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#ICYMI - The Electrifying World of Formula E

2018-08-02 | 🔗
In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel… Race down the track with hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice as they explore the electrifying world of Formula E alongside DS Virgin Racing driver Sam Bird, adventure journalist Jim Clash, and Williams Advanced Engineering Technical Director Paul McNamara. Batteries Included.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/the-electrifying-world-of-formula-e/Photo Credit: Shivraj Gohil, courtesy of DS Virgin Racing.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, I am the other s taste of your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you a future where the universe, sports, and now I am so nice- I am going away and we are the host of playing with science ready for it. Imagine you driving down the street in New York. I saw even burly doing hundred and forty miles an hour? Oh yeah,
accelerating nor to sixty in less than three seconds and he's the kicker in use a single drop of gas. Oh my god that sounds like a dream I'm gonna. Imagine that you know what there is why you're not using the drop a gas is because you have gone electric. My friend we're talking formulae ie and since twenty fourteen they have been tearing up city scale with such illustrious names as Piquet, improves behind the wheel, No and reality fielding teams along with me W Mercedes am Porsche all joining in the next few years. Exciting, and to give us the view from behind the wheel, Ds Virgin Racing SAM Bird seriously? You gonna love this interview and it's coming up very very shortly. Not only is the master class from behind the wheel spells out what he's race
Today you we'll be driving tomorrow, but just to let you know, we will have the technical direct from Williams. The people who supply the batteries for formula Yes and, of course, have its own wheels because really really fast, which forms a cars do then we have to speak to Jim Crow who is our resident expert on things that go far says right? That's coming up. Surely, but first now that's got to be with assembled Chuck and I caught up with him a little bit earlier on, enjoy major difference for you between driving a formula
he car and other formulas, because you ve driven several other types of racing Carson, be interested to hear what you feel differences between Formulary another's testing. If you guys background, I mean I've, I've been involved in formula one. I was reserved driver Mercedes upon the three or four years. I came second en GB too, which is now called formula to serious block subjects and housing of Citys, and now the last four seasons have been involved in four Murray, and it is a completely different formula is only based on city circuits, so we go to tracks that made up in inner cities. We re on them, which is highly exciting because of fully electric, it's the first all electric single seat, a championship in the world.
So in those two respects it is completely different with an electric power out, but I'm different talk, curbs normally talk tribes in and an army aspirated engines are not linear. This is obviously completely linear. When I ask a full throttle, I really do get full throttle. So there there are many differences. Is there any sort of timeline, global, normally aspirated engine through the power train your experiencing with the electric car? Now it's it's absolutely instantaneous. So it's pretty impressive in that respect, you remember when dry, they normally aspirated vehicle it funny in the best of cases, is probably thirty. Five, forty percent officiant Great waited or talking about electric. You know, evasion and their efficiency. Efficiency can be up to eighty five, ninety percent efficient. So
when you get on the power. Absolutely talk of immediate response: wow, that's pretty impressive! So now, understand that all the cars are essentially the same. What is it that your team has to do to get you want ads aside from having a totally capable drivers, that's it yourself, a kid so yeah you're right, I e the Monica Jesse and the battery and the tires the way given that for every single thing, what changes is after what happened after the battery rearing, at the back of the car, every manufacturer has the ability to design their own DR train, their own gay box batteries and use their raw materials
for the two achieved, the lightest, the lowest centre of gravity and the most efficient and the teams that a quick have achieved these things so that that's where the manufacture scope. I like the fact that its only open in this area, because if you stop opening up the battery technology so early in the championship, you'll get teams with huge budgets coming in and romping away with it, in this way for marine and control the championship a little bit more and it means you know you go into any weekend than anybody can win it. We know with the driver Calaboose we ve got in this jump in ships. You go in this twenty guys. The commissioners so? What is your favorite city to drive because your circuit is set and always a city scape behind you. What's your favorite city to drive, I mean whenever you win at these,
