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#ICYMI – How Technology Is Changing Football

2017-03-09 | 🔗
Find out how helmet sensors, virtual reality, big data and radio controlled tackling dummies are revolutionizing football with hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice. Guests include Neil Tyson, NY Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens, more.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe on:iTunes Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceTuneIn: http://tunein.com/radio/Playing-with-Science-p952100/SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceGooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free a meal. The grass trace of your personal astrophysicist start talk in stitches, pleased to present to you a new show where the universe and voice collapse and now your hosts at nice. I am very right and we are the hosts of playing with science already, but today we are looking at the cutting edge tank
you holborn at every level and affair has been linked to the party when it comes to big data and its analytics, but now came on talking plant tracking Bio data and virtual reality, training that are revolutionizing, the white players and coaches do their thing. The guy's responsible for bringing this technical, ecstasy. Today's guess Justin, folks, VP of Zebra technologies, whose organization is changing the way coaches go about their game. They strategies and much. It's more like the way you say, zebra its awesome, ok, yeah belts, C, o and co founders driver one of the man behind the yard: training sensation that is sweeping through the world of football and Buddy teams head coach at Dartmouth College, whose actually benefiting from the appliance of this size.
And as a special bonus, we have new digress Thyssen talking to new your jets, quarterback and all round smart guy Rhine Fitzpatrick S lot of fine indeed, and to keep things off. We're gonna, take a little look and listen to a clip of a coach into acting with some technology on the sidelines- and you know it always doesn't go the way you think it does. A belgian was taken up the tab. This doesn't go the way you think it dies of elegiac was taken out the tablet, Now, for those of you who, don't you think about it, I think the tablet, just like anybody who goes up against Bilbil check. The tablet ultimately laws that kind of thing we saw there. We witnessed a watershed moment: the old School old school clipboard grand paper, verses, a bit of new technology, and I think from now we're going to see the guys that side and the guys, the others and it
because what we were just witnessing for those of you who are listening was billed belch had taken a tablet you don't like. It was excellent board and this I did does cost money like ok, we get more clipboards are these things were actually paying for because the NFL a partnership with Microsoft, surface and use them instead of clipboards, because not only can you write plays on them, you can pull up pictures. I may is a completely immersive interactive experience on this one million dollars worth of four hundred million. Until now, that always right but, like you said Jerry, what you have is a classic depiction of school and a new school coming together and right there we saw a little bit of a clash and here's another clear that we have that actually shows exactly what you said old school, as in the game, coming together with new school, which is technology the way it should be
So what does all this data mean? Many tech companies are hoping. It means new ways to exploit and enhance the game. Viewing experience. The way we integrate anxious ass into the broadcast is basically by following a long story lines it again giants of washing to get access to start on Thursday night football? We look to find real time game with running MAX or a wide receivers. We look to say: separation between defensive action, wide receivers, manning back to throw steps up deep wall, Gilbert Computer on the post. Now someone can say is twenty two miles an hour fast. You bet it as its number one in the league this week. The giant, wow, Wiring D. You know what's gonna happen here it's going to be so much. Data comes off of this kind of tech. The team, I'm not gonna know what to do that and this you guys are going to find out how to access everything that they can give them quicker than the others, and that's gonna give them the edge. Yes,
technological warfare, along with the warfare, that's one, the field that's happening on the field which, as you know, we ve. We we ve seen in four years in baseball. You know there are certain things in baseball that you do. There are just automatic? If you have a man on this base and a man on this base and there's two out, you know you do this there's one out, then you, but if you want to do if you, if, if, if you u position in this way, for suicide squeeze, for are there so many like there's so much choice, Did you said earlier on before we came on air was announced a glad right. Absolutely this is weapon eyes. Further teams beyond. This is really where it's gone, when in a nice way, Nor really is the cause thing. It's terms weapon rising technology, which is cool. It is called everything's cool? Is Neil digress? Thyssen catching? with New York jets. Quarterback ran Fitzpatrick Manning trusted with not just this technique,
gee, but the ball. Germany sense that artificial intelligence going forward. In one way or another assist the game of football. Could there be machine that analyzed the game unfolding as a coach would but then have much better data come like in baseball, where the this time between plays, as everybody can just look at the lifetime of statistics. Do you see a future for I and the NFL difficult, because there are so many statistics in baseball there, so my things that that they have in that game, that we don't energy sources. I guess maybe a little more imperfect and other certainly patterns, but Arctic aren't take tracking you now with chips so that they know how much you ve run. And how far you ve gone in a game and and and positioning
That's a nice thing right and also, maybe even for players, Ain T the impact and potentially you know blow to the head or something. I think that some way that it made the game so do foresee a time where there's not only the chip, the tracks where you are and how me how far you run, but also something that can measure accelerations like the seller, amateur on you're on your smartphone, the. If that's the case, then we can track how much damage has happened or how I must stress your body has sustained during a game yeah and I think it was coming you see that coming. I think it's right there. I think it's really close and they'll. They have like the next June stats during a game to talk about you don't know ran the vast is opened up on the scoreboard. You know somebody ran twenty one point eight miles an hour and so even to track how fast people are guy other top speed and began again versus the ended in her time
people get almost and if you have data on them, you can so this guy going to tire out by the first quarter. Third quarter, let's run against him. Instead of some I mean this is like based like like we agreed baseball, it has been doing this for ever LAO and up the funny thing area, while meal is making conjecture there. But the truth is all that technology exist right now. The future is today. Europe is today and the person who actually helps the NFL do. That is with us right now on the line. We have just tell thoughts Jill welcome too Joe. I jail thanks, guys think for having me straight out. What is the science behind your technology and what does it provide the NFL, the clubs, the coach?
