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#ICYMI - Swimming Science and USRPT

2018-07-19 | 🔗
In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel… Hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice dive into the deep end as we explore swimming science and Ultra Short Race Pace Training alongside some of the sport’s insiders – Dr. John Mullen, Dr. Brent Rushall, and coach Peter Andrew.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/swimming-science-and-usrpt/Photo Credit: Ben Ratner.

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please, I'm shaking my head here. Unfortunately, what you described there is not how the body work. Fine, then please, I'm going to school. If you want to learn to do something and become good added to it. Goodbye gap and we can get any better than I did or more sustained right. You're gonna take a random play drums of an organ, I'm gonna say We can call you the Galileo of swimming. My friend
I am the other s taste of your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you, a U show where the universe in sports, and now I am so nice I like, and we are, the host of playing with science is ready for it. I'm very rightly, and observe my this he's playing with sight saying. How can I get a swimming? Listen, yes and the answers to important questions such as she was actually swayed in the pool.
Why the hell can ILO longer float really what is up with bad, because we're not made of soap that's and keep their heads above water will be. Physical therapists am swimming researcher Doktor John Muslim, along with Doktor Brent Russell, the man behind the ultra short. His pace, training method that has helped powered teenage swimming sensation, Michael Andrew S, and that's not just it, because Father will join us. Peter Who is Michael's coach and telling us what it's like to have a teenage venom bouncing around, that can imagine if he says you're grounded yeah, I've any loves her missus dude, I'm a swimmer, exactly where you? What do I care? If you ground me dad what you ships? There was Angered, you see. Ok, right, that's all come out furthest so good. I, like
Doktor John Mullein he's a physical therapists and a man who is considered a swimming science. So do the timing, we captured interview with Doktor John Mullen a little earlier check it out you doctor Jones, but Molly now you're gonna explain exactly in the process of elite swimmer too.
Training regime. We use bt because you know coach swimmers, you prepare swimmers. Is that correct? Yeah! That's correct! So you know what the mother of the global summers are working. Well, we're meeting with them kind of going through exactly what they're doing regarding not just their pull training, but also trade training, their medical training, the rehabilitation is well and then my main role is to try to make sure other things are organised, mature. Other things are moving seamlessly together the nature that they are undermining all these different areas and making any flight adjustments to ensure they are getting to. The next level occupies a data lumpy global, some of their leader, complete overhaul of the programme in any of these areas. Of these, we don't need a whole overhaul, though it just trying to figure out wandered through.
Little thing that we can do to maybe a small than on it is that you know what a one percent more improvement that they need to get to the next day. They think you, because I want burning, question yeah. Why can't I flunked I use yet would apply, as a young person, another night teenage runs nets, and then I just race anybody to the bottom and yet far as they don't worry about that, but though the possibly alpine you're in the water, with a lot that there are four happens coming down to somebody, competition changes and things like that. We get into your body fat muffled that if we really want to get into No! No! No! I don't want to go down that, while this fat slope, because that means I am going to be very brilliant, what better, simpler more boy pressure by the biggest thing? Is it the position within the body for the water? For the purpose?
right so big. The is, I mean, leading me into everything. I read about Miss rumours, whole strength is pivotal, and may I learnt something else You got these said about the many welcome, but different welcome, but these different areas in the body. The frontal area under those very cool muscle development now
many others, and how do you go about building that call strength you touched on in balance or swimming in every sort of accredited action. That's why they don't like running or so many recycling is one for just one activity over and over. So what we have tried to do the authors of these imbalances, because then doing that deal over and over whether you do, I know you are Tarpey fear of a racist trading you're still doing what activity over and over that's gonna leave the sun imbalances. So we want to start strengthening and offsetting some of those area than that in recent years. A lot of it is with the shoulders, but that the primary risk of injury
What can be done for the poor and the hit, because no back pain is common in the general population and that had a piece in the swimming as well? So we want to make sure we are working. Those imbalances in the forest course Franco's yet is a disturbing fact outbreak the price it comes up to some of the core muffled on the side and then in the boy and then the here and make sure that the aptly has proper awareness is able to maintain and get into a proper, remind position in the pool as early summer, steep improving one area that we see that people need to keep getting better at its a streamlined, because when you're trying to get faster, the joy to areas, one term billboard proportion to its decrease degreaser dragon the water tat, they could be in a better body position. There should be an EU around to reduce drags and become a better. Some revenges thing always gonna be stronger and making
water, but doing those things uses a lot of energy and may not be as efficient, especially for some of the longer races like a hundred metres and up what's stroke, actually using the most muscles in a body. Tat was the hardest stroke. I guess is what I'm saying: yeah physically or apply the one that's using the most energy and require the most muffled involving its each one is similar of them brought a little bit different because of the whip like motion of the late in life anymore, but also the area, but I think
What's that, he should abide by users about energy, so that would probably be the hardest rope. And why would anyone swim the butterfly I'm like in real life seriously? Any you not because, like we're, not worry that when that is what they deserve, it there's gonna be a stroke that they're gonna get bigger than that pretty much. The only reason why we, what if I was at a stroke and irregular you know it made a transition where it used to be bought up by arms of rushbrook away now its transition into the stop in motion and now turning and almost all underwater Swimming Association. Of course nature, but yet, when you would actually do butterfly on an everyday basis and come in at a lapse of what have they done very good, I am just saying you don't see a lot of people butterfly and up to the swim up bar. That's all I'm so now that that pressure a job you all you need is a polite. As I conveyed by the back door.
