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#ICYMI - The Science of Thoroughbred Racing

2019-04-25 | 🔗

In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel…. What does it take to win the Kentucky Derby? Hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice explore thoroughbred genetics and the ins and outs of horse racing with Dr. Stephen Harrison from Thoroughbred Genetics and former champion steeplechase jockey Sean Clancy. 

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, I'm very rightly, enterprise is playing with fire and into the kings. Okay. So what makes a women is it nature nurture all does not need a nudge one off. If not the world's leading expert on sir about Genetics is doctor state. Harrison? Who will untangle yet gwine DNA for us and show us how you go about breeding Kentucky Derby winner and giving the view from the top on top of a horse, that is its former championships, staple chase, jockey and a person active, involved in buying and selling bub stock is shown Clancy, so sad lap, it's time to ride out, but first this talk to doctors. Even Harrison? How are you doctor
I'm very well. Thank you. Carry her, you fabulous! Thank you for asking right. Thoroughbred genetics acquainted interesting title. So let's asked quite simple question: how do you go about or bought make? A thoroughbred horse were thoroughbred horses is a fantastic anamooka, fantastically athletic anabolic, it's totally artificial. Of course it's been about over the course of about three minutes. He is just by man. It wouldn't about naturally, has its roots going back into the sixteen hundred heads, but that's the first it but the set up in seventeen ninety one and from that point onwards, every horse that was bred racing. That was called the third that have to be in that book. So over three years, but we got is, is concerted. Greeting that
and its concentrated genes in these animals that are specific, just erasing, but you know you don't get either animal like them if you took any, I still regret and you put up against a whole host of any other breed, not not will not been derived from after about a call for any of the breach. It would beat them even worse by the fact that now and they got all combinations that make them just Joe racing animal. So doktor with that in mind, when you talk about selective breeding, how this genetic diversity play into that, or is there enough diversity in the pool that makes up thoroughbreds? Because I thought that you know if you had genetic diversity, you were actually.
Stronger, but you're saying that the you know these animals are so narrow in there and in their breeding that that's why they're bread, basically for running them from four for racing? That's it! So how does diversity play in Tibet? Thus to that great question, because overseas really important and kind of argue that forbids probably on a lot of people, think they are at the third good breed themselves. Take out, the gradual, but they all quite different. All different colored do different sizes. You get over different distances. They jumped over jumps. Twice in the one on the flat. So they all quite versatile,
It would be a strong indication that the knocked Graham bread evolved over three hundred and fifty years to be re cigar ones, but the so much diversity in raising within my group that there is no real matter fixation like. Can you get in petty, be dogs, whereas in fact rather, but I would say, are pedigree Mongols, basically, ah interest might add, trusting that's really cause laxity. There? It so there very much like human Britain, human beings very much so but like a group of athletes, running club all different, but I will do the same job right right, so we ve kind of got to the nub of what a thoroughbred asian. Thank you now the bit the interest, everybody with a dollar in their pocket,
how the breeders, slash owners and trainers gain an age or I winning egg from the sort of work that you do with these thoroughbred horses. Yeah. That's a good question too! and we set the company up in two thousand those they don't a few years now with the key to getting Wallace Jeanette this, this pedigree data modes performance data that has been collected The last three hundred and fifty years I'm gonna make genetic sends out a bit by applying dna tests. So what we are trying to do with such he makes sense of what works and what doesnt work and the edge comes in We would consider to be something like the equivalent you haven't. You show a few weeks ago, the money both so what we are doing is using probability of looking at how let a gene that we think are important are not important What I'm, without which genes and looking at the balance, they got unseen, how that works and probability white
like it, wouldn't money born. So we're looking at thirty five to forty percent habitability of embracing again of rating, Dorothy, and we look only seven factors for the new statistical model and we then moved women and also to breed authorised by we'll use that system to assess and a kind of money going to access them. So we ve been example before maybe not that our dealings that without people by over the last few years, then comes up. Eyes, muddy college race and their official ratings. We estimated that possibly using the system we got gave a thirty percent increase all those things over the system. We will use it if we didn't use of genetic the input that's yet impressive. Yeah I mean you must be come pretty pop. Within the blood stock business week. Bigwig weaken it our funds and we can study blot out and as well? I think it's a damn traditional business and again
