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2019-05-24 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson, author and inventor extraordinaire Adam Savage, and comic co-host Chuck Nice answer fan-submitted questions about MythBusters, the creative process, the future of engineering, movies, and much more!

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Skip the commercials support. Star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free. From the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming. All is based and start with science. This is start on. I'm your host, neither Grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist. And we're coming to you from my office advocating planetarium the American Museum of Natural history right here in New York City, Kosovo Jackknife Jack Neil. I was going to be here the cosmic Chris, and who we make a sandwich with here. We see him before us. We have. We did the one and only the inimitable
I'm Sab bath. Thank you very much, a third time on startup. It's been too long since I've been resolved and it's been too long. We in Georgia last visit and I feel like we're lifelong friends, even though we only had a few times It feels like culturally, where we glacial yeah, we like bowed, says a lot about health. Economic Elvin Diagram has quite the area where you to overlap, and that creates the friendship even without as individual timing. I see what you're doing That's us a coolness, so we ve got you want you act. You have a new book. I do not talk about your book. Would you say you have? I am due to talking about drug. Ok, look better than is this card public relations when he talks about his book, it's bragging about it, it's public! Really, there you go with me. What did you think of my
it is so every tools are hammer great title, and this you know my my favorite picture here is that a lot of interesting picture that you and your workshop in your my favorite is. The stuff that you dumped out of your backpack- oh but the neatly organised with high school like seeing. What's it, and I, like John Hodgman comment, he said this is this- is a map of his brain nice ass. I thought that was a very good comment and I feel like during into that unknown territory. The upper some able you don't want to go to your right above rounds area. You want to see what would happen would drop with DR and his whole life that is so funny some If you don't want to go there, just my wife left her. She journals and it was an internal sea journals, and so the journal was on the bad. No, you did not know I'm lying on the bed and watching tv, the journalist sitting right there. She comes in a room. Cigars, am I gonna left my journal, but because you, read it did you are aware- I don't want to
was one replies of what is happening in Europe. Why shouldn't? I really didn't read my journal. Them does not bode well. What movie in existence which someone read someone else's journal ended all turned out granted good. There's no movie about that. I used my twin boys. You still like sitting there bunk beds and talk every night, and my mom was like they talked about, and I don't know that's their private moment- I'm not gonna. Let go. I don't wanna know let them at the moment, but I wanna was on in his head and so does our fan base. That is so true, as I have requested. This isn't a cosmic queries Edition of STAR Talk and we just solicited our fan base.
She didn't know indeed, land in the lap of Adam Sandler, savage about making stuff tat, and so such I've seen them you that truck reviewed in German when we review in Them- and I am an atom- haven't- even got yeah LISA and, as usual, we always start with a patriarch patron because they support as without love Well, now we're with a high where that high we live supporter. I want to be a member patriot. I could get my questions answered. I need you, can you can actually donate a patriarch and then ask yourself request ass. I get on at least that's. What I will do is myself now before us.
We go. This is like a bird says: hey Adam, we ve all heard of examples of items or procedures getting discovered by accident microwaves, penicillin, even chocolate chip cookies through all of your different experiments. Was there an outcome or product that was produce that was applied, another test or maybe even applications outside of the show and this I kind of like so even access ditty invent anything I rather than anything. I add that was a long way. It was a long walk around the block out o whole lopped off ramp examples of cloverleaf executive back. I have a covenant question it, but an autograph biographical story. First, actually, whether it is a word for that incited serendipity. Ok, this a great There was a moment I can't think of anything we invented by accident, but a german
Earlier I discovery we're on Hawaii, doing on myth, busters shooting duct tape, island- and this was the conceit Jamie and I get stranded on Jimmy with almost from government others Jamie Heineken and I get stranded on a deserted Alan and all we have- is a palette of several hundred rules of duct tape. What do we do that?
