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#ICYMI: Pitching Physics with Ron Darling

2017-07-27 | 🔗
To break down the physics of a pitch, this week Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly welcome former New York Mets starting pitcher and 1986 World Series winner Ron Darling Jr. and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse TysonDon’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceTuneIn: http://www.tunein.com/playingwithscienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support. Star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, I am the other Ass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, the startup network, is pleased to present to you a new show where the universe and sports color and now you're I am so I am going away and we are the whole stop playing. With science ready walk into this connection, storm at first, you may not have known start on which would we ve been. For many many years now. Has a new spin off programme call playing with science was we recognise that there is a
set of our fan base? Who love the site of sports shows that we did for start off at football baseball hockey soccer, and so we figured let's create our own subdivision of star talk all playing with science. And your main hopes there or check nice job pay man how I zoo Gary in from the UK. Yes, invariably separated. We got you just wait. Rex it up what I what they did was they sent me over to the? U S with a long rope and at this present moment, which is talking the UK tool. The? U s away from France, is very gentle very slow, but we're getting there Gary Rally. They are the two hopes not kind of interloping now, because I'm the resident Astro visits I so we're talking about baseball and pitching and dude
got you here? This is great unhappiness, I'm having a beer and thanks for coming eyes, man, man and you ve. So one of the reasons why people make themselves available because, like they have a book it, so you got a book. Just came out. I did I don't have to talk about that. I'm Niger must not take any time away from the scientists. Do not have a hooker failure, the biggest game of my life. I love that carries the guy. Did you go to dinner with you like? Let me get this he's like of writer. So fourteen years, the fourteen year career, yes- and in that I might crack team of researchers who did thirty six wins hundred sixteen losses. Yes right so that it is good to be on the upper side of five hundred in this game, absolute good, good, thirteen shut out. Nice. Ok, one thousand five. Ninety strike out ice. Very nice of you to note it. Now: but tell you, would tell you more how many times you scratch that was another one here
now's, not sorry, five, six hundred and from the school. The longer. I look at my stats, the least impressed that. Ok, I just don't don't don't look round, never wit we're good. So let me ask you something what we tried to his mix science with everything we see in life and pop culture and find it if you didn't, even though it was there, and so what I want to know you as a professional based thinking about the science of the pitch at all or is it just kind of you feel in it? And you just go with the flow now. I think you think about the science all the time I made it depends on. I guess who you are and what you like out of the game. I mean you're, trying to at some point spent a baseball, the more resolutions it has the better pitch. It's going to be so you try to so you try to maximize that are, as in more confusing to the better, more confusion that are more break. You not you not only for what
at break is just in case. We have. No lesser break would be theirs. The trajectory you think the ball has coming in and we actually lands is across the plate. Yes, and as the brake yeah the break in and also you can change the brake by your grip. So if you want to twelve the six you more on top of the baseball getting the seems to turn, over twelve, the six and, if you ve, only use digital clocks before you don't have any idea was that I am not going to like it here today. How old you you're thirteen. He does not know what twelve to sixteen times North South Betty, got a bet that young man doesn't look kind of smart
he would be added. I read out in there is actually wearing a pattern to leap watch. So I don't know how rich you are young level after the passed down down. That's correct right right! That's what I want to talk this. It should be talked about on top to bottom. But if you change your position on the ball, you can have it more word goes from, I can't say the clock now, but from two to AIDS, so you can change how the how the pitch breaks. One thing I tried really hard to do, and I never could do. It is a thing that we called carry when you throw a fastball for seems just by gravity alone. The ball at some point is going to fade. It's going to start work its way away from the intended target. You worked on carry so that the ball would finish. If you finished your picture,
the ball instead of fading, which to Hitler, is gonna, see and say boy up asking to fade out of the strike. Some it had carry so stay on that line and the hidden would be full take the pitch for a strike and it will be a strike on they look at you. I can't you do that to help you do what so is this? that's what they call arising fastball, that's what they call rising faster than on actually rise. They just simply don't fall, there's not much good. So your perception, since you we all have a native cause. We grew up in earth gravity. We have a sense of the rate at which things fall. We even if we're not calculating that you just have a sense of it. Ninety minutes centimetres per second square, so why hasn't physics, one should be nine hundred and eighty centimetres protection. I pointed meters per second: ok
You still bread. I accuse the road and legal affairs, but you know what they are in a bad thing. When the other grass Thyssen cause you stupid, like you're late, so it took us to have a clip of ASEAN Cimarron pitch. Do we do we have clear matter? Have you introduce a gravity and ensure that what we like to do is show whenever we start to show is with what we do? Is we kind of unpack a single play and then kind of need the dough and stretch out the science from there? But since we have run here run actually was a game where he struck out Rick Camp and apparently it was a huge deal because Rick Camp was supposed to serve him his lunch or something a bad orders. He sits down- and this is the last It's an the call from the
Answer solitary wherein ass the pitch a devastating swing by and then you see run darling being carted off on the shoulders of all the players, so so that swing, but it isn't it for radio show how we houses gonna work. I didn't description, I don't have better swung right. I swear the bat, miss the ball by six inches yeah and that's that's what they call fanning a bad or, like I didn't notice on tax revenue I didn't know John TAT rang it didn't just missed the ball like it's almost like he was trying to swing like he was trying to.