you know using the money go analogy you so what kind of resistance was abandoned? baseball and suddenly again in soccer to exercise their resistance. Is there the old ways of the best and don't try and change it could be about them? At that time we all went out great mean a lot successes in the old ways, but you you look. I am adding exit things you go along in terms of trying to increase the percentage in every way. So, if you think about savings, no grinding the great breaks, Australia look at so many different things to take every loose. Moving into account and my joy was no successful, the famous as the british cycles the Olympic. This small things I take due account of the different some when it comes to the breeding and died genetic markers that you are looking for. Is it? Is there anything that you
find or like an human beings. There are certain mutations that we have that cause. Certain things is: doesn't work the same way and horses that that you might find something that says. Okay, this this horse will be more likely yes, and no because of these anomalies, that you find I'm not just talking about the the things that you know you're. Looking for art, that's right! That's my real question. Are there things you find that you weren't looking for when you do these tests that may be beneficial or detrimental, to the horse gather there always kind of anomalies that you find an and a lot more necessary anonymous, not anomalies. Distinctly we'd, never found before me with you, dont kind of find very often nature mutations that that other horses don't have it normally an invitation that lots of horses happens happened a long time back in its been selected for on the basis of it.
Its contributions, racing ability that any kind of made, the things that you'd see that suddenly appear young sprinting in due time and distance ability and in a broad sense it is down to a single me I should in the muscle days they were broadly say that a horse is gonna, be short stores among distance horse or middle distant horse. But the fact is so obvious, endlessly hoarser looks like explained. The liner was that flag states either, the testing for a long time, what you more interested in other, smaller dude, that say what kind of a splinter they're gonna be the very real. This has been to agree among distant splinter. These kind of fine tuning ginger most important did make a difference to train them coming out by looking at a horse that, if a short distance, whores Were you dont know what comes with five tomorrow? Also over my horse and knowledge, you gotta look a little bit. Don't do this well! Well,
If I remember my, if I remember my high school or a level biology, the Power House Oversell is the might of Congo, got mitochondrial genes that you that you look for I mean please explain just how they are within the horse dna, but we gotta. We got a big color, the affection for those, because the first but we really showed the association with stamina speed. So back in two thousand and six, we looked at a whole lot of samples from about thousand horsemen categorize, then based on the mud, account will gain and we saw again by looking at pedigrees that were extrapolate from the sample, because Do I need to point out that my candle dna is only postponed unseen outside so long and broken up
by any kind of random realization, and you can therefore then say that a horse pedigree, therefore it should have a particular matter candles had the genes, so we could then work out what in history, what types of one I'll be how many types of wonder the Kentucky Derby all candidate, makes so excited that fact that particular type, decisive move, a short distance. That type is associated with long distance, and then we started build anything to models for genetic and what we do is considered to be like a guy would come back to your previous showed my enough car. If one argument so we'd have a, but we can't we call my mother completing the shaft. Let me try and build the rest the horse around ass. If it was a long distance, chassis, retrain, other genes in that made it long distance or so that we may coordinated horses or a breed coordinated horses, so that they were then specific and run over certain distances to the best of their ability to govern bean.
Even bigger mumbled were earlier. While, so let me ask you with respect to steroids, because I read that still right use among source trainers. It's totally, let's not like our sports there used and their sanctioned, and so it's ok to do that, but that had to be a relatively new the development and horse racing, I'm talking about going back over the years of the history of the sport, as Gary said, is the sport of kings? Have you seen any effect that steroids might have had on the genetic make up of courses in their lineage, or is it just too short a period of time to affect the a development of dna in that way, yeah you got those the stairways wouldn't funding.
