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#ICYMI - Physics on Wheels, with Dr. Skateboard & Othello Clark (Repeat)

2018-08-16 | 🔗
Ollies, half-pipes, and Chuck’s skateboarding youth – Rediscover the physics of skateboarding with Gary O’Reilly, Chuck Nice, 2x US Master’s Champion Bill Robertson PhD, aka Dr. Skateboard, and former pro skateboarder and snowboarder Othello Clark.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Please subscribe to our channels on:Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360TuneIn: https://tunein.com/podcasts/Science-Podcasts/Playing-with-Science-p952100/GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free.Image courtesy of www.drskateboard.com.

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Skip the commercials support star, talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free I am here. The rest hasten your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you a new show where the universe and sports- and now I hear your hosts, I am so nice. I M very light and we are the whole stop playing, with sire ready for it.
We recall entered the board with mingled with use. Let's see if all the world is indeed his days, then there may well be thrills and their well may be some spills. I would area loosely be because has certainly landed. They show has been long overdue. Ass we know. Skateboarding has all. Been something of a precarious balancing act here and for those who have ever crews the asphalt carved the park. This was for you,
baby and for those of us who never have well, it's it's for all of us really. It is- and I mean the latter of that, so the first act belongs to a man who could be a hero straight off. The pages of a DC comic none other than doctors, bored himself. A k, a bill, Robert sent a former masters Freestyle champion at a Phd on wheels and we're gonna, bring a touch of six billion clerk, sank to the proceedings. A former professional scape border, an snowboarder, a dj, no less a star of Coquet way for it to pay a bold and the beautiful, Mr Othello Clark will be with us. The I never got on escaped bored by the time skateboarding here, the Uk Aids, the early eighties and I'm a professional soccer player right no motorcycles. Daphne no skiing salute every no skateboard
I'm off the arm of the cliff. Here I am into the unknown new embody. Your body was worth something back there in my body. On the other hand, was completely worthless I threw caution to the wind quite a bit as it kid, and I was you know I was escape Warner. I have to say I was. I was escaped border. I loved it, I lived in the neighborhood, were all the kids were discovering skateboarding at the same time and we had a neighbour with,
oh and the next evolution between flat surface exercises. You know where you learned kit, flip and maybe to an earlier tail flip or will you know, jump occur or something like that? The next thing was somebody said your man. This is due to California mandate, this gate in the pools EL. We can learn how to drop in. Was it and so a neighbor had never get a kidney shape pool. That was three feet on one end and eight feet on the other, and you started off inside the poor and you would just learn how to actually go decided four and then I'll. Never forget Rodney was the first kid to actually drop in successfully what a hero and thereby was. I I'll never get their day man. It was so cool, but enough about me. What are we bring in our gas? These none then doctors skateboard himself bill. How are you really get shot?