Reading some of your work, your very strong on joint mobility in that, obviously easy, rather more things in your recent food, the hips today generate that motion within the water. Can you go about developing the eggs from a military firmly through yet so it's only the appalachian we're looking at joint mobility worth going to look at the softest restructured, the muzzle them and then as well as some of the other in other not tackle its office. People put their group a nurse, the bans and arteries. These are some of the structures we can't change opposed to the bone than the narrative, even change, those areas that we find the area that most limited. We come up with a game plan to address these with massage, like, secondly, substance stretched Secondly, and there we monitor it over time, trying to have frequent doses to make those improvements to go back to some of the work you do with athletes, and I noticed something kind of concerns me
standing land, mine exercise, which sounds fine to be particularly dangerous, but that does not exercise for years and that there be a great torpor, helping it up with about power, whether getting what we got reports tension, whether getting help extension, the extension and ankle extension, and we feel that that can really help happily to have a difficult time exploding off of a block to help get them really using the whole body into the water. You know you don't have like your saying the pounding or the ground reaction in, and water shunning, so I really feel like trailing, can provide some compliment in combination of working on the dives and start a little bit more just the other developing creep or Sunland something a lot of summers at difficult times, which is due to the lack of practicing. You mean you talked about swimmers and developing power on land, a lot of it people see the answer to any sporting. As don't more muscle, and yet that is not the case
the merchant swimming using? Well, I think, there's going to be a shift in that mindset. It was certainly the traditional mindset that some are gonna be long and lean and not have too much muscle, because you could think that more muscle, bigger sideboard dragon, the water by you know we're starting to see bigger and bigger olympic athlete that are having more more muscle. So I think that that had a traditional mindset is starting to you know she liked the evidence of these practical evident beat up the site, and it may be that you know muscle is a pretty firm tissue that can still light for the water and as long as you're able to adjust your body line in position, they stop of you're different body, compositional, more muscle mass, I think, putting on more muscle is okay. Now there may be a higher andor limitation on that we can have no body. Builders problem in the water expect them to be great
commerce, but I do think you know trying to limit muscle. Mass is something that is going to be is proven at the upper levels faces the summer's interesting these being the visit, this positive trader, who the muscle be increasing, muscle mass as opposed to be times that you can create as a yeah. I think, for the most part they got a variant of a joint question and that with some people, you may hit that tipping point worth, as you know, you're starting to get to forty years, even though your creating more force that night leads you having more Draeger creating too much metabolic wasting your body as you fatigue, but I think for the most part, more closed summers could put on some muslin and not have a negative effect with it. Better. A very individual question, especially when you region the elite level. How many of the guys that you me have you cases wasted, hope this person is presented this and the solution is that anything with it?
gonna, be common throughout, but they're, not each equally swimming olympic swimmer comes in another, the teachers that's making them not perform as well or ill you didn't do swimming yeah almost every time. Actually, you know if I were to deliver. Summers were someday actually to watch the ball in certain areas, so we really have to stabilize those joints and make sure that they could stay healthy and needed. Argue that that item abilities baby, helping them getting the opposition to be more streamlined or create more force. But we really at the work on stabilizing to keep an empty for the long run or other summers there. A little bit stepper Navy can create more force, but if we could just improve their range emotion in certain areas, a little bit more that can hopefully get them to produce for her Orson. That range in the better, at least. So I really think it is individual and in very key specific enjoy. There is some overlapping carry over, but for the most part, just watching someone. You won't really know just that. An observation on the level
in times what they need to work on until you start to put them to test a really watched them swimmer, train more. How much can we take swimming in terms of developing power, developing streamlining efficiency in the water, and is it going to eventual You get what everybody wants less, but better better. I'm gonna pull better better records.