This is always felt you with a full memory, new land of naming the ones that you ve won. You know, in all honesty, I want to say, is come on the show now ready for New York, but I would say that New York for me, was the best before the rest ass you, I ve never been to kneel before Sir, where it was that it was a very nice introduction to a great city call man when you were right, can you will always memorize the track? Grass? Yes how long are you? How long did it take? You to memorize track and how do you compensate for the fact is now a city escape another rolling countryside or a more rural landscape, you'd say light with a kind,
it s, one track the other. Going back to the first point, I mean I've done. Seventy eight hundred lapse on the simulator to prepare for the cap reform, so every single track we go to. We go to Paris with Ds Virgin racing, and we do two three four days of simulation before I practice and it also gives the engineers and idea of how much energy we're gonna use per her lap and we sort of get to see a bigger picture of what use burlap energy figures, energy numbers, what to expect what the pace will be. So we cover everything before we go there, it's as if we ve done to three race weekends there before even get so great, it's good preparation. You know that from the simulator information, so you
so much is energy output is energy recovery and where you are expecting it absolutely everything will come up with all of our maps through the simulator now within one percent of where they need to be. For the rest, we can. It gives us a really good starting point, and obviously I need some fine tuning. Simulator can never be absolute ethic, but it gives us great platform now, with regard to my attacking street circuiting comparison to a conventional circuit, it is different. You find yourself happened to build up to being a hundred percent. You can't overdrive the circuit and come back like you. Could silver stones? Ah, how can I find some other places where you can use the track limits, go over them and then come back on the limit? If I go over the limit guys, I'm in a warm that's right, isn't that development to it? So so laughter e? U have to build up to these so with that was in that region.
And with that in mind, what is the strategy? Did friends for the type of trap that your drive and let these hairpins turns are so tight and you're going into them, especially beginning of the race with so many other, drivers around you and are so difficult to navigate. I mean it looks terrifying to be honest, but then, but then coming out of them? You know you have your. You know your s curves in their long straight away. So what kind of speech Are you getting up to those stretches and then are you navigating those type hairpins terms that you guys are making
firstly, when you're making them with a bunch of other drivers. Well, I mean that's all job. At the end of the day we hold in fighting this for the last decade of are about careers. Negotiating array circuit as fast as we possibly can is in our blood. It sits in our dna and that's. Why were paid to do what we do a bit like how an mba there can can shoot three points from pretty much anywhere on the corn, which astounds me, you know that's negotiating it'll happen with nineteen other workers drivers around me. I have to do that week in week out. So for me, that's that's my bread and butter did these cars. Do erasing at the moment will be doing around one hundred and forty miles an hour down the front straight away in New York before breaking into that? I happen now
here with the next generation of car will look, was the speech about her and a hundred and seventy miles an hour somebody street circuits, which then becomes really interested by the way I do know people are used to hearing at one and their use to hear. Speeds of you to whatever A hundred and seventy miles an hour just so everyone knows on a city street is actually faster than to twenty miles an hour on its rap, its inner, certainly like it when you, when you're, not far away from mobile. That's what I'm saying, there's it's, because,
because of the way the track is situated at does speeds. There's really no room for error. I mean, I think, your presence of areas about four or five percent- it's crazy- or, I would say less than in the guise of it. This is championship- is so well class. Now, with the manufactures involved, the teams involved, but also the drivers involved, a pretty spectacular. You break two meters too early right in Europe and around the pace break two meters too late and you're in the way in the world.
You have to be absolutely precise, imperfect noticed it to be at the front of his temperature, so I heard that they limit this speed on the card that the cars actually go faster than there, but they limit the speed is that true? Well, the car is capable of more kilowatts her hour than what it out, but they normally to make it fairer for everybody to make an absolute level playing field, because every battery the sellers are slightly different, slightly different age, slightly different decay right. So basically captain I'll get everybody has the same amount, a little bit like if you ve got a battery and in a computer. Imagine you ve got the capability that to have a hundred percent of it life, but instead you're taking ninety five percent and every single batteries the same where Simum, but we have to let you go the science aspect of the technology.
