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2016-12-20 | 🔗
Makers of the world, unite! Bill Nye and Chuck Nice roll up their sleeves to answer Cosmic Queries about the maker movement, including 3d printing of tools, food, human joints and organs; nanotechnology; ISRU and colonizing Mars; STEM vs. STEAM; and more.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star, talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, He started off by a number of the whole darker than all starting to find the best minds and, above all, the friends of the shell coming back ring and goals of the rifle drop. It looking back, relaxed and wants to abide by a meal. The grass Thyssen start Audrey. I've retreated crack scientist and scientifically help me they'll start off,
So you think you were going to start our goals. Jars, I'm your all star host of the evening bill lies now, try to pull back ever because I'm not alone here, I'm with world let us in shark, nice shark, how you doing a bill! How are you feeling great because this is a special edition. Yes, it is especially. This is the maker, a dish maker addition. So these are people that make thing. Yes, all of these people are progenitor of some sort in one way or another agenda. Tour, yes could be, progenitor so look at soon. Progenitors sees so. What's all this,
These are people who make stuff that's what we do in engineering. We use science to build things and solve problems. Is our first query let's get into our first query and is actually one of our patria and patrons. This is from technical, pottery potter living in Saint Joseph Minnesota. So he indeed is a maker with a question making, he makes pottery makes pottery yes, Joe Insane. Am I so this what he's a man, a man and ends articles. Are you right? Oh god? What? If the people at the mall of amidst again, maybe right now ass? here's what he says. What are your thoughts bill on changing the stem field to steam by adding arts into the acronym companies like apple computers and Tesla Motors, advanced stem fields by creating artistically design products that people resonate with worldwide
they provide evidence that art might play an important role in getting more people excited about scientific progress, in the short answer is yes a hot, so survives team is fine, technology, engineering, art and math as foreigners great and by they. When you make Aren't you want them to look for, and I think this is why, to name names this. Why Google is successful yeah, you click on it, Google main page in there's not anything on. Google is beautiful, minimalist thing and that's why apple products are so popular as they were good so you certainly want products to look at if I'm going, buy pottery be it in Minnesota or anywhere outside. I wanted to look nice ass. I want my pottery phone case from my eyes. That would be the brutal Who knows where that will lead the guy with skills to make pottery may be able to make all sorts of things. Yes, because
is he designs or makes shapes. So now, when you look at design as an element of engineering, there's an art, they say form follows function. They say that architecture to yes or no does at work when you're engineering. Like ok, you're building up look at an airplane aren't good working ass. They weren't always when you look back at the old sock. Would camels the old biplanes kind area that in that area they were the cause thing going because they flew right so exerted guy you to shop, was because pretty cool always brings so I formed that's one of the things by the way, not changing the suffering from pottery and steam right, but that's one of the things that really feeling for me about aeroplanes. Is everything on their has to do something? You rather varies very hard to add stuff to points it does not actually have to be there because they get to heavy yes
My I'm a big fan of esteem writ large. I just don't want to get to the point where all of school becomes an acronym document, but right now we, I guess, there's a conflict tween funding science technology, injuring math and funding? Aren't you have to fund both right so steam? It is seem odd. If not steam, punk butts steam power, never killed me now come reason is not real. Well yeah! I guess you're right. We will you look at it from the actual mechanic, standpoint. The those inventions are helium balloons. Wouldn't really fly this power, the wheelchair
really run yeah. I just saw that just always took me out of it. They make for great convention, oh yeah, when you see those people at the hotel and they got their goggles on in their their little caps in their Trent codes. Him are you know you talkin from personally sincere terms as they allow. No, no you're to say does not you just think. Oh yes, I happen to be in your killed in October. You see a black guy, we're in Gaza esteemed unconvincing it. My points at nice makes all you say, I'm sorry, how's. Let's try another queried questions demand as order in Minnesota, let's move on to Matt Eli who comes to us from Facebook and base city. Texas, Matt Eli wants to know this. How are we going to print three d stuff on Mars out of native material there? or in the clouds of Venus on the moon or in the asteroid belt,
the great question, but we may be mixing the modern world everybody loves shock is conflicting. Complaining, we're confer could be, could eight, not saying we are conflicting Eddie, printing in space with instead to resource utilization right now, room. Okay, now now see now you got me right there. Also ideas again, because I can't I don't even know what you just said there. So everybody in the Mars community services acronym for four letter, acronym as our you insist, to resource utilization in sit to resource in the situation. There you are on the surface of Mars, situation. You know I think, which is another word were used. Using the resources there are. So that's a big plan. I grow some sprouts scrape that's right in the martian you can scrape the book or the movie. You scrape up some martian soil and use chemistry to make rocket fuel out of it. Yet the oxygen out of it.
