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#ICYMI - NFL Fitness and Nutrition (Repeat)

2018-01-11 | 🔗
Chuck and Gary get schooled by the men who optimize player performance for the pros: Glen Tobias of the NY Jets, and Dave Puloka and Wayne Diesel of the Miami Dolphins. Neil Tyson interviews quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and former players John Urschel and Terry Crews.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceTuneIn: http://www.tunein.com/playingwithscienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch/listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/nfl-fitness-and-nutrition/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Meal? The grass trace of your personal astrophysicist start talk and stitches pleased to present to you a new show where the universe and sports collapse I give you nice, Gary arrived and We are the host of flame with science,
Please take on sports nutrition and conditioning with the Manhattan schools, medicine, New York, jets and Boston, Red Sox, nutritionist, Glenn, Tobias Mommy dolphins, strengthen conditioning coach, take LUCA sports Performance Director Wayne Diesel and we're all gonna liberally. Sprinkle learn some tasty morsels from jets. Quarterback rhyme Fitzpatrick Ravens Offensive Lyman, John Ursule and former Rand's and Redskins STAR now actor Terry crews are cooked up by our own master chef, kneeled Grass Thyssen, but don't worry if you think you couldn't possibly digest all of that in one sitting we on playing besides guarantee, totally guarantee it is calorie for and we're gonna start with those references right now.
We're we're, probably would probably freaking out with these little references joining us in studio today, Glenn, Tobias, hey Man has got very good. Thank you. Thank you. Have me when you know before we could go on Glenn. You know one of the things we always do with the shows. We start off with a clip that kind of demonstrates what we're talking about put the topic of the debt, and so we ve chosen something very special. We ve got two clips back to back and it's kind of a look at how the athlete has changed over the years and they will talk about how nutrition has played a part in that culture. Let's take a look at the first clear, which is the Atlanta Falcons playing the Dallas Cowboys and the quarterback was over the middle to the tight in, and this play looks like it takes forever going through that up, so they are set, and I fail to be frank. Johnson mariners, rising tide and now has evolved, endless
I believe that this type of doping- They look as if the movies, so it's a thirty yard played. And the tide and feels like he took like a minute to run thirty four years and now here they are from a different angle and as you can see the place unfolding it's all over the middle tight and has it he's, and I mean this guy looks like he is putting up three after possible he's. Hopefully we urge the plight of the Dallas and still it looks like it looks like their swim. Through peaceably its ground level. He will have the feeling that he is travelling expenses, exactly M from the that you have ample rank, went when you're on ground level right Gary. You would think the play what look even faster because you're, seeing it. From that vantage point, I so now, let's take a look at the second clip. Lamp of this, I believe, is the Detroit Lions and it's an enzyme to end zone play to men.
Try, need, I say more lets you that and see what we got alliance now again. Now this this clip looks like a fast cabbages and right now define has not. Did you see that the whole delights like seven seconds so the one play it takes a guy like ten seconds for the play to unfold in its authority for your plate over middle right here is Enzo. Two ends on the whole thing takes eight seconds. And it's a touchstone took out and Johnson Mediterranean Vanilla, fast moving, and so I love as this is what has happened to us that come from. I note is it because ethics are more powerful now or because there's a whole construction behind the evolution of football? Perhaps slowly I mean you have to think that nutrition is the end.
The UN and its a twenty four hour game, whereas in your practising in IRAN a field whether be baseball or footballer, when at what have you you're putting any effort at that time? But now really the nutrition aspect is all I'm a new fuel, the machine better. You get better output and that's a prime example. That's funny. So now, when you are you because your work, Europe, Europe you're playing with playing with your working, whereas I thought I had always always find it out, but you're working with professional baseball players and professional football players. Is there a difference in the approach to nutrition for different sports? I think for Osborne
You just really working with the athlete and depending on what their needs are there. Other age is a big component, their height their weight. What position they play at what sport so everything? What country there from what part of this country there from so as to how come ballistic with everything, because what what your grandma made you when you were little makes you feel comfortable in warm and fuzzy. You can always go to that now. I can't stop thinking about my grandma. You take it slow down memory. We are gonna catch up with kneeled Grass Thyssen see what else he had to say with jets. Quarterback Ryan fits let's check it out and football other than what may have been developments in equipment. Do you see any other ways that science has touched the game since you first came out of college back in five just now, years? What have you seen about in training as well? I mean just the nutrition.
