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Making Science Cool, with Jeff Goldblum

2019-05-03 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with actor Jeff Goldblum to explore his iconic roles in Jurassic Park, Independence Day, and his fervent scientific curiosity. Featuring paleomammalogist Ross MacPhee, economist Raphaële Chappe, NASA’s Kelly Fast, Ph.D., Bill Nye the Science Guy, and co-host Chuck Nice.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free from the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming all is based and start with science. All the universe addressed ISIS physicist right reaching my interview was actor and dick. I can't just go We talk about everything from bringing back dinosaurs to fighting evil aliens. So, let's,
in this. My cause denies committee should not have tweeting its most comic. Thank you, sir. Yes and also joining us tonight is a call mine at the museum, paleontologists lost mcfee. Oh, I do your curator of mammals right here at the American Museum of Natural history and you travel the world digging up fossils to learn about extinct animals, their characters. That's like what your business cards is. It should be good life, not very good. So thanks for joining US unstarched talk, we featuring my interview with Geek actor Jeff problem and he placed scientists with swagger right from the blockbuster film Independence Day and, of course, in Jurassic Park, so asked him how his sword iconic sign.
His character in Jurassic Park? Came to be mistaken about and it was beautiful scripted. You know, I'm sure you read my book rights book You know and Steven Spielberg and they'd written a beautiful script service really that character. But I did try to For once, I did have this idea that you know I could keep it up a little because there's swagger, you know I got triangle is always in the script. Well, it wasn't well, it was maybe a little bit Richard Admiral this deadline. You know, I bring a scientist. You re a rock star. Yosemite calls me a rock star like that: licence to shop, for the jacket that I think I'll be right. Kind of help. Try lobbied frozen few articles of clothing. What year?
that was ninety Indies reengage that maybe the first ever bad ass, keep person retrained and movies. We think about that. Well, they are brilliant mathematician. Your glib you're, not clever, you, philosophical points, you good looking and you got a little counterpart you got presents. This was breaking stereotypes. I think yeah, I think so too, This important chums sure you have feelings about this. I'm passionate that dumb, smart people, not be undervalued gets? What will have feelings too and they have attitudes and things that are never ex have not previously ever exe right. In the end, our contribution of intelligence is self sexy. Valuable and good point intelligence as a point.
Sex again, you're using Geek. I see now your cause you're using geeky, tat kind of agree with conventional thinking of geeky. Smart is geeky I'd say I don't call a smart person, a geek, you know geek, originally the charms, usually it originally called for circus life. You know geeks, where the people who bit as for entertainment, bit heads off of live chickens. I didn't know I well think, that's where it comes from and then it became you know a smart person, but you know the next lodge step. Is the movie idiosyncrasy there where anybody who can read a little bed is key, dearest see your Europe give you know, that's where that goal No, no, it's a future where there is the dumbing down of the population the world. We see where that goes and could go further. No, no. We must uphold and champion, as you do Can I do
halogens as beautiful sexy, powerful view Nor should we need three pull this off in them man? I think you super sexy in order mean, did you have this reaction when you, when you say he was sexy good looking, I just use that you use that so ROS yeah, both your reaction to Jurassic Park when it came a implausible. A great impact on possible, not impossible a well. You didn't want to make a fine distinction. You're, not gonna, bring dinosaurs back with ancient dna is such a soil Edward. So what did the show as science fiction emphasis on fiction was fantastic and in fact, sides in a real sense did play a role. Things were explain. It wasn't
is this. You are right there with that that descriptive section here where they hung about evolution and embryos, and this sort of thing said had some academic value yeah. I think so. Now you don't know why you exactly you? Let us know exactly how you really don't want to do. Here's. What I like about Jeff Golden, he put the bad ass glass. Thank you. Thank you. I've got bad glare so professional scientists have the reputation that they can't talk to the public right. You got this guy Clayton contrast rather yeah, but I don't think that's true.
