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#ICYMI - March Madness!

2017-03-23 | 🔗
It’s time for the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournament, aka March Madness. To make sense of it all, hosts Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly welcome bracketologist Chris Dobbertean, and Prof. Alan Zaremba, author of “The Madness of March: Bonding and Betting with the Boys in Las Vegas.”Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe on:iTunes Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceTuneIn: http://tunein.com/radio/Playing-with-Science-p952100/SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceGooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode: commercial, free, hey PETE of Eurostat Marge madness is upon us, so make sure you stood at the end of the show for an updated rapid towers precision with rack autologous Chris Dover Team, where we talk about what is going on in the end, see a tournament right now enjoy the show. I am the other S, taste your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you a. U show the universe and sports? And now I am so nice? the real life and we are the play is science
today? I think we'll go a little cry. In joining with Marge Madness, and why not to sports event about turn your office upside down, lower NASH? Productivity and make someone on all four lot of money, just maybe not those who do they break so true for three weeks, America just eat, drink and leaves collar. Basketball, cheering on the giant killers given enough for the cinderellas and hoping that their college gets them retail, ending in his crown and see a basketball champions, but none of this can take place, and so it seems without a bracket and to help us through to our final for is Brackets colleges Chris debating from blocking the bracket. Welcome careers welcome to play with sites aid Shock Hague.
Thanks for having made greater before we go any further less. Let the people know that you are the resident bracket challenges and utter a blogging the bracket. You also cover cows, basketball. I could breakdowns am predictions for explanation, dot, com and I agree We seen you in action, we did alive bracket show last year and let me just say for everybody listening: this is not like bs for Chris. This is like a real thing. This is your life and my right, yeah during from January to March. This is pretty much yeah man and I watched you go through a pain staking process of putting together a bracket. Am I gotta be honest? It was not fun to watch you guys Our pudding, I mean you guys are really working when you do I'm proud of this is the school day break I'm in the front of the class because break a
it- is a new part of the english language. For me, I do believe I've been recently informed. It is in the Oxford English dictionary, so I M not criticise that in any way thought I get it, but I have yet to experience it Ok, that's all I'm really looking forward to this causes are bubble. Team exaggerate I and ii and yet here, but the elite, eight. Yes, why isn't super right? Don't worry! Moving on sweetie, so we got these ha. I've got a new language to learn as well as everything else. So Chris, please bring let's, let's start with first of August. Exe what the bracket is brackets is and and and how you go about, putting together a break well, every march, the unseen Herblay, which runs college sports in this country, puts on a sixty eighteen championship, who used to be sixty four that I want to sixty five now at sixty eight basically for money, raised here,
As you know, there are sixty eight teams. Thirty, to quote I automatically by winning their conferences, they want a conference tournament and the other thirty sixteenth, there's a selection committee which is the commission one men's basque or company, and they actually pixels thirty six teams. Will you take those thirty six teams in the thirty two automatic bids, they write those team from one to sixty eight and place them in the four regions which have some orbit in sixteen seventeen eighteen teams could you might have to opening round games in the same region, but the goal, as they have a first for on Tuesday this day of right up a selection Sunday, those poor winter, move onto the main bracket of sixty four. We have nice. You know a nice solid bracket for reasons of sixteen teams, each the winner of each of those regions moves over the final for and those to semi final winners play off to when the National Champions LAO, ok, good jobs, air and sea during this was it
There was a great break down barriers that even I understood that so was good. I saw you just explained the process. That is the process, the selection process, the thirty two automatic teams that thirty six selection committee teams and then how they are put together to create a field of sixty four ok. Now we ve got this nice round. Field of sixty four ok and it all starts out with everybody on the outside of the brackets. Nay, How do you go about how inwards, in words until you get ten sixteen elite aid for to champion? How are you We get the there's some variables that, because you said thirty, when their championships the rest, have to be invited and if you don't invited, don't complain, it's tough. About right. So the criteria that you get select you dont uninvited, well, most important things, and this is something that's a little bit differently.
