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Madame Saturn: A Conversation with Carolyn Porco (Part 2)

2014-07-05 | 🔗
We’ve saved the best for last as Carolyn tells Neil about photographing Earth in the Pale Blue Dot and The Day the Earth Smiled and her involvement in Star Trek and Contact.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now start my getting better check your bag, extremely James, drowns upon what work in Euro Listen the start, talk, radio, Neil digress tastes and I'm your personal astrophysicist. I do that. The American Museum of Natural history right here in New York City, where I also serve as director of the hidden planetarium and in studio with me, is nice. I love the one the only this is true. As far as you know it you know,
and nobody else once did not happen. Let us now, let's beyond got that one you taking you got that when I say I'm the one, and only the response is, thank God. This of part, two of my interview with planetary find his friend and colleague, Caroline Porco. I call her Madame Saturn she's headed the imaging team, for NASA Cassini mission to Saturn and many others. Intriguing moon and the previous segment of segments. We learned about her education, her work, I Cassini in her life and now we're gonna find out about her in creating the famous photo pale blue dot check it out mediately after graduating from Caltech. I was made a member of the voyage imaging team invited by the Tingley to Brad Smith, so I went to the universe arouse owner to work with him and only a month or two or three after becoming a t member I
I was too the Voyager project to look back at the planet's the plan. But we could see in the direction of the sun at that time, because I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool to show what the solar system look like from an alien arriving from the outer solar system. What what's that Being say right, or it would be far enough away to get that distant vista. By the time I join the team. We were already on a weighty uranus. There really is an interesting backstory to this in order to look in the direction of the sun. You have to shield the sun, because the sun to bail out the picture blow the instruments. The instruments were designed for very faint light levels. Writing can look at the sun so that action would have entailed taking Mount Voyager Antenna off earth line during the whole voyage mission. The antenna was constantly pointing to earth line, so it was a radical suggestion. Take the intent
offered line, use it to shield the sun, so you manoeuvre to put the sun behind the edge of the antenna and there you gotta, see the earth, mercury, Mars, Venus and all the other planets? Okay. Well, the board's project in one the thing to do with this. They said: there's no science in it. So there is no justification for doing something as radical as this trade, find something else that would be scientifically fruitful and I went away and devise this other experimental imaging the asteroid bans that had just been discovered by the infrared astronomical Satellite that year, several years later, I find it The Carl Sagan had proposed the same series of images to the Voyager project. Two years before I did com saying it was given the same response. We're not gonna do this. They said no to him. No chance course. I was just a measly little pose. Not never gonna pay attention to me so called
and I ended up joining forces and about nineteen. Eighty nine and he went all the way to the mass administrator to get out of measure. Then Washington Dc Right and the administrator overruled the people on the voyage project, a J, p l and demanded that this picture be taken, and I worked on it with Carl, with other people in executing it so was born the famous pale Blue younger GMO. Do this brochure discharging Valentine's day, ninety nine by then your beyond met to buy, Then the Voyager mission is over. The border tour of the planet is over. Yes, them lead you to the plans to witness this image of earth got dubbed the pale blue dot. Also reach an entire book with a title. Yeah I'm thinking. It's like the first cosmic mean pale Blue done. It has become synonymous with planetary brother, den and protection of the environment will, as did the original major sixty eight photo from or power. Eight now.
