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#ICYMI - Snowboarding: Shreddin' the Gnar

2017-12-07 | 🔗
The forecast is for snow, and hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice are hitting the slopes for a physics lesson with former pro snowboarder and soap opera star Othello Clark and veteran surfer, snowboarder and skateboard champ Dr. Bill Robertson, aka Dr. Skateboard.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:TuneIn: tunein.com/playingwithscienceApple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/snowboarding-shreddin-the-gnar/

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Today we saw it for the slopes, irreparable, Gretta hat and forget your gloves, because the forecast is put snow and by the time we get the top. It will be all down here. It's the turn of snowboarding to get the p w s treatment, and for that we ve got the bam back together and not for just science, but for the pros eyes view from the top of the mountain so would be. Welcome back the doktor Skateboard a k, a professor bill, Robertson and form a pro snowboard and regular of this match hits soap, the boat and the beautiful Mister Arthur Low Clark. No, not just you and I say that we will not be reform of fellow so check you skateboard. I don't like your cap is grossly. Let's clear that up his snowboard, you never did us, no, never know, never snowboard it and the reason is I dont like snow so that
that's. That puts me in a very distinct disadvantage: skiing and snowboarding, even though I probably would enjoy snowboarding and maybe even skiing, but I have to tell you that I just don't like snow, even as a kid I didn't like nothing, except for I made money off of it. I had a snow. Service will from the time I was eleven to the time I was fourteen and I made a crap load of money. So when I get home Simpson one of those jackets, whereas to plough Mr Plough that's a name that name again is MR plows indicate a chunk, loves you get to a citizens, reference everything all right. Enough of that doctor Skateboard, Professor Bill Robertson, hybrid. How are you, sir,
each are gonna, be on the shoulder and you are more than welcome and have you back all right, let's just as a clear this up difference between skateboarding surfing and snowboarding in snowboarding, somewhere between the two was it just completely unique, and on top of that, do you do either snowboarding or surfing. So my back, as a kid, and I grew up not too far from the beach, so I first started surfing and water skiing. As a kid before I got into skate. Meetings and I was gonna. My first back, that and then I started snowboarding in in the MID eighties and Flagstaff Arizona, and so, if I did figure out the differences between the three quickly. Ok, so is it quite simply take the wheels of the skateboarding downhill or is a lot more going on yet theirs got more going on in some ways. The main difference I would say is that, of course, you're strapped into a sin.
Bored and you can freely jump off of escape word and any other syn what you're gonna land into primarily and snowboarding is something softer than concrete, so the, but I think the big thing is a lot of times was skateboarding. Did you? the way you're moving is your sort of directing it with your front foot, whether your regular foot or goofy foot your sort of pointing your front foot or moving the front truck to to where you're going and then in a moving off the back one, but your directing with almost with your front snowboarding. You actually do the opposite. You direct more with your back foot so because you're going down hill, the whole time, you're back foot and the edge of the board acts like a rudder. If you think about it all up, something like that, where you're you're driving
so you really drive almost snowboarding with your backward in some ways and you do any direct it with your backlit wherein skateboarding you direct it with her Frankfurt. If I went on a Skype Board, which will not happen just in case you thinking TAT, the great idea, you're centre of gravity is fluctuating to do the trick. So to do but a maneuvers and, as you said before, you got freedom away from the board. Now you are tethered, if you like to the snowboard. How are you suggesting that central gravity to make it work for you yeah, so certain? locked into your stance, you're really having to drive your knees together. That's one of the things you do in snowboarding a lot is you can attend to your knees together. What you doing always do and in skateboarding to keep that sinner straight. The other thing is you're gonna. You know, you're gonna, live that, as I mentioned a back foot, so I'm a regular foot that would be my right foot and I'll. Throw that
I put out you know far away from my body if you will encounter it with my upper body to the to the right or to the left, to try to make terms, and so that part of of keeping your gravity. You gotta keep it over the middle of your board, but sometimes it's easier if you can pincher knees in some ways together Babylon you like that that centre right over your board when you turning you I'm turning to my right, am I not mistaken. I've seen guys they lean right into the term, and there are no mistake of forty five degree angle that some ages sounds wrong you normally I believing away from this issue, but it's not so. Can you explain the physics of mine when you start to carbon you lean into that turn. Yes, so Let us think about? First you're, you're going downhill, so you know the leaning back would be
really bad thing in some ways. It's not, as is not super bad, because it'll just slow. You down, but when you're going into a turn, you yeah, you dig that edge of this other snowboard in by having your toe side into the mountain and so into the snow, and so you're you're innocent right. On the steel edge of your snowboarding and lifting, if you will the contact from from the bottom so at some point your you know, your writing is much on the steel age, as you can t go as fast as you can return, and that's where you see people sort of you know turn and in depth and gay. Closer, and you know that that was the old phrase used for snow borders is when they returning they were near. Their hands were getting so close to the ground. People scares affectionately, called us knuckle draggers, you now What's to end it wasn't it wasn't. For though it wasn't for the way you major towns scare and escape hate snow porters,
