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2016-09-20 | 🔗
Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino puts on his old CAPCOM headset and takes us inside Johnson Space Center, with a little help from his guests, Flight Directors Emily Nelson and Royce Renfrew, and co-host Maeve Higgins.

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all die, but also the whole work of an old nor to be reminded that might be friends of the show coming back, wriggle out of the rubble brought me back, looking back relaxed and wants to know where to find. Your item yielded restoration of start already, five crack scientist, ensigns educators tell me they start off, like best mean oh dear Astro, MIKE that happens to be my twitter handle in your listening to the
First season of a brand new series star talk all stars to try to save like any other dressed ice. Gay star talk all start Eurostar hosts tonight and I have me in studio my comedic co host May Higgins Oh thank you for having we thank God, you're here. Thanks for being here- I'm gonna go by comic, maybe maybe comic made with your Astro MIKE. Twitter all, but I mean I just thought of ass. I think it's an islamic me. It's a good! Really this where they take. You tell him what you do for a living in and give him your name. Yes, that's. What I handle should be, and you gave me how to do that if you're a comedian, they are not very funny. You have to keep reminding people, I'm a comedian you're, very funny. That was funny what you just take it This episode of all stars were going to give everyone a peak into the NASA Mission Control Centre. I infer like cited for, I guess you know. These are two very good friends of mine who I both work with, and I think they probably have dirt on me because, as an astronaut you get to work in
control Centre as a cap com, which is a spacecraft communicator speaking to astronauts space. I was lucky enough to for many years when I was an astronaut and also you get to work as a crew member really closely with your flight directors a more or less run the flight. Making sure you're gonna be ok in all areas, mission, success and in your personal well being, which means making sure your kept alive. They are that they are totally in charge. They are the burning bush, every one listens to them when they talk, and these are two of the best ones we ve got right here. The two flight directives that will be speaking with Emily Nelson M Royce ran through their right now coming to us from the Johnson Space Center. Are you guys, they were great. How are you today, it's great to? Have you guys, do look great up on the big screen? I guess it's a radio show, so people can't see- but I can see you in the big screen and you guys both look great. You do. Thank you. Re dining eyes here
Funny you. You know you have this job, but you just looked like regular people. Nobody would know. You're wearing leg, plazas ensued jackets and nobody would know your kind of a superhero sphere they they, they don't need the clause to be superheroes. They just they asked them. I was in everyone knows there in charge years later on our hands that's right. We know there are in charge gas, so I thought I might might be. Thing both of you, ve had very exciting careers, and you know what would you hey man, you guys. His question is raised to talk about talk about this s, not office. What are the two best jobs you can have in this space programme number one in two maybe not necessarily in order when you think the most exciting jobs are in the space programme. Everyone is clearly fight director and, what's number two,
bastard. I go that's exact, but that's where we used to feel about it that if, furthermore, we if we felt that the college job was astronaut lucky enough to have that, but what say close second, it may be, some people could argue even more cooler than being an astronaut his flight director. It really is a coup job and it's not an easy job. To get there only been a hundred people are less than other people that have been directors, many more been astronauts. So it's very soon where do you guys are aware? Do you start to become a flight direct daring? I think that's a good question for our for these very successful flight directors. Couldn't would you mind we start their both of younger entails weight as you get to where you are in charge of the control Centre so actually are started out as a high school man teacher. When I got out of college seven years doing that job and that actually played into my getting tired out here a j. I see the original job that I had was an instructor.
For the revised exist station when they heard me as an instructor out here they were looking for people that had a technical background and had some history of teacher. Whatever fit perfectly, computer science degree and seven years on teaching high school mathematics- and I wilder I didn't hurt your teacher transport operator, robotic arm station remembered unto me D. Member teaching me right. You're instructor, about going to remember that get out of your head. I didn't you re use yeah, my god, my God memory is selected, but I'm just going to say is that its that's gotta, you, you went the ETA teach astronauts and I think your teacher nigh school kids
well, yeah teach astronauts and I think your teacher nigh school kids probably was not as challenging as teaching astronauts, probably get away to get ready to do that. So I think you're, I think a time a nice girl classroom is probably good that a know that your eyes, so you did that and you became a robot instructor further. What happened? I became a fight team would justify? Control is responsible for the further robotic our moms more station, none for a while as an open Odin was responsible for that the main computer network. I warn station the one that runs and then I was I was the manager of the only route for a while. I was cited as a flight direct in two thousand and eight so, different positions in the control room before I guess who acted ass, a as a fighter injured, but that this is by far the most Fun job and what about you? Emily eyes?