Maybe get the iron recombine, amend they burn and go. Mars I think, would be lower pitch, but anyway, it's a great idea. Fine idea Meanwhile, study as a indicates that is probably better to take material to make objects with the treaty which seemed to work well enough in zero gravity or right microgravity so instead of taking surgical there's a scalpel but also takes plunges ladders. Teachers, your needles, you make all that if you need it, you're ready to make its and adapt in the kind of like a little more of a star trek like replicator type deal, thirty breeders are virtually replicators, it is amazing. Now the lay- and this is now it's what years is twenty? Sixteen we
scan objects with power, hologram style lasers, create a three national image of it. Then use that three dimensional image to print it is the verb but or additive Lee manufacture. It So this is an exciting time, but making rocket fuel you're the martian surfers unnatural. Quite the same thing is intended by traditional space. Born treaty printing, however, can see why these two things would emerge one day right. So there's there is not really a need to choose, snapped a social happiness. It'll be organic right, unintended, it'll, be or it'll come from the martian surface, but she'll get the martian surface, not trivial, a colony, there's, probably a real hassle, but I want to send people an award for signs of life and if those people need three printing additive manufacture technology to get
don't economically, let's go! So if you were to send- let's say you know it's a sending people's real pain, but so use expensive in yet ever been done and then and people are painted about- I mean: have you met people? Yes, have you met them cause I'm on my best friends, but some are dogs. It is their sillam need if you were to send a ton of this machine that can work on her own and then would they still be able to utilise there s idea so the Mars twenty twenty Rover ashes have a name. Yet we hope to do this. Experiment try to scream but martian soil and make it into rocket fuel while because it would be very good, so they can be done robotics, it is believed, and so the chemistry you do stimulants simulations with simulate soil, I mean to say- and we get that usually in Hawaii that eyes Red Rockwell there
went to the iron bearing red. Volcanic sand is apparently a lot like Mars. You can try this stuff and seems to work, but the real pulled off, often really planned. Mars and only get back if you can scrape up martian soil and make it in Iraq? If you I mean that's a whole mother, you might be plan one way trip you you my eyes inadvertently. Yes, you don't want the inadvertent one way trip you don't want to die impact and you don't we stand at. These are two really undesirable outcomes. Where's. That said, we're on cosmic queries. Yes, we do our best to answer an inquiry. Yes from our beloved listeners, people want to know about making
in space on other planets and as we do in engineering shock as it is, we use science and make things and solve problems. Take it Macao, Weggs Rehn. I us from Facebook, says Bill Nanotechnology versus treaty printing. When can we expect three d printers to be able to prevent national elements for future nanotech? devices, that's a little matter, raiders murder matter, but it's not that far. Yet many narrow the machines are made with the same technologies. Three burning rican move, the probe tie, the tiny increments in tiny, tiny, increments and shove molecules or honour Adams around him in so that's actually almost say spiritually in the big picture right. This tiny,
process does exist. When are you to be able to do it and make aeroplanes out of it or of aircraft carriers or something better ways are so now with their ever be this? You know that in every siphoned movies, which you see you know No buts s near come together, and then they create something so aids it it's just this never ending process, whether There is the machine that creates the metal Box than the metal Botz come together to create or build some. They usually, I think they usually make a replica of czech nice, the as I and the crew here cannot tell the difference between the real shark nice and the men botanical, Chuck nice and then one of us has a naval build and then things go badly. Things generally go badly because the narrow bought, The shark is motivated by something bad and it has, of course over that said, the idea, of using three technology to move a pro abortion
