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#ICYMI: The Immaculate Reception

2017-09-14 | 🔗
Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice turn to physics to try and solve the mystery of the Immaculate Reception, the most famous – and controversial – play in NFL history. With Neil deGrasse Tyson, NFL QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, physicist John Eric Goff, and sports writer Jim Brennan.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceTuneIn: http://www.tunein.com/playingwithscienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch/listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, I, the other Ass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, the startup network, is pleased to present to you a you show where the universe and sports- and now I am so nice- I am going away and we are the whole stop playing with science already put it, most famous play in the history of America's a play still divides the opinions of sports fans, almost half a century,
that is rooted, mysteries and conspiracy theories. Then a presidential election. Yet We can solve and explain those mysteries by using science the immaculate section was a moment of desperation in the final seconds of, Season gained, became the turning point in one NFL Franchises history, while turning the other into battle against the rest of the world that is still going on and and the physics and help them the core of science is professor era, God who is a professor at Lynchburg College and the author of gold medal physics and sports writer who is in studio with us? Jim Brennan. How are you Jim Eric? How you guys doing great glad to have you with us? So let's get some numbers straight. Showy, seven and six do score rate is up by one point. Eight is the fourth quarter. It's a fourth and down there
Twenty six seconds left there are men on the sidelines built like mountains, who are too scared to watch. This is the point of adrenalin. This is a point of fear. It's the moment you live for. Aid is an, I have see, play off game and then it or what do we do about that? Shall I tell you what we do about it? Let's take a lesson to what actually happened:
As for the sailor, gonna get away about Christmas, even get even get the ball data
bet you under very far away the warden score is still I'm sorry, I mean that's this game is God knows how long ago, but it still excited there was no to see the ball bounced off a couple guys. There was nothing to be seen after that and then suddenly there was something to be seen. Franco Harris comes out of the black right and just scores, it's amazing. It is really amazing. I mean an end. It is divided, so many people they still is all right is, but, as I said in my introduction, there is a way for us to solve this by the use of science. So the moment arrives. We have a all hitting a player. Now the argument depends on which side
the side like IRAN, so it cannot be the big controversy as yet wine did the bar bounce off of frenzy footwear. That would have legal play, yes at that time, that knows I'm the ruling would have been to offensive players touched the ball in succession. Therefore, the play is now dead, because that's an illegal cat, that that no longer exist resistant football. You can actually Tipp the ball as much as you want now, and five players tip on the ball still in the air as long as it doesn't have to ground it's alive by Europe out of the air and either one of the untoward touchdown are run it back for picks. It doesn't make a difference, but at that time, so from a physic standpoint, Eric here's, the question: is there a way to view this view? you are there scenarios that we can break down? That would tell us the equally heard, maybe not definitively, but the likelihood of whom
ball? Really bounced offer well just to give you some numbers so that the past took anywhere between one point: six and one point seven seconds to go from Bradshaw to the the point of contact with the players. Now you got Tatum DOT and and Fook, while they're and they're going to be moving toward the ball pending, as there are having to transfer some momentum from themselves to the ball in order for it to get far enough for Harris to pick it up if they were, they should airy the balls not not about far enough for here is to pick it up. So what happens if you get? The ball is go to slow down a little bit from air resistance after Bradshaw through its maybe it's gone about forty six miles an hour when it hits the player when it rebounds. Now I'm a man eliza in this video framed by framed the videos alone,
Fuzzy, it's a little talk to tell the angles: it's going about twenty five to thirty miles an hour on the re bowed, so some of that energy has been lost with the collision. Now, what happens? Is you got Tatum and FUCK were coming in and they're gonna hit the ball moving in the opposite direction, the ball so they're giving a good kick backwards. That's gonna give enough of a kick to get to a Franco Harris coming down. Now that momentum transfer is tough to tell whether its one or two players how fast moving right before the impact it could easily have been just Tatum hitting the ball, but it's really tough, video and from the video and even from the physics analysis. Weather French you for Cuba had enough of a play under the ball as well, served