Yeah, I'm really. When will everybody catch up to Michael Films, old man? My question, I think that's no good. I think a little bit, I think, there's under room for progressing within the sport and I think we're it's different than other sports is that drag? Is such a huge variable and we're still coming up with ways to improve, streamline and reducing dragon, and some of those are things like. The whole body should therefore came around for a little bit and they were banned, but there are other avenues that their improving with pulled technology like starting blocks, the lane line the gutters to reduce waste- and things like that. So I think there's some a lot of room for by mechanical improvements that will help swimming speed. Then there these few other something that article that are coming out that also may about sport and about speed and knocked down some more jobs is records or anything just come back and entertain us for one more Lapierre teacher told you ass the water ass to what,
yes weapon, you possible the teacher pause here, beyond there you go. Thank you. Did Doktor John Mullen we're going to take that break when we come back and other doktor is time. Brent rush. All the man behind ultra short race, straining say that sometimes vast loathing
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welcome back to playing with science, I'm very rightly, and I'm surmise this is our swim made an especial guest, now Doktor Brent, rational world expert. And this is a long way, such hope, you're, comfortable human performance and sport. Psychology and creator of the ultra short race pace, training method, professor emeritus San, Diego State University. I do like San Diego recognised as the food funding scholar in the field of behavioral sport, psychology and for Time olympic team. My for Canada wrestling swimming ski Jumping and cross countries gain a man is now found out of many talents, yes to welcome to the show, welcome anger, Irma where's the baby or alter short rice pace, training, now swimmers always do the hard jobs slipped back some forwards, buxom forward
get up at some silly, our the moaning and go to the polls in that's what you do this changed way. You decided to enter the arena. How did you work towards achieving this kind of training method of physiology for it is not new? Australia, we were using outer short training of a type with the Carlyle scheme swimming and may early nodding. Sixties. Oh wow, and were very successful and having poor, olympians four youngest, the Libyans on their strident dream and nine sixty four? Where all from our club it then very well in Nova Scotia when I was a head coach of Nova, Scotia Scientific Swimming Squad
we had an age group swimmer. There went away to an age group made and broke a world record wrote one of age the Germans, women's Well records, which was quite an achievement and I've been in and out of swimming, my my first love of sport railways, rowing and so, if I get hooked up with rolling, as I did with care, Berkeley and national team and let them I was here swimming mainly for four or five years, or so at that particular time. Sir, But my reason for being and swimming was the light folds Carlisle who many world records were was down as being there the actual master coach
the world in the same vein, as is that George hangs the master courage that the United States has had in this history present you, there is one teenage fin on coal Michael Andrew who is using your technique now, that's today and did the histories credible that you just listed there? Can you because The list is made, but people I mean do not know exactly what ultra short rice pace: train actually is and what you did that was different from what was the norm. If there is such a thing, you do some form of training At a physical level, physical attitude that doesnt replicate the final criterion place. We want to use the performance, is the competition that you're going to be in then you'll get benefit from it. If I'm not mistaken, you
at a pace set for certain times in the pool filled for your swimmers, that you train towards that particular pace whatever Ebay, rather than what you bone expect them to swim like that, incompetent and if they don't actually replicate And the you're saying that the board He will learn from training of spades, and MIKE, am I correct in what you're saying there very much? not only learns, differentiates catch you, how important muscle for propulsion the main works whenever swimming one point I made this a second as compared to one point: nine made us a second could be very, very different, and if you try and go into an event and at one point, nine made as a second using them,
coordination and the brain structures that you form at one point, eight you guarantee to file Wowzer set out a short rice purse, training is probably aware in modern terms. One form of high intensity, train high intensity training is short, this short rests with an you, get it over and done in a short period of time, the effects. On the physiology of a body of high intensity work. Is very dramatic study out all far in that: wait, I recreational runners and they run for half an hour five days a week right and we try to go and we give
one session, awake of high intensity training, they improve better physiologically. That's in terms of their tolerance of elected on their arabic capacity is better from just there one session right and so were. We done take U S, pay tv swimmers and back then eleven sessions awake or anything like that if there is any in the case, Let the swimmer is tired, will not be able to swim were the same as what happens if I want to do it one point: nine made us a second of cruel stroke propulsion. Then you time to get out of the water go home. They there any gonna do bad swimming right and swimming trains bad swimming. How have you developed this ultra short
space training in terms of the metabolism in the muscles. I first of all you The sooner metabolism, then you'll go through anaerobic metabolism, any gained up with a pocketful of lactose How do you work so as not to get so far into that kind of debt? Well, I'm shaking my head and unfortunately, what you described there is not how the body work finding pleased. I am also going to school. All all energy systems work at the same time, our island when you want to go at fifty percent had shown you got a lot of the type one fibres. Slow, twitch fibers are carrying a performance at that particular time, but this and anaerobic work being done and periodically depending upon the check you're, using they stored oxygen compounds, got oxygen in their use them.
