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#ICYMI - Women’s Boxing, with World Champion Alicia Ashley

2019-04-11 | 🔗

In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel…. What does it take to be World Champion? How can women’s boxing gain more popularity? Can you be a fighter and a trainer? Hosts Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly step into the ring with World Champion Alicia Ashley, astrophysicist and boxer Federica Bianco, and former Olympic-style boxer Cary Williams.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free I'm very o Reilly is playing with fire and speaking to foxy merchants, sugar ray which assumption and a big deal for the pine with signs family? It is only right to share the stage with the women, because some seriously heavy heaters feel an astrophysicist and a professional boxes, yes, it Frederico, Bianco Golden gloves, hole I'm on world champion a leash, Ashley and boxer China and online to paste and founder boxing and Bobo's the one, and only carry William so Roundworm chalk, whose first dinnery right now we get to speak too.
Boxing's bad ass. That's right! We're talking professional boxer and astrophysicist Frederico Bianca How are you have good? You bring the world of boxing and astrophysics together, what a perfect it's like. You were made for playing with science. That's right! really that fellow members may have. It really does Let me ask you let you know when you look at the cosmos, look at you look at the ring. Are there any areas, a boxing and astrophysics that. Overlap in such a way where the two form one another or there there are very similar. Now I mean how do things It will be very similar to inform each other.
For me. Both of them had to do a lot would like my confidence My self awareness and my ability to like sort analyze things and they, learn from one from the other, and I bring back and forth the experience of one and the other in the boxing ring my my name ethnic, may amuse the mad scientist. So we say that I'm like really an analytical and scientific butter gnawed at heart, I'm really really a browser, but then the skill and sport is that of like staying com and analyze itself. That's cycles to further recur is it correct. You were a dancer as well as a Marshall artists. Before you became a boxer hours, I was nine that was not a professional dancer, but that's how I started guess my task to the ring came through.
Dancing and then couple error which is sort of low. Then things tired, martial arts and then You know a leash. Ashley was once a dancer. Oh yes, and when we spoke with Sugar Ray Leonard, he talked about the choreography. He talked about how it is done, anything at all times. And their actually is really a key point. People may not think I'm through as we are aware that in the ring, but at least as far as I myself, but I know that because of our later, like you also want to think about it, as it were for one's rights. Absolutely so now that you said that since its own performance- and it requires a great deal of concentration, it would seem like boxing just take so much concentration almost to the point where you gotta have tunnel vision and block out so many other things and since its performance
does being a scientist, give you an edge in terms of their concentration since, like the scientific disciplines require so much concentration and kind of just training. Your thoughts in one direction, would you would you would, you say as the case or have you ever thought about it? So I think I think about these things, a law really, but I think that the tendency and the training in problem solving. It helps me set of thinking about martial arts in that way, so that perhaps what's a little more clearly in the training, then, when you're actually fighting together when you do not get me wrong like areas like a puzzle that you're trying to solve right, how do I take advantage of the things they under my opponent he's doing, get an edge. It may not be Algiers when one is fighting. Disease looks like very chaotic, from the outside, but, as you said, you really need to be sharply focused and on this,
inside it easily extremism. Surprisingly, com plays I've heard it from some other boxers describing how they think sort of happen in slow motion, while you're fighting and You gotta have a very positive view, is kind of like very analytical in common cold observing what is happening, which is, of course not what it looks like when you yet somebody is trying to take your head off. See when I was reading before we get to speak today. You describe yourself- and I love this as astute. Of life. And say that you see boxing as a mind clearing experience. You gonna have to explain that more. Please just what I said about the fact that its all about being collected and call
in spite of the chaos around you answer very meditated in that sense burners. So let me ask you: this was a mean for women, boxers, which I see the boxing, has really grown in popularity because of the training and the work out so every seems like Jim now has has a boxing work out that that they offer, but You need so much more than that when your training for a fight and deals sharpens. Steel saw how You find your sharpened her in a sport where there's not that many participants, let that's a very good point when I thought about thing I was in California was in Santa Barbara and there were far fewer opportunities to spy with women,
inside of a vessel is regularly sparing with Guys- and you know this- these advantages to that guy's tend to be. Third, their punches than to be a little bit more stinging, so that kind of gives united but also their decision. It is because of that sort of the level of intensity and the competition is a little bit different. Given that there is already a like a well known knowledge difference in the land of Egypt, people that aspiring in New York it's it's kind of a blessing that there are many women so you know, I meant Alycia, because I started starting with her when she was getting ready for a fight. We all know each other. We all start with each other, you very open and up five. People that you certainly know, and that sometimes day you had spared with Of course, the only as good as you know, ass