Evolving and pushing itself through. You seem as if you quite immersed in the EU that kind of driver that, all over the analytics and the data. Are you gotta, just guessing You go racing, I'm a bit of both to be honest when it comes to the nitty gritty of so Now, one Miller bride. I hear all one click on the damp is there. I trust my engineer completely: choose the right change at the right time. He knows my driving style. He understands Chuckie pollution, whether stuff like this, and what to expect the changes to be from qualified to the race. But I do like to get quite analytical when it comes to what I can improve with. So I do spend a little time as much as I can anyway. Downtime looking date, lies in what I can do to improve as a driver and make myself faster at every single those well where it was on it, I admire you totally for that.
Can formulate go, and I dont mean a location as sport. You know that the Iranian, we'll go round in circles, Gary no can it go where can it put itself in this watching calendar is we ve got to let you know if one, it's Monaco formulary go and make that sort of happen. I mean, like former, is still new and it's it's like a baby, that's going upstairs, but its gaining followers, which is great The technology is drawing in big manufacturers, which is very important, and I think it important to recognise the fact that for marine relevant technology to the here and now and enter the future, you look at formula one and I love formula one. I was involved in it and its greater
almost one still around, but the technology that is informal one, I believe currently is only relevant terse super Carson Hyper caused. You combined one million dollars plus that's that's its multi. That's in formula one, the technology that is going into full Marie cause, he's gonna, filter down onto the production line and he's gonna be in the everyday vehicle. Can you eat these they're gonna be coming out in the next few years and let's face it, that's far more relevant to every single person sitting. I might now, because in five years time, people will only be driving hybrids knowledge of vehicles so that I think that's what makes former recalled exciting by relevant current anne and good for the younger generation of time. So I think disguised elements of yours reformatory. I think you could grow and grow.
Progress in progress. The point where it is watched by millions of people were right. I mean job, that's the amazing. What SAM races today we will be joining tomorrow. You will take maybe better hyacinth. Regrettably, it is already happening where, with some of our opponents at the moment, the software that has come from their root cause, it's actually filtered down into production costs comply today the people can actually afford. So it is working well what you're racing today I was hoping to raise tomorrow because I was gonna show up and just as it cannot drive your car windows there you go look. We do have a great time thanks. So there's almost we're talking to us worry skies. Thanks very much behind me I'm sorry interview with sand Sandberg hope you enjoyed it as much as Chuck, and I did we are going to take a break and when we come back, we
advanced engineering. Yes, there, the people must supply the factories formulae be talking to them Why? welcome back to play with sites. I've got nice for our next Edward. I caught up with Paul Mcnamara Technical Record at Williams, advance engineering, the company that currently supplies all batteries for formula cars check it out. God. Thank you so much for joining us,
our problem gets dignity, Jack's our pleasure. Indeed, let us talk about the super, exciting technological advancement that you guys are working with in the battery for formulae, First of all, when you look at the battery the size of itself, it's pretty impressive in terms of its a huge battery or is it really a number of batteries in an array. So when you look at the battery in the construction, can you tell us about it? One of the cells and do the cells make up one battery or are we really looking at a bunch of batteries, kind of working together okay, so if you would have gone out to look at a point, Recon the from Rebeck see what you're looking at is a carbon fiber books folks plugged into the car.
Actual part of the cost of front of the car in front of it in the back of the car on the back in and take electric, but the television Sony that walks and inside the box that, since you were, we're what up what we talk about cells, think most people produce promised the battery, but with pudding, those cells in series, so that we can create high voltage so that we can get a power and performance out of the car. And the task we have is to connect all those up to control them to measure them keep them operating under the vibration and crash temperature conditions that they might see during a normal rice, work together, so they pay Black Box does where he stood there on the track awesome. So what kind of talk about at roughly? What would it be? Two hundred kilowatts tat, your generating when you're
the battery? That's right said the battery for the most recent season and set out for a nice nor to under kilowatts of power so that what an gave- and that would be the equivalent of what in terms of what were we would have, what would a person associate two hundred the lights, which gets you like us, freedom of like a hundred and one hundred fifty something miles per hour. Yeah. So I guess my should think about most Paso two hundred kilowatts. It is united. Three hundred and thirty years I was passed. I asked ass the other that we can deliver from that battery at amazing that only lets truly amazing. Three hundred thirty horse power, you're talking about a fairer white light car, that's it for men the amount of power that retarded others twentieth century? They are faster. D
form rewrites thing. It is all about the electric power train and making an efficient and technically efficient, as our teams win, but yet and maybe spectacle exciting them indeed, plenty of fast in that direction, so the competitive edge that a car team will get will be and how they could infer that power plant in to actual war like Tor for the drive frame. Is that really where the difference comes for the cars? so so I guess we answer to loosen? Is that Batteries are the same for all its aims at every body: stop the Black box and respect and about two hundred kilowatts mobile. Do they take that power? That actual? Given that you say, confer that's t talk at the wheels now find.