Gave that a name that stuck in people's minds area and it no one- was a very recognizable photo but didn't have a catchy name and no one romance did the way call romance the pale blue time. I mean that was caused. Skill reimers were first pass at appeal. Do that, but then you said I want to do it again. I saw dashes. Cosette was an important, will. I wanted to do it again to make it better because, as a picture to be honest it sucked, can I say that first of all, Carolyn proposal had said that we should take a picture of the earth a wash in a sea of stars. Well, there's not a start to be seen in that picture, and then the doktor deserve fell on a beam of scattered like so it wasn't exactly a good
sure, but it didn't really matter. Did it because what Carl had to say about it what he said mattered more than what the fingers like any resonated? People really responded to the whole concept of the pale blue dot, but I get made the team leader for the Cassini mission had Saturn and I'm thinking, I'm gonna concentrate on making beautiful images. I also told my team any time variable phenomenon that we can. Let's make it a time series we can turn it into a movie variable, you mean anything. The changes, overtime, don't just take photographs of it, so many photograph you can turn it into a movie. That's error and I wanted to do the pale blue dot only and I wanted to make it right, and so I finally got a chance to do it right. Just recently, I looked into the trajectory that we had planned for Cassini. I think I started about three or four years ago. I found those. Opportunities when Saturn was eclipsing the sun. We of course did that by design, because it's a very good geometry. Be in to see fine particles that attract light. Would you seriously for the backside of sir?
with the sun eclipsed the sun. Still illuminating, fine particles that are orbiting the planet and they get rendered visible to you from that visit.
Yet in the same way that if Europe duty when shield you're driving along in your car and in the late afternoon, you drive towards the west, suddenly you can see out your windshield and you think I d get my car wash right. Do you feel that way, or you could see it early in the morning driving eastward you driving in the direction of the sun, its geometry that brings about the process called diffraction and we see things lit up by diffraction when there's tiny dust particles? That's why the EU and looks the way it does by the way in the picture. But anyway, I'm just saying I found an opportunity in the timeline when we run the right Yama tree, and I knew there wasn't a whole lot of scientific observations in their side and have to arm wrestling my colleagues to get time just do a beautiful picture. Earth has to be visible in my blog by one of your writ. That's right. So there were a lot of criteria and July nineteen. Twenty thirteen is the time that met all those criteria, so that scene has a hundred and forty one images in it that had to be stick together combined, we had a had continuous color from one to the other, continuous brightness from one to the other. In other words, you didn't have a single field of view. That was the picture you published. That's a mosaic set of images leech when required
hammer image processing, said blends together with all the rest, yes, and then consider this during the four hours that that mosaics made, the geometry is changing, so each image had to be re. Projected was a lot of work where we come back more my interview with Carolyn Ferko, Madame Saturn consider again that that that's here, that's all that's us! Everyone? You love everyone. You know everyone you ever heard of every human being who every was lived out. Their lives I regret our joy and suffering thousands of confident religions, ideologies and economic doctrines. Every
under and forger every heroin cower every creator and destroy our civilization, every king and peasant every young couple in love every mother and father. Child venture and explore every teacher of morals Erika politician every superstar, every Supreme leader, every sentence sinner in the history of our species, the there the mode of dust. Splendid. Innocent,
welcome back to start out really are neither grasped, hasten shut, nice guesser provost do a job is costing more. Thank you, Sir I appreciate that attempt to myself. I respond well tell me, I'm learning nice may be bridged. I got it. I got a feeling that that's is that your quota for the rest of the mind don't ever sat in anything nice and now good, we're picking out with my interview with Madame Saturn Planetary, scientist, french colleague, Carolyn Porco, at in this next clip. She discusses how the pale blue dot image that Cassini reply is turned into something she called the day. The earth smiled. What's this about you, try to get it buddy to smile at about tat was probably the greatest thing I've ever done. I do think it will be. Judge what let me better. There have been other pale. Blue dot
