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#ICYMI – Soccer: The Art of Goalkeeping, with Hope Solo

2017-03-02 | 🔗
GOOOAAALLL! Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice look at the science behind the most underrated position in the world’s most popular sport. With Neil Tyson, 2-time Olympic gold medal goalkeeper Hope Solo, athletic trainer Christine Friel, and astrophysicist Charles Liu.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe on:iTunes Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceTuneIn: http://tunein.com/radio/Playing-with-Science-p952100/SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceGooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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today we gaze into the world's most popular sport and find out what it is. Like to play in the least popular position on the field. Yes, if you ve ever wonder what it takes to face down a penalty, kid dive head first into a flurry of flying, cleats or then you're in the right place, because two time olympic champion and World CUP, when I hope so low sat domino digress ties. To discuss just what it takes to become one of the best ever and land bear. The physics behind the plays is none other than our very on Charles blow, and I know you played for bar for quite some time, yes and professionally. If you
eyes are unaware that guy was a professional football and who should pay, for I had the honour to play for my boyhood club taught them hopes, but then I went to brighten than Crystal Palace back too bright night fourteen years of professional sucker you aren't, you are set of that right. I played all across the defensive line, left back, send it right back wherever the coast, Carried you want to pay their today. Yes, please, sir, there now chop the importance of go. Keeping is vital. It is one of the positions. Were you just, don't really consider it until your go keeper picks the ball out of the net and then all hell breaks before you hate that go, keep absolutely add one and was under appreciated positions in all of sports is the goal keeper today we're going to be king on hope, solo? Who is one of the greatest call keepers period? But of course, as the goal keeper for the Olympic Women's team- and we ve got a great clip of
right now, just showing one of her more amazing saves. So what do we take a lesson and look what you? Finally, a chart is when this builds up hopes gonna, be starting position with all of this goes out of the window, because it takes a deflection of our own player. She has to change direction, come back hundred native Greece across the goal, but that The real real out of this save what happens here is the star. Follows Eames, just in case of spins back out, so hard now puts a face where the booties. Yet that is what it that is bravery that you don't think is happening as this thing happened so quickly. She's got no time. She has to calculate I've gotta get across their bats. Reality. That's foot, speed and bravery
and you know know why I hope solo comes with world's number one right hatched to her, because let me tell you personally my loyalties for everything and where I gotta take one in the face like that's where it starts right there is this like not to face pleased that the money maker, so this is about go keeping. The mindset is at some point in my career. This face meets a boot. These teeth, don't cry It's a pretty the way they used to be, but I'm gonna have scar tissue. This thing's gonna go wrong and I tell you what this something like: how many million views on Youtube? For that say? Yes, it has two million views,
you two for this particular save image, because it was so sensational, like you said, but a lot a lot of times the goal keeper doesn't get their kind of accolades because you don't do just doing their job and a low terms are making it look easy and our own meal digress. Thyssen sat down with hope, solo and talk to her about this very thing. For keeping isn't it's not about now acrobats, it's not about making a circus out of disposition. It's about finding the quick as patent law, and I think for me it s about efficiency. I want to be quick and agile, but I also want to have great angles. I want to find a quick as part of a ball to make my work less and oftentimes people don't gimme praise because I'm not making this huge, acrobatic safe and it tries me crazy because, unless your pain, I shall go
Making these acrobatics easier, really not getting paisley, and so people like Ultima catch us believe that what makes me great, as my ability to make things easy there, you have it always under appreciated goalkeeper, and now you as a man who has scored a game winning goal, you Billy Opposite ends that equation. Oh yeah, I've been on a team where we could beaten. I knew we were lucky to get Neil. However, what hope says the trademark of anywhere close player? They somehow have the ability to make it look. As you know, I can tell you what is linked to blame another goalkeeper, let's find out the science behind and we then a goalkeeper, I'm bringing chop blue chuck high. So I may about the science in writing it. I was saying earlier that the goal keepers the most under appreciated important player, on the feel I have to tell you that, from a physicist point of view, at the risk
of waxing poetic. It is the coolest position. It is the place for the science and think about how well. First of all, the goal is twenty four feet wide. So no human being, is actually eight feet high or twenty four feet wide and that what you have is a situation where the human being literally has to become bigger than she is in real life. So the ball is coming. She has to be able to expand heard area, and you have to do that with his ex there's no other way you can achieve it right when she's jumping, for example, for a ball. She has to take into account into her head that she's law into a sub orbital trajectory she's travelling on a per rabble, so she can't just go straight at the bar because of all go over her. She actually the aim above and then come down and hid it exactly the right space. One tiny example of the things he has to do in the council about being easy and making it look easy that resonates with astronomers with scientists of all kinds right, because when things are complicated, like those funds
Goldberg machines that you sometimes see their fun to watch In the end, they take up enormous amounts of energy and achieve very little right. The goal is to make the the theory the practice the machine, the activity as elegant and simple as possible, and that is exact the ready as elegant and simple as possible, and that is exactly what scientists love to see an end, so that is that same simplicity that actually brings about the under preparation of the position of big eyes. As it like? You talked about the regard, bird machine. You know when there's a bunch of bells and whistles and all kinds of things going. Are you like? Why look bad? But when it's done right it is simplistic and elegant, like you, said, ok, we're gonna, go to another hope, solar eclipse. This time is the Algarve CUP from last year, the USA, applying France eighties, a penalty, kicks situation, and that's it.