Its increasingly true that we're very interested in talking to the public and whether that comes through from interviews like this, the we're going to have or through movies, there's an interest. There is practically in a need for people to be better informed about. Science is just interesting. That's the point so about the part where they just dusting fossil fossils, popped out of the ground could happen really gradually. Videos. Are you guys, that's a hard thing getting fossil out of the ground it can be. They really depends. So if you're talking cretaceous dinosaurs, it's mostly couldn't be jackhammers are the sorts of things you need most of the time, but I deal with much more recently extinct organisms and, like the ones rooms, the movie, the ice ice age
yeah, I have had a cartoon characters. I've thinking or ten thousand b c, ok, not as most financial squirrel with them, but that does not mean that you had safely to tigers. Then did you know. Thousand years ago, we certainly do ok, man any than those of the negative disappear. We were coming out of the ice age. So so I just arrived at this museum when Jurassic Park came out, so I only got sort of bits: of the mood and emotion did. We see institutionally arise and public interest towards dinosaurs after Jurassic Park Emma absolutely no up until that time mammals, sort of ruled in paleontology
dinosaurs receives cave and evolutionary debt in, but with Jurassic Park and the animations showing that dinosaurs were, in some cases, extremely athletic able to move around the great speed and things like that? Might lawyers this desperate? This has really changed things, so I shall system What are some big discoveries in the last twenty years by say for things that I am working on, the biggest change, I guess would be moving not away from bones, but to word genetics so they were able to get ancient dna from things that are not too old and do in singly, a lot with were learning a heck of a lot about speed. Is that are no longer with us as to basic physiological processes and things
of this nature that we never would have guessed. We could get just from bound trembling, be no way so in interesting part. One there's the now famous line utter by Jeff Problem, which is you scientists are so preoccupied with whether or not they could they didn't stop and think if they should so, let's start out with with Jeff's reaction to the ethical implications of that line. Checker is very interesting. I wanna talk to you about that and Canvas european Z. I'm interested to see what I can contribute to that conversation. It would be nice cause you're. You started it right right, so maybe Can help me maybe before I leave here, you can know even enhance my thinking about so here's. What my current thinking is that, while just tell you, what's happened in this last in this next version is coming out without ruining anything. We talk. Some issues that came up in the one twenty five years ago. I talking about science and ethics issues. I like that polite dinosaurs eating pizza
what we call these issues. Well, that's your, but especially these issues that I am thing abandoned, my car tax about which is ethics around science and all that that line and the one twenty years ago? Maybe now we want up? He got a little bit where there is no ambiguity in what we say which is that there's we shouldn't dapper deprecate science at all. We shouldn't indict science at all and we can point tweet vital speech. So I say something about whether it still the movie glorious science. I say something about the wonderful investigative cure, city and the continuum of signed. This scientific approach is a wonderful thing, but it's the exploitation. And the non ethical school you suffered for profit, Ruby, entertainment, cheap entertainment, Heaven forbid militarism. Saturday, nationalism, etc. That must be fought with every
press in our body- something like that. All of those thoughts went through my head. When I heard you utter that line twenty years ago, really you one couldn't say: scientists yeah these scientists, these Frankenstein Doktor Frankenstein's they gotta, be you gotta watch those guys. Yours said why so he's blaming scientists oh good and which will not further- and I Well, I don't want to do not run. I said scientists don't actually have the power that you think their actual power comes from governments and legislations and funding sources, that have priorities that go beyond what is scientists doesn't alive and then they decide how they want to use it. But I say item movie, we gonna, let us let that applying got. But now I said to myself at the time the ass you see if you Have you seen you see if you like this new one, where I think we're clearer and weak? We had so right. Don't blame science.
What do you feel about the urge of some to blame science through the fall out of the applications of science in the world? Is I feel about it? If you knew you want progress, progress comes from science. Can it be She is, of course, a camp, and there is nothing that an individual can do, except where informed on what the issues are. So when this kind of misuse does come up like a weapon zation space, the people speak out against the third informed Electra
I'm blame is scientists. Why are you can do that? But it's like this young man said their powerless. Their products are used by people who do have so do have issues with got with goblin movies. For this reason now I just love the fact that he called gettin eaten by dinosaurs issues. So, Sir Ass in your field, our job controversial ethical issues going on right now and I think specifically about cause. You should now to genetic analysis, not just what bones for together in a puzzle so about cloning, Jean editing that sort of thing, here's the idea that we can now go into that you known today.