we looked at the mountain completely different. You know so true, but the big thing here was that you are kind of counterbalancing you throw in your your way and leaning on your toe side. But how to make it turns, and then your counterbalancing with your arms out in front of you, so you are leaning into an interval down ill the whole time, so that part of how your managing your steep, we never. We know we started off Gary asked you this question about the difference between the three we win. We never really got to that from a physic standpoint, you're looking at travelling on three different mediums, two of which are the same, just indifferent fiscal forms and then the other being concrete. But what does the physics of the mediums upon which your travelling for the three? different sports. Yes, so so star was surfing. I mean it. You have a medium, that's never the same right. So it's always changing your always adjusting that sort of thing.
The beauty of it. You know you're trying to lock into something. That is, if you will alive all around you, so you're dead. So the physics are you ve got something: that's in chaos right it's chain, all the time and you ve got a manager self with micro adjustments. Are you know or find that flow? within within that changing medium for escape border. I think you know you can really count on the deck the concrete once you undressed, and what you riding on and saw the hardness her or whatever the slackness of it. You can sort account on which going to do and how that's going to behave. So you can much more predictable in terms of how you're gonna just so? You probably have to make small, less small adjustments and can be more predictive in in what you know to do and it's not working is probably a little bit of books. You know I mean in some ways the the mountains.
Is the same as you know, but out the depth of the snow and the conditions of the snow can change. So if you go from say powder two eyes, you know you can change pretty quick. So you have to be a little nimble on that. So in terms of the mediums serving being most organic snowboarding I been the one that has the next amount of change and escape warning being much more predictive and then, consequently, you have probably less minor adjustments. You have to make azure living through the sports as interesting, because we're talking here about an invite our mental awareness. So if you go into the water, it's not just the water surface and the change ability their aim. With current successor, you ve got wind right. You got every sort of atmosphere around similar with snow, similar with skateboarding that you have to know your environment really well, an intuitive lay before you actually it into all the rest of the enjoyment of that sport? Yet that's for sure you know, and when I started snowboard
I had never stop, that are on the mountain at all, and my friends told the all about it and we drove to them men rode up in the chair laughed and they dropped the offer the top and said see at the bottom kind of saying it the figure it out and but what I figured out for myself was that in a really. Snowboarding has elements of of surfing and skateboarding completely and when you're driving on the mountain in your car being in many ways. It is a lot like surfing you're, trying to drive that edge of the board and use the term and stay over your board when in the air is completely skateboarding All your grabs are named after skateboarding grab. So your mute, your Indy your front side, your backside for I had, I was very comfortable. Well now what happened and then, when you land its unique ends, That was always the challenges because suddenly you're sleep landing on. Something that you know has a is is can be softer hard and then you,
you're in a sense going downhill, so you have to learn to react quickly driving your edge in front or backside too to gain a turn. So a so in some ways. Now having started as a surfer, it help me being on the mountain, as escape word help me in the air, but when I landed the only thing that helping this practice on the slope nice nice stay with this place. We're gonna take a break. Some professor bill, Robert symbol, be with us. When we come back. I can't talk to skateboard, also further forward in the show we have ten o clock, yes, that man from he'll be on the show to save you. Snowboarding this is supposed to be taxed, have come secret for you
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Ass, a back I'm very rightly on satellite, as this is playing with science and today were exploring the science behind Slobodan. We s like that. That's my carbon! That's me, carbon amount right there, that's from doesn't like snow. That's right like a prize given day Turkey as weeds, a boarding. It started with: let's go to the top of the hill and get to the bottom, the hail, and we do a bit of slalom and everything else. But the tricks came in. How did you get involved in the trick side of things when you started to snowboard. Yeah absolutely because you know that the fund thing about snowboarding and being cut off in your bindings the whole time as you didn't really have to worry about Europe
we're getting away from you. So if you got in air and could you know control yourself and control yours, a gravity and then deal with all the lack of friction. When you hit the ground, You were you know, you could do a lot of things and really for me, that's where my scapegoating background came into play because, like said when you got in the air. You know you could do all sorts of crabs, maybe that were much easier than doing them on your skateboard, because your your feet were stuck on the board and then going doing things going forward and backwards or me going in a regular foot to goofy foot was a lot of fun, so you can hit above style one. Eighty in the air land goofy foot go and then had another. Then come out and do that all the way down the mountain, so yeah skateboarding I'm using snowboarding and the tricks where a big draw for me, and I'm doing this, for how did you change with the fact that you cam flip and move around the pool as freely as you can on the skateboarding terms of the physics that are applied there in?