I'll go comes out on top as any see definite bounty, french plan gets top down in the box. So this agent. To now absent is gonna. Keep this clean and she's got so our rights and rightfully penalty kick what, naturally, you would expect it to go to the goalkeeper right back from this penalty. Takers perspective, hope, solo, look she's already moving before that ball is hit she's He read the complete scenario and she knows what you need to do to keep that go so with that in mind, we have our very own, Neil, the grass Thyssen sitting down with hope, solo they're, talking about what Ghali's face in terms of penalty, kicks love to have you the lesson in common on this, how much of it is lock and how much of it is you reading a person because ass now mental, that's not reflexes, that now
strong and can jump high. That is I've out psych that person. So if you ask me, as probably even six six years ago, five years ago, maybe I would have said that I can read it. I can arrange some these ass, he stepped up. I know a way: they're gonna go from their arms swing to their length, seem to how many steps they approach the bar with to their hip shave. I can read it, but within six years, players have gotten so good at disguising what way a girl that I'm not as confident in saying that anymore, I try to read it and oftentimes I get around so Charles s talk to me about the signs of a penalty save now, please! Ok, I typical soccer ball football being struck by a penalty. Kicker leaves the food about seventy miles per hour, while at the time it reaches the keeper it'll, be somewhere between fifty and sixty, but even
so it will strike with approximately a hundred and sixty pounds of force which, It's pretty substantial! Imagine save me standing on your head. Ok, that's how much force that the ball is coming up the reaction time, if you do the math turns out. You have me you'd be half a second somewhere between four tenths in five tenths of a second to actually stopped the ball before it goes into the goal. Ok, So the human nervous system needs about three tenths of a second actually to compel your body tool, so you only have maybe a tenth of a second the second. In order to be able to be in front of the bar somehow with some part of your body, so that's the math it's going on, and you train, you can train, but I can't think it well. You know, what's up what you just, tat. There was that the instincts of the gully has to be good. Then the reaction, so you really have to read that tenderly kicker
no. You have to make a decision before contact is made with the ball, otherwise from the sheer mathematical standpoint. It would be impossible to stop the bulk under percent. True, a great analogy for where's fans, who don't know the game of football as well is baseball. A pitcher is pitching at ninety hundred miles an hour. The batter has about that same amount of time to react before the ball goes passed him in the hall and the strikes up, and so the batter often has to guess, curveball or fastball, or slider before the ball even leaves the hand. So you have to watch the pitcher and see how they're holding the ball see how their arm is going all that kind of thing it's a cat and mouse game and is not surprising that say we measure the effectiveness of a batter in small by banning average, the typical batting average for aid baseball player is like two fifty, maybe two sixty right. If you get three hundred
then you're going to be all start again from the same thing happens in a cyclical the ability for somebody to stop the percentage say the average that a professional soccer dolly we'll stop it It is actually around to two thousand two hundred and thirty so similar to that of a baseball hitter, and so, if you're, stopping two slash three, if you're stopping one hundred and thirty. But you know if you're going three hundred a hundred. You are a superstar. What's out, I'm just gonna disagree with one thing you said there, and that is, I judge. The effectiveness of my major league baseball battered by how many lamborghinis they own. Well, I don't know, I think, I have myself I'll write off. We need to talk What we need are we need to realise that we will take a break when we come back, we're going to sink our teeth into most
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talk radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying back to playing with science report too, we discussing the signs of gold keeping in the game of silk and featuring clips from an interview with hope so low that two by Neil Digress, Thyssen, the science of go, keeping isn't just about mastering the angle, the psychology and every single wrapped up around it. In fact, a lot of the signs and
during goes into the design of the ball itself, which can have such a profound effect on the game. Let's get back to hope, Solos interview with new the grass Thyssen and get her take on exactly the new ball that they cannot let S death and it's getting warm are difficult for adultery. Better, read the fight about it. Some of sitting in a laboratory say how can we mess with their soccer ball, yellow hears life we like goals in America. Rather we don't you like scoring no matter this mean we mean a lot of entertainment in order to watch a spar. So how can we create more goals in the game soccer? Perhaps, by creating a ball that makes it more difficult for the gatekeeper Possum