me. How did Eric there was a professor Emirates, us so cunningly Melon John FET Committee in two thousand and four analyze this thing back to front back again, he used, brick walls, he replicated the trajectory in all sorts of things, came to the conclusion based and I think he uses the term conversation of momentum, which I have taken a shine too, that the ball must have bounced off of Titan because it comes back down the failed in a rather than just bouncing off because he heat he was sort of working. Fact, the frequent goes, laterally and Tatum running towards them towards the ball wrote what sort of equation? If that's, if that's his analysis and research, are we dealing with in terms of why the ball bounced as far as it did, because fat Kovich couldn't himself replicate that sort of bound
well that the brick wall means the stationary target. I was talking about earlier so right. If it had a player not moving, it would not about far enough for Herriston picked it up. So what were you it is a non linear momentum in the opposite direction, the football to kick it back right. So what what happened was the player? That's making contact with it even of folk was coming, and latterly if Tatum hits fuck what slightly before the ball gets there it direct focus, linear momentum back toward the ball. Therein lies the rub. The fact is that if the collision is with food law and therefore require collides with the ball you'll get,
Same conservation of momentum, kicking the ball back to Franco Harris. So it's it's possible that it still could have been forgotten. We hit the ball, I mean it's definitely. Tatum is the one responsible for the direction. The ball is going to be deflected rain, but what's hard to tell him, the video is whether he is making contact with food. Could, just the ball is coming here gotcha, so he Emmy, he could is definitely the one responsible for the way the ball is moving, but it's hard to tell whether figure came in slightly before the bar or not ok, So now, what is the? What is the newtons law involved in this particular is their actual scientific term that what is that? George XO? conservation of linear momentum means that
you add up all the little mass times velocities. So the ball has a massive. Alas, city Fuca has a mass of elastic sodas Tatum and as long as there's no external force at the time of that collision, and we take all the other forces being really small compared to that the size of that collision. Forty the ball in the paths, the momentum come again has got a match. What's coming out, so called it. The balls coming in with a certain momentum in the players did the Tatum. Fuca combination are coming in the other direction, with a certain momentum that some totals gotta be the same before and after the collision. So with the ball going the other direction that met the net. Linear momentum was going back toward here. So it's almost like a Newton's cradle in two objects coming into one and then pop out. The other end, is the ball incident welcoming hands of Franco Harris or I got that wrong. You have exactly right and it needs greater what
there is little metal s ears that some of the sea I watch when they're gonna board right, and so you get the ball coming at it balances off another ball about self. On the other hand, that's that's exactly a linear momentum, conservation, amateur you're, Talkin about the clacking boys like good, that sit on the desk and one ball in the past there all on the pendulum. One swings hit three other balls that stay in the exact same very simple, and then the fourth ball on the very end takes off and then there are, and then that repeats itself back and forth back and forth. That's that's what we're talking about here. That's right! You get! You need to use them Energy is well to analyze that, but that's exactly what happened. So you would you, would you looking at it from your point of view, is a physicist as a sports fan go with theirs
As you know that moment, shore of any keep in mind. The ball was also deflected with a downward trajectory. So it's it's heading toward the ground, so that makes it even tougher for the road referees to see what's going on and Harris is running with a full had esteem when he gets it, I mean if he had been five yards farther back on the play. Him he's not gonna be able to catch the ball. So you know he easy exact right place, moving at the right speed and when that ball collides with him, he is at the right place at the right time to get it. So you is it just a bang. Bang play me that the balls only in the air about six tends to seventeen of a second after that deflection that that the referees have to divert the rise from what's going on at the collision between Tatum and FUCK were now they have to follow the ball back to where Harris's and he's already running and getting the balls. I it we watch it in slow motion, it seems
easy for us to see what's going on, but you have put yourself in the place of a referee with all that chaos going on trying to follow that blades. It's a challenge! Absolutely the ice, extensive, a second man! That's it of you when you, when you put it that way, you gotta be almost superhuman to look at that get a you know. I really correct call, but with that in mind, when you said everything had to be in the right place at the right time for for this play, the even happened there. Brings us to a clip. Where are you not only of the grass ties and actually sat down with the quarterback of the New York Jets rhyme Fitzpatrick and asked him about this particular play that we have that women trying to pull quarterbacks on their knowledge. Your memory of a reaction to the famous immaculate reception do, I'll talk to you, gonna backroom and talk about that was just a bit inspiration. How does it land on you and you and your soul, who has an athlete. I am, is amazing play and I was there- I did some of that work.
