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Live at the Bell House (Part 1)

2013-03-28 | 🔗
StarTalk Radio brought science in the house at the 4th annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, with Kristen Schaal, Scott Adsit, Eugene Mirman and our very special guest Alan Alda.

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Welcome startled me and your host, your dress, taken this week with the first show performed in front of alive what happens at the huge Merman comedy festival at the Bell House in Brooklyn, It is now my very great pleasure to introduce the host of star talk. Ladies and gentlemen, the director of the Hayden Planetarium, from the Museum of Natural history ties Eugene. Yes, yes, yes, ladies and gentlemen from floated, the concourse ended we show crest and shawl and
Thirty Rock Scott adds the meal Eugene. I was not going to go into this empty handed. I know I would like to introduce you to my special yes, this person really needs no introduction join. Me giving a very warm welcome to Alan all. You know
there, you your lading, what they know what they're in the presence of royalty. Yes, I got to tell people what this guy's been up to. We all remember him. Like Hawkeye on Mass, of course, but the guy has devoted like half his life to try to bring science to the general public, the hosted scientific American.
Frontiers for PBS peace. Peace, written and performed in place then involve science names you even performed as Richard Feynman in applied right. That's audacious! Wonder, and most recently you wrote a play about Marie Curie. That's going to open in LOS Angeles in November, and you wrote that play. I wrote it, but you're, not my recovery in the plan that Marine, what's gonna a great titles under the title of this by the title of the plays radiance radiance gradually in a very curious that is beautiful. She was passionate about science and the man she loved and its extremely dramatic story. So, let's get started. Welcome to start talk, radio we're broadcasting live from Brooklyn.
You briefly didn't know where you were. You are trying to save life from the Big House, but no one would know that from like around the world, so they will now. I will work my way live from Brooklyn,
oh house, yes in beautiful super funding go on is let's just go right off the bat. Let's just talk about aliens. Ok, I've been angry with Hollywood aliens because they ve always had like two arms, two legs or torso neck ed eyes. Maybe they're forefingers instead of five or antennae, but they still look humanoid and we have life on earth with whom we have dna in common that looks less like us, then Hollywood aliens, do that's how you know. Hollywood does not have the creativity that the actual universe does it. So if some
ever seen a movie written by PLUTO. No, of course, not! No wonder you talk about it. I think I did look. There's a movie. I think from the areas were a cat crash. Ends on earth? Is that at all what you mean another when about a duck not from here. What is the problem go on the aliens always have faces and a face is a vertebrate thing to have. Did you know those faces of? What is a vertebrate thing to is not good or bad. That's all vertebrates when we use have to do with your face. Well, that's a good question. Everything that has a spine has a fake Is there more life on earth that has a face or doesn't have it? My way more life on earth is faceless worms, trees,
all this stuff under the earth is way more stuff living under the earth and, on top of the latest calculations have shown that there is more bio mass, the total mass of living things that exists below our surface, then rolls around on its surface, how many of them have gone into space on purpose? Just Europe is not yet right, so you're saying? You might argue that in order to build a spaceship, you need a fake. First of all, you my point in the wrong direction you need. Fingers interface you're starting to get this this worm that keeps like trying to get into outer space and it keeps going deeper and deeper the long direct you don't know right. I think I think STAR Trek has taught us that the only difference between us and other intelligent life forms is for him
design. Prove me wrong right now. What what is odd is how many people across the galaxy we're not human. They could have sex with he would have sex without worm your target. Now we ve actually tried to make contact with aliens. The very first effort to do this was the pioneer spacecraft launched in the early nineties seventies. Why would that be distinguished among all others? We gave it enough speed to leave the solar system entirely and never come back, given that that was the first spacecraft for which the fact which true we ain't, we the people
Who did we? We, my people, my community of Ashraf, is NASA if it's on the side of the pine or spacecraft was a plaque with sort of I cannot graffiti who and what we are and included the return address of our solar system. The dumbest thing that's that's like putting on your facebook page I'll, be away for the week. I mean you know when people visit in our our brief experience on earth. If, if a grew, a community is visited by other people, the other people are the I'm colonise you those kind of how they did it. I tell I get Brooklyn so Let me ask you guys: are you guys worried about given our return address the aliens. That guy is