as you can view, and as the people that train right, you reaches its nine individuals for this. In spite of what it looks like. Very much a team sport and your trading partners. The aspiring partners are very much part of the team interesting. So what would say that anyone, not just women but any body whose interested in boxing that might inspire them to try it, As you said, it's getting more and more popular because of the fitness that is involved it is a tremendous fitness exercise. It really tabs on a lot of things like so a lot of parts of your body are involved, so it's a very healthy exercise, their like for you, entire physiology, there's a crowd. You and also there is the aspect of the focus which may say some more intriguing than just doing. Physical exercise is, as far as boxing competitor
they re how getting in the ring everybody you people that train boxing should try, because in my experience the feeling about it, is there to defend the one expects to be any goes both we have heard people say like it. I'm consider Eulogium just for training and be like now, because I want to become a professional boxers. I see my trajectory three years I wanna be professional and getting passing to face them. Then I realized how big mistake. That was that they just did not. I wanted to have anything to do with that, but I did meantime, people that I do not think of themselves as fighters that do nothing comes sounds as aggressive uncompetitive in that way,. Really is, and that's not the feeling that you have inside the ring saw it as a very different,
learning from the inside the removal from the outside and I've seen people that never thought they would like. You just fallen log first bunch. Well, I mean I must ask you for rigour, just how tough easy in the women's boxing seen because it's it's nowhere near on a par with immense side in the sports are how tough is it for the weather like that they decide everything all of it. Well, I'd say it's getting. Better buddy begins with you, gotta find a trainer there what's to train you, so somebody I believe that women can box, though everybody believes that women can or should box also butter a bit of an old school board and so not every train areas, even considering training, a woman, and then, if you wanna talk seriously that if you have aspirations becoming professional. Its area had to find a trainer. There is further selfless goes
a lot of money. So it's not like they're gonna make a living out of a woman boxer. It's just right. Now it's not happening, so you have to find the tuna that does it because they lovey and because they like you and once you pass that something that Is the people ask me, but the rules should ask it to any woman. Professional doktor is. How do you do to jobs? Could nearly all women professional boxers also have a big job and generally not after physics, but making mistakes? Very few women can sustain themselves with boxing and if they do, they sustain themselves with ask- and I also tree other people etc, and the two jobs is not the problem. The problem is the third job. That must even have to do of finding themselves fights overpaid opportunities and travelling for inspiring and finding you know just then,
and always have the letters that it takes to get contracts and just be taken seriously, and that is the third job and that's the harder it is quite is quite simple. Just say the solution would be. If there were more money in sport, We need more, like women to get paid better sure. Yes, so if they if there was a bigger purse for, for instance, if there was more money on offer for the fighters, then the tree, This would get more money than you probably get better trained as it is as simple as that or is it more? Is it more nuanced know it it's more new ones. I think you know it kind of like goes back to women in sport all together. There is a perception that that's not something that people want to see at the level of it before a performance, and I think that perception is in my experience.
Oh you know, there's not a lot of fights on tv, but the women that, but now there are many more fight on tv them before, and those bids are watched with high ratings aye, but also every time you go to a show like it. You know, as small clubs showing queens or whatever, there's a women fight. You hear it all the time the women fight was the most entertaining bout of the night, because probably maybe because it's so hard to get to the point Where are you finally have a fight today? You're, not gonna, funding, India, just I don't just what you're your heart in it, because it's a hard way up, sir, that might be part of the reason that women's rights are always entertaining there. Always I you know, going down her just really working hard at that. I saw no unum Sophie.
Fighters and Emma may they seem to have become a lot more popular. What is it about? Do you think ever may that makes the female there's so much more popular in ever made. No is justified the exposure I mean anyway in Vienna. Why has started I'll say like no within a limited number of mine in the USA? They just just now but to do that and then he changed his mind put women on cards. They cover it. I'd, never watched people like them. People we must and made a business decisions that just worked. I think it would work for you some of the box in business or disturbing to see that obviously Clarissa ass televised more. Televised every every five, but there are many other fighters. They get some less that some exposure all the requests from there, the First Olympic Games with women.