There was a very rational dietary Bradshaw to Franco, Heresies offices, but he's shoulder of the big head and then it catches it basically on the ground and our answer from evil and in a minute, or so many amazing things that had to happen exactly right for that played a work. So if your candidly recognise the role of luck in that yes Now there was much of anything else. Yes, heads immaculate recipient rather than skilful reception. Exactly, I think, that's great. We ve got a current and I fell play with enough about him to respect the history, even though he kind of sit son, you know really lucky cell and speaking of luck. This is something I just like to ask. Every scientists. Do you believe in luck now tat I have
to me. The scientists who says, I believe in luck- why not man tell me what I mean. I know why most scientists answer this question, but I wanna hear yours because I just find a fascinating that have yet to meet a scientist. When you say do you believe in luck, I have not met one scientists who set, of course, who doesn't work were governed by the laws of the universe, were constrained by the laws of physics and luck is simply that the word we use for a low probability occurrence. I mean if you win the lottery, you say you got lucky. Well, that's the word you referring to hitting a one in a fifty in shatters or whatever the probability is set. Somebody's gonna hit it if you play all the numbers, so I you know it's not you. It's just luggage. The word that were using in then in the layman, sense to describe things that are very low probability and occurrence awesome. I like it all right. So no such thing as luck.
There is such a thing has a break. We are going to take a first one right, two questions first, who was the head coach of the writers on day of the immaculate reception and secondly, how many super balls did the Pittsburgh Steelers wine on the back of the immaculate reception during only during the decade The seventy right we're gonna leave you a moment to think about that, and we are not thinking about that. Yet no such thing when we come back, we will have a rather special guessed by the name of Doktor Neil digress Thyssen and we will be discussing some more science will, of course, have Professor Gulf Engine Brennan, whose with us in the studio so do not go.
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welcome back very rightly and entrepreneurs, and this is boiling with science, and today we are talking about the immaculate reception, but before we go on to the most probably the most important and famous plan ever history answers to questions I set before the break, the coach of the right is on the day the man himself, Mr John Madden, will be your answer for that one and second question how many super about do the Steelers win in seventeen post, immaculate reception count all one two, three, four: seventy four: seventy five cents, Eight and seventy nine wow corner dynasty is
let me quote it dynasty and still curtain was locked down for sure. Stealer nation was born at aunt and yeah. So that's that's the answer to that dealt with. As I said before, the break we will, of his royal highness. Neil digress. Thyssen joining us as we still have Jim Brandon with us and, of course, Eric Gulf, professor of Physics, Lynchburg College, still, all in them. So it's a rather crowded house. The whole thing about immaculate reception is that it sort of contains every facet of Miss theory, legend concern, Receive theory has backed science and a little bit of sport thrown in one Of many of the conspiracy theories surrounding the immaculate reception is what happens after Franco. Harris runs in this touchdown that
Once the officials go to the dugout, the phone and nobody knows who rang who, whether it comes from the press box or from the dog out, and that there was a reply with arbitrarily the supervisor from the NFL people say total fabrication. Others say that you know Mcnally tell them. What did you say then go with it right at your guys, together, go with it, but it's just adds another layer to the missed the legend to the mystery, absolutely actual, and then you know there's even I'm story and I'm sure another fabrication where you know one of the officials called in that same press box, that the phone call was to the police to see what
cops. Look at us. Airlines lower are there and, of course, to get us out of here why you got set within six calves to get you out of the six points from fits very well, you know, and the thing is they saying that the arbitrary watches a tv replay and that's how the whole game is decided now that is worth who's this from the Oakland Tribute Geico Joe Gordon says: that's a total family connection, so I'm guessing guy from your contributing using the press box at the time. So we ve gotta go with his opinion on that one. So, Jim this happens in nineteen. Seventy two. So it should have been the moment way. Everybody went. This is what we can do with technology. We should be using incorporating, but it doesn't hurt more years starting more years, and what do you think, the dam that this play might have been
