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#ICYMI - Olympic Alpine Skiing, with Erin Mielzynski and Andrew Weibrecht

2018-02-22 | 🔗
We’re going downhill, fast. Hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice descend into the world of Olympic alpine skiing with Olympic skiers Erin Mielzynski (Team Canada) and Andrew Weibrecht (Team USA), physicist John Eric Goff, and Jake Stevens, the US Race Director at Rossignal.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/olympic-alpine-skiing-with-erin-mielzynski-and-andrew-weibrecht/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode commercial free I am the other aspects of your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you, a U show where the universe in sports, and now I am so nice I am going away and we are the whole stop playing with. Science is ready for it. Run once again extend pursued
and ski like use, because this It is going to go down here, like the opening of upon that's very exciting, like that will be turned around and shooting at one another, whether skiing that will never knows you know alpine skin has everything science, technology tenacity, tat And, of course, snow plus, the ever present that comes when you play with gravity yes and better, in the science of skiing than the author of gold metaphysics are very good friend, Professor Eric Gulf from them college in Virginia whilst bring you a mouse to class from two time, Olympians team, Canada's fabulous Erin, motions, gate and team. You essays war horse himself, Andrew Vibrate, and if that is not enough for you, close will have on Jake Stevens. Do U S rays, director at rousing you're? One of, if
the leading ski manufacturer in the world. Yet so, let's get stuck wages shall we shall we come out of the gates right now how you started a heat, their errand, Pay attention than those terms go and for what? I do is just raised already: go race, ready, girl, ok, so for those of you who are Andrea, who that wonderful voices- this is Erin Mills in ski. She is part of a team, Canada's skating down in South Korea appeal Chang, let's bring in the professor, showing us air Garv author of gold at all: is its dark how's. It goin doing great hurry your jacket hearing where we. Could we good so Erin is a specialist in slalom. So as such, would you breakdown? what is taking place in the science as far as her racing is concerned. Well, certainly you got it,
up to a high elevation and you're gonna. Allow some machine. Probably it again you up there and you're gonna get a lot of gravitational potential energy at the top of the hill and you're gonna wanna, convert that industry whenever you're going down the hill and let gravity pull you and do its thing, you're going to fight air resistance on the way down, you're going to fight the scription with the snow on the way down, We ve talked about skating on the show before the friction with the snow and the ski is about ten times greater than what a skater gets on the eye. And the air resistance is obviously going to be something to slow the skeer down, so lots of good aerodynamics and friction as we as we discuss this further Erin for you what it sounds to me like when he's talking about air resistance for you as downhill her, it's it's about that that possess
that you take, because we see you guys moving at these incredible speed in your in that talk. So can you talk the talk to us about your form and what it eggs to get down the hill and the proper form. This to do so yet for sure for the speed events, aerodynamics is much more important year at higher speeds, and so there is actually more air resistance against you. So the top is a very important thing. It's important to get your hands in front of your face to kind of when, before we use staying in the air tunnels, and so they ve tested even for girls, whether a brain, ponytail, us better and actually ponytail shockingly, is faster, rudimentary cup wait, a minute you mean the hare being free to flow with the wind is actually faster than break and having it has one little tail yeah, which makes no sense to most of us to talk in it's better to have the pony?