Its changing anything on preserving essential for few, not for a sort of like the bulk of women, boxers of waste, the matter of time. So it's just a matter of exposure. How long does some some of the summer? the women have been waiting a while now, if you think about a leashes age, which I will mention, because she will punch my lights out, but she she had to wait a wild for four things. Become her way. I mean: how long do you think and every time she needs to clarify its eyes, it's hard to get a fact. Then? She said to wait a long time in between five, a foreign Jamaica which is around town- and I know that those really big desire of hers, so I don't know how long- and I think you know there's all of this. There is still a bubble there were
bubbles of women boxing in the fastest Casey Martin later this year, acres while making people in the whole by war and then the bubble burst and women were not boxing on tv for another. I got a fifteen year, So hopefully this is not a bubble, but it's hard to say along well further. Thank you much for being our guest away, and I got my eyes- I have one more point, one more I have one more time: let's do it would go you're an astrophysicist. What planet would you love to fight on and what planet which you hate to fight, lose a K. I really don't want to fire on visas, her heart up their diversified. And in the sauna them so good about how about fashion we can how between ring particles, older particles that make the dragons ist you don't have one
One of them is frightened at a different kind of ring right on that right. Now. How about that for a little bit of logic from monitoring to another, Frederick Bianca's. Thank you so much for being our guest on playing with science. Thank you so much the astrophysicist, who is also a professional boxer. That's that's just Quite a combination? We are going to take a break next up, carry Williams, the boxer, the train at the olympic level, trainer entrepreneur and philanthropist, yeah, that's gonna, be another great interview and, of course, forget revolution. Coming up as well stick around with you, I have got no secret, for you
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if we turn into the world women's boxing. This is carry Williams. This time form a limp ox olympic level, boxing coach some club owner cover models. Speak up, entrepreneur revenge. Pissed. Behind boxing embargoes and the brand, never too pretty and never too pretty movement has taken the two pretty movement, so a lady would how much time in our hands when do uses legally airy, my goodness, what are you just take a cat nap between the hours of six thirty cobra Perhaps I have to ask you what personally are trying to do to the world of books? It well a backward story when I got out of college action having environmental science degree I so gap by
growing up. I was always an entrepreneur. You know, selling in a mistletoe door to door whenever And I didn't want to work for the government and you know I did it for like a year out of college and this isn't for me. I can't send the cubicle I want to own my own business and I was what that was going to be a friend in high school, and he was professional boxer, and but always tell me, you know I gotta boxing Jim there's, no in a treadmill, there's no weights and people who try to come into the box in Jim to work out we're just pushed away because you, either came in there to be a fighter or eating a train, so I thought well, there's no gems out there were there. Everything about the street and just u biting his work out, but really learn boxing likely really learned I'm an open, a Jim and yeah and back then the internet really was in it like it is now others was twenty years ago
so I went and bought a book called business plan for dummies and I wrote a business plan and I went up- and I got a small Lorna SBA alone. That's a long story. My first in nineteen nineteen, so. I had never box before that. I actually was not even in the fitness I was terrible. Key in I hated p in was not an athlete, as we have more of an academic girl, the street, a girl, the sky I do not believe, however, that we smart and so that's how it all started I was worried. Let me just take us, I gotta, I got a rewind this tape just back to a little bit and go right back to the statement. I sold mistletoe door to door again because by the way- tried that and people just get out of here. They'll, be a reason for that check. What
was on it and maybe there that there could be, but no seriously, I read a couple reviews about you and here's what they pretty much all said. This woman is awesome. She doesn't teach you how to get into shape. She just teaches you to box, and getting into shape is the result. Is that is that just your philosophy is that yeah, lily, absolutely obvious. I am a passionate about this or it's my love and respect the sport entirely so innocent. When it comes to me- and I say always want to lose weight, or you know, I just want to get a shape and her boxing's a great way to do it. You're gonna? Learn how to fight. Whether you submitted by pursuing a year ago. It doesn't matter, you know. In the same way, I train all of my fires, so that is my philosophy: a training. Well, that's really cool. I must ask you
solar, poacher gum, gamekeeper, saying how different is it from being the fighter to being the trainer? Well, you know, being a fighter. Is. Why was a trainer before I was a fighter so again it's pretty backward. So I said Jim that busy They do to help on the floor. So I became a coach and then, after that I was kind of hypocritical to be a coach and never step in the boxing ring, and you know it, We haven't friends and I started to compete now. Seven, into the ring, was little easier for me as far as the nerves, because, being side of the ring and having a fighter in the rain. You give very nervous for that and so a lot of that was taken away from me. So I sat in the ring. I wasn't has nervous being in the ring is when you do it over and over again, it's like being in like a slow motion movie like you're in a movie everything. Slow down,
