the hands like you're gonna, see completely different ways that people on the ground- and so I think that to me is where Gulf is now, where we ve never been, is its actual Mackenzie use a physicist and biomedical out in Nova? Scotia? Ok is the person to have liked
tell them create algorithm to show this, and so now all those things when I was twenty five that really worked for me. I now understand why they do so. When I didn't understand it was easy to go away from him, because I didn't really realise why there were so good, but once you recognize wide so good, I think the goal of a coach, a technique coach in any sport is you're trying to get your understanding to where you guarantee the person in front of you that you warm this is not about how much you can help them? It's about how quickly you can harm in so many ways, interest. Also there's a fear bump. Oh really gotta gonna get over and make them feel so K. Ok, it's it's psychological but more than anything else, just having enough knowledge to know like I've worked with a couple new players lately and being able to what I really want to see them? Do that guy? Shoulder can't do that got to say.
Find another way now deserves your career. We're both in the same place so now tells us is. How do you deal with absolutely? Does that bin the phone rings yes do you have a coach will say: hey I have this player is the technique. This is the moment I'm trying to achieve this, where I want the club to be delivered from and then you have a player who either has a gifted amount of internal extra rotation of the happy of internal Extror rotation of the actual shoulder joint, but if they need to squeeze out an extra ten degrees of shoulder external rotation, you know kind what we were talking about before the show How can you do that? If you're not gonna get any more out of the actual shoulder jointly Glenda Humeral Joint well now we can look at how does these scatter the shoulder blade? How can we change the movement parents? I shoulda blade in conjunction with how the ribs and the spine, sending an rotating so oleson, illicit or the twenty two thirty degrees increase in shoulder external rotation without actually changing was happening. That joint, because you changed the rest of the joy
in that chain or sequence? So, the moment I'm hearing the knee bone is connected to the Chin boat is basically, quite simply, without being you kind of go back right. If I can't move that particular joint, let me what would the places around it and then ease that out some. Maybe then you you, I've seen that Irish from other from some some other areas too. I'm sitting I've. Seen, though, with people with like say shoulder issue that Craig will focus. Like me, on their left, ankle and and really work through that area, and that I mean it is not just so it's not it's not just seriously nodded at the neck. Near its I mean this could be. I mean this could be connected all the way to that
some right universe. Rear has oh yeah absolutely here so based on what you just said. So incredibly, so I have a friend who basically told me he was working with somebody kind of like you, but I do know on a more personal basis and he says something about ankle me soldier is is there? Is that an actual like zigzag connection, there's some kind of comment there? There's conniving lay that go literally, so you everything I guess that everything is connected. Our bodies may out of it and secretary model of connective tissue right. So if you're looking at we all know connected, you mean your attendance way rides very obvious when the outside component of the priorities. Is continuous with a tenant, it's the same tissue right. It is literally the exact same thing. We just call it something different, so geography wise, we can communicate its the same so the cap's so the pair
Ask him in the outer covering the bone continues as joint capsule continues, then as attend in which then spreads out into the connective tissue that goes throughout the entire. Body, literally from every single cells dna out to the skin? It is all connected as one and that is the model of where electrons or energy moves through the body. It's where movement comes from its where forest transmission comes from. Everything is connected, It's so much more than San Marino, the ankle than I know man you just when you went down on a micro cellular level too. I asked about ankle me. You were just like now. That brings us down on a micro cellular. Why? Why? Why do you think that these are the two secret components? Allow the major gulf to now we're gonna take break that we have more golf with Craig Davis, unshorn Foley when we get back.