I think the main thing is, you know, you're bound to your board, even though people at times well, you know their names hope from their board to do us a certain kind of trick, but you know you: we were going to be able to say do the things you do honour escape were like a shovel or a cake, flippant and sounds so you were gonna. Do things that that did things rotational, so we talk about centrifugal, listened little force and moment of inertia, and so when you were spinning, encircles was sore. The The way you would do that, and so you see a lot of people doing maybe three sixty airs, you saw five forty seven twentysomething people, Sean wider, could do ten eighties in those were. That's that's an incredible. But that was another way. You would do that and then you also learned people learn. They could do things like flips, where are you know they could spend the three sixty rotation in o threw out. So I think that was a big part of being able to manage the forces of centrifugal Centripetal,
and then keeping your arms either in or out to manage it of inertia and to control the rate at which you spent that's a big deal landscapes in snowboard. So they have these great, bigger videos, amended they're, just gorgeously shot where there are two types that I've seen down so one the half pipe itself is built on the mountain and the half pipe itself, and you see this in the Olympics as well is going down the hill, so the half pipe is you is utilizing gravity so that it becomes
gravity but didn't have seen these other videos where there's guys doing bigger tricks and it's like a regular skateboard, half pipe and they kind of get their speed up going downhill. They may go into the pipe and then they stay in the pipe going back and forth. What is the difference from of physic standpoint of the stationary? I won't conversational because there are stationer of the half pike that is level and half pipe that uses gravity and how the do you lose energy every single time you go back and forth in the one that is level so I'll start with that. Firstly, one the halfpipe, that's at slant where you're going down hill or something like that. You know you you are using the gravity pulling down the hill. There at an angle, you it's much easier for you to to maintain speed or even to accelerate as you're going down, and if you watch riders in adult trotted go clean,
beyond the walls, but the other thing is it they're going to slow they. They have two point themselves straight down to get up some speed again. So so I would take those kinds of half pipes which were very true: No, you build it into a hill, and you write down the hill you get in a five times on it. I'd better runs on these other kinds of ones where there were flat, like you were, on escape board. Have five you're gonna have to be much more efficient with your transfer of energy, so you're not gonna, be able to be if you will sloppy and how you pump the transition. Come down and then, as you pop the transition out, because that's going to be all your your momentum soak. So I would think that you know riding down here, and I much more much more. Red her friendly and the other side is you're just losing so much energy. Each time because you're trying to ignore,
much power as you're going up the wall, so you know, I think, moving fast, I decide on a snowboard would be very difficult if it was flat, verses going downhill. Would it be possible to get a pump in a level half pipe on a snowboard where you could and definitely maintain the back and forth so coming out of the pipe making your turn? Okay, one hundred and eighty coming back into the pipe pump at the bottom coming out of the pipes. Would it be possible or or do the laws of physics say? No, the early gonna get so many out of that, well, I think that's that's the beauty of science right. You say you know how is it possible, let's give it a try and Testa hypothesis, but my own personal, opinion would be. That would be extremely difficult to manage and take to keep up, because you know your tending to lose so much energy