so you think it's a diabolical plant is a conspiracy judge created a level of uncertainty in the trajectory of the ball. Well, Dearborn, immature job harder. It does make my job harder, but I have to tell you I like talent. Yes, I really do and there's something new to overcome, whether it's ok, let's learn how this data spar flies for this World cup, and now, let's go back to the naked eye and see how it spends after turf versus after grass- and it makes me just focus in that much more. And it changes. Man keeps me focused and- and I actually to enjoy the challenge- well I'll conspiracy, theory and sign and size and the heart of a turkey and that hope, solo sources like I don't care what you throw out me, I'm gonna block it. That's basically where's he's come from so job
talk about some of the things that she brought up when she was speaking about the ball. The ball is not a perfect ball, as you all know, it difference Jeanne patterns, different sizes and shapes different constructions, different thickness of materials and different amounts of inflation, which allow for everything that the ball is experiencing as it goes through the air to affect its power, I can wiggle it can. Jiggly can slide, it can slough it can hook. It's a really interesting thing that people have done? aren't you may remember in the World CUP in Africa a few years back, the players were, Are complaining, wasn't just the goal. Keepers are having a hard time with the other players in like the ball either exactly, but nobody care, because all we hate it was the bazookas evasive. Loser violence. That's all we cared about their mention that they and sound go ahead. Soccer light,
be more memorable than undress contour. Calling a goal as we have on wearing a green jack. I'm sorry, you gotta, do it again come on one more time, Go dislocated Jordan, has got to say yes and we don't have to worry about. You haven't a career in calling soccer inspecting oil or South America. So anyway, we talk about the move. The ball? You were saying about the inflation, I'm kind of interested him from it I'm standpoint: oh yes, it makes a big difference there too, the the soccer ball, is much larger for its weight. In other words, its average density is lower than that of an NFL football, and so it's almost like the difference queen, throwing a rock and throwing a blob of cotton
right you can have a lot of effects on the blob of cotton. If the air is blowing and depending on what direction is going or how it kicked, you can make a big difference. Remember also that, as was said earlier to soccer ball is not a perfect sphere, and so we don't get one called the laminar flow of the air going over the surface of the ball as it goes in the air, so it actually. Stitches on the ball. Other say a football pitch is very similar to those stitches other baseball when just trying to grab at just the right way, so when it thrown it will actually curve or split or swirl, as we go forward, the baseball just much smaller, and so you can have a much more that strong effect over a short distance, as opposed to soccer ball, which takes a long time to mixed flight. The soccer ball with fee for the world governing body. They should be in theory and generally its practice a standardized pressure for electoral. However, over the years and I got kind of stuff
get my head around this from being a young child, they made the ball round because they changed the configuration of the panel's. They went from hands teaching to actually melting panels together. So is there wasn't that and obviously becomes a much lighter ball? and if you re like a ball, I as a soccer player, can do a lot more things with it, which is hope. Solo just pointed out, becomes her worst nightmare. That's right and remember The position players have to deal with this to write on one of the conspiracy idea. Is that we want more goals founded, actually because many of the best goals are long passes someone diving in towards the goal and making a sudden directional change to the ball, and if you can't make those long passes accurate, you can have those right. Some of the most dramatic World CUP scores, for example, the team, USA, women's team would be say, Megan repay no coming down the side, kicking
forty yard or fifty yard long pass. An oblong bach coming in and Abbe would coming in back the ball with. Her head, while its emitter, you can't make those longest, connections anymore, if the ball star, shifting throwing away from the head as a player. If you change the constitution, a composition of a bull, I will then changed the way I use my technique to strike it too. Therefore, we get the best out of it. Are you seeing that kind of evil within the pious games? It has to happen, and it certainly is happening. That's exactly what I hope was saying to kneel, right. I look at these balls in wonder how they move this one goes this way that one goes that way and then I change year to year. We all have to always adapt in this situation, and you could tell even experts who were watching say the World CUP back and South those years ago, early on in the tournament many passes were being missed. Out of balls were being shunted off the side of the foot, things that led the players.
