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#ICYMI - The Science of SailGP

2019-07-18 | 🔗

In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel…. Hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice investigate the science-filled, data-driven world of SailGP yacht racing alongside Team USA member Hans Henken and Team USA performance analyst Phil Crain. 

Photo Credit: ©SAILGP-Javier Salinas.

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that's right and joining us from team. U s a sale, JP performance analyse, feel crane along with crew member, who was also an aeronautical and astronautical engineer and a limp. It hopeful HANS Hank, yeah and there's gonna be a great service. But before we have them walk the plank and we will get them to tell us all their secrets and, of course, where they buried the treasure. Yes, nothing better than buried treasure. No seriousness. Algae pay is the sport at its best and if you ve never heard of this sport rising at this level, today's episode will wet your appetite. Put you at the front of the pack and She listened to this episode. Go straight to the sound JP website. Will give you the details later, but before we get what first guys we must go gradually, the? U S, team for their first ever win,
GPA that was rice, five in New York and really must have been brilliant to podium in their own country, first up Chuck and as we promised coming to us right now of light controller for you, A of former World champion moth sailor Oh, it's really interested and, of course, things you ve ever seen and your life, and he has also an aeronautical and an astronomical. Engineer, housing, about signs, maybe maybe you might know a little bit about science, its HANS Hank, HANS. How are you buddy I'm doing great thanks? Are you were good thanks for coming to get away from Germany, we're pretty excited about you being the show and talking about the sound jp experience, because it's it's ridiculous when
You think you are actually or are you not? U flying assailing as law that offer share at its base dimension where death by sailing the vote, but that is how the third dimension we gonna fly or the World Bank to combat faster, so yeah if they are to hold a vote for sure- and you know what why don't we get into that because you know, I think, for the listener wouldn't be fascinating. Is the flying part- and you know we're talking about foil- and the foil is which is what is under the bow and it uses kind of like the same physics as an airplane, lift and drag to pull the bow up out of the water. Once the book reaches a certain speed. So can you break that
down for us and our listeners so that we can get kind of a mental picture of what's going on here sure force. So we have these vague hydra oil, which are these kind of l, sheep boards that go into the water and as the boat, continually increasing, speed or able to add left these boards. The same way that the airplane adds left to its airplane, mainstream and four at a typical speed around eighty knots, the board is able to have enough speech at our enough left, actually left the entire body of water, so the force of the vote is producing on them. Utter the flaws, I over the overcome that force and lifted up. So you are all right, so you are now using gifted if the windy say fifteen eighteen, not you can probably get two. Fifty sixty knots, speed, yeah. Theoretically, that's but that's the whole point is personally
extremely fast. Yes, but that's not right is it? How do you give your wind power? How do you go faster than the wind? Well, it all it as all about heroines. So right, if you think of it this way on steel day completely. Still in your rang, your bike down the road of the electors went on your face threads, apparently its apparent, which allows the boy continues to grow. Faster and faster. It actually creating its own breeze at sea and on land and apparently in front of that bright and asked what allows about the continually increasing speed and go faster than the breeze that we actually have girl louse. You know what you just parked in my mind, letting you know, if is it food related cuz? It did get out. Normally I normally it makes me. Hungary has anything that we talk about normally makes the hungry, but I have to say you know it's funny because as a grand Prix Razor is kind of the same when you think about the foil
creating lift. That means it also behind. It has to create draft. So when you're talking about that apparent when that means that you can reach a certain speed, that you create enough turbulence behind you to disrupt what you're doing in such a way to Through you up, you can go, you can actually go too fast. There is definitely a kick their deadly. That problem, and for exactly that reason we have two different sets of Wales Day Light air set up. Tell her hand and a high speed set off over a wide area, officials are used for conditions where its significantly lighter so tat, not surrender. And then, as you got your faster and about fourteen fifteen ass, we add the high speed files so that the exact problems didn't