Adam pleaser machine, tiny the instruments does exist. That's how it is. And that's how we make some microcircuits really. But this is future. Where you'd have this machine working really fast on a much larger scale. So stay tuned in May. You will be the mechanical engineering electrical engineer that gets on this and makes it all practical and inexpensive. Nice are right,
it has also already exist. Look at that in a sense of innocence in all its already science future. Today today, but I swear you listen to start or it's exactly right, acre addition brought by Google it we got, gave domain gas from Facebook once you know this. Instead of sending a rover to a planet, could we sin just three, the Printer plus assembly unit, to create multiple rovers, and are there any plans to do something like this? So, instead of just one rover, some kind of a whole manufacturing unit. Then you ve got a bunch of rovers that now emanate from this one little manufacturing units and they can kind of calm the entire planet For so for those who just listing the podcast, I'm sorry, you can't see Chucks arms gesticulations,
showing us how this robotic about combating manufacture, tree on another was so that's gets back to that thing about using, The material on, let's say the Martian surface right, otherwise you mean everybody. I wait, let me see, if I remember wait, oh god, in sit to resource dammit known dammit, not utilization in sad to re, insinuation, resource utilization yes, so the only way you would want to do this, everybody is, if you could manufacture the stuff. Out of the material is already there here on earth were really manufacture, are pretty good at manufacturing things sitting all the raw materials to Mars. Almost certainly not have an advantage with that said thinking out loud as we are on as we are here on startup. Perhaps the problems associated with food
bring up the rovers, so they fit in the rocket knows cone. Maybe that is a hard problem and maybe you'd want to send all the peace parts there more compact fashion and then have the manufacturing gizmo put The wheels on the car kind of thing, nothing! German here right, german, I alive Rivers have to be Oregon, magically folded up or the mat think it might be Oregon meekly or the moonlit folded up right. Get in there when they get there. They all looked like little cranes, yeah yeah. If they do, they involve another could be I'm their best secure question, but right now what we want to assist all we can do to get government officials. Get together to spend one and a half billion over ten years, which is nothin. I mean compared to other things we spent Maya
and so we were fighting a war on Mars. Would she see would have at least fifteen trillion to throw it s right? Yes about what we need is a martian terrorist threats We really me it's about a factor of ten ten ten point. Two ecstatically multiply the NASA than Ass, a budget by ten point two, you start to get to where the military spends its low sickening but know we live on earth, and so I said NASA budget, planetary signs, but how TAT Toby emails I just under my career, leader. We have another query ass. We ban making things on the special edition of STAR talk with me. Your host bill, nigh and citys.
The world of the wide world shark. Nice chuck! Take it. If we go this from Andy Bracken on Facebook and Andy says this greetings bill from Columbus Ohio. How difficult would it be to switch from one material to another edgy, going from pvc plastic to steel in the middle of a three d? Printing process, because those are the Components needed to make the item well being proposed anywhere. Instead of you may not feed the plastic through the same head, or dispenser riser machine as you do the steel budget have multiple heads. This is also a like a like a soda and at a bar. Yes, so exactly that you would know no cause unanimously. Those texts a humane within bar, but but you ve read stories.
The electric internet, fabled tail, yes or maybe the occasional movie, so the that would be the idea it's not that hard in the same way there are three print, where's that use different, colored plastic right or wants. So you have different heads that feed the plastic. So those heads rotate or change realise how represent almost niver, not a robot maker guy person, but with an interest. It seems very reasonable thing to do, but that only emphasise speak good reason to do these things operate a different temperatures. And so are you you may not you'd want to melt the first thing with the second day right here. Seeing to the special edition of STAR Talk. Baker Edition. With me bill well nigh and our worldwide citizen shock nice we'll be back right after this.