but it doesn't want already more Eurostar two more years. What do you think, the dam that this play might have been part of the resistance to go, because people are just like see now, if you, if you had done that when you were supposed to Oakland, would have one or what have you it might have? eight, an initial role, infancy, role in the Un Replay bottom. It wasn't still another twenty years later, when they said we are seeing at home. What's going on on the field, slow motion every you know every every little detail, freeze framework and it's embarrassing that we're not getting it right, official, wise, because I don't have any cameras at a game, maybe twenty. As a physicist you're, looking at the geometry of those Farmers will be thinking. Where do I get my best shots? Is there a kind of theory the allow was the cameras to grab the best moments to get the best analysis.
Not in the end, undermine the officials and by the way, and on just as an addendum to that same question. Eric do the cameras, because Looking at it through a lands, do they distort the play and of what you're seeing on screen in any way shape or form. Sure I mean you see the little tiny cameras that are in the other pylons in the end zone, and you know when the ball is coming in very close, the closer it gets to the camera. Then you can have a more of a kind of a distorted look at the image and absolutely that plays a role the camera sometime. Moving. You have a camera guy wire up over this the field in as the cameras moving, you have to take that into consideration when you're watching the replay some damage of of cameramen actually holding a camera.
Living even the ones that are stationary, that are holding her with their hand, conjugal a little bed, and sometimes I can even influence the the video that you see. Oh wow, so we, the one the suspended, is despite a camp. I know I didn't come up with that mind. Don't look at me like that, then you ve got the steady
The big guy able braced aimed at the framework is running along. How long do you think before we get drones and as a physicist, are they going to be the answer for cameras and technology of the future, while everything else is becoming more and more automated? So I wouldn't be surprised if we start getting tracking devices and footballs, then the cameras, the contract them maintain and actual image of the football throughout the play, which is what we didn't have any immaculate reception. He glanced at the ball on the ground, ran off or slightly off. So one of the things that comes about when people actually look at these plays is the fact that the instant replay, whether it existed then or not what you didn't, but even if it did it, solves nothing and it would have solved nothing because the people who look on one side who are on one side? They think one thing the people were on another side: they take another think if you're a stateless friend, it's the immaculate reception and you are right as fan it's a rip off, it's the immaculate d,
yeah a nice is the whole aspect of you speak to one fan. You speak two players on one team. You get one answer on one answer only touch down: why are we even our great you go to the other side, say politely thing, but this has sums, in simple and that's why we have none other than doktor kneeled Grass Thyssen himself and he's gonna talk about the size of confirmation buyers, because normally we have even talking about astrophysics, but in my travels What I have found out about him is, he knows everything still norms, that regime AIDS or would I say there has to be clear, yeah it's because someone knows more than you in my book. It does. But you know I mean you know so in the last said what we heard you talking to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and you
I assume you know you said we were pulling quarterbacks about the immaculate reception and then you said it's it's funny that you just basically account this up to luck. You no problem duenna. If he was like, I wish I could have that kind of luck. So two things one. I want to talk to you as a sign. This. Do you believe in luck as a scientist, is there such a thing? As luck? I'm a fan of the adage. Luck comes to the to the well prepared so the people who are luckiest are the ones who not only see an opportunity but exploited and use it to their advantage, which stand to others who did not see the opportunity it comes across as some called luck. So another reason why we even think look exist as a thing is. There is no hardly any training and probability statistics in our case through twelve educational system, and so we are woefully unpaid.