Genetic material of species, and alter it in a way that is favourable to us or perhaps favourable to the organism. It depends on what the problem is so in a way you're playing God. Now that brings up all kinds of issues about the heck you think you're doing my view of it is nature by itself is not subject to human ethics is not that there is good and spat it's just the way it is but to the degree the we interfere with nature, which is inevitable, given the numbers of us on the planet. You have to ask the question: where do you want to stop? Where I personally want us to stop is to intervene as little as possible in the parts of the planet where we haven't made a complete screw up. So that include
parts of the ocean but also includes parts of the continents where humans are not as ubiquitous as they are in most other places, make those sanctuaries make them save. Keep us out no humans allowed humans allow ass heretofore Next we discuss the possibility of bringing dinosaurs satellite winds. Our returns marking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. Stereotypes have them secret for you, when I consider singing all of the ads on this shell
just one way to get out a hearing there go to patriarch arms last started, talk and soup, Where does at the five dollar level or higher, to listen the star talk ad free you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying. The American Museum of Natural history and we're feature my interview with actor, geek, icon, Jeff Gallbladder, talking about his role as a scientist in the Jurassic Park movies, and I ask about the idea of bringing
think animals back to life check it. The extension. Would you bring back T Rex, the Dodo bird? or an or none of the above. I think the world has to work for everyone in ice report. I think that's a good Creedle very the world should work forever. Let's make a world that works for everyone, whatever works means. I think we can win. We note that means nothing mysterious about that works for everyone. So, in thinking just about the there's, not a poohpooh minds successful, friendly participation with success franchise by dumb known a well. My character says this is a bad idea. It's about idea, evolution had its say dollar as a hero of mine evolution had say on the dinosaurs went out from the universe ass their best. There shakes us
or a sort of the universe told, and now it's our turn and like that and yes, especially, you want to bring it back for because you wanna make an amusement pike. You want to sell some tickets, as you know, I would say not know. I would say no about that. Certainly now, if it's just you knowledge like new, like splitting the atom? Is there something about resurrecting? That means we could back every body whose Her died, I guess or every speech is that ever been You know I wouldn't have to talk about that, but before we get into debt, Sars site there aren't. They aren't elephants, all the species, not only the beauty, beautiful human space, but every other species? Are they infinitely mysterious magical and worthy of our respect and awe and protection elephants. Know what we're doing with elephants that are, if we're just talking about how we, like dinosaurs, does their big. So we have big creatures, here and in the oceans and all the creatures there shouldn't we.
Ten to those farmers to make sure that we protect them. Not put him in zoos, not make money off them, but just make sure we all that it works for ever but we all get along. That would be my moral instinct. I'm no doctor replied one I'm way, one on bidding What's your view specialise in the among your multiple specialities that I know of One of them is extinction. Andy extinction, so tell me how d extinction would work very well? they D. Extinction is the idea of bringing back species populations that are no longer with us because they disappeared something really mammas. We ve been talking about Billy Mammas as a good example, the last of them,
died out on comments about ten thousand years ago. There were rendered populations on islands until about four thousand years ago, but they're gone and the question accordingly, as where we responsible a lot of people, think so so do we owe it to Willie most of the degree that we can bring them back to bring them back because we already have problems, whereas we're not accountable for the death of t rex. So let him stay right. Well, if you're right regime, so that, even if it goes beyond that because ancient DNA, which is the building blocks that you'd have to use for the experiments to bring the animals back, has a life of no more than that.