So coming out you they look, they appear to becoming slowly so that you can react The naked eye outside the ring is looking any going, while its really fast but you're, seeing it like a nice, was quite an experience, It's very strategic. Obviously too, as I pay interest in the ring codes, outside of the ring is super rewarding. I find coaching more rewarding then than competing. Because competing is for me coaching As for somebody else and being not to do something for somebody in strange somebody's life in a really positive way that when you kept, but my nice, by the way I see punches, coming, the slow motion, but they land anyway, the train. It ends up being shot with guys cheek collapses. Under the first pillar, blackbirds get yeah. You know that shot at tat the shots. Malaysia. Ok, let's go! Please
go back to the slow motion. Peckham power movie boxing Oh you not able. To train your mind, because I can't imagine for one. Second, these things slow right. That is just not like. I can't get my hair but you must be training your mind, to facilitate how you kind of the time to slow these down. You know what I think it comes from controlling your adrenaline and oh you doing something repetitively over and over again and then you're in situation that fighting situation in your face, when you first training in your sparring, inviting you, you have a lot of adrenalin right, someone's trying to grab at you but doing it over and over again. You start to learn how to control that, and so now you're, not just very anxious and nervous, it's more relaxed thing and so for some reason it slow
everything down like inertia, maybe so it is very interesting well. That's pretty, wasn't it that's pretty wild web. So what was the hardest thing walk before? You was the hardest aspect of boxing. You said you started ouch first and then went into the ring yourself. But what was the bodies for you the hardest aspect as a fighter as a coach he's rule or both see as a fighter the hardest thing for me with those two things one is, I don't like to get head The other thing is that the ongoing training is so hard for competition. I dont like and the other a lot a running for conditioning I don't mind spreads, but I dont, like the the conditioning of the longer runs so yeah. I know I didn't really liked part of I love the part of being in the ring and being strategic
you know I'm going to I'm going to stay in I'm going to make them do this and then I'm going to counter with this, and that was really enjoyable. Coaching wise does not allow but I don't like about it because I'm in control of it, so repetitive and its for competition It's always are worrying to see them do something of a zillion times than I finally get it, but I must first coaching care really say that those anyway anything I don't like about it. Where were you about stamina and training and that that in torrents are there any other, things that you can do aside from running like, for instance, of terrible knees, I can't run at all what a five, not speaking as a fighter, just speaking as a lay person, a regular person. What if I wanted to build up stammered out? What else could I do other than running Edward What's that pounding on your knees, I would say, probably getting in the pool and doing sprint work, the poor
you know other denied it does. Work has to happen. I've never honestly tried. It was somebody who has had such issues to where they couldn't do this work. I would that it is as Gazeta promising be boxing, lay outermost everybody's that here in the ring they're, just like less at my knees or shot, so I'm just said choking find any excuse We always say like a fighter within excuse is not really a fighter, you know so, and you and I haven't, similar saying I have a similar sang and that saying is not really a fighter for other works out hastily, sure you do all this other stuff online and before we started the show here, I was talking to you about some, but I saw in line about you and it's called the weight loss, shell, which I thought was just incredible. Now: full disclosure, I didn't get a chance to look into it. The way I wanted to
and so I thought you had had a baby because you have you had all these great like shots of you beforehand and you were like all cut up and looking gray and like super fit and then all of a sudden, you were like overweight out of shape there you were and there you are all of a sudden like fit again. So what was that weight? so? What was that all about a bit too fat a fit and proper? the show it was on lifetime. Anything is on Amazon Netflix. Now by the premise is that you gain as much weight as you get as a trainer as a trainer inducement we did can a months and then lose, all about waiting for months now, the reason to do that was that you were to have a friend or a family member who needed to lose a lot of weight. So the idea was that you out of step into their shoes, so that you can understand what it's like to work out lose weight and the challenges that you phase as an overweight person, so that
I did the shall I did a lot of coercing for them to get me on the show, as I really did not want to give way. It's funny. When I did get in the way people thought I was pregnant, but they wouldn't say anything cuz there were like, but then after I left. Like? Oh, my god, you're pregnant over time I am one of those idiots ass. You go, I that's exactly what idea. So let me ask you so now you a little bit more sympathetic to people who have gained way You ve had the experience like documented psychologically? Ok, cause, I think, a lot of weight. Laws is psychological, so psychologically, what's best advice you can go somebody who's struggling right now, they're like I want to look better feel better, and I can't seem to do it. It is our mental strike, known Hu, it is how much weight you need to lose weight or balls are. It is all in your head So until you get your mind right,
you will never ever get your body right, Damagon, never gonna get my body right. Your mind draws no, is really just meant I really really is, and you have to set out in your head. It's like you know So when you hit rock bottom knobs anyway, I'm gonna do it and nothin's gonna determined you have to get to that point and you have to be strong and Europe that will power, obviously, but all those things it's just your head and you have to just do it and I know very well isn't there an easier way? Isn't there a trick? Isn't there are some magic very best I could put on me and it's gonna. I figure it out, there's really not If you really want it, then you do it. So mean that's what I got out of the whole thing. You can wait, Do my friend, who was a bleak who is really close friend of mine? She had a lot of weight to lose.