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Jack Jack Jack. You know this is a very exciting time here and start radio, because this is a major addition. Correct, that's another yet other query as we do have another query led sir: let's read that this one from Tom Rick's from Home Rex Tom Rick's from pigs but would like to know this. He says bill nigh the science guy S
how long do you think it will be before we can print a three d agricultural crop in order to reduce co2 emissions and water consumption? We have all the ingredients right. So he's talking about, forget Doin, the space and printing. Something can we print something here and now, namely food thirty one to print a crop he does. He was grass, it was our agricultural crops in order to reduce co2 emissions and water consumption, which is which is very important, so Tom I've. I think I follow you but you're you what a fine this you want to eat a three day printed plant. Yes, I mean right at our currency. The argument eating plastic work. Why Did you put the crop out in the sun if it's three be printed and stuff like that, so we may have once again, if I can use the verb conflated, a couple ideas
very reasonable, that you'll be able to three the print beads that hold water and soil so that there is less evaporate. That's very reasonable to me, or maybe even a a mat for planning crops akin to mulch plastic ma. Do you wanna? Are you hurt the rats traps? The moisture area as you, we waste from coming through the moisture doesn't evaporate back into the Amis asked bright, but you don't have a two sealed up in yet fungi various brands. Yes, so I think it What you're driving is excited my sneakers, information shocking it. So we I think I know what you're driving out. We would have custom made mulch mats to plan our crops in and they could be three printed, the mulch mats. So there is an application. You know his idea may have been slightly askew, but there is an application for three printing in agricultural man.
Heavens, yes, just like suppose you one of the things you gotta learn. I think, as a farmer is welding, this is to say when stuff breaks, those people are continually repairing thing discs and heroism. Thinks in a wet now see what you just said: they're just as struck me a little cord, because it seems like every move. Your television show that you watch where the people are out on a farm and there like have all these acres around them anything that breaks. They immediately start to go in and fix it attractive breaks. They pay. You never see them call somebody racked recur. Then these are Ex everything arm on the arm. Guy skills, I guess farm girl skills and so is very real well that you would have three printers per farm equipment and so what I'm imagining and then I too on future job, not that it's all about bill on his imagination were responding to this a Tom's question. This is yes, Tom Rick's. Yes,
that I'm imagining a time when something breaks in your house or your apartment, and instead of ordering the spare part and having it shipped, you you go down to the spiritual equivalent of Fedex, Kinko's or staples in at the at that place. They make you a new parties. May there big three printer, which they have air cooled and his large and very accurate you don't have to have one at home right and then, in the same way, certain gear heads keep a collection of wrenches around right will be certain gear head type people that have authority printer at home. I know guys with milking machines and leaves at home, so they'll be that sort of culture. I can understand it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're big one Sunday in the not too distant future for repairing farm equipment, sure
How can it on your on which you don't want to eat? What it's what's personal through me off a little? Probably not their application is mostly for assisting in, but I can imagine three bringing some candy. Because reason melt the sugar say more. You lie not ass, an you pronounce printed sea weed I mean, I seems I received plant seems very reasonable, but are you would do that rather than growing plants direct ok, I too think it through with question to answer tat question and the answer is candy you'll be able to print. Can t really Brenner, it's gonna, be they ok why citizen of the wide world shockwaves our next query we go now. This might be another conflation.
However, I know where he is coming from, and this is Jason Harvey coming to us from Twitter and Jason would like to know this. Can we three d print and animal and then then it then it goes a little crazy and then started up with an electric shock It's, the georgian citizens in towns. The villagers origin. Why are they out there with pitchforks and distort adjusted dark Frankenstein, so every time you have to pay the rabbit, it's very reasonable to me that people will be able to three. The prince someday dna you'd make a synthetic organism: only crime, whether you build a whole woolly mammoth from scratch, with really browser that might be harder. But that's what my balloon, what you're saying right, the I'm just Santa Claus people are talking about, is it's it's, so you don't mean like a model,