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the sort of practical issue I need to loosen up his muscles. Therefore, I can message that into any very basic you're talking on a micro cellular level, where we are playing with electricity message, absolutely so yeah if we're lookin. So if you go back to Eastern Mass and they talked about she or energy through meridians, yes, yet ripe. Yes, sir, we have now been able to look at the body and say ok, the connective tissue which has made it a college. That is where electrons move through the by catch. So if you're sitting on the grass wet grass or the edge of the ocean- and you have salt water, can it coming up and lab at your angles? You are taking energy from the ground I wish was put thereby lightning strikes right around and goes into your skin, up through the connective tissue up through your entire body and literally powers, your body right, each cell. So now now now mind you
right now you gotta, let you gotta understand our audience, and so I'm gonna is this guy, right now and women sitting listening and there's this guy, hey, surely Maclean keep your shopping. Stuff Do you sell their? We want some science. What are you talking about curve? It sounds so I just let you know that's what that was being thought right now. We may well have heard that before so they show it's. It's not even you know, wouldn't stop that the connective tissue is very worthy energy. The electron transportation takes play I'll catch up MIT who are studying how our college in works, to build faster microchips as they shouted energy goes through ourselves. It like ten thousand cameras, ten thousand feet a second thousand meters per second, but either way. Incredibly fast is ten times faster and faster might facets microchips. They have now. Our bodies are an incredible conductor of electoral,
in essence right. So what happens? We are no longer getting energy the same way. We did a thousand years ago, our food see, as we all know, is way less in terms of quality of food right. If you take an apple now, in its grown GM out sprayed with chemicals, its groaning crappy soil that doesn't have the nutrient value. That apple isn't nutrient. Says it once was why I like it here, water reminds me of alcohol and no, please carry on our waters the same right. Our water is not as clean as not as fresh that is charged at once. What I mean that always us in the city and in the work on the weekend, and I was sitting on the steps- and I was looking around and wondering how many people in front of me have not actually touched the ground with their feet in contact with nature right period, a period that is a serious concept man, but that's where we're going. That's that doesn't that that is a really serious concept. I have do you know where I have, even though what made you think they're protect, Blake
You told me that, like that's your word, our yea do justice area. Dad and honestly AIDS is jolted me a little bit or why do you think people feel better when they go on vacation to a sunny beach? It's not because they have rest. What did you say there with the same PETE there with their families? Are there with the people who stress them out there TAT J Bear? I gotta be. I can't work now and then the sound waves, this just there just sitting electrical gray and charged and everybody charging healing interesting. Very soon. We work at their athletes who work constantly degrading their bodies. From doing such a high velocity high force movement, give them an environment where their buys can heal they're not going to Have you seen from what you ve done? Have you seen increased oxygenation or oxygen intake on a cellular level or if you're able to measure that, and Secondly, what kind of performance metrics have you seen in terms of improvement, Yazzi, you have quantum,
viable, yes, potato, and you can use different things that you can use, I'm like a mega wave, indifferent, other hurry, variability minors where you're looking at what's happening to the heart and the variability in the beats, the heart and other parameters of that You can actually measure using a different the night devices like tenants device. We can measure the voltage of the impedance of the body that that changes dramatically when you're getting in a more charged environment. Environment. Talking all those things, water, food and everything else, and then you look at the tissue quality in the tissue quality changes dramatically. And he so much faster when you're in that kind of environment, because your changing how the body can act as its integrity model. You know you talk about over. Centuries reason get over use. Injuries is because you ve changed the stress and how it goes for the body
just ten seconds which, when you look at major Gulf tournaments, you all playing for two to three hours six hours, sometimes right and then you gonna do that again and next day and if your deep into the torment you gonna pay three rounds for around sovereigns. Thank you fought for Ebay. You play for hours by seventy two holes. Ryan is typically around this time of year. It used about hundred everyday. So you ve got right You ve got recovery issues. You ve got repetitive narrow fatigue, yes, so maybe because every how is a vacation right? Every this is stress every single shot is strange. Thing is stresses that people need to understand. Right, like stress, doesn't need to be like we think Trust me, I was thinkin negative right right right. It stresses just just the activity and productivity of the brain, so if so a guy sit there and he's playing around eighteen oars and say where China cocktails there's a lot,
the decisions that need to be made for five hours, like it's all, a decision be when they go to semi, clear and then just become athlete they ve done they ve gone from. I liked car, like going from Einstein to Picasso. Like I do this we would like my young kids, just kind of teach them a process. I don't necessarily believe in routines, because I know a lot of people are the greatest to actually couldn't even tell you what the routine was. There was just really a if anything is of a routine so helpful than how come every time. I do the exact same routine. I have completely different results so that an that's you could look at any sport like that, The NBA is full of guys or a shooting, terrible at free, throw line who have really articulate ten. Second routine. Yes, so wait when you started it once again. If you're going outside in then you're, probably always gonna be flawed in your understanding. But when you looking at like where this all started this used with with Craig that used to be like a r t treatment. You know
and then went down the whole more with their so at first it was like you know, guys. Adjusting backs then in tissue expertise. Then going nutrition, then go the training so I've I've watched what he just said: they're I've literally watched it from next to him half and for all those years, and it couldn't you know Craig could be listening to someone like DR the grass and start a diet, into how he seeing what he seeing. As you see the evolution of the professional right and you see the treatments get better and in the best part, is having my my own issues as they progress in their understanding how to treat the body Treatments happened faster in its. This is really so you can do. I mean I'm not my building assignable evidence of sitting there thinking right of given this player discomfort to Craig and he's come back.