so we ve done in testing and like that- and I mean even our suits- what you're wearing under your suit is important, nor if anything is floating around, and so your stance is important, I'm having your knees right in front of you for having here sorry elbows right in front of your knees, and so there is room for the air to go between you, eggs and around you, and then you use your your arms in front of your face to kind of break that break that Aaron, that's important below, and it's important to keep this position, no matter a kind of what jostlers you'll get along the way. Can you remember when we do the soup the bluff, The tour de France would learn some all of the top cyclists have they all that scheme this position that you ve just described and brought it into I think, so all that position you see what's with cyclists now is all down to the alpine scales off from the outside here, as he told us that the the bars that they restaurant in front on the handlebars at the bike, that's for the same reason that you said now. Is that because Europe is that, like the end
three into slicing the win? Your hands are using them kind of like what would that be called dark? Is that like? What is that? What you're is? air damage airfoil? What is that, when you're breaking the wind like that as you know, I M through it and in fact, might might the conjecture I would have on the ponytail aside from giving you a wee bit more horse power. Is that the hair in the back the head, is gonna break up the boundary layer of air. It's kind of like refining the soccer ball were the baseball, are those Golf ball servers, thou, say: you're, gonna cut up, get that boundary layer broken a little bit. So you get a little bit more of a turbulent flowing. Back, which reduces drag right, it reduces rag. That's a! Maybe it's amazing error in the you ve got a team that is prepared to analyze that degree a very dynamic. Give you an advantage down down the slope
also unfair, because look at me I mean seriously, I'm I'm at a disadvantage here. Giving solemn can say: ok idea, get me wrong. I have to work with these Erin. You can go away after the show. I have to stick around You're planning a route is quite obvious: let's go in a straight line, cause that's the quickest way to the bottom, but that's not quite their way, So how do you, your coaches, in your team strategy, eyes the way the best way You and your style of skiing, from top to bottom offers all the more doing about sixty one turns and fifty seconds were doing more than in turn. A second suits us. It's much quicker movements at slower speeds, and so I think the biggest for us is getting
getting up to that speed and there the biggest ball is never losing that speed, and so you do have the snow resistance and the resistance. But you also have gravitational forces and also kind of rotational forces as you pushed on the ski and so the goal is to only work. Following only work with your skis, pointing down the hill, because every second ear Caesar pointing across a hill is time. You're slowing down and so the fastest people connection. It's might not be that they have the highest speed, throw but then lose the least amount of speed through, and so you are looking to not make mistakes If you have noticed mistakes while pushing that line, fine that fall line and kind of always staying pointed done. Have you said that if you ve got a really good group on this, ants here in inside your own sport yeah to describe it as you just have I've tried to become kind of a student of the sport- and I think you don't always get it went, on the hell baby to understand what kind of going
on our wider, slow or why you're facets it's very important to us and also to stand in the start and can in no way our goals are from start to finish. Do you actually use some of the friction you find? underneath huskies to your advantage when you're? Turning? Do you actually mean BP, lady, so you can use what looks like a negative into a positive in some ways, and so can I give you a lot of it back and gives you more feeling under your scheme, so the feeling of the snow?
It's really I've seen slippery. It's not the same. If you have a little bit of grit under your feet and you actually feel it can push harder on the snow and kind of give into the snow, what it's gonna release and then create that forward momentum, and also we we do use poles and it's kind of common for us to say that when it are poles get to shore or if we use someone else's pause, you don't have that those posts dragging on the ground so that feeling of the pole is dragging on the ground which might slow you down with kind of snow resistance. It also gives you a little balancing.
Feedback as to where you actually are on your scheme there. Let me ask you this: what's the difference when the snow is harder, softer, more powdery or more icy? Yes? Well, certainly, if it, if it starts getting icy, you can hit patches where the friction goes down and, as you start to warm at slightly, but still at an icy stage, it can even reduce the friction a little bit more men. Of course, Erin can speak to all the different taxes that are being used on the ski you're gonna put some kind of a slide wax toward the ends and then you're gonna probably use more of a gripping rat wax in the middle
the ski and I love to hear talking about the car of turning that she's doing, because there you're trying to minimize the amount of energy you're wasting in the snow. So when the ski as interacting with the snow, if you can get up on the edge and make these pretty as viewed from above, when you see the helicopter cameras, you get these beautiful cars in the snow where Europe, the edge of the snow, making the fast turns that completely revolutionise skiing in the early nineties, when those parallel turns gave way to the carve turns when the new parabolic skis came out, wherein as the professor got it about right there. As far as you away you feel it on the snow, with the wax and everything else. Jefferson lacks is much less important because the speed is slower
which are and same with aerodynamics than we do. We dont really do much talking, but that's just slower speeds in economics, it more fair but with in terms of how the whisky actually does warm up the snow, and so he this the ski, actually melt the snow under it, because you have so much friction and you have so much speed with that, and so you can kind of see those marks left on the snow after and also sometimes the track will get faster throughout the day, but also with that snow reacts much much more differently, especially with these new care about is if the snow is soft, that it doesnt giving much back, and so I guess our goal with these parabolic skeezers. You want to start bending the front of the ski first any want the ski to kind of banned very uniformly. You dont want to push a lot into one spot
because as an arc like you said, if it's beautiful, it is uniform, and so I think that the first point is to fight the top, but the scheme for the rest, the ski, can kind of follow along in that group, and then you can get that energy out of a ski and it some it's amazing to actually feel how much energy comes out of the sky and kind of white you put in we'll come out, but for us is scarce. Its It's all snow makes it very difficult because sometimes you put a lot in, but the snow takes away so much energy that you get nothing else. Are you actually kind of fold forward with your upper body because it's slowing you down so much under your feet? we like ice ally and we like those hard conditions because that's keep bite and bends beautifully and then, when you really said the squire,
actually has so much energy in it that it propels you towards the next game. So you can use the way to ski Benz. You can use the energy created in a ski and without damaging you put onto the snow and that is kind of what helps propel you forward and the goal our energy and bring it to the next gate, instead of Krajina, shying away from it and working across the help is anything across is gonna slow, us down, professor just how much more energy is Erin experiencing in terms of using that parable escape and then as you can feel kicks through, so that the old stem turns than they used to do. When the skis were more parallel, they would sweep out more snow.