Air to understand statistics of things, not only that to understand things like that chances of winning a lottery ticket implements curious is the lottery in most states feeds the occasional system with a view to their efficacy. You would never play the lottery exactly it's obvious and the lotteries artist interest to make sure that they dont teach probability statistic unwise, and would be performing a lot better than that. So I am not convinced that there is such a thing as luck, there's just the random statistics that we interpret it as some kind of direct.
In reality, can you design a play using and certain element of probability stinking? Yet this is how we do it in this particular part of the game, which is desperation time, you're, so baseball. Does that all the time? That's, why else walk out a batter for one who can want a little better, though, swap our runner confront better on that each year by the differences Bayswater discussed the statistics of these things in football, you don't quite get the full discussion time available,
but you can in principle, run something purely statistically based on the history of outcomes, given a situation its well known, for example, the teams should go for first down on third down more often than they do right by some of those times they will make first down and some of those bill score the touchdown, but they are not. There are definite times we are saying. At the statistical outcome favours going for third there I'm going for fourth down and whatever, but the coach will not do it right because it depends on the coaches, awareness and sensitivity to the road. Statistics in their lives and in their decision making. And now, if you went everything by statistics, then I guess you'll need a coach. So let me tell you:
before them, but I bet they'll saying over my life experience some invoking here, well that my experiences informed by some statistical history of outcomes, given a situation we get it if they get it wrong that we all become Monday morning, quarterbacks were now Tuesday morning, quarterbacks if they, if they get it right, and one praises there side in their ingenuity and again, this is that this is where people will interpret luck. His skill, when effect, would really just been luck. Gotcha. So we get only philosophical close to its economic situation of working out. The full statistical distributions of outcomes are right. So if we get to the philosophical point, where is the game for the human error, or do we take human error and just take a computer on the side an unjust punching, an algorithm and off we go? I gotta say course: baseball has passed that and a kind of miss the the coach kicking.
Dirt on the issues of the empire. Panel interface like this, we see these little bit me, mrs them. I don't know why it's kind of perverse actually cause you want the truth to manifest and ideally their way, but I don't know I'm for me sport is human and decision making is human and why why do you know if there were no judgment of referees? Everything was hammered. Experiment like I said you wouldn't need the referee yeah It's funny, but even some human I got one here dad every fifth play is the opposite of what the referee calls habitat just throwing you missed now you eyes, I would cite the Red Sea the ram. The random bizarre call random bizarre so now
we ask- and this is one of the main reasons one to have used, because when you look at this play, which is probably the most how to play in football history ever. I think it's because it is still to this day the most controversial football play, despite the fact that it's been books written, there has been countless interviews done, there's been analysis conducted ad infinitum, but what happens is irrespective of whatever the data may say, people on one side who actually think that this was a good play, they come out seeing the video seeing the explanations- and they say it's a good play. The people on the other side say that Oakland Raiders were ripped off and that they should have never happen. They come out say it should Ever there looking at the exact same thing and this is what I wanted to get to you about who
Is that an do we see that one in science and and do you know where else? Do we see that so yes, this is, as you had hinted earlier, it's a form of confirmation bias, which is a very human thing, the things we want to be true and we will create a bubble around ourselves receiving information that supports what we want to be true and that bubble is kind of is, is bullet proof against any piece of data, any thought, any commentary that might undermine your belief. That is true it. So you have a filtering mechanism for information and its in many cases is its highly subliminal. You now you're making rational decisions, but in fact you're not and now what you will need in the case of the immaculate reception. Is you invite in a space alien who doesn't really care, doesn't even understand any. Does it? What does it look like to you? They point out an awesome catch then we're pretty
Thirdly, does the entrances wait a minute? The ball touched the ground. It shouldn't do that, so what you want an unbiased observer. And it's basically would be an extreme limiting case of that an unbiased observer will have less will be less susceptible to compromise. Bias in science. Of course we know all about this compromise This is one of many many biases there's a whole Google page, a wiki page very nicely prepared talking about all the cognitive biases that we are victims of as humans in science? We have slightly more awareness of that possibility within us still the risk that our scientific results can have the bias of what we want, and so that's why scientific result is not true until there's verification from competing factions