May. We vis enhancement and your Do these things and you ve seen this on a number of occasions, yeah or just see, gave someone the ability to have a ten year career they they would just be there There are not designed to like bend over and turn fast inside keeping them in the game like no one, no one's did no one designed to be a scam. Half and take head on collisions, not feed Erna. Yeah. That's a rug. Do no one's really! No one's really designed to run thirteen kilometers around the Premier League field, four days a week, rightly so in Asia, there's only so many George Basque guys, who just did it and didn't stretch and smoked at half time and were the best
They never my work. He was yes right and he did absolute me. So I know it's Ellie athletes than the top of the one percent of Elite Gulf is right, but for other sports and for non sport related human beings, yet chuck myself is it still applicable, absolutely not teaching us to swing golf club, you don't want to recourse to absolutely so looking at that. The energetic of your body, is extremely important elements. I have one my friends from back home in Canada, whose apparently been diagnosed fibromyalgia, and so I've been living with that for the last eight years, pain, everyday, terrible, very pain yet and since the chain the energetic and where getting food where getting water and how she's charging herself she doesn't have symptoms anymore.
So clever her. Yet so everybody can do it in and it's really just a matter of looking out. Ok, what is what is the way that I can optimize the health and wellness in the performance of my body like I look at performance, not just in an athletic stance, but how can I performed on a day to day basis at the top of my a peak with by peak, and so it is asked what everyone absent. There's no question about it, and and have you know what I mean? How I have I have asked you are. The right is in my left, ankle and write me loom, and so that's just come from what I've done. Nothing about. Some of the things were doing right now, he's because I'm forty four at sixty that will be a problem, be a life problem, and so you know you, you see like a lotta runners who ran their whole life and an end is funny: it's nice how these people think it is, but they ran and they
and long distances and long distances, and then they quickly get obese in their sixties, because they're so broken down in their ankles on their knees that they can't even can exercise now and examined is really so it it. I think it's, it's is long term it it. It has to do that and obviously, if gray is able to increase the ability for the body to heal itself, You know it's knocking out thousands of things. You know, there's something I answered tides and bottom. Just for those of you who will not be watching us. One star talk: all access, dot, com and you're. Just listening to the park has shown is actually so young. Looking he'd looks nowhere near forty four of acts like he's so young looking, he could be black That's how young looking so it's a long story right, my story, so I'm just wondering when you first gonna go for, and you explain what you explained to us
Is there that moment where they give you the quizzical look, and you have a heart, Oh just generally coming comes through shown, you get. I mean why you unfortunate that this isn't my first rate here, so I have people who tend to come to me who know it. So then an audio success has something to do with that. To light. When you have success with one player, other players say you man, what happens a hundred percent goes to show the world. What what's going on you men, I noted and then that players as oh well now and then I think that with that would make eyes
hopefully a lot more amenable to whatever you have to say right. When you have a guy, you cannot really can't play off and then comes back in the hands of being the normal involves strike. Parents were less than a year later, people out there, but it's also people cause. If you know it is no different than any high school cafeteria right, like the grown up world is no different in each people. Suffocate with comparison, what's he doing why's, he been so good why's. He must be because that guile, interesting analogy rights, guy interesting analogy hate my brother, but as it is as it goes on it's like I remember when I was two thousand thirteen hours coach and tiger and just a rose in hundred ninety beside the woods right, yeah. Ok, just just you know, it ties anyone staggered one like five times and eight weeks just arose and won the. U S open hunter man was top
in player in the world I mean I, I would get emails from agents nonstop and then, when I was fired by tiger in two thousand fourteen I will I will get an emails so? That's right now you just stay in the game. Cause there's gonna always be ups and downs, as Russia is now almost the beauty of it. That is almost the to me, the most the the thing I love about about adversity, it at adverse at adversity, going through difficult times. Is I love it as a child? just to see how absolutely upbeat I can stay. So I like the harder it gets accident, I like it. So in my I tried to like teach my young kids I coach that, like the climbers, the climbers way more gratifying than the summit, that's where the growth comes, It is actually that so the lesson of embrace Oh honey, you horizon immense see as something that will be put transient, but embrace it safe when it is put it there.