the gods are different shape. Yes, well known different parts or live about how bout yeah so that career, so both those are two different types of your files, their ads about, and they have to be done before we go on raising so every morning. There's a forecast round and sail JP makes a call but wars were used for that particular day right cause everybody has. He has the exact I'm cited me because you have with you when you say sale JP makes the car it's, because the sanctioning body has determined that every single both must be exactly the same. Right I'll cataracts exerts, basically like a title, is by no means always gonna formula. One day everybody around I'm, I'm Tellin, you ve problem Guess I'm not a sailor. You ve got a flight control system which is new as as opposed to what was a joystick. Is that correct correct when the boats were being test rain design previously there,
that turned out to be not very ad adequately used? It wasn't the response time of the joys. Take wasn't fast enough to keep up with the user interface of need actually slide. The boats and and vigour Greece, Thursday the bus and vigour. Greece has been changed to these two different dogs on either at the European Standard completes and it allows you to have a much faster interface before so a time of it? about from you action in something at your hands to the reaction of the files. It's it's almost wonder why, while almost the S demeanor stop perfecting ivory system, has its delay rest away in the system changing from the employees of the terrain, yes to the soil, but there are gaining settings and able to change on the flight enforced. Help me both for the most part. It is under one with you re able to have a kind of one to one relationship with the soils Aouda. Turning to the embargo
until conditions in the rice, or is someone instructing you for the most part? I making calls my on LA about how the boats flying through the water and the new Ashley S coming off off the land. So I had the. Pleasure of watching you guys I couldn't get on the media. Both know ye out of the water, but I guess they know me and they were like now, don't let that guy on the boat. Now I couldn't stiffer unit for the time that would take to get back to land. So whilst it you know from where the cameras were on land and the people that were watching, who have never seen a sailing raised before you like people, stayed the whole time, that's how sire amazing that's how exciting it was. People did people didn't say like, and this is new
I know your people happy crap law. The timing are like tat lives, our I haven't. They just go about their business. People were stopping and watching the entire. Raise on RE says it was incredible because, first of all, it says so exciting the why she's boats come up out of the water, the amount of speed and, of course, is so tat eight area- oh my god, why make it easy yeah? Speaking of that aren't? So here we go, you guys are getting up. Two speeds. You know routinely forty five. You know you can get up to fifty MB an hour? I sixty miles an hour if you want it in a straight line, but with the winds being disrupted by the buildings and the water
really was a beautiful day, ass, beautiful deficit, otherwise, because unless current the what it was a little choppy, ok and the course is so tight how? How common is it to see like a collision or how afraid, Are you have a collision and not you not you colliding with somebody else telling you cuz I'll. Be more scared of that I mean. There's, there's always that that's here in the back your mind, you're like wow. Do you know we're going really fast and everyone else is trying to do their best to stay in control as well, and I think that takes everyone, It seems to be able to look outside the bow, and now they focus on what we are doing, but also try to focusing on everyone else is doing that. We were all into us every summer, maneuver, because you can't the decisions we make highly effective both around the same time. So, no matter what we do. Other people are thinking. The same thing says it is a group, every item, keeping a say
but the things I was going to bed so trying at the age all the time some about internet site address whenever it must formula one and ask where, where you know you have to be compatible with the guy, but you also have to care about the other guy too, like everyone has a care about one another, but at the same time you gonna beat them, but you don't care enough because- and this is on water. So therefore is gonna. Take me about this long. To mention pirates We're gonna be piracy, because you gonna steal other guys, wind, you gonna, try and cut off the supply, and that tactic I can see, run regaining sailing. Is it still relevant embracing jp? Yes, that is still very relevant zeal tv and something that we have to deal with all the time to do that higher speeds eyes, not only that area to deal with because up to deal with that awake through the one. That's right: the violence and the waters. A big deal, ideals growth, because this horse were sailing into mediums rang exactly because
what's going on above the water and what's goin on below the water, are equally as important for you guys, very, very sure, yeah. So let me ask you this speaking about what what you said about a week, so you guys are selling on the Hudson, which is not a river people. Think it's a river, it's not as a title. Influence, estuary, the natives yet, and while we notice- because I do some research for climate and so the area- not I don't like us anyway, the native Americans called the Hudson the river that flows both ways and that's because the currents are notorious.