And you know you do when you see an auto accident NASCAR, let's say, and you see all the parts flying off. That's a good thing, because its carrying energy away, that's not going into the driver when you're watching a skeer, and you see all that snow, getting ripped off, that's taking energy from the skier. So whenever you can make these nice new parabolic skis and you get the carving act, and where you're up on one little edge, the ski when you're onto the sharp, turns then you're getting a very little about a ski, that's getting shoved off to the side and there's very little energy wasted like that. So it did it's it's a great way to go and and make fast turns cause you're, not losing the Lahti Energy. Whenever you're not kicking up a lot of snow, guys fabulous. We wish we spend more time into Aaron Mills in ski once again from team, Canada and risky team fabulous and, of course, the good professor, Professor Eric governments, but we
we are going to take a break. Stop there will have to ask this directive from LA you, Jake Stevens with so don't go away, will be back here. Secret, for you when I consider singing all of the ads on this shell just one way to get out a hearing there go to patriarch arms last started talk, and the porters at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free, you can download all current episodes into your favorite park has player and net
I hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not happy dear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just sing it I mean just SAM. by Hungary O Reilly exists, and this is playing with science, and today we are all about the downhill. All about alpines ass in joining us now to talk skis is Jig Stevens, the? U S, race, direct, add Russen Ya'Ll or hussy our group and our work go to the show. Jake agent give us that gives the pertinent
corrective pronunciation rays and see how we can get it wrong? You rascal gear, rousing, yeah yeah number. So what is it about rising your skis that has made you so iconic, because I remember the first thing I ever heard about keys were hearing people guy I got a new rouses, so what is up? What what is the history of rosy history bacon, the history that makes you guys are going to I dont ski? So that's you know I've only her, people talk about it. The other brands been around for a long time, one thousand nine hundred and seven MS, when the started and you know the skiing world they ve been iconic, like you said in an racing world we ve been around the entire time there The heritage, the dry for racing has always been there right on very wouldst gas metals gaze open, fiber rose, knew were at the cutting edge, the beginning of all of that. So you are: U S, rice director, please just two:
banned on that role for not just chuck an eye, but our listeners please so I'm in charge of everything, racing for resignation and the United States, so anything from the little beginner first, person, that's going into a ski shop and buying their first pair of skis or race skis? Who are world CUP athletes so olympic level? Anything in between so if you're buying skis in a ski shop that are Rossignol, I've had something do with it in the United States and then, if you see a guy or down the Olympics, I've kind of work with those aspects as well to get them, hopefully to the level where they can compete in when a metal, that's pretty white hygiene. I mean, having worked in solar sportswear marketing, I've never had any one. Have such a holistic brief as yours from you know what this is your first, Paris gaze to these are the ones
where, when you win the gold medal, that's pretty death is pretty. Why did I make its wide reaching its exciting? Because I get to see kid start I see them. You know I don't work directly with an athlete that six years old, but by the time, they're twelve thirteen fourteen years old, I'm seeing them or talking to them pretty regularly until they are. You know fifteen, twenty twenty five, and then I'm really involved in and I'm currently at the world Junior, the ski championships and Davos. Switzerland. Today two Americans were actually on the podium to Bosnia athletes. Then I started working with five years ago and I've seen them compete for the last five years. Their standing on the podium, an immense supersede at the World Junior championships and hopefully awfully will see them standing put him in the next Olympics. Nice. Let's talk scheme for. Second, because can you break down? I was just looking.