I'm all right with it. As long as you know, if they're not going to have a face, maybe they can just be like light beams be cool. I really good. There's someone who comes here, it's not gonna, be because we wrote like we love the doors or whatever we did in the seventies. Lay flat where we actually figure out in a dress is laying leered that this kind of weird. It was actually our coordinates, measured by the distances that we are from all the pulsars in the galaxy that accurate, well placed to know that we were pointing to pulsars. You know that accounts for the address you gave me Here too, we are giving the wrong address. I went to the whole leather place and I didn't know. I should judge that my where the pulse sergeant
Yes, you didn't always like Ireland, all those ready to party you all by accident, all wet suggested doors we didn't put their doors on and take what happened so so this experiment was so well received that the next to spacecraft to exceed the escape velocity of the solar system. That's what that goal, though the Voyager wanted to crash. We not only reprisals return address We also an album on the side of the craft, an album. These are it's a disk with groups in it and This is where I d J. As we know. And so on that album contain sounds of our species. The heart beat the sounds of Wales,
Ever they do You know you could just like piss off away. With this Europe, have no what you just said to them so it had all these sounds. It was an attempt to bring some of our culture to it. Even had Beethoven and truck bury were there. Coming together. No, no it's! It was the first mash up. So we try and it would be nice and that project was spearheaded by Carl Sagan. Then his collaborate with a man. These aliens are not going to come here because the first thing that they saw or heard were arrayed Percival. They got all our television shows. Would you come here?
What is this? Is this what you say it is it we got it right. Our radio signals the ones not sent on purpose the first ones to leave Earthward TV sing. They ve been out there for years. They might get here and just so, where is Hawkeye that's what I want to read, but worst of all the first thing they heard resource in Wales. Radio show about the word the world and they didn't listen to that. Do not going to come here. They think the places overrun with tour so ready. And what would also Alfred theories, is Howdy Duty and really episodes of the honeymooners, and they probably not afraid of Mikhail Navy, I forgot all about this. How did you grew? No, I remember things before I was
lot, that's pretty budget! Actually, so, if you weren't you Please right, maybe just shouldn't, show them at all and that's how they feel two thousand and one and the film contact they had aliens, and they just didn't show that they that they were not creative enough to invent what the thing might look like, although I happen to like to beam. Here's. What was what do you think the chances are that aliens have a face, a thousand let's go around the room one SK, William yeah. What is it most creatures on earth? Don't have faces, but the question was: maybe you need a face to have faced her? I can I haven't rebuttal today now. Another question is: how do you define life if a beam of light came across and it was life we would probably not.
Finally, this religious Baskin, regressive, brisket paid invasion right here. What light here we would best, Is it secretly got us pregnant, supplant baby? So do you think we been visited? I the evidence is compelling the Catalan we because- I think, if an alien came, we would know it would lie. It would not be look at the fuzzy photo and listen to the eye, witness testimony which is the lowest form of evidence in a court of law. Somebody says I saw it. You say ok, but come back when you got some real data come back. When you got an alien carcass, then we can have the conversation until then keep Putnam now Nigerian Thou heads of government. Knows where women bigwig lose an alien
I am concerned that you want a corpse instead of a living being, Wait, wait a second. I saw the republican debate the other night. I think the the inner ear and undertake over plan is already under way under way look numbers. At some southern Starbucks? Now, when we come act to start or radio, we will continue with our lie. Broadcast from the bell hey. I've got no secret for you, when I consider singing all of the ads on this shell
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Forecast rough first show in front of alive audience at the Eugene. Comedy festival at the Bell House in Brooklyn Additionally, Eugene are paddle, included the comedian, Scott Exit and Christian Shaw and are Re special guest, our older. We in the early solar system that earn sustained a period of heavy bombardment from the left overs that hadn't quite yet made it into the planetary bodies, and we call the period of heavy bombardment. We learn only recently that an asteroid his surrounding rocks can be thrust back into space in recoil with sufficient ferocity that they can escape the planet altogether. Put up in that now we look around earth in fine life thriving in places. That would kill us
post haste, life that is doing backstroke in boiling water. High acid high pressure, low pressure, high temperature. These are what we call the extreme of files lovers of extreme environments. So what we have found that if you have a rock with nooks, clings and if that planetary surface is rich with luck and that escapes the planetary surface. They can have stole away. Microbes tat can survive the vacuum of interplanetary space and this rock moves through space and lands on another planet, and we have a word for it is called pen and lands on another planet, and we have a word for it is called pen sperm. We get it I had an uncle who believed in which means