Oh yeah, higher fairies, drawing all we re a man. So how do you guys? How do you deal with something like that, especially when the current or changing direction it? You know, I mean? That's it, that's huge! It's it's a big part! Everything in our sport had something that's really relate above sailing, so a lot of us able to bring them back from typical normalcy, alien and apply it. There are fifty seven for sure, but it is a judgment call all the time you have to do is just like seeing pressure on the water from the breeze have to make a current decision and calculation that goes into where you place your maneuvers Highbury, resources efficiently as possible. So as just another wanted, no invariably have to add in the entire equation of what is simple reason all the time to mention the fact that you gotta be mindful of another competitors wake. How often does that get down on purpose? I don't know of his no at at this early stage of raise Yale thing allow this array.
Lets you worried about you not purpose fight tat are, I think, as the sea, as you see, it develop down the lion and the next two events. I think those are to see more of the competitive edge in relation to data big factor in and how He sailed about when I was telling child out of the british team capsized just out of sportsmanship so as to allow the other times better choice. To wind up. You do realize the Brits are very polite lie. I realise that very polite, yes at such as speaker that helps you guys right now clock the longest time for flight. So you know you guys clocked over an hour of flight in the race and you also have the fastest speed in a straight line. Thus far, I'm trying to figure out is this something that you guys, take and then use it, but, like you like a man with what happened that when this happen and there you
Brooklyn that as it as a team cause you're caught up like a hive mine, there's like five guys, got it yeah so soon to pay you back off that there's an extortion about data comes off these boats like enough one and all that data is being able to be processed and used by all of us on the team to be able to figure out why something worse or something else, doesnt work and so from all those episodes and all from all those different kind of incidents were able to diagnose the date exactly why Sunday working really well that we try to replicate them racing Can you how how quick case that data from the boat to the shore and back to you and to sit there and read a computer screen in the middle of a race or are you without sir? That's funny you ass? We have we have on board. We have six differently.
Your strains. Given us real time, data on our actual, both in terms of boats, feed lists, drag all these different has Bedfordshire being displayed. Our boats are able to accept a snapshot decision making based upon that data, but then, over the course of the day is all collected and with the with the great help from Oracle able to house Debrief same day without exact data. Looking at it being, I came this maneuver right here at now. Three o clock is a really good maneuver. Why was a good you'll go back to the data in writing de Vries, like ok, because this doesn't this happened- was high replicator next time, so that our China got you whenever nautical an astronautical engineer. I guess I'm congratulate No sir, no sarcasm attach their main. Congratulations as brilliant. You gonna need that
is to be idle absorbed. That kind of data in the middle of a race. Did you choose that always ready? Because you knew you were going to be a flight controller on a deep he vessel? I never never, really. Every day, I by studies, will be applied in this direct way. In my act like her, I am happy to have the background knowledge to be applied to it and, yes, it is. It helps me a lot having the engineering background to be able to understand all this data men and be able to help my fellow she may have diagnosing as I do, speaking of the data and what carriages asked you with a computer screens and the real time data transfers and, at the same time, what's gonna raise. What I see is, I see a foil come out of the water, and then I see a foil dropped back down in the water, and you know it is. Is that something that is more intuition? It's like. I feel, like I've, seen these conditions before
or are you looking at Us Greens and of man? I gotta. Do this or a combination of the two is desolate combination of the two things at first all intuition, How long did it take you to learn your vessel? Yes, I did. This was a really really now and it's been at this- been a really really fast. Deep learning curve being able to keep up with everything that has to be new areas must be learned and have implied in the racing sense has not only do we have to learn a very quickly, but then we have to apply in a very competitive atmosphere to give any better than other people, and so it is an ongoing process and things about the butcher ashes. Slowly. Changing as people have learn about them, they say hey. No, this system needs to be changed because I'm not visually able to control that well enough. Yet so since since Sidney our first event back in and February till now, there's a finnish quality tweaks to control system. The loud allow, the flight controllers and
the different manipulators. I'm about to have a better feel that our touch on the bus themselves it for now it is still an ongoing process. More in the entire about Fischer, has pretty wild man. You guys are you guys, are trailblazers, that's what you were actually get wake bleed. All I can say that trail barriers, but anyway, how do you work with the helmsman? Because now the house was the guy with the steering wheel, right answer and you're the flight control or you're you're? Actually, you know tweaking the in all these little, not even a little, and now these huge ways and little ways, and so are you sometimes file a boat, and he sometimes flying about, or are you guys working in tandem or how do you distribute labour so that you're never working against one another, as a really good, what movie has Tom sets on board, so it's so loud on board were going so fast that you physically have to have to be able to talk to each other. So we have on board communication and how that we,