You'll be out to deliver the talk, the power. What interest days? How long you can keep going for said, the efficiency of the energy stored in the battery tends to be the same. So are you? U effectually fuel limited, even if the driver was to get quick, you can go really quick trouble. You can't stop before the end of so he's got to manage our is the more efficiently engineers get belonging to push were obtained, Take him ass, the different. Yet that is actually very exciting when you think about it, because it's it's kind, like everybody's, given the same amount of money? Now here's the deal Are you gonna spend that money to get to the end of the race with an and still be able to cross the finish line? the year is out of it says a lot of talk about estimation. Formulas do have. I not.
Began to feel limit on number generally doesnt and we re losing factor? Certainly here and formulary it? It's what you you're you're fighting with rising with, and so now I know that they change cars joined the ranks because, of course, battery can only do go so far right now You see a time when we are going to have no need to change a car or with or maybe extend the raised twice as long with the car change the guy so well with the former, is seriously the guy's running a certain regulations. This vision of the first four years finished last raised today. First, we in New York again That was the two
her rice vision technology. They got engineering for five years ago and we ve developed next season season season, the fifth season of when you come new battery fool that cost theories those costs will run the entire length of rice on one. Batteries are no longer have the Genji cars and a little less refreshed. How the technology has moved on across the last five years, both in terms of the cells and thousands looking merrily at right? But it said why your track energy from them back again, while we re like to see is that that is a pig stock in the media in the old days no one can be used to put fuelling gets dogma is pretty bad, exciting to their role as a body right. Fine, why some stuff we like to reach out to rent, because that might be the major goals spent the night of energy at the store, and you allowed to put energy, and I talked to you how long you spend putting that in versus you know:
for me, the one he stood for an extra minute, you get more fuel and then maybe I could get so that producers so strategy of interesting. Something now come as well. It forces the Mitchell Genome. I love that. I mean the empty right that that certainly add not only an exciting element in terms of the physicality by it ass, an exciting element in terms of strategy. Yeah. You know that, as was sitting, there are looking at how much time is spent in the recharge and how much in Greece is left and when they ask Went in to recharge and I added adjust it to them it is the game eleven. It yeah, yeah, fantastic, ok, so speaking, the cells and this really enter. So I'm holding my hand right now, my cell phone ok here and they used to call him myself,
As you know, there were cell towers, now, there's an actual cell inside of my cell phone and if I use myself over any period of time, it gets hot. So my question to you Paul is you're. Looking at this huge power plant, how do you keep some big that's putting out much energy from generating orb of overheated cause, it's I'm sure it's generating he. How do you manage that? Because it would seem like it would just get hot melt. Yeah you're right means, certainly when you, when he Turkey at two hundred kilowatts of power to the wheels you're, also having to get rid of something in the order of twenty kilowatt a tranquil. What's he is a law in also that that's six or seven three killer
Fires around the house. Ass came ass, warm easy gap through the third through the winter, so if you look at it- caused a guy from the one gas this too right, big radiates, handrails I've decided the drivers sucking air through and actually we read about one sided that occurred in the back, radiation there and cooling circled round back in the other side is cooling electric motors, any inverted richer? conversion device in the car. So we say no, the capacity of age, fourteen he must have efficiently. Levi from Pakistan, cooling ranchman owning battery as the battery engineers, we ve had to develop some quiet. TAT Old, used, emotional, weaken, peculiar battery inside get the current right up against the cells make out as efficient as possible tonight. Why? Why well superconductor super cool So how do you monitor, as there are some type
computer monitoring the battery itself as your driving, because this is a lot of things that your juggling that you have to keep kind of track of joint Rick's, the actual so an important part of our back three. We therefore require a battery anywhere. Is the circle back management system? In essence, is a computer sound the top with a battery doing a lot of monitoring? finally, one every single cell we're measuring the temperature of it. Every single cell, we're measuring me voltage because it our algorithm, there's detecting anything. I saw the it's making sure the health of the mattress day good and I think it needs to the power that could be extracted from the bachelor things get inside you horse during those were continuous monitoring of the battery.