through the medium and, if its flat, you know you can't really pump it in the way that you do or escape bored with your snowboard, because you have these edges that are driving Anders that'll slow you down as well. So I would think that you know if you Ghana skateboard. Who can pomp and go back and forth. I would think that that's much more efficient because you, You can again the medium you can kind of carrying on it. It stays. The same and whereas the medium on the snow, you know it it it changes and in your age change and that Europe is body position will change. Are you they could make a medium that would you know, take You wouldn't lose energy on transfer from your snowboard that it might be more efficient, but it might be really difficult to do to do that. Would you need a specific type of snow? Would it be more ice and therefore harder is? Is it is it something as simple as that with the natural condition, ethical question, and even outside of that
what's better ice or powder yeah! Well, you know my mind. You know when you, when you're riding on a snowboard ice can be a very difficult thing to deal with, because not only You know something that you know. You think you could go faster in all this, but the the rights they get into eyes can I urge you to lose an edge and when you lose your edge in gravity takes over it. And you slam and you can slam right to your knees, enter phase or you can go the other way and cut a land on your back side, which is as equally painful so so I sometimes, I think, is while you might think, because it has left Friction would be a more ideal way and have pipes. They have this sort of you know they. They they get sore a happy medium? I think. Sometimes they don't want too much fresh snow. They wanted to be kind of slick, but they dont want to be two groups for snow borders, though I think tat
Like myself, you know if you're, not writing and I have by the whole attraction is in the past- and so free riding and working through the trees, and things like that is, is more akin to powder riding, which I think in some ways, maybe less visually appealing to the general audience, but more appealing, I think, to choose to traditional stare, warders interested you're going to hold my face man when he said you gotta, amazing slam you might not have faced man plea I was suddenly face, became the break, my God money make a baby. It's interesting fail because you're saying that you're one of the few sports that I think I can encounter that actually incorporates friction as part of the whole sport itself. Rod and the same we hate friction because it slows down you're, saying we're embracing friction, because we need
to do the things that we try to achieve the exactly. I think that you know we talked about that in the sense of you know. When you're managing the forces of thrust, are you or your momentum with friction or drag? You know, that's how you you gain speed. By having an unbalanced force in that the general direction is how you you go fast, And so in some ways yet you'll see people you, you wanna sharp badge, you want a slick bottom and you want it'll be as their high level of of lack of friction? If you will so there's less friction when your work, on your snowboard and then you are managing at between sort of driving that edge either the age into the mountain or turning your board, and using the other edge to slow yourself down so yeah you're right,
Yes, you know moving between moments of of high friction and low. Friction is how you manage yourself. So you have to really embrace friction. Are to be successful. It is there a certain port design that allows you to do that. Or is it just basically get the nearest baking. Try take us out of here and now there there generally a you, know the snow industry and the designs are, are quite elaborate. You know, but the basic I think idea is that you know you want something depends on the type of riding you're doing, but generally, let's say someone like myself: you know who wants to be a centres That means I'm in the middle of my board, slackened ride equally forwards and backwards. I'm gonna have a book about the length of a hundred and sixty centimetres on or less with a contact edge throughout that that that allows me to to do terms and- and things like that, so in some ways of words are a kind of this general popsicle shape that they call it
the words have that general cut away to now. People who want to go fast just like escape Bringing they're gonna make a different design. That's gonna locked themselves in maybe spread belong you're so that their they can go faster. But for the General Snowboard of food, Yes, that he's writing. Maybe a centre stands they're gonna write some That is no color clicked at both ends.