Because we have, we had a new twisted a process. This year were ago February. Twelve. This election committee actually have, for the first time a special on CBS, where they announced their tops. Sixteen teams at that point ran on those of change over the final mom, but for those of us who, back at all you gave us a nice idea of car of what they're looking for Here it seems like quality wines which are wins against teams that fit within the metric they use, which is common. This percentage index, the army, I witches it's an old metric. It's been used for almost thirty years at this point and not basketball, specific Basque, while people generally hate it but does a relatively decent job of telling you what teams dawn Euro into the seas and up to that point, to stop predictive, but How do you know this team? You know, has the first press, you know schedule and performance second best and so on, so they release
sixteen team. So we have a good idea now. You know that quality wines which are which are wins against the top. Fifty teams that our pr metric are kind of what the committee seems to want the most. The sheer, though so, when making those selection then try to figure out what those thirty six invited teams are going to be. Some of them are very obvious because you know the record is good enough. They beaten up teams, but as you get towards the annoying get towards the cot line between thirty six and thirty seven no more money near wondering you know how do these things play away from home because playing row games and neutral courts? It's a tougher environment. You can win games and those environments, your generally olive as being a stronger team, How do you do? How did you do in November and December because in college basketball- citizens really into parts in November or December. You are it's game that you have to schedule your and then, from January to March, your conference guzzle those games once that increase what if you're, really
team, you don't win the championship during a week conference. That's where the controversy usually comes and I'll good. I am controversy, London, unlike me, to find them and this always comes up because appear in a weaker conference, a lot of times up, you're, a stronger team and if your historically strong say like Wichita's Data, Missouri Valley Conference Power Conference teams, they do Wanna play they. Don't wanna play you at home. They don't wanna, go visiting, certainly don't wanna go visit. You also the sneaky. Would the shit you yes Rossi are very sneaky with the scheduling. So so this is the price when this is always the controversy, nothing that we try to balance now this election committee, the membership changes Every year they usually lose three or four people, because they kind rotate on and off. So you have the kind of figure out what their backgrounds are
schools. They worked born where they work for a singing kind of figure out their biases, and this year we caught a suspected. The biases are gonna, be in favour of the power conference teams. Not so much the major team, so they're gonna be out of luck. He so this is an element of two leprosy in view of them and mine reading, as MRS Real detective work creates what I was when I wasn't grad school, I studied Supreme Court decisions and you know figure out you know how justices would better will go on cases based on their background, their political beliefs right. You know the other brief that David, the other two sense that they may have written. Nor do I guess you so racked by its very similar to that is more profitable to be a break, attended, use them is to go into law.
I want to say that like met, let's not get crazy, there also mad numbers in and around March Madness, but you carry on with the bracket ology, because this is my lesson for today and care. So now let's say putting together your bracket. What do you want to look for, and how do you want to go about that? For those who are interested? First of all? you know. There's a lot of people are putting together brackets because it's like an office thing. Everybody was singularly arise, partner, five dollars an hour there, ten dollars in them their pricking, their teams and you know, allow people. Like me, you just put the colors that you like the most the team with them. Colors or you know, hey look. I know that this team there cheerleaders awesome. I want to see them.
On CBS at some point, so those are the teams of taking. But if you are serious about it, how would you go about it before you answer that we'd body? Because if we ve got a chance, we gonna get round to box you ass, a wink job because war about what? Yes, I think you know I'm going with this Warren Buffett runs right bracket. Yes, it doesnt loves sports and probabilities. Now, if you predict the first thirty two, you get a hundred thousand dollars. What gets none another this is this, isn't the kicker? maker. You predict the sweet. Sixteen you get a million dollars what each year for the rest of a life that could cost Warren above sixty call. But then again I feel How are we going to go? I think anyone who's got a chance programme. There now get a job, I pretty short our away. I was just there there's a pair of mom, Jean sittin in warm buffets dry right now, with sixty million dollars in it, a priest
about ten years. That's the one man though you go, that's what I'm trying to say you can we please put together a player with science project that will make us a call million dollars a year for the rest of our lives. All we have to do is get down to the sweet. Sixteen, that's it press! You get this new, you think you can do it, but this event is just known for surprises every year, but that He said there are some things that is, if you want to do, a little bit of research can really help you out. Okay, go ahead. One. The first thing for me is that I always look for, especially when I'm looking for upsets. I look for there are lower, see the teams, especially you no eleven, twelve thirteen seem type teams that have good senior leadership, may have you no previous, tournaments experience. You know. Maybe there were though, the year before, and you know, pushed a team really hard. You know late and they're getting a second chance, good guards, you wanna have good guards. Could they do