Just two out of my curiosity, the different type of ski so full of the parable excuse, because they are the data that a new kid on the block we ass opposed. So how are we working with those these days well, where were kind of in a position where we ve had we ve had this product around for a while. Now we change, which seize every year were building developing new skis new product every year. We are kind of in a place where we have to follow rules and the determine how much shape we can have, the ski would parabolic Caesar what shape skis. First came out, It was kind of a free for all. You can do whatever you want to do kind of create anything, that's gonna, be fast and for the safety of the athletes, because the speed that they're going we ve had to create rules that every company has to follow and stay within. So when you look at a pair of skis on
Want your ski shop, they're, going to look very different race. Keep erasing he's going to be very narrow, underneath the foot of the athletes and their chicken tail is going to see very narrow, and that's really for the safety of the athlete when we could stretch scatter the boundaries of the shape of the ski? You cannot put the athlete danger, so we ve with our governing bodies to come up with a rule system as every company to kind of follow the NASCAR sort of formula. One idea: we: U can stretch it as far as again, but don't go outside the rules. Do you work a lot with your own particular athletes in not just cut the color pilots and color ways, but in design. They see look MA. Style is such and such. Therefore, I knew the ski that allows me to have a direct, action through the ice to the snow shiver condition I mean: did they give you that feed back on you just say these? Are your winners of you? Go.
At the World CUP level or at the the level of an of an olympic athlete for sure we work with these athletes has to figure out what is the absolute best ski for that ass lie within the rules. So when it come onto what are we build first ski, and how do we work with them? It's what's inside the ski? That really is the determining factor alma what we change Which was a without giving away all your I, what is inside ass, gay, sir? How we have theirs would risk user would corps we have many different types of wood course that we play with all sorts of different things. Every type of wood every tree would will react different, so we play with that. We play with metals we play with Six we play with a different color side was different, thickness edges at the end of it there So many combinations, it's it's pretty wild. What we have to offer these athletes to try
once we figure out a combination as working it slowly works its way down the system to our younger acids. Can you make a ski that is too fast all now, not at all. We work hard like today the event that we want. We were today the Super g oeuvres or the downhill these events. We are trying to make the absolute fastest keep possible, and you know with the base materials and the wax its being put into the ski I'm an effort he has put into it. You want the absolute fastest ski you can. Possibly can you see a day when you have super taxis were not guys like Chuck, and I who are let's just say, below Olympic Standard not much just enough out of the competition having good enough shape to take a chair left so confined telematics. I have the wooded gps stuff. I know
everything that's going on with my athlete in, retraining round with every competition, are you there yet or you about to get there We play with a lot of stuff within the rules systems you actually used use any sort of technology to advance the ski to read any power. Not only for data feedback. Yeah we're we're using some pretty wild stuff for the data feedback, were you understand she forces we can understand speed. We can understand where the turn starts and stops the movement pattern between the gates, how quickly the ski boots, the binding, reacting and then what the movements of the athlete are from there we can design. Ok, the ski is doing too much of this birds doing to watch her or not enough, and how do we work with that to better our athletes? So have you I'm sorry check out our athletes and their coaches reacted to Z, kind of technology technology and have they incur
provided it and have you seen the performance improved as a result, there's some hesitation to it for sure. If you look, you know, ski racing has evolved from sport, where guys Gauss hurled themselves down the mountain without me Technology and as sport has evolved, of course, companies have come in and said. We know this information in the coach as well I see the data today, I'm I know what my eyes see, and this tells me this. Then say? Well, maybe the data doesn't tell you that, and so there's a hesitation that with that, but as we ve seen with any sport daddy does it lie. Our information gives good feedback in it's starting to be adopted across across all that's left ability levels, Jake, that day is coming and is coming there is. Where is going to give the guys the data? I may go: ok, exactly speaking of technology,
as a fan of downhill, skiing, on television and as a fan of technology and cartoons. When can we look forward to. Skis, please growth, that is called technologies. Government we have, the technology is really a pistol report appears the number on the front of a ski Rome that actually controls the reverse camera whiskey and it looks like a rocket a rocket booster, but it's on the front of the ski. It's like a mountain bike fork on the front of the ski in its critical, like knowledge home, in fact, is that a damper when you see those guys going down a narrow like on the edges- and you see the from the ski going pop up up up up up and down up a dam is that to reboot reduce their kind of vibration. Yap salute your spot on with that that, Sir, the other, it is reversed camera! That's that's bad, for you. Yeah? You lose elevation, elevation Gravity is a wild thing in. If you are, if you can to reduce the amount of elevation you lose. The faster you're gonna, be there
the more acceleration you're going, carry from turn to turn so yeah you're spot on super cool. That is right, make statements. Thank you so much from resignation, group Gammoned linz- Your boss he's an who knew you knew this march about scale not and I'm a big friend like I'd. I like to watch it. I just don't want to do it. You know what I mean. It's like. I feel that way about a lot of things in life that our I'd, while that breaking news will break when we get back in fact medalist. Yes, that one why breaks will be with us go away woman another.