Eat. Somebody up that wasn't there swing out of ETA. Phantom bore a writing. Yadda swing like that in reality, because that pit Kenya is bigger than the bat itself beer and he's, but he's not hit the ball. So so too, do you have a foresight that, as the ball leaves your hand, its awesome pitch and it just gonna miss it? I think what happens on and off this science for you folks out there, but every sequence of pitches put you in a position to make a pitch it's gonna, be the correct patch. Well, if you made glad correct pitch you, no ninety nine, Some of you knows that the ball is not going to bed and and is that because Europe is, is that kind of a mental chess mass that you're playing with the batter? Is that because you face them before and he's anticipating something, and then you do something differently
or is it just a general psychology that you know if I have this pattern, one two three curveball in their fast bar or one two three fastball and then our speed that I'm gonna get you. You know, I think it's a combination of all those things. I think that what happens within the framework of an act, bad is that you are trying to set the batter up to a point where the pitch that is coming can't be thought before can't be anticipated camp you put in play and if you do it correctly
ass, a pitcher. You really are playing chess, but on the bad days it's more like chinese checker says it's gotta figure that allows a hundred and eighteen and geographically. So, where do you get half way through the pitching go of seeing something I dont like and go into a different mode of change of thought or process in the wind up your target there that that's a great question yeah there are times when you get to the top. Your wind up point your leg: is society is gonna being and you're supposed tat kind of a balanced position before we proceed to the plate and you like shit, I'm in a little bit of that was the moment. I was really trying to get a tale of art and has ever been because your leg was so high that you actually just did that not that lead, never
I think that that is again, if you're, better, probably how many you ve never faced you before they ve all got your pattern. So I know if you're gonna go one. Two three four months gonna come at me in a certain way, how many people, but we carry it, works both ways. Yet it is absolutely the better have seen the pitcher and often you get a fresh better with a look not just a rookie first time it back and they, or homerun. Oh here's, the next great player. No, these haven't seen him yet lad. Brian God has not had a pitch to him. Yes, you know, I think that happens in like a lot of sports, because even them in football, you, when you have a young quarterback who differences haven't, seen that quarterback often his first two or three games everybody's like disguise of Vietnam he's amazing and all the defences around the legal like just wait. The analysts haven't got to India right or not that type just yet. I think, I think also knowledge
Be your enemy. You know. In the sense that you say that for enemy analogous just westward whisper, that knowledge can be your enemy in the sense of too much knowledge? You have so much that at some point I call it double thinking you're facing a batter you face than before. You know exactly how to get him out, and some party, your brain says, wait a minute he's gotta catch on. I mean I've been doing this for four and five years. He's gotta catch some point. Let me try something different: a ringing double after of defence in Europe. I don't think there. I shall just leave with what was working, so we can break out the forces of law and the bought so romantic, Hide amount is relative to the rest of the field. Yet fifteen feet a tall man is above the ground. I fifteen inches fifteen inches, ok and I old enough to remember how in the mail little will if it was fifteen, I landed at a cool. This game ever become being bought threat so
let us remember when the man was taller than that- that's why they wanted. If more, an advantage to the matters just to get more action, and I think I made a mistake as fifteen inches in nineteen sixty eight, when all initiatives that now twelve and today their eyes, so so that reduce the advantage. I just let the fact that neither knew that it was twelve inches buddies. What's going on, right so kind stay here. It's like you do your misery, baseball player. You how I can help I'd way, so that it is not only that and this so much written about tall pitchers, even though did not always necessarily the best with I'm thinking of who's, the guy from Boston, the short
pitcher issue, painter, better Montana, Major Martinez, how pet could have been more than five ten. Five ten five like area around there and he had often pitchers a pitcher. So so so, but let's go with that suits you gotta twelve inch man there's a tall pitcher. Your arm is high up before you release it. So now you have the speed of the ball gravity pulling a town you have the spin that you put on it and then the aerodynamic forces that influence its trajectory All this is going on, and so I love the way at the way Chuck thought of it. As this test match between you and the better, and so so what I like about baseball- and I wonder if people thought about this- if it is human out, ok, it will be lower atmosphere pressure than it if it is drier, because for every molecule of dry air, what what's the air we breathe? It's got oxygen, that's twenty one percent, and mostly nitrogen, ok, nitrogen MA,