players. We have two are ideal, champ, shoulder paths of each about ballplayer. We also have that same technology on the rap on this thick and in the ball this last even for Thursday night game. Well, though, those chip blink positional information at the twenty five times with back in and its pot with receiver in this, atm when a movement happened on the field the play and when we get it in our servers, it's about a hundred and twenty milliseconds, though near they all time. Well, exactly that I mean that is extremely impressive and what you're really talking about is I was about to say you said near real time, unlike that's real time tracking and for those who are uninitiated, Aref is simply radio frequency identification, which is not really
new technology are, if I got an hour, has been around for for quite some time. It's easy it in a new way. You are using it in a very unique way. How exactly did you guys come to have this come about, because I am a first while its genius too, to be able to applause in real time and will get into the benefits of that, but how exactly did this come about hell? It's interesting. We can't just like you guys are thing. Are fighting technology has been around for years? their nearest and add zebra? We have been using it in manufacturing of carbon planes and all kinds of heavy equipment, retail or a long long time where we tracked good people services in the interim
thing is we were about three years ago we were looking at what other areas can use technology like this, and we came up with sport and we did a tasked with the and the FAO and it worked great, and so we ve been working with them as their official player tracking I'm company for the last three or four years, and it's been great, actually all kinds of insight towards suit of data to new provides
Chuck whose my new had culture in game or is there a delay, is to deem formation being simulated and then brought to the coach is tabled on a tablet in front of him. So today we provide in game information around this, then I'm closing their sense of two pyres, while ample and all about information goes to ban and the broadcaster or the game not act. The use by the coating staff on the pipeline could I am but up, but the data goes to coaches, cleaner, all of those kind of folks, four hours after the end of the game? Okay, so they about access to the information after the game. So it's really serving kind of a twofold purpose. On the one hand, you are making the gave a little bit more exciting for the viewer, because now
There is another layer for the viewer to get into the game, so let's say you get a punk return where the player breaks away, down the side line and you can track the speed that their player is running for the entire play and you can broadcast that speed almost in real time to the viewer, who was in the stadium right exactly it's interesting because an end that thing in real time: cable television. Europe. As you know, our television feed is delayed ten to fifteen. Second, it's in real time for the talent you are and near real timed, the stadium viewer. So so everybody whose into fantasy football. I can see this becoming other like another aspect, the fantasy football. It's a more immersive experience for football fans, yeah definite gap
So you can imagine. I have a lot of friends during sad if a ball season, because there is a tremendous amount of information that you can get from these chips and that the NFL today makes available to fan one of the things the about that. I'm you pay for talked about earlier is universe speed at the beginning of the game versus the speed the end of the game and obviously for ban people bought at the nice thing to know o absolutely and now, when you talk about this from a coaching standpoint, you say that you know. Basically, are you giving like from a big data standpoint like just all this information is a kind of like
data dump forth from the entire gave that the coach is now have at their disposal, because I would imagine you would be able to utilise players differently based on the data that Europe providing after a game, you have actually really kind of that aim, because it's a good example, a big data in that you know how can leading the latitude and longitude at all twenty two players. The whole game. It's a tremendous amount of data, but really appear poach. What you want to know is in that way, did we run it effectively and in a dead, if I could do it over did I have the right match up era in terms of the time of the game, and you know where my players were add, but then you think about it from the people,
your perspective, which is what I would call small data. Like I wanna know, how did I do what I effective and wide sweet tat? Five thing could I am proven for next game? Well, that's the kind of thing you can get from us. At the thing I'm one why you're saying that my mind's kind of exploring how I would use the data and then I realize you're, giving me an absolute massive amount of data. Firstly, are the coaches able, or did I realized, just how much data they got access to an all thy asking the right questions of it. As far as you are aware, how you think one s kind that data made history and fell
these are served for year. In the end, if thou in it, you need to sort of collapse that much data to be able to look back and say GOSH out of my exceeding games in the last three years, how effective, wherewi insulting it is then believe it or not. You need more and more data to get better answers and now that we here in this year, I would say yes they're, asking great questions in you know they do get all the data, but they also get a lot of tools to be able to analyze the data summary information boy report so that they don't have to go fish through all the detail and do you do you helped them