It would be going one direction undergoing awry, but toward the end and toward the fine, the walls were going true and says were hitting their marks and shots were getting in toward the gold while just as hope was talking about in the last clip, you know how ball reacts, offer the turf and how The ball. We act on the grass and you know different ways of kicking it there's another aspect and Gary. You were telling me about this the other day and it. This is absolutely fascinating. What you talked about, we have a clip of hope. Talking about the same thing Jerry told me about which I find fascinating suggests just check this out. Best fake hectic ass cannot affect yes, it is The best free kick takers are the ones who can bend the ball and make it whip. Then they go up and they know where to put the valve on the ball, to use it to their advance.
So I am Janusz he's the captain for Japan and she's, one of the best players in the world and to tournaments ago in Portugal. She scored a magnificent set peaceful on me and I was like how did the bald to that I dont even understand it and after the game on friends or their she's, cope by, I basically talking about where the valve was and that's why it made up to what it did and I was like while players and are now you the valve using science as to their advantage to help when games, which resolute about that is Gary actually told me about this. Before I saw this clip ambitious, One thing that you're, seeing possibly in the last six may be slightly more years with the very top pain soccer players in the world. Few imagine Cristiano Ronaldo, placing a ball being quite meticulous about it. Taking these traditional steps back there, come down by sets a power stance. He
then unleashes this forty, Sir Te Free Kick, the goalkeeper might as well be set stands next to me, because he has that much chance of stopping it. Chuck talk to me about the physical does if I hit the aperture If the valve, I really am engaging some serious science, when I do absolutely for those members of our audience who aren't exactly familiar with how soccer balls put together the way you blow air into a soccer balls, there's a vow of kind of like where the tire valve might be in your bicycle, and you have to stick the needle of the pomp into that valve hole and then that's how you inflate the the ball. That's also how baby soccer balls are born to
You have to check with Mommy soccer ball, screwed up up up up up up mommy soccer ball. That's gonna be the name of my Metz punk band. My word sorry about that. Gary, the real science busy the valve itself is an imperfection in the surface of the ball. In much the same way, I would say: if you are, a baseball pitcher and you try and do something a little bit underhanded and an? U rough or you scuff the ball or aye aye entire under the cap N bill, your cap and right little only all the old sandpaper in the glove. Absolutely ok, What happens is striking. It causes the imperfection the non sphere. You say the word be lit the fact that is not perfectly round, and I, I'll, makes it even less round, and if you hit the vow the valve has a different texture is a different hardness is different density than the rest of the surface of the ball.