We worked on her losing away and she lost a lot of away, but there were I mean the shows all about Roma. I mean there was some drama throughout the process because there were some, Times where she was just, why We wanted oh well, and then she would have an excuse us why she couldn't get to the gym. So It's really. You have to be dedicated to what you want. I write it. Does your golden you have yet to make those struggles sacrifices to get there you this amazing, how many times on this show that same just keep coming out from all these athletes. Everybody we talk to the guy. Was a professional, a footballer em. You know it seems like this is just a theme it's his runs through every single thing that has to do with the wood, with sports and and fitness. Doesn't change. Now, John you up
well, there's plenty room up there in mine. I haven't. I must. I must ask you why away ease the sort of boxes size the boxing regime exercise programme, so attract. If two women well truly believe that its because its empowering I'm it has a lot of them are very fearful to to to. Like when I open my first oxygen twenty years ago. It was open to everybody, but it was still mostly men, that we're coming in is really a challenge to get those women to take that step. Energy, very scared of it. Oh people are just hitting each other there's this idea that you know what even to watch boxing people go out there just hitting each other and brutal. They don't see, did the beauty behind You know they don't see the science behind this or are they don't see all of that they just see two people in their hitting each other. So
it was challenging at first to get women in and now you know ass. We started coming into this work, then we get more media coverage in and then women go away. She can do it somebody who made a petite or whatever feminine they go out she's and urge you to pass in. I wanna be back and saw it really helps to bring more women into the sport and then once they taste it forget about it. You know. That's it. You know their beast it is a super empowering if a really strong, as a person in general, it makes you feel accomplished, that's. Why should we believe it teaching sport and not just as a worker because I'm sure you will accomplish up into a great work out, but how much more accomplished you fill in actually learn had proper part. You learn how to slip ashore. You learn a combination that realistic to the game. So it is super rewarding before
go and we will be going shoulder. I am sorry to say your philanthropy work. How does that come up and does that still have its roots in boxing well kind of Gaza I used to have a nonprofit up north, where we work with a lot of youngsters and boxing of course, You couldn't afford training or travel expenses for tournaments. That sort of thing now I have, it you're pretty brown. We have a nonprofit, also so C mon Para Brands was really kind of bringing those girls into urban themselves like they glow imo. I'm a girl, but I can do anything. I wanted you, I'm not I'm not in this gender box, so to speak, I am I work with that is its movement more so than it is anything else, and it's really just kind of a message to send to the young girls. You know as far as more philanthropies I mean I've done.