This is a manoeuvre, as you are talk that earlier. This does boards going up and down and so at different times. Different wars are being controlled by two different people, though, as we go no one way on controlling them the boy wishes to lured, but one has been under power and allowed, but have left and that as we slowly change direction, the helmsman taste control of that wars and then the new born goes down I'll, be had taken the troll that one so there's there's a communication hand off in a look you're fine. The boat now concentrate on the new foregoing down and then there's Kate you for going down happy for all border come up, and so there is a little bit covered a have verbal hand off in an artificial hand off per se, for anybody listening to this within their variety. If I know, but you know what that's what has to happen, what, I think anybody who has never seen so JP what will blow them away part from the fact that you guys fly and its counter intuitive.
You fly the bow and I'm sitting going how'd you find about and so you go watch it and you realize that when you tat you pay almost on one foil, I've never seen across that size be able to turn in such a small soap unbelievable how on earth do you turn a vessel that size in such a small circle, because it sets out right Just when you say the guy's tack yeah, so I mean we're really comes down to is the matter surface area that the latter were were sailing the boat on a very, very small amount of a foiled rail there's. The the elevators on the rudders are about as long as my arm so three feet, and then he now depend upon it for the high speed, foil or that of allied airfoil, there's only maybe about six feet. A surface area in terms of length, rather than total there's does very little in the waters.
Go to rotate the boat for rotate? The boy like on a surfboard there's nothing down their rights. What has just been right around rains that is always enjoyed in the time majority. The time we're ashes, slowing the turned down for ourselves, get across wicked, with ourselves right off the armed forces are so high that work. If you, if you see the video everyone's leaning ends at the turn, all the time is the G forces while throws right off the boat, so the chief also you experiencing, I say, with olive oil. At least to two and a half cheese. Lanterns. That's that's! Prettier! That's pretty attends about how I feel about everything. Tat Assyrian! I mean well, hey, listen man! It is really a pleasure having you on and in talking about this exciting new sport that I think so many people are going to find and fall in love and we really appreciate your being here- makes race is in cows and for any but doesn't know that's on the Isle of Wight to suck the very south of England.
And it's your house, we added sir, it's it's it's a very, very famous regatta, and I wish you the very best of luck as it, sir. It's a kind of a For sailing cows must have they serve as dairy cows weak as a huge weaken the ceiling world and for the fifty ITALY there on the tens of thousands of August. Fantastic, looking forward to a wish list of LA. I wish you all the best man. Thank you. Thank you so much they scrapping you got it thanks. And if you haven't seen sale, JP change, as soon as you possibly can offer. You listened to the whole podcast we're gonna take a break when we come back. We have Phil Krajina he's performance, analyse so the person that gets a data since then it back and gives the guy's everything they need to know. Particularly girls before you, when I consider singing all of the ads on this shell there Just one way to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last startled and
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To the club. Does need to be covered in science, start he's here to help gotta start talk, radio, but that's last store and choose between our let's make America smart again poster or our start talk universe, poster get yours! I'd start talk, revealed that lets last store. What about playing with science and sail JP episode now be spoken, a hands handkerchief and I think you ll agree, may what a fabulous fabulous insight into what it takes to being control. Vanessa, fifty catamaran lying on the water lying about actually flying under the water and over the water from confused. Yes, in there is an awful lot of strategy and someone who is part of that strategy is analysed folk
in whose performance analyse fulfil, welcomes a prime assign. Sir. Thank you. I knew you were having me your hollowed out it out. So just you kind like we ve described it was the fifth Paypal. I hope you don't mind. Tat analogy. But how are you intricately involved in the rice performance, a sure. So, when the guys are out there racing or winner practicing unable to sit on shore and get loud, telemetry said to me both from our team and from all the other teams. So it at the guys have a question as the wise man eating them. I can help him answer it and do it almost a meeting You get the other guys date through as well by the other guys getting his data to yeah everybody gets everybody's did nobody's it's interesting from there. You praying yours planks. Dimensional chess. You can now
eyes only other aspects or maybe it's another layer to EU strategy. Absolutely yeah said pretty unique to sail to paint a. We can see what everyone else is doing. It really levels the playing field and it makes it easy for four times that are less experienced a cash, quickly and we keep the racing to entice well. I had also it also. That also is a great display of the skill of those who are in the boat. If all factors are equal, all across the board, you know absolutely another protested. The athletes right, what kind of teller metrics are we talking about here everything so we have over twelve hundred channels a date.