Near so you're, not gonna, go back sixty six plus million years and bring back the dinosaurs. I was always the fundamental problem with with drastic for ok so bullet. Let's just imagine if we could bring back t Rex should we what's he gonna do what Zack assistant function, it's gonna eat lawyers. Ok. What else is it going to do and the answer is nothing further, it has no right, you'll be and has no. Yes, I saw it it's going to be an exhibit like we have here. The American Museum accept everything here is dead and stuffed, which is a difference, but you might consider Britain if we are entirely responsible. Our cave make problems. I'd ancestors are responsible for the extension of the woolly mammoth. There's you feel
some guilt there. I guess. Well, that's the ethical question. I think we should bring it back because it will we mammoth thriving during the ice age, looking to bring back in time for global warming- that they will be mine What have you done with no right up? Would you would you bring back animals? I would bring back. Was but quite frankly I am I like food and so HU as a food. He I would only bring back those that are delicious. Oh, how would you know what was the list, I don't know. That is why I have a little game that I would like to tell you right now. Ok, where Ross will tell me if these animals are they take it too.
My verse submission would be likely to dawn first bar we'll tell you is that a real brought us every observer. Yes, it is it's a gigantic della waved in South Amerika come out of it in earth, America. Some them were upwards of two thousand kilograms per one thousand pounds for the eyes and battle a ton. Yes, these are two joy egg, armadillo ass right now. What would it be like for check will be a lot like eating a tennis, ragged Franklin, Dammit If you just look at the base, you can see that is very heavily armoured cars, bone sort of everywhere right, like little tank right and in order to support that mass It is really tough trade really tough! And after that I was not. There is talk of the eight I beg you to answer, but could we bring back? The last of them died out about
ten thousand years ago is within reach of ancient dna. Better, yes, that's a yes! As too could we may we go to a full blown to say, should work I don't know an animal that looks like EPCOT Center. I think I want to bring ears swing men are very I'm ok,
the theory of matter very much. This is now getting very serious and body size. This could be operative. Four thousand kilogram, so we're talking the size of the largest elephants around today. But what I need to say is that this is a slough. You know about treasons right. Those are the only ones that are still with us. They come in at five kilogram, so loving parents. This guy cover the borders of magnitude larger. She, I think, more tennis, racket worthy anything else once again and not a good doesnt taste good. Well, I do not take easy. The cat is a law, so can we bring it back the same as the gripped it on? ten thousand years ago, there is ancient dna. I've worked on its ancient dna. It's there to work is within reach. Right arm, requested boy, don't worry, megatherium! We don't take our time, bringing you
this is the last one we are and we talked about it. We touched on it really molly. So we first of all how would have really taste and if we were part of this extension, I can only hope that we were eating Well, you know there are stories were no when these carcasses appear in places like Siberia as they do, from time to time and emerge from a receding glacier or something like that. Although the river banks must come this way through our stories of people and dogs in particular, of having had a steak or to now, I personally, I've never done them. Nor would I want to I mean thing: This is something has been dead ten thousand years. This is the worst road pizza you can imagine my body bill, not science guy has some thoughts on Jurassic park style, the extinction, let's check it out,
we're all fascinated with dinosaurs. Part of why the movie Jurassic Park with such a hit so classic and classic science fiction. I keep in mind that Violence is not inherently good or bad. It's a process, but let's face it science fiction movies. We want to see scientists doing. Something dangerous and those scientists are usually evil, but what if we could really do that Jurassic Park DNA and bring back and extinct species to be extinct, some extraordinary animal. Why? aren t. You will learn a lot about biology. Reed learn a lot about evolution and ourselves, but is it a good idea? What have we accidently produced a population a vicious predators, would think nothing of biting your head off and chewing you up and spitting you out That really would be scary. Fortunately, that taken. Our duty is a long way off
the next day, my interview with just goeben. We discuss the butterfly effect when starting returns, his start off from the american dream of natural history right here in New York City, repeating my interview with actor Jeff Gold blow me, and I asked about his character in drastic court, where he evokes the concept of they asked theory checker did you have to do any homework to justify as an actor using there were chaos. Oh, you know chaos itself itself forecast Perhaps they are not just talking about then moving. You know I did my due diligence and nothing about conscientious nominated, a good work, My dad was it s a you know, work ethic, doctor
yeah. I read that book and whatever else I could get my hands on of the time I had and current tracked down couple of pioneering high class, I was told the practitioners the voters and could you deliver the line with some with some panache? Well, I'd say you know. I have enough to pretend like I can't you know when you play these parts, you realize hey, I could never, not a brain surgeon for these people of divine I'm not an astrophysicist, but I can be cured and- and I do enough in the time from the time I get. The part should try to do my best. Pretending well so that I can credibly in those same Bulgaria whenever I think you pulled it off. Well, chaos when I think of modern times it's been. The word has less currency today than it did in a couple of decades ago. Unfortunately, because it's still a force to be reckoned as it is in the world yeah yeah, given that I guess there is even model a system, that's very complex, you put in the initial conditions and watch it go.