so we way way way way. Sir, so is Macgyver chat and turn it into this episode rise more things to do with doktor, exact. Ok, we made shelter. We we actually made traps and caught chickens. We ended up making a twenty one foot long, outrigger canoe with which we were able to get past the breakwater of the north shore of one who. But there was a moment when Jamie was asked to make a still for distilling, clean water, sorry, freshwater fish from the salt water, and so he was digging into the beach to make a whole and the procedure is you dig into the beach make a whole? It's gonna be a kind of a damp focus on the beach and you let sit in some plastic with Iraq in the middle and as water can
This is from salt water collects on the inside of the membrane you ve put. You can catch it in a cup and drink fresh water. However, Jamie notice that when he dug in and tasted just the water that was being filtered through the sand, that it was much less brackish salty, and so he got really excited about the idea that the sand of the beach itself was a filtering. The water. And we explain that this was a whole episode about duct tape, and while this was really interesting, you really did if it within our narrative right, but he kept insisting until we ended up shooting this whole sequence of Jamie, which I think we put on the web, because that was the most interesting part of that day, for him was the idea that the sand filtered the sun but this is a classic thing of Jamie going. This is the thing I'm interested in and we're thing God, that's not what the episodes about I don't care about what you are saying make you do have my doubts about this, and now I love my water gritty. Definitely, he catches
That was just a little bit of all of my water and get out of my boot. Thank you many countries are a great story, great story that this John coal from Facebook who says between start talk and tested you to channel I M in Heaven, hello, Adam. How do you get over the makers equipped friend of writers block raise a great I'll call? You are thinking my friends but you have to walk in your garage. I don't know when I will put together today totally, but more than that I so hit moments where I spent a whole day assembling. Something and realised that Iverson assembled at Cairo Lee backwards. And then I have to take the road we must exploit. Curly me Cairo on this last point: zero on your hands or Cairo, electronics going up so sorry chuck what his car it's the h, it's the mirror. Image without the mirror nice
like now. It's your dress, like I was way better than where you will go. How is waiting word can make something that is the mirror image of itself right, and You held him together in their mirror images that, and our mean oh acids are have one corralling and they all have the same quality for all life on earth and when we found amino acids and asteroids, we found that they were fifty fifty o of both Kerala these. So we knew that it didn't care and there wasn't one life form because meanwhile says are unaware. Yet that overran the other. So our chirality is the one chirality in the whole world and their suspicions that There was another life form, but the other car reality of our molecules that you wouldn't be able to metabolites If you lie because they the molecules, women together together so might not even be able to test it right, that's cool and they would probably be late a die one. Half of the space will be black would be why I'm really angry in Sweden,
right exactly, but also from a symbol of making whenever you have two parts that our Cairo? It can be a devilishly, difficult assembly problem because everything looks very similar, but the order of operation, since very precise terrorists is kind of like that through the pieces are mere not aside other right regularly and making you hit a spot where you are three tetra, something can be done though you hit, is what were you screwed, something up, and you feel I feel really dejected about it and I don't feel like moving forward. I go. I don't feel like undoing the five hours work, I've just on glass and I'm exam, I'm angry M, I'm pissed off. I feel sad about it as well. I feel the same way whenever upload anything together from IKEA. It's it's jacket. It was absurd out of it. Ass. A rule is as a whole is absolutely right for that kind of growing up, but it was so. How does everything fit in a flat box anyway?
It is something that should not be able to fit in a flat Bokkis Yankee, a car I saw there's a there's a I'm from Mary Car who wrote Liars Club wrote about about what she does. Would writers block and she says if I can't think about what you're right I sit at my desk and copy writers. I love in longhand because my fidelity at the desk is be writing whether it's my own writing or not, when an exercise, You double exercising hit that to heart in the shop. If I can't think of what to make, I organised something in my shop, a drawer, a shelf a been. I take something and I had just it because so, do shop time, no matter what shop time, and I do so much more time than I ever did before. I realized it's a deep part of that whole process of preparing the shop and prepping myself for the work I do a little bit like that have a book called the greatest wits of all time in there.
Raises out of letters and correspondence from people that have extraordinary when I just read it, why that was an awesome juxtaposition of were again raises or rhythm and Just sort of re baptisers me into a mood right that I then say: ok, I can feel it burnt file for one thing ever so, do you ever suffer writers brought blog me alone. I go through. This exercise, have a lot of books written by writers who, like writing about writing, also whatever else they wrote about right, the death sentence and, on the other hand, are better than this. I wouldn't want to write that sent use. Those leaves people said Anne and there's one sentence that I I think I uttered this in our last. Recording a sentence from the great gets me: Is this a sense why new, I still have not become a great writer
and maybe never will allow ok I'll have to hear this. Now in his blue gardens, men and girls came and went like moths amid the whispers. The champagne And the stars? That's a great. I thought I care, I guess we notice it. That's why I M not a novelist gas and he is here, might live. One of my favorite better to get through from the great gatsby? Has his party you're learning? We have a light from the handling. That's that's! That's like a perfect simile, pussy mission and went on asthma, just as most viewed mid is very elegant, the whispers of the champagne and this incredible. You know I didn't come here.