more simple Zeus. I graduated from college. I figured out that this is where I wanted to be. I wasn't one other folks, libraries that started out NASA. Early wind come here, I knew I wanted to do what I can make the world a better place if at all possible and figured out This is a great environments. Organs went straight to a life in full. I worked as a further deliberations man, formal systems on space station as we resembling a vacation and pretty much went straight from Thorn laying sale. Mine is far less interesting. I worked in one council before getting selected is a vital factor in two thousand and seven a poem I must warn you almost four years was also ones twenty years a J. I see- and you say it's a straightforward simple, but it's not anything like that. I mean I'd. What they did
was incredible as no rights as an instructor and then as a flight controller. No, they they. They work their way up again to the front room of the control centre and then into Vienna, a flight director. It's a big applicant In an interview in as they make sound easy. I know it is not because I was tightened think, oh maybe I could do that could, but it takes a lot of hard work. And what do you think I, like, apart from your qualifications, in what you think is that is the decisive personality type that you need to do this kind of work? we are a variety of verse measures in a game really in drop community to try to figure out why people that selected well people want to be vital, renders they look at the previous classic. As I too am delighted, these people had spoken we say alive lot. Clearly,
all demonstrate a leadership capability. We ve all demonstrated a capacity to learn quickly because we are certainly not experts on early system, but we may need to become an expert on every system very quickly If something goes wrong, There are a lot of fundamentals that we have to demonstrate along the way, but our style is probably all pretty gimme Reforest. Something goes wrong. Can each of you give us an example of an emergency when you are on council that you have to act quickly and give us the insides scoop, the one that comes to mind we we were talking about before we started Here- was play. We did in December the hundred verify whether simply condemn cobra. During their spacewalk wind, Jim COBRA reported. He was trying to see some water inside of his helmet in them in the wider area. And we wilder executing our protocols that we put in place
The determination that we want to terminate that aviation based on a couple of different signatures. We were saying and Ambrosch turned him over in some feedback inside got about other space. And everything was everything was fine in the end but obviously that is not the way that we had planned EPA, but we have heard and read we train all the time for events like like that we're We need to do something in a hurry to terminate any VA or Orange and take some other action or station to keep the crusade vehicle safe and then work on the success of the of the mission and were operating at summit. That was, there was a very Yet some of those that are very much alive thread situation, genetic and probably in the water in the helmet is probably closest. We came to loosen someone Dern spent is a closer, become loosen someone in space? What would you guys agree with that?
here we were far away from a life threatening situation, but we we. We have conservative protocols in place now to make sure that we don't get into configuration, whereas I threatening so we had where the water in the helmet, which triggered actions by my team and myself to bring their drew back inside, but I wouldn't who has guided us, why we took the actions that we did I thought I jumped over, was safe and moving forward. Her time we were prepared to go. Go to the next level other Brigham anyway, which is gonna yea aboard but we did not get to that. We state in the current case the entire time so that so worked out. Ok, we ran our protocols, but is it still
not another configuration. I wanna be him, but I thought the team hamlet, very well bones on board in and my team learn controls them a lot of technical speak there, but a great, no indeed a lot, a cool head and this they can arise that yet I wanna hear when I like, you noticed something is going wrong. I think we're onto our next segment here. There was great thanks for the stories in the controls. Animate turn over them. Maybe he's got some question I've got cosmic queries from our listeners, so Ann, and these are, as they knew, that we were going to be speaking with people from mission control for these specific questions, for you guys this is fraud, Benjamin Luria and he contacted us your instagram, and he asks for the missions that take years like Juno spacecraft trip to Jupiter are there people admission control, watching its progress twenty four hours a day for the entire Mason
as a two way Juno's that control of Justice base our work somebody else's problem? There's nobody on board. Only people we were, and MRS Kinnock on people ok around. We want to control centre Twenty four seven, but is not just the controls were used in All our international partners around the world also control centres, they are Maybe we'll good point, though I hear you say you know that with the Johnson's, but the difference between the flight directors that we have the Johnson Space Center. They ve got to worry about, and people alive and at risk it changes the whole Quays Emmy. We never want to lose a spacecraft or, but they also worry about cargo ships, and so when you want to keep the space ship alive, but they have the
the pressure of keeping people alive. You better. They know either but there's a whole other group of white directors. I gazed at her out the out their work in these other spacecraft without people on it also offers it is all very much related were, were big bang per annum, champions of the folks at European rovers and missions to other fires because all of that effectively his path finding themselves actually going to enable us to send people to those and sir like Mars, which is the goal NASA your eventually without those funny rumours are run around March. We will not know merely as much about what we're gonna do our cells into when we put people herbage were totally there's a question here about their Myers trip, and this is from Cairo Yoke, whom these intensity. How does not feel about setting up a space station on the moon for trips going to and from earth and Mars? Would that be worth the effort with interest