The treaty makes a virus ragged molecular machine, printer gizmo, We can then make up a single cell right. And then fusing at and having it grow into a mammoth for a check. Believe me, you want the mammoth before you want it's. I don't know I've, I believe you didn't lose alone is another one of these things were. I would like to talk it over with why not every show believe me? We prefer a mammoth. You would prefer a mammoth over another chalk, pursuer and probably my kid Zaire to careful s You have lower maintenance, lower mate and more logical and probably sheds less than I do I can't hear you run from Asian Little do much shark. Ok, Here we go for Question
Jason, very cool question, and I have to tell you that I am just slightly disturbed by the three: the printing of dna, varying as a single cell, or is this original? Has the ability to proliferate? Now that's look at us. We start from a single cell right don't tell me: you haven't held a single cell of egg. A chicken egg is a single, so you know I never thought of it that way, but you're cool thing of which to think. Yes, I don't think we're. Delicious in our nation states. Area area Try another one. Just couple minutes left in less group was ok. Here we go. This is from Landy from
Techno land, the on Twitter, any thoughts on that. If any age is too young to try makers, spaces and three d printing, I had my kids do hour an hour of code. I don't I don't I'm not shower of code, our code, our avenant, without ass, fine ass. If a kid is in what I don't think you can many trouble. Didn't I just how much plastic do you want to waste? Or how embarrassed are you willing to be when the kid makes this fabulous thing that you never thought of? So if there are fewer children of Europe, Is there able to run a 3d, Brenner and right cut for an hour. I mean more power. Do them in general. I'm sure eons kids are exceptional. Yes, all of our sorrow, tart listeners herb way. Aborting up there. Yes to say yes are taught the average start talk. Let's listener is far above average when
How do you know that I was trying to make a joke columns, rare yo and for the areas our readers levels? I tartars twitter, all the time. A lot of them have like words like doktor before their me, like that Who knows what controversy I've got myself? India, with not often- and I can in a musing I can tell you- is this: we live in a country where children are allowed to play with guns legally so like their passing legislation to say that it's ok for children to shoot guns at ranges so I'll see where three per head better. Yet, why don't you get your kids, the three he print? working fire: that's being dies, oh yeah yeah, that's com or either that programme exists online. Stop it. You can download I'll come on, but you need a printer that works. You know accurately I hope you can me which it really gun. So there is a real weak. Ukip, there are no laws, wait a minute here
really upset. Here there are no laws to stop you from printing a firearm with a three the printer, as far as I know, not maybe they're proposed, but even if there were laws chart. This is the electric internet. All the kids are using it, so it could be transmitted to write the thing. Is you need the material when you still need bullets and all that stuff? So weird take and queries from the electric internet from our patron patrons from the Booker's. A face ass in the truth is that there are common in that's right. So what do you got there? Okay, so here is dared mattocks, Derek and dare comes from twitter. Derek says this: do you think will ever be able to three the print organs efficiently enough to end the need for donors? Now I have actually read: em can read
you know well believe it or not? It's it's really. Ok, somebody read it to me either way everybody for you. If you're out there check is quite the science geek risk of credibility, Mr Yeltsin, that's it you're about to reveal evaders, give us a revelation of vat. Now I read this great article. I believe it was a scientific American is threatened and it was talking about the actual printing of organs and and the way they did it was somehow they infused dna from the purse. That they're going to implant the organs so that you don't have a rejection right like you would within an dna. That's so is so ass loud ass, my understanding that's the deal and then you would grow them from the right number of so in the case of classic as a liver, which apparently is if you're gonna do this. It's a good place to start liver. It is because the liver self generates anyway. I guess it s real generator this
the way its blood vessels run away with it? It's not enerve its light at the way. The M, the blood vessels, would somehow self organized that I'm not an expert on this and that's when we're gonna get off this male because I spoke I ended, but I've heard that that's the one a good place to start is with the liver. So the answer Derek is yes and yes, we will be greedy printing organs and one day efficiently enough, where we won't need donors with a big thing we need is now you won't need. Anti rejection drugs which ratings to early, which would be used views so now. What does that mean we're living just at the wrong tat when I was about this? Is that should I'll give you screwed the fact that up here you got three kids yeah your genes are going into the flag genes are going into the future, and that word about my genes are more worried about me and am speaking of liver. He just say I'm just saying, work and night glad to say