The job of you knows for being the ball and end just you know, taking care of things and in keeping the orphans taking that's another thing. You want a team that can shoot the three pointer. The three point shot. Is this the great equalizer in college basketball? Almost one point where it's gotten crazy? But that's another thing you want to watch so so those are there's some factors in terms of time you want to keep an eye out. Ok, so you know what they're that's very simple to follow it. Just to recap, you know: lower sees third around that good leadership, which means you're looking for some years that have been there and their experience to previous tournament expired. That means that they ve been there before, so they don't have the big butterflies and the jitters, and when I get in front of the big crowd, they're not going to freak out and Where's, my mommy, and then good guards, because you gotta be able to run the orphans and guards also give you clock management as well, which is very important, yes and, and then three points shooters, which is something I didn't ever consider,
but I guess you're right- the whole game has changed. That way. Will I would I would aids from my own personal experience of sport injuries? but the actual injury, Andrea history and current injuries to key players and then you'd disciplinary board. You might have a player with a talent off the charge, but he's not gonna, twenty minutes on Coke he's a bad boy and then I'm going to I'm going to go until the bad boys here every time I walk past him and he's going to lose it there's a penalty and he's out of the game before you know it sucks that stuff that that's he'll drilling down from a scouting report. You must have files inches thick on each time. Well that kind of goes into the next thing. We want to take a look, a kind of how a team has playing lately. You want to look at their schedule. You know what you want to look at those teams that happened to win both our conference regular season and tournament championships, the one that got the automatic bids, but they also did
work during the regular seas and the girls had been tested consistently. You know that their strictly their strong, their knocking at flustered, so that that's one fact you want to look at you also. If you really want to dig deep, you want to look at when how teens play based on different about times- and I say this base a performance, a mile, no matter the universe, you Florida, which, It plays really well at night, so weak night games. They usually do pretty well, but scheduled for a Saturday afternoon noon. Tip not quite so, got really. So if you really want to dig down can do that and another factor you want to keep in mind. You want to look at where the things are being played in the tournament travellers yeah travel times. You wanna be careful of teams there from the West Coast is having to play a morning? Gave right I'll see you want to think of geographical insinuations, because in crowds present two years ago, Providence play Dayton and Columbus Ohio? What am I friends yell at me
Twitter saying if I want to know this gang was in Columbus. I wouldn't take improvidence Alberta taken date and that's that's the pipe. A little things you want keep in mind because teens might get unexpected home, courted Bam. Yeah right by the committee draws up a brac yet because you're right, the geography will determine who has the home court advantage because more view fans will show up and the travelled I'm thing you know, that's that kind of as a factor in all sports when you think all is universally earnestly to haven't. Had so much travel hardening, you know or if you run, if you were in the majors, you know you live out of your suitcase yeah, but I'm sorry, and even in the majors they say like at the West Coast team is going EAST, was a like. I don't even count this, don't you know if you're, a West Coast team and you're really decent match up, but you're coming east to play. Let's say the patriots there, like you're gonna get murdered, because of the time different travelling EAST is always the heart. Is right now
to your old alma mater Florida. My guess is by a rhythms so that their data, to playing a night an evening tip off right. That's right lunchtime there having pre game that there, about a little bit of a map so when it comes to an early tip off on during the day, thereby rhythm, saying everytime, I care what they deserve to lose if they gotta take afternoon nap. What the hell is, this the same standard practice opportune standard practice you go, you have a little lie down and even that go against the right to get milk and cookies till now about that, as a very important thing think because this is one of the only you know- events may mean and calendar were gains pretty much go from noon submit night right. You know on week days you know Thursday and Friday of the first and second rounds that weaken its all basketball from twelve midnight.
What's right? I see this. This isn't the gods decision, a war, I'm going with the colored the uniformed this scientific. Well, now I mean I've. I've never crystallized, I'm totally by when they like, I said, I'm front row the Classic ANA school. So I'm see The scientific process here from how you construct your bracket are somehow women constructing our bracket, though the US has never done it before think we, like the number sixteen we'll go with that waste of time. Correct, that's right, never happen in our boy. It doesn't seem like its ever gonna happen in the foreseeable future, because the way the pods sets out, we have seeds imports we back to gardening, again chugging love garden, and so the first see get strong. We the sixteenth seed, and that basically is of war, usually, sixteen seen, sometimes they have a losing record, sometimes their therefrom. We are always from a weaker conference ride a lot of times their team
when both the regular season and conference tournament title they just kind of smoking by getting really hot during the conference turn of winning reporting on rural areas, number one seat is playing somewhere close to home. So they're gonna have a lot of fans behind Azure yeah. So lets you what's the lowest This ever walked home with the big deal, lowest things ever wanting. National shall try to build noble one as a nine see. Ok, young athletes actually cats. In other words on exploring it can be done. You don't have to be in the tub to cede three seats You have all to yourselves. Nobody is very, very difficult. Usually that usually it's the top foreseen that have a shot. Usually the one and the Tutsis book, but we only had once since they actually started feeling Things were all no one seems made by one that was in two thousand and eight ok. So
is a deal we're going to close things out by taking a fan, question John W from Twitter wants to know this Chris. He says what is it about the five twelve match up that seems to consistently it involves the most upsets. Is there any rhyme or reason for that? There are a couple. Usually the five seed is a team from power conference. It might have been sitting their mental lost early hour conference tournaments, or maybe they ve been sitting for almost of asylum weak and a twelve seen aloud is one of those mid major conference champions. Better than their record, would indicate, but on their profile, would indicate that that isn't gonna be intimidated by that I see and are also you a little bit pressure because they want or conference tournament. You know they I've been sitting for you know away They believe in sending for a couple of days and occasionally a twelve seed will be one of those teams plays on Tuesday and Wednesday. So they're, really, you know into their rhythm