both have me unsure pressure. First things first doktor skateboard was that just I was gonna be dumped escape nor was there at least where their options on the naming No one. I've I've been a state border for over forty years. I had trouble remembering my name as Bill Robertson. So I started as that skateboard but when I was going after my phd irony, hotel and a friend of mine. I'm gonna get my phd and he said dude, I don't know anybody with a phd- and he was one of my skateboarding friends, and so that's when I started thinking Doktor Skateboard doctor Keyboard also allowed me to be a little bit of a you know. Dichotomy. Soda, put skateboarding with something and educate was a motive as well, and tell you man that is so important. I was just thinking how, if there
somebody like you when I was a kid and we first started skateboarding how much more excited about science. All of us would have been simply because skateboarding is one of the few activities where you can see physics at work like physically the out of physics at play here. You're mean when I will I started skateboarding, like you check you know, was it was something to do, and then later on, I competed as a proud, but then I was school science teacher and was trying to get students interested in physics and ate the didn't care about. The stuff I was doing in the classroom until one day I thought you'd academics It forces motion, neighbours, also motion, simple machines with must the board and I that in and started doing tricks and showing them
the physics behind it and that's what I really knew. I had a way of engaging or motivating kids in education through state border and you call it a Jew ten months right at and that thinks just the wonderful term and then there's another term has been its it's too, which just really energized me. When I read action science now yeah, I would learn. Science mature board had a chemistry teacher on, and I kid you not white LAB coat Bow tie Classic My wish, your science teacher, ok, he's name, is missing, any war about tie because he used to have a longer time that was once made of acetate any lent over a bumps and burner. Hence he had broken tie from then on enough about my history. Then they caught him. Professor burn victim, ok, but you bring it to life
what style on a chop board is now animated and real, and some students learn through this textile experienced. I don't learn from reading things off of a chop body must be raising fear. Well, that's the thing we always try to do with an action science and the approach was to make an authentic. I made first that had to be good skateboarding could be a max riders as well. As you know, we wanted it to be something that people who are in the sport respected. What was going on beyond that we tried to embed alot of content about the physics into mostly first lie performances, and then video has been the big thing we ve been working on now, and so you know we we hope people by the action, but then we sustain it through the science and as shocking. I we're talking about earlier. Did you know You also have the ability to show people, you know the physics they're doing an breakdown in a what they.
Mastered in terms of the science as well. So a lot of times you no good scape orders, don't think about the future, they have actually mastered, but when you help I'm too linkage that learning those terms and those concepts actually might help him with with bricks, and so that motivation and engagement through Skype. Bringing into their education, is something that central to what we ve been trying to do. Ok, you ve got to the worst pupils efforts to sit in front of you. That's why me, sir, what we do, this show it's really just stay out of town arrested, gates, erect respect their education drop. Some science on us give us some forces motions balance Newton's. Third, whatever you got, try and make us least today, plus on our great well yeah. What are we narrow that when we start, which is balance because balance is the most important things heard to master first on a board? So with respect to balance talk,
from the physics standpoint sure, so, when you write escape board one of the things you want to try to do is you know you want balance, but you also it's really about your centre of gravity of keeping your centre of gravity over the middle. The board or, if you're, in a manual or a Willie, sure or your kick turn your on the trucks. So this is the center of balance being able shift your centre of balance over your board and centre. It is also known as centre of gravity orbs, enter of mass so trying to keep that centre of your body for the middle or the twenty aboard where you're turning the other part within that is you're, always really trying to manage balanced forces. Unbalanced forces. Actually, when you're moving, you know using unbalanced forces, so that your car, Stanley trying to stay in balance, if you will, by keeping your centre of gravity over the board, but you are also worrying the forces to be unbalanced so that you can keep moving. So that's a little
the dance you do on your skateboard in physics, terms the most important thing- is to keep that centre of gravity or that centre of Mass right over the middle of your board or a pivot point over your trucks. So the doktor professor, I'm not sure how I address you now If for someone like me, who never wrote skateboard more than one hundreds of a second an early, I know the term, but it has got some amazing physics in it and yet and you ve talked about centre of gravity, but your actually playing with the centre of gravity of your own body or not to explain or break that down for us, so so the Ali, which is where you do. Basically, no handed aerial, you go into flight and you you, basically bang. The tailor the other guy you're bored on the ground, and then you roll Europe? echoing just power in this and then in a new level at your board and you fly through the air using it, and people who master that trick can