getting down to any services. This is pretty expense. In terms of mascot, Sounds you a surface it back up again, so one of the things were talking about in terms of the way station forgetting from Mars is not necessarily on the surface of the moon by either high earth orbit or in an orator is similar to the movies orbit, so that where far enough away from earth? It is easier to launch outwards Mars, but we don't have all the infrastructure needs that would be required for getting down to you in back up from the moon, so our plans going forward do involves setting up credits spaces, in very high earth orbit, basically pretty close to the moon, where we can assemble estate of a vehicle so that it can head out to Mars. But I getting down to the surface in back from a service, is allow our complicated and costly than you would necessarily stand right. Well, this question is for, MIKE. Is there a closer sock
from being an astronaut and then training as cap come, I think so. Everybody do that our does not not era is do. What is that it's an idea, may second question about everyone. Every astronaut do but went back when now when I was an astronaut, there were a lot more astronauts and it was only a portion of us. I got a chance to do and I think now don't they try to get as they all of the new astronaut spend some time is a cat, I'm so that by the time they get to the space station there more familiar with, what's going on in real time in the best way to get an astronaut familiar with real time is, but an emission control, Europe's absolute and it really helps you know my first flight I flew on. My flights were shuttle flights. In my first light, I had not yet been a cap common, I flew, and then I and then I was come in between? I was my job and between my flights, and it gave me so an appreciation for what goes on in the control centre and makes you a much better astronaut,
think that we realise that now in that's, why they have Who are they used to say what you need to find space in order to know what to tell the echelon in space? But I think it's more more value, to have an astronaut who is working in the control centre in and learning what it's like to work or to flight. Turn. We could, when you say something from from Spain a new radio that down use and they listen to what you're saying you can. You can put the team spin off on something that then mean that you may not think is unimportant, but just because you said something you're gonna be work in an issue that that you had no idea how they're gonna be work in it, and it's very important to be clear and in appreciate what they're doing push you get to see the day to day of what an astronaut goes through as a cap com. So what is a great job for inaction? Its also it's a blast to get the work with these people. I guess
what's the most. This is another question that is from a fifth. Indeed, what is the most entry level job that gets to stay in the Room of Mission control? you have they can in turn that sitting there getting you that his coffee, or and now in the cab com or be the case in some ways it I guess what the things you need to realize that since then We train flight controllers just like we train master browser talking about myself and three level job somebody that actually gets sir come out here and work. Could be somebody right out of college, that is now training to be one of those council positions that you see in the control room behind us. There so the most entry level, jobs in the building. I would suggest a somebody's and training to do on those jobs that does
you always see the shots of the one room there in the control center, where on this tv all the time, but the building itself is relatively large and there are other control rooms in the building where we train a team, we train. Why controllers? Where and how? a group of thugs, you're Jesse you who are instructors lighter Mary with all instructors. They worked with him the entire time he was training go. Do his missions, they also train flight controllers. To do their jobs are necessary level. I would say, as a person and training to do our job here, Emily and enjoys, don't go anywhere. We had the rapid, this part of the show, but we'll be right back with more of your cosmic queries, stay
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This is starting to look about star talk. All stars. Come your host, MIKE Mass, perhaps known to some of you as Astro Migrant Twitter goals, today is comedian, maybe Higgins May having me For being here, I, like her modest you everything you is some of you may not. You have like a million and a half hours, I was the first person a tweet from space Oh yeah, that's all you saw, but it's all right That is why what year was ass? I was in thousand nine, just as the twitter craze was going and are our friends that we're skyping with also aren't
twitter and I'll introduce some making tell you can twitter handle it? We have Royce rent through and Emily Nelson, both of whom are flight directors at the Johnson space and thanks for joining us? what do you twitter handles now that we went we were we just talking about that. So early astronauts, if you type in Astro Underscore and you'll get, although she gets on Ali astronauts around whether the mergers, went the other direction. My foot, and all his tungsten light, the metal lenders or flight Another point directors underscore fight at the backing of art would Randal instead of metro underscore at the front, don't treat myself forget reminded us. I think I'm very now. Flights with a dot and between burner got like the words would put words preparedness pursue, resent your flight.