fuel, which is and to two nitrogen detached together, so that the stay with me on this because it's worth it, I promise I'll just watch they so nitrogen. The number of particles in its nucleus is fourteen, says seven proton, seven neutrons. You have two nitrogen atoms together its fourteen plus fourteen so nitrogen ways. Twenty eight in these units. Ok, if you swap a nitrogen molecule with a water molecules, has now you have humidity in the air. Water is what we now a two hour, so H its weight as one because it has one proton, animals have to announce its too and we got an up one o, which has oxygen and its way to sixteen. So the in these units, nuclear units, the weight of an of a water molecule. Sixty plus two was eighteen, the weight of a nitrogen molecules? Twenty eight. So if you, if you're moving through air and breathing air. That has any humidity
in it at all. It weighs less than dry air, and so because this will be less air pressure to help you The pitch! That's my point. While yes, no pictures taken does seem counter intuitive, because when you breathe humid air they can have its though the EP not only is great will a pitch curve less in human air. A bull can be hit farther in human error because the airways less so that the mass of the drag on the ball as plows through the air will be less using air, doesn't way as much could have water molecules sitting in its way. I don't know people if they thought about it until every baseball player I've ever met, including myself, take exactly the opposite, the opposite, exactly the opposite, that, if its thin air is, can we really hard to curve? It don't want something like that. You said it just the opposite.
I thought maybe I'll get my bad work. It will fix any longer counter until it exactly what you thought. Okay, so totally calling like science. So in voice there? A ball can be hit farther because this less drag on it and because there is less drag your career Baltimore curve as much. You need drier in any case and cooler, air, even so now. What when people talk about Colorado, which is a mile high, it's another, another example, why doesn't the Balkans there? Do you think the same. You could say that when Europe mild, I up this less atmospheric pressure so in the linen air or dry air gives you the same effect. No sin air or thin air, because you swapped the molecule out rank or low pressure air because you're at high altitude, both of those will
use your ability to throw Karbala, and so what I wonder is if you're not thinking this and then you have a games. I had a bad day today. Maybe it was all atmospheric and you weren't factoring that into how you should have handled again, I'm just trying to figure out how to get rid of some of those one sixty losses and how many were right to use the fat of the fixed. The book sets out of whether hundred grams atmosphere, the pressure no one's got on me that something else. If you have a favorite pitch one that you weren't, you know what the mental what's going on. This is good and do the job you know pitch Pitchers change over time, because your skills, when you're too, before not the same when their thirty years in jail in your evolution of YO, YO, YO, pitching style changes as your career progression yeah and I broke my thumb.
Seven, which, when you throw occur ball when you throw good Karbala able to tuck your thumb, okay, so u pull on the seam and you push with the thumb, pull and push pull and push, but because I broke my thumb I had to pitch straight with it. I could never get that evolution again widely sharing your thumb, diving for about that
I thought so you earned it the Euro area diving in the Caribbean. None was that for a ban, but he also owed some people a lot of other funds. Here they took my it may talk. They told me to go to Bensonhurst, ok, darted Herbert that know him very noble rock, and you saw that again so for those from this lot here can most uncomfortable position that you could be it. So when you throw a curb, yes, are you right now, for those of you listening run? Has two fingers across the top of two seems at where this? come together at the most narrow point at the bottom and then underneath there, instead of wrapping your thumb, which would be like the way you with
I think that anyone who we really true that some of the last part of your thumb, where the where they fingerprint, is put up under the bar you throw it know what he did was take his thumb in the most unnatural position possible, which is better get back towards the end of his hand, and under the ball and that's how you throw that thing, that does not mean TAT is not ogier. You pull. Would your middle finger push? Would you thumb nor people can't see this because on radio right, but I have a scar, my thumb from throwing their pitch still today along score because it used to sit right on that sea and it would rip it all the time and you're leaving
many times with this bleeding last us that's got a bloodbath, don't get tangled. He had changed the rotation of the following. The rule of law. Is that legal aid? It is it's a vampire Bobby L, a scarce and just enough. Hey I've got a little secret for you, I'm gonna to consider singing all of the ads on this show. There's just one way to get out a hearing. They're good
Patriarch arms last started tall and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and never hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me seeing if you're supporters Patria Dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thing, and I mean I'm just saying. How long does it take you to mouth, stopping a whole series of different pigeons? I mean you might have some natural talent as a young players.