The driver self is not interfering in the bachelor batteries. Deserts supply and demand device, but the job It does have a lot of interesting about breaking the car under his control to use the power, guys about the brakes information is dealing with an energy conservation point of view. That is a lot, but the driver has to do what he called pathogens lashing out from version gave ox, but not so much of the batteries are well, that's pretty cool that is very cool, so we're getting down to the evidence, here, but there's a couple things that I really want No I'm sure listeners one another, and that is you doesn't making call. These at Formula one at one point you know, was responsible for seeing a lot of technological advances in regular cars. Where do you see formula ie and terms of battery development? How soon can we start seeing these advances that you're making come?
to the streets. Yesterday right say, as you say, forming a wise as for a lot of advancement in two key word: cars hurry. If our citizens are saying or gazing on, did you set up HORIZON formula control rules? It provides a framework for people like us. Try things out, see how they work and are on the right track. Neither work well then, that I can come into gas. So right now Williams are trying to take those technologies moving across a few examples. The first one is control over them, so control over those that governs the rest. Cars are going on right cause right now we worked with universities in the UK on developing new ways of measuring state. Has the batteries trying to extend its life, maybe more level? That's it.
Rising missiles and rested road costs. We combat cross, mentioned before the crash structure and a structural structure of the batteries back. His forming part of the car using carbon fiber to keep alive the white there Klein that into high performance electric cars. At the moment that will have carbon fiber based trees to shield and protect everything. He said TAT. He ran the details of how you make these things. How you like a lightweight ideas, were tried out there. I started working periods, wrote CASA, Sir there's a final thought. This is not necessarily the case when people say they spied fossil. Rules come from dinosaurs died, noisy years got, doesn't really worth that way. We know, but I will ask your Paw Mcnamara of Williams, a gasoline cars already done
sores right now I don't I mean I: can we gotta, be sensible about how new developments coming and flow through we can only deliver electric cars At the moment I certain rights and certain applications so we think those on the market with a lot of engineering to do yet tonight. The products at the right course to the right range at the right right to recharge dream, this law engineering to do about making sure breakin easy recharge a car. So the reality is gasoline- is a convenient and available few source for us. We ve got like electricity as turrible as easy to use as easy to get hold of his gasoline, is as engineers once we ve done. That then electric cars concern.
Think about completely replacing ghastly bothersome some distance to go and not yet source of distance that you will cover and I'm sure yes, I am absolutely sure that that will happen and thank you for speaking with us and continued success with That Williams is doing in long live, because it's an exciting sport and I have to tell you, I'm hoping fantastic, really glad of access rights to teacher at that dairy and I will be catching up with our good friend adventure, journalist, Jim claim. We'll be right back.
welcome back Gary O Reilly guys. Playing with science and it's all about formula a so I said top of the show some wheels goes really really fast and we can only talk to one person. S right is a very good friend Julian Class magazine. What's up here and that jacket he says what on it looks like a formerly jacket, but it really says verging galactic on and I have a space ticket to fly with Virgin Galactic, and it says it says few just ask astronaut.