Your name, colored suns, then! Ok, so can you explain the flight director names quickly for us cause? That's kind of yeah yeah, so back the very beginning of by Georgia, would have a team of my controllers that they train with all the time we don't get Alex re. Now we can show about controlling the control room and see what do we get that dates back when director was also the manager of a team of people. It was symbols. Just put on the schedule that the rent, Mr Mayer, today, the white team, a semi is training today that blue team is training today, Explain. Director started digging a collar at first and then you know you get through your plane for count. Boxer crale as a new start run an unknown than they started, jumping into constellations. Gemstones these days we go into concepts. One of my classmates was tranquillity flight most recently directors, and and ass her name, she came at last. We guys infinity liable so is,
usually at a turn. It means something to us: Ass, associate, our path to the flagrant, your office and our hopes for humans, based I love the name. Tranquillise lie still you if they do what we want There has been faced with words: Europe, quite director name, big, o, citing it would be like the fight our place, really yeah or flight figure added eyes ass, a great or you can use it will be announced in the names you recommend now so don't want, and so how like? How important is it very like for you guys to use twitter and communicate with people like we know from they show people aren't unbelievably cure. As everybody wants to know, what's happening in Gaza, what's happening to me Control, so like fight them. See you guys like to communicate in that way? started use twitter, when the crew might was talking about,
from space at the station who started using social media once we figured out how to get them internet access we started using Twitter just follow what they were when they return, because they were pursing ethics. Out there. I really enjoyed it, so I started using it more and more in it. It is a new way to interact with the public its anyway to thrust of out there, that they were doing in the control centre, what we're doing all eyes s as as an outreach programme which I think is very useful for NASA when we were actively in the control centre, is pretty hard to take the time to send anything out so for science please for me, I'm since it was quite a bit more when I'm in a different role when I'm leaving a mission, which means are not sitting in the room that you can see behind us, but I'm sitting in kind of a room behind there the entire format for six months of the mission, and then I have gone
an opportunity, because I'm not responding to what's happening every moment by moment to send out says of interest. Things the crew, son and heir things. I'd try to focus on things that the ground has done, that the mission control Team is both. Sides are trying to give that kind of flavour. Some of the sum of things you need to do to keep things Goin mass flight to workers and with the report by phone accruing twitter. In all this, but your job now is much deeper than it was in the shuttle programme. I think, because shuttle shuttle flights were two weeks long. And you had a lot to be worried about crew safety, but now it these missions, we mentioned in the other segment that unity be up there for as long as a year and may was before we started the other segmented somewhere. We re talking about yeah, you ve got them they home after I left a year and for a year and it's so it's not it's. That's that's a whole different equations was not just keeping them safe and making sure the mission gets done, but it's also
sort of the long term mental. Well being from people engaged in happy in keeping the crew goin morale. It is a big part of it. And Emily you are. The bureau are the flight directive for the tail end of Scott Kelly's ear and space era, you going cleanup very sober, so you at the last. I guess the last three months of that right, expedition, forty six and I thought so was that was that, on your mind, about trying to make sure as mental alpha that he is morality kept going in trying to keep it like a fund for whole team? What was that was part of it for you or what would your approaches? concern. As someone that's got nine talked about before he wants to know who you're in advance. His goal was for her Scots over his white director when he launched and myself to be able to compare notes
after he got back on the ground and not be able to tell the difference that we would have been working with the same. Remember and monasteries Scott is, but even and so imperturbable, then that was really the case so my personal strategy when I'm about state over cause each of us when we take a relief for emission, we're taking over where's that are already on board because it just is continuously. Of crew members. We'd ever ever have the space station without people living there and I will start sending them emails at front. Saying: hey we're not going to change anything until I take over, but is there anything you'd like to tweak, however, you're happy about what would you like to do differently? What is Are there any things we can speak about what the ground is providing for you to try and listened please and make further were then the ability to be as efficient as they possibly can. As we get so much more work and more productivity out of people in space? You are happy just like we get more.