Then, as you said, your style evolves throughout your career. Do you find that you can change your pitches as you progress, I think one of the great thing about pitching. I've heard that about people who play golf, there's no mastering you know it is. A continued continued search for perfection, that'll never come. And that serve the most difficult and beautiful part of China? So, but some pictures My Rivera among them was not for having a large repertoire of pitches wanted. They are basically a one page guy and people still had a hard time hitting it. So it's it can't be just a rule that the more pictures you have the more effective you can be. What I think the ability to control movement. So we ve talked about how the ball moves and doesn't move one of the things that's very difficult. Controlling movement you ve gotta be, the control it it's great. At the ball move, but you got gotta be out.
Fraud sought moves three inches instead of foreign half, it's gotta, be how to break inches or about the width of your thumb tissues of rifts. Are we to whip wish materials? Is we have good? Will earnings wrote in his life, so we'd with we reach will reach happy, We never been really. I thanked him and going back to answers. The outbreaks of he's got your back and we never left the old country, never left inches. We sort of two centimeters, so we still have gallons and also to think translate further for which were not at all stubborn know why he cycle. So so a couple more more points here if you allow me to reflect on this one of my favorite films, just because it was a head trip just to watch and to experience was for the love of the game and it was like the tenth baseball movie by
by cost, having Carson? How many people know is? Can the guy make this? So if your unfamiliar with the film and I'll leave out many details, he's an aging pitcher and the entire movie, is inside his head during a game that he's pitching and he's pitching this game very well, and what I did not appreciate what you guys do on the mound. Until I saw that fail because you're in his head in his and he saying hey Joey in his head, a Joe, it's been a while, since we both came up at the same time. I remember you know you never saw the first page you just never did so bent towards a strike right down. The middle of meatball right down the middle and he looks at it for a strike so have something: can you just try to throat but now the mind came. I finally appreciated deeply what this chest match. Really, as you know, it's thing is that people ask me all the time. Do you remember her pitches, you through a game and
and I try to explain it. If you have children, you remember everything. A child right because you're so dear to you, I can remember every pitch. Thrown in a game. If you tell me We feel the nineteen eighty four you face. The cubs gave up three home runs you knocked out and fight the third a guy through beer on yes, you're coming after feel what you throw to say in the third, a bat bomb. I can tell you exactly pitch where the ladies and gentlemen that sit side awake, but absolutely all one hundred sixteen of your loss to understand no runs atmosphere driver you, honest, so dearly and into playing with science new spin off of star talk, and your interloper host near the grass rising an astrophysicist actuarial, Riley and Chuck nice. You, the main duty here and- and we have with Russia
darling the New York mats, the one and only grew one, and only- and you had the you- had the privilege and of pitching further nineteen eighty six world champion season, so did you guys feel that the whole season going or that do have this is certain inevitability to Europe, to the mixture of talent that makes them The championship, too, are you a team of destiny. You know it's what's interesting about when you're on a team that special is and it really a kind of changes. How you gonna feel about those people ever you're in the room. You know something special is going on I don't know, I'm not an actor, but I'm sure if you're gonna hit show kind of the same deal is that you know. Not only is everyone special in the room, You also know that a whatever happens on there and you are there for me
the family and what you have that feeling that never leaves so it argues that before eighty six was an eighteen, Does he Maser sixty nine? Yes, sixty nine amazing that the amazing met, so ah, I am born in the Bronx, so come fundamentally advantage forgive me for the Azores, the Wrong Company'Ll total Wholesale write, a book. I let it out. I just know that if we go more than eight years without a champion, we're not who had spoiled, we are so, let's, let's move forward into the later seasons, and even just now, if you get your sports commentator now and it could you react to the role of the application of science to sports today, to training to the analysis, the statistics baseball is always had statistics but now its reach, some other like dimension as things right. What's your reaction to that at the game or take away from the game from the old days, I think it definitely
so the game. I think the analytics Sabre metrics of the game, the math of the gang just adds to your knowledge of the game. That being said, numbers can be used in so many different ways, and how are you Then, let's say we all at the same numbers about whatever we're doing wrong They might well same data, we're all gonna apply it in a different way. I think the ones that can apply it that have the car. The nation of the data? Also factoring the human factor, the ones that do at the best of both are the ones that are better teams. You know what speaking of that so tell me how you feel about when you, when you talk about that kind of data, money ball, two per se.