that does your company actually help kind of breakdown, the data, so it's delivered in these digestible forms. We deal that Annabel provides information. We also provide information it's funny, because when you work or data alive, you can obviously got a lotta insight than one of the things I always joke about it. You know a zebra where a bunch of data nerves- and you know at the ETA Fao, their people, and so you bring those two skill together and I can't even get some really great that's also you. Can you tell us about enterprise asset intelligence, which is something I heard you talk about? I'm a bit of a nerd myself by it. But let me tell us about enterprise, asset intelligence until interplay, that's an intelligence, we think
ability view, visibility and he'll information that you wouldn't ordinarily, Gatt and time that visibility and too you know what we call insights and so bringing together a lot of data being able to analyze it very quickly and then allow you to make good decisions? And so, if you, if we go back to our roots in the manufacturing environment, for example, when you're out on the manufacturing for building a car, you need to know in seconds if something's going wrong and it is what are the three options that you have to get the lying back on track in? So we give you kind of that next best answer of what to do or next action. Wow, just think of the application of that football is tremendous. Guesswork
as we like what you did was you took something that was really a logistics things, because when you talk about manufacturing and endeavour and tracking devices area for forward at a in a lifetime ago, when I first got out of school, I was the the shipping manager for company for a short period of time, MIT. As you can see now, I'm a comedian so that dancing, That is so you how well it went by my job, was to track our merchandise, from Hong Kong to Appleby Hong Kong, to hear in the states, wherever the Ass was what I'm seeing here is as a coach you can actually use. To see where you're players are and how effective they are on the field, like this might even be something where a code says. You know what we need to move this guy like the way
This guy moves he be better in this. Other position is, is that I am I am. I think it's too much into this now you're, not exactly why it's about the girl well and you can see. Then I think that having a data, if you really can be effective of these players, and you can say gosh. I think, by the way we play you on the way, but when I look back at yours that you'd better on the last year, much more effective Let's put you there or you're better in that position over that position or by the way, if you practised a little bit less, did have a more energy and gave day Where else can you go with your technology to assist? and can you bring him other technologies so for answers, you talk about tracking speed right and if, if we were able to take that and then bringing the Bio data of that particular player
We might know that hey, you know what this guy he just ran. A forty five yards on one play he needs help. Actually sit out for a play based on his heart rate, based on this, that the other are you headed towards that state in your technology, where you're able to bring him I'll data and then combined the two and give real time in game feedback, or is that a goal, or am I crazy, not actually here now, although in Tell me how in practice does not engage Bio data not using game by them to plan. We do you. The Bio data, so in our chair
I still have an accelerometer, oh, and so there is information there around accelerometer e by things like heart rate, fight duration. Those things are generally blue tooth enabled and our ship greeds Bluetooth knew no. We gather that information off the body and send it back to the same system and the light on the side of the practice of using serpent tablets. Coaches trainers can get all that. For me, Can heart rate this then one of the funny things in practice is: are they practicing or do we give it away too many sea critical about the players so you're? Also your also big brother, like you, you like it, play here, we got the technology is no way to high it like you, you, you can actually tell whether or not a guys we could become effort that he's posed to me base
by the merits of the data and the tracking right. That's exactly right even come up with what we would call an effort, our neighbours in number and tell you: how are you doing son your best, a practice here. Birthday of Game Day, and then you know: where do you think this time at the empress? Referencing vibration, that idea how long before you can measure emotional states. Like my wife just left me, I lost the safety in the corner back a ganging up on me and I'm not feeling too clever and beheld early. Yet how long before you are able to tap that particular reservoir and bring the data out of their honour that where far wrong, however, it one of the things that you can sell clearly in the data, we opt out there that here the college champion,
on gas and when you look at that game, it is amazing that we all that comes out of those kids at run farther and faster than they should in the fourth quarter than any statistic would say they would be yet their doing so? There's this there is a psychological tracking. There really is. I don't know how to capture you know the meaning of it, but it's amazing to watch. This whole thing is just as it is fascinating that yeah. Well, you know what we're out of time for the segment. Thank you so much I mean you are beyond the cutting edge right now and one really quick last question: do you are you? Are you planning to If this technology into other sports, because I can see the applications in basketball and even baseball as well as that, are you guys looking to do something with it?