The effect on the dna, but also, as you know, are allowed to use their right to any great accepting in interprets mean whilst iraqi racing they can be used as a treatment, but it turns out. This is We're gonna run a gunman, particularly in Europe that really maybe Turban you can't even use Lasik someone else's on light. You can leave aside site. So let me just get this straight. You can use as a means of treating the horse as a means of recovery, but you can't use it as a means of performance enhancement. Is that the case? Oh yeah, so they re use it as a means of performance enhancement but TAT ye? Did you get It is helpful in terms of treatment, if you need also need that. Ok, I would add that that actors, at my understanding than yourself There you go forget what I ask then, that I adopt doctor. We we clarified the the obvious. You can analyze dna battle. Tell you what this guy is gonna go fast over short distance, faster,
the middle or along the distance or the power is there for jumping all the only all indicators, biological indicators without actually physically looking at but can you data analysis, then go beyond breeding, for instance? Can You then using this information indicate which training techniques will work better for certain horses. Does it have other knock on effects in the positive sense? I definitely, the way, the that journey effects, training that they really important, plus so, for instance, If we're gonna have a lot of different things about the stamina, speed, definitely effects runaway. You train them principle. Grandpa moment. We help people, egalitarian elected really well. Last year, one graded races and this year alone to decide to put it in the one and a half mile, English, Daulby, or not, because some indications directly or that it might not make that trip
what kind of deliberate moment as to whether or not it should run in french topic, which is among the quota. But then you come up with another problem. Then, if that french Dhabi is often running very soft grounds, does that mean like that raised a mile and a half that yeah mean Lizzie. He's been used. Boy. You are trying to do that. I know also you get cases were somebody board also the bread a horse, but basically got mismatch body were again begun back to the analogy with the money. Like some of the most common formula, one? Sometimes you gotta a car or had been made up of a formula one I see NASCAR body work, another formula, one engine, but we don't want that to happen. What we want is for such geared up to run over sat distance with all the jacket components in place, so we then have to take the best course of action.
I will let us is more about a mile and a half was therefore train it from one and a half, and so it is taking things on balance and probability again. Well. So let me ask you this with respect to what you just said, and you look at like all the money that is spent in the the breeding in this is like just some. A million dollar industry and everybody wants to get that secretariat. Everybody wants to get that. You know that unbelievable horse? And I hear owners speak about their horses as athletes, and I also hear them say things like this horse wants to win. Ok or they talk about the temperament of the horse. Are they projecting? Are they anthropomorphized in, or is that real and if its real, could there be a gene linked to those qualities that seem to be intangible?
Oh yeah, definitely the devil got personalities and definitely wouldn't mind work in different ways. So many examples about the internal market, eleven to be on a similar one. But when races are just not pleasant character, a little moon acts that used to run an island that used to be off across the track to attack of the horses are doing at last it now. I like that one of Europe by Independent Watch, then the privilege to ride roughshod over the boy and he was not oh you wrote red rum, stop the beer I'll pay. You rode red, rob That was about when I later yeah. Why listen? Let her hair dark doth, let's be serious if you're writing a horse, name red rum, that's murder, backwards. Item expected to be nice.
This was a national treasure. Am I right, doktor yeah, it's fantastic, always mean that no I went to the industry died. Actually in my last memory of emission inviting me for that in the last parliament, The industry died actually in my left memory of emission. Inviting me for that in the last parliament so either. But I don T just the sign of a general champion behind we are all a holes daughter. Apart from our little the fact, you wrote red rum just through two bits: Where does your work go from here? Is there another level and another error? You can take it too in terms of genetics, I'm sure we can we can. Developing new genetic analysis all the time, and you know it will try to improve. All the time there were so many the golden Ball, which we can't go baby
first go under item eleven dangling I've been doing it for until two thousand and ten, but all the time you don't look all variables and if you look at me the fact is we look at between seventy five and seven fifty dreamed about three different variants. Others, so many different combinations, but every down again you got a good horse comes along like Frank LAW justify that it happens, and if you look at term the the odds of winning a five cod poker hand, which is that if you get a little flushed at six point, fifty. I wouldn't want, if you consider that the so many more genes involving the cardinal an attack did the combination, unbelievable. What we're gonna do is cut down that that that kind of them fairly right, if you like, and to promote an they better roads in achieving that, were first with the horses laugh so now at that gonna bring