I am ready to go well, so those are the two things that really to be caught us or why those backdrops always gotta, stick out as upset picks. It is usually a pretty even match up to. That is just amazing that you were. If other jump right an answer that question the way you did on the problems seriously impress programmes The we have question now from Jeff Starches, yes, say: that's, that's the right by apologies Jeffrey. That's not term, I'm angling, the english language, as you probably guessed, it isn't my first, I don't even have one considering that there are opposites in every tournament? Chris? Are there any strategies proven to be effective in determining bracket results in statistics outliers are typically thrown out as a normal anomalies, but every month at make a dramatic impact on the torment, so Do we have secret algorithms, because he's all numbers are their equations and of course, has just says: do we have certain strategies,
well as somebody who, over things everything don't over, think I usually when I make my pigs, I go with the first instinct, but you know we talk about. You know how the bracket to set off at you a pool, you know gains become more valuable as you move on around so usually are first round throwing worth one point: zero upsets really worth one point or you know if you get credit for upset, maybe it's double so it's too, but those rattled thirty to ratify Sixteen games, and so on are gonna, be more important and that's when the favorites usually win when you're near your one senior choosing drip reasons, are gonna, go and take care of things. So oftentimes. If you pick all chalk you're bracket, is gonna, do better than somebody who those crazy pecking upsets. So it's a door ever think it. You know, go go with your got, but but remember that that upsets, while their great they aren't really gonna, make all the impact you know when we get to the final, for
beginning able swayed what lessons we gotta wrap. This crazy he's die so much pleasure and Eric best of luck. Thank you so much not, I got a better job. Thank you for taking me to school. It's been a pleasure to be in a programme of this class you're, very, very well, all right Bulgaria Riley this size. Hey. I've got no secret, for you porn star, talk at the five dollar tier or higher on patriarch, and you can do All current episodes of the show commercial free where you waiting for sign up a patriarchal, porthos at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free, you can download. All current episodes into your favorite park has player and net
I hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not happy dear me, saying, if you support us at Patria, Dark coms last our talk, radio. I mean, I'm just sing it I mean just SAM. with science bands. Thank you. First of all, for sticking around and checking not our little extension of our March badness show you just finish. Listening to the show from life, here where we had, of course, Gary O Reilly, who is conspicuously absent from this extension, because Gary is in the? U K he was supposed to be here. His plane was grounded because of the big snowstorm that we hear had here on the EAST coast, and he was unable to join us, and so we say hello to Jerry. We,
as you and we wish you were here, but what we do have from last year is Chris Diver team, who is the curator of blogging? The bracket dot com and works were as be nation and, as I said, Is I don't care? I see these guys from ESPN and I see these duties on C b as and Chris, the smoke blowin at all man. You are probably the most knowledgeable Brac challenges that I now so Ok, thanks for, haven't we once again shock yeah man? Yes, so I know that you are superbly Last year we were not able to talk about the brackets in any detail, because we were speaking before selection Sonia but right. Now you and I, even though this will be airing during the tournament, probably the very beginning of the tournament. You and I are speaking on selection Sunday evening, and so they have just announced
the teams and I'm really excited to hear what you have to say about this year's bracket before we go into your picks and start taking apart the brackets. I really want to know from you something about this selection process already. There's some controversy about the teams that have been selected because from what I understand they did some tweaking not real changes, but some tweaking to the way that they choose the teams. Can you talk to me about that and while you're at it, can you tell me what our p I means and what quadrants r n
this stuff that I'm hearing that I have no idea what's going on, let's, let's cut to start at the beginning, as all these things that you ask about, do really kind of feed into each other. Ok previously, what happened was all wins that a team picked up during the course of these workers are of the same. So if you beat a team that was right The top fifty that was considered a group one win, then teams to do. Through a hundred were another group and then a hunter won through two hundred were not alerts and then to a one two three. They were yet another and it didn't matter. If you read that team on your own home floor road in their building, or you know some neutral sleight of bent in November or December during a conference Herman that matter this year they decided to tweak few things. They decided to redefine quality wines and create these quadrants. Now the quadrants railways, there now
the quadrants exists to give you more credit for winning on the road in another teams, building and less credit for winning a whole. Let's take that first group before that group, one that used to be just top fifty wins period now neutral site games are still in a one through fifty. Those too stop all in there. But if you, when it came out on the road against anybody in the top, seventy five that now falls into that bucket, but on the flip side, Only your home wins against the top. Thirty teams do so you're not getting as much credit for winning at home. Ok, so what they're doing is theirs there, it's kind of like in figure, skating or diving, where you have this little factor called a degree of difficulty so that, if you're doing a two and a half twist with the pike right you're, you kids scored higher than just doing a job.