It makes a cloud or in the case of whether you can make when patterns and the butter life actually able to this, what it comes down to write his son he's. Ok, let me change these initial conditions by the tiniest mountains and see if I can, change, the result by a little bit changing times when you get imagine us in our lives. When we say hey, should I make this decision? Should I have that impossible agencies a branch points in our lives. So I guess that's a kind of a chaotic analogue. You don't know how different your life would be, that one little change One little joining us makes sense of chaos in tears. Theory is economists ratio
trap woke up your faculty member for Social Research and new teacher course called chaos. Theory, complexity, emergence and help us right. So how do you explain, has three to students right suing, ordinary speed, Chaos means disorder, lack of rules, lack of order, but care series a bit more subtle and it gives us a new understanding of dynamical determine this existence, dynamic means were variables they change over time. Deterministic means, if you know everything about the state, the system, the regions at any time. The equations Unambiguously tell you what happens next, and only one thing can happen, so there's no four randomness, and yet these systems can see, times behave in ways that are seem to be, appear to be random and unpredictable summit. Samples of chaotic
motion the drift of water in the facets, oscillation of a double row. Pendulum. The motion of the moon of Saturn called Hyperion Little Rock smooths radically, but also climate, whether so these are very diverse. Manifestations of cares, theory get our lives and in the world indeed eaten find it in many places in Europe and you teach economics, correct so we don't want to hear that executive is chaos and economics. We don't want to know please not for one k is so tell me about the butterfly effect so that the sensitivity to initial conditions in popular terms, that's called the butterfly effect It's really what has captured or in my imagination- and it comes from the title of a paper-
by gentlemen. Ning Edward Lorens presented a presented this paper at a conference in the early seventies, and the title was: does the flat the butterfly wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas. But the idea that captured here is really the fact that a very seemingly inconsequential event, like a butterfly with the wing, And can have a really huge impact in another side of the world, very poetic. That's the butterfly fact is that, which is why I hate butterflies, hate them, they're, nothing but tiny, little colorful bats. Worse than this chaos play a role in extinction. Could there be some series of events that just go out of controlling gone ass, a species? Well, I dont think that is necessarily as ordered
so here s what I feel is just talking about, but it could be similar in some way. So, let's go back to dinosaur days and says where we ve been talking about about seventy five percent of everything living at the time disappeared. That means twenty five percent survive. It don't matter that sixty five million years ago, the object, so who is that twenty five percent? It's all over the place so, for example, crocodiles, survived, wears a lot of other groups, the reptiles, including
everything except birds disappear. How? Why should that be the case? Why should everything that sort of on the wrong side of the fence or the wrong side of the railway tracks in the case of dinosaurs have disappeared? You disappear yeah dinosaurs by the end of a contagious. Sixty six million years ago, there were the size of chickens as well as the transport, so size is not the issue here is something going on there physiologically, so they didn't make a bird stead and their fellow dinosaurs that we're not avian. My my point is that people like me spend a lot of time trying to sort out logically why these things disappeared, and maybe the logic is not there that these countess traffic of facts were so general that, in some cases,
just have godlike and in other cases you made up for similar reasons that you a good luck, but they have nothing to do with anything else. I saw the dinosaurs are very happy to hear that right now is how far guys you just bad luck. So rough, real people generally think of chaos as something bad like, you said earlier, we want to avoid chaos in our daily lives. But how is your way to think of chaos as something good? I think the reason that chaos is bad tend to think of. That is something that is because order gives us a sense of security safety. Then there's an old philosophical idea of chaos for the Greeks. It was this state of the world before creations was a real placeholder. Further history of the universe, breathing that makes us uncomfortable. We put that level in terms of our daily lives, thus as everywhere in simple systems,