Probably the biggest advancement in twelve years and now and your whole time are right. Twelve years the cell exasperated, oh, my these guys now. The way, the way that you are talking, Thank you for your body, all the different people that around staff to help us, whether as a team, nutritionists or not just one strength, coached, the very specific strained coaches, based on the position and what you're doing It gently they gotta tailored down to a science, now for me, like in Ireland. I liked to go at a cheeseburger fries in over. That's that's not acceptable anymore. Doing their bodies and already world class athletes. Good evening How do you do that? Much more! You know. One thing that we do that didn't really exist when I came into legal, something all the bad part- and he said it gives an accurate assessment of your body.
That presented, and so you're, not thirty, four years Oldham unkind of on the tail end. So that's like a death hard for me to have to go step into the bad policy, have a fat I become because the hammer, last night. This shows up like right rights actually am right death exactly whilst it that is a fundamental right in front of this tourism is about, but it's funny you guys actually started talking in the same terms when you talk about these world class athletes who are fuelling thereby direct. So is this more of a life philosophy that you have to adopt when you're a player, it goes more into being a professional there I have high school students. I work with collegiate Enron, professional the more you get into it, the more you get into it the more the longer you want to stay doing it. If that's your livelihood than there is really less of an
season? If you will reach irrelevant sport, there's no Aussies you're, always training. We always try to get better. I always fuelling throughout. What's been the biggest pike breakthrough in nutrition. In the last say ten fifteen years, because that clip we, we saw them from nineteen sixty six sure I mean the knowledge, then, as opposed to the knowledge in the eightys and the eighty two now I must be a gulf or is there I mean there's deftly advancements home beers ago, the guys ready, mistaken eggs, and that was right. That's what they ate need as much of it as they could now. It's about timing really is about balancing of the meal. Protein fat carb ratios it's about supplement nation. It's about a whole! You taken sleep, hydrogen, yes, so now you consider our parliamentary absolutely I because this is one of the biggest. I won't say it's, not a controversy. We know now that sleep is extremely.
Potent by its article, as as we have done more and more studies on sleep. You see increase performance for short, so is there can go too far? Can I sleep too much and say like anything to Morrow, you get ruin a good thing or is right, but in general, If you're not sleeping enough you, you know you, testosterone levels can drop you're not going to be able to function properly, so you can't be optimal. Does a big differences survival and optimization in an athlete five gaunt sleep deprivation who go that far and call it that you turn on? I come to you and see TAT. I am not sleeping as well as a professional as a professional athletes. Ok, Is there a series of foodstuffs that you that you say have these? I know- and I know where you're going, but I had actually back it out and say what time you off of your Iphone great That's probably like last and then you're phrase in and you gonna try to go to sleep, and you can't know you gonna wonder why so there's so much involve I'm not going
go with politics food for you, but could there be dietary contributions to sleep depths to insomnia like, for instance, I can't drink coffee after three o clock in the afternoon, and I dont know why. But if I have a cup of coffee at three o clock, I am not going to bed until two m. That's all there is to unless I take so. You also just said: that's what you're making it so real big part of a to do. You takes absolutely absolutely if you say that it is so. I would say this problem, not the case but I dont, really recommend anybody to drink a lot of caffeine. Look as if the adrenal gland fatiguing budgetary resources are concerned, melatonin melatonin we can find in some sort
carries absolutely tartan orange juice, Yasser not from out on a very powerful at thy, inflammatory, great Wrathfully OPEC, on how much of what we put in our bodies as everyday human beings orally athletes. Can you as a nutritionist affect by planting seeds like you know what a much time spending on your phone and, if you say so it so the mental aspect of did the diet, the nutrition, mental nutritional mathematicians everything because what, when you feel well, what do you want to
I wanted to give you a terrible stuff. Roy you just you when you when you're home, yes, knowing you get what you want, you want you guys agreement cookies, sure just loot lives. That makes you feel good, bye, mom, it's knowing all the time. It's a pleasure in this room, gotta watch some cookies at the rear of the metal game is, is huge because we have to take the deliciousness out of the equation if you will be as a professional, if you want to stay a professional and you want to leave when you're ready to leave- and you want to avoid as many countries as possible then fuelling critical visit, a bet, the better you fuel, the better you will perform, is no work with hatch. I work with the jets. Is it just a broad spectrum of foodstuffs that hey guys lunchtime, govern fill up, or do you specifically Taylor diets? According to
it had man, I'm sorry about that have had an impersonal, its steel personalized for an individual players I personalize or for any of the professional fields, and I work with loud ass, a lot of what it is, but everybody's different. Like I said earlier, what part of this country did you come from? What are what other countries did you come from matters? That's gonna be the food choices that you're gonna pick when I'm not with you now. Is that because you want to show somebody a smart way to make food choices because like, for instance, let's just say, I love parochial, ok right who doesn't. I owe you also aim to take up right over the top of its past the stuff with potato and deliciousness. I grew up even poorer. Ok, ok! Good! Now, you know that when I'm not would Glenn to buys my this, I am scarf and down some
RO. I will show you how to Prodi's every day the fits into our programming for your goals, because I can't tell you you can eat them because, as an Do you like to be told what to do? What is anybody like knowing how much of my pain by the hour you go everything Then you get to leave. Her is no unlike, We told- and if I tell you, you're, not gonna want to stick with us, so I make deals with with all the people that I work with all the athletes I may deal so you can have a couple of programmes.