is taken by other missions. Right Mars. Emissions probably took many pictures of the earth from Mars Orbit, Yorkers Berkshire Weapon, the Martian sky Then people, of course they got moved by the first pale blue dot. They wanted to do it over again to so. I'm thinking not only what hours be even more gorgeous cause. We're gonna, see Saturn in the field with earth, earnest, unimpeachable, beautiful and any sharp right, but I thought be fabulous. If, in its up, let me back up in all
Previously. Second, are you back to where I met in all those previous pale blue died images. The picture was taken and then afterwards people were told. Look here. Was the earth taken three weeks ago, an unthinkable? Why don't we tell people in advance? Your picture is gonna, be taken from the outer solar system from a billion miles away, and I wanted to use this as an opportunity for people having a communal feeling with the universe. Is the spiritual side of you join or it is I'm sorry you're going out, and I thought it would be just fantastic people could feel a sense of unity with the cosmos. They could feel a sense of unity with their fellow human and they could also appreciate at that moment there It should be taken from a billion miles away, how better to let them know how far humans have come in the exploration of the solar system. It becomes something personal to them and you told me you actually get people to go outside and look up at Saturn
smile at it. Well, I now hear that even the people on the other side of the planet smiling because the idea was to smile and celebration to get this communal feeling out of people. This kind of cosmic love after cosmic. Now, where were you in the sixties, related I've ever heard it, and I was about sixteen years, almost mocking. Don't you do what I can say that enough is its legal in my state Colorado? Don't let them do so anyway. I was after cosmic love and it worked, and I was so proud, there's quite the social media attention given to enlarge and twitter streams and ended up not being announced as early as I would have liked. We should have done it a year ahead for various reasons I won't go into. It didn't get announced until a month ahead, so there wasn't really as big a campaign and his big an announcement as I would have liked, but nonetheless we got comments from people that would just beautiful people, saying my god. I've never felt the feeling like this, I'm gonna, for once I felt so united with everybody around the globe and one person wrote you know Darnay, we may be floating around on a dust mo, we may be transient, but for fifteen minutes we were there. We were aware- and we smiled and that's exactly the kind of feeling I wanted people to have this beautiful, and I have to say this.
For me, it was the same thing I mean I'm. The one who started this whole thing, but the fifteen minutes said it was happening and I'm looking weird, saturnian unthinking. Ah there's a camera there taken up sure and knowing that people all over the world would do the same thing. It was fat it was so fabulous, some I'm pretty pleased The way it turned out by the way, I call the whole event the day they are smiled cause that's what it was and that photo made pay one of the New York Times: men with actual back on November, thirteen two thousand thirteen November, ten thirteen eleven thirteen that was the very day that I got a phone call from NASA headquarters that I was made. The imaging team leader is that caused very Davy, not wearing worthier. Ninety ninety making only okay. So there is cosmic alignment love. That's a hold out from the sixties. If there ever was walking he's a bit of a cosmic hippy. I, like Joseph Hippy,
twenty first century when the moon is even seven, then I wish she back backup for the fifth dimension of song. You know she. She was also invited to give a TED talk. Now, the Cassini mission and as we are to hear the next clip it not only inside. I heard someone to recreate heard talk with a leg over of herself with Lego audience, but it also lead to involve in the two thousand and nine STAR Trek movie by J J Abrams with check it out this her name is my wine start. She took my whole entire TED talk and frame for frame word for word exactly the way. The TED talk is with the TED backdrop. She we created the whole entire thing in Lagos. With my soundtrack over some, you didn't Lego person, my little legal purchasers moving around on the streets with the same gestures, at least as much as she could. It was incredible and I am very proud,
the talk, because, even though I don't think it was one of my best, the people loved it at that conference. Ted draws all the captains of industry and so on through the one which affords trigger to return our set aside ridiculous when it not only bad it's by invitation. Only but anyway, ginger aims as in the audience, and I don't even know who he was, he gave a talk to afterwards. We exchanged emails. I put him on my distribution list, your on it, my dear friends and colleagues, every time, a new discovery or image renewed Saturn development. Yes, and nine months later, I get a call and someone on the other and says I've got you the aims on the phone to speak to you, and, I said I hope you know I don't watch lost on watch television. I only knew him from TED, but then I forgot about it. I'm sorry, J J, but that's the truth. So we get on the phone and he says I've been getting your emails about Saturn and I just felt like I had to reach out and involve you in this movie STAR Trek in the start,