and have to be a lot of variables and it can also it can be found everywhere. So u turn on your toss. It in your bathroom water, that's chaotic in your bathtub, its chaotic in your kitchen, you with some egg headway that's chaotic you take some. Do you full didn't spreadsheet, thus chaotic? your brain, your brain waves, early. So what's your heart rate, if it becomes chaotic you're in trouble, you have a heart attack, because what you are saying is we we're living with chaos on the assumption that is bad but in fact a fundamental dimension of life it so well. There is the question of the IMF vision of the butterfly fact in our daily lives in our decision, for no one interpretation could be if the long term consequences candy predict
it doesn't really matter what I do so I can do whatever or you can. Think about it in terms of well seemingly. In consequence, so things that I do in ordinary life. Can we changed the world and they can matter agree he only can be that that by four key issue of the world into a different future. So that puts a lot of pressure on us it. It can be nerve, racking anything you're alive Russia, its pressure that you oughta be able to confront life. Otherwise you are victim of your future, rather than a master of it right for everyone. Thank you for joining us on start talking next to my interview, God, when we discuss how to deal with evil aliens invading birth, when you start dog,
free space inside it down to earth. Yours listening to start, that is my interview with actor Jeff problem. Gyp plays a scientist in the classic, still independence, they were evil aliens come to exterminate humans, and I asked if he thinks we should be prepared to fight aliens the way they did in the movie lesson. We must learn resolve differences non violently and even though the universe, maybe a violent place and a hostile place, we shouldn't like independence day. Figure out how to arm ourselves and survive against hoss the hostile universe,
We should revolvers species as a peace peaceful. However, what will happen before the Martians? Come years may double check when the Martians require desperate. What will happen before the Martians colonel is there Asteroid will come right. Right will lead the power, the wisdom, the energy that financing to deflect the asteroid. Lest we go extinct, as did the dinosaurs, so that's questions so when their developing the bomb there You didn't think that about that. But there is a use. You think you could do. Are you saying that with a nuclear weapon, you could do their multiple ways? You can? If we want to destroy the thing in space? Yes, a nuclear weapon is our best understanding of how to do that. But if you want to have it not hit us, you don't need to destroy it, used, deflected, ok with, but with new this technology in other states. Kinder gentler way, alternately just finish over the little amazing, Doesn't take much and if you do an early enough tat, gentle push can completely miss earths,
interesting joining us to discuss. Defending earth from asteroids is planetary astronomer. We first Kelly woke for joining us. Your programme, in the planetary defence Coordination Office at NASA headquarters. That's a lie, really bad ass. Having somebody's gotta do is a tough job, but I've got it nobody's gonna, do it? What is now doing to defend the planet and against what gets asteroids or anything else, against near earth, asteroids the one that end up in our neighbourhood, like a mention you want to do something early and so that the first step in doing that is, is to find them before they find us, and so NASA's planetary Defence Coronation Office supports efforts that survey the sky Looking for near earth, asteroids cataloguing them. They also correct
their orbits to figure out where they're going to be in the future. As you know, two bodies in the same space at the same time is not good. And then also looking at mitigation possibilities? Should it become necessary to get them before they get thrown? Confident crews would occur, but we have funding to detect them, but not funding to deflect them correct way, it's. Actually there are studies that are no one another, I said myself now, that's not to actually the dark mission. And NASA mission in Development DART Dart and it stands for the double asteroid, redirection test. And it is in development to demonstrate a mitigation technique so that should it become necessary to do at one of these days will at least I have looked at how that technique performs, and in this case it would be the kinetic impact tech,
I knew you would mention to know if you could do this early. If you find them- and you know well ahead of time- you don't have to deflect it a whole lot in order for it to miss earth in the future. So how likely away to detect it at a bad asteroid early enough, that's the thing. The the larger here. It asteroids one kilometer and larger in size, the ones that would have global consequences the nice thing. Is there, though, the low hanging fruit? Therefore, moreover, their larger their easier to find and how we have a better handle on that population, but it's the for once. It's worked in our favour, right where you are the big bad ones or easy to detect but as you get smaller and smaller there more and more of them, and it's harder and harder to find them, and so on your time at size range now that hundred forty meters in larger, safe that could have regional impact. Did it hit earth that population is estimated to be more like twenty five