the aid and the major league baseball. We are lacking a gazing with all kinds of leave an intact, but many of them now awesome jail. The very best of luck and thank you for sharing your time with us. It's been a real I'm gonna for not just chuck it myself, but all violations ankle You all right come right, let's take a break, and man, that's you know, won't get that thing everything is pretty cool in the great right. We're gonna take a break wig from the reality of not a g? Does everything on the field and then probably a little bit more to the virtual reality comes training and the developments there ain't. So if you want to know, what's really cutting edge in virtual reality and nfl training stick around with back social
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If saw back very rightly observed eyes, and this is playing with science and today were exploring how new technology transfer the world of football, but also featuring clips for an interview? Kneeled grass ties indeed with New York jets, quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick? Yes, let's check out unex clip. Some, cool technology, that they're doing to virtual reality, which is a different way to see the game, whether for us a lot of times in practice right now, but guys, maybe that are getting the reps on the field.
They can put on the headset encamped, though through play, and potentially that help speed up development for some of the other guys interesting. So they can put themselves on he'll be another not on the field. Exactly it's because you can you can play just like you watch it Joe unemployed or something and looked around and essentially feel like you. In the play, a pause and look behind. You look up looked down at your shoes as retraining, remember What do you do that in real life is worth the quarterback pause? Ok, I got this. I feel that at long last time the chaos in the great ass you see in it help more back embracing new technology and the whole thing
about playing with signs, is to bring the EU closer to that tax are joining us by video to bring his inside into everything has become a cutting edge, Derek Bell. She c o and CO founder of Stryver, guys behind the virtual reality technical gentlemen. Welcome daring, how are you buddy things? well thanks for having me, I appreciate it and to have you welcome first quest, Can you please give us a very brief, prime, on virtual reality for people living under a rock like myself, verses, augmented reality. Sure so virtual reality, you know, simplest definition is really the what we call the illusion of non mediation. That sounds a little complicated, basically immersion, so come in total immersion, the idea that your mind is being taken to another place, you all your body- is still in a room in California, for example, so that
heads up displays on the windshield rang out. People are hoping long term that you can put on her glasses and be shown all the safety features and a fact, I meant a reality for a long time with heads up displays on the windshield random people are hoping long term that you can, I'm her glasses and be shown all the safety features and a factory all your walking around so Basically, we are completing tall immersion are augmenting the real world and the thing about we are that for anybody who played a virtual reality game if you use like like aids to see or any of these very advanced a virtual reality games. Your brain. Does it know Difference like when you are being attacked by Sandy's. You feel like a finger for your life. You, like I'm about to die from these on bees, so you know is, is kind of the
most behind what you do when you're putting players envy are, if it's done correctly, that is the reaction that people should have obviously we're not creating, First person shooters on games, I'd stryver by yarn, and we That's one of the reasons that we were so successful right out of the gate and twenty fifteen inches, put on their heads that and they said, while this is football, this is not a video game. This is not cheesy. This is not stupid. I beg right away, and I think you know as far as the earlier doctors are concerned, it wasn't no brainer yeah now he's pattern because you were a player, I mean you're, a player you're, a coach And now you are the progenitor of this particular usage of this technology. How does that acts factor into you, making what you ve made so
I appreciate the compliment to call me a player out and place kicker and not a lot of people think place. Makers are around that's enough and let me say that this is more than what most people can do. You know what I do I sit on. I sit my pet asked on accounting. I watch guys like you, please kick so beat. But yes that that that did help tremendously. The fact that I play for five years. More importantly, coached at a time when we were moving this thing through collision and I felt buildings trying Edwards who play, and yet I fell for six years and was a teenager. Mine at Stanford was right by my side, nor the fact that football people were coming in and showing tat product, was a big deal and we had a lot of coaches. Tell us in the room after we were done: hey thanks for actually knowing how our world works, because we see a lot attack everyday. Nobody can can you what it actually means and how will actually sit in so that was a huge factor in
success early, so without giving away all of your secrets? What is the Tec behind Stryver yeah? No, I mean you our core. We use real video to create a virtual environment for four players. Offer athletes and you're back that has its positive and negative. That, though the positives are its real, it looks real. It sounds route feels real. It's not goofy videogame character caught up in a choppy. Probably running across the screen. There is science behind this coming out of Stamford, where I'm I'm watching somebody in a virtual environment and if they don't move like a real person. My brain is gonna too now also the fact that we can give you a fairly act, three hundred sixty degree, fully immersive view of what you actually see on the field. Real sounds real real movements. Real speed That's a big deal, that's really cool. The negatives are right now, honestly, like football. American football is probably the best sport we have. A few teams are working within the NBA