Is that good? I guess it is. You go so use that as a carbon bert that you're starch potatoes Data softly Glenn, have you come across any of the early athletes who have allergies, sure that really create a barrier to what they need to achieve in the nutrition and the daily diet? Allergies, yes, a barrier! No that's! What I do is I see what you're issues are and then you get back beyond. I move right around right. I soon here's another question with a cave, maybe a low silly, but now did you bought up allergies? Have you ever had the knowledge of and player on an opposite having allergies and then weapon eyes, food like set of a low pay? The brazilian sounds like that. Guy's now play, and today we are on your mind, that's a great question: never weapon ized food
I mean I've decided as opposed to throwing a sandwich somebody when you're angry. I just I would urge all round and get out now you might think about it. Might one thing about? You know that up and down? Thank you is there. It is there to the training, weak strategy for nutrition. Was your play raining week? You're, so from postponing the day after I come in, till the day before its standardized yesterday that you didn't every game world like after the game? Should I eat something different now that expert had spent myself and I've been absolutely. I wanna definitely a lot more carbohydrates and most people think, because you have to replace the linkage in that your muscles just extent so just spent. So then you also want a nice highquality protein as well. The g g. I cops the sumac index s right, so I dont hole with guy, see Mc Index and I'll tell
why please to nobody, each one food at one time unless with a glass of agenda is about right. I do a guy seeming load. How does that meal right affect the insulin response? Is wheat meals, correct? Ok, everybody does no one is one thing I so, let's talk about that with respect to recovery, sure are so here. I am Gary bought up training So it's my weight day, I'm in I'm working, I'm working out short, I so now. What do you do for something like that, as opposed to the day game too? Well, here's a request for you guys. A quick, oh, was the most import meal a day, brethren I'll, say breakfast they'll say breakfast: ok, how about brunch has its fabulous upside deserter? because we ve betrayed arguments put out of an israeli ways, I just wanna keep guessing meals now. Is it not time now I dont use a word snack actually in any of my practice cycle,
let's go, get it. I was otherwise. The formula of the day is familiar have immediately following your work out your game, you're practice that you have the replete what you just depleted when I say go directly after grazed era time is it asked, as you can see tat, you can do it. If I went there to shake, you have five exercised the last thing I want to do right down look at me, you don't have to. I can have a shake their sake but which want to do is rip and this is what you say already media get that for recovery. Plans such as this is just for everybody. This is have you thought of the Germans twice a week right right after you because they were standing balance to what would be in that shake a deaf. We want a carbohydrate, a sugar would be good. Everyone demonize a sugar right now I ask as written skittles all David Sugar Post work out a critical, and then you wanna highquality protein stitches away or something right way. Protein house out in game nutrition, game nutrition is set at the moment. A lot of guys in Europe used these any
the jail the goose in the issue. No further, though I mean that's unheard of guy or first of all, it is about how many years ago, since from went dissent that, for me that's a very new, develop sure him in jail technology into a nutritious. I suffered for those who are uninitiated, because you guys you talk about southern neighbour, people are now tell us about the girl. Who is how is used yet just like it is a sugar that comes into a powder, a packet yeah, that's thick, it was really designed for trash leads and bicycle endurance bicycle rider, so they can just squirted kind of other peddling and not have to stop refugees, but there's a lot of research, a lot of money being put into in game nutrition, because that's where the athlete makes his or her living Reyes. So that's where the rubber meets the road wrote that mean we can. We can do it in terms of the analysis with Bio Data you get from all the technology is available.