Feel inadequately yet here we are prepared to back up what was the worrying thing you ever lines? We have this slide from Chandler, where his hero Marlowe is sitting in the waiting room for too long, and he describes the time passing as the minutes tiptoed by their fingers to their lips. Everything. Ok, so I have one it's a quote from my father seriously, what the hell you still doing here. You haven't heard that in recent years, that's a totally every boy, you're right, actually at their job. Here we go. Let's move on. Maybe we got we got Adam here cause you got a new book. We would have any way without the book. I regret, make actually absolute regional cake, but he was made available to us by Simon Schuster. Ok,
for free right when she was like in New York, do in media, and I guess we count as media you do. We do now submitted handle that every tools, a hammer life is what you make it. I see what it they re out. It's very good right right, so have to every other hammer. Actually, those sound like something Donald Trump would say that I'm just saying if you know the phrase of mine he's grabbed is I reject Eureka in substitute. My very nice does a quote from you, and that is that any marshalling quoted I know he has eliminated drier lies is living unlimited love it. Let us let's take Mitch Marice, who comes to a lot with words, but with the names data, because their regular meet regularly regularity races. Can you get I'd I can get along. Just let you know it is, whereas but you are right,
it is an extremely em. What do you call it presumptive earlier? I here we got Miss mockeries from Miss Mahars from its points to know this. What is the most important who ever invented that's for the both of you. What an interesting little question very simple, little question, but very interesting. I ll answer for it. I want him to bring closure to so so when I was younger, I said, while this crescent wrench is really useful rank as you can adjust it, and then I discovered the matter None of the the vice device grip- and I so I dine gotta- have a nice grip and then and then you got better than vice group s most important tool.
Is money to pay. That became Orton tool. There's a lot of our higher plumber could be my tool. For that that, but you might have just answer the questions that I have to say in the circles I travel in a crescent wrenches known as a nut corner rounder and the place groups are known as the professional, not corner rounder. Ok, they they can mess up. I don't get me wrong. I love both around a needle stick, injuries, hacks and removing the edges to our until now no longer be went around or at any rate I am, I had to go to the simplest. I mean one of the six simple machines, the lever I feel like the ability to move, had the objects with with mechanical advantage and deliver deliver. It can deliver exists before the wheel or any rollers. To me is moment. Archimedes who said give me leave her in a place to stand, and I can move the work.
I don't think he's only reaches a gimme, a place to stand, giving advice over behave. I think he was describing the odious employers, but I'm saying he didn t there was implicit. It was a dream. You leave her Anna Place, just gimme a break in the Sudan, and I can move the world beautiful. They gather the next question good, stuff, labour I'll give you move even remember liver here we go next question is the next question from were almost shop. One woman shop moves,
Yes, some problem inhabited little brain injury and I've got a very. I think that, as from preparing ironic right, where we can prevent wombs sharp high meal and Adam you guys are both my heroes, which would you say, would be the more important for the future of invention, good old fashioned mechanical know how or advances in material science. I e inventing a new type of suspension bridge that is stronger and light, versus discovering a stronger and lighter titanium out. Ok, veteran time answer that where are you going to bring more when we come back of the makers edition hey I've got a little secret for you when I consider singing all of the ads on this shell there.
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and he's he's running on his own making stuff I've got a new book out called every tools. A hammer life is what you make it suited to their sharp than are NOS eighty. Did that check nice with me. Yes, I would do a cosmic queries. Yes, we are before we went to break. We had a question from will move shop whose eyes hi meal and Adam. You guys are both my heroes, which would you say, will be more important for the future of invention, good old fashioned mechanical know how or advancements immaterial cyanides good old fashioned mechanical know how we are always gonna, be advancing a material science, and there will sometimes be things that we cannot replicate because we lose a technology or we forget a process a, but as long as we have a deep foundation and mechanical knowledge in making things in the end, the roots of the physics of pudding stuff. Together, we can utilise those advances and we can adjust to the changes in the available materials as they come Louth Craig
It's kind of agree with that. I'm a green fifty percent, oh ok, into material science. It is one of the most under appreciated, unheralded branches of science. In this world and K. I, if you go back fifty years, hardly any Lama, I'm not bragging about this advance, I'm deciding it as a difference. In our life is about fifty years, hardly anything was made of plastic correct. Almost everything is made of plastic today and is working out for many things has launched. An evolution will have to throw it away. Ok, it's whatever the plastic stronger is more reliable than other materials, and you can bold it and just think of the things that having simple quote standard mechanical knowledge would is so why,
They look what this material can do with their there there materials. Now that have memory of a shape. They once had. Ok, so you can do for a living dead. Then you'd like where it political back to the pre shape, we're gonna, nothing, nothing in your lab! Nothing in your garage is ready for that, but but within the one, is better than the other Mckenna Knowledge can push humanity forward on its own, whereas material science can't necessarily the good materials. You don't need the mechanical wheels through the material itself, hardly only some meat meal, after we actually. So As an aside, we just I just finished a new show for the science Channel called Savage builds in which I build absurd things every week in the first.