If you can isolated use cases in basketball, baseball, get there eventually, when the clarity program headset, but for now soccer party sir once, a basketball where there's a lot of fluidity and movement. Probably not good for me art is: it makes people sick american football, as is the best the best case because everybody starts from a static position, they re they react and they go in, and in a way that we do it. That's the best use case today and will come to see where this goes. Longterm. Ok, let's voted back onto you. U replace kicker would have benefited dude the visa training, or is it just for one particular position? Only. I saw absolutely benefited me because I had a strong leg and and a weak mind so seeing seeking so we actually did a test two years ago with the Stamford Kicker, who I coached out when he was a backup for a couple years, and he was, for six lifetime coming So did twenty twenty fifteen season
goals in this little visualization tool where he can watch himself make kicks over and over and over again the eye he went to ten out of twenty and twenty fifteen. He was all conference. I thank you twenty two and twenty seven this past year, you set the whole time feel. Accuracy record and stay Africa strategy, while I saw the giant absolutely can work from a visuals asian standpoint he's not only kicker, that's been using our stuff in that way. I tomorrow we're doing this record of acts were doing it for linebacker we're going for safety's, less and less. Let's talk about quarterbacks for a second year cancer, because we will you think about the NFL right now speed of lime backers and the blessing blitz splits in packages that these coaches are putting into the games. I mean the Ets, it's it's incredible: how quickly play unfolds and you're looking a guy's meeting to get rid of the ball in about two. Seconds tube? two seconds like those of the guys that really do well
unless your Rogers, unless it well or even Roger, says pretty quick release, I mean you: can you can make some time with his feet? But so are you able to create different scenarios and then measure like the improvement in a players performance. So you would give like you go from three second play, and now, let's make it so that its now to second play and let's see how you are doing or how you're progressing or you are able to kind of the players hand and move them along the process yeah so you know a lot of what we do is honestly dependent on how much time a coach and a player wanna put into this. There are sometimes working with that are doing there. Service level easy things that kind of inner re right into their routine? They want to change much. Other teams are really going on and we actually just unbailed an assessment tool
what to do, what you're talking about a if you need to make a decision in point eight of a second which is happens. A lot begins the bullets, especially we want to know if you know it in point eight of a second. We want to know if you click that button warrior virtual environment fast enough. We want to see where your heads moving and make sure that your actually looking in the right spot so This can be a very, very powerful assessment tool. We are working on. How do we put in the hands of the teams, even more so they don't have to tell a hundred different things they want and we do it in theirs along turnaround. Time were building the tools, so they can do a lot of this on their own as an offseason for tool when I can't be on the field getting wraps as an in season to I'm a back up and I dont get rats really really phenomenal use cases across the board. Do you see this is a cognitive skill enhanced through, as well as the the ability, It's a red patterns, the pattern recognition side of it
yeah, and I think that you know that the biggest thing as to why the are works is idle. Happen get twenty on other guys about on the fields togae wrath and when I can get it I think, a hundred times, instead of two idle? How many players have actually done one play a hundred times, but we, look at all the data, and we have If a quarterbacks backs that we'd ask them what? Why did you watch that play sixteen times and they say, while I only got at once in practice, so so I know, he's gonna call it the so that that that that is I have the can be effective in you, it's all about what but one of parental everybody uses, isn't it in a different way than pretty need to see from my point of view looking at it technically the three sixty greek cameras. You cut him had them in the right place. You can bring them into a game its situation or can you or are you working on that already yeah, so a wheel, we ve, come it had a wall of a little bit,
where, where where we can take this thing we know We have come up with a lot of different ways for content capture you guys may have seen some of the stop. It entails been doing in games with the there their company replay technologies that they acquired, where you can rotate and Gatt different angles- gas that that's the future for sure eyeing the bulk of what we ve done today. Has been in practice, and it said and the kind of how much time new players in coaches, wanna, delegate to this law turn that it's probably two or three years away from being the already something like that. And were very close within Phelan. In that regard, it is definitely coming down the pipe hey. You know. I saw that you tweet it out to Clemson congratulating them with a national championship. Did you with those guys? Or do you just know people there? Clemson was our second college team that jumped. Two years ago, without going into too much detail, I will tell that they use the heck out of it. I may use it in many different ways and
that's what you guys ass before about being a former player in kind of understanding that world right, we're not we're not going to save the art is the reason that they just went back about catch areas like old, Eric, Derek Deryck brand stop right there, you're, the feel of a company K. I I want you're not talk anymore. Here's the deal, the reason why they one is because we are that's right, Stryver one, the championship, as matter of fact, they call it the Clemson Stryver Championship. That's the way you gotta do this begs to save, for you. May I just abandoned imposing tonight. I think that the teams appreciate when we don't say that I miss you well, that's why I say for your road. This is just stating staff, congratulations, man, I'm taking you not Mason technology and then seeing it through to a place now wear it
since, though, is going to become an integral part of what we know as America's greatest pastime. It's not baseball football, and we all know that and congratulates has job well done. Thank you. I appreciate it. I haven't come on any time. Ex Ante Derek boats there from mass driver, the man behind the visa training technology that is sweeping through for next bringing the coach is perspective, playing with science?