by hungarian Riley. Her eyes is playing with today already know we are going down real fast, but every day with us, I know, but this time we always we're going down, we going down faster and with more stock, we have none other than the. Pick Medalist Andrew. Why Brecht of Team usa- and you want to five? U S, men, only! That's right in history to get more one one that's right and honour and of course the good professor, professor Airy Gulf is still with us, absolutely so general how Aria grey
thanks guys things around me on the show is awesome. Do we're so happy to have you here and now and Andrews a big fan of playing with science, and a listener. They is. This is our honor? That's you better had said this is a truly an honour for us. There is no absolute and professor tanks were coming back in there and being with us. We got some great stuff to get into right here, Andrew first of all as well We even get into like the science and other kind of great stuff tell us about the war horse. Please mind where, where did war horse come from man, great Broadway, but you're doing it you'd do in a completely different? What's it what where, where they come from the war horse now is thing. They came. You know when I, when I first made the team I was trying to make up. What I lacked and skill with pure intensity and understand picked up their moniker as they went, but it's got stuck with me, but it's all good, I almost british understatement here, you attacked the mountain. Let's be fair! You
come out of that gave a new rule at the mountain. Do you know That's it you gotta do. Is they attacked the mountain? It's gonna each observed that girl. What could have the two? We have something in common: your nickname is war horse. My nickname is lame horse, professor, let's get to a little bit of physic, now Andrew you're about five seven. Yet ass, though, is that about the rights that all this sort of average stature a guy he's doing you're so the same with superseding the downhill wells but lady yeah, the smaller you are, the smaller the you know, your cross section where you facing the wind, although the one trade off with that is, The heavier you are, the less the resistance is gonna influence you, because you got in a more mass you're, going to accelerate a little less. So I mean I, I would love to ask Andrews Veto in the physics cited this whatever you're you're going, I mean these downhill runs Youtube
be going eighty miles an hour on the skis and you're in a very tucked position to try to reduce your air drag and you're. Just I mean I can't even visualize outside of the car fines of a car. What eighty miles an hour is like on a you know, on skis, I mean how much training do you have to get to how many years before you could actually get to a point where you could get to speed like that, without having too much worry about a little nick in the snow or a slight turn of the ankle, and then all the said, your crashing yeah, I mean you know been there done that a lot of times by you, they do. A lot prosper for protection, so the crashing is generally not too bad. Yeah! I mean to go back to you know what you guys we're talking about I'm am, I think, on the speed side of of alpine, duration right now in the shortest guy. So
typically guys more six foot, you six, seven, one of the guys, an urgency as everyone here look at. Are you down the mountain eyes in a talk guineas still like of five and goes. Five ten babysitting fold up professor you must have then a lower centre of gravity. Then you put him in a tough position which we discussed ways we their interest earlier on. That must be advantageous. Surely sure you're gonna get a little bit more stability. That way am if there's any little, you know when or something that's gonna give you a slight torque. That's gonna, but a turn you over the lower your centre, masses, the more stability you're gonna have that's right, so about that. Andrew. With respect to wait, saw the professor mentioned earlier. There is one and as we have with a lower centre of gravity, but then he said also there's something about
a heavier you are, the better gravity will play with you. Do you ever find any challenge? Wait, wise yeah! You know I mean I it's kind of a trader lake You know right now umbrella about one hundred. Eighty eight found something like that about two hundred pounds before and obviously era dynamically in addition, in terms of momentum, you carry a lot more speed when you, when you're heavier bud there is also the sight of it that you need be athletic need with fast on your feet. Stuff like that, and none by the end of the end of the run, you still need the energy to kind of finish and and the heavier your are the tougher that is, I mean it's just more, so there's gonna sweet spot somewhere in the middle. I think cool Can you walk us through what it takes technically who, on a giant slalom to go one side to the other. It looks like you guys, our sitting down in a chair