we send rocks to have sex with planet on them. We put only the bird flu or something so here's the thing evidence shows that Mars as a planet has finished its heavy bombardment before we do, and so we It was wet and fertile earlier than earth was that being the likelihood of walk from Mars could have been infuse, with microbes from their landing on earth spawning life. As we know it here on earth which would us. Then. Then all life on earth, our descendants of marsh we're aliens. Which is why we have this funny thing for rocks so aliens have faces, is what you're saying
logically, I cannot refute that now. Let me ask you something I thought with a scientist wants. You got me really upset, because his idea was that we need to be able to get off averse, eventually and colonise and other planet, and we can't breathe the atmosphere on Mars. So we should pollute the atmosphere and Mars until it is reasonable to us. It's down like a human sounds like those that are already doing a ship, we're making history that once we fix it, so we can't breathe here. The idea is to fix Marcy Cadbury there. Now I thought, when I heard this, what you ve just described: wife bouncing around from planet the planet, and I wondered how do we know that Mars is in some sort of crucial cog in the machinery of an interim
and a Terry College on don't be on Mars. Happy people sure sure don't destroy that. If you do I'll get PLUTO Mars has no representation in Congress, the army possibly know what we're doing I dont think Mars is part of a interplanetary, I dont sixties colony, IKEA, think we're finished getting what we need from. Aren't we just to us it aside, like a mistress. Now We should hold onto our mistresses I'd, say you're saying that we know everything we need to know about Mars right now know all I'm saying is your people who want to terror form more, that's the worryingly atmosphere and turn it into a place.
We can, then you have already said a good idea. I think it is unrealistic for the following reason. First, we cannot predict next week's whether on earth So for anyone to save owing to tariff for Mars, so that it is capital to us there just deluded, ok! Second, if we had that power, then we would be powerful enough to do it. Ok, whatever reform, let's get a little button, tell her back
sacrifice Australia to do some test. New topic, death and destruction. All the ways the universe wants to kill us, so many people talk about earth is a haven. Earth is beautiful. Universe is just right for my eye. So if you want to understand the fact most of the universe, if I dropped you but naked you'd be dead some seconds later, you would freeze for having been too far from a source of hate. You would vaporize for having been do close view would suffocate, because in a vacuum of space there is no hair, which means not only can you not breathe? No one can hear you scream on earth. If I drop you but naked in seventy percent of earth, surface you're dead
at least fifteen minutes later your eaten by sea creatures. You are frozen in the Arctic. The conditions under which you have become members are wholly hostile to life. So, let's go. Let's go to mark its effects. The radio Unilever's but Niels faces getting happier in half and its enemies. Singling out people on the ground just given the facts, it's what we do is we create situations in which we are comfortable. We wear clothes, we build shelters. We have air conditioning, we have he we can live in coal places. I play is, but we continue to enclose ourselves in very narrow range of temperatures? And yet we say that somehow life on earth is a perfect match. I'm just saying I want from us. I'm sorry we have houses
so ways to die, so in I billion years the sun will exhausted source of hydrogen in its core, that is its fuel tank. When that happens, its energy output will actually increase because it goes to fuse helium instead of hydrogen, and when it does, the energy can't get out unless the star expands. The start continues to expand and get so large engulfs the entire orbit of mirth three, it keeps growing and engulfs the orbit of Venus and continues to grow up until it engulfs the ordinary up up up up up up up up up up up. As this happens, earth's surface rises in temperature, our oceans,
come to a rolling boil and evaporate into the atmosphere and the atmosphere, evaporates vagueness and because of this sword, ember orbit with in the surface of our dying started- and I didn't have a nice day Do you have a plan for this, I'm good at thirty that, as they have been earth, actually gonna turn inside out and pretend yes I don't know who your authorities, but what is true is if it gets hotter at the orbit of the earth. What we want to do is moved farther out in the solar system might be at that point. We need to make amends with PLUTO using by then it will be able to push the earth
towards it s. An interesting point is of great point: the ice, Emily, that's the losers Mabel, I think it's a realistic point than earth? Turning inside wait a minute on which was which, but if we could talk planets around it, sure you wanna yeah, I mean look the horse power of our vehicles and produce If we get the oil in the earth. We can build a tell ship. Five billion years, yeah sure we'll be dinosaur oil. By then, did you hear what she said she said
We will be dinosaur oil by them because, in fact, the oil we are extracted from the ground came from a period of its history called the carboniferous era and in that period, do was heavy vegetation all around the earth. In fact, the carbon dioxide level was much higher than it is today and the plants thrived on this, and it grew rapidly when that period ended all that vegetation, sunk below and over time pressure and heat the carbon molecule. In fact, did you know you can make more molecules with carbon?