And so the will cause it to do even more weird things as it's going in the air. So you get a little bit more movement and a little bit more unpredictability of that movement because of the valve that exactly right and that's exactly what the baseball pitchers want to. If you can take a look, many quality hitters, for example in the major league, can tell what a curveball is going to do, how it's going to curve as it comes towards you. But if it is spitting towards you in screwing, normally, but there's a little scuff on a little bit of pine tar little bit of something else, all of a sudden it'll go in the wrong direction. It'll go. We don't expect it to go. That's exactly what happens when a soccer ball gets hit on the valve jug does the actual shape of the super bowl. If you hit on the value chain, but yet the new bulls. Now they are designed to gnaw absorb any of the energy from the strike they receive. Their energy goes through them, a hundred percent, but the change in the shape of the bull that must have an effect,
absolutely slow motion. Photography shows very clearly that any time you strike of all the ball deforms, it's just going. You don't have that kind of thing the house, but it happens very quickly and dependent. Material of the ball. It will defeat any reform, slowly or quickly, and that makes a big difference on whether or not that the amount of force in your foot is transferred as efficiently or effectively to which parts of the foot that's beings, So, yes, I imagine that the people who are the keepers of the Sakharov those are always trying to make it so that there is less of these kinds of strange advantages, vantages that come with striking the ball different parts, but when it happens it's going to it is no way you can completely remove it and if you completely removed it, It wouldn't be nearly as much fun charged located. The advantage lies with the free kick taker,
Is there anything goalkeeper can do or do they have to just do. The best they can scientifically, they have to do They can have very little. They got so so. Your site terrific answer is their screwed in a big way in a big way. In the same way that the Mama soccer ball is now done. My friend, that's a call and I appreciate it- everything I know from comedy and learn from each other here now go make any money. Thank you. That is possibly the first and best explanation of the physics behind what is happening to soak a ball once you hit through the valve please
Listen to this chuck anymore. That idea, you download matter out this other than that. Ok, we're gonna, take another commercial bright, we'll be back with part three. When we'll take a look at the body signs to training the medicine and recovery that comes with being a professional sucker player and We saw this part three. We will fail into the body science to training the medicine and the all important path of an athlete recovery.
So much has been done over the last few years to understand then enable athletes to be injured and come bouncing straight back and not miss an awful lot of game time, particularly if it is one of your game. Changing players, that's the puss understand a little bit more. We are pleased to call on Christine Frill, who is an athletic train out in a long island, firstly Brooklyn Soda Christine. How are you today? Are you a fabulous, welcome I'll show? You know our only old Grass Thyssen sat down with hope, solo and talked about the fact that she has suffered some points the horrific injuries over the course of our career. We want you to
the lesson of this and then we'll talk about it. Ok, now right, I've been fortunate enough for the most part to be healthy throughout my career. Besides the shorter injury, which happens in two thousand and ten as he said that this issue, but I have been dealing with the pain firm, probably a couple years prior to when they actually said enough, is enough: let's go get this taking care of old, wasn't was reversed referred to do now. We haven't over time and when I went and because I was still strong, my doctors like you're fine. So let me know what isn't x rays, memorize but solo, your fine and then he went in and he looked at the x rays and he was like how in the world are you playing an I? Basically, my arm is basically hanging off my back,
I mean I had my biceps biceps tenant was unattached. I had a three hundred sixty degree: terror of the labor, I'm off the bone had to do a micro factual, because I had no cartilage left and there's thirteen anchors now holding it together and they re attach the basic tenet, and so now just talking about this is my range motion on my arm as a goal. Keep your order, all right, I'm I'm raised and I've managed to play five years since surgery, which is kind of unheard of, but your misery far reaching reach of certain missing a lot of random a secret. Should we light headed out, I mean so Christine now that we have
when the entire world the prescribed method to defeating hope so low as we move on with unveiled the Kryptonite exactly a couple things one. What's? what's the way that you return range of motion, which is very important to an athlete once their injured and secondly, how do you deal with pain management? as I read somewhere that a lot of you know, it's can come and be a problem off the field when you're, just handing a player pills and telling them and take care of it don't worry about it. You'll be able to play, so those are two very important: How do you deal with that? I saw the range emotion and regional It can only develop over time as it can to sixty to one shot. You have to do a lot of alive. Work? A lot of like he'd get the motion going at the kind of like helicoil in a car, but you can't just pour oil in there. You got it kind of got to get it, get it loosened up and it takes awhile takes a while. I had a goalie same thing: go and get beat up. Suddenly their shoulders and you, I would have to spend
every every week trying to get a foot way too much about our shoulders play over the weekend. Rights nobody's gonna. Let me ask you this: when you're injured and you play injured, aren't you just making their injury worse? even though we want everybody to play injured when they be better to take your billion dollar player and sit down for two games. Then the force and go out will not force and they want to play but haven't, go out there. Aren't you making it worse. If I haven't air and I'm playing with a tear, like even those of microbes here, isn't going to get worse if, if I'm just out their plane, again doesn't always get worse, but it can, another bearded other. There are ways to manage things. That is the big thing management of the huge thing, especially unfortunately, the visual sports it people do it every single day in there you are there is a risk, and we always they sure everyone knows the rest but internationally we want to go, go go there are time, there's plenty of hundred people set out and because we know the risk is too high is headed
I feel that the measure, what where can you? Where are you We need to draw the line Christine need now we can do. Key, how surgery we can hit things would lasers, whereas before we had to just get a scowl Poland, that at least eyes on it- and there are some very gay on it- gets some out. There get some advice but every took what the real cutting edge, no pun intended advances in surgery that sport, men and women are benefiting from right. Now I don't get it Why are we heard a lot work? Orthopedic research going. I work like their growing mundane. This is an lags and there Cartilage and last I had a kid, gets their own minute, their own Carlos Chicken out of their body, and they grew it in a lab for two weeks and then put it back in them. Bigger, five years ago. The word is taken, minutes without a people's needs and then in Kenya.