don't go over things that great heights or great distance That's a trick. That was originated back in the seventies by guy named Alan Girlfriend and was perfected on the flat ground. Biogas in writing Molin, but it standard in reporting Sex really is it's all about flight, so you're, you know you're trying again overcome gravity with left and thrust with overcoming friction, but the other part of that is. You do have to maneuver yourself and keep that centre of gravity right for the middle of your board, Azure Azure moving through this transition, The one thing you ll notice, like a lot of things that go in flight like that is that escape were actually rides. Parabolic arc so you'll see Scape were cut a rod, an arc all the way across the not necessarily straight up or straight down there going in this art this parabolic motion and so riders that cover a lotta distance or can get really high and manage the speed can either go farther on
higher with this trick, but it's uh it's a fundamental trick. That's just like the basics of light proceed very cool man. This segment is flew by. I cannot believe this is like one of the fast This assessment has ever flows out, we'll die sea, which is that there is, however, one wheels, but before we go to a break a lot of what you said- yes, physics, science, absolutely pure, but I sense an awful lot of intuition of every skater that comes into that. Are you able to portray there bring them into the sinking of students. All things we try are appealing to escape order, as is the tell them. You know the things there doing with it Kay boarding the things they mastered are really high level thinking their problem. Sobbing. There rising things there synthesizing information there are evaluating and then there being creative as a result of it, which is by definition higher our thinking
so we try to make a link from that to something they mastered and say. You know the things you do with your skateboard that have caused you to be really good practicing being tenacious being persistent setting goals being created. Those are the same things you can apply to your education and a lot of times. It's just trying to tell people You know you're really good at something. You know what it's like to master, something, whether to escape board a guitar, a second language you can prob master something else, and so for me, a lot of times is trying to just get them to link those habits body, mind spirit something they love to do and then integrated into their education. You know that it's true. For me, I mean I was not necessarily the greatest student when I started skateboarding Buzz, Boarding gave me experiences that took me a lot of different places and then people urged me and said: hey, you're, good, escaped boring. You could probably do pretty good in school and I made that commitment.
Myself and really that's what I'm trying to do is reach out to people who might be marginalized because their into a sport, but Inherently, there are the kinds of students you want who succeed, because they are thinkers, nice, it's fantastic! We're gonna, take a commercial break at. I don't want to lose the flu that we ve got with the doktor skateboard. So we will come back. Thank you to build Robertson, we're gonna, take that break the science we ve looked at the technology is on its way to go.
bank Gary, O Reilly, jeopardize this is playing with science as they are exploring the signs behind skateboarding and joining us via video call is the man we had in part one joke, skateboard himself, Gil Robles. I just need a really deep, echoing voice, thereby just don't have it. We ve covered the physics in top part one. Now, let's take a look good look at the Tec, innovation and evolution of the board ass. Well, let me tell you so boards up comes such a long way, dot skateboard now we're talking about
but the shell about you know he and I are from a pretty much the same error where scientists that yeah yeah well laid eighties nineties. Where you know I was telling you that I go so far back that I was skating before there were precision bearings sir, who what are the most dramatic things that could ever happened to you was you just got these pray new polyurethane wheels, but the first polyurethane wheels it came out. They had regular bearings inside of they weren't sealed, so they weren't seal and they you Papa, bearing as you would like to a trick and what lay unlike slam down on the concrete and then you're, we'll didn't work like what does what just as you pay GOSH? What does just happen? What what and
you would look inside. You will and you would see, there's a bear. You re so after bearing let's get doktor Skype or another. Now, just how much of a difference did this evolution in bearings make but the polyurethane wheels. We know we know a little bit. We revisit that because I want to talk to you about transference of energy, but bearings just lead us through bearings. If you would place right so that what what the check is talking about that Bearings popping out, you know, was something that was calm, and it was another way that you know you were just slam, so gravity would overtake you no matter what kind of we'll you're writing precision bearing or the unit that that was it the wheel was a big deal because it not only allowed for those the bearings to stop coming out, but it also allowed you to baby progress and push a lot harder work. Just thinking about, oh well, you know I can't depend on my wheels The thing is that the bearings we're in case so they had you know they had Lou
you can't in there they lasted a lot longer aids, the dirt kept out of air and those are some of the other things that really impeded. Well, going on that and end in they started to make different grades of bearing. So you had different types of bearings, that could be all the way you know from grade like one through southern. They got you know, and then they also, them like swine, sparing so just fine tune a watch or something like that. You had different versions of bearing and so, if you really wanted to go fast, you use this the old bearings and and that's been a big progress and swore absolute and I'll. Never forget manna forget the kid he had visa. They were. There was that these are german precision bearing rang and they re like this. Do the German, so you know they're good.