than all other ball accuse combined. It is the most chemically firm of any element on the period of table and the people who say why don't we make aliens out of the element right below carbon on the periodic table? Those of you who remember your chemistry might remember that columns on the product table have the same valence electrons, which means they. Actually combined with the same yes, we know that go on in principle, every molecule you can make with carbon you could make with silicon. That's the only right below carved the problem is silken bonds or not flexible, there are using their prudish I'd say they bought in the kind of bond forever, removing the experimenting phases that carbon goes through
that enables the diversity of life- it's like getting me in college. Ok, it's exactly like. When we come back to start or radio, we will continue. Our brought from the birth rate has chowder that's only after one drink. Green space inside it down to earth you're. Listening to start, I will come back to the Bell House lie Brooklyn at the Eugene Merriment Comedy Festival, little black holes
them first advice avoid them at all. Costs would have sent. These awesome is on the other. Ok, you could go Is it it? It would go Gomberg. It would be the last thing you ever do you, because I can talk to you later it over there the terrible by ok, ok, let's find out what shape you will be in. While you're having the time of your life, be like me,
ass. Black holes don't discriminate. They sought like beans just as much as they suck matter. So as you fall towards a black hole, the gravity that you experience begins to grow with that's obvious you're, getting closer to its centre of gravity, but a more diabolical thing happens, as this involves the gravity at your feet starts becoming great. Than the gravity at your head by ever increasing march- in other words, they get time. You're gonna get all exactly now, lady at the ok, but this is ok to appoint this force is called. The title force is stretching you had to tell this will be ok first, but it rapidly becomes unpaid.
Because the force will eventually exceed the intermolecular bonds that keep your flesh together in one human, for I had this exact, argument last night with someone, what are their tiny black is all around us changing our brains, very tiny black holes, don't livery one, they evaporate Jabez. Even a few seconds is enough now, but you have to find a way you have to find a way to make them and they don't just sort of show What are they being made routinely cause of cosmic rays colliding than I don't? Don't you often get little black? I'm not authorized to answer that
No, I thought that was one of the original we right you have to get to that after I kill her and a black hole, tat man and a lot of peace is rightly the chattering on my mark. You weren't going further right here. You got you got for there are so you, your bodies, bifocals your body, snaps, into two pieces, Europe to swear how often do you by four Kate, yes in private. Only so I saw that unsigned so your body. What's into any police separate at your lower spine, this is the likeliest place. Will that would happen? Meanwhile, this force continues this title force and the two halves of you will continue to stretch, and so your upper half split into two
as will your lower half now David Battle each other for diamond. You are now four pieces in a train going down and this continues to split for a six. In thirty, two that you can go higher, yeah. Due to the ten power too one thousand. Twenty four give this management. So at one point you will be true to the tens pieces, as you continue to buy forget now. That is not the worst them happen to you because, as you go down, the black hole is much smaller than the fabric of space time that you previously occupied and, as you come down to the point that is the center of the black hole, your body funnels
down into a narrower and narrower zone. That's good temper on my pc to come back together again, why not up navigate. They will come to you. Left to right but not talked about. That's fine, I'm back together but european along. So what so? You have been extrude id through the fabric of space, like toothpaste through a tube, and we have a word for death by this matter. People This way it's called spaghetti suffocation. There is one. If you're wore a helmet, this would still happen
now you worry about these many black holes. There is talk of a that. The super cool. I am worried about the mightiest with mentioning than I thought. I read that the they do occur more it. Nor can we get so the super collider over in Switzerland, the large hadron collider, creates energies. It added at the sweet spot. Where there's a chance, you could create some black holes and some people worry that it would consume the earth and in all of life, as we know, is still so so that worried about this, and you can do the calculation and show that it is not likely to happen. But if it did happen, you would never know it because you won't be able
travel faster than the black holes active eating the earth. So the message can get to the area but point about that that their happening anyway. I should think so. The reason why we know this is not a danger is that the greatest particle accelerator in the universe is the universe itself and your particles of extremely high energy, getting accelerated from the centres of galaxies streaming towards earth colliding with our atmosphere, producing just the kind of reactions that were creating in the particle accelerators and if we were never going to become eaten by a black hole it. What happened long ago, those particles At the time travelling yet were actually, yes, they were there, they are moving. I got a whole section, weird relativistic phenomenon.