And the book in the movie the book at around here you know how to get me a review, even though I would appreciate a rounded Ireland gives it five star put off the actual. You know the actual use of it as a recruiting and as a GM, putting together a team. Do you see the validity of it? Well, I think the interesting thing about money ball is that you have to put it in historical tax. It was a team that did not have a lot of money to spend on players so to find a new way or a new player that could give them a chance of success that no one else was really factoring in? de on base percentage? Something that's been around for forever. Had never been look that, as a real plus on a ball club until Billy being kind of take the GM of the opening, but I would like to add that it was no on base percent. That's not a thing room just never given and when they finally commodious it hey, that's
I like that? What will they talk about pitches pictures that we talk about whip right walks hits for innings pitched? Well, that's always been around and you knew that Europe, a lotta walks and allowed here you're, not a very good picture. So that's it! I don't know he made the number quantify manner an article. Exactly are you you mention safer, metrics and then Billy being Billy was a teenager. Yours yet- and I am not mistaken- Sandy Alderson is GM currently, so this things really quite circular there, the that David did that the big genesis of cyber metrics and money ball in the open days yet I ve got such a connection to the Mets and even to you what what what that's great question and and what happened why Billy really took this on- is that Billy being was in a first round pack of the New York mats the same year, they drafted a kid named Darrell Strawberry who ended up being a fantastic player. They were separated by twenty five picks in the first round, so you would think of Darrell strawberries.
The greatest of all time or a great great player that Billy's? we'll be somewhere within that planet of players. How'd. You get points, but I thank you, but he wasn't too. He was a failure and what, He was trying to do. I think initially was trying to to stand with the mathematics of the game and how he was a failure. How could that have allowed? Oh that's, so it came out of it. I tried to tell a lie. My aim of me. It was a quantitative. What does he think when we discuss Tatum pitching and the whole central pitching amaze as a complete layman to baseball understands everything? Is control? Few and everything Billy didn't have in his game at that time was control but I think what what would happen is he's he's looking had himself and people's scout the game, so the scouts When I look at a gallop, Billy Beane, six, four hundred five pounds? Had it all
abolishing all the effort we put it in the computer spits out star. Was not a star, so he was I understand how his team could get a a bit of an edge by looking at players, not because they look beautiful but what they play beautiful and that's where it started. But now think about this I mean because you said, but he was a failure, but don't you have to? Consider the baseline, because to get to the level of play where you guys play you are and in an testimony a portion of the entire global population. I mean the eight it's on its, like so small, the sliver of people in our way to think about that every person and professional sports was the best ever in their high school and one of the best ever income
That's right and now they're all in this new political right and an analogous now view that separates out exactly. Are you the best of the best of the best is the best, and I saw you know how do you know? How do you qualitatively write that down when you're, starting with such an elite base to begin with, so yet Billy being failure, that level, but let's look at him as a mere mortal he's, got right out. Taking the sheer numbers- probably tough, Libya supermodel, but as far as professional fewer supermodel, but they don't have the practice. This is why I say do with I seem and Jim Dinner Hour of commander walking.
What do you like? I like the way you think he's. Where did you get those eight hands up? If anyone else had that's the point you make is great and I think that the great preparation I had four, it is I want to Yale and New Haven- and I was the best student at my go everyone. I marvel at Highschool. Everyone I went to college with was the best student in there school. There hamlet, their town, whatever baseball's the same way: baseball baseball, you're the best. Player from Oklahoma. I was the best player from Melbury Massachusetts, a small town, and what happens is your thrown into the scrub, and you cannot have the rugby reference. About your name on it on any kind of have to just survive some survive through all all of this talent, and it's not only them. It's not always the most talented who make it through and
that way that we I went to community com, I can't say that I was there. I think we go back to Winston Churchill when he says many are called few are chosen. That would be why the only are exactly that the elite we go back to linger. That's why we have you want to show to guess what we take earful quotes. I now around what a man mean: midday Hanukkah to Shakespeare, sticking around it actually holding your people. Yes, the other thing is it's: it's ok to have all these statistics and all these numbers, but is it not more important the question you ask of them that will make the big deal, why I think near what you are talking about before with love. The game is sound. And with TAT Costner that is key. Where it's all separated is We were able to process all of them Information but processes Very quickly, if you want,
such is the best game of his life and he's not in his youth when it's it's. He knows that it's the last chance for him, the pitcher, gray, Candia and and all the factors that kind of work during the movie put him in this position of maybe being able to do something really special for the last time search. So what you're saying is that quotas really corrected, ninety percent of the game is half mental Yogi burial yeah you about what am I here, they are better equipped great when we come back more of start talks playing with science and run.