to genetic engineering. Do you see a time where engineering will be just where the industry is the people who have the best of the best possible. These four engineering a horse, genetically be the ones who who produce winners and that you ve even after the dark side, you, took let's stay with both over ended. They would pay your hands down Candia. They know more about this and I gotta go there. Man, you don't think and stop you know. People are thinking this stuff. You can't you can't use in ethical related, that is not love. You can't even use artificial insemination that that the studies have to get down to business and do it tat you, you can't even used artificial insemination so that that that's not gonna happen, but they have to say but about about the money involved because with with thereby breeding in the vat rate on Youtube
we got different leagues within the third world, so you got like you, the Premier League, going down to a conference. If you look at the english socket they still gonna? Let you any valid, you look, American One, the people it cannot be right in the Premier League Audible, more money, so they can buy that are better horses. They can buy better. Now I can use that stallions as other getting better genes involved and in their horse event we block that bear the cost of some of these. They got the nations. I got untasted greeting programmes with luck with them. When it comes to the failed me, we cannot look at the genetic Sudan and we graphically represent what we find into little shapes that characterise the cost but in groups and people always say that the cost us on the best reading, all guys asian nations are the biggest one. I've got certain patent which is different from any of the other patent so that they can
right, the wrong kind of genes within their own can agreed in groups and that you know if they were caught the sale of those thirty worth fighting take of the genes that only breed of content. We get our hands on well. Why that This is fascinating. Stuff man I made like who would think that it is, of course breeding would be so intricate and you know so so, incredibly scientifically engaging so this is. This is really just great stuff man, I'm so glad that you came in and told us that the minutes really really fascinating, and I too am in chalk. A great horse. Then you gotta get great genes. What this is true and you know a lot of times- I say if I weren't great genes, I gotta go see a good horse circle. Right now I gotta go see a man about a horse. So now all right, doktor! Thank you!
and thank you for undermining our minds to the world of thoroughbred genetics? fascinating and do we'll keep an eye on your studies and your developments, because I think, as you said, there is more to come right back I have never really enjoyed it absolutely because he's been abducted. Thank you very much. Doktor Stephen Harrison there from thoroughbred, networks over in the UK? We are going to take a commercial bright. When we come back former championship staple chase jockey, Sean currency and a man whose, at the cutting edge of the doctors work in bloodstream. The buying and selling of resources that is stick around we'll be back very very shortly. Have got no secret for you, I'm gonna considers singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one.
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But back to playing the signs. Thank you doctor, Harrison Roman Thoroughbred Genetics, all right! That is simply what the scientists are thinking about, what dna! But what is it truly like to be on the back on top of a horse to be the person who is actually going to go to the auction and by what is quite simple, with combined both of those people into one, and we have shown Clancy with us right now, we're going to welcome shown Clancy a former championship, jump jockey, yes, and that if you ever want to true test a man who my girl back one of these big base, no don't run
Why are you so pursues a jungle of my god? I await your wake. The gardener macaws arise staple chase. Oh my god, this this man actually Reagan Steeple Chaise. While he didn't run, the horses ran it, but he was a jockey and a championship jockey, and I am fascinated by that. Can we talk to about an hour, but that's that's. One part of this guy's lie on the other side of this life is blood stock. So we spoke. We speak to talk to Harrison. We find out what the theory is about, what it takes to be a great thoroughbred right, someone's actually gonna, put that theory into practice has shown us that with blood stocks of the buying selling understanding looking at
Horses. This is where sure comes in this is putting into practice the fears that Doctor Harrison discuss with us. I can't say how can primacy sir? I get a shot. Ok, I we gotta get into blood start because you know what we're talking about horses year. That's what this shows is about, and you know that the science behind it, which is fascinating, but before we do that man, I just gotta talk to you about Steeple chase what it's like to actually do this. So ok, people, here's what you do picture a horse race. Ok, like the Kentucky Derby, which is already dangerous enough right, it's already fast, moving enough right. You have these horses thundering around a track, ok and then all of a sudden right, let's jump a small river,
That's the whole Jays, your man, you gotta just talk to me about this how'd you get into it and what what is it like? When you are? I mean this. This isn't some equestrian show where you see that As you know, we're gonna be only around a little arena and there you know they make the jumps, and then they trot. You guys are for our like sprinting and jumping hedges and water hazards and Tell me about it! Well, for me, I'm in I grew up with it, so it made perfect sense and I once you look outside you, life realize it makes no sense. But when you grow up in your dad's doing as a new friends or don't you live on a farm, and there was a very natural thing for me to do when I start Ryan pony races. When I was thirteen I am actually won my first pony race and now the stirrup fell off the saddle. One.