All right. We touched the polyurethane construction of the way than that that obviously changed everything for skateboarding, but in there you ve got degrees of softness yeah, and from that you can actually deform the wheel slightly so's. You can get an extra pop with the energy. That's correct. Well, so, within european wheels there is hardly a scale that basically called barometer nets and typically IX hence from maybe in the seventies, up to a hundred plaza, really hard wheels or two years, say Anna Escape Park, where you want to go, bastards low friction mad and then, as you moved down the scale of ninety eighty, those becomes softer wheels so their rip ear, so they they hold onto the ground a lot more. So the friction, if you will that that done a part is increased. Are you ten, you softer wheels on slippery surface is or if Europe,
in very uneven surfaces. Soak presidents, you would use big soft, it? Maybe when you're using a cruiser bore your writing Arap Ampleness your riding on the boardwalk and then What are you really hard wheels when you really want to go fast in a park, and so so the day print barometers that the different sizes of wheels, the content, spaces on it and the hardness of the wheel, deftly contribute to that, and so it's I think, is less about. Deforming forming the wheel as it is about in managing the speed or the the friction. If you will, based on the hardness or the softness and one or two things happen like right after I started? You know we're after I got out of this, that the look look at me like I'm, a professional border, water right after I retired you know when I retired, from skateboarding you now our job and join the rat race, but you saw wheels, get like super tiny
you got this tiny little hard wheels or send so the diameter of the will then become changes. The whole aspect and those wheels word like the wheels, the guys that would do, unlike supercool tricks thereon using on his tiny wheels so wide that development happen or what is the purpose of the tiny wheels? What I'm really asking, so the guys can do these tricks that small feet, while the tiny wheels one of the primary things were, so you have a smaller kind, that area smaller, we'll its lighter so in some ways but you're doing is your decreasing that contact edge of the wheel, which are also, decreasing the weight of the board slightly. So I think different smaller. We Those were were on advent for people who are really trying to do progressions a flip tricks where the real. Slipping things. I doing that as well
There is also the the the other part where people looked at the vigorously small wheels as justice a marketing ploy fora for companies to sell more wheels if you will, but I think but you ve seen now is the advent of morbid seventies concept, where you have different wheels of different sizes used for different things. For instance, when I'm writing flat ground. I use a smaller we'll about a fifty two millimeter we'll with a thirty eight million your contact patch and no one I'm the park. I use a sixty millimeter wheel. Which is much taller we'll, like maintain my speed and keep my contact edge. Allow more so it depends on what you wanna do. You know you can barrier we'll supercool. So let's talk is where a company will run out of time against dislike the so called.