I wasn't, and after twenty years of serving the sky, is even though capabilities have gotten better with telescopes and in doing this from the ground. Still are about two thirds of that population left to be found, and so so that's the thing being concerned about what we have yet to find and so that at least there are some things are now in the tool box should thus become an issue rush. You study, extinction and sew up of the other five. There been multiple extinction episode with five major ones. If I could find no basics, the big mass extinction company loads are implicate asteroids as a source. Well, it's interesting when it was first proposed with evidence. Nearly ninety navies people started thinking. Okay, I wasn't just the dinosaurs. It was. The same
thing again and again we have these extra terrestrial visitors that blew the place up, but then european airlines- you mean asteroids in this case, but it didn't work out that way. So you have two problems that you got big extinctions without any correlated Europeans, so impact or anywhere, and you ve also got impact, is some of which must have been very large and size. Didn't do anything. Will you have a smoking gun with no damage? Yeah? Yes, that's awkward, that's very awkward! So now the thinking is going to earth processes predict. If only the release of tremendous amounts of lava tremendous amounts of MAC. Super volcanoes super volcanoes, along with all the noxious gases, so you get widespread placing of both the air in the sea and that that's the thing that has driven at least understand kills well. Nasa can't help that
independence day. It was aliens there are coming to destroy the earth and Jeff Gold woman. I discuss the idea of contacting aliens that could be so, let's check it out. You don't give strangers in the street. Your email address much less. The return address to earth too early and bewilderment but those is but wait a minute to that sentence. Flouted only good sentence. That's why no modification well, but sorry, let a bit a doctorate levies authority. We we, yes, That's what we do and I wouldn't I agree. I did you don't do innovation policies were made to tell my big your own species as true, ok, but we're a funny species and that's interests, species I don't know especially the the aspiration to make contact. Is he my? Yes, can't we forego that,
Karen I, which may not, which we know on earth between ourselves is justified. Wealth is justified because, as someone who you dont know who could do harm to you yeah, but if they they wanted to do harm they could do so my charm that we can't do it. We didn't independence day, there's no. I will not build up our nuclear forces because who knows what so I would not, use it as a reason to weapon eyes and a further. You know in order to fund our our weaponry. No, I think we have err on the side of a here. We are I don't know what what do you think you're? Next, what I'd say? I would say if I was gonna, make that it is up to me I'd say yet here we are here. We are years, our dress. There is ever about us. You know.
Ah, here's all our diseases. Here's my medical records, my tax records. Whenever you want to know how I felt ass, if planetary defence think about the several occasions and surely more to come, where we beam the return address of earth out into space with the attempt to contact, possibly hostile aliens- and we know the hostile gives every movie Spielberg's. Eighteen, hasn't sucking brains out. Well, that's a sand. I've seen independence day, I've seen enough science fiction movies. You know that it's a really bad will you agree about idea, but at least as far as NASA's planter friends Coronation Office is concerned were concerned about the asteroids about the hard stuff and not about this squishy stuff. With tentacles that this summit, else's to mix. Do my interview Jeff Goblin, we discuss cultivating a curious mind and just expressed
passion an interest in science and learning in our conversation, and I asked him whether curiosity began. Check it out as an academic and as a scientist I deeply respect curious mind, I'd swedish outcomes It was a company I'd be remiss if I well, Sir, when I'm with somebody you, who would I be shame on me if I didn't start a bubble with, little curiosity, it you're a fountain when you're right near the fountain, don't don't yellow Thursday's fountain of curiosity, you go so my curiosity. Well, I think it's it in us. If we don't, if we don't snippet off under and undermine and sabotage it'll just never left? You was something like that. Yes, I see my kids. I got a three year old, no one year old to boy low. Well, it's in it must be in us you're, not so special that arrive by boy. They go from one, and I told her three have their curiosity would kill them. So it's up to you to prevent them from checking of the edge of the classic