And they rival able almost instantly replenish themselves from needed blood. That's flying around! Thank you correcting thinking on aerobic, big anaerobic metabolism. Just what I need to you're, doing fine arriving twenty do live outside the body, doesnt function that why, when Us a dive into the water and they I'm done any movement because they have been forced to Leah Mars spring area and then and get introduced they are under arrest subsided, go from a no activity to up high actively when I drove off the blocks, their first ninety seconds of work, dominated by anaerobic energy because era, the energy tat, the system's behind it, take a while to start blood pressure is
those things, and so here you are doing an activity away, a primarily using european body and allow a body is sub maximal, and so it's paying back out gin and so complex that takes. Maybe It is a non shaken for really trying person to go from now activity to as efficiently as they possibly can, and so that that's anaerobic and then, if you do a too hard you gonna use up here and aerobics to because you it goes into a rice. They haven't no matter of energy energy and that's it if they bought for fifty percent of it. In the first s lap, then the remaining seven lapse got. They ve only got fifty percent left to spread over a much worse swimmers who go out fast, usually come home. Well, it becomes a matter of you swim together, particular time in a rice. What is the price you gonna? Do you got it?
and those for every fifty meters, I'd say that you do at eight times new swam a full minute four hundred phrase star. The body has to learn that how much energy is required, to propel the muscles in the way they are used at swimming at that particular velocity due to do it is efficient. As possible- and so may I ask this professor, its Also we like what you are saying is that Your brain has to be wired to produce performance in your body that matches a circumstance. So if the training is really about the circle dance for which you are training, so what you're doing is you're really training. Your brain to two can
call your body for this particular type of action. So if the action is a quick what, as you say, one point nine meters per second, that you gotta have your, tell your body what to do to get to that, and that's really what's going on. The Neuro muscular patents, movers representation, up here makes the muscles function. I have an end when they function they function at generating a certain amount of force. Forget that one point nine made us a second. If that's what the target you looking for, high intensity interval training differs from what I do in that we actually designate velocity. And you ve- got to learn new answers. Pulling at a particular velocity that will take you to be the best, the chicken, possibly by any the high intensity training
more of a fitness thing right by the union and they just work really fire there right goes. Down in the early stages are doing today I hit training and then you start, he had better in your other indices, but that so many studies now that show that when you do high intensity, training, verses traditional training Bristol training is where you growing up the miles. I Poland swimming garbage. Yardage were when you go on at all? I sort of stuff you don't get much benefit at all from that time. Of training, and so all that many positive that come from the? U S
They take the main one. Is that if you keep repeating sets so there you need to do? Is many fifty major freestyle on one minute, tat term at two hundred rice pace, the chicken possibly do and counting many successful ones. You do before you have you first failure, and I might just be some MA some reason, and so we say Miss one dial trial get back in again, go for him again, but when you miss too in a row, it's all. I say you know that well on today I did twenty one success. And I was up to twenty four when I actually had to stop. I met the two fires on their means that swimmers don't have much van in insurance.