She's slips outbursts, oh my god and hang hands was quite flippant about who is unable to assimilate the information that's coming at me, so you can't just dated dump per flight control. You ve gotta, be selective. Surely no, not absolutely I you know I could give you give them where more than they could process. We typically now try to pick out a few key things that we may be focusing on that day or on that race, and in talk about those, because there are so many different things it could focus on. You can get overwhelmed variously. Withdraw those hundreds of data points there. Can you give us some of what you would consider most
Critical, I mean circumstances are going to dictate that that will change, but are there any that you look at it from race to race and say I hear that here are some critical keys that I have got to focus on yeah. So one thing that we look at what is the wing profile? So we can we have these rigid carbon fiber wings and place for sale. Yes, and you can control the control the shape of them very accurately, so you can adjust the candour in it. With an opportunity that a little bit differently and that's a big driver that that's where you or your powers coming from so you're, trying to compare between the teams and see in it? Who has the best wink profile for that day? Those when conditions is a big thing for base to raise another thing is the year we called it better average, which controls the patient about how a bow upper bowed down. You are that's another thing that we look at very consistently across the fleet, while certain what is
there are ever been a time when you're looking at just. Let's just take those two data points and then maybe you know some environmental data points at the same time, and you look at another team and say: oh my god, look at what they're doing are you able to them in real time, make the adjustment Your team, or is it something that you wouldn't do because Europe focused on perhaps that that might work for them, but it won't work for you yet answered. I have to make the colonists something the coach- and I talk about a lot- is that these guys are doing something differently, but do we want to emulate it or not
Are we happy with where we are right, but it's good to feed on the information that have everyone? Is a team can discuss that, and you know there is an instance of San Francisco we're just practicing and doing lineups with her with another team, and they had a dimension that the term rudder average. They had a different rudder average than we did. They were going faster affair that information back to them. It just a few seconds after they finish that line up. Then they went line up with him again after changing to the same setting amber faster at the same speed. So we can make very quick changes if we want to see it, it's easy, but it did. You shows you took the lead full of complexity. We are operating at in this particular sport. It is, as you said, you gotta, be selective about what you bring forward, because in the end the fright control has got to be aware of the climax, situation around them? There was a lot in the New York Rice. I heard the commentators talk regularly about puffs.