I don't want someone else. Does it who has no risk of the same kind of bias I might have put in someone who's a competing banning of the universe waiting for confirmation that someone else does it who has no risk, same kind of bias. I might him put in someone the competing researchers all manner of people, someone from another country with a different vaulted. Out of them out of the wall that powers than apparatus. If we all start getting the same result, then we know I was onto something and I was not subject to bias, but people start getting different results from me then people start looking to me and say: are you biased? Was there a blunder and that's a demerit in my scientific standing, so we don't want to ever be victims of our own buys. We want to be the most critical viewers of our own work so that no one else puts it in our face. Got it very, very cold, Vertical so now, let me speaking of confirmation bias, I'm sure
you see in the immaculate reception, could you once and for all settled this subject for us to his here's, my report by the way in the Pittsburgh Airport yeah there's a mannequin of fragile Harris, yes grabbing. The ball right, just before its touching the ground rang and like very, is right there in the airport, and so it was not only football play. It is now legend an elevated to the level of shrines, yeah yeah, that's what that was. So I think it's one of these plays where, if it was not legit. It's so much more amazing and fun. If it were so, let's just keep it that way: gotcha gotcha used to run for office seconds,
hey meal thanks so much for joining us in lending your voice to this very important forty four year old controversy in that work, It has been now there has been a link you as always arise will catch on another time. Aren't I look forward to a thanks, a lot confirmation from the voice, the designated voice of the universe? Yes, it's in. Yes, we are going to take another break so question time. John Fukushima, the intended receiver for thoroughbred shows pass, has a middle name. What
he's? Middle name might ever think about. Let the next question the chief official on the day, the number one referee was he's right guarantees for you. We will have the answers when I come back, get thinking.
Very rightly said this is playing with science. Yes, it is, and we ve been talking about the immaculate reception most famous play in unifil history. Certainly is and it is already caused a number of debates, some of which have not been settled, some of which have right to questions before the break. Here are your answers. I asked you the nickname of John Fuca from the Steelers Frenchy Fronty, always known as French. She and the chief official the senior member head on showed a big cheese. Whatever you want to call him Fred Swearingin was,
The man on the other end of the phone to and fro supervisor Mcnally, so perfect name for a referee. I swear that was a car. I swear. Swearing in Euro is going to fund the humor and I'm going. I can't help it. Should you right now, let's tone towards the legacy of display yeah, I said an introduction. It was the turning point for the Steelers and their franchising, the seventies? Absolutely it turned the riders fans, the club into writers. Verse is not just the NFL, but the world have found that battle is still raging right now, but is given to so many other legacies and sought with the change of the rose, an instant replies and all sorts of other things as well as debates. Absolutely I mean that I think one of the enduring legacy is just the fact that it still such an iconic which I don't know Joe, maybe you from writer standpoint. I kind of feel like the name itself had a big part
Remembering this play, I mean not only play he's gonna name like I remember what was the San Francisco Superbowl, where Montana they called it, the catch never caught on the cats never got on you know, and you had the one with the giants over the Patriots were Tiree coded on his head and his hat, which is ridiculous right. No one's ever even name that like what they never even named it like Helmut catch or you know what I mean forty two, I think they're cats, forty two lousy made. No wonder nobody! Nobody there's, like you, know, there wasn't any. There was some controversy surrounding their catch to whether or not he asks whether or not it would hit the ball hit the ground it was all about. It touched the ground, but still even without controversy. Nobody really to this day talks about with the phrase you asked about the phrase here we got. The phrase was first use donated by Myron COPE moment
Yes, a pit spoke sports, castor, who was reported recently this victory, and if it's my wound, Sharon, Lebowski, cold cope. The knight of the game is suggested, a name that was coined by one friend, Michael offered, so CUB says it all comes up with it and the rest. You know it is a history and I make sense you now, so you know here's the thing about this that I find fascinating here. We are all these years later we put out on twitter and Facebook. You know just kind of an alert like hey guys. If your affair, the immaculate reception, give us your us your thoughts, Jonah one, that's always give us. I have five page five pages of quotes and thoughts from people online. Here's a warm words Facebook says it was terribly signing the play leading up to the catch. It was an amazing day to watch this happen. To tell whether or not the ball touch them.