Prepare led like tall thin girl, threw sprinters. They do the same said I can only do twelve of them as they stop when they get to twelve. They have worked as hard as they possibly can to get new for tee and they just I'm get out start to recover main while there I was swimming in the pool with different abilities Genuine on Monday someone who's, a real ways at distance women and they might do thirty before they quit on it. So every swimmer swims, I said- and he said the view is happy that fits their capacity and as long as you keep it at that
level, you're talking about happy splits in in the early stages of the USSR eighty and I wrote a seminal in the end of two thousand and eleven, but there were a little Clubs falling all over the country and tariff appalling agenda tradition and in programmes, because the we're getting any better than being abused or not working hardener when they didn't have the capacity to work any harder than they were doing and An appearance then try they after should rise, pies things and the kids lover loud so I can I can I ask you: how do you bring so I'm a cop
I'm using the ultra pace short restraining. I want to bring a swimmers time down. How do I go about doing that? Is this something that you can utilise to do that? Or is this just something how? But how would you do that? That's what does ok where, the concept that call propelling efficiency, how much energy issues a swimmer used to go through the water with a particular velocity, got you out. The first view go using less energy, the petty you're gonna, be a swimmer right and so how'd you. How do you home you're, forgetting everything fine tuned in your body to work as best as it possibly can to give you the best, efficient movement you'll do what the violinist does you practice
you going to do in your performance, it's the specificity of training If you are not training specifically for two hundred backstroke, We expect a baby. The best in the world are two hundred backstroke attitude was put in five yards and all that source that there still, although and some mass swimmers it's a little contagious, but it is still the amount, specific training? It governs the success and races, and you talk about Michael Lander, my Michael Andrew, since she was ten- probably has it broke, probably has never done a session where he's not swung fast, the majority of the worthy guys who gets him there. He does the quick stuff treasure and he.
People want one other than auction. Michael S, she's the best in the world. Now at thirty nineteen, but he's always been a bit, in the world for every age group that he he got through his chest. Wasn't the Olympics they near all phenomenon, all that comes out and Doesn't improve animal like Michael felt was, very good swimmer, two thousand two thousand and four and might fulfilled swam slow. At the London Olympics limpid than it did at the Beijing Olympics two thousand and eight, and then twelve, even slower at Rio? Then he did in the London Olympics. His decided that he was able to still get gold medal swim for him inferior performances. So if you want
do something and become good added to it. Finally, we can get any better than no or more sustained right. You're gonna take a windlass random play drums of an organ donors. That's that's just If you want to become a businesses, what happened to me when I was in school, you studied Latin, because Latinus opposed I do think use. Information on all was therefore covers got put through that they want soon. As I finish tat, they said that doesnt work and I could tell them that stop. But you know there are things that really said. If you do this, it's gonna be grateful right down there. How lingering all industries.
This sort of stuff look at the land, training groups yeah, you know, You're there and take you swim Aramis hampers these weights and do always soldiers have never do they do. The Neuro must fill a path. That is what the brain tells the body to do. That's what goes into the rice. You gunners strengthen up irrelevant activities, so where's your top. What's latin for bullshit, have a dusty I'll. Take that what's funny. Is that the way you explain it seems like it's just common sense. It's a perfect! You know an elegant way of thinking about what you're doing do what you're going to do will actually do actually train for what you're going to do. So. Why? Why the key
firstly why such pushed back. Why is there no such resistance to this when, when people like a commitment to something that's wrong or they accept something without being able to make a judgment? Is this role? All right, I don't have the capacity to do that and I do it very publicly and they use funds say to make an educational system the perpetuate, always myths misconceptions about how the human body works and that then, recount. The only knowledge that we by Sweden, coaches or by athletic coaches there. There very want to turn around and say what when we were wrong way. Change always listen. Go with you ass, I say. Well, so damn
asylum is better. Perhaps perhaps we can call you the Galileo of Swimming, my friend Gerda? go to ITALY and hope of I have already thought about this through as not the first time that this has been into your mind. Listening to what an absolute privilege really is, we went to school, we dealt with grateful you or the teacher. Thank you. I spent a pleasure talking to you think we are take a break? Spain? As I said, a privilege talking to you, Doktor Grenfell, rational there thank you so much right that break. But we came up yes, that young swimmer, Michelangelo will be
due to his father, no less stick around will be. Back to play with science still go awry leaves, and we Still in the pool swimming around just been speaking to Doktor, Brent Russia, who sent me to school, which would really enjoyed that so- and it's now time to talk to the coach and father of Michael Andrew one of the country's leaders