And yours, you you're quite happily, work out the guy in the first quarter is a lot more effective than in the fourth quarter, because he's energy levels are depleted. Nosey I dreaded rights are now you're, saying the coaching staff to sport sciences behind the team of work this out and are helping remain. The athlete remain at a right level. Moving from me survival to more towards optimal, think of hunger and thirst. If the athlete get hungry are thirsty authority, a problem, I think of hunger and thirst, smoke. Detector at your house is the smoke detectors going off. You already have a problem of your hungry or thirsty. You ve made a mistake right cause, that's just supposed to avoid I want to avoid at all costs, so you said after work out, you don't feel like eating. My expression would be to everyone. I love you and I don't care yeah, tough love. You have to eat. You have to refuel. Guy can't raise a car
putting guests in the tank was speaking of fuelling and we have a clip of where Neil talks to tarry crews, who of course no Terry was a former and fell player and Terry is still a bodybuilder and and a fitness enthuse Yes, so let's hear what he has to say: it's one thing alive waits, but what are you put in your mouth? All that super high protein high protein high protein diet, low car lots of fruits vegetables? Lots of I do have lots of protein me, I'm a big car as well as they. I know people involving the people may not me, and you know they're gonna get up. You know to talk about that. Has a delicious big meal after this is being inside this ship. Next, to the most awesome, silicone breast,
at the door of my biggest after my Tebow's starting to get really like. Ok, you're, ok, anytime finger pointing come on the urban homes weather didn't I just need to protein. I write so two things their wine. You know a lot of people are begins and sports athletes or order that lets. You know from weightlifter to have an effect players to name it, but that seems to be a bit of an old school approach.
Two new Tristram he's like high protein local produce, but he's not low court. What he meant is his low starch right, because it's a lot of fruits and vegetables and fruits, vegetables almost Ives, all carbs does carp site so he's just not having a lot of rice, pasta, potato bread so is so is that is that kind of like how we ve changed? We don't realize that we, we really haven't changed. What what is the prescription? We ve changed the way we talk about the prescription to certain extent, but he is also more acts now and he needs to have his body look a certain way right. So he's that eating like an athlete any longer, whereas nothing would have much more starch requirements. Could I run a whole team on a vague and diet. Good, you yeah, you can't. You can write, has a short and swedish ban you can and by the way they probably the meanest team ever could be so mad at me
Then we can dive they. What does the stars? Are Europe, our we're just tired and you look across that often supply and what you see is a piece of chicken. Now don't get it! and they will do so. You can mean I don't know if I would recommend that just wondering with the way people are addressing the food intake. Now and they go more towards the vague and enter the spectral, some could well happened. Some or some are not not not allowed So what do you think about the egotism as a as Abe I'll say a routine for if the few like that- and you feel better that way! Radio continue eating. That way can be great You can also you can put on access body fat, eating, vague and greatly. What are you gonna? Be lean, you gotta? Do it the right way is basically no matter what you do. You really do that it was right and everybody knows how to eat, and I've been doing this for twenty four years professionally, but everybody knows that
Can I come in? I really know how to say, thank God, because we have to go round he's a fork, a knife and then the like everybody said a knotty, but the thing is, you have to gain muscle to burn fat. Most people want to lose fat, so fat, like the bricks in the trunk of the car, erasing muscle is like having a bigger engine. Everyone wants the bigger engine unless bricks in the trunk. So what we have to do is another expression. Is the plan only grows the biggest the part that its in riots? So I have to feed you more, so you can build more muscle, so you can burn more fat. So if you're looking lose ten pounds, firstly, you don't you want to lose body fat. You. Lose weight and nobody really wants to lose weight athlete depending on what their position may be. They had to be a certain weight, but if you can see the same weight but loose five pounds a fat and gain five pounds of lean body mass, you look and feel very dull. Gaza stops
weighing yourself, because what are you waiting drink, a gallon of water and don't don't go to the restroom? What happens you gain a pounds you miserable you can explode, but you gaining power plants fatter woody way they go right. What everybody to feel better about that start weighing yourselves people get off that scale and start eaten more. Yeah. I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm just sell your cell phone meant that some us for joining Us- you gotta, combat editor, thought that that be good. Yet right we are going to take our first break up. Next will explore the latest advances in strength, training and conditioning. Thank you, of course, the Glen Tobias and when we come back reply with science talking. To people from the Miami Dolphin so hey I've got no secret for you,
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I'm getting really had observed. This, of course, is playing with science. Today were exploring the NFL take on sports nutrition conditioning recovery, fitness. If you wish to call it that, and now I think, will dig into the latest advances in strength and training conditioning, but before we do, I think we ought to get a little clip again from Neil digress Thyssen. His interview with John Herschel Defensive linemen from the Baltimore Ravens you're, twenty five now and your pack and three hundred pounds yeah. That's right! Man, you guys today out of control. Old days. Three hundred pounds looked really rotund in these guys they were just they're out there to just not just to get in people's way, not to actually be nimble. So, what's going on, I mean in terms of training, what's different between two to thirty years ago.