those for free you, man alive. Want to change the subject to far, but I've known people that have got in trouble with our call because they were comics that Godfrey drinks or will you know you have to? U have to be cognisant, is a matter of fact. I have. I know we're up I've got the just a little is the little I've taught us you know, but I have to say that one of the things that I had to stop doing, because I work in a club, most nights and I drink for free everywhere. I go where, as I had to make it a rule that when I'm working, I don't drink, because otherwise otherwise drinkin became part of my job as opposed to the US, the social activity? That is yes, but with all that said, let us get back to a situation that we are here for the motor identify Google,
what's the website and make sure you check out making a with google dot com we're making link these the maker additional? What did it mean? Another query right here: we go. A lot of people really are in love with this treaty. Printing stuff man, that's always been. This is Jesse from Twitter. Here's the deal hey bill. Will doctors be able to three d print medical tools and specific parts like replacement joints for the body? I know I guess she's thinking. Like the time when we colonise someplace, I gotta say categorically. Yes, absolutely! Yes, I saw a presentation by Anne S, engineer about this and she's gotta down this. What we do we're gonna make yours you're. He must stats right, look lumpy lamps for good, shutting off blood vessel
Why you're surgery rising right, we're gonna, make scissors scalpels all kinds of collapse and unhappiness if you can make it scalpel out, plastic. There know you'd make about a metal. So you write like we talk about that, another or maybe just put a metal edge on it or maybe make it out of some modern plastic. That's good enough for a few slices right, she's, worn out. A new melted down to make another. Whether what would you do do due to two Jesse great question, and the answer is categorically yes, fantastic. Let us move on to me. I'm gonna look for something a little different. That is something we are. This is Israel gear on Israel. Jerome is Israel grown from Twitter, says hello from Miranda, Arizona,
never heard of it. Well, it's in the Arizona in the: U S: ok, good as an educator. What are the benefits of having people, flax, their brains and creating something rather than purchasing something? So this others no benefit at all, I'm carrying worse rhetorical question city. Now. The whole thing we want is hands on interaction. Yes, make things become, not just a scientist like: what's his name meal at ice, that title rest time. An engineer make stuff you science to solve problems and make things got it so
therefore, if you're, the guy you gotta do debts is rhetorical question city there are you now. I think that is your right. That is rhetorical salmon which followed amateur, follow it with this with low, so same same person says so we ve seen examples of three printing of mechanical part. What are the prospects of three d printing? Now? Listen, local compounds so well! This is very reasonable to me. Really I mean. Are you that when you buy polyethylene for commercial applications, you're gonna make a conveyor belt with plant plastic growers or something or slide or now I'm not you can imagine. I can imagine that you are you specify the plastic by its molecular way. Ok, this ultra high molecular accurate, very high molecular away and they dig infer. How many carbon atoms are strong together in a chain of carbon atoms, ok example, so
can imagine a day or your planting individual atoms onto molecules, and then, if it were the kind of molecule you wanted, and you could get it to grow again like a crystal right, you would have all the molecules you would want to interact with come in. I can imagine That's cool was cool, but I mean I haven't really done it. Georgia, German here I mean just the real needs science fiction radios, but that a science fiction within the realm of reason very reasonable, very reasonable. Here. Ok, that's very cool! Look at that got not to very good questions from Israel. I appreciate them. Let's move on boy, you guys with these names. I tell you these names
silver AIR, Sylvan era wants to know this. Is there any food that a three d printer would be able to make? I'm picturing the precursor to the star. Trek replicator surrounds STAR Trek date, you not to captain the car. Go? U t arrow gray hot boom yeah. What had just appear? Yes, so I wanted caution in shark. That show is not real. Now I don't know what happens when you meet In fact, your food, you know, there's a whole thing in the business. They talk about the taste, but they also talk about the mouth feel yeah, I would not be surprised and there's a product are called soya which is based on certain soil it based on ok, it's not the product. I don't know. I guess the food of the future are built
He also, I can imagine people for you, a candy bars. I do every once in a while. You seen them three times a year are either guess, maybe had some peanut brittle. Yes, I just a brutal part. Brittle parties had caramel. Yes without a doubt. Ok, that's Can you imagine a machine that would make some third task fantastically delicious thing? I would have a good mouth field. Could not be natural, wouldn't be recognisable from something in nature, see. No. I cannot imagine that would be. You know. Shocks. Food bar watchdogs delay just green bar on what anyone eating tux bull bar robot, if it at a lovely woman's name what affair was Molly, is delicious food bar right, I'm interested area, I'm tag outdated through them, interesting I don't know it's until we have european shape various shapes or possible s anyway. So this is quite passed.