swimmers and steal a teenager, a swimmer turned pro at the tender age. Fourteen, how my word pay to how I, Sir good? Thank you thanks for joining us, taking a break from you are actually taking a bit of a tent minute break from try here we are actually training right now, right we are, we back it. Works, are wealthy dishonest to set any feeling pretty fatigued anyway, to an extra ten minute break will be really good. We'll tell him we are. We said you're welcome Eclat, maybe he'll have appropriate. How do you not just as a coach but as a father? do you live with the teenage fain on flying turns around how Are you coping by the way the ironing we obviously coping? Well, I mean by that Something really is there, the funding that he does right and he loves doing it's in there I made a then
you know? I love this way more important than and sorting and say army for me, a huge annex to train them and deal with them, encourage him and me I'm stupid lay. So let me ask you this: from from a father stamp went all three of us, our fathers here. What is the biggest challenge of of of watching your child, I mean I, I you right now, I'm the kind of father I could never coach my son. I know I know it would just and our relationship, my son, would end up me, but you you seem to have the secret sauce. What's yours, either in right now you the principle that I can t do, grant create me. Yeah yeah, these away. Now what can kick away from me but tat but you have discovered and really been amazing on our journey is dead
to really make this work. As you know, we both have to have a. Why and it's time you know what wowie. While we do things, what want it, I really our ultimate journey and then in the training is to train him as a father loved. That's what I think it is it is. I loved him, no matter what you know and then the others. There is a real choice: May I believe me, I know luck when it when you tired and I have to trust always that is totally honest and then I think he read me so incredibly well, when I'm stress what pretend that I'm, I'm ok with something he sees it before us, but I've noticed it and learnt of the.
Is it. I can't fool him. You know, and by being a thing negative in any way actually just makes his training was I'm performers in a minute. Just really all about love, I mean I love them and serving it. I'm in and then for me now. I gotta tell you that a crippled off that what you just said is: is it that's it that's a beautiful thing than cigarettes. Also, most things. That's a secret sauce to me. What you just said translates into so many other things and parenting. I was sitting here just the acting something's em and started to think about my son, How I handle certain things, what my son and, as you were docking, I gotta tell you Peter, as you were too Can. I literally said to myself chuck you're fucking up I'd have gone doing, it could have been done better
I've done it in every way, but that's thinking we're having spoken to dare to rush or how much of the ultra shoe rice, pace training, all you implementing in in your regime or have you modify the oars exclusively that add it? I'd say that we are. We are definitely exclusively eureka. Pity everything we do is a great pace, except just probably about a month or two. Now we started trying to integrate some weight training and I still don't get. The science is no signs that the ten to ports doing outside violent way to help for swimming. But then we have a relationship with doktor notes and another in South Africa is very close to the rational, and you know he's got a central government berry and really the brain control.
The body right hand, the Markov brain when he said that makes an apron Adrian feel that you need to put more size. So you know that's what we're gonna working on. I try to do it in a way that the fatigue from the wage doesn't take away from the fatigue in the water. So, yes, that's kind about change, but as far as the swimming, it's totally eurozone. And my colleagues so proficient in so many strokes as that previous rolling over the love since he turned professional fourteen, has not proved a challenge for use coach yeah, I'm not really, you know because then I mean. I think that the challenge now is that we will have to spend and said that he wants to some fifties and a couple hundred. You know that nothing about them and then they deal out for me the challenge and added that each nineteen any
he doesn't have the same strength as the splinters. Many sprang from the top five in the world and the first deeper in at an end strength will come an uncertain ever real. There was a big nothing by twenty one when we goes, but their load thinks he's. Be a lot bigger and stronger anyway, you notice close will come right. Then I just for a minute the challenge now, I think the challenge with be me trying to having some rates that I think you should be doing as opposed to training and for what He wants to do how much of a temptation is it a particularly for It's a young athlete who you know when you contain you can leap of tall buildings and stop trains is the kind of thing we certainly can do. How difficult is it resist the temptation to think let's work at a much faster
Rice pace in his training and see. How goes the amended we haven't? We haven't. I haven't I way back when he has even younger. We ve tried that I was to know it. Doesnt work. Ok, because you fail to early, you fail to leave, and then that doesn't work, and so the really what we want. We do. I think what we doing its vision. The fifties is that when we do overstate work, I mean it at all our pace, the crazy knows possibly go and I can see that getting faster and faster, but then we used a hundred work soon to really help with the back end over fifty, and so we keep that eddied hundred pace and- and I already see that working really well you know how we work to try to hold more than sixteen repeat it.