what I'm very rightly said. This is playing with fire, and today we are talking about me, take and how it is revolutionizing the world before four weeks. Who already to the man behind the technology, Derek Bout, Let's now get a man who is adopting this technology and using it to his advantage, and joining us now is but he teens head coach of football dogmas. Welcome to the show coach could be your guys thanks for having me well, I M going to show how come you got to embrace this technology at dogmas. Well, interesting, it's all who you know and Derek belch was a recruit for me when I say head coach at Stanford in
turn Edwards have put the company together, and I learned about it and I'm kind of fascinated by the technological advances made in everyday life and how are they adaptable to football game? I can't look, I can't pay. Would you guys pays to? Maybe we can help you out and they ve been absolutely phenomenal. This themselves, stryver his helper. Our quarterbacks immensely are lined backers or middle players safety's often elsewhere by running back into realignment wow. What you just said is super fascinating and there's a bunch to unpack there, and so, if you could just in a curse, refraction kind of breakdown from Oh just standpoint, the players positions that you just mentioned and the different benefits
this type of technology, what does bring to it, so we really got into a lot of it. We just talk to dare we got into a lot of the quarterback, so barring the quarterback, when we start would like the safety which, like em really Institute see how position like that might benefit? The safety is basically the quarterback onward differences aside, the football so he's responsible for any number of calls, dispersion of an officer formation, personal groupings in its hard to get an awful lot of snaps into practice situation? But we can multiply exponentially by sending them back to the dorm room, having it computer and essentially real time, and a guy can practise make cause making adjustments, he can see women of the office of players. He can see blocking schemes and can practices calls and we found
hugely successful, I mention the quarterbacks. We do that extensively. We ve had great success with our safety's and also our line backers. Yet another line backers makes sense, will allow the safety, but did I hear you say, Interior Lyman, because how would the v our work with with something like that Where you look at the stance. How does an offensive lineman? The excuse that we try to identify? I see heavy and his hand, is he back on his heels easy little bit wider and his stance is his shoulder to lower his shoulders a little bit more erect and when you the focusing on that is one thing to say it, but it's an to be able pointed out is a coach say: look at this look at his hands man. What knuckles away he's coming forward. Look at this and no color and in his hands man he's leaning back in a small thing, like that may seem insignificant, but if a guy can get you fraction of the age opportunity
boy to witnessed. Eventually, everybody vessel standpoints can be beneficial to our team, so blocking schemes backlog by and orphans of centre. You if you three technique, tackle sees that coming or can understand exactly what is happening in then repeatedly view it. Watch how it's the blockers is unfolding, he's better prepared to defend himself against coach from your person. Point of view, however, view accommodated the use of big data to the benefit of your college, your coaches Your play is: what are we trying to use is as much as we can. We ve got the statistical breakdown on how how you should call game clock. You should down in distant situations. When should you go forward on a forced down situation when you might use your partner and kicker and it's all kind of an exploratory opportunity force, but it It's been awesome just to make you think living were statistically
What are the eyes of us going on the plus forty yard line on a fourth and three as a hunting and trying to keep the boil down inside, and your data and data collection and understanding data amen. Prepare my guys look more productively. So has the data that you ve been provided changed your approach? I thought his disguise much smarter than me figure in this ouch, who was trying to use some of that knowledge and technical preparation to call a better game and prepare my guys look more productive, so as the data that you ve been provided, changed your approach as a coach to the game. Yes, it is specifically on when would should we go forward and a fourth down situation have become much more aggressive and print field zones, there's an awareness in terms a clock, management and time out when you may I consider, using a time out or letting the clock run, stopping the boy, the clock and so forth with a become more from the quarterback,
should that opportunity situation arise, nationwide different games and can glean information from some of those different games. Pilot and then review it. This Consistency across the board or some patterns that develop and if They become more aware of the patterns. Should that opportunity situation arise our reflect back, I think you know I saw so and so do it and I want to do something will be different or that that I'm, ok, I'm not gonna use at time are right. Now, I'm gonna save it so it makes you think more deeply as a coach, and I think it's a tremendous opportunity for a lot of folks to try them. Expand their knowledge of the game in and really the comfort level with situations that arise during the course of a game. So let me ask you when you think about big data and what you are talking about recognising patterns and such kind of reminds me of like a black jack player, sitting at the table, and he uses like we. The odds of how many