and he says that there has never been a science fiction movie better than two thousand and one that is absolutely the pinnacle, and I feel it with the same way, when I'm thinking to myself. Ok, I mean because this guy thinks like me, so I'm thinking, there's gonna, be lots of sessions where, where Braun ideas around brainstorming about what the movie should be like in all the areas that I might be asked to combat like on the planetary scenes, that's where I thought I'd come in and maybe some science issues and that wasn't really happening. I had asked him, though I would really like to see a scene being filmed I've never seen a scene being filmed than I was hoping to get on the bridge. I wanted to see what they were going to do with the bridge, but the day that I was a delay and invited to go see a scene being filmed. I saw the fight seen so I sought James T Kirk, as a young man get the crap kicked out of him. I saw Chris Pine get punished in the face up again
the wall, ricocheted off the wall fall on the ground. It picked up, punched again fallen a table. There was in the bar twenty six times. I really thought man I'm glad to have this job fixes we break for lunch, a very unglamorous lunch for everybody, thinks movies, are all glamorous we're sitting a cafeteria tables. I sit with J J and the guy who was the head of special effects and Ireland and J J as I've got a point, He says the enterprise and the crew are coming back into the solar system to save the earth, and I gotta know where to find them. That's why they did it behind sadder you put the enterprise behind Saturn skis me, I put it in titans atmosphere. I told him have come out of warp drive in titans atmosphere with OPEC, and have it rise out submarine style over the clouds with Saturn in the rings. In the background, it'll be a knockout scene, and J says: oh my god, that's brilliant
and he decided to use it. That was always, asked to do thing? I know they send me some shots from the scene that they rendered they ve gone to or website got some pictures. You elected a reasonably good job and I write back and said. Well, you know you got this wrong titans, not on an inclined orbit, you gotta fixed applicable law, and they don't want to fix any of it. The guy says: look if anyone comply about this, just blame it on me. That's all I ever got to do, but I'm very relevant motion dream. That scene is one
best scenes in the movie it made the cover of the rag in Hollywood about visual effects, called sin effects and J J use that same thing again in the second movie is a scene where they have to price comes out of an atmosphere, but you know they never asked me. Ok, we'll were hiding it visually. What about the electromagnetic signals? Of course, any respectable Romulus ship is gonna, be able to pick up signals right to business, dumb explanation in the movie about how the magnetic field of the rings hides the electrical signals for from the strays graphic while they rings don't have a magnetic field, and they never asked me that what they meant you half were right and that's more than we do. You know where all fuckin
I got a whole scene and a major movie that I basically created on private to you in the great. I am about two thirds of the way down immediately following the Vulcan and cling on language. Consult your review of power border. When STAR talk, radio return comes before you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just SAM Welcome back to start or radio kneeled hastening to advice there, that's right there, his across from me, we're listening to my interview with Carolyn Porco. She came to visit me. The hidden Hayden Planetarium quickly got a star talk interview out of that visit. After listening to it now, let's find out about her role in the creation of one of my favorite movies
contact all over check it out. I am reasonably certain I with may be, for other women may be more, maybe even some males who were scientists who surrounded Carl were people that he drew from to create that character. Those calls for mobile and they say that your first novelists always strongly drawn from your personal life experience in the field you haven't seen it. She wants to listen for radio signals from belgian aliens The time when that's not an entirely embraced for a site is to do right, and also she has this developing relationship, believe it or not, with the religious cleric. Who is the other side of the argument, so to listen to the conversations between Ellie our way and Palmer Joss, who was a romantic interest and also a cleric, was very much too,