Life because they're like Joe. This is a much more difficult move. So we're gonna, give you more credit, so they're saying that is more difficult to win against a good team on their own terms. So if we do that, then we're gonna, give you more credit, that's exactly what it is. It's a great way to put that degree of difficulty and he brought up the r p I, which is the ratings percentage and acts in this kind of those ties into another thing that change the sheer European is a very basic calculation and it's actually used by the incidentally, not basketball, but in various guises too pretty much every sport they do in a baseball softball, any team sport. They have an army irish, something like it and that's because the very basic formula that calculates your own money per se.
What percentage of the team that you play and then those teams, opponents putting percentage, is another factor that goes into it, so you can see that there is not really anything really basketballs about it. It doesn't Tell you you know, you know how good a team is often run deepens or how efficient they are still there Finally, this year that they were going to incorporate several other metrics, including some broken into two categories, the archives called results based better risk based, What do you do during the season? It looks only the past. There are three other metrics they're using which are predicted and most prominent eases can palm arrays ratings, compounded com, just sirens rating many Europeans, bp- and these try to predict. What team is gonna perform based on how efficient they are often on depends how often they turned the ball over they factor in things like
injuries and availability of players, and things like that, so they try to get those kind of involved as well. Based on what I have seen of the bracket so far, it doesn't look like those predictive metrics for really used quite as much as the result based ones were, which was one of it, commercial things as I was caught a at my recap, because I felt like I was going to disease and expecting all these changes and things pretty much stayed the same microbes You know from year on year, as you know, remain consistent evil, but these updates interesting interesting, so, basically what they would. They have was kind of like these predictive analytics daddy, or not, instead of an algorithm they're using some other criteria to put in place these predictive analytics and then they decided not gonna use.
Yeah, that's one thing here: first class, I'm going to take some time during the next couple of days and try to figure out. You know how you know Kenpom in particular was use. Cuz. That's like I said, that's really kind of the gold standard, the one people to kind of psych the most my talk about college basketball how that was kind of used if it wasn't all and then come to make a decision for now. I was kind of making a quick assumption based on about the two hours I've had without you know, without having to deal with these things and try to look at what actually is their yeah, but so what we can't, what we do know. Kind of like this calibre of wines, things where that definitely went into play. You know, that's that's a big factor caliber of wines and that the what I call the degree of difficulty so that a new thing and you think it's a good thing only does it look like it's doing something good,
click. It is, I think, that one factor the committee used to look at years ago. They got rid of it over really the past four or five years was. Was your performance late in the season they used to have a metric that checked your record based on the last ten Tal gain should play, and this is where a lot of the controversy about the teams of got selected. Cotta came at because to those controversial or, furthermore, controversial, really work. Alabama will be as Easy Arizona state out of a pact twelve in Oklahoma, out of the big well, all of whom just right during the last month in the seas are right. Arizona state was even worse. Arizona state started out, while the no I haven't the number one seat in the first bracken that back in January, they wanna eight games the rest of the system. They twenty nine and they got it so Dan, oh yeah, really, ok, yeah, I mean Alabama, let's roll before they want your games.