An issue and when I get a certain hand, this is how I should play it as opposed what guy who says I got a hunch gotta hers deal under they're gonna write. So what do you do? Do you see big data moving culture? in two a more science If it position as opposed to a more by a personnel got type position yeah. I really think so. Her the card Carter mindset gives an advantage to some extent but the nature, the game you go on a hunch as well in the group that we use in terms in analytics. We take lookin and and they'll give me a report back each week and say and this situation we would have recommended exe, you chose. Why, in the situation, why work for you
And it may be a mighty my kicker had a bad. We can practise any hand. You he's a thirty five plus a guy, a white man. He just wasn't hidden in soil, opted to do, took two point in my kicker hit a nice plant knocked back to your online. We come looking good, there's a rationale behind it and I think it will come down to. How do you feel and you ve got more immediate information. You feel like you're, offering of line is in sinking and rhythm and forth in one, and maybe you think you can run the ice own and pick up that yard well you gonna go with it, but quite often has been early close in terms of being in sync but within a Linux, its pushed me into the more aggressive mode in what I've heard army really modified their approach to the game, specifically because adapted derived from the company. So the rise of the conservative coach, a finished. It now
because some of the outliers it will be just kind of kind of run it up and take a word. I guess I like to think of myself. Maybe look more progressive in thought society where it's interesting because I think that's where the whole world is going happening in enough football is a conservative, sport and conservative approach is generally taken, and I think there is an opportunity for guys. Gonna, take a look and- and I dont say take a risk, I think- is calculated and if its beneficial to our programme and are players. Everybody looks good, ask about safety, always a concern when you talking about four thousand very physical contact sport. Is there any way that big data is leading to improved player safety Well, we employ sensors and Oliver helmets when we get a reed, we're gonna computer on the sidelines which you raised register. Check points on a home and in magnitude, Gee forces essentially yeah.
Anything above a twenty five. That's just significant, and it will be aware of that. So we will have a train or just trying to point out if we had a big big hit now, I'm kind of a the different guy to ask about this. We dont tackle, I haven't been tackling for the last six years in practice, are now before you go any further costs, because what you just said is absolutely fascinating. You gotta tell us about envy pay, which is your thing, the mobile virtual player. When you say you don't tackle, can you please explain to our listeners what you mean by that and let em VP is certainly six years ago. I just do it with all the concussive concur concerns nationwide I did little better research and I ought did not to tackle our own players in practice we never make attack on another Dartmouth player in spring practice in this is in practice for during the course of the season,
and what I found, what we do tackle our inanimate objects. What was available with stationary pads and we'd use those indifferent drills, and I had an idea of mobilizing one of these static pads, A good friend of mine from the engineering department in their school of engineering, is outstanding in terms of development and research and what not on was a classmate of mine. Here Dartmouth, I said can you makes this thing move We wanted to wear your long study graduate school. I was involved in a great length and we came up with he mobile virtual player, an essentially mimic the movement of a football player. Specifically on defence. We can tackle the innumerable times and Don't we struck tackling life, people
I should say we dropped her concussive head injury by roughly eighty percent, while peripheral injuries, shoulders, arms backs next and so forth. That dropped as well, but our miss. Tackles in ball games dropped fifty percent suing. We have a little less. Hate each other less, but tackled so you say: less wear and tear on the player and increased efficiency on game day at that exactly That's amazing, not one question: could you please give this technology to the Philadelphia eagles? we? Don't? We have eight NFL teams ever put it on board. Oh yeah, the steel specifically, I ve been outstanding whether there really like what they ve seen. The falcons had died down with them, the ravens San Francisco forty Niners Notre Dame added at the college level. So it's
its infancy, but there's there's a lot of positive. That's coming back. Essentially, you can force be tackle its a hundred eighty pounds about six feet. Tall runs for nine for nine forty, you can t nonstop, you can cut black. Things that you don't want to do against your own players. I sacking quarterback. He's not a team in the country in practice that has a defensive Lyman, actually tackle someone risk of injury the quarterback right, but we can tackle this dummy him. Simulator quarterback situation move and make a tackle so we become more proficient through tackling more frequently I too people we probably tackle more than any one in the country in practice, but we just don't actually just now- has the has the inanimate tackling object actually ever be. To tackle and made some guy look stupid door in practice.