Or or looks like a big state board with a long contact lol. I know is this from this point forward: I'm never going to look as snow born. In the same until I see some way in a half pipe on a bacon sheet, so value probably familiar with the fact that check likes to reinvent every single sport we bring into the show every sport we bring to this. So I've tried to find a way to make it more interesting, and Gary just gave me the greatest idea for the Olympic ever as just one event with in kind of like the same, where we have the Catholic, we have our half pipe, we have our downhill. We have our slalom. We have the models and now bacon see damn right, absolutely shaken back on the mountain. Ok Coolby back after we take this break, and so will doktor skateboard
he's gonna stay with us, but we are going to talk to our old friend of Fellow Clark, form of professionals. Skateboard and snowboarder turned actor Primus eyes. Black would most no boarding, don't go away,
back, I'm very rightly, and I'm still up nice, and this is still playing with science, and this is a special treat not just for China, but hopefully for you. We have both or sell o clock, former professional Snowboard Acta from the boat and the beautiful and, of course, doktor Skateboard, which has been chatting before the section, and you guys realise how much they ve got in common sower. Tell I welcome back bill glad you didn't go away so much Jerry, you welcome, ask you both since you both do each sport and othello we may have touched on this before, but I'm gonna give you guys these Sophie's choice, as of today,
or skateboard all and that's it care an evil which, in the Disney film casting a spell upon you and if you step on either the snowboard or the skateboard after you make the choice you disappear forever. Have you been thinking on the Disney channel? Again I love the Disney Channel make the choice you disappear forever. If you ve been thinking on the Disney channel again, I loved it. Isn't channel, I love a disease out of workers. I so which one hears yourself is choice. What are you choose guys? Who wants to go? First. Doktor state were eager for other first, I'm happy to so. Thank you, a fella, so great question easy one for me to answer so I'm escape were I'm gonna continue to skateboard, I'm gonna chew skateboarding.
I enjoy snowboarding. I lived in Colorado for a while. I lived in northern New Mexico. I live in the day now also skateboarding is that is a big part of it they something I started when I was thirteen years old and it the sort of a lifeline for me throughout I see the world, it's pretty much, do not look at things around the world as escape order as If I had to make a choice, I would always choose skateboarding and I continue to do so very derivative white, quite decisive, as a commitment Othello Fellow your turn to play the game. A friend well, I think I have to agree with that today that today
That's my girl back their grave adult today. If you want, let me say that the love tat life as a professionals in order and skateboard. Oh, I can understand why you're chiropractor is top of mind. Is that so yeah. Well, you re doktor Skateboard an escape border police oh my god, he's got the tat their skateboarding me everything that I've started then from scapegoating. My whole life is from Skype. Everything, all opportunities that have come my way have been from what from skateboarding as Bobby my wording. I learn from skateboarding tv shows online stable, brought me there my son Elsie Boards- that's all I think were so pretty excuse me is. I love stems from but the day when you
you don't skateboarding five hundred dollars. Excuse me is what everything stems from and at the same time Need you just need your mountain You don't need five hundred dollars, so one thousand dollar outfit hundred and fifty dollars. You don't need any of that. You just need your board and wills and some country anywhere. So to me I think it'd be skateboarding hundred percent love, Truelove first, of true love that you gotta ok, I wanna play little game right now since the world, since this is a show where we marry sports and science, don't worry
I'm not gonna marry you guys you, even though, thank God we live in a country where they can now happen. Let me just say this: I have the sports in old fellow, I have the science in you doc bill, and so what I want, a fellow you to do is give us your favorite snowboarding trick, whether its one you can do or not. They are favours slobbering trick and then doc. I want you to down the physics behind that trick. Our fellow what's your favorite trick with air traffic is partly a switch backside under flew wholly crap, so goddamn explain that please, because I know what it is. I'm just say I'll tell the truth. I haven't got. I'm gonna learn by vote before the end of this show, so go on doktor build ahead. Guy has Othello, explain the trick first and then doktor will explain the physics swish
back cylinder flu is I come up to the last job, I'm in the park the money booter which the money booter is ready when the money, the big cancer cells, are at my router sailor, something else in the yard, adult films that I watch a guy I go now ass, John, you know come in pretty hot and then re about twenty yards twenty twenty years before the jump I jump switch which switch means backwards, and then I go into the job backwards, going full speed, and then I do of the under flip, which is a front flit by under so instead of bright instead going forward and doing the on going backwards on doing the flip still, but I'm doing it backwards. So it's under in air, I do have one eighty and I turned back and Land Board were riding only those doktor bill, I'm so really.