I think it's better nutrition, just better information about training and also the games. Different guys are bigger. I mean I'm three hundred and ten pounds and I'm on the smaller side when it comes off and sublime, and why didn't ten and he smiled any small time a little guy at three hundred and ten pounds of muscle. So I guess now and welcome to them is Dave Polluter, had strengths and conditioning coach, Mammy, dolphins and next to him. Why? diesel sports performance director myself, ass gentlemen, congratulations to your posts and welcome to climate with science. Good afternoon
Jonas Shell they're talking about how guys are getting bigger. So how do you make your guys bigger without, as Neil Turn termed it, making them rotund? Well, a lot of that is through nutrition, but also through training as well. Obviously, footballers is a game, but were you wanna be big, strong and fast, but it's not always the answer. It does make everybody bigger, because you don't want to sacrifice athletic qualities, young want to sacrifice their their ability to move. So it's really about assessing them, saying where each player that and then coming up with a plan there. Maybe they need to lose weight in a long long time, since it's about improving, thereby composition is not just about adding muscle mass. What's the most frequent request you get from guys is its size or is it make me faster depends on who you talking during our school, are still position, guys, receivers
these. Sometimes they wanted a bigger, but usually the more concerned with speed. Now, obviously they wouldn't be here if they were already fast YAP, but under reach us a lot of it is keeping unhealthy, make sure that they can perform at a high level every Sunday. So for some days that might mean putting on some lean mass in the off season for like I just met it might mean we need to improve their ankle mobility. We may need to improve their ability to control their posture. Or must we might be asking them to improve their Sharma building. So there's lots of aspects or performance, it's not simply just putting on muscle mass, although that can be our goal some guys, so this is a really fine detail programme that you work with on each and every one of your players them as required.
As their position and the nature of the disciplines that they have to execute every time? That's correct! So what we are trying to from Moscow satisfied with real Time institute particles where we can track this, be expelled, The exhilaration deceleration then take, on the other hand, is responsible for implementing programmes to make that that's analyzing the results of the players. What the ugly explosive movement and said to have all the quick enough in that particular sport can accelerate Kennedy, distillery nature. They provide enough stimulus through their practice so that when they get into a game that demands its number of television, these regions is both movements that they are able to cope with at the moment? But for that to happen, you have to have a lot of data. Were a mean. Are you using a lot of technology to accrue despite
so are you just using your own eyesight to look at the guy's while I work about is the right way, we'll have a tracking devices that applies where during practices an entire. She do where, during gains to weaken its temperate somebody, the movement there, the speeds distances Calcutta acceleration did you say networks that are discussed earlier. Those are available to us. There is a lot of information and you just gotta be careful that you don't a position for example, crazy- you can't just using how much higher rents is, whether or not they are good, positions, players, gonna red less than in other position, for example crazy. You can't just using how much higher
is whether not that good player. So let me ask you Dave: how do you, when Europe designing a programme for a player and not wane your observing that player? When do you know you have optimize the work out where the players not over training, so that you don't see a decree? in performance because they did too much in the actual training. Training is all about applying stress at the right times, seeing how they adopt that stress. And then and then creating or adapting our programme as needed. So the words of a guy's not doing enough. We can apply more stress forgotten too much we can bear. One of them so that that's dusk, crops to be right. There it was kind of alluding to you know we ve got policies and ninety players, and in season we ve got fifty three plus our practice lot of ten guys everyone's different. So if you apply the same stressed,
every ninety eyes for sixty three guys on the team. I was gonna dashing much some guys. It might be too little for some guys it might be just the firemen and them process is to assess which geyser are getting too much too little and whose just right and then waking, the application of that stress, whether it be a practice whether it be in the weight room, so that they can be ready to play on Sunday nets that that the thought of this is with tears, be right that we not Obama same the tough artful coaches. Is your customers programmes training programmes? There is going to not just look after their very best, but also protect the one then maybe we can in the physical sense the problem with that is a lot of programmes ultimately down to the lowest common denominator, because I don't want to India. So what we found. Is that really players aren't getting stimulated, was fast enough? All right