We would have a neural failure and then we can push tat any faster. I think he's failing at ten and then I don't think it's like the garden, the Kyoto that insurance that he needs even than the fifty so yeah so now? Let me ask you this and you may you may not have an answer, because when you start so young and you Body is going through. So many changes. How does that affect you as the athlete your performance, and how do you manage the goals that you to achieve. Knowing that your body I mean when you look at,
you look it Michael. His body is still going through he's really not out of puberty. Yet, let's be honest, Isn T easy for twenty one kissing itself, he still changing. So how do you manage the goals that you'd like to achieve, knowing that the athletes body is going through this metamorphosis? Meaner neutrality rightly that you see that is made by happening over time and I think with growth, and do you know the pink happen with technique and family? I think that I wanted to take Nick you not just him, and I we get to your need fields, the water so well and TAT. I see anything we to speak about it and we can make the rotation says he grows and just I don't think it's a huge issue at all, because I think most people a cripple grown adults. Are they all adapting and changing in
you need the whole human being, so it's not ready a big issue, its entire, not far enough you're right. Just because Michael was featured in National geographic magazine the attention, as he said, to deliver those faster races. How is he coping with that kind of attention? He fine. You know he doesn't regards that today, the area they were at black bag in it they doing also clocks, are either
the future leading international, then not already think he asked. I know he had to watch. You know that he has suggested, I believe he has a guest and that it does not define you know it's it's and we worked a lot on. This is a family. Nor could we kind of John Team around them and support him, and it's like you know what you you you, if you it's all about, if it's all about making you're getting a gold medal. You are beginning to take and not make it anyway. I stress that you burn you. Gotta really be able to state that day and be free salmon is used you raised the Lahti loved to on the big theme and I really working to just peace-
in a free, open, any activity and in an attitude it would be some nerve infested if there's a good nurse those occurred to make it a nurse in and having to perform of having to do it for us as a sponsor all or that's happening. It actually makes you fail Anita, he so smart. He realizes that eventually been through that when he has younger and so son. I think that a huge advantage that he went curly because he D almost failed right away because now, yet that pressure needed perform because I've got it
answers, and so he's gone away from that an end and destiny. I think I may for me. I think why what an amazing opportunity we have worried, nineteen years old and the beginning of his career and each already being through all the things that can charge him. Yes, and now I see a freer kid that stand at bay and an astute, even we swim in Colombia. In all of these times, you going PBS on everything and said such a beautiful progression, going through words nationals- and this is really the first where you know yes, to step up either junior anymore and answer there, the pressure on that, but I think he's gonna handle it incredibly well, The time has been he's funny you some No meadow, whichever sport, an athlete is in and Chin can help deviate. From what their original objectives were? But it sounds like an the team I am really very well placed and very
aware and yeah himself obviously has quite a good great. I like it, like you say, as is actually used to it, like he's already gone through. All of that, and now aiming of his career. We'll, thank you paid, it's been a pleasure. We want to hold you up from everyone, so hopefully we ve, given Michael a bit of a fifteen minute, break spirit talk to you, as I say we wish, Michael all, very very best in the pool with all its upcoming me us and for the rest of he's, got barely you're. Welcome Peter Andrey that Michael Andrews Father It sounds if they really got it together as a coach as an athlete but as a family and the balance is there what an interesting saw. The fourteen he turns proved right the usual ESA as an athlete, little Billy athlete, but mistakes coming to terms effect on performance, and now it still is a teenager. Looking
at this point in the journey is the first year of his career professional career. I call that I'm gonna call that the rookie veteran yeah and what he is not in a negative way out. I'm saying this because, as in the west says, I'm only bringing positivity that's right. That's ok and here's what I learned from that for the interview- and maybe this also I'm a lousy father no is now. Right far just needs a hug. No more coffee well, that's us swim show hopefully enjoyed it, was a pleasure being taken to school by Professor Brent, Russian. That's raining! Leave I don't know what about aerobic or anaerobic, but thank you, Sir it was an honour to be schooled that way and
very busted up. That's it both primer science and ass. We enjoyed it will, by way of a devil, may I'll drop. The organs which you listen, the star talk, commercial, free, joint start, compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com last star talk, radio,
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