The next time you revisit this sort of phase, you know broken by now. We just now. We know so little period. Right, like we know likes, a little that there's no use in train. I love one. When players are struggling, you can hear them always saying like I'm just trying to figure it out and like house at helping you figure out what that's not what I'm just a guy. If I, if I go for, comes to you, and they wanted advantage, what sort of percentage of their game would they be saying to you that What I need not have sent five percent at one percent of the data that I did. I wrote the Ford for a book from Doktor Mart Brody, whose professor at Columbia, illiteracy, and so he came up with strokes gained, and so he did. He is a long story about what he basically figured out was. Ok, I met this I who I was introduced to as the best puttering off and the same.
Off his driver Chopin, though they ever knows that everyone knows exactly so we're all shackled by the sayings of forever right and so This is one of those you just heard it growing up and you're, like oh right, of course, and you'd ever really looked noticed. I got the junior golf. Ruins wins every turn them in its sixty yards by me right as time goes on. He meets this guy. He says how many times if you want in the process? Sixties. Likewise that were now he's in the Math Department at Columbia. Now is indeed in the in the business school, so he just starts kind of messing around and instead stroke gained approach came out seven or eight years ago. I'm a rice, strokes gain. Cutting and was like what is that so said. It said, like the guy game, one point: five strokes with butter, also an individual sport
How do you know what's good or bad, because what we had guys hitting a lotta greens or regulation, which is was historically and attribute of a guy making money right then lose their car and so you would look at in someone say weeks are now for the man golfers, you can add to explain their co legislators until you can just break them down no cause. You sent you guys hitting the greens and then lose no car, but just break it down for people don't play golf right so, but if he is as ours. He looked at. It was how he saw it was that if you look at Tiger Woods, Jack Nicholas Attica, Soaring, SAM Roy. Mcelroy, just in time, is to extend right. Now Dustin Johnson, just in Rome, these players who separate themselves in their generation, but especially jacket I got an attic right that you're gonna love is. They were really competent from a hundred and seventy five to two hundred fifty yards gripe
oh, what happened was their skill set in their physical advantage gave them the ability to Haiti. A further and higher doing so landed, softer right and make the golf course shorter, and so it's just that. That's the math right. So if you take the time, ten potter's in the world, the average sixty fifth in the world ranking if you take the top ten hitters so Tita, There are thirteen bright as end. The idea there is when you talk about strokes gained. Is it's a game of the least number of strokes. That's the entire game in a nutshell, get so if I can get in the whole quicker. I would It doesn't make a ruling. So how well I can part, but that's that that's the data, though, to that really help. So you know we were taught like be hit the wages all the time. Ok, but if you look from like guys will set out on tour and they set out cones at like thirty forty five.
Sixty seventy eighty ninety a hundred yards right and they practice that for like two hours. But then, when you look at it as their school percentage for the year. It takes the average player on the Pga tour or thinkers roughly. What was its her two point, two point: five to stroll stay at the ball and or from thirty yards and from a hundred yards. It was two point seven. So what's the use and even practicing forty two hundred. This is really not so wine, if you have fifty shot in you ve made a mistake as no one wants that, because what happens when I have less velocity, I dont have the ability to create as much time in the air and spin. So the balls I stop is so you're restructuring strategy, oh honey, represent an that's been exactly that's been. You know, that's been with the science right, is that we have the ability now to measure these things. But the problem is as so many things occur is
times. The science just becomes part of the method right. So guys, can hear the same things and completely interpreted differently in that's the tricky part. You know that that to me as where guys will start to use that the science, but it becomes a bit pseudo because it matches the methods. We're not into methods were into principles and uranium lies a numbers the man making it work anyway. He said a numbers is different for each player yeah because, as you know, the by mechanically rule anatomically the same but very different. You never job of residents and we will take another brain enjoying our gulf special right now, without really great guess said, Craig Davis and shown Foley will take their break and would be back very very shortly with more from these two
for more episodes of playing with science and for our other, shows star, talk, radio and start talk. All stars. Please find a story Stitcher Welcome back point: let's get straight to the laws passed. Sadly, the last part of this interview with a great Davis and, of course, Gulf Courage shown for me so something that struck me on IRAN utopian Someone who has only so much capacity for rotation or data can someone just terms it you're, too bendy you're far too flexible. Can you be just too loose