That's easy terms and it turns out they probably when those do gains based on whether a place in the bracket, wow, so Arizona, five hundred team in their basically there on par with in their own par with everybody else. In terms of its first round you you, you got your chance to do just like everybody else, well, Arizona, state and that's a big difference, because Arizona is little talk about them in a bit there, a scare Ray scary scary team will then be able to help, but Arizona, state, they're gonna play that extra game in Dayton coming up Tuesday, Wednesday. Ok, let's not only the extra gang, I write so their play the game so did, though there not that they have to still earn their place. Ok, Yahoo com. Is it possible that a team with a losing record could make the tournament, and has it ever happened? Oh it happens happens quite what actually happened this
but it's only ever happens. One of the team with an automatic bed, for example, one of the games on Wednesday night is gonna feature fifteen and nineteen Texas other who played every single non conference game on the road they do this, so they can. You know make money for that of prominent playing bigger programmes that you will give them a nice paycheck and their coat might Davis used a coach in Indiana. He If we treat them like you, use that money in part to treat his players Tuesday, Nice hotels eating you, nice restaurants, poor gains, yeah, ok, yeah! He wants a treat them like professionals, I wanna play for the Y yeah while they go out and get their reruns handed to them, but, They have their chances a couple years. You only want out Michigan State, for example, which is a very difficult time, is passing programme about level to do they're playing North Carolina. Central and honestly, you know Texas, others, out of this Whack North Carolina, some saw them. Yet. This is the first time I remember in all these years of doing this
They put the two h pc? U teams against each other in the first round. I think it happened way back in the Eightys and Ninetys one point at a slightly different format, but this is the first time around them actually ever doing that, Well, ok, so the team to loosen record is going to tat. Is they got an automatic? right, and so there are basically going to the tournament and they're gonna like a wonderful meal with their coach. Instead, a nice hotel at and that and that's why, they're there I'm actually going to root for them, more than anybody else, which I don't think he's gonna make a difference. Cause they're gonna lose in the first round right well. Well, they still, they still had at First Amiens North Carolina, told you also played in that right last year to think about. That is the good thing about
in the early game. As you know, you get you get the credit for financially. So the answer you have label send you a check for the next six years, because you're playing in that game, which is a great boost, your coffers and their collective financial covers so by the way I am just now for the first time finding out. These teams actually get paid money from the end CIA to act to be an eternal. So this is a big deal for these schools and for their programmes. Yes, especially for the smaller conferences, because they know they will have the big teeming contracts that the agency and the big ten in the pact well, have they ve gotta, get by with you Oh, how does a thousand dollars worth of streaming and television rights and then whatever why do they happen to get from the NC double a tournament for their participation wow? I did not know that. I had no idea that this was We knew that this was a billion dollar business.
Didn't realize that the the college's themselves were getting paid and so through complete This is a real deal because these people are competing. There's there money on the line here by bore the morgue sure when the more money you know it's just a stream of that money doesn't go to the students that is worth listen. This is America. We we couldn't, have it any other way as not get crazy, Chris Creed Break now, but still around there's. Large madness to be Jack Jack and I built for some cultures or first time teams in the tournament this year we will. We We do have one first that we we see now
her find him every year and the one that really stands up to me this year is lips. Come out of the Atlantic Son Conference right, which is a small eighteen conference in the South Eastern United States, with one outlier liar up a new jersey, they're, usually don't city Florida Gulf cautiously, wins out league. They lost lips, gum, who's out a Nashville. They will represent that conference. They play North Carolina in the fridge, drowned on Thursday. Well was nice while it lasted, wasn't it yeah? Well, so now is that set up to make these the better teams to give them a easier path to the top or is it more set up for entertainment to have these these lower seeds, I'm a most tournaments? Go that way. The lower z takes on the big see, but I'm saying I think, for television and for entertainment is probably better to have like
this team. Go up against that. You want the David and Goliath Story right. That's the one thing that really kind of attracting either this event. When I was a kid, I was seeing these themes. You know, you know, I'm you all these big name schools, but seeing these little teams from the been major, prices going in there in getting their shop on national television on CBS are now CBS and Turner getting those opportunities. That was a thing that kind of drew me into this that this this is. This is off, get really is very exciting. For that reason, last year there was a team of first time. Tournament team, everyone loved them. They were the darling of the tournament. I believe that the three of us with Gary we're talking whether or not they would go anywhere me being this ethical comedian, that I am. I said that they were crash and burn in the very first game. I believe that's what's happened, Africa, the name of the team
and I gotta go back and think about it, because that's one thing about doing this job. When you do it so frequently yeah, you kind of forget what happened the year before Northern Kentucky was one of the three you see Davis. One in North Dakota was another once we had. We had actually we have for the first time for four first time, participants. Last year are we not Jacksonville state as well out about ass the words at Seville State every by words like they're gonna? Do something because- and I was like you had to go home- that's what they're going to do as we gotta. Do they didn't go home? Aren't so do you think that this system is fair? You know from your estimation, big think about this. Here's what you just said that a team with losing record can give an automatic beard because whether play but then you gotta too, That may be much better than that team. That has to go through the selection process,
and maybe on the bubble and get caught and knocked off. So is this affair? Is a fair system were in a word? No because here's the thing, I think that the major conferences their conference tournaments and they use that to select their and what that does. You have never once even as a single location tournament that team can always get knocked off. If you have a really good thing, was take the sun this year. Malaysia Louisiana She gave him a lotta, yet they were looking like a twelve or thirteen see you know they could have won a game were too because they there there are very talented rail, athletic tea. They got knocked out by you to Orleans any files replacing them. We're just state now, Georgia State though they they wanna game a couple years ago, was a fourteen easy not as good this year, How will it be a player on the roster this time around? There are fifteen, see their plans, and tonight that's not a great matter for the sun dial.