that sought for me lying just for? Second, we are going to take a break and we will get our teeth deeply into that subjects of injury, injury, prevention and recovery. When we come back with both eighth and Wayne so stick around as a crucial component of today's top and foster game and we'll explore it straight after the break. Don't go away hey guys, chuckle, fear- and I just wanted to make sure you knew that the star talk- our stars- have moved off of STAR talk, radio and onto their own channels on Google play music. I tunes podcast sound cloud sticker radio and tune in so head over to your favorite podcasting platform and subscribe to start talk all stars. Theirs,
who episode coming next Tuesday night and you wouldn't want to miss. It asked myself back. I'm very rightly had I'm stuck nice, and this, of course, is playing we'd science- yes, yes, yes, and we have explored nutrition, release, board, conditioning and we're about now to get going on the crucial part of the game, the game, the kind of got forgotten for so long because we didn't quite understand, that's injury prevail.
And particularly the recovery, as was already known from going to buy us on nutritionist recovery, stout immediately via Skype. We have Dave Polluter, had strength, coach and conditioning from Miami Dolphins and wine, diesel sports performance director again from the dolphins and chaps. Let's get into that point, we touched on it briefly for the brake about Injury prevention and how you go about it? How about recovery, post training post game, how quickly a? U into your athletes as regards recovery from that kind of exercise, there's a couple of schools of thought to one other thing: recovery. She starts before the practices well, that's right! You need to stop there well hydrated everything in place, and that is how we stop. We took every before they didn't bother that they slept well, but not before they don't
I think the new for them to exercise without with less risk of of injury, said and what we also do. The recovery in the OECD of the training saying that training consider coming up. We do less recovery initiatives resolve like ass, far ass. I am one of those things because we want the boy to a debt, but as the season goes on, then we'll starting producing more and more recovery techniques for the dance like mess like a cry of therapy eyes bars, All of these things are available. Active recovery in order for them to recover quicker for the next session said also depends on what stage the season you talking about you, what recovery technique to be using so much the same as with the strengths conditioning that we were discussing before the break, you really are in summer in the detail of the recovery. Now I'm interested,
the cry of therapy, because something that is quite a little bit out there for a lot of elite athletes, but is becoming more. Pillar in Europe. I know it's been a little bit more embraced here in the U S, so those temperatures are quite low, so you can't be putting athletes enough for any length of time. Can you expand on how you use cry syrupy we actually utilise guy therapy at the moment and that they can go then it'll take them after three minutes treaty, three minutes and that is based on busy, as he said, very, very, very low temperatures and police forces within the body that it that's the body and help them to recover and asked them to see that evening and that's a big part of a recovery plan
is one of the more important selling strategies and let you know we're here and that more and more how important sleep is in terms of optimizing performance and that's what a voting the cheapest and the most effective form you recover there you go. So let me ask for it for those of us for those of us who work out, you know in the listening audience, I'm gonna ask you Dave what what is the best thing that you can do in terms of lifting to get not just more muscle mass, but what every guy
once that look. This is not part of our show by the way. This is just for you get. This is just to remind everyone in our control room. Right now, sleigh where's. That question was that question with I'm asking you Dave help me out man yeah, it's the often get Tom in. I don't lose way. I just wanna get Tom in all. I get Dame muscle tone, but that that's what they're saying they mean is I want my six back to show that it. Well that just means you gotta eat better, it's it. There's no magic bullet in arming, there's other infomercials. You see about hills and different programmes. In all these thing, dvds, you didn't get people jumping and don't push up and also at all. This stuff works