I fell off the pony. The pony ran over meaning at seven stitches, so that was my first ride and now, anyway, Banca have allowed the thirteen years old. It not a pretty much sums up the young, the career of a staple chase jack. You have the indian one race, you can win and fall and go to the hospital, so the Ets, sir, I may appear a drain on it's amazing how slow it can actually be going on me when you're goin thirty miles an hour on a horse when a pack of ten twelve fourteen horses go into miles to a quarter two and a half miles, it actually goes really slowly. I know when you're in that moment, when you get good, I'm ITALY's when you get that account of experience when I was it the young kids it's gone really fast and for the older guys, sir, it slows down in NAM.
He'll and you're, really tactically giant awry raised in trying to do all the things like any athlete. Is Sir train do not always laugh the diver tired now, but always laugh Wendy? I see these jumped Jackie Sosa L retire. Unless I don't know what I'm gonna do to find, what I'm gonna find something replace Rhine, jump, races, and I go about your first mistake. There is nothing that's going to replace riding I wish I were basis so find something else that might give you some pleasure eurozone entered on challenge, but forget replacing exerts impossible. Yeah, like you know, just become become like I don't know like what are they come a bomb diffuser Emily like something to bring your
Randal until the highest point in their capacity we re echo of forty take rank of unity. Is the small like taste of what it's like? I have to tell you, I'm gonna get off of it now, because we gotta move onto them. Worse is by it. Is anybody just going you two people and just put in steeple chase and just watch some of these races? If you want to, I mean your adrenaline, this work. This is why did excitedly, so I can't imagine how the jockeys feel, how to jump guys go because my adrenaline is pumped just watch it see it's not just the adrenaline cause. You can go and get an adrenalin russian, a number of different places and the number of different ways I am on another species- but has his own free will and mind I'm trying to get it to do stuff? It is such a test of your self. And then being able to orchestrate this other based to do this thing and you have a synergy between
It is the most amazing, interesting question Sean, so race, car drivers often say I feel like I'm at one with this machine right point. I feel like I'm at one with this machine. I feel like I'm at one with the do you do you feel bad connection when you're with the animal do you does it feel, like you guys, are in sync together or is that just some kind of machination that romantic machination that we put in our heads know for sure and when it's gone well, you feel like you're at one with at work, for sure I mean you're, really your think in the same year by year, reacting the same, the horses instincts, sir, your your instincts and good oars. The moment you think God we should go like a jump. You say that we should be gone long at this and end the moment. Youth even get that thought. Like the moment. You get money split. Second, the millisecond, you think long. He thinks the same thing and increases the that strive. That's when it
Well, that's what is your poorly there's? No, and I think that is a complete disaster when you guys are having to celebrity argument. Tat, squint, bethinks, some interesting things, race, car drivers is all about horse power like would show no need this, quite a hundred several hundred more but alright, let's blitz bring you back to where we are and are at. We are wearing an auction. Just imagine that chuck and I will see suitcase full of dollars or whatever the currency is. What's the first thing you would look for in a horse if you were looking to I mean I looked him dead in the eye and let you know as soon as I see horse. The first thing I looked is right in their eye and try to get a sense of who they are and I can get a pretty good sense. Many bodies been around or since you get a good sense of the horses our attitude is confidence. Level is prone to life
I'm sick. I look him in the eye and then by first move is just to look at the balance and I think the most important thing when you look at the horse is just if they're bound, staggers, big one small ones or skinning Windsor STAR ones is now our ones. What you want is balance just how they walk, how they stand. You want everything to go together, so when I try to do is just as they will work out of the stall, you look I'm out of like the look of right now I am now and just see there had their presence and then watch him walk and see if they have that balance that I like an and pray It presents a lot of it. You really want a horse without withstand com. You can write a theory or an equation all these research. Not for that. No that's gotta come from exotics bearings. So when you say balance, I'm just run understand. Are you talking about like musculature? Are you talking about Sammy Tree? Are you talking about a good start which, as you know, the way they animal carry itself along with all these other aspects? What exactly do you mean by balance?