Red Carl Sagan and what he had to say about the juncture between science and religion. But anyway, I digress when came time to do the movie Carl call me up and set out of all the female scientists he knew I can closer to being like the character he wanted to portray on the screen which I needed. We thought, while of course it's because I'm just so tat, listen in your face and in the book that's the way. The character is your meeting their Turkish. Why, when I try to hide it and so on, everybody knows that are so there's no point in hiding it. So I hadn't fantastic day with Carl his wife Andrey, and they were both producers. There was the executive producer Linda hopes. There was the then Director George Miller. He got swapped out for robs wreckers embezzled later on, and then they wouldn't have known for the better in future. Trilled unknown for forest come here
We spent a day sitting round a table and Santa Monica, putting together the character of Ellie, and it was for me very educational to see because it across it is processed. Remember call wrote a book and there were five people who go on this journey. Ok and they had to basically condense five people into one for the film, so that's kind of what was going on, but they would ask me and what kind of experiences have you had? Why do you feel you ve done well and I feel dominated with men? I said well, I grew up with four brothers, for God's sake, something good providing and spitting taking. Ever since I was a kid and then you know at that point Carl said, but why don't we may be in the movie? Have Ellie have a lot of brothers? You know they would do things like that earlier spunky improve she's, very feisty in the movie. They didn't give her brothers in the end and I have to say the first script I saw I tore part. I couldn't stand it and I was very critical of it and some actually, since curl is a scientist himself, he didn't need. You is a science consultant. He needed you as a character, consult. I
brought on to lend authenticity to alleys experiences in the movie, and I was supposed to spend time we could already foster em in the way that they do. With these days the actors are actor playing the conversion yeah. It was amazing. It took a year have gone back and forth with Warner brothers. They call up and say quick, give us schedule for the next three months were going to try to find a time when you and Johnny can spend time together and then nothing will happen. And then, after three months, quick, give us your schedule. The next three months in this went on for about a year and I never got to meet her, but you know I was told it she used. Carl himself is her role model for how to behave. So I thought, given that it wasn't Carl's book exactly they do, very good job with the night thought she did a brilliant job, and I love that moving us. What one of my favorite? Don't you think I really depicts science accurately yeah yeah no signs, but what everything I understand about human reaction to a scientific discovery was touched upon in that film will the crazy ways? People,
behave in the face of the knowledge that maybe there's a civilization other more intelligent than we are yeah. Unease that ever happens will probably see. I think it's actually, that will be our playbook for what's gonna happen was part of view inspired elements of the main character. Does that mean you had a clerical love interest, as some type in life are not eating? Get that for me that we know what I say borrowed I mean just what you might call ants. Larry thing there is light. You know I went to Caltech Ellie goes to counteract the graduate school and I think the way Sheikh in general looks was more like me than anybody else and her personality for years. I thought he must have drawn her personality for me, but he might have gotten alleys personality from his first wife, who was Lynn Margolis, who was a top notch biologist. I mean talk about feisty in your face men. She was a very, very feisty him
brilliant woman. So anyway, my main messages- Ellie areaway in the book in the movie, is a composite character of some said. Maybe you'll tartar might have been
represented urge your tartars over City Institute Deal does Seti, although actually that I think, is kind of irrelevant, because Carl was gonna, make a character who doubt Seti Regard was yet which is very bid. The voice of the whole character is currently viral. Jewel has said her father died when she was young behind his father died when she was young in the book you know, Ellie is described in the book is always wearing skirts. Will there was another woman on Voyager Honey was Candy Hansen, always wore skirt and Karl was interacting with candy like he was interacting with me and then, of course, there's bits of the characters life in the book on Tron Farm Carl's, third, wife, Andrea services? Why lots of us look at Elliot reckon they interfere for her? We seen bits of us in her because bits of us are in war. My interview with Carolyn Porter when start operating with her.