Episode. We made a suit of iron man, armor entreaty printed, titanium. Speaking of material science, I discovered that when you three deed print titanium, you can attenuate its grain structure so that it is fair. Are stronger than normal, titanium as well and give it these super tight little crystal in Grand and closer, I yeah. Why should I but that will accept, except that makes a denser ah seems to do in this case. A forty five percent, the weight of stealing ok, stronger, strongly made a density would lose some of the value of it. Being right, yeah, no, this stuff was amazing. We had potato chips in pieces, they were bullet proof bullets slid right off of this amendment. It is this something that was when discovered: no did you use using three printed titanium in their jet engines right now, absolute, one of our excellent rapporteur gonna. You just know right now. Don't worry. I won't read that you found for yourself. I was.
Are you gonna go armor out. There is an amazing engineering. School called the Colorado School of Mines, yes Those those guys are incredible and I worked directly with them in their additive manufacturing department. Ok, so I just figured out a brilliant new material to make armor four nights, six hundred years late. That's great you about I'd, I'd I'd! I can't wait to see what new material it's coming down the pipe and what how that my transform how we live. I think about it all the time right, right, excellent question once again from our listening with interest it just for the point of view we trance we transition from blue that cheap is made of plastic to others made a classic fine, I probably over the last forever right that with that that happens, we're about the same age. I'll get that happen in our lifetime. It did ok, just idle totally great just this one,
a smack it down to harm to the octagon will decide that disseminating octagon. I'm sure they do. There's a lot of you have seafaring rattle The Van diagram is only here right now, there's a guy calculate equation of gas railroad. Now this is MIKE okay. This is MIKE who mocking marking Puma making pumping I dont know: rookery, makes that these people, I think they're just screw up with you drink, so I really do there lay. Is it shock we're going to making up names? Are we got MR savage? What is something that you would think will be possible to build in the future? That is now considered. Science fiction vary a great question. Room temperature super conduction, allow, while you ever
I again now. I'm really excited about of speaking material science. I'm really excited about it. I feel and came back randomly bachelor S, cereal science so now, which also shows that your that's really that's my answer. Room temperature super conduction is gonna, be it I believe it will happen in our lifetime. Doesn't think that unless it happens, will we actually be able
Have you no spaceships that stop and hover, and I dont know where at least will be. I will actually will probably one of the things we learn that significant amount about as the bizarre brains is whether, as the processing power of our brains, there's a I feel, like as computers become more powerful they're going to become a real interesting window into consciousness and sentence and what it is to think about the thinker, nice. I hadn't quite put her to put that way, but now that I have, I agree, a hundred percent because it's hard for the brain to study itself, but if we may computers that are becoming better, better approximations of our brain now we have something we can study, and so I would ask him topically come too:
understanding of our brain simply by making our computers that much more complex, possibly one day achieving consciousness themselves and becoming our overlord years. That's how they story. I think if we ever made of machine conscious the first thing, it's gonna say dialysis: what did you do at sectoral next question? I write Oh good, quite cosmic queries version of this. Our talk. What signal here, somebody he calls himself or herself the dragon
Lord of Dice Dragon Horde of that they go a dumper mama Molly did not do that person their name. Now. I think it's I think her name is cake, as it says at eight Nator for Adam. Since I know you do cause play what is the most complex mechanical prop costume, you ve ever tried to build like a proper costume that had no moving parts or could collapse, expand or Don't do that, you may have tried you just recreate. Did you make transformers proud ever? Oh gosh know I have not done transformers costume a few. I've been obsessed with armor since nineteen eighty one when I went inside Excalibur with my love Excalibur John Borman, like Tom, is my favorite films, amazing, and then I learned district disturbingly yeah that affect you're about to tell me go
I'm really not! Maybe not! I don't know the fat, please I'm sure you might have a private conversation with I'm so Excalibur early, nineteen, eighties, John Borman, early, that had Patrick Steward and Patrick Stewart M niece Liam niece was in it and Aerial Berne, and so is