The people are happy on the ground. Can you give an example of any of those tweak that they asked you to make like without it, compromising secure? But let's see scar and ass for any think we had so we have. This whole giant system for how we managed it's the cruise day. They have. We had this timeline that shows and five minute increments, what they're going to be doing from the time they wake up until the time to go to sleep and then the timeline tells them okay, it's time to be asleep Then, in addition to that, we have a list of activities that if they finished something early Heres a list stuff, it's just kind of the honey do list. We need these things done, but they're not as important, so we haven't put them on the timeline the way that we manage that, are a lot of nuances. Said said: if you can imagine somebody else's building your calendar every day, then you might
think that you want your counter is one way and then you start doing it for two months and then say you know. I really wish you would make you my exercise in the morning, I rather than we do these kinds of things together, and we do these kinds of things alone. So a lot of what I intend to get is he not I've been your frontiers remains what I'd really like to change my strategy for I build my time and make me so that I can execute a little more efficiently and so well pointed got Kelly say to you I want to wear my guerrillas food in the afternoon. I I I I'm in that room, I intend to be a little bit buried and items and not necessarily know what's going on in the outside world that that day I happened to be. I happen to get you. Email me or tweeted, or whatever.
Sit down. I had no idea at the time, and so the next thing I knew his calls got. Where did you get a gorilla suit and out and you get the space so yeah? I ve managed to surprise us all about so so what happened was tell us a little bit beyond a few more seconds we ve gotta. Due to the queries you did so I, This is a very famous video that went viral of the astronaut guerrilla food riots, like so her eyes guerrilla many stuck inside it might you'd know it amount to back. It's been a while storage back the other person it who comes along comes along and says to open bag the he and he jumps out, starts chasing all around us and was really hilarious? You should see the Colbert clip from what they did on their opening. I think that's where I saw the first, where I first saw the whole guerrilla thing. In the first place, there is pretty adorable good for funding
since. That is hard work, but Emily said is really port. It's it's fun. None! Those things are fun, but it also makes you more productive, keep it up and creates it. So it's if each, if it's all just drudgery, work all the time even in space. It can get the oh so important to keep keep it light as much as you can. I think that brings us to are required what you got for us? I've got a few more questions and this one is right. Can they lack Camilla is from birth, and she's asking. How is the recovery of an astronaut maids after emission physically? How do you feel you come back, that probably question for my, but I'll take a shot at some of the thirty nine motions resort. My mission is restored. Now, sir, was in a bad, is a lot different with the longer ones as well Those who think about is the recovery of the ash. I wanna get back on the ground starts when they march. We
very, very strict protocol that they have to go through. What the that an daily exercise, in zero g. If you're, not using your bones in your muscles to fight gravity, all the time Your balls in your muscles atrophy an end, not capable. If you don't do some countermeasures, when you got back on the ground, you wouldn't be able to stand up cuz. You haven't use those muscles in six months, so we spa by making sure that crew does. Some exercise all day that you a lot of cardio exercises, we have various other bears treadmills that they can run on others theirs. Fischer bicycle that they can use, and we have heard system that stimulates what it would be like to be lifting weights at all those, if you think about it or pretty complicated. How do you design a system that allows you to send lifting waves. I think right alone,
would be like six hundred pounds space even I can live. Make sure that they stay, I sure size and there we make sure that the right food and we keep track of your eyes. Are they sleep in love and so that when they come back home, The transition back to a ones you won T is so dramatic. That almost makes me think, though, that light It must be hurried when you get home, like you know about this, that there's been somebody watching you like Emily's, that every five minutes is accounted for like every thing. So then, when your home, that's not there anymore, so that muslim strains of Serbia over coming to forget what you're gonna do move your life. You have your day, yeah, that's a problem, but I was there's two or little progress, because we scheduler ones were on the ground, for the first managed is really that tells you the other delegations. Yes, I think we want