Special yesterday met star, and earlier richer in eighteen eighty six world series. We handed him all earlier, and it is not left his hand since no, I would put it down and kept went on with my life, but you can't put down a baseball and you know it is unjust, manipulated and feeling it and thinking to myself the ball is different than when I played the schemes are not as much Eyes when I play they always say this is not like it use. Now we played in the snow up here, I'd, say: you're probably had an advantage and I played the pulse.
Slicker, it looks a little slicker and an end in the day used to be out of pick at the seams and make them rise, and if you picked item enough, while you're waiting for the sign from your catcher, you can make it rise, you got a little. More grip grip. Rick can also give you a little more action. Gives you a little more action. Is Have we not one hundred percent legal but I was delighted to have presented legal, so accurate. While we would give you action that you then would necessarily be able predict, but that's ok cause then neither can the batter, but you know what counts is so if it's a three to pitch, we need three strike. You wouldn't pick it seems to get more action, but it was an old to pitch where you need the guy to swing it,
or in the dirt. You want much actions you gotta so evil. Let us see what you just wait: they went withdrawn, holding that ball and up I'm former professional soccer play and the most powerful thing in the world is a soccer ball in an empty room. Am I right, but that our Socialist Party candidate go because it just evokes so much of what been wonderful in your life say. Just when you sit in their holding, it is like a comforters just. Something's going off mentally. Isn't it you getting a little bit of something from years gone by its I'll? Have him I M plastics yeah, because a lot more reminded of all the one hundred sixty like really some bad flashback sat right? You know what I was thinking or when I was holding the ball. I was thinking that in my youth, my panzer thinner
my hands iridescent pudgy Harry I, by itself, while I felt like, like my ability to manipulate the baseball team lot different than it does now, it feels like the Balkans manipulates me that ok engage or night yeah yeah, that's for another show us it s, really sorry about your cap. So let me ask you something in in your day, so I baseball and maybe Gulf are the only sports where, for many in baseball there, many positions where you can still have a pouch, a belly, pouch and you're still, and you can still be good at what you're doing. That's not maybe alignment in beckoned in football, perhaps but most of the sports. You can't care on damage body fat, so I don't have a problem with that. What that says is you carry a skill that doesn't only emanate from your physical fitness and I get that and as I say
Ruth hit. Seven hundred and fourteen home runs and beer and hot dogs are not on steroids, so I get that, but today you know, there's so much physiology technology that goes into training and has that made players better or just Whereas if that makes everybody better than no one really has an advantage anymore, and these new training you can do is a pitcher, what will certainly has really changed and in my thirty years of playing now and now watching the game. When I was a kid you are told not to drink water during work out who, you are told, not to lift waits, there would hurt your arm there as a pitcher ass, a pitcher, pitchers Raleigh told to do two things throw and to run,
and not do not stop running. Did they also tell you the smoke cigarettes a lot? You know if I leave my generation a player. Almost everyone smoked, I'm united smoke, but almost all the players that I played with smoked and now, if it nobody smokes, which is that which is a good thing, I think it's like anything else This there's a third of the guys that are working out like you, ve, never seen people work out, there's Some of the guys that sometimes work out and then there's a third of the guys that are really doing, but not now they can monitor things like your oxygen uptake and Mary you know you're carbon dioxide, exhalations and know exactly physiologically, what's happening in your body and in their athletes, getting instructions that are so fine tuned to the to the physical fitness, and I'm saying ok, you're getting physically fit, but does that make you better at this sport? That's kind of what a mask yeah, I think over over time, because they would do
keeping erupting. There was Michael Jordan at the top of his game. It goes to play baseball and he's a to seventeen hit or whatever it was so just cause. You are at the top of your physical fitness done Mean Jack, and I I visit still talking here about an hour ago. I gotta get this out of it, so I think Mention is on another on another episode, I loved the when Emil be brings around their trucks and the end there. You know it's: they celebrate the sport and you, you know you can buy baseball's and they have a pitching cage and this sort of thing. So I go there to see how fast I could throw a ball. I'm physically fit guy right. I don't play baseball, but I use the wrestling road. I did stuff got the boy I got this and they got to the Spirit of what you call it. The arena died out in the rain organ speedometer here that began. The boy had its own speedometer at it and so