You want what you want in a horse, you want it. You want a big strong front end, but you, but you also need a strong hind end to push that front end. So you know that when you go like you, if you walk in the paddocks of the Kentucky Derby, they'll be twenty horses in there and they will be all different, shapes and sizes, but for all of them, they will be bound. So if you have a light made horses athletic you need to have a really light that you want to wait, front, end late, hind and light middle. So so it all kind of goes together when you don't want in a horse, has a big head and a heavy heavy shoulder, but then not have the hind end to push that or the walk to. To maintain that allow us to the auctions you seen and walks. I get a yearly sale. You're only seen him walk so
you're, really trying to figure out by that walk. How they're gonna gallop, how they're gonna race out you when they go faster? How much bounds they're gonna? Have that's really what you're trying to do is kind of like professional, with the call when the guy's gonna lose their professional body builders, that's how their judge the kind of like it's all about it and set it up and then again its ban on its balance. Anesthetic, ok, Chuck and I wouldn't want to multi billion- is right, don't tell the accounts yeah. What's the biggest mistake, Chuck and I are gonna- make for sure absolutely guaranteed as new business as a novice as a novice billionaire trying to get to the horse game baby The most important thing in a public action is you don't want to eat? When I get caught up in the moment the EU apart to try to show off
because it's a big adrenaline rush, the public action. What they always do. You remember the auction team is not not friends with the buyer, so they're trying to get to spend more than you. I keep that in check. You wanna, keep your motions and check your ego and check as far as a horse goes. I think the most important thing when you look at a horse. She don't what I think, what you make the biggest mistake you make is going into with preconceptions. So if you see a horse like wheel, is a lot about pedigrees and a lot about different things, and do you have seiners who owns a horse, and things like that. So if you go into it as you walk up to the horse- and you have a liking to that, dying, and maybe the mare you will have that gun of all. You'll want to light the horse rather than just that instinct of it is this the right Unfortunately, not like my best moves are almost like when I not really looking for the horse, it's like when you you know you just
if you need to know this dying, is you don't know who the mare is new year almost GIS? It's almost psyche catches you by surprise and then the public options. Much is difficult because you're, obviously in the public option marketplace but like my best moose private Lily is when I am not even light gallons is settled, look at the horse and a horse. Just I see Orson, I awhile look at that. Worse. Those are my best move, so he I don't want to go into it with an open mind rather than a preconception or something tells you about a horse or you'll love the source and you much better with a blank slate walkin in an ongoing nights, but its climate, like it's gonna like drafting when Europe and in every other major league sport I mean you know they tell you like. Don't have your preconceived notions about the player you gotta make sure day. You know you're lookin, What you're looking at him, and with that in mind, here's what I want to ask you, have you ever seen a course that, like let's equate this too, like the NFL draft worthy
yea draft right that have you ever seen a horse where it's like a six round pick but becomes a phenomenal player, as that is an end? Is that common or just or is it just the genetic Somalia The things that we look at that now it happens all the time it's not common, but certainly I get a chaotic Kalen, the biggest yearlings down America's Keen London they sell it came in September and the Azores Just over a year old, yearn path, old and old. You about their you yet about sixteen eighteen months old and I sell five thousand horse? Is there and their swords come out of that sail better way deep in the bin? The book that don't bring lie it up? our bring in a lot of money so yeah there? Certainly horses come out of love added the yeah, you not break them. All. Most of those words is don't have pedigree, but they have come.