Can you wait that long or do you need a low away what hand fine, let's see if we can wait there more every segment on going? Ok, I can't wait Jean I'm waiting for you You are like bated breath on travelling to that time when you're gonna say where we will. It's. That looks like something else. He's he's gonna make a misplaced and is making a magician in a time of rapid needs, digestive tract medicine.
There's a cut in the radio show right, but what have they want? What I forgot to tell you is: if you spend a black hole, then it loses the singularity in its centre. So when you fall towards it, you don't go to the singularity and its possible for the spinning black hole to create an entire other dimensions. Universe within it and if you go in at just the right trajectory you'll slingshot into that other universes to that- I was sort of getting everything you need and the like eighty pieces measures it has spent a black hole. You can go party, this is the case with nice people grab at the black hole. And ass it around. Here you go if you can find a place to grow.
Yes, you do. You know what you mean. If you spend a black hole, how could you possibly spin about you'll be fine when it's already spent and then you jump inside, then you jump inside? You can in principle survive that an up with an entire. Are the universe inside the blackened see myself stepping out of the rocket ship saying they should work in principle but to shop around the edge of the black hole at all like a little there was not a room for sure. It is, it is our hope. It's a three dimensional, like you, If we have a whole as a whole on the floor in space, you can fall in from any direction and you go in its whole universe. Inside of it, it's very cool and biggest space window to death.
Yes, that's if you want to name the movie, so why? How is the universe gonna end? You got us all excited you look with everything you mention is about how you want to daily and corpse here's how of different ways. You're gonna die. Here's how the earth will die. Tell us individually how each one of us is gonna die, because I think you can charge on your wallet home wire, kids fascinated with dinosaurs, because dinosaurs can eat kids. So I'd never, really grew up. My smike so get I, but nobody cares my grown up counterpart to dinosaur that each other a black holes can eat. I like relishing in all the ways a black hole will kill running around
I, like our know, how the universe, and not with a bang but with a whimper not in fire, but an ice. Where it expanded universe is a one way trip. The energy density of the universe is dropping by the minute, which means the universe is getting colder and colder and colder. Every star that gets made most of those stars will never return their gas to the galaxy from which it was born so that even the gas clouds they give us these rich, beautiful images that we see brought to us by the Hubble telescope. Those will ultimately become locked into stars. Those stars will live out their lives in die one by one, the stars. We'll burn out in the night time sky as the universe expands to oblivion,
but when this happens all pro Sissies grind We're gonna be swimming Universe that a black hole. You have this. This universe. Go to another cause that one has no hope for you. That is what we call the thermal death of the universe where our temperature remember this word: asymptotically approaches absolute zero. That now than when the whole universe becomes absolute zero, there can be no machines, no motion, no nothing, not only that the very proton that is in the center of the items of the molecules of your body, even that decays in all matter, as we know it turns out, tat apparently expand Emma When we come back to start talk, radio, we will continue with our lie broadcast from the Bell House in Brooklyn, zones,
those unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it stereotypes in any manner. We do welcome back to start talk, radio, what do in part by the National Science Foundation. The segment of our first show record in front of alive audience at the Eugene Merman Comedy Festival in the Bell House. In Brooklyn, we talked about the dangers posed by asteroid upon office. Headed our way. In addition to Eugene panel included comedians Scott adds it end Kristen, shawl and also a very special guest. I all
we are in the path of bad asteroids. Yes, somebody should know the answer is yes There is an asteroid discovered December, two thousand and four this the size of the rose ball. You get a few images of it. You get his trajectory, you calculate using fundamental laws of gravity and we learned that it was on a collision course with earth upon learning that this asteroid got the name, a posthumous name for the egyptian God of death and darkness. Had it now I've been headed for earth. We will just simply named something else, something a little less menacing. That's like we're back recorded or Bambi Tiffany, something that does not threatening
and so this asteroid. On later calculation we showed he was not going to actually earth, but he's gonna come really clubs. So calculations show that on April thirteenth, in the year, twenty twenty nine thirty nine. Twenty nine. I wanted I'll be right, so you re like ok, I got one thing wrong. I hope it's not twenty land. I wasn't gonna get close enough that we can light touch it like Free Willie as he swam over? No! No! I answer today, how close it will get on April thirteenth, twenty twenty nine, which is the Friday by the way this works out that way, asked drawing up office will come close enough to earth to dip below our orbiting communication satellites will be the largest closest thing ever to come buyers giving us a busk. How far is there?