You have a blueprint real, that's colleagues, because there's gotta be impaired. There's gotta be even more incentive to your players to tackle, whereas this young man to tackling dummy just you'd just determine the dummy just broke away. You gonna be on their holiday, genuine because I have one that is correct. Coach. The great thing about it is never talks back. That's it. Makes instructions ever gets. Tired, save the rugby world. Rugby team is quite successful in the seventh and so forth. Gavin Hickey is put that to use at length in the great interest from the rugby worth, who suffers from the same concerns Europe's or has the same concerns concussion right right, and so so I believe we have a clip. Will we What things were always interested here on the show is the human element of coaching, because you guys really hand until the interaction between coach, emulator and the element therein idea, because you guys have a tough job, because you're not only responsible for that,
itself and whether you win or lose ultimately that rest on your shoulders. But then you're responsible for players, individuals, performances gotta be a real pain in the ass backside. I'm sorry, I'm sorry that Brad aside, we ve got a great clip of a mere the grass Thyssen talking to our quarterback Riot Fitzpatrick, talking about game momentum and the an element. We want. You to take a listen to this and give us your reaction in a football game. Is momentum real in terms Are we got a good lead at the beginning, we're at home? This is momentum. We can take to win the game. Is that we'll or you detached from that and every plays a fresh income for you. I think momentum is real and it can be play you play again being ordered a quarter and can be game to game, but there's
a human element, the game that will never be able to be taken out of the guy. Has feelings. You know just in terms of being our current record right now now, there's things that you try to get over and put behind you, but it seem that is ten and oversee the team that is Owen. Ten is going to have a much more positive outlook, going into a game and That's the way that you play, and so I think momentum will always be a part of the game because of it. Just the human element. I thought she heard the words there rhyme Fitzpatrick, going back to the data that you're able to accumulate through a whole variety of technology. Now, has take out the element of momentum? Are you able to? we juice, the odds more in your favour, with more information. No, I think I agree with Ryan there. The human element will always be present in the said, such an emotional game and then lose yes M in energy use is required,
I think some the data can help Ellen. That level. Do you get on a roll? You make a fourth down a big sprinkle. Fourth, down put you go for it and deep in your own territory to make it energized the Arab League and they start flying around. So I think that you can go hand in hand very cool, ok But with this we have another clip with no digress. Thyssen talking to rhyme Fitzpatrick Erica I only read recently that coaches do not go for first down on four thousand: don't go for first down as much as they should because of course, sometimes you're not gonna make it, but the times you do I'm fraction, those go on to score. You can do that statistically razzle, but it's against the coaches feeling that that's the case, if you read data, and you have your background in math and statistics and an analysis in ways that others don't
in a wholly recognize you as one of the top five smart people. Can you walk up to the countryside? Coach? No, no. I've read the math on this Europe. Your hunch is wrong. I'm going to do to play it. Statistics takes it. Is that a real conversation I can happen. It is probably a very one. Sided conversation. I don't love, you d be met with response going back to where we were just talking about a momentum, so went down in a football game and you go for it is a very huge potential momentum? Swaying if you get it, it's break for you. If you don't get it then, we back the other way and the other way, and so I think more so than just you know the data, the statistics, the probabilities probably a little bit more to it in and maybe that's that gun instinct or feeling that a coach hands.
You know. You spoke at a low earlier coach about those without situations and how you use big data by term anything specific that you'd like to add to that in terms of what your aim day, decisions will be and how they relate to the day. That you're being given in real time no prepare just kind of the invalid again of it all evaluate my team? What do I think we can do against an opponent and then a justice as time goes on here we think more physical and mental gettin. Where whip today, the play Election make may change, or the call may change you know we're not on, and they were not executing the way that we need to it s the human element there can never be replaced. I don't think you know absolutely by the book, but I think the book can I, hope you on occasion, that is the most successful code. You will have the combination Youtube. You know the daddy, you know the stats prepared mentally gone into a ball game than you read your players. You read the weather,
the momentum in the energy and you make a decision based on it. So what you're saying basically is we're. Never gonna have an artificial intelligence head coach of a football game, I'm a football team, that's that's just can't happen, you know you have job security. For I mean if we really do have all fooled one of the two up there you go because coach in the end, a laptop, never won a game of my ride circular. There has been an absolute honest. Thank you and the best of luck to you and yours, dogmas colleague, thanks so much goes yeah! That's snakes! Thank you for having me. Well, please come back, please no matter! I was okay, so that's all inciting to technology and purple check on my God fastening stuff. Like super cool like now, you know here's the thing I've I would feel better about being on the sidelines, because I can never be on the field, but I think I could actually helps a team win like you know Thou compounds, which is what and when we do
I do. I was gonna, take a while for me to get rid of their image. Gary arising in restaurants of compounds he's the guy with the poem poems and now you want- and this has been playing with science and before we go remember a laptop, never one. Looking like Galileo job the organs We should listen. The star talk Commercial free, Joe star talk on Patriot, on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio!
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