Mason there. There are great looking horse or their somehow just and athletic Loki Horse, theirs out of all things that you're not supposed to do with horses in all these crazy confirmation things, but ultimately, most horses will break those rules. Do so yeah those wars will come out of nowhere for sure shown. I must ask Ok, this is this is my cynicism. If someone is selling a horse, then there must be something wrong with it. What was the tape it? That's that's got them question. I think you know it's funny, because my brother used to sell real estate, and the first thing you ask is so: why are they so
How exactly by why you get rid of this on a lot of money into this four legged store reading machine rights? I wanna know: how do you go about getting that mindset or taking it away now? That's important and their their army. When I go to a yearning, sir, our certainly no, I try to know who sound or surrounds the oars. There are some somebody will breed or is to sell. So that's their business day, our brain they raise that horse to sell they bring their oars, to market place just like any marketplace whether you're sell em, now poles or or cars or whatever. So you know you, you wanna take that into consideration and that certainly acids certainly an element of its. Sometimes you go and you like add these guys race, all their horses, but their cell. This source, that's probably a bad sign, a kind of a red flag. Certainly when it's when their older and more a bribe session life. For me, I saw a lot of steeple chase horses and prospects that are
Three and four year olds are running in. That's always one of the first thing I think, is ok, why these guys down the source? If I know the people- and they only want really so great, horses and horses and busy cutting that, then it makes perfect sense why their cell that or so by that oars, if a guy, randomly selling wars that loves the race and as other options to keep race in the wars, then that's a red flag for sure I'm an ally. I don't know about that. Why that guy's sound that or said, certainly of abbe you? U key, it's it's! need to stop the goes into buying that or certainly who owns the horses. Either selling it is a part of it, and some I'm sure they out with these guys Bree, they breed a hundred horse a year and they sell a hundred. That makes perfect sense of farmer that if a guy's breeds a hundred horses and sells three a year yeah, you might not. I might do you don't the old bag. I know that so let me ask you this. When it comes to you know
in every one in the and you're in your field refers to them as athletes, their light, the athlete this the athlete. This is a great athletes with respect to them being athletes. Can you find a horse that may be at a certain level, say eighty percent and then train that horse to get to the one hundred percent that you're looking for just like a regular athlete or a human atley? Is that possible, or our young delimited by what the worse, is and basically your kind of stock in that place is somewhat limited. You're not gonna, take a slow or someone in an alias flow or you're, not gonna make that were set you can certainly take gay. You might make him a little faster. I think you're right I mean, if you go on for twenty percent, better sure you can try to get a menace situation. Different you put him in a trainer or they'll do or those simply developers their sire lines and, and that agrees that get better with age. There's horses dead
Some trainers are better than others, some traders, or better with sprint horses, some train, you're better with all resources, some drainage better, which our forces, so you can move your words around and try to Justin and got to create a better environment just like athletes, healthy effect for are you know their drachen field runners run on a mile. You think it looks like he's more of a sprinter than you know. You'd short them up and try to train them differently and see if he could run up. You know eighteen, honour meters or whatever. So we do that allowed on your constantly trying to tweak the horses and trying to just things to make them may make them fast or make them more competitive. Pressure shown how many thoroughbreds.
On the market at any one time. How many so during the year, and just how much money is the third bread market worth annually just so as people and myself get an idea of what we're talking about here like the third read the north american thoroughbred crop, there's about twenty thousand yearlings, our twenty thousand follows a year, so there's do so ready. Roughly it's gone down. It was some as forty thousand and ninety ninety standing Twa less than twenty thousand now, but of those horses, those twenty
housing. Not all those will go to a marketplace but like for example, keen line is the biggest stats they they sell. The most yearlings than a yearly mark is really ought to be. Born is obviously a fall in the spring of this spring. The following falls: who is a little over a year old as there is the key months ass, a timber sale and they sell five foulness five thousand year links there. There are lots of other sales during the year, so we now have a number on a but I'd say probably I mean have Oh crop of of twenty thousand- they probably ten thousand of a murderer, would be yeah well may bring. You have probably anywhere between five and ten. There. Certainly lots of other yelling says so, probably roughly half would be would would have them so they go to. The two assail Navy sword is why they got wheedlings threats where they turn one year war, just after they term one.