oh sure, a lot of girls. I coach in high level. Amateur golf and professional gulf of massive amounts of labour mobility and so the private mobility sends you yet it due to an extent what happens from I've known as I lose girls of my life to be there there there never never. Sometimes these girls have our time transfer in the energy, because there is not really any excel. Dsl kinematics early, how they move and then there can be because it because of these is massive movements in their joint. They don't seem to stiffened and transfer the energy this might so it's it, sir. I'm using the wrong words with him staring at me right now, Do you guys guys guys everybody'd? Let me say that this is the way you have to hide. We do what is happening to me right now. I'm just like sent me here dying because scrotum up to be an adult he filed merely design at least at least are perceptive. Another look at me like look at Turkey is die and right click,
younger by the second, your mental. I gotta control hundred degrees, emotion, right you A hundred agrees, a play versus twenty right. It's much easier to control twenty degrees. Figure out where you are and that hundred degrees, emotion, sweet. So when you hyper mobility. There's a lot more space you have to own. It sounds It should be an advantage while you have to have enough motion. Yeah right What you want to do and you have to own that motion, but if you office and give a player and extra thirty degrees, overall rotation, they don't own it now. Have way more room to make mistakes right and that's as ass, very common wow. That's what an interesting comment that's? Where do we go from here I mean you, seem to me to be two gentlemen who have combined to make a giant leap forward and am guessing from the just the discussion we ve had you not the kind of guys to just sit down a year with cracked it you'll. Look king over the hill? You want to see and think about what could potentially be the future. Your any thoughts
The idea is a you know. I mean I just have a resonance one of the cool things that the last couple years. That's it's made a big difference in my job, so I get to see my players on a daily basis, which is very different, a lot of other therapists, removing coaches, yes, and so I use a lot times when my players are injured? We use that is the diagnostics and, when I say not injure me not systematically injured as it as a time to use the diagnostics with our hands and different other tools, to figure out where the bodies starting to break down without actually being injured debt, and so now we can use things. I've just come you like luminous, where reusing, electrons and different other natural therapies to increase the healing before the problem actually becomes an injury summer me preventative yeah, there's a completely new way. Now the actual steroids for that year with us that's a good way as a dual: that's that's another added looking to create such a doctor said when he was so proud. I listen, listen, it's a joke,
works, its heads, why that's? Why they test as rightly raised we may do work anything. This got high repetition in it is going to be putting muscles and tenders and everything into into a stressful, amber? and at some point you going to find damage. Well, that's a tense agri right. You alter the tents angrily model you go I saw a new got to be thinking will look will do with it when we get there, which is possibly the eighties slash at night? she's model for data, but now it everybody's thinking. Well, we know it's coming. How do we prevent their own limit damage? I think, though, to it like the with the amount of opiates in pain. Treatments are occurring in all the different sports in. Not even then you better get there before it happens, You know you have to. I can get like a thirteen or fourteen year old. Kid is one, the best players, the country-
and I'll look at how you move to the ball and I'll just say: you know what you need to do this this, and this and their parents are like now, but he's he's he's playing really and I'm like he's gonna he's gonna hurt himself he's gonna, throw any a bright. We challenge the rationale. Five, no doubt by time you because you ve just preempted. My next question is the key to keeping Craig away from the athlete. Just great technique is, if you ve got the great take you're not gonna, have to have to have too much into. I mean that it is hoped that most recent outside that's the that's the that ultimately the goal here, but the thing is it. We are not, I think, we're Craigs done well. Is he looked at it more as performance rather than treatment, like a lot of guys on tour artist,. They just get treated Ray and they like it and they get. You know it gives them an hour and a half to himself, and I mean, who doesn't want to get treated everyday it? It doesn't have to be like a fool on treatment right. They can just flush.
You're in there relaxing they get an hour and a half with her. Down. There's no media! There's no fans, there's no, nothing! All things that they're fine weather, yeah, Buddy Craigs, like aren't. How do we do now? I get a guy and in an ice I start work on a player in September, Danny Willing who won the masters. Two thousand sixteen inside a load due diligence autumn and found out that when he came on the tour he was actually quite long off the tea and he got really short. So I knew I could maxim out a bit not be concern about like. I knew that it was in him to be able to do that in a national based on memory and thence based on the brain and that's based on all the narrow path equate. The the Milo aspects has not gone from here right here.