Thirteen the ground you away, I just gotta dominoes. Ok, anyway, just go back to the future. So let's talk about two things, and I want you to So when you drop in and a half pipe ok, I want you to talk about the physics of will you drop in it's like you. Allow gravity to take you down get to the bottom, the pipe and then you kind of like. I can't explain it because you know, but you kind of push down on your board that you're gonna be like. You drop your butt and you put down in the UK,
that little you drew down in and then you expect great and there you kind of like come up off of it on the outside, and that becomes like a pump to get you back up to the other side right ass, the man. Ok. So I want you to talk about that and then talk about the difference between that, because you're on a surface am a back to the Future Hover board and what, with a difference, escape wording be between those two things on the surface, the way I just explained and on a hover board, if you are on a electromagnetic region, The worst thing Chuck could have ever said to these guys ever went that's an excellent question. You know and I think I'll take a shot at it. You know why, when you dropping in on a have pipe or some kind of you know steep angle, I can a pool or something like that, things. Are you really dealing with first off, as this idea potential energy and kinetic energy, and so as you're at the top? In your stationary of all this, the potential energy you draw
then you're on the face of the wall and that that that is also called mechanical energy? Those two some together Connecticut as long as you're going down, though the wall, Europe's at some diminishing pretend- energy and increasing kinetic energy. When you hit the bottom at the transition you're completely, two kinetic energy, so your energy is at its highest when you're there and as chocolate, mentioning that's a point worth you're gonna use your legs to cut I've managed to absorb that a little. And then you're gonna innocence, throw yourself forward to propel that energy through the transition. So it's gonna like pumping the transition, then, as you come up to the other, so you gain speed there, then, as you come up to the other side of the wall, you do almost the opposite. You're, going to you're gonna move backwards. If you you're, gonna, along gate yourself, you're gonna go from full kinetic energy and then Greece, your potential energy, as you move up to the tops of being
How to manage that and stay in the bowl is a is a big deal and that's another reason why you know you use the trucks to grind or you go through the air. You know by gray, your border Ali to to keep them dad I'm momentum or that energy moving so you're really moving between areas of Europe potential energy to you, kinetic energy with the managing the mechanical energy and between so now Lexus. I don't know if you're you are familiar with it: okay, Alexa, created. A true electromagnetic hover and let the seats leather seats, but but the cool thing about Is you know you had to stay on their little track that they create it? Ok, let's say you have a whole half pint that allows you to do that. What would this thing look like? What we skateboarding do an end is that the future skateboarding
Well, you know to me, is one of the things I watched at that. Here as well. I, when I was watching the riders trying to learn how to do it. You just saw them slamming on a ramp over and over and over because for a start? The way you move on that with with less so much less resistance requires so much less effort here. You will, and so so a writer is really good is usually used to like you are pushing really hard and grinding on the coping, and then this takes all that resistance. All that friction out of it. So you they have to learn how to ride in a much more until way to me units like moving from skateboarding, snowboarding. You know when you, you know, I started snowboarding people, Sarah you're gonna be good at it because your escape order. You know when I got on the It was very different because you had it. You were just slip in slide in the whole time. You know when I got the air. I could do all this. Reporting grabs and no one. I landed on the ground. It was like you know nothing I had ever done before. It was very different.
Because your managing this increased? speed and lack of friction, and so how would that look? the future. You know I think people could have fun with it. You know it be almost to me like a wave park for surfing bud. Dont know that were displace the idea that dinner and certainly the accessibility of the sport. The way it is as you know, living here I see hundreds of kids out riding escape boards and skateboards or portable. I would imagine us overboard gonna to be a little cost prohibitive, but you know maybe in the future, we'll be something for everybody, but I think it would be ultimately easier than it is escape with your thing wheels and I think people who ride your thing wheels like being in contact with the on Crete with their wheels and managing that tension. If you will, all the time will you just said. I suffer an awesome, said: Our next said may, because we actually
you're gonna be talking to a state border turn, snowboarder turned actor, sell out so very out of the sky quotas at all. This is all about the big g. It's all about the big g baby jeez. What gives the real kicker skateboarding ass? If some science, you, though I will take that break, we cannot go without saying so many things. Is to doktor escape out a K. A billion rather than the analyze it just unlocked the signs, but he's given us the Tec behind skateboarding, we're so privilege to have had them. Thank you so much. You really have shown us that when you play with fire you get burned when you play with science, you get learned absolute. I thank you all very much. You are welcome bright with those words of wisdom. Take that brake on the other side, misstep Othello Club D, J Access, snowboarder and abuse