Can I know why jealous formulae somebody told us that they are going to take the breaks off, and these things are gonna kick onto another. What forty miles per hour probably get a little bit. Faster got the Bmw entering the parting for next season and they ve got batteries that are twice as powerful as half the way, a third the size and produced twice the performance, as unbelievable, yeah. Well, you you'll be gone from. I think they're makin out about one forty miles an hour momently based, he said to us their limited wife. Thank you. Ll see more like one. Seventy, it won't be if one performance yet bird, but it's one. Seventy cooking, yeah! That's what I mean when I went think about it, like one, seventy f one, that's a course you're, not a man. That's like you pretty much you know You know. What's going on one forty on these with with the way they have?
course is designed and how tight they are. That's There were about two hundred of miles an hour easily. I mean I'm trying to figure out how these drivers deal with the action times I mean you got. You know what it is to travel at those speeds, football field, a second to undermine our wow. Wow, that's true That's insane! You would look with some dabbler federal arising that you always wanted you're right, that's it that is gonna whether they send us your best formula impersonate. Please do every great, but the thing is for me. The sat me back when you said when you struggle a note- and I love this- for many of a normal aspirated car you'll get about thirty five percent of the power coming. So when you throttle a formula a car, you get seventy
eighty percent of the palace straight away. Now that has to be a real kick independently law taking off and saw its ports and Jesus is going up there with the drag racers. Were you really just accelerating the ridiculous paste where they go from zero to two hundred, I an hour in less than four second US three, then, in order not to sixteen under three a very fast, and you know I don't love anybody who has the opportunity if you go online to the full. Youtube page yeah and its the new sound of racing and just look at buzz? Videos ended its it's so cool. Like you know, you hear it like an unlocking is a cop does it gets you right here, So this formula one showed us any current, so the traffickers and I'll have different sounds that's the thing that I'm kind of interested to know is what it says.
I've never seen a formula erase lie if, but what does it say might live when these cars are going by in star wars are being one of the very early ones. Will they attack them? built without the last, and it's all combined. So you ve got humming. From cars with these noises in different parts of the track. So you got this sort of were brought a symphony of sound yeah. I have touched on that magic thing. Nascar It come looking over their shoulders formulary in saying we wherewith, we ve seen or formula one really never taken hold here in the EU and how it has- and it hasn't, is formula a possibly the next one up to to challenge now common and well. Well, I think you know first of all formula one has had trouble in the: U S, because we don't have a: U S driver eight formula, one also, there's no other. Singing now calling any call. You see a lot of passing for
ie- is trendy right now formula is electric its environmental. Obviously it is the way with a future and like For me, the one used to be people now or able to test. What's gonna be in future. Cars electric cars with formula used to do it in formula one, but now that this stuff is sold so out there, it is not helping less your booting hyper cause. You know, Gregg TEST, anything in formula one right and a lot more of it is a new would the way businesses. Now I can imagine stuff that's happening in a formula. A car isn't gonna sit there for ten years now, only the sit there, ten men, it's where and straining to production. At the other thing about your questions, NASCAR any court looking over the shows, I think they're already thinking about doing it themselves, so you have an electric NASA Nascar! You haven't electric any car, probably a hybrid first
people are planning way out. I heard a room that Roger pension he's gonna get into formerly out pesky the guy in India Car think once his teams, one one, seventeen indy five hundreds, I mean if cause he's gonna get involved that serious, Coronel NASCAR fans going to take to not having heard that they cause. You know that there is. There is a reason why they they they call it the thunder of NASCAR. A main. Would you have to, for instance, have a recording when Inzana playing out of the car, because, like you know they do that with electric motorcycles like there are some very high speed electric motorcycles and You can pick what kind of motor you wanted to sound like, because,
you're on the road. One of the things that your friend and motorcycles crane truck so yea hundred miles an hour with with the scene from green, leaves doo doo doo doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo how's that sounded the doppler effect on biodiversity. Mileage overtaken by something yes sire, because you scream from the car the guy but to your point, your NASCAR fans, probably wouldn't put up with it. I think they know They would know enough of that. If you had a fake engine sound out it, wouldn't they would put a kind of light. But again, like anything else, you know people evolve slowly in of all slowly in the evening when NASCAR isn't gonna happen tomorrow, which grow up and down the road. Maybe ten years I don't know, and so there,
Slowly get people interested in those sounds arm, but yeah. I really think any corn and NASCAR looking over their shoulders but you're dead. Hoping the revolving around the app issues with electric in batteries overheating You know you, don't you not. I haven't had a battery failure in in in the formula is now in what it's been since two thousand fifteen to well it will no longer allow better one issue. Those is you ve gotta be right. High speed ovals for long. I think the formerly recently less right now at this point. That would be a problem but again both NASCAR in India Card, you run, wrote races. They run on on Sea street, at least the intercourse. Do they were in Detroit? So you know you could pull it off. Now, as I understand it, though, with the formula there's, no pitched, stop you just when you call me when you get out of the car and get into another car, so they don't work on the one car, because the battery life isn't what it needs to be right.