are our biggest experiments are experiencing on the astronauts themselves, so they get home and they do a lot of the same things we have been doing in space exercises. Penetrate dexterity of providing a great number of biological samples. So we do a lot of evaluative sessions with them for their first in Greece Did you have a moment smike when you were back on lands again a nearer just like who love I was, or as regards its it's fun Yeah. I think for me, it's it's bidders you know you're very happy to be alive and and back and in men than the mission went well, which luckily my cases we were happy with what it happens. You very grateful and you is great sea, I mean your friends again to see your flight director again see the people had helped to get ready. Care of you. While you up there buddy also found we when I got back home in my roommates and I for my second fight. We train together for two and a half years
and when we we were together a loss in every day we see each other on weekends, even socially. We really would like a fan after spending our time about two issues together with our mission and in a week we saw our families went home. At night. When we returned the next morning, we will call each other. What's going on. What are you up to, and I think no one wanting to hear, but it brings back when I, my friends and I see Emily and enjoy shocking there really, is a bond between the between everyone. It ass about particular between the control team, the flight control team had by the flight director and the crew, and you know you have a certain bond certain friendship, it's it's sort of like a friendship, family colleague combination that I think very rare, because you know when you're in space, that you have and I m o your rights looking out after you and
I knew that in our case at the fight director was gonna, be watch out for us and whole team was gonna, be watching out for us. And so you are, they describe all the things you do and they really did make sure they really do. Look out few, while Europe, there not just from a mission success but also from a personal standpoint and went and when you get back, is just one of policies gazing at an end in memories, right thought you were going to do stuff to figure out what you gonna do it yourself we're waiting you from the schedules gradually graduate, Is there any other famous prank beside the gorilla that comes to the gorilla suit? That comes to mind Sonny and Mongolia played on us like an explosion. Fourteen down was terrible. Would they do come back from out? We are scheduled loss of signal. We require video, alongside inside the space station, I think it was sunday- was doing compressions on my guy as it is, and the flight director ginger nearly had a heart attack and said that was not
absolutely not yeah we're laughing, but no that wasn't funded wasn't males every well. We gotta take a short break. Your movie right back with our mission control, friends, voice and Emily start off. This is starting to walk about, store, talk, all stores. Like most of you know, you're all star hosts for the evening unopened golden also before, but there you go and joining me as co host
maybe Higgins. I welcome back everybody you're, certainly an old an all star in the comedy world I ve, been talking about mass emission control centre with actual NASA flight directors, Emily Nelson in roistering, through their skyping aim from the John space center in Houston, Texas, thanks for joining us Teddy bear sort about Mars a little bit yeah sure a lot of a lot of what they're doing here. Maven emission controls- and we have people end up in space right now. Six month missions, God Kelly one year, then we may do another year long mission trying to learn how to get people to Morrow. Like masses number one. Overall, goal at the moment. Would you say or organic, How does that is Mars, plain in to what you as we are doing now in where you see your role in the future. I favour
money here at the job space. I would very much like to get the opportunity to go to Mars in part of what we're going to try to make that happen is putting together the very building blocks that would be required for such a large mission. You got figuring out how to keep human, safe and productive for all. Hats you coordinating with how you get the launch vehicle that? How do you get that the transit illegal belt there's a whole lot of pieces, and our goal right now is to build all of those pieces then, when we have an opportunity, we put the right pieces together and we can start heading house. So that sounds like it is like the ultimate goal then, like I know it's hard to put it into a single yes or no about like what. If it's like, why is NASA? There is, like right now it's because you want to go to Mars or is it because? you gonna do more research, they bought there
I saw a hard to say because there's no many people throughout the agency not just search at see, but it all of our ten centres across the country, their work, so many different things that are feeding into our everyday lives everything from eyes and improving aeroplanes to research on the space station to giving humans the opportune How do you further into our solar system and beyond? I would say human of pieces has near term goals and long term goals and, in the near term we're trying to use our orbiting by former laboratory in space to improve I have here on. Earth are alone term goals? To use the lessons we learn, what we're doing that to allow human again farther and farther away from our home planet and and finally start really exploring our solar system emission control do have do they have to be concerned about what's going on right now get so they looking towards the future. But what's what's going on right now in it,