I say got this and I threw the boss hard it. I could and it was like seventy eight miles an hour s like a slow pitch in your world, and I thought to myself. Well, you guys are undue and some are even know about, and I will never know about, and so just what that just I'm just want. A more props did what you guys do and how you do it. If my facets pictures were slow ball, it's it's a it's! It's such a combination of things in a wind up, there's, probably twenty five things that have to all click. And go right for you to be affordable. Ninety five miles an hour which are tough ass more when I, why player through ninety five, ninety six miles an hour by the end of my career around ninety mark, but that to give an example, Dwight couldn't one of the greatest pictures in the history. The game for the Mets he's a throw. Ninety six plus Darrell Strawberry, whose are right feel that one of the best arms
aim used always kept him that he could easily throw over ninety miles per hour. We had a radar gun in Montreal. Darrell has had one of the good. Storms got on the mound. He threw five pitches, none of them broke eighty book a lot of them. Brocade WA there's. There is evidence that the mechanics, because you're standing still you're on the mountain you have to do a wind up, whereas when you're in the outer feel you so, so I'm feel so bad. If I threw the same speed is down shrubbery. And and you're not trying to hit the instrument on get at least in the cross, sectional area of the catchers men, you know, as they can try to require cover the bonds so so feel so bad. If I threw the same speed is doubts whether you have no qualms about putting yourself in. Let us not revealed, I barely broke eighty and then, with the same, without right, you're, good, you're, good with them. Ok,
feel better. Now. Are you that's why I wouldn't take batting practise what them? If I were you got away from so so so how much pitchers today touched by technology? There touched in every single way, from pitch tracks and other things that track every single part of their mechanics breakdown, every single second of what they do, and they can tweak things as they go along. I think everyone has the mental capacity to be able to take what they see and make it work for them. In game where's, whatever practiced better back motor it? What's the term? It's a quiet, history, yeah, just mode motor memory, practice Muslim, every muscle memory, my show an amateur lessening marries! That's what you were discussing when you said you'd your clocking ninety five year an and someone with the abilities of battle straw becomes up. He hasn't had the history of coming through that and the muslim memory of pitching.
He's throwing in a different action were suddenly that you know of your guy those. Ninety five in your picture, you gonna do that on your types. Right. You know not now once not twice. Internal strength in particular came muscles and that's what goes back to the point you make about spoke conditioning programmes for certain positions. Contains no matter what I just a point about using going at a hundred times and, of course, if you're playing right field, you only have to throw that fast, such some of the time you get them Recent years, there's gotta be runner advancing to a base. When the ball is hit to you, your seat, he does it three times a game, that's right in what were you are talking about foreign? How to how to get your body ready for whatever position you play stiffened for pitchers than players guys play every day is my body has completely changed from when I was a kid you know when I play for the mats, I had a really big rear. End really big legs, because that's what you worked on in those
is because you are try, the transfer still have a bigger, and now they were you arrive, Darling got out. I don't even know if it's true, but I think that what you at all Is that somehow you trying to transfer some of that energy that you're putting into arm and trying to save that by transferring it to your legs and other, while, of course a batter? Does that as well? You look at it a professional swing, not a little league, swaying they. Of course it's not just the back. That's turning its torso twisting, and the back leg is pushing, and all these muscles conspire so that you have peak speed and peak force right at the contact of the bond to any possible four hundred four hundred treatments and then, and then that doesn't include trying to have a swing, that the contact meets in such a way
but you are back spin on the ball, because the backbone is gonna, Keith, Bonnier long them in it. That's how far the science can go right right when it. When you talk about technology, let me ask you this: you know with respect to equipment, so in football, wide receivers are allowed to wear gloves there firstly designed to help and catch the bar quarter. Basically, sticky gothic you to ask a quarter backs are able to wear gloves that are specially designed to help them throw the ball. Would you be accepting that kind of technology coming into pay spot, where I think there are pictures outer that use the combination of the rise and bag, whereas with what I heard, a sun tanning solution that they use I used to use because I figured I got to appoint. Writing you where's your going fast to us. I know it's listening.