Without her starter in your tracing jackknife across yes check with your life. Yes, we are There's no other way. We cause you here I was going to say again: we could be holograms not at that would work for a pod Castro rate partners at the same is like candy. Amazon or any other kind of grants the cultural it is. We ve got my interview with my astrophysicist planetary scientists, Carolyn Porco and she just she's been part of our pop culture in ways that may be. People didn't know yes, having advise J J Abrams on the STAR Trek Film, creating one of the most awesome scenes, yes, and when the rising up out of the clouds this hiding from the on its way back into the source, it so capsules, Emily detected two to average she's totally into it,
That's great many more and more folks like this and all the other field who knew that J J Abrams completely mocked ups scientifically, like just ruined, yeah. You know it's the magnetic field of the rings of Saturn, that made this possible, and then she tells us there are no matter. The rings of sad rings, Jack other than beautiful beautiful pattern. That's it that's all that is one of my favorite stories about Caroline I had to get out of her, for this interview was something came up some years back when she was profiled in the New York Times area I had to, but I had to make sure she told me the story again: because it's it's even hard to believe that happen. I'll check it out this woman, her name is Carolyn. Need Hammer wrote, I thought a very good article about me. It was the scientist at work Series in the New York Times and what years is no ninety, ninety nine? Let's not them.
It was not like in the eighties or the seven do you know it was done to be coincidental with Cassini five. I averse, which happened in May to ninety nine, and then you know there was a lot of hoopla about whether or not the radioactive material on Cassini was gonna. Destroy their swift flew by earth to gain some extra orbital energy s to get out to certain as exactly right, that's executive fuel to get it there on its own now's variable borrow Lebanon we borrowed alot we're in debt planets. Did you take them from we took from Venus twice? Would you believe title poor Venus ordinary lends its duty and one from our
and then we slept closely by Jupiter that really helped a lot Newport here, and I got to the sad fact- is that we digress so August. Ninety, ninety nine, this article is being written and the woman says truthful things, good things and bad things or whatever, and she submitted to her editors and they come back and say, find out why porkers not married and accepted, you see, I told you so I knew this kind of thing was gonna happen because I knew they would be. Very sexes would normally not married but never married. Nevertheless, the religions plenty and not marry people who have been yeah. How was I then I was forty something were afforded, so I gave her two responses to use because I was cut a pest. The first they answer was something like we'll just tell them. I have a different man every night I like it that when you now and then the other answer was there are no high maintenance items in my house of any kind pets plants
Husbands and Carolyn need hammer in her discretion. Is that one is the second one rather than actually, I got a lot of fan mail from that people right at me. All my seventeen year old daughter thought that was the greatest thing she ever heard my advanced stage. There are still no. I made an inside of any kind tariffs. Plants are very cool, Carolyn Poker, see fire. What felicity woman this girl is like artist image and ninety nine United asked her why she was never man. I know that is really a second class. You know they would have asked that it may not come up exactly right. We just assume you were gay. That's all three people do to me. They go out, so they do the obstacle. Why are you marry me?
How did you probably have been eating would have thought that has an opposite huta would marry you so I'd forgotten the Cassini actually being watched from earth when in these loops they came back to earth to get some more orbital energy. This is all about the energy more than it is about the distance. So if you fly by air, with energy to reach. Jupiter you'd go and you do and well so the big concern is Teeny would go so far away from the sun that it wouldn't be able solar panels for its energy cut. So it's loaded with radioactive energy plan people worried Venus the normal energy from earth, and come near by to do so suppose. You enter our atmosphere and then disintegrate.
Then a scattered plutonium around the world, killing everyone. So there is some protest at the time and it didn't have not dynamic as weak. As we know, newtons laws of motion regard this one said is for funding how science can even quell a protest that's how that address. That should be doing that. All the time when we come back our final segment with terrible worker maybe. We're back on startup, Neil that check Montgomery Ways you have totally with syllables. In my mind, I'd know you're just being more efficient. I think you do
You ve been interviewing my friend and colleague, and planetary scientist astrophysicist, Carolyn Porco, yes, firecracker firecracker and the fun particles we just We don't interview scientists on start targets, not about that. It's about interviewing people, hewn from pop culture and finding out how science influences their livelihood, but here's a case of a scientist whose influence by pop culture yeah yeah, so it with from the tables on that in it and I'm leavin it in our last clip that we're gonna go to She wants to leave us all with some thoughts inspired by her Cassini image. Should it EL blue dot reprisal. Then she wear it where Saturn is eclipsing the sun and there is little dot of light in the background there and its ass, its US and so sheet sheet. She wants to sort of habits, think think about that.