How do you do you guys see the role that the flight director and mission control will play? Where was sending people to Mars mon or somewhere else, has a certain role we had here. They had with the APOLLO program and in with with the shuttle programme and in a change that we set out, we ve been. There are other segments exchanges, not just a two week mission it. Six months and keeping everyone going more azure gone beyond lower Thorpe, it's gonna be a whole new ballgame. How do you think that's going to affect the the mission Control Centre in the flight director role when when we saw too so I think it's a testament to the architecture. That Kroes after an hour, those folks stood up all those years ago that the control room that you see behind Emily, and I hear it would be very recognizable if Chris walked in there and set out of the fighter console All the people for all the
got it out problem in weren't had said it would look like much higher control centres than he were dinner our MR money. Work in arms has worked in all those decades ago, so going forward all love mission, control is going to have to change a little bit, but I think the configuration that you see today will still exist with a fine Roger S, castle communicator function, subsystem experts for all the systems on the vehicle operating the vehicle we'll be there, because of the time delays that are involved in those great distances, but the architecture of the control team, I think, will still be exactly the same. I think the time delays propriety pretty critical here, because with within with the shuttle and with the station you, you say something in the hearings
get back to your right away when you're gonna send people further away this for emergencies, for example, I would have we emergency an emergency on the shoulder and station. You right away call the control centre and everyone works together. That we practice is gonna, be a bit different. And on the way to Mars is going You talked about this a little bit and the space trains and take care of themselves entirely in terms of emergency of us, because we do have periods of time whether we have we'll be different because of the time. Also in the early days of the space station, had really long outages just because of the way that we were flying through space and the size of the space station at that time? So we do have some experience, even in recent times of training, the crews of their very self sufficient unable to handle whatever it is. That comes their way, because we got near continuous comments of a luxury that we have had on the space station. We have moved away from that. We will make sure that the ground is always accessible.
Ways available looking over the shoulders of our crew members, we can provide assistance and make sure that they are able to get just as much accomplished in every day that they possibly can. But we have a history. Both then sky lad and our work with mere with the Russians, the space station in the early space station days of Hong Kong delays not long delays on come outages. Where the crew had to be much more self sufficient. Then we will require to be on a daily basis, and so in some ways, its dusting off those paradise and adjusting training and adjusting the way that we operate to go back to that kind of away thinking? And there are some things we went from shuttle to station, you guys, you keep me a kick me
on this, but what I found on as a shuttle cap come and as a shuttle crew member, the crew was doing lots of stuff like Alatas, which throws turning stuff on and off doing a lot of in a manual stuff and when we went to the space station a lot of that stuff like switch in antennas and cameras in doing turn in on systems and even manoeuvring. The vehicle is done by the control centre, and I thought it was like in the shuttle days accrue, did like say, eighty percent of all that type of stuff. Now I and a sense I got as a cap. Common was kind of like there's even a number, but I get sensors like reverse that all those sort of turning things on and often housekeeping in and the systems part of it was done by the ground like eighty percent.
I was more devoted towards doing science ages. Wendy has because I see that as the way it is now it because the ground does a lot of stuff right. You guys control all kinds of stuff and sometimes accrue doesn't even know what's going on. Is that true, so so by design Right What we want crew on board. They should be doing is using our laboratory in space, experiments that we do in zero g. There's only one place where you can do. Experiments Asian that does not have gravity involved in that's our space station, so we we really want the crew to be doing experiments asian and research in June. Research and materials, research and everything else that we do on board station. As much as they passed We, so we the grander actually write that country change around the world.