And downward pressure, not that sounded as if that was something quite unique to this particular race. Yes, New York was probably the most challenging conditions were going to see on the whole tor and, yes, it is pretty unique. You get puffs going around the buildings on the Hudson. Coming from a completely different direction so that the window kind of wraparound one side of this building wrapper. On the other hand, you kids, eighty two green, I needed we win shifts and massive changes in the pressure so and in particular that venue, because we want you to keep your head out of the boat it looking cause, you can see on the water when they went off his coming. Looking for those enter, that's desk article in a place like that. Well, so you know in New York, I read that you guys clocked over an hour of our water flying time. How do you process that formation and then take that and improve the text, so that when you're, not in those conditions you,
be able to replicate it because I would assume- and I may be wrong. I would assume that the goal stay out of the water as much as possible to do as much flying as you can. Am I right get absolutely so when you're out of the water minimizing drag, you just have those hydro coils and there and that's the fastest it'll, be you. You won't be flying around the course all the time and so it you know, we can look at it daily like that day and figure out in particular, maneuvers that you want to look at those areas that are most likely to drop off. Your Doyle's. You don't go in a straight line, is pretty easy, maneuvering, making a turn it's hard to stay on their spoils. So we look at things like the turn rate of the different settings in the computer. How the guys actually on the boat
off control of the boat and try and figure out what was working that day and figure out how we can replicated in other locations mothers every team have a data analyse because I know I know team do as they does, but does every team have a person like you on sore related information processing information, because that extra set of eyes has gotta be invaluable? I I would see every team having to do this. It's there at the moment. Not every team does. I think more and more it you're gonna see other teens doing it. The USA is why the first identify that is, it is an area to this very important makes sense. Here I have to us, you ve got something like twenty. Four metres high wing, fixed wing. I mean we spoke to hands just a minute ago and we sort of related formula one motor racing with the fifty and house algae p.
Is going and operating motor racing lowest, sent a gravity you can possibly get yet you ve got it for me to fixed wing. You guys are working with essentially a low centre of gravity. So how have you come to terms with that in technical terms, to be still ensure that you do what you need to do with such a thing going on here. I need the wing is necessary and did it to be that told us you get yet more air, the winner moving faster you as its aloft, and they have tried very hard to minimize the weight Olaf's. So it said to completely carbon fiber skeleton, with just machine crap over it ass. If for what it is, it's very late, but it is still quite tough to the balance of the boat and it's just like any sailed over. These events, in particular, are bouncing just on one very small point: is Europe in avoiding doing that? Their ex tippy, if you will
and yet it takes the best sailors in the world to keep them upright all the time in the EU, as we saw in the New York events, some people don't keep it up right now, you're referring to the Brits, and we will discuss this with hands that was generous offer from the Brits too Take themselves out of the equation, gave us to allow others to win their which, as you are aware of that there are quite supporting greatness- is very sports they're nice guys what I thought: How do you know what data is just useful and what data is undeniable, because hands HANS told us ok like a lot of this, is my intuition. It's my sailing knowledge. You know so
How do you go to somebody like HANS or how do you go to a helmsman and you say: look man, here's what the data is saying, and I know it might feel like it's the wrong thing to do, but we gotta do it like this, and they is great that we have so much data to go back, as you can really get good answers to those questions of what is faster around the race track, and yet one metric dummies is called the envy of lasting made good round. So that's it. You can see how the rector of winter directly down in a sailboat, so the right component of your osity that's going up better downward and that the books that that's the critical thing right there. So if we compare two teams and say this is a big difference between us and our set up and thereby mg the better, you can put hard numbers on that say in a way
Try that as interesting. It is so. Let's go to the simulated, it's based in London and once the guy's a finnish competing in races. They generally assemble there and work on a simulator, and am I right in that you ve designed in this yourself or you part of a team, I'm part of a team at its that's worth undesigning at it's been a huge project in great success. I mean how difficult has it been? I mean we're talking about world class sailors here, but How- the vote, has been for them to learn what is basic
A brand new craft yeah- these are the most technically advanced, both sailing in the world. Right now, and it's me, it's really important to have something like the simulator out there, because the control systems are so accomplish, Kate as well that yeah for them to come and learn in the simulator and capsize that both as many times as they like they can try. Different positions at trial cause a different configurations and they can do that on the simulator no risk averse avi start discolour, throw the guys in there and let them get a feel for guys just like a real about like a real by listing in, and it is clear that the guys can can feel it just like. They would feel a real time doubt that, just like you about a real about gotcha, that's so now. Speaking of that is there a time where you will have a number of data points? Yes, where you can make your your your whole thing predictive, so that you're? Actually,
You know, anticipating from the data. What may happen because you been in New York enough times. You know that there are parameters that are going to pretty much dictate the way.