As I said when there is financial implications for these offers as they gotta wind games, to get more money you I have your best team in the field you want. You know your your number two cedar number forcing us only getting as well. One seat. Is that much better, because that helps the whole conference when your team does right, yeah, ok, so well, it's not fair, but you know once again like I said this is America, so what it does is not supposed to be fair K supposed make. It gives the pull yourself up by using shoelaces. Now I would like, though we know you talk about the financial side of things. I'd like to see more conferences, implement some kind of double elimination system for their conference champion. Hey that's another going to put on television that more money. Potentially. So that's that's! You know, that's potentially what to think about article. Let's move onto bubble teams. Are there any teams of the bubble this year that you like and think that they have a shot? Here's the thing about this
Above all, it was really deep. I had about a watch pose this morning at featured seventeen things even though I one at large this year, I went in there thinking that. Any one of these. Nine teams are worked out, they could get in and they could win a game or two, and the same thing applies to the team but actually to get it because the thing with the season was, I thought, a really the top eight to ten times it was remarkably either So we have a lot of things here that I think you're gonna have a really interesting shot in the first couple around to get through the penny. Other matches want human stands out to me: wasn't a bubble team, they could have been about you them did when their automatic bed for my backyard here in Chicago loyally University last time, namely the tournament nineteen. Eighty five, they made the sweet. Sixteen very
fourteen great shooting team they won at Florida, my alma mater in December, which mid major teams dont do they play Miami in the first round, and then they potentially can play Tennessee and the second round and that's a path that they could maybe make the sweet. Sixteen out of that well other couple bubble: teams to keep an eye on taxes hasn't pigs Mohammed Bomba who's gonna be APEC. There are ten see, I think they are great shot Oklahoma, as you know, in that range as well, you know with tray young, whose dominated meteor covered struck. Hollered, basketball! He's Gotta keep an eye on you know if they struggle lately, but if they get hot, they have a shot providence, just plain free overtime games. With these terms, there are ten see, they're, probably lose North Carolina. Second rather thing get by tax. An animal first. Maybe yes, and then again we get away those overtime games. I think they're gonna where's down, but
jack who know another squad, keep an eye on from potential on the automatic bid. Side of things is New Mexico state who was a twelve see they play Thompson the first round and they would potentially play Auburn if they, when that game and offered is caught up in it interesting spot right now, roster Watts, Yan! That's that's gonna call that Auburn, since what two thousand three that's when the last Sunday made it. So it's been a long time, I'm a little worried about their prospects just because the they have a great lay, a great young interior player, who went down. His name sees right now, I don't know his name either and I don't have. Are you the one thing that I dont do in college? Basketball, unless you are a huge star, is follow the personnel you kind of follow the programmes, and I think that's why coaches become more rock stars, then the players and that's get as the players.