I can easily imagine printed food. You been listening to start talking. A guy, I'm bill. Now, your hosting I'm here with citizens of the world. Chuck nice we'll be back right after this we No, Fine This is a
hey welcome back walking back build, I was about to start out cosmic queries. This is a special edition shock as this is the maker addition. Ok, here we go this one coming to us from narrow, seven on twitter neck row at little trouble, seven old troubled and its neck rural. What is he or she have to say, says how would you compare the effects of accessible three d printing today to the effects of the printing press in the early renaissance? Idle think it will be quite as influential the printing press,
it's a big thing. Yeah. However, three burnings, absolutely the future, and I talk about this all the time. I'm imagining where we're making you know, maybe I'm wrong, as is so often the case. We the mechanical engineering additive, manufacture, additive, manuscripts, really burning a really what then, but you know what think of you know this word machining. Yes, where you cut Material Wales, where you make a screw, you cut them metal, away or whatever this could revolutionise, although we know and love so that you could possibly have one point envision a world where you just three d print everything everything would become, made there wouldn't be anything adjustable. Everything would be made perfectly when I think about the economic repercussions of wouldn't even have more than one hole he married and be a single whole for your way. So that's it! You saw me, but I mean I can manage raised earlier,
because if you go to the store and there's designers there, I'm now about fashion fashion, go to take custom, make it for you and they almost sorted. Do that with meal suits yeah, he gets a multi sure did multi measure dot com they fit in better, and so I can easily imagine that the future everything is custom. Lee three presented. Yes, you were saying you started to go well known, dies world, honest worldwide. I'm thinking like what do you do with all the jobs of people who were making the screw that there's gotta make the printers so almost now just make a printer saw or they're doing other wonderful, productive, artistic, wonderful life, enhancing things thinking deep thoughts. How to make better printers. Design new thing. Everybody becomes a designer everybody's it.
Everybody custom makes everything on so scary world. Here it up Jack, I'm going to say that yeah, because where I see this guy you want me to ask you about that, sends I'm gonna say yeah yeah the curious ban on. I just every right here, just a little bit three printers making three printers and now we're done now. Nobody works more and more, but whose shovel and the call that is to say who is making the electricity somebody's gonna somebody's gotta do something somewhere right notice that people as busy as ever You know you say what did they do in the good old days? They turned milk, they grew crops, they good, they tilled the soil. They got rid of the weeds, would have you boys has not led to a life of leisure right. You wash today Does automatically why you're doing a bunch other stuff now great? Ok,
Humans are busy busy humans. Ok, all right! I'm gonna go with you only humans. Let's get to another question this one from tee. Russia is a name just twitter and widows onto the results which are already secured, that name or early on yes, hello, twitter. I would love to get that name that be my twitter handle. No, you, wouldn't you reimbursement, it wouldn't say chuck. It will say at twitter, though, and everybody would know the debts. Maybe you demand, everybody would have to act. Everybody would have been if you have a lot of followers and that would leave to lead to a Paris right, because heads which do now days
Hey wrestle themselves to use twitter has a question whether it wants to know this: how dies three dependent materials, carbon footprint or other environmental strain metric compared to that of manufactured products? So is it on equal footing? Is it a less of a constant, maybe less footprint? If you can efficiently ship the material where you needed and then manufacture in situ, then you wouldn't have all the bulky like, for example, on working here in the studio stools or a sofa sulphur. The packing for those things is large through if they could be manufactured closer to wear their being used led for it. You'd have probably more efficient shipping the raw materials right
We have that volume just in these warnings. These couple examples working around the room here so now. Do you think that it might lead to a more disposable a world order more recyclable world? The couch is made of magic power. I think that you just melt down and make into a new school or ottoman or settee. So there were headboard. So the real, even dresser drawer, just used to furnish your thing,