do you know? Of course they don't show you all the people. You know that that and successful with that programme right, you know, that's the called the survivor should buy us. You know they. They only Lou forget the winners. They don't pay attention to the million losers. You now That's why they are that small! You no result may very typical all right it there's no is no magic bullet. I mean it. I think the biggest thing is to develop better habits. I mean that's what it is, because its by consistency Other theory on it is that you can achieve your parents better, get going. What
Why did I know that was coming now very girl so that we know what the? U bring up? A really great point- and here you hear a guys say in the gym like that I hit the dna lottery like its that's he's just got great genetics I mean. Is that really the case? And do you see that, when you're looking at athletes cause, I mean tat your level? Are these guys are elite? So is it really a matter of genetics when you look at these guys, castor all in the point: zero zero, zero, zero one percent, while the exactly right, or else they wouldn't really. Here, though, that's what you're that the sort of them the growth in sport, science and in monitoring- is to be able to get that last bit of the ban, right and everybody at this level is late. So how do you get that one percent two percent gaining, but what were charged with right, so that doesn't mean that the principles of neutral
training doesn't apply to to the general public. It does just that we ve got. The technology and the resources to be able to monitor and track. But it's all young there still human beings Are they still are governed by the same laws of physics and chemistry in and science fighting? So nothing like that. It goes back to have so many for talking about wanting to Moscow or get better shaper or lose fat. I mean just it's: it's drink, more water, more vegetables, I'll, get some exercise and can get some sleep. I mean really, I hate to say it with them and I'm sure there's, maybe one or two other things and there. But it's pretty simple: it's just a matter of doing it, that's up with with developing good habits and and keeping those happy. Well now I feel doom,
Thank you very much, but don't worry you guys, don't don't worry about it. I get over a joke. What still, but I have a question of assault- was the one thing that's really taken your part, the Dolphins Football club forward in the last two years, three or four years in terms of science. Has there been one thing these had now that changed our guy GPS. Yes, I would tracking that you spoke about earlier players tracking a lot of what we try. Do it It was of advising coaches on practices Have they done too much of the detrimental because of either The spectrum you'll have injuries or poor performance week, trying to look at the book. Almost as the growth of an injury, because we believed, if we improve your performance, bene. Decrees: dangerous arriving on the negative injury side of it. We want to strengthen the performance side, this better buying from coaches an athlete if they feel it we'll chores
with the increasing growth and this guy. This always beacon was about trying to hide you gonna get injured, I'll, be careful. You gonna, get under way is encourages a sick of it. They want performance son, with that in mind. Why don't you tell us about that? We know that you did some partnership with the Cabman Labs in Silicon Valley, just one that very thing about increasing performance as a means of preventing injury. So can you talk about that? For second, certainly, is Was one of several initiatives if we brought in at the beginning of our season where the idea Was every one of you track various what we call internal load measurements, then play they re. The motion is over the course of which we too, There were losing ranging they hit his shoulders in the ankles and found that we could? Robin waiting for the injury to occur, we could see that this patent is by getting beaten up. Stiffer he's losing range within the hip. If we allow it to continue, then the thought was that that play is getting space
salt injury, and rather than waiting for that, they actually happen weakening it. In a way tat was the biggest stretched whatever it was necessary to make sure. Let me So the range of motion within that joint, so there is a very useful tools, assume recourse tyres, will exacerbate, listen continued success. I know that the team did a lot better this year, so you know and which is and again that we're looking forward to even greater things from you in the future? And now when I, when I watch the team, Sunday I can basically say like here. I know why that guy is doing what he's still when he's perform a well because of weighing them Dave's good luck, man thanks so much for being here Are you guys got pledges? Einstein cue to wine diesel and day, particularly from the mighty dolphins? That's it chuck. I know today show that is flung vice been such a fascinating shove, really very kind.
And here we do it again, I'm Gary Riley such Nice- and this has been playing with science hope you enjoy to show some other Bardell lay all job the organs Which you can listen, the star talk commercial, free, Joe star talk on Patriot, on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio
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