The child, I'm guessing with introduction of people are Bmw. They will address that because there are already gas using electric cars and thereby see yes, ad hoc has tabled through the night. That makes a lot of basically is the Tec this. They laboratory that that that will all change fishing dramatically. But again, when you look at it the future right. Now, it's hard to see it, but I do formally or electrical racing, is the future yeah and I'd think Other than to is now one of the drawbacks of city scape driving is that or or racing is that you limit the amount of people they could come see. You know how, ever there's nothing more exciting, because you can change the course track, anyway, you want well- and it's very good challenging. I think, SAM Sedative. If you screw up those street courses
with us for many car, it's gonna hurt. Even a hundred forty miles out when they rapid up to one seventy meaning to be a fatal action, pretty quick if they don't have the barriers put up like they do one on the anti tracks, the form the winter by the time to to fix it street course. Imagine the guys who run formulary are unaware of that. Nowhere of it to be very precise. In the same said, you break up Don't you later, you saw a little too early out of the corner. I think they got introducing a whole raft of formulas, since I believe, leave a kind of saloon car which I believe will start with the slim. Put me in baby. That's what I want to go alone: cars that tandem car, not also to see two yet again. Next year, still wants to Jim wants to do the electric experience, but it's pretty well that they won't. Let me drive the car I've driven real indy car of driven real NASCAR, but each to new, but if they do this,
I'd. Call that would give journalists and fans are real, feel for what it's like to go round the tree. They use the test, the models than gambolling chance. You ringer, I'm doing it. I know what about the passing, what you say is there one as of one May, that is because you know american bans went to see the passing, which is funny. I've always been an F one fan I remember, being care the only place you can watch it was Sunday morning on ABC still the only place you can watch. It accepted John NBC S, half seven thirty the morning? That's so funny! So like you, you depends on the track because not everyone Is the same in different countries? This is a hungarian Grand Prix where it. Unless your position, Stay out in front? It's a procession. It is oh yeah. It's all about the pit. Stop! That's what people realise when they're watching the race, it's not about the race, it's about the pits die in their pitched stops or two
the three seconds. Rain is ridiculous, like it and and Endicott their seven or eight seconds right, but in so any kind of a second one, tenth of a second in Cars are two miles an hour is like ten yards showing you know. At a really mean something here. It's interesting. Would everybody thinks it's gotta be about going fast, everything's about speed, so we make it is light weight as possible sort of looking at the way things are with formula a it seems is about how much energy can I recover? How much breaking can recover, put into storage and then use that again. Becomes interest You see the mindset of how aware, or why they they go about doing that. It means I dunno informing the one they do have those systems but is as important
I would say in a different way. It probably is as important in all the racing series reaction Times, the mathematical formula within the engines and the brakes and all that they'll figured out again that that whole business of the torque is amazing when it, when it is going to these these, these electric cars take off. Such a kick in the pants, no other risk, or does it except for drags right, migration and its because what you are saying earlier Gary is the efficiency and now that the fact that that their basically in most of the energy that's available all at once. So as the accelerate and they're trying to find I of understand of taking the excess heat and everything else and converting that into recharging battery, while it's actually on track, so so that that's one of the biggest problems limit ticking off the excess heat from these. These batteries produce It is something that they bear had concerns about, but
Mine is a said, the kind of people that are getting involved in sport you can only mentioned the solutions, will come that much sooner yet as to those sort of problems. I'm just interested to see. I mean I love the fact that you that that you're, potentially as this poor girl, You could see a race like just an african circuit, where you'd like him, then you could have a Miami race. You can have a Detroit race you can have, you know I Chicago raise. You know you can have like no youth you can put. Sport anywhere, and I think that that's really something that ah to capitalize on with us, because You say that they only racial city streets. They don't let the big problem known to man just like with formula one that would be get people interested in that kind of racing formula erasing because it's very different from NASH, corn Indy core. So that's that's a challenge and we need a milk and racer as good in it, because we also need to fix our potholes.