The road to a european research area is not. That is a shock absorbers left in their name. Now they don't do that. Or now they're trying to disrepair it at three. Maybe they can you don't take little piece, the cartilage Alan, and their that from their own body, and try to create a new meniscus so that they don't have these problems on the road at the big thing now is trying to prevent these long term issue that you, The baby boy over having always replacements done things like that how to avoid that happening while so listen all I can say is, and you can take whatever you want from this nodded their growing body parts. There's I'm very interested, I'm just very interested.
Resorting partner you we're not gonna go their talk down are returning to the Neil Digress Thyssen Interview with hope, solo. Let's hear what solo had to say about using science to get the best out of our bodies. What's changed all tired rolling aspect of how China psychopaths and it's crazy, because I felt that of historic in line mindset, because I believe that being a great athlete comes from. You know, your willpower, your desire, your motivation, your dedication, as was your skill, but there's so many elements. And now we apply science, which is a wonderful incredible thing to help get the best out of our bodies, but it's almost like we ve softened as athletes, the mentality aspect, because it's like, oh sorry, my my
Heart rate is at one hundred and eighty right now, so I'm not going to run another sprint or in the day used to be like. You get on the line and you run this ten sprint because everybody on the team is going to do it in your country are unified and you find a way to push your body past that that bring for you don't think you can go. But now scientist saying well, your max heart rate is one eighty. So when you hit your MAX Harvey, let's not do another spread. So there's a fine balance, because I think it's it's really changed how we train, as I think, but I think, we're losing a little bit of our mentality as well. The storage was not we addressing the mentality and never did its addressing her physiology. So the the full value of the role of science and increasing performance remains to be revealed in the in the marriage of the science plus the will of its are only going to get better with each year? In bigger, stronger, faster and it's going to be because of science while bigger fast, a stronger EU,
because of science jug use, is our science man today? So do you see this being the case? It is, for a few reasons right, not the least of which is that we have better nutrition than we used to. We are actually genetically improving an evolving toward larger, stronger you're smarter people. Thank adolescent naturally going to happen anyway, but I we're getting with the point that claims well with the people who claim that science doesn't also the mentality sort of addressing the mentality. Its was sports. Ecology, is a gigantic area of training. These days were getting to understand, better and better that the mentality that the psychology that the drive does also have some sort of scientific background to its was not just I want to I want to I want to, but how'd you make that want into reality
It requires a little bit of scientific knowledge while so Christine. Let me bring you back in here when you talk about working with athletes, you're helping them get back on the field for the most part. Is that part of your process it very much? it was important to realise that each athlete is different and had to treat each person differently. I we have a wonderful daddy's. Here, where I work and you have want to go I'm gonna kill us ever more hesitant to get back on the field, so just creating like short term goal. Long term goals with a big part of the reactor paid a process. You have to know Sadly, the know how they're gonna react pain, yet the know how they're gonna reactor of India maybe trying something new with Ashley with something long term like an ecl or some sort of shoulder surgery. You have to know exactly they're all going to have protocols and doing things, but he's kid is going to challenge a protocol because of both mental and physical capabilities.
So our short term and long term goals have actually just ended because we gotta get out here. But I want to say thank you Christine to you. Calling out and given that such great insight, you got no problem. Those routine charm got it. Thank you too. You fool, you absolutely fabulous import and the science behind the odd of go can invite her. So much we're. Having me, the pleasure is known, Ass Chuck, thank you for being my colleagues today that slowly this I'm very rightly listening to startle presents playing with science. And fourthly, a company like Galileo job the organs, which you can listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk,
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