I'm using sales there's two year old sale. So that's a big marketplace and there's any goes mynors huge numbers as far as what people pay for horses The minute SAM, you know, you'll get like even in those cell mill, Dost thou to three million dollar yearlings and then they'll be sellen some later in the bookstore sound, very cheaply body. In so far to finish line Kentucky do I have to call it because for me it's Adobe, so I'm gonna speak American says Kentucky debate. Sanctions need to be so proud of me rights. So what's he gonna take fall to finish line and where's my money going on a goes well, it's gonna Castula made it look ass to a lot of money. I, if you're, trying to breathe while on you roughly, you're, gonna, you're gonna go find a sigh and that stands for fifty thousand. Let me you there's all different levels, but that's just the sty and services
you ever beyond the mare. You groups, right, let's go, let's say, was spent fifty thousand breeding. Die in a young nightmare. That's gonna cost you every day you own her. She had cheese and fall for eleven months. So your pain day rate on that which your roughly safe fast by fifty bucks a day. Then then you have the fall. It doesn't even get to their races fur until it's too so we have a Europe that was in training. There's gonna be a hundred hours a day from the time he goes to the track. To the derby, so in any of all the other vagaries of the game which is out there, all the lots of other elements, injuries and different things go wrong and the chances of only on only only one horse and getting the derby is that's like a million one. So for you to get this derby, your star with twenty or thirty or forty or fifty, I mean guys out
then there's people that have hundreds of oars and have never had a dirty starter ever so. Yes, it, Sir it's some day when a firing new endeavour. What I'm hearing check is absolutely that suit case, not suit case law manner. We gotta go, but I got one last question for Yucas: here's the thing there's a term and it is now become political, but it is in its S horse trading, despite our horse trading, but it really just as there is the hardest shrewdest bargaining that you can do, because selling and buying a horse is. Is that difficult is still that way? Is it still like about the hard shrewd deal or has
to it. You know your try likely you're trying to buy or trying to combine everything, you're looking and spat agree you're, looking at dab. Looking who owns it, look at his dad, it's our flag, it is, and then he got a guy who sell in it. You don't love the guys just trying to load the horse, always try or the war you know: you're dry likely, you're trying to buy or you're trying to combine everything. You're looking and spat agree you're looking a dab looking, who owns it, look at his dad it's our flag, it is, and then he got a guy who sell in it. You don't love the guys just trying to load the horse, always try or the horses, the nice or she's, trying to get the what he's getting your public action, which is everybody's there and everybody strained by the oars so or not, trying to buy the horses. Lots of Bah gimmicks and games and things that happened just like any anyhow commerce But you know you gotta be good at it. You gotta, be you gotta, get lucky
it's a little like him. I think of you like baseball. It's like like at the extra Astro balls. You read that book. It's more! It's about the all the details and the numbers in the other elements of the other, the percentages in numbers and dividends, but is also the human genome. They they factored in human, instant, guys who can hook and ethnic large new canton. That's why they were successfully combined. It is worth raising like that, you're, combining all that everything that science behind it, but also your just strayed, good old fashioned horsemanship, trying to figure out
which ones the fastest good old fashioned horse sense, yet exactly shown plans. He thank you. If people want to find you learn about this a little bit more. Where do they go just give us a plug for your Ets is where websites this is horse racing dotcom. That's our publishing website at my stables, Riverdale Stable, which runs a flat and jump ahead now around the world. There, you go ass, a man that sometimes we thank you very much that I guess what Doktor Harrison was saying by drilling down into the genetics is one side. You look at a lifetime of growing up with horses being a jump jockey from the age of thirteen. And what a walk blew me away was. Was the first thing you do. I look the whole straight in the eye and others because the characters
they have their own unique characters, and this is what he wants to find this, I mean all of the Nazis, just wrapped up there, all of the numbers, all the statistics, all of the mean. Basically the horses logbook would buy a car and you go in them, but then I gotta think what's this horse like in a certain stage for rice? What's this? Is it built to do this? Can I get this horse to go a little bit somewhere else? Can I see potential above and beyond what is shown in the past year to professional sport of kings and you have to learn to afford it? I'm just very upset that I didn't ask him. If he's ever looked a gift horse in the mouth dammit, Mr Appleton show all our lives, I saw and we'll never
How will we, unless we get shown back me, may well do sower from chop nice and guerrilla? This has been playing with science and after a bed special, and hopefully your money is wasted on the Kentucky Derby, am I not mine, won't be because it's not gonna go and horse. Yet we look forward to your company. Very, very you enjoy the show. Hopefully we ask you to find the right The boss shows, prime with sides catch up soon which you can listen restored. Talk commercial, free, joint star, talk, I'm patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio.
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