the main job. You say this is a nice, it's a very data and them in their five six seven. Then they can be on their own with reduced risk of them. Having their curiosity kill themselves, many parents over constrain. The curiosity it's all over and strainer curiosity for fear for safety reasons for safe, yet they think or even something there we're just or for I didn't want to break something. When a child is playing with. Don't you might break maybe there's something to be learned of a great. It, makes a sound something is hard within its in a million pieces the pieces can cut, you there's enthuse knowledge theirs, Why do I show them so that they can really well? I would show them what I would show them. Is the entire series of cosmos out show them you do I physics they're doing something we let him do it they're doing something you don't even understand. Free range children. All of that. Yes, but after that How do I show them so that they can really well? I would show that what I would show them is the entire series of cosmos show them you. Why showed them any others so
wisdom, literature or other this is where you are. This is who you are, and this is what we know about our place in the universe. Yes, so ass. We haven't mildly, privileged position being experts into fields that are intensely fascinating to children, dinosaurs in space. So why do you think that is a big ok biggest? I thought I'm only it's like people of elephants and don't love rounds. I do, of course, part of me think kids like our respective fields because they respect anything that can eat them, so their favorite dinosaurs, gonna, be T Rex and a favorite cosmic object. You wanna be a black hole. Both of them will teach you it's a very deep in view of Kelly, you have any thoughts on
Certainly there is always this this curiosity about something someplace that we want go and make its obvious gets, especially since you can see so much? any binding right, so you can't help. I just want to go to places. See if we can agree that kids, who don't lose their curiosity, ass adults are scientists, or rather that scientists are kids who never lost the curiosity of the seller, kids, recently. I was absolutely framework. Irascibly yeah, I feel, like I'm a super animated kid all the time, because I work in a place like you know that working hours goes there. I never heard a shared use were annual mother. I'm feeling quite right now. Stick would be proof that you and I do hope, privilege positions because we work in a place here. That is absolutely devoted.
To understanding the most complicated, the most interesting, the most diverse kinds of phenomena the people have ever dealt with, and that is a beautiful place to be you have that kind of attitude where everything is novel. Everything is interesting, but Jeff Goblin, to my surprise, brought a copy of one of my books to the interview. The book he brought was astrophysics for people in a hurry gas, and so he asked about my inspiration for writing. It check its everything. Virtually and intellectually mine blowing has a universe that are collected and furthermore he and I love your end because I've heard you another tied other time Besides? What I'd think your touch on in this do we need and in order to be creative, inspired spiritual, feel grateful
I feel uplifted ennobled noble connected with each other poetical musical need. We go any further than the than the facts that have here, that have already been uncovered. By you and your friends by science and what's going on around us, no of course not. We don't need it. Look things or believe in things that are just fund. Leaving just as we're late. And we don't want to kind of investigate a little bit. I agree with everything you am I you imagine an matter nor subtract from? I love you
parting thoughts on our show. Today, dinosaurs was around for hundreds of millions of years in some form or another until all the ones we celebrate, especially the ones with big teeth. Already, thanked sixty five million years ago. So if they were around for longer before they went extinct time that has elapsed since they went extinct so. If they didn't go extinct, five million years ago. There's no reason to think they wouldn't still be here today. But what happened? We fear asteroids, yes, but an asteroid takes up the dinosaurs prize open it.
Logical niche, enabling our mental ancestors to evolve into something somewhat more ambitious than the rodents that they were at the time. So I think about well, can asteroids be all that bad can extinction, the all that bad. We have the technology. We have the intelligence to avoid their fate. We can do better than the hand that nature deals us deflected astral. We can develop a viable serum. We can be good caretakers of the earth that we're borrowing from our
sentence. Until that day comes, our extinction is inevitable. For me, that's the cosmic respect your house. I bet you wish you can listen to start talking, worsen, free joint stock, talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio
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