has just joking? I stick around and away the rebels in the world with no place to go back on very rightly observed, nice he's playing with science, and today we have been talking to science and technology behind skateboards, as they were going to take it to a different direction and not joining us to invest. The pros perspective is a fellow claw. Yes, that's author, low clog, the boat and the beautiful athlete Turn TV hoped for
opera star. What hasn't this man done? It's amazing hasn't been on our show yet. But we're about to rectify that. I now ask fellow was evident grey areas. We were really happening, beyond the show me how? How do you find yourself gravitating towards skateboarding escape morning came first me. First and foremost, my background comes from accordingly, I grew up in Virginia beaching, nor for area and When we moved this neighborhood, you know parents, I'm gonna, get you neighborhoods that they really can afford that they want you to have a better life, I was one of those stories with me, so we moved this little neighbourhood, everybody out front where these are awakened. Skateboarding. And I didn't have any friends, so I would just sit out there and after I sat there finally couple days to do some stuff to me as like. Would you like to skateboard and shut to try it
haven't button and the kids restarting like me. So I knew that I had to be really good at skateboarding. If I was gonna get along in this neighborhood, so then, from there I decided to start backs and every day all day, and I did get good am. I knew that I had to be able to get you to be able to afford all escape words and other equipment. He saw motivated yeah. I know my family wasn't gonna, buy me another skateboard, every two or three weeks that we needed so that I need it. So I knew the only way to get a proper use to become a sponsor escape order, so I practiced in the rain day and night every day after school till I get dark like that's all. I did so that labelling ethical. And everything's read out a couple stances on. Ok, let's take you back a couple of steps young man who fell in love with skateboarding, who then got very competitive and wanted to buy. You know, get himself boards couldn't afford to buy themselves. How much of the science involved in Skype,
indeed you have consciously in your mind and then bring to the development of new tricks. Well, you know that is true. It's not about a new tricks you're on the next level, when you start developing your own tricks, where it is. That is during the tricks that are already out their map, the trips that that are one and by chance, demanding the trick everytime, you work on those tricks and new master to the point where you can get a monk man. It's not the end, sport is not about. If you can do the trick or not, because everybody can do the trick, whether or not you can do when the time comes and wait
were you cognisant of any the physics involved, and we just had a doctor bill Robinson Doktor, skateboard one, and he was we were talking about the physics of many of the moves in skateboarding. Were you aware of any other physics in science involved in what you were doing? Well, I mean. That kind of like that? That means that when we think about this, I was aware of it in a sense that I knew What the board has do, because when I learned tricks, what I do is I I sit down. I stared at how it works and what it takes to make it happen. So, for instance, Let me now I knew that you had to Ali verse and gets your high point, and then I know you had to take your foot and flip. It really quick and then the boy, and then he laughed so I watch that for a while, and then I would study where it was too at the proper time I need
flip the boards and landed- or I would someone said that down, then you understood the next thing. Is they get your putting right so Now I know how to put the board now. I need to figure out. Where might be we're gonna be when I landed on the board What has come down as that land away? So then, the next step in the learning that trick was slipping down. Now landing and even at the border land making. Here man in a way that, when the board filing does gets you, you were ready for it. That was the next step, and then you can together and that's how I always learn tricks was instead thirteen of time, and that is the application of science Sadly, that is critical linking married do trial and error and the until you get the desired outcome so Exactly a lot of trial and error allowed a lot of trouble marry. You know you're not was to skateboard
the rain or or water. But I'm at that and stop me. I just changed my wheels and I was out there nonstop in the rain trial and error learning new tricks every day you still gabled everyday. You still get the tab still in your blood. You still have to have that that piece of youth, all my life escape wearing. I am French s That's what I'm right, I'm across the street from Escape Parkside stare at waddled it! Oh god, it's see that that's where I'm a viking staring at it. There I am personally I enjoy. I enjoy watching. Kids were new tricks I remember when I was learning that trick and I think to myself: ok he's about to do it three more tricks. Three more tries is not brain and then he lands. The end is almost as if I learned to do it again by watching so the imo is around skipper. Do you still get the same buzz?