Just developed he's doin something different different patterns of these different, so we get a mean. We got you thirty five yards of carry off the tea in five four and a half six months and the neck. Shoulder am back pain argon later as it s a dead right, so we would have players who work or Sean an odyssey. We communicate Alla time right because we stay yea. I thought those players are coming to me using a technique that fits their bodies that decreases stress their body. Other coaches, who have absolutely no idea, and some of my athletes have worked with coaches, who have no clue and there was buys, get injured more and my goal is to get an athlete where they move great and then I act like Bumpers Bowling Lane, and I just try to keep that means I can do that very well with someone who's coming, whose using great technique for them when they're, not it's tough. To do so. It's interesting, I think to my plan career, and
Don't play a game fully said enough it's. How much is of you? Have it Actually I've heard somebody said that is on our soil, professional athletes that completes any season a hundred Health is not a little flagging out about who they are re unless there on the bench, if you're playing their everybody's playing injured. But here we even if the buried period, you probably carrying something you need to be on the bench and is now as a coach. Your account me out because of twisted a sock. Yeah right, I've broken an eyelash. Note is no way you just put yourself in the framework of our those were my excuses, and I know there were other tat ye. I noticed like my god, we got your profile and grown God. Are you kidding me? My panties are heard Have you been all day? I went there and I don't care had two guys thanks I'll know. Thank you. It's been ample. It will be interesting really because we ve got
people who are working with the elite of the elite may we do made Ali athletes, but when you get to this, kind of level of Pga and is PDA towards PDA I told them to talk to the guy's behind them, to talk to the guys that dismantle and rebuild. Is, is just think. I didn't see how you think think accuses you. Dont want ever do unlovely unless you have to dismantle something, because whatever their doing just causes too much pain, but it's enough if you know where that, if you know where to again and how to plug. In view of the internet. I know the burning the corridor. A lot of it is just a lot of it is that you know I mean these guys is good as they are and their such chameleon can aesthetically if they aim in a poor fashion for three days it'll only answer them again. While so, it's like you gotta, be their eyes because when they go out there and they get clear and they're doing their things like I said there
you when you're observing the swing of a gopher and you know what it should be you dealing with small details, are you trying your eye to be able to note, or so small you don't know you just do it has been doing since I walk into a rare. Each of us is something differently, so one person might see the curtains. One person sees the type of lights on persons seize the day before and are the colouring, and if you're something sees the color you should be. The person is working on the foreign, and so Sean has just been he just extremely good. Looking at how the body moves intrinsically understanding that athlete and beyond the pick that up there's when he's always been get that so he's come into something that makes sense for him the way he sees the world or life or the swing it just works for so long
the question you ask yourself. Every time is what's wrong with this picture or what's right, but this picture yes. Yet I use a good look. I see I see everything I was feel like: I'm I'm the hyphen in between the EU and the are immoderate. So when it comes to everything I look at it all religion, politics, you name it. I see it all through the same kind of like it's. That search for Y yeah, but is to really know what it's not guy. Don't necessarily know it's right, but I totally know what's wrong. They, though, that the congressmen who said that I dont know what porn is, but I know it with us I don't know the definition of it, but I know it when I see it and that's greek and on that note yeah what applies,
Absolutely eyes is real and have a great time and you're the option for my your guys they cannot win, but for the Gaza you work with a successful absolute chosen pleasure. Thank you. What this has been playing with science, little venture back into the world of golf with two of the most important people in the world of Gulf Now then all players, but they make sure the players play and play at the very highest level from just love. Lies. Davies has got a handle on these things. How is mind is opened up to treatment? how Sean's attitude towards gophers and how he's these things, no one that his work with early athletes like a tiger woods and just in rows, I'm sure they're queuing up to get on these lists. Absolutely holy dynamic dual? They are great cup some people. I know I'll say
shut up. I'm not shy of giving joy to show. We look forward to your company very very soon as like down on my old job, the organs. If you love, startup, playing with science, be sure to tell the world go to Apple pog cast and rid us, so more people can enjoy the poker We should listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint start talking, Patria for as little as five dollars per month, and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio
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