I wore long sleeves and I would whet the sleeves so that I always had the moisture from the sleeves now I'd. I didn't want the moisture from my forehead of back my neck because it wasn't always the same, but if I went my sleeve I was I was getting about the same kind of noise at what otherwise always strive to undermine. I never figure to try and get it's gonna get up, that's funny, because we see them lift up there. A cat and. They try to get some on everything they actually in their take them waster off their brow, that's what they're doing of courts so now, maybe I don't they thought this through. If you get brown moisture put it on the ball rather than pre wet sleeves, then that mortar vat rates in your left with assault residue in that could have an effect on Bertram to say why is that's the case yearly? That's you already knew this night I didn't I did. I did not know that. Ok, but you know there was a pitcher and the Dame Soongoora. Oh yes, my Mercator
parry Hall of Fame area? He was known for cheating all the time and it through it wasn't a yankee was indeed the April. Was it one right at ease to throw a step on the way to spit. While ball was done, it's hard to show the people listening, but most pitches, a throne with seems or across seems with you with your hands enough spitballs throne with no seems, and instead of throwing it with this kind of action with with trotted six. Actually, you pinched it and when a pinched it came out with no spin and hitters this when hitters see a bit what they do want to stand in the box. Their first thought is this. This Balkan hit me in the head of the first thought at the second thought out. Is it's not going to third thought is: does it have any spin and the forced thought is where is it because I'm gonna put the ball where I think the balls gonna be now we're, I know, but where I think the boy from us
by the time we have. The fourth thought, the balls already we gotta get your address or it has hit you when they had really been written about an atmosphere that is put run darling in twenty seven tincture and give him access to pursue the peak of your games right round the right top and give you access to every bit of technology. This available to major league pictures. Now, how much better is run darling and twenty seven torment wortley? What technology would you want to take advantage of to day yeah
well, I think the technology of pitch tracks I'd like to know how far my balls the baseball is travelling. I would like to see how far its staying, true and strikes on how much movement I do have two two inches or- and I think the other thing that I would like to know is this the mathematical of each and every player and their tendency to me. Wouldn't it would be the greatest gift authors it I'm after some code that tells you that that contains a lot of information at one end up general, you would rely in catch her to know this. That's why the telling you what pitch that's right so but You know it is well. Oh, my gosh that be dangerous. I'd like to know guy and third lesson to out their slugger is up. He swings at the first pitch. Seventy eight percent of the time why first pitches gotta be a good one. That right.
Much better would run darling, Vienna Percentage, greek mythology, and why do you Do you think it's it's quantifiable? Would it make that much of a difference, or would it be enough to give you the edge require? I think you would it would make a huge difference if I had the knowledge that he could have today did not I before so we got to start to land his plane chart. That shows a quick, so the lightning around here who's, the best battery you ever faced Tony gwynn really why nice, via the forfeit? to ask me. I note that another numbers, even more decimal places like eyes, but why would you best what made him that special any pitch anywhere He could have no way to pitch him and there was no There was no key to getting him out
What did he read every other pittrino, I think, and I am not evolve, adding files which Bulgaria not just to protect, don't take it personally. For particular, I want to say that I want to hear the great man that's what I was doing. Ok, another quick one, since you know how to throw the ball, how can pitchers don't make better banners, Oh, that's, interesting! Pitchers! Don't make better battery cause they're considered liars on the team. No one really consider some part of the team. Very rarely do they get batting practice, especially in my day so even though I was a good hitter in college, one of the best colleges of my time. By the time I got to probe baseball I was not if it considers how hard now holding cloning is. So I went to fifteen years without taking any meaningful batting pact. Ok, ok, and what are the Mets look like this year for the two thousand seventeen season,
This is their year. Ok and my last question in your book game: seven, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six failure and try for the biggest game of my. What's? What's your take away or to take away, you want the reader to get from that. What you look like the deepest, you can share with well, I think, foremost, folks, when I read a sports pockets about some great accomplishment that happens for a professional pitcher being allowed to pitch game. Seven of world series is too great a thrill you could ever have but to take away on this book is I had that and I failed, and why did I feel- and I think we have this after the game was done in the Mets one, but after the game was done couple of days later, so you know I was at the top game did not give up and earn run in that serious and I got knocked out in the forthcoming. How did that happened? I thought organically. It will go away. Thirty years later it or not. You still think it
That's why I wrote it and as soon as it was finished, I have not thought about taking one since so it out. So is either a hundred fifty dollars on someone's couch. Right, a pauper bourbon. I guess I point three choices, so so the catharsis did great wonders for you, a guy Tommy through that the process is, is that when you're playing professional sports, the other guys really trying to have a very good? Why don't you think you're being a play with science? This is where you can. Of course you can find start talking on serious exam insight, channeled Channel one twenty one. I think That is in we're on everyday five o clock, I think, and playing with science. You can find it starts on radio
net- and if you support that we will bring many more of it to you, because sports is not only entertaining but, as we have come to know, it can bring some of life wisdom to us as well telegraph. Second, your personal astrophysicist and we are signing off here at the serious exam universe headquarters in New York because of other neighbours like devil may adopt the organs Which you can listen? The star talk commercial, free, Joe STAR talk on Patriot for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio
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