how far eighteen thousand miles of surface has any advertising space then sold on no asteroid now here's the kicker. We do not know the orbit well enough to answer the following question: will it hit us its next time around seven later, because we have a seven year course of intersection, you can cross the street and not get hit by a truck, because a truck comes five minutes later we can cross the street at the same time the truck comes. We have asteroids crossing earth orbit all the time. Just not while we happened to be there. A papas currently is timed with us being with it in the same time, at the same place. So why can't we figure
out its orbit by watching how it travels before, and we do. But the precision of that orbit isn't good enough to tell us whether or not the asteroid will thread what we're calling a keyhole of all the possible orbital could have from our uncertainty. There's a range of orbit, the keyhole. If it goes through the keyhole, then earths gravity on the asteroid will be just right. So that, seven years later it will hit how players can we get to Mars Spock? ok. What we do that atmosphere go through the keyhole if it comes under the keyhole it'll come short of earth and mrs below, if it goes above, the keyhole it'll overshoot earth, if its through the keyhole, all the gravity. Conspires to hit the centre that key hole is five hundred kilometers due west of Santa Monica California, and if it
you will plunge into the Pacific Ocean to a depth of three miles, at which point will explode cavity, aiding the ocean to a width of three miles there, Initial pit we'll send a tsunami wave spreading in. All directions from that point, it will hit. California first hit Santa Monica first with essentially a tidal wave. That's five stories talk now: here's the kicker, ok, yeah give us the bad news here: go:
This is a matter of that hole in the Pacific Ocean. The warder sloshes back into the whole splashes into itself rises high into the atmosphere in recoil to this whole falls back to the ocean coveting at a second time. Sending a second, soon Army wave forty five seconds later: macro drop of water, yes, exile, cute, yes, but here's a think this sloshing will continue for about forty five minutes, which means the first Sonoma wave that this has to go back out of the ocean to plead the second salami way, and so these forty seven only ways come and go First, they come in and then they go out taking homes with the expensive malleable owns all go with them. Then it comes back at the gift of the homes come back, but in a slightly different shape than they were before. Ok,
and so, as this happens, all of our man made stuff that was on the coastline. Becomes this a belated material. That'll wipe clean the entire world First of North America. Are you saying it we'll? Be fine, we'll be fine? Well, I would say that we, we know approximately how far innocent army will go. You can set up a velvet rope and just watch this because it has to go back out. It can continue to come inland. It will go back. But here's what you do this it added Ohio, giving it the finger Lapierre. Now nobody has to die. Because of the power of new laws of gravity that enable us empower us to calculate when and where this is going to hit. You just evacuated, west Coast of North America. You you know like well, I just say people die to people with a start to be made, now to people. Sure data are we
Adele I will tell you. We all know these people How is this stupid surf Who wants to surf the waving deaf number one death number to the stupid, whether man who's trying to get closer to the form. You know the guy was trying to get the cameraman closer every tat. Those are the only two. That's that will experience a better. How big is this? It is the size of the rosebud, so one hundred metres across downright it's, a bad rock. In your opinion, how big is this rose bowl? I thought something the size of the rosebud would do more damage than that more damage than pulverizing the entire West coast.
America, how the world, what s not how we would not have alike so that we're not in the world, they would be really bad for the local residents Have you told us to evacuate Manhattan because of the hurricane and economists spit on us for about a half hour yeah? It is So you know what I'm gonna. Do it myself So seven years to prepare for that? If you going through the keyhole that sort of redress goes through, the keyhole will hit US authorities once again here- twenty thirty six, but have you thirsty. so overtime. The Eugene Merman Comedy Festival that in fact, we got to complete star talk broadcast out of it to the next week for the second half of our alive show at the Bell House in Brooklyn New York until then keep looking like Galileo job.
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