A lot of absolute am I getting knocking out a basic ensured the country and work with medical students for a whole month on teaching them boxing. I've done a lot of that right. Now, it's more so just kind of being that person on social media that encouraging the young, girls and women to do whatever they want to do a regardless of what gender the are group that is cool and I think in the more people that take that and then run with it the better and it's a fabulous message, and I think the people we being done on the show exactly the kind of people that they can. Look up to and the web. The you're doing well, maybe increase those numbers and in the world of boxing, will fine people come out of your glasses, all classes like that and actually take up the glow
step into the ring for real. Yes, absolutely at the beautiful spar, that's sweet science. There you go so we're gonna. Take another thank you did to the wonderful carry Williams and an inside in another stream, the world of boxing now coming up next, a world champion and a golden gloves hall of Fame, none other. The militia. Ashley I'm gonna go away. I see
joining us now is a leash Ashley, W B C female world Superintend wait champion, and this Blow me away the youngest sister of Chess grandmaster, Maurice Ashley and former World Kickboxing Champion Devon, Ashley you're. Multi title holder when it comes Tupac boxing. So we'll take folk bring it on to you world champion. Still, what drew you they'll worlds happier away? and baby you're gonna love it come on feels good. When light, I have a friend his name is due to freed lander. He is a comedian and he wears a hat this as world champion on it and his whole thing people we used to say when he was on stage like what are you
champion of every like everything you one or two things, one or two things right, I hangs more than me. You came to the sport of professional box. Relatively late, but what dress you into the ring? What was it for you, Wasn't that I was drawn into the room. It was that I I can't needed something to do. I was there professional dancer, and that was Michael when my brother we're doing martial arts. I was dancing. So when I got injured and condense anymore. My brothers He was able to get me into this board of Karate Sir I really had no interest in boxing. I just kind of fell into the sport. So now it's funny.
As you say, dancing, and then boxing by the two do have some connective tissue sure, is indefinite correlation, because its funding when peoples see me boxing. They say I move like a dancer because there's a lot of movement that ends up being my style, I'm more boxer than puncher proposal Do you know? That's always argument between the two types of pugilist is the brawler and the boxer, and the boxer is is the person whose light on their feet there up on their toes. Was there using the ring they're using the parameters of the ring they create positioning with their with their body and making their opponents kind of position themselves put themselves, position and then the problem as the brawlers lay, I M afraid you and I love fighting brawlers because they come at you re an and that's it
reason. They will do all the work for you and you just I just have to make sure you can hit them before they get to you Ok, so no! No! You touched on strategies and now you're thinking of science and opponents momentum and their velocity towards you as what they. Think, is an asset and you're turning round to make it a disadvantage and an asset for you. So I'm thinking that brothers, grand chest master. That is all strategy. Your other brother, Folks are which one told you the most well, it's funny because deadline as last name. Cormac. Sorry, we apologise for that. Don't turn it back on me. If I dont correct, the the he's, the one that actually got me into the sports guy. He got he.
You don't tell you also that he taught Maurice Utter Play chess explained. The aim is that he got his boat into our perspectives for so I'm gonna say that deadline is actually the one that has been most influence on me, but I also learned chess so that its energy, that is an angel, lot of my axing. So how much of that chest strategy did you bring to your boxing in the middle of a fine thing for me the majority of my faith, I'm always thinking a move ahead. How to get them innocent
vision so that I can confirm or or if they are just I should be to stuff. You know ahead of them and for me, it's life. I've got really play students position. You might think you got there on your own, but it's really nice, that is just managed, to say the least, that certainly martial arts thing the than to the biggest state of deception to allow you to go for something you think. Is there and then either way it's not exactly exactly why the visits by the natives vote champion of definitely It's all in Europe in your training, I'm I'm interested because this these things do interests me. What your training old school hardened. Skipping rope, or did you employ polar new? Take me its new technology. Are you wanted,
people that embraces the new. I wait training. A little bit, but the thing is that, even though I don't look like I'm getting older. My body was telling me, I was, I had the problems from dance I started getting in, A thing which were a toy is, I had torn minister syn I haven't emboldened ease some. A training actually had to change. Because of that there's no more running, so I had to find a different way to get. Stamina dying, so what did you gonna? Well things like bird peace,
We know where I hate barbies, you hate wakes raining. I don't know how you do barbies, I hate Bourbon Al Qaeda. The fact of the matter is actually work. The best thing for me- and I hate thing that, but it isn't it your body work out and it had helped me especially my last night, my last night was the march at age. Fifty and the one thing that I can say is that I had the conditioning to go then the ten rounds or non Muslim. Let's talk about conditioning yeah because that seems to be the kryptonite for, Most boxers there should win but dont when they lose their legs. How do you know that you're properly conditions for a fight, and what do you have to do to get to that place? I think is also to all the facts
of the matter is a lot of them or trying to lose weight before bite, instead of already being in our own weight weeks before the fights So if you are perpetually going up and down in wait when it's time for you to I didn't you have to worry more about losing weight than focusing on the fight. Then that's a major problem so maintaining maintain my condition evil when I'm not fighting so most, designs, I'm only three or four pounds over the way that I find it so after that has just been working on condition, the entire time So that's your background is a dancer talking. There that's there, I see the conditioning physically of doing routines doing everything that you need to do to keep yourself in that shit Then facilitates to doing the same as a boxer, but you can have
best condition in the world. If you don't really feel like it that day, it ain't happening how do you condition your mind to be able to take your body to the places it needs to go as a great question The funny thing is that my mind is always there. Yes, you can not you're, not always in the fight and that's the hardest part of it. But- and I say that as a dancer, please, the show must go on, so you still have to work pass that and I always consider my five satisfies but performances, I interest has come at a very interesting to hear the way loaded guys because I'm the principal dancer everyone is watching that's right and all eyes are always on you and let me take this opportunity to say to each other.