now that you had when you sat on the porch watching the other kids and then getting involved you know the great question I do, but it's from lake. Unbelievable tricks that are coming of age, these You know I'll be scrolling. Instagram or something not on my fevers escape words and then I'll see a trick. That just makes me go wound put my phone down like oh, my gosh gave warning is on the next level right now they ve been evaluated by the really so what escape Wharton back in the day man, so you know it went from flat. Surface tricks, like you know you just lie. How'd. You know kit flair, Ali, you know, and then we had a neighbor, let a pool, so we start a drop in annual. I didn't. I will be very honest for this. All this closer I did skate the pool. I stated the ball. I scared of bull and never dropped in I'm gonna be honest. I'm gonna be honest because I want to say
We oppose ok but an hour and a half but then you look and you see the progression from that back when I was a kid to like the Ex Games today and where do you think this is Goin man? I mean it's what you just said about you look at Instagram now, where do you see this go on its really insane, Well, you know again another question. I know I can't tell you, whereas going because I just can't imagine which is silly for me to say, but I just can't imagine the tricks getting more Nicole than they already are. You know I see some of the craziest trick stature straight blow my mind every day I go well what else? I think that what were the next progression?
sport. Is the have every trick? That's being done now done bigger right turn at a different level ceasing to have paid behind you. The next check will be done at a ten foot path. Words you know floating on a barge that they try to take things and skateboarding too artistic level nowadays, you know what I mean. I got Joseph skater. Everybody should like a cold day, one song, ok, day song is probably is probably take he's all school skater, but he had to redefine. Rebuild himself. They continue to remain calm. And so now his videos and all the stuff that he does. He adds all the hottest tricks in with a little like magic like your whole Ali trash cans, your spin on the lid and then down ceiling tell me
he's taken into Vegas has very clear exactly what I'm saying is that the only way to say that's, a great way to say hello? Yes, let me ask you this fellow, so speaking tricks, what's your favorite trick either that you do or don't you see, somebody do, man. I don't know you no more, I'm not a technical, a more on a fastens pretty sight than I am technical that's highlight I liked to go around really bass and crying and too little doesn't come round to another trick and right rather than do one stricken. That should be the most the goal of were flying. Roundly Laura. I like it suggests speech I made a kid might do a backside. Three hundred and sixty over the table a backside, five hundred and forty over the table on his skateboard and land. But he barely made a buddy Lando school. But then I
when do like this slow three sixty that just glides smiled. So if not more the technical checks, I like I liked the more severe than those aspects of being able to land tricks. A girl in the PLO like locks. You should write that technical, like the flow like water, There been a pleasure, sir guys. Thank you. So much have a great afternoon we will die
apart from day to day. This was a great show greater. We, we ve been trying to get a show like this put together for some time. So please we did doktor skateboard. I love that name publishes coming up and use it for the rest of the day for myself, the Robertson Doc escape or what the way he uses the whole skateboard thing to bring science forward an unjust, bring alive. What to think and you thinking can can other sports do that. Can they bring science forward and and take the spy on this out of it that sometimes can come from a classroom. I hope they can, because if they dont we're gonna be out of a job. One object, no matter what will always be here, because sports answer
It's it's the it's, the races, peanut butter cup of of sports and sites. You got sports in my faith. I got deliciousness ruin that one! Isn't it but go back to your seller right he's. Sport has taken him absolutely to a whole new direction, but what he learned from being that kid not having any friends to beings really competitive, dedicated skate border as put him into an unbelievable scenario, so it can spoke and take you to different sort of places. But if you understand the science in their, it can really max out what you get from your sport, and you know the funny thing is. My son has been begging me for escape ward for about a year now and since
finally got insurance. I might just go to form the neighbour have a pool our eyes that set for the day show. I hope you ve enjoyed a little skateboarding adventurers, much shock and I have been playing with science. We'll see you all locked down on my old doktor organs, which you could listen the star talk about so free joint. Your talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com last star talk. Radio
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