During the catch or not. Today we have so many camera angles with so much detail. They can analyze whether it s was complete or incomplete. With incredible precision. There is simply no way to tell if this was complete or incomplete by the video. That's one hand, however, if you check out the statue in Pittsburgh Airport think it puts all doubts to rest. Okay, so clearly he's a mean that one of the George Washington or is it a lot of Frank it's so here? another guy Chris Larsson from Facebook says this. It's its throat injures ball. This guy gets a little low. You like that when Eric strolling theirs. Well, that's what he says sweeter than Schroeder's cat, He says I want explain Eric placed before you go and explain that whole slowly,
you're running or give us the floating or analogy well that the short years cat idea was that you could have a cat simultaneously being alive or dead state. This was something that was kicked around during the early days of quantum mechanics, not knowing something and having dully probabilistic interpretation. So I think that the football is the same idea you know, was it above the ground or was it touching? The ground re idea right was or was it tat? Was it not touched by the office of players? So that's the floating yours ball related suited to the list of conspiracy theories. Yes exactly, and he says it was both a catch and not a catch. At the same time, get over it. Schroeder's bar Chris Larsen said that here's a play cool. I got I got to give you guys the coolest. We got a little twitter response and I think it's the coolest twitter response that we got on the whole thing. This is from Mark cuban
and yes there that mark that mark cuban billionaire MBA franchise owner MAR Cuban actually said this I remember that moment- I was upset thinking we would lose, went out to shoot some baskets, of course, and then came.
Screaming entered the room once I found out that day that they had one. So how cool is that that but see that's it around the players, the players would be upset or exhilarated euphoric put. The ripple effect of this twenty six seconds has been amazing and it's still finding its way out into the universe. So the thing is Jim: there was a guy who has the bull from the immaculate reception and he dived into a rock of people after the point after grabs it and he still got it. Miss locked in a safety Novotny lives in Pittsburgh, and it goes to the horrifying every now and again and it's that sort of stuff that you just is bunkers, but it touches people on such a level. Why do we follow sports? It's fair yea, I'm on the back your neck and artifacts baseball, certain things you know we eat
we'll keep sakes, but it's because we remember the moment is that they are not the ball at sea. We see this french eyes coming the Stevens franchise before this particular they are often not in in a thing, was sixty nine Bradshaw is benched, but they were just around us and this change their fortune. The raiders were like the Euro, not America steam, they were like the anti american team. Would I think they still are it's a watershed moment for the state twisted. The fates of both teams raising, because the prize of beating the right is on the day is a game against the mommy dolphins. Now Eric you have a little bit of trivia. That's attached to this particular day could spoke history, so the game against my army was played in three river stadium, which was odd because my me was undefeated at the time.