Answers were out there listening or not, the dancers are some of the greatest athletes that you will ever. Encounter Pirie. I agree so you know not because you here and I would add that everyone has crossed the dancers. The was the ones that can even box, we gotta give it to them to the shuttle, but they could keep yes, they I don't want to find out. If they can, I just know they can what Bob say your biggest challenge has been over the course of your professional career. It has been hard to make. In that same level of bum I'll, say interests in the sport, because he s a lot of times a day. Not feel like training and the older that I get is harder to maintain that that same desire.
Especially because I know that I don't have the train as much to get the same out of it. But my already doing it's raining it's training! Now, it's like. I have a purpose, was younger. I didn't just by train. Want to fight comes along, but now is more focused as it is on. Are you getting me a fight? When am I fighting back so that has been hard to maintain that same the desire to fight. Well, that's funny. The trajectory of your training has been the exact same path as the trajectory of my partying, so wind, Do you have you set a date when you ve said that's me out, or are you just gonna? Do you think, and let letting over a guy. I think I think this then.
Ended up in China. China is pushing me on that because I wonder taken this job. If I still had so many and that I wanted for me to stay in the aim. I need at least three flights in the ear of the last three years, been fighting once a year and that's not enough to sustain me None. I understand that its light, ok and slowly waning. I myself out of its board and seen on the other side, which I have been a trainer for the last fifteen years. But now in sir,
energy is forcing me somewhere, you looking for your boxes down school or in a gym. Now they come to me. They come to the dim and makes sense. We, let me ask you this you're a champion a world champion five times. Anybody was be champion. What is it that you have to do to be a champion? What is the championship stuff? What is it. I don't really think it psychology. As a lot of people want to do the elder, all I'm, but you know is a lot of work, but you can- put some one in the ring and they are like, oh after the first, hate or so I'll. Coming back, and then you know, a lot of people think that just winning, makes you that winner in it and it doesn't when you lose. That's where you know
am, I said, person wants it our how much how strong of a fighter they would be if they can get back up and go back in. So I don't play so much emphasis on winning put more on you. Able to turn around and come back acting blast, wow red, great largest, remembered something and correct me if this quote is wrong, but you are asked to give advice to any up and coming female boxer. An your advice was don't get hit, Is that correct? Well, that's a big part of it. Now. The second part of this question is: have you manage to take your Roma looking at you I'd say you did pretty well. I definitely manage to keep that advice, and the thing is now still I'll say this. I've never been knocked down in all the years that,
then fighting never been knocked down ever they knocked out. I've had losses, and I'm happy with that because it It's me, the person that I am because I can come back or run. I blocked the baby. That's when I came back on it again at forty eight though the losses detainees, Let us all be so you and I have something in common. I've never been knocked down in my fights either because you can't knocked down somebody is running away from you know, you're gonna get. I knew you would. I swear, don't worry Elisa, you can be a catch him, oh may, for that matter, LISA we have got to the this interview and we are thrilled that we had the chance to spend some time. Is you thank you so much oh, thank you. Thank you very much. So there you have it ah boxing's pressure with three very very,
interesting women boxes. Difference approaches the philanthropists thee. Entrepreneur carry Williams, the astrophysics is to clear her mind by boxing that right, please something and of course, the one the the undisputed champion of the world, a leash Ashley, it's been a fabulous fibre so I hope you enjoy did as much Chuck and I did and we look forward to your company very, he soon. So that's it from Prime assigns wish you could listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk on pay,
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