Leaving you know me, Michael, more amnesiac, more he's been out and they have not been the same, especially inside out, so they have struggled since he went out the innocence. He sends his injury Europe since February, really they have struggled, they ve lost five games and one for their born five in their last night. That's not really great way to go. They they walked Alabama for the second time the season and the SSC Tournaments You know I have a little bit to do when they go play cards Charleston on brought. Well, you know for them I say: there's always prayer, ok, searches! Keep that in mind keep that in mind. Let me ask you: this is a better to be a team that kind of runs and guns it please we're Faz scores very high, or is it better to be a team
was again down pursuing their own terms or maybe you're that tee in that slows down place will slow, but you're still high scoring because issued a lot of three pointers. What do you think is the best combination? I think the last one is probably the best combination, because the three point shot is really the great equalizer called basketball so much so that in the year, eighteen are actually going to experiment with pushing the three point out of bed to try to get teams to play more inside play more of a mid range game. Yet nobody wanted to see that, though we love will see and somebody rain down drops from above. That's what we like
for me the one thing that you want to keep an eye on making your peck's is you ve spent really the past two and a half months playing in your conference, used to a very specific style of officiating particular and are used to a very specific set of opponents of their styles. You're gonna be matched up against teams, and it's not so much, first round because you have a few days air, but it's on that second turn around from Thursday, this area or Friday to Sunday, where you don't have all that much time to prepare and you have to try to get used to a completely different style of office and potentially defence added aphorisms vitiating and the teams that can make those adjustments most quickly in the most officially, those are the ones that are going to do it well see. While for the teams that are well out there and the teams that
so have a fair amount of talent and have a lot of good, better leadership. You're gonna say that sounds to me like a teams with good coaches and teams that have been there before, as well as teams that have maybe some seniors in some guys that they know what they're doing so. There is a very good points was the best brackets. You ever filled out in all the years that I've done this and honestly, since I've started to Iraq, metalogy by picks up just go progressively worse, be those who knows what here I think it was it. Actually. Twenty fourteen right think everything pretty much when everything went to hell and floored. I had forty going. When the national Champs Exhibit number one overall seed and I went to the vital for an eye just winning my poor by default, because everybody else's final for pigs had just gone and completely in the trash. I'm one team left standing.
That's pretty much! Yet that's eye over analyzer stop. So I really have Beauchamp. Well you nowhere in its fun, because that's what I love about this- that the turnover is the fact that I don't know anything and I have just as good a chance. If somebody who knows so much like you, I have just given tiers of getting a good brag about away from what from what I understand, there are nine Quinton possibilities were the tournaments starts the other nine quintile in ways to fill out the bracket. If you are a really good basketball officials, not oh, if you're a person with a great deal, a basketball knowledge, I think the ads then drop down to one in a hundred and twenty eight billion of uniting the perfect bracket so
It really does make a difference. How bad you did Chris you're, you d better than the odds ever could let you do or in both its money is very much stage since he has a rather I can contest in many years earlier, but I have to tell you man, I'm once I found out these stats and I will put this out there right now. This is not sanction by playing with science or the start,
organization, but I am going to say right now to anyone listening. If you pick a perfect bracket, I will fly you to New York City and pay for you to have dinner with meal de Grass Thyssen. I will set that I personally am bag. It happen. If you pick a perfect bracket so- and you know that's all- I'm saying is we'll go and the honor system till I'm gonna put it out like that, will go only honour system, and if anybody has the nerve to actually tell me they played to perfect bracket when they get to New York, we hit with a baseball bat. So let me ask you this, because we're we're pretty much avatar whispered, words out and we should have put this- has been-
fun one. How many a number one sees you think we'll make it this year, too, has ever been a time where the final form was all for number one seeds and, and then I'll ask you about your final, your elite. Eight. I think this year, we're gonna, probably end up having to number one scenes, make it out of a four we vote. It's for you ass. We ve only haven't happen once we're all for number. One sees have made it, and that was ten years ago two thousand and eight wow cool yeah, clever with us in San Antonio will out of war as this year. Well, cool rise up and look forward to so you know it's gift the elite, eight! Let's go to the final for tell me who do you? for your final for or who would you like to see, even if you're, just not making a prediction? Who would you like to see as your final four and then who do you think would be in their championship game then, of course, who will win at all. I want
about Arizona earlier I'm taking Arizona out of the east so that knocks out one one scene in Virginia. I think the Villanova their path in the east is fairly fairly easy. So I think that they're going to get through out of there, I think handles will make it out of the MID West Ducas Commodore biggest hurdle in that region and in state as well. They're gonna have to really earned their way there and finally taking North Carolina out of a west, so that would set up a final finally for of Arizona, verses, North Carolina State right and though it over Kansas. I'm gonna go with the Arizona I read like, whereas on my right arm, I'm taking Arizona over Kansas, final? Why look at that so Arizona championship this year, two thousand eighty courting Chris diverting which you now I'm excited to see whether or not that happens.
I'm I'm taking a team with black do I don't know, that's really not about idea. I gotta feel it I'm gonna know uncle women will listen. Crisis has been awesome. Thank you so much for joining eyes and have some fun with the bracket this year so sorry, the Gary couldn't be here with us to do it. It's always our fun when we're all together keep up the great work. Everyone can find, you add blogging the bracket dot com. And you do some incredible writing and you're just so knowledgeable if you're a fan of college basketball period, you should definitely Red Chris. It's an education that is well worth it and we're going to wrap things up. Thanks all for joining us. On behalf of very O Reilly, unstuck, nice telling you
when you play with fire burned. I am some other Bardell may adopt the organs which you could listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint start, compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio,
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