And the Pittsburgh Steelers lost twenty one, seventeen, but that that same day that this work and everyone else in the sports world and the world in general loss, Roberto, Clemente to a plane crash. He was on his way to Nicaragua, help victims of an earth. Wait, and it was said that there is a sad day just just thirty. Eight,
years old and hid. It is last he had major League baseball was three thousand TED was over. He finished with three thousand on the nose and the thirty first in December and semi two's of is adjusted awful day in Pittsburgh history, while the magic of the numbers, because I'm sure he's on postal targets, would have included three thousand now Mary is achieved its thinking. What else can I achieve and then its dramatically taken away? One of what a site where you know it's funny, because when you talk about sad days and you're talking about legacies, I actually transcribed. I sat- and I listen to some of these comments- that these players me after this game and it fascinating
The kind of out I want to call it sour grapes, you know about it, save a great deal with these guys. I mean this really had an effect on them. Ok, so listen to fill Filipino. Who was the linebacker for the Oakland Raiders during that these are his exact words. Ok, I'm not making any of this up, and I didn't embellish at Harrow, Gus care Bradshaw took snap. I looked at him, I look Franco. I look back at him again Franco's doing nothing to miss is black Bradshaw scrambled out of the way Franco comes jargon down. The field have speed. My man, so I'm jargon, half speed with them. I saw Bradshaw, throw the ball I sat over to help make the tackle. Meanwhile, Franco had just drifted over there somewhere, and it goes right
had I been, his lazy is Franco. That ball would have come to me ways tat. Now I spent around. I can still make the play met, making no, whatever remembered this guy there tied in smart player dives. The back of my legs. What's he got to lose they're gonna the game anyway, the biggest clip ever know clip car. Remember lying on the ground, watching Franco turned down the side lie just not believing just can't believe what have That's an angry do and you don't need a line back of his angry about it. So it's so funny like so many fancied tat would have been in the locker room just started and the the adrenaline understand the anger bulls just be festering terrible scene. If I was his lazy ass, he had been oh, yes or no
don't hold back. At that moment, you don't care at all, as an athlete has just lost a game like this, so you just let it all out late. Now, it's funny you jack Tatum, who do you know of course he's at the centre of controversy. There's a guy. You know whether they just touched. The ball. Did you not now? Originally Tatum were immediately after he said you know, hey, I didn't touch the bar, but then there's other interviews where you hear him say really couldn't tell you if I hit the ball or lad. So you know it's here is a guy who, once again here somebody fates turned on this game that I think the one that really the quota got me. The most was Frankie Folklore, who was the guy who Frankel Harris kind of supplanted as the Saviour of Pittsburgh this what he actually set years after this game years and years after this game? He says it was my opportunity to be a hero.
To be lifted up on everybody shoulders, I'm looking into brats eyes, blue eyes, the whole time I know he's gonna, throw to me he ducks he comes up. He throws the bar. Where I look to the sidelines. He runs Messiah with my hundreds of thousands of dollars, would have me if I would call the ball in score. I'm saying myself, God how messed up as there may. Well. Let me have you spell team again at the moment. The eye in it, too, is the one with the eye and the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but then again just as after which he said that it spoken to one person. One person only mention that was the old owner Rooney and he said I told him what happened and ruin his reply was Frenchy just keep it immaculate. So he's never spoken about that again.
Of what actually happened while there doesn't seem like a happy memory for in many ways. The first of these is monitoring that whole vain estimate. Without a doubt this fine yeah really enjoyed this. I mean look, walk down memory Lane I was the ok. Let's do just to destroy pull your opinion. Was it or not? I think Tatum. It went off his sword, repairs, I don't think so. Touched it, I think it would offer Tatum and then, in its day way is what it is MAC you it immaculate Eric. As a scientist, I don't have it David. I make a perfect assessment, so I'm gonna wanna say I I just don't have a gut feeling on it.
That was very scientific Erin. I, the man, he's principles and stop. Were there, I think it's a touch down. I cannot rule all Franco Harris because I don't see any one can, apart from the man himself where they have it and what we do say is all respect to the officials because they call it basically there and then in real time, yet so tough job of job arrogant in high school. We used to do a thing, we're ref what make a bad car and everybody what chance. The rough beats: his wife, the Rev Pizzas wife. Now that means nothing I just thought I'd share that. Thank you, Professor Airy Gov. Thank you so much for your insight into the physics of the american reception, Jim Brennan. Thank you for being material has been absolute pleasure and memory and sorts. I'm very rightly I'm nice, and this has been playing with science if you have thought on the immaculate reception. Thank you.
These self shared with us if it's immaculate deception and there's nothing going to change your mind, forty or company by finance why does my I'll drop the organs. Which you can listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star, talk, patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot coms last star talk. Radio
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