and using your legs as shock absorbers. But yet torso seems to be like completely stable? it's weird to see like it. The way your body is moving, its almost only a natural the way you're back. Is moving. Can you walk through there and then can you tell me How do you got? How do I get to do that? Man? You gotta be a really good shape to do that. I mean you know that this virtually based around lower body, strengthen course drank. So it's obviously the further you it gets closer to the snow in other, more counterbalancing need with your upper body. The kind of no keep everything keep yourself from falling over Sierra Kind of force or shut up Ernest or but I'm. So let me get the good professor back in here for a second, so you know, cares Andrew, had a downhill
the huge huge mandatory on your back in your knees. That's why everybody's? We must constantly heard this for Adam. So let me get a good programme. Back in here for a second, so you know: Andrew had a downhill round. Eighty seven miles an hour which is just humanly mind. Boggling, I really am. I right a motorcycle. Why use to before my wife to get away from me yes, some of their men, the man, but I can tell you that eighty miles an hour and a bike Are you had to decide and it's a holder, the world? Ok, I can imagine eighty miles an hour appears skis. Worker forces are being sorted exerted on Andrews body, professor when he's gone down the hill of that kind of speed and then Andrew? Can you tell us like what are you feeling when that's happening or our feeling anything professor well he's essentially hit
You know what we would call a terminal speed. I mean he's not really speeding up much as long as the slope is staying about. You know the same angle, so he's getting. Not quite the feeling of a of a skydiver, but it's the similar feeling where you ve got an air resistance force? That's basically balancing you're, you're component of weight down and in your in your first of friction is added in. There is well don't forget that the end of the super g in the downhill and stuff that's gotta, be, I think, that's John? She on the John John, she on alpine centres. Are there doing that? So I think this is around forty five hundred feet elevation and when you start getting up to those elevations the year, the year densities going down. So you're reducing the air resistance a little bit, which is what leads to these great speeds so are now back to the need for speed possess, would be really bout. What is
the light to be going. Eighty seven miles an hour on a pair of like slats, going down a mouse and then? Secondly, how does it feel if you beat somewhere or someone beats you buy for hundreds of a second, doesn't even seem fair that an inn where else in life that's called a tie like if you're the kid here the kid in the neighborhood who beats another guy for hundreds of a second you like now. Do I've only beat you that does it we can't play with similar Saunders, say. If you go out to actually clarified the high speed we ve gone. This was a couple years ago. Cotton
as we do in veterinary air was was over honour miles. Our own ticket is issuing ticket. Oh my god. Eighty miles an hour is slowing down slow down. Eighty, my old lady at eighty laws. Now I'm old lady took two and eighty miles an hour down the mountain tat. Really miles. An hour appears only just the most redundant question here all day was that a thrill he gets in. Though I mean it's a thrill in the sense that you might kill yourself in it. It's also another find, as you might yeah exactly yeah. I saw now at that speed work is going to your head because or is there nothing going through your head, so bathroom cycle analogy: here's my love! being won a motorcycle at speeds above a hundred forty miles an hour and attractive we're on the run out on a trap totally on the road the night and I'm drunk you ve been wrong. I'm silken until
everybody out there. I'm a comedian. Those are jokes now, but let me just say: The reason why you like it it's the you think. Never in my life that ever completely empty my head, like you, cannot think about any girl I'm just I'm just kind of what is going to your mind at that point could see all I'm I'm just gonna buy the machines. Do you, actually doing it. So it's gotta be different. You know unites it's a couple of things. No wanted to re? So you, China at any car strata go faster. More our dynamic do the best the best you can do to put down a good run, so the others always at that component of it, and then you know from from a physical employers, it's crazy. You know like being on a motorcycle like things things, gonna get we're you put your arm out and and and everything kind of happens, pretty quickly or yeah, there's like kind of a weird noise,
I could almost see I get so loud added. A kind of turns into a big white noise in you know, stop stop just comes really quick. No just super cool like yards, and I was on its fine here. You know before before you know it and to thank you and good luck. Professor, that's the EU. Thank you. So much the library, Professor Eric Gulf, that's it for us this has been playing with science, alpines skiing Special enjoyed. It we'll be back with a new one, very like Galileo job the organs which you could listen. The scar talk, commercial free joint start
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