Primarily responsible for operating the vehicle. Keeping in the right direction, make sure our generation make sure we'll bring somewhere in the juncture inside his red temperature reserves are etc, so that the crew can focus on their primary job of doing that during our researchers? occasionally we run into something where we have to go, and Somebody needs to ranch out of these hardware and change avail fell component. That is not something we can do from the ground so we re- rely on the critical. Do those opt for us all. Then? As best we can grim, Hagen S patients are proving go back to doing wife doing what we want them to richer, and is that like Lee workings words then you can just sends like. Will you barely needs need to be able to do you can just be. I dunno like
Psychology store a geologist and you can just go to space and then they'll take care of everything. That's what you do have the crew do what they. The do and have the ground they care of wooden every else that that there would be ideal. I think idea yeah, you can have all Scientists and physical scientists, a medical doctors- and I had a lot of arrest rapporteur Day- is made up of those types of folks with that kind of background to can really dig in on me the meat of the science, because we got the station insulting care on the ground. All I've got some quest. Got some cosmic queries to finish up. Ok, This is from Kara, C c asks what kinds of Annie of Good Luck rituals happen and mission control. I dont, obviously Brazil Purple inside your rising letters. We ll have a good question about this guy so constantly less conversations with you
what you do is that why you're not allowed to their superstitious about worry red? It is interesting that the Mai Control teams know that about me and we are trying to address them ass. Well, ass, absolutely free role deal right. Then we have the the engineering team to support us have a superstition about free and they're in their area of the control Centre, that if you have fruit setting out of a council, that is the display that's gonna have problem, so I gave stickers in the last shuttle mission. I worked as just one very three. For them to have little magnetic stickers from other councils and said free for one? Thirty three, and we were
that's what I thought of his answer. I was those who are they you're good at just save your head than that question Inv, like I, don't have any of these regions of disease. Who an astronaut does you guys have a I would offer the democratic balmy as well. They do that occasionally occurs recently put a red filter over a camera with when, in his eye, was icons. There's been. There is some shone like in Nepal. Thirteen nudging crowns wearing a vest when he was when he was flight of direct and from there from the crews from our past There we got this thing with the shuttle where beef the watch in there in the sick room when you a suit it up, the How do the office would play poker with the you guys know about this, this is all classified so listeners out. There don't tell anybody this. This is, but we did commander would play poker with the chief of our office and
They would play until the commander one and when as the number one we're all the and ready to go. We would walk out of the work work of the suit room and going launch and ending the launch team down therein Candy space center. They had this this these beans, These good luck, things on Ireland, all the history behind it, but I don't know when it started, but beings they would all eat beings, efforts, successful, launch they like it when so these things there and I traditions in other there's too, and we could do a whole a long tradition, so it as a great question. Let me give you one more and we ve got about a minute left, and this is a kind of that as is food allowed in the mission control. I'm guessing you just mentioned fruits silvery, asking just like An office is food allowed an hour you allowed to have your phones, control.
They say we definitely laughing because otherwise we will get the Eads. We don't really we mentioned before. We have nearly continuous communication with a vehicle, and our tradition is that we don't leave Control Room that you can see behind us less where loss as we have scheduled a calm outer, so we absolutely must raise out and he never appeared and bring it back again, so that we can eat and drink and not just fall over. I agree with the second private ones, cell phones is other voluntary My daughter's has been tax from from office. Where she says I. I want to know that, but are focused on what's goin on the vehicle. Usually see folks on their farms in the control room very much at all, and I take off our faith that
friends the areas that are not answering tax, and unlike do it, wasn't my first the whole day, and I think that fair food is very important in our eyes. I would love to get the concession Emission Control Centre and we don't really have one tat is really important and generally have to bring your own, but the right type of any machine feedback and healthier backer. Eat or spoon. The vending machine grew out of guys Royston Emily. Thank you so much for joy Yes from my mission, Control Centre at NASA's Johnson Space Center
Strengthening, has been a lot of things round pleasure and then maybe it's always a pleasure guys like you, and you have to get back to my recognition lot of work to do. There will be listening to start talk. All stores. I've been your hold. My message has been a black like down on my old job, the organs which you can listen. The star talk Commercial Free, Joe STAR Talk on Patriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio,
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