so you're saying maybe a mattress. So the idea is you'd have to make materials that can be used again and again. Armenia, certainly reasonable. I mean the treaty printed plastic that were using now is melt down all right. If I can clearly not Annabelle objective, I love when you can all science e on me like that, it's just as no Bonnac accountable. Ok, let's move on moving on cabin Ozma queries make her addition. Kevin asked from Twitter Twitter Heaven Heaven s wants to know this. What's the strength of treaty printed metal parts cast for, forged or billet of the same material. So if you, if you gotta, strewn out of this little hare, can it be a strong I'm not an edge? I cast or something that's forge door, not an expert on that. But I will say this: I saw wrench
aid and it was a little oversized, a thing for stiffness and care. And centred parts. These reports made from powder that is fuse the melted, essentially those on a strong, but they have other properties in the cat and the example of centering they hold oil forbearing or whenever there is an advantage, so I can easily imagine a secondary operation where you roll or press or smash the treaty printed part or additive Lee manufactured part to give strength. I can easily imagine- and I guess, as a host of STAR talk, radio, I should know more about that, and I will make a note to learn that right
We have it, but, as a mechanical engineer, I can imagine the secondary operation of smashing to work harder to give strength got you know how you can't straight, not a paperclip variously right after you bend it now. You have to it's called work hardening, you ve done work on it and it gets stiff as nature of the Brains of metal, gotcha, so very reasonable that you'd have to re smash, but that could be a lot cheaper than shipping a full size. Wrenched. Somebody I'll write, you gonna get that twenty get that not up under the think. Maybe despite the perfect custom made rynch, this great rate is right for that and you'd melted back down and you're done you go. Never those molecule folder on your ass alike are at. This is term from twitter. Tim from Twitter is his tweeting to us from at evil nut get read, you add evil, not at all.
I want to know this: are they testing or printing in zero g? It sounds like it would be impossible in an urgent. They do a metal. They derive persuasion, because this liquid so dinner on the prestige and the word liquid, you know it's it's a its gooey morpheus is literally a both, as the adjective and as the known plastic You know the earth's crust of the earth mantle rightly said to be plastic, really smash around able. So because it's it's hot, hot hot, so in yes, they three printed in space by paying attention about their doing things worked out in the plastic sticks to the plastic. Ok, so you can shape most people is even though, with even the gravity you go, there's probably an argument from three deep
co that says gravity is a real problem. You should do all your manufacturing and space. How real easily imagine somebody coming in here to say that I would not be in a position to disagree Jack, a habit. The I'd have to do the opposite of that have to agree size and other evil, not its counter intuitive actually zero g. Just imagine rolling toothpaste onto oyster escort, toothpaste on the war now scored another bit of toothpaste on the toothpaste. It would stick to it right right. We know you're upset, the wall side down or no matter ways right. I mean you can imagine it out of the possible squeeze. It read out the tube unregulated suit everyone to the toothbrush. Ok, this is a great question. How does it go Thomas Thomas T, J, F, K from Twitter wants and others will people be able to three d print medicine, so you
talk less manufacturers in pure real engineers me. How can this be is also tell you to take two aspirin October to take one aspirin right. You just custom print the size of a pill. So you have power aspirin Gustaf. How do you dial up? the physician ways. You ok and then prescribes the right size pill just for shooting from the half, without even starting ok, without even trying to make me like yours from scratch. Our right good even do and had even doing at risk from the get go and, furthermore, at home, your bathroom constantly is on the internet, it tells pill, dot, com, squirt machine or coupled machines out the rights. Pill for how much you weigh and then you're just perfectly healthy and imagine it. I mean it's one thing with aspirin, but imagine you're there. So many people, all these other exotic disorders and they have to constantly manage their.
Their dose right, I can easily imagine a machine or coupled machines. They could do that so normal More one size fits all can easily. Yes, it's usually a manage describe ass. You, yes, fantastic Proscribed co died. There at your right aid? Your Dwayne read your CBS and this Well, where maybe you don't have the machine at home, but you have a bathroom scale at home and transmits your weight to your druggist. Who, then, when you show up with the prescription, the pills or just the right, how cool would how be like that be everything else and start talking to super cool, so this is bill. My here with Jack, nice, worldwide citizen of the wide world this year, listening to start the most hilarious time of our wives, sure Communism
sweater vest next time. It's going to look sharp for both going to be in best of the best Dela may adopt the organs which you can listen. The star talk: Commercial free join. STAR talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio,
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