An interesting ways and saddened by the way has many moons and went jam. We think about life, not only on a plan, but maybe on moon emulator, there's a lot of ways to two slices. Let's see how she Can I leave people with a interesting thought in their head ogre? So as we and our start, our interview Garland what wisdom? What inside what sense, of our place in this universe. Can you share with us? I wasn't going to ok we're parting words. You have just were beautiful blue. Even then we call it the even if the glowing thing on the outermost, the perimeter of the rings right, that ring is created. One hundred geysers erupting from the South pole to rain of a tiny moon called and sellers which is no bigger across than great Britain, and those guys are as we are virtually.
Erupt farm, a reservoir of salty liquid water, laced with organic materials and bathed in excess heat, and that is exactly the kind of environment that we have long thought could be inhabited by living organisms. Ok, it's watery the salt in it too, does that the waters in contact with rock so there's available chemical energy for organisms to live if they can't live off, sunlight and there's organic materials. So to me it is the most accessible habitable zone in our solar system, because here this body of water is gushing its materials outer space and that material, a small fraction of it by about four percent, goes into orbit and makes that beautiful, blue spraying. It's organic matter into orbit around Saturn. That's what it's doing and here is a crazy thought. It's not out of the question
if there are organisms in microbes in that liquid environment under the South pole terrain, they could be in orbit around Saturn in that way. Now is that not the coolest thing you could possibly imagine look at that picture know that the offer we place on our solar system. We are certain. There is life. Is that little thought to the right and below sat on that report earth and then that blue ring also might have organisms in it. So there is a lot that picture is more in the picture than meets the eye. It's beautiful your tearing up equipment. I can't help it where it is, that is, that is the very core of the universe, offering up its its glory You gotta go there to know it. That's the thing you need of Parking Space programme
Could you put wax poetic? All you want, but all you going to draw a Hollywood alien right. You want to eat, you got to go there and get them in an embrace. Those vistas poetry just rolled out of your mouth. When that happens as I'm in here, we need to take some articulate people and send them into space. You'll. Come back speaking, poetry of IE eight n, N, N N. In Milton is true may get a little funding for these things. At Yale names he eats unionized here, isn't eater Yeats yeah. I've heard it about way. Is it the AIDS I've heard is ever get lost in northern, both poetry of Shakespeare? Sunday, you screw, you gave us not so it's it's! The universe has the power to do this to you and I think, there's not enough of the public who understands or is exposed to two how often that happens to astronomers yeah. That's why we do what we do and Emily Mythic there's enough of the public that actually does,
looks up period. This actually look up in the night and you now to see what gets chuck. What am I ending words of every start, our partner, I bet you to keep looking out. Will you can you two sub for me on that, once you do that, you never heard might be other grandma. I tat it. That's what what what were ok, you do my whole stick. Next to the teachers and after a visit first yeah, There is a small problem with me, a substitute in every year. That would be the whole astrophysicist doctored meal dies in part. Well, but to Caroline Point: when we think of life, we think of the right temperature, the right ingredients, the right circumstance and the more we study the moons of these outer planets. The more we find places where life might thrive My favorite among them is one of the moons of Jupiter Europa Europa, with joy
but here is keeping warm. What would otherwise be a totally frozen world and at its melted the ices got an ocean of liquid water. Good for billions of years I wanna go ice fishing on Europa can see where you find life in what you call it. What Europeans you people students, daughter, radio, I merely rest- I shall always great to have you I was as always, I beg you to keep looking up. We should listen to start talking, Marshall, free joint start compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio,
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