And the man who covers gotta, be careful. It sucks him up in the air if you're going that further here's one for you- and I hope I have an imagined this because I have them. My imagination is far more creative than I thought. Robotic racing No, it will never work. I've thought about this fan, no, not a great no fans. We want to see a danger. They want to see the potential something happening to the driver if you crash with some guy behind the controls fans, I'm going to go forward, and I think so I think you're right, it's it's! It's like it's like watching a robotic, trapeze artist. Like there is no fun in that to robots on a trapeze. It's like one of them faster the growl who gives out egg. But again, exactly just think we have a generation coming through the look of formula one as a little bit dinosaur and formula de as the new bright shiny thing
reflects more of us greener credentials, harmful that are maybe maybe they'll go towards robots remote? Can Oh drones, very much part of peoples Maybe they will see formula me and the way it expands in that way they probably will because we again we can see the future, but the one thing I wonder about these batteries, that's an environmental hazard enough and eventually these batteries, you're gonna die out. So I dont have people are taken into consideration or not, but what is actually the batteries self is not really at environmental hazards. The disposal of the battery right governmental has a shell saying. What we have to do is work on respect, but that's just a problem that needs to be addressed worldwide, irrespective of any any interest. Is that we have to find a way to properly disposed back? raised or to recycle batteries, and I think that part of what they'll do as they develop. This technology is also develop that as well,
You know I've going to have to have you because it's going to be really expensive. If they can't reuse the batteries or the batteries themselves. When we hate landfill sites, you can imagine a big tower call back treason. You know it's not gonna happen next, they ve got to find that so of course, could sell them to the fans say this was taken, The formula became drove drovers, something I don't mind that there is a sword, but maybe we're alone, and now we know why none of us are planning the future of formula e took, Jim do what we have you here. You remember those places and does things and we won't say dangerous, your middle name because- and I believe it is a way to next and what I'm gonna be doing and where you come from. Actually the most more interesting is one common from I was just out it be alive, wash Basin California to fly. Two thirty eight supersonic aircraft
and a small point in tiny planes get in your thing- and this is I don't know about this, but we went up information, so we have another guy, a wing came and we were within about three feet of each other. Doing these maneuvers grazing speed. Ass scared me a little bit, but these pilots are amazing. They defend our country, So what I understand it's, like the pot wanted pilots favorite plain the flies eighteen, thirty one might misdemeanours was a friend of star talk and an astronaut who used to fly down the shuttle action the train, and also to you to pilot train in that and so well, we were out there. We got Hano fluids. What I think you, George, named after you choose, specifies byplay. They still operate these, so we what to chase them as they landed because they're very particular, and you have a guy on a walkie talkie telling them when their wheels are down. So we got to be in the chase card. Two hundred and twenty miles an hour right behind the youtubers that landed. I also got to try the space suits pressurize Eliza closing.
I'm off to the goby desert. You mean to go up don't be, doesn't like yourself, yeah, that's part of it. I e those abbe I'll be driving infinities one of the new infinity sport vehicles in the desert on on the sand out legal really excited about it. To keep one, will you just it s like when I do a story on Rolex people, so you could keep the watch. No, no, no! You get a little swag bag, but that's about it. It's nice isn't it. I swear bad. But anyway? So that's that's my next adventure and, of course, at some point when Richard Sir Richard gets The thing to gather together, you'll be headed, displacement, ran or as Neil digress ice, it would say, Lou or the orbit lower No, actually I won't be orbiting, I'm gonna be doing this. Would you holiday sub orbital flying off orbital flight in legislation to back farming space five minutes were caution,
you two hundred thousand dollars so that forty thousand dollars a minute wow. Let me tell you I can't do that shook never mind and on that note, it back is gone. Good old, pointed out, that's been or show thank you, Jim Crash man religion? A pleasure, as always I am that's form rethink of December. Thank you to all Williams Engineering people, end spangles, something really I'm dying away. Like devil may, adopt the organs you can listen. The star talk, commercial, free joint start talk on page
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