Racist gonna, go in the conditions and so boom you you, you would be able to predict New York would be a pretty tough one of all the venues adapting the toughest it sort of predict whether and how the buzz while I wind up in San Francisco venue that they want to previously be much easier, is relatively consistent with. We gathered very good data on the wing conditions in the current conditions there. So, theoretically, in the future, you know if we could have a much better than the current model. Better went model and predict say which side of the race coursed might have better wind and would help you with race. Why find interesting? Is an chunks touched on this? We have identical boats for each thing s the thing that makes them different will be the human involvement, the crew, the helmsman, the flight control and thinking about that you ve got five crew members, you ve got a weight limit. There's got to be a strategy involved in there. You know that your group
he's gonna- have to be power to wait ratio. You gotta, have people right. Now, you balancing out quite literally how you struck to retain well yeah. I e the athletes are the critical point here, and that is why we have a level playing field, as you say, most any other aspects. What makes a difference is that the quality of the athletes and sure is very important to have you externally, strong grinders, you dream beggarly and they they really. You know with thousand about with go. At the same time, its important have been extremely skilled flight controllers, hoping terms to the heat about stable at all, one big team right there in the yards, putting together the right, Teghmus is critical, hey speaking of teams and the fact that everybody has a level playing field. Does everybody get to you?
is your simulator? Ah, yes, yes, they're! All all the teams come uses simulator as opened everyone. All the teams have come and then they all said how realistic it isn't. They'll go becoming back, especially if they need to train new crews, but even in between events, they all come India. They get very limited time on the wheel boats on re water, so they have to submit with simulator right. I do you go because you probably person to answer this question. How much more do you think these crews can get out of with your help in terms of performance for the fifty? It's a tartar quantify it, but I think we could very easily see USA Yo competing for the tough spot in the week who they need a little bit more time, and I think.
We can get a good data so far with look. I gotta think if we have the right sailors, there, too were to make that happen than nice. What we're looking forward to that do, that is for sure next up cows in England, cows cows spoke with any cows Yes, I knew that wouldn't take hours on the Isle of Wight, very famous, don't market. Send the queen round with a colleague is likewise. Is that as it wise wise cow, such a famous sailing place his its historically for, however many years bein the week where everybody that sales Only then can anybody whose anybody who sales goes the cows. You bet These guys are there not. The cow was getting It's, not the cows. You can. You can wait goodbye to us after this interview. Honesty is the way of life.
When I can't wait to go to the cow is ok with the: U S tamed all the very best in cows, bs Five, you be a fabulous place for you to notched up a success. I felt thank you very much. You know where you are wasting. Thank you feel crime. At the performance analysed for team USA in sound G pay gap MA am her. I'm pre sailing cabinet, but it's a brand new We ran new vessels as he said, these are cutting. It does not more. There was no more technical, advanced sailing crafty out there if you're interested its sale, jp dot com, the up, don't go that he business show that would it won't be long? Now you have your chance ass, a mean vial, Hence this giant, China, Australia, the Brits, the French and, of course, the USA and how you ve got plenty of choice for attained to support, but I'm guessing I'll go with you. I cited, which is understand. The coffee
It is when you watch these teams out on the water. It's such a great thing to see that you're even care- it's like you just you just have to be watching it there. You know you are a gang. Of course. I want to tell you I say the wind but like when Japan one I don't care. I was just like these guys are rock and the like are you guys are cool, and once you see it, you realize why chuck- and I so excited about this sport here really is an awesome, awesome sport and we the message that they be season, so we wish, in the very best of luck for everything coming forward and I think filled, it was a little bit on the stated about as how much more they can get out of it, because every craft is identical, so it has to be done to the ability of the crew and ass we ve touched on already enhance their little bit modest, she's world class. Here is a world class sizes and he and others around this event are exactly in that category. So when you talk about them being athletes, that's where we are.
We are dealing with world class athletes and sailors. I wish you the very best of luck. Chuck that's activists have rested, sail away. I don't know whether there's a sunset involved in that are now but anyway, Hungary, a really nice. This has been playing with science, ourselves g pay special and we ve enjoyed your company and look forward to it in the very near future. We should listen. The star talk, commercial free, joint start, talk on patron for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch doc. Coms last star talk, radio! Wish! You could listen! The star talk, commercial, free, joint start. Compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot coms last star talk. Radio
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