Go and ask fellow: are you regular photo duty for going in going in after I hit switch. I go in regular, but I am goofy, but I ride. Most of my tricks are done, switch because regular is easy now, I tried it out myself with everything back with them. Well, also Plaza humble Brad going on right. There is just like you. Let me know good these allude to easy you now, I think that is also a progression that goes on in skateboarding, where you're really trying to master that you can go about direction so I cannot apply, fell over taken out of ocean is snowboarding So when he talks about it, he's he's goofy but he's writing down the mountain. He said he was going really fast, so he's he's pointing himself straight down lowering himself getting as much speedily. And then he says about twenty freeze about twenty yards away from the job? He does
He doesn't a one eighty switches to irregular stance, so he's gotta maintain a speed while he's making that transition, keeping that centre of gravity right over the board. So he doesn't, it is you're or wobble is bored, so he can go right into the money Buedir ass. He called it so he he rides into the money booter and then, as he hits the lip. You know he's he's list All of that so he's using the lift, he's gonna here with gravity which is gonna pull on him and as he's flipping, you know that's when we talked about this so he's managing those those forces that centripetal force, which is pushing it on him and ass in tropical forest, which was to flee out by probably Adjusting his arms to to hold is his moment of inertia and that eating through it and then, as he comes out of this he's is again switching on one eighty, so so he's using both sort of a rotational access as well up and down, as well as one from the side, so he's he's, making it very
complex. But the big point I bet is: if you watched him spin doing the flip and then doing the one. Eighty you're gonna see that his sinner gravity is very close to his board and that he can make those that amazing. Us through Sophie's in a tight area with it dinner grabbing over his board, then than he makes that trick every time Your does that sound even better months is broken down the sides. Exactly right on. It comes to the point where you get so so I use that trick so in that it in your brain and you'll be an and muslim memory that I feel more comfortable going upside down. Then I do going straight because I can close my eyes on I'm in the air and through experience and threw it over and over again, I can close my eyes and do the trick and nowhere to land and then open my eyes and when the Czech, just because I've done it, some heard one daughter what sort of talking.
So Othello getting involved with because he's on a multi access for these two tricks or this whole trick. So I think thing he had on. That's really important, as you know, he's is he's, is doing all this complex physics, but the other side of it is he talks about how he's just entering ended. This flow, the space where he's actually able to do this and what you see there, I think is now he's x is putting all energy under this trick, but he's also, if you will he's in the trick: sort of conserving his energy and making making his moves are quite defined. And quite natural, so This kind of an interesting thing about the science of sports is you can break it down with all the physics you care but in some ways the guy or a girl of whose managing the physics they find sort. Away of flow, or he turned it muscle memory as well, but I would use the term flow where he can kind of Oh, you know is the feeling and the feeling is what he said:
having for rather than breaking down through the site so well send my fellow go. Have you you know, I don't mind I knew that I wasn't gonna land within the millisecond after I left the ground because it wasn't right. My body help me as my. Some about it. You did- or I guess I just because of the flow you talked to. The state board was thing it. It's a it's a anything when you got that flow going. Nothing can stop here. Only MAX. How often do you complete how course feely exactly as you have just explained Do you ever get a problem raised, brought that nine times out of ten yeah Does the whole united I put my music on, and I love by a minute of I tell people, you know, there's something that Europe let's go about in your snowboarding, a supporting the only things
really can do is take a deep breath and flow like water, hey man, we wanted. I just hear you say that while you're doing your run you're actually listening to music, Can I really can't write about it? Do that's awesome in our house for that, now I'm in the zone- and I forget about the mechanic The very thing that I'm gonna, let my by take her, because I'm in that flow and there's a good GM on you- can expect some big bang or tricks for that is at work. What are the kind was worth dollar what works best. I wish to focus on which people expressed in them in the kinds You ve got to get ya. Man, you know depends just depends a bitter. It's a powder day I don't know I like to listen to some electronic music, because I'm going through a fast right. There's a buddy everybody's out haven't a blast in words. I was now some be ready. Music.
Going on not be noticed. Graduate lots yeah. So now you as a part of my whole life, so as mostly what I listened to it by charging you know them. All electronic fighting or get up stand out. My man don't love it. I love it and, by the way, my song, when I'm going through my run. I am woman, hear me war, roar by Helen Ready, thank you, and if it were it's me. It's definitely debates hills and it's gonna be help right rise. So thank you. We put the band. Together. Man is worth a great. Thank you. Thank you too. Snowboard IKEA, Professor Bureau, said and, of course, the one and only or fellow clock what a pleasure. What an absolute pleasure symbolise. Thank you so much guys here things become ass. They you're welcome all right. That's been private science chuck! Another item, shell.
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