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#ICYMI - World Series Throwback Special

2017-10-26 | 🔗
Just in time for the 2017 World Series, Gary and Chuck revisit iconic plays from the Fall Classic. Featuring physicist John Eric Goff, Houston Astros Announcer and 2005 World Series winner Geoff Blum, Lehman College Baseball Coach DJ Price and NY Yankees fan Neil deGrasse Tyson.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:TuneIn: tunein.com/playingwithscienceApple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/world-series-throwback-special/?safari_redirect

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Where land swaying in the play, when it's the wrong done, it's our world series back special, where we will revisit some of the most I tonic and everlasting plays of the full classic. Can resist a trip down memory lane with these guys? Absolutely not me! That's right and break down the science inside these majestic moments is our good friend from Lynchburg College Virginia and the author of gold Medal physics, professor arrogance, but that's not all in part- We have an extra special playing with science q and I shall spoil a Gary spoiler. Yes, whipped out
Neild grass ties in a world series winning home run, hitting Jeff Plum right here on playing with science. So that's on the menu for part three, so you are not going to want to miss that no cheating code, the distance we'll call back right now, Joe yes he's our good friend physics, Professor Eric Gulf Eric? How are you, Sir turn? Well, I'm really glad to be back we always glad to have you so sure we get to our first playing. This, take our little trip down memory lane and, of course, Doktor Eric, we're gonna. Ask you to break down the science and the physics of these places that cool, I would be grey list. First, go way back. Time with one of the great players of all time. It's the nineteen. Fifty four world series, it's the eighth ending gay one giants versus the Indians, the score is too too, and the Indians have to own base. Indian slugger, big words is at the
play any smashes a ball deep to serve field. The rest is They say that say: hey kid does best catches. The bar at the wall man. Does he hurl one take a list? look at this at the bar at the war. That is unbelievable. God he's like when the best defence of players ever can imagine big words is hit it that first thinking I'm off the asses one basis to amend the band,
the way that some four hundred and twenty five, which shot which in most a lot of parts, would have been a home run right Eric. Well, you gotta think they're in the polo grounds and the polar grounds back then had a little wedge out and said our field that actually went to four hundred and eighty three feet. It was like a little cut out right, that's right, but the ball. His cot was just before he got to that cut out, and he had a nice shadow there beside having the I'm sure Mitt kept the ball in the sun so wish the outside the shadow and only four man of ever hit a ball out of that park in deep centre? So you know words drove it about. As far as you can it would have been a home run in any other part right, so yeah I mean that the great thing is: is that handed down little. That was pitching was replacing sound.
Who was the starter and then once maize makes his great kitsch. Little was replaced in the apocryphal comment that little maid was well. I got my man Manhattan. So when you look at something like that, personal from point, a piss extend point. What kind of has to happen forbore to go? You sit for men have launched the ball out of the park period at at that deep sinner spot. That's what has to happen. Have you made me calculations in terms of Paul Speed, bat speed? What happens on a physics level for ball
to travel that far well, the balls probably come off the bad at something like a hundred and ten miles an hour while it was in the air about five and a half seconds or so before may cause. It is a really in a deep shot. Like you said about four, twenty twenty five feet and maize is playing in shallow centre field at the time, and you gotta remember that sound speed is about one millionth of light speed. So when may sees that ball get hit, there's gotta be a slight delay before he hears the crack of the bat. So there is a great deal of instinct. That's going on when at ball is hit, he's just sprinting back towards this. Fulfilled wall and he catches are right. Over is left shoulder after running about half the linked to the Althesa. What sort of speed is Willie Mays going at once? He starts to chase this down. Well, you gotta think I delete sprinters good do a hundred metres and about ten seconds you turn about ten meters per second about twenty
miles an hour, or so I would say you know Willie Mays, like that. In his career, young, very fit athletic, he's, probably gettin. You know twenty miles an hour approaching that speed as he's running toward that ball on how far as you got to throw back well, now he's sitting there forever and twenty feet he's gotta get the ball back in the in field and in an equally is impressive. Is the catch? Was the throne? Yes, it does look like when you watch him throw it. He throws the bar with entire body? He heard the ball so hard that he spends himself around and falls down and still throws the bar accurately. It's amazing! It's not just distances accuracy and distance is just is as good as the catch. The throw is possibly as good, if not better, That's right you, you know you got Larry Dolby, the great Larry Toby was on second base. He had back almost tag up and then he to up back to third, but this so that the game would have gone a lot differently. The game boy
a lot differently had that ball got over his head. I mean that might have even been an inside the park. Homerun night he turns around, and his had already come off any turns around and in just like a whirling dervish is fires that ball back into the infield, so he's gonna, throw in at ball in a close to three hundred feet or so here, s amazing, it's amazing and so we're looking at this. What would you say because this happened September? Twenty ninth nineteen. Fifty four polo grounds here in New York What would you say would be the market improvement in players between now and then and then how much? Since would you put between Willie, Mays them and best players? Now, oh, I think Willie Mays could play today. I mean it was a gift. It athlete. You know he certainly had taught not speed. That would be a rival, the other taught based dealers today, but clearly players. Today.
Bigger training, regiments or better nutritional better. They have a lot more coaches watching their health and their training, their transportation alot nice they're getting paid a lot more, maybe it's time to go back to the stadium and a lot of- guide her light on that world Series: paycheck fur added income. I mean that was a big deal to make it to the World Series back. Then I made the impact of these was it may catch, kept the game tied, allowing the giants to win five too. I'm reading this, because I've got a favorite name in here to win the game. Five too, in the tent inning off of dusty roads, pinch hit home, run ass. Well, There are obvious dusty road, what a great name and dusty rights at a great series with a pinch hitting, but if you ever watch dusty roses homer under win the World Series, he gets that in the right field, corner just ended. The stands at two hundred and fifty eight feet zoo.
The two hundred and fifty eight foot hit wins the game for a home run, but a foreigner in twenty five out exactly four hundred twenty five feet. You you get caught out where two hundred fifty eight you win the game as pretty incredible, pretty incredible there weren't any envy peace back then in nineteen, fifty four, whether so I've read, I don't think so. However, major League baseball decided for twenty. Seventeen do well to his envy. People because the Willie Mays Well Series envy pay. So a man who wouldn't have gotten envy pay back for that. Particular fate was now a year, absolutely every single year from now he would get a memory pay, because his name right, you can't separate him from being the envy pay So if we didn't jump from nineteen, fifty four to nineteen, seventy seven, its October miss the hate think yes, We are going to visit Mr October,
can only mean one man, Reggie Jackson, junk we had thrown. So here we go its game. Six. Ok, he comes to the plea: he's walked for his first a plate daily hit a home run and the second back then, Another home run at its third a breath. He can't do it again. Can I can't do it I get, but why does about? That's right has poured forth a bat and this is guy, he is the only player to ever hit three home runs in the same game. Now, I'm sorry he's not really he's a second that time where time is the only point of his time of his air, but the only other player to do was babe, of course, Ruth he wins the M Bp and because of that he is dubbed Stir October. Mr Toper, why not so, let's take a look and listened
two Reggie tat, good, I mean the teacher. I can't believe I cannot believe EU style that he's number once it I'm all right, they're watching ready, Jackson's done this wearing glasses. Reading glasses believable at the time he was the second person to three homers in what she is gone. Singles there's been four guys. You ve done it. Is it palls and sand of all the other two? in the same conversation is by Bruce and Reggie Jackson. So it's not a regular occurrence. You know I'd say I say that during this time this particular air. The reason why now
So Erika let you I would oppose this as a question to you. I was about to make a statement, but I'm repose it s a question to you: pay brute. Does it but I says during that particular time after that, a system, a baseball was nothing like it was when Wretch Jackson did it. So let us not forget Every did it twice: twenty six nineteen, twenty eight yeah any breach, He says I'm lucky that that was his answer for why he could do it, I'm I'm a lucky guy, but then Reggie Jackson does it in his error and his second gotta. Do it up until that time and people say well, Beirut doesn't count its much harder for residential because those players were much better than in pay birthday and there you that our ports and whose the other developed that yes Pablo sounded so then that happens and people said well, it's even harder because
that player to even better. What's your take on that argument, because can you ever compare errors, or is it always going be that argument that the players are bigger, faster, stronger and therefore it's harder for the player who doesn't leader in any era up in the error? It's harder for that player. Gotta think the this seventys and eightys the pitching was a little bit more dom at when she got into the nineties in the arts, of course, than the hitting really took off. So you know was it that unusual for somebody to be hitting a home in the thirties and the homework to lead the league. Yet this was so in a Reggie Jackson could hit a forty four home runs something like that and lead the league. This was not a you know, eight, an error
Were you saw a lot of fifty homewards having lost her at fifty two that year, but that without was rare? Do you think it's about basically their talent at the position or is it about the prowess of the athlete? So I definitely think the mean ready. Jackson was a great athlete. I mean you know. Watch, it at home run in seventy one. All start gamey hit in the tiger stay I mean guy could absolutely just whale on a ball, but he also struck out a lot because when you watches swing.
It is a full open up. I'm gonna kill that ball or I'm gonna go down swinging type, a swing enemies almost down on his knee when he swings at bat absolutely and it's funny, because I'd never think of Reggie Jackson as a greek athlete, because he always looked to me like somebody's dad play baseball, I don't care how young he was like somebody's dad play baseball. I dont know what it was and I'm sorry that's the beauty of what Jackson Data meeting in game. Five that day they lost, he had had a solo home run in the eighth setting and when he came out in the sixth game, he's walked on force straight pitches in his first it bad. It is next. Three swings of the bad are from three straight. First pitch home runs, so he went for straight swings or the bat when he had a home run. Oh my god,
now see that I'd. That's amazing here see that that's what makes this such a stand out, because we know that you talk about a guy gets a hot hand, just Ridiculous and that's for every radically yeah why we're different pitchers do unbelievable. I will listen. We gotta take a break where yeah from Mr October? We throw straight to a break and when we come back well, I'm not even more science. Behind a couple of the more iconic well world series moments, professor Eric got so stick around will be back shortly. Yeah. Hey. I've got no secret for you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell,
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Can you can't, will you home when his name to the place where you swing, if you play gotta know back on very rightly, is playing with society's? Yes, this is our world series throw bags. Episode and with us to unlock the physics. Is our good friend, Professor Eric Gulf of Lynchburg College in the junior rightly waste no time chirp next clip here: we go. Let's pump up to nineteen, eighty eight or world Series Home run its game. One. At the series and one October fifth, nineteen, eighty at Dodger, stadium in law, Angeles we have gibsons dramatic. Winning home run so Gibson is pinch for
LOS Angeles dodgers at the bottom of the night. Ok, already I'm excited about the night. This guy is holding injuries to both of his legs. He heads to run, walk off home rum and, of course, the athletics Dennis at our offer. The den of demonstrators thirdly, of the athletics that won the game for dodgers by a score of five to four so gibsons- run was the only played appearance of the series that helped the Dodgers defeat, the aid for games to one and, of course, secure their six, world Series title and let's take a look at the club
Tommy was sort of rice out he's running. As far as I could write him running, he's dragging legs, Mary laboring, our record a basis. Amazing amazing. You know what what a team might you you know is physically suffering goes out and says you know I am here. You won't make a plank, doesn't matter what kind of pain I mean you kind of have to get a lift. So now, let me ask you something professor Devas accurately we are weird delivery on his pitch army. What would you call that is out of sight armpits if it wasn't really side arm? He just had a weird delivery and a very weak release. Point. Does that? Can I help or hurt? I hid her so vigorously started off, as carers are starting
I mean he addressed a no hit her for the Indian was not a star but a decent starting pitcher. When he was moved. The ball pen by in attorney Lasorda, I mean sorry it during the Risa. He had this nice delivery for leave her that doesn't require a whole lot of energy. Emine EAST lay in a slightly side, arm way of throwing in his his go to pitch was what's called a backdoor slider, and it was a three to pitch and Gibson is supposedly thinking that a three to pitch three to count accuracy is gonna. Go to a backdoor slighter, the problem is This lighter was a little too much over the plate, didn't quite go in the back door, Whittemore in the front door on that combats pidgin, slide enough and didn't go in the back door and out the sizeable. But not if this man, we didn't have this matter, Diego undecided. What what? What? What fascinated me? The people, the good people of LOS Angeles, voted this their greatest sporting moment.
They had the Olympics in nineteen eighty four, yet moment. This run resonated so deeply with them. While there for you, I think when you watch the Borgo ended, stands noticed the brake lights. You see on the cars that are outside the stadium. There were some people that left early and when their listening to it on the radio and all of a sudden, you see those break lights. Come on. You gotta wonder if they might have wanted to stay man. That's that's why that's way Erics the professor, because he noticed the data were exactly brick lights in this, and this is your an awful fan, I'm sorry no disrespect air, no disrespect any by listening to us in our lay, but listen, I'm just speaking as Eagle Span. You gotta learn how to love your team when they screw you over year after year after year, you don't leave the stadium. You know what I mean, because that's your badge
honor, it's like I'm sticking with these guys, I'm going down with the ship, and then you go home and you scream about how they suck and that's about. That's that's the whole process. That's all process than that makes you feel better, and and and you know what I am about to cry. I am saying this terribly sorry for him. There's some great science in that does swing of gibsons, because I mean he had heard his legs in the the championship series against the Mets and he's coming up to bad the great accurately on the mound the Asia Gun for runs on one swing, the bat when Jose can Seiko it hit a ball into the camera in sinner field. So they that's where there four runs came from and they get this powerful ballclub the aid that it one ten more games at year than a Dodgers. Then you get you got Gibson up there and you know his legs or bad, so he doesn't have that full extension. Whenever he's got the stride doesn't have that. But if you notice the swaying, he still gets the hip
rotating slightly any gets the torso rotating. So all that's nice stored energy at his body in the core is unleashed. When that backdoor slighter hangs up in the strike soon very cool man, I mean it's gotta, be. Maybe that's why people love this moment. So much is because to have injuries to both your legs. And be able to dinner homer won. The world series is amazing. You know so weird baby. It's a great moment and I'm glad we had a chance to take a look at that. Let's get to our throwback number four and its jump forward in time a little bit more and we're goin up to ninety ninety one- and this is the twins versus the Braves in Nepal Classic and would talk in a little Kirby pocket were already an extra endings here right side. They dislike,
My right. This is considered the greatest world series of all time. A lot of people think the series itself saw because every game kind of went down to like the last a bad image like it's just super ass, full of drama. This whole series, which is full of drama, and here we are a game. Six we're looking at eleven endings and the scores tied three three Kirby, I could take a look left handed over. Raising here's the thing about their economies.
Like he goes down and stretches out to grab that ball, am I wrong yeah mean when you think about the ball, interacting with the bad. It turns out that the pitch speed is, about one six. The contribution to the home render, as the bat speed cool the bat speed, is much more important. So when Reggie Jackson hits one off the knuckle, or you get Kirby packet hidden, Charlie Labour who certainly wasn't a speed. All thrower I mean the bat speed is important, so you gotta, you know a little powder keg like Curdy Kirby Pack. It up very just explodes honour that pitch and you'll notice. The Lego come up a little bit. You get all this, you know, strength in the eyes and in the core. That's gonna rotate on that pitch and it doesn't take long for it to leave the field yeah and Kirby Pocket for those you remember the guy was
like a fire plug euro seriously. He was like a just this little. It was like a little box, a power. You know that's the way he was built and what kind of what does that stature due for a hitter link when you have a guy like pocket whose built the way he is he was a look like he was almost as wide as he was talk of the big power hit as we used to seeing those and you ve got this little compact bundle of energy. There must be some sort of difference in dynamic, professor and so is easier or better to be taller, and does that stretches its own or is it easier and better to be like Kirby Pocket where you're just like this, like a set of fire blood, so them in it a typical bats? Gonna be thirty one to thirty five answers and a big huge day when Fyodor, Jose Canseco or some of these bigger players
they're gonna use a heavier bat in a babe Ruth used a heavy bat, and these things have big moments of inertia. You get a lot the energy transfer, when you swing that heavy bad, but you don't have quite as much control. So you get a diminutive player like Kirby packet in and you like a said he's like a little power. Gagging you get these big thighs, you get you a strong core and he gets a lot of bat speed on a short swing. It's not a huge! Big looping swing like this offer major Jackson right not have not along lined up he just kind of it's almost like it's a snap, just a compact swing, yeah yeah so and so that bad speed is what gives him the power or makes him the kind of hatred that he is that's right. You know that the bat speed is by far the most, important contribution to hitting homerun. She made In short, we can get the best speed, yeah
as you say, with powder keg is so much energy to the dreadful Ford. Oh yeah, I want to ask you this professor. Because you're such a fan of this game, when you look at the hitters of today and, let's, let's just go back to- maybe you liked the arts, so we start around two thousand Ok, who do you say, has the best swing, be considered the best hitter of this current era. Well, if you talked about the arts, I mean I have to go Albert pool He dominated the it's like. I don't think anyone else did. I mean he had incredibly powerful. Oh compacts weighing hit for high average, certainly early in his career. He was probably the best that decade yeah, you call them the oats yes seen home in the EU the naughty naughty naughty, naughty naughty hurry and I'm learning another language I out I'll catch up.
Enough. Southern noughties is what people in the arts were putting in their body to help him hits. It refers to an assertion that was good stuff right there good it will listen man so I'll. Give you that same question for right now, because we're not through this decade yet were seven years through this decade. What do you think? I mean that guy's got me when he really is up. There were this, you knows teeth grit and nice got the dirt determine oh yeah, I mean that guy's got me when he really is up. There were this, you knows teeth grit and I've got the dirt determine look on his face. He really knows how to punish a baseball nice very nice. Very nice man is, This is great. To take a look back at the World Series break down some of the science and physics involved in some of these great plays, and I'm glad we got the chance to share it with you, because your love of the game in the customer reference therefore based
the eighty sovereignty I saw it you did, they think you re able to do their so it's great to take to get a feel for especially for my baseball is, is something I'm getting to grips with and learning more about every day. So, thank you. Thank you for your. It gets so we could make based on that They may have improved it, but don't tell anyone in the UK said that of two legs right wing spake, a mixed, especial treat on playing with science. Yes, we have a serious winning home, hitting Jeff, Plum and that man, yes, Neil digress Thyssen stick around. The man.
but there ban and Bob Scooter Barber ran. Then home often passed into the pit especially make combat I'm very rightly observed, as this is playing with scientists, and this is our World Series Throwback, special and for a final segment, something special just for you. Facebook lie Yankee plan, Neil digress, tie southern Houston Castro's announced and form a player, Jeff problem for those of you. Dont know: Jeff hit the homer and the two thousand five world Series, while playing for the whites oxygen the Houston asked rose and he is now yet the announcer for the Houston ass rose in the other s eyes and, of course, being Bronx born huge Yankees fan, plus
We ve got dj price, a layman college baseball who happens to be Neil digress, Thyssen's music All terrain, ah, yes, absolutely so we recorded the sediment on Friday October, the thirteenth just hours before the Yankees actually play the asked rose in the play off joy enjoy a Milligrams Thyssen Yankee spent Jeff, Plum, Astro announcer. I'm on game. On aim of this is very rarely and unchecked. Nice- and this is Facebook, live thanks for joining us and we're here and studio talking about Bay, What kind of Brooklyn Rigour with me DJ price, DJ idea, Coaches college college baseball here in town come on back, as you know, is why some opinions so work into private science. You're out number do.
Seriously out- and I take this much, those of you who were shooting in right now be a facebook live. You can ask us anything, you want. You want to ask just blood something about the Astro. If you want to ask me something about baseball, and the universe. If you want as J something about baseball and training, we got an hour here: abuse ask me something about no joke general. Have you a joke. I didn't. Maybe you and ass Garry something about any life. How soccer and baseball actually compare and contrast. You can do that and I'll be taking your questions as we go through. Those somebody already said meal. I love your shirt and clearly you are a Yankee span because you are from born and raised in the Bronx Bronx in the house right on. Why don't you
that approach to Jeff DJ is wearing and Eagles had. Let me just point this out. Anybody was a boy. Our science ban knows that I am a huge eagles fan. So thank you, yeah right, Jeff, who's, gonna, win, Astro, Yankees, the game or the series. All of the other. Its laws, it came out he's gay one right here tonight is game, one Jeff You aren't you're tonight announcing today game, correct though you know what on regional sports. Tv broadcasters are done. They go regional, I'm a fan tonight concrete you! You can game what he s rose and not the Yankees view. Dallas Kaliko It is very good at Minimum Park, Annie
shows our fence, so their setting records with their o p s that I know Neil loves in the playoffs overlapping aim is the percentages. Pussies percents are all mentioned when your mind I'm eighty three things in your eighty percent do not together we sixty percent good, that's not how you do numbers but going Gub, Gub Jeff. Yes now you know it was a good, their young swimming about good and they put a hurt non Tanaka, two thousand fifteen. Last time they faced off in the play, those memories there, our history into a question, real quick, Jeff, color, another Jeff says what would happen if you switched a baseball to a cricket ball who oh, how would that change the gained as a quick about like and I think it is the same thing- is last slightly larger because he's got the rice got rage. Citizens croaker slowly, large
what made you think about it, we don't want. You can have the wicked ball or whatever so Jeff. It only has my license. Gods only has one seems, so it reacts differently when they spinet and stuff like that. Baseball moves a little bit differently, but I think you're right as far as size and weight into its leather covering would write me with speed up or slow down the game. The ball is heavier stuff is going to go slower. Ok, I mean it's and we look at the speed of a golf ball. Tat gets hit and night, and how far goes I mean you're puts you wanted to be dense enough so that it can actually win against the air right. So so you can, you can get a boar puts sheet of paper forward as hard as you want. It's not gonna go more than ten feet, so the combination of size and wait and density, especially matters here minimal questions are going very cool pitches faster. Is it
the bowler unity in cricket or is it the? I think the pitcher baseball pitcher intricate resonate glamour is chaplains? Can the dial up receives gotta role? This Chapman very pushes a hundred five miles an hour at incredible is daily starting up three digits. I think these guys you do that have faster. Their balls got forgets. Gonna hit gonna hit, which is gonna hit the ground and bounce not yet up the patron another be far behind, but there are not quite there. Ok, if you do have baseball through a wormhole doesn't always didn't wormholes that teaching Actually, I just made that up, I know, aren't I know our listeners. I know how they are going to have an answer you can. You can play baseball across the universe through a normal, I'm just think the normal somebody's written on the other side of the hall and in outcomes the ball, and then you swing and she'd go back and you hit it
through the universe, baseball game there, because Trans universal Baseball, I love it. I find another course another new splay with Invent can Aaron Judge strike out enough times to cause a black hole in a black hole. In that way, dairy wise you struck in what are you doing wrong here these that we get a lot more breakin pages? I mean you can sell it till it is yep you're right going. The other way. With that he's trying to pull his twenties left side. I think a little bit and sorry and no he's not he's not waiting he's just not getting it direct. In that he needs in Asia is not as good on the sore pitches. Here is an hour. I mean it's easier to facile within reason. I mean this or pictures are gonna move they're gonna, they change plane. So it is doubly something you have to put into perspective and try to go the other way within he just in the beginning to seize any within the ball or right side. A lot more and now he is you know, it's gettin left, feel happy centre. Feel happy. You agree without just
no a lot of it is approach, but you also get out in the pressure, the policies and so when a fertile and I'm a first step, about it, slows down the game, speeds up and that's not a good combination for they hit because, like you keep saying, you start to try and go get the baseball but baseball's moving. Your head starts to move. That means two things are moving and makes the game real tops of ease and a bad place right now. Actually order running tonight. Let me jeopardy because I know Jeff has to go LISA Fraser, larger ones. You have last one for you. Do you think players that have a better understanding of physics have a better advantage in the game and therefore better performance do and tat you have to request all. I say I think it important for these guys to understand that these days to be talked about pitchers pitching on a different plain, but it's the application. That worries me a little bit, sometimes guys let their head get in the way, the game a little bit too much, and then things get a little screwy. So if the guy can understand it and apply That guy's gonna have a way better chance. I think up interesting. I answer it
Jeff you gotta, go man thanks. So much for joining Us Curzio. You have to get to get to another interview. Right now, he's wanted. Man is a one man Jeff thanks a lot man. Do not use it and for those of you who were with be. Facebook live we're going to continue with meal hand dj, and I have a question now who says meal can't wait to see you enrichment. Did the Yankees use physics when designing the new stadium? That's the only reason I can think of to make it so easy for them to hit homers. Now, first of all, you you kind of secretly on a Yankee, sound proceeded. I hate innuendo, innuendo is there, but it's a very good question. In that
Oh does an actual design and construction of a stadium. I ceased and the statistical performance of a player also consider that if the air circulation in a stadium prevailing winds- and you know that their one way more often than another in the evening- and you want to exploit this for the stadium- you could and your statements like you shaped- you know or shoe saving- imagine oriented it so that the air circulates then comes back out and helps the pitch and hopes that they hit. But the thing is, it's not gonna help one team and not the other team. Okay. So so you can't claim that this is specifically a yankee advantage in a game. The Ngos are playing against another team. What do you think he's did do in the original stadium? Was the anchors had the farthest point in any field in the major leagues at four hundred and six.
The fourth somethin feet, and so far up the ball would never be hit there and there was monuments out there and is a flagpole whose stuff out the hearings in other fields stuff. If I had this extra space, we know some stuff there. Whenever we know we're never going to watch and and that it was left centre, feel the right feel fence was two hundred ninety six feet. It was the shortest point of any field, so you could hit a home run, not even hitting it three hundred feet. Why? Because the Yankees power were left handers right, so they bring in a nineteen twenties Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig, and so you that they could just laughed home runs this at any that on a whim. So yes, in that case, they had a stadium designs for their betters right and that way, and so, if we want to talk about whom on asterisks, you can say. Oh you hit mostly or hormones on the sugar. Looked over the short pose hit homes you home is our home, rather than on the road. At least half will be has outbreaks.
And now be more than half races where we play more games and not why not built around advantage. In effect, if I always had to exact right centre, then bring that part in a promentory I'll even pay for the interesting, because a city city field originally was built for feel further met. Yet for that originally built for pictures, but opposing teams are hitting so well there. They were like what. How do we get our team to do as well as and they started? Bringing the fences in and then put it seems, are still hitting well there and then the Mets starting to come around, but even when you try to build a sea stadium too, to match your team, because that's really trying to match your team for putting sometimes it doesnt work in your favour. In another way, you design stadium for the pitcher, not the hitters, have very wide foul zones right right. You catch Faubourg right to catch Faubourg, Rutten right on the question of why the Austrians have a diminutive hitter, our debate today
what is going on because no meets the big power built in other guy, but the guns just comes out ghosting. This is a little guy this. It's amazing, making everything everything they link talent and it's funny because he was told at one point that you know we don't need you like when you wish initial originally got signed by GOSH rose. They told him to go home and he got on a bus and he's like you know what I'm doing this and he came back for the next day. Like we catch you,
now- and I am terribly I'm not go with him- I'm stayin here, but he's got an issue when it puts nowadays have everyone is another sign of brass and other countries too, but yes or mean he stuck around and they they kept them, and you know so now. He's he's Emily P talent, but as an unbelievable knack for making quality contact is about, is always where the ball retorted my garden it before you. Why? Why is it now little guy can do the words before them guys weren't at speed about speed all about bats B, because he had a thing about it. Is that that so his hands get through their own very quickly, and you know, let's say he's always using a thirty two inch bat which, following a be about twenty nine, thirty ounces, give or take. I mean he uses a tool that matches his size, and nowadays do. Is
good contact with a bullet coming ninety five miles per hour, you're going to send that ball someplace. Let me get to one more question: cause we're we're running out we're running longtime here, we'll meet others from Valerie Williams. Haliae. If you were to throw whistle ball on Mars, how much different with the throw beacon. Here too, a regular baseball and Mars with Mars is gravity and atmosphere very good question. What good about their question is, of course, a whistle ball. You can leave your hand at a hundred miles an hour right when it gets to the better go and nothing that's right, because it is totally absorbing the air Sakhalin. Resistance is all about that, and so on Mars. The air pressure is one one hundredth. What it is here that did you not yet his heart that hardly any errors, no pressure it also. You have had a whiff of all throat a hundred miles an hour and get hurt by it, so that thing
so the things in our atmosphere allows that whistle ball with all those holes in it. You start to think about it with a ball will behave in a thin atmosphere. The way a heavier bore would you atmosphere. That's right but the thin atmosphere makes a whiff of all heavier makes it makes it behave round. Is Martin? Eight months later I listened we, make sure that and so make sure that you check out Gary and Chuck nice on playing with science, and you can find everything that we do on no matter what it is. If it starts off it is, it starts off, livelier, plus the campaign.
Anyplace else. May I thank you and DJ. Absolutely I'm going a surprise us like Galileo job the organs? which you can listen. The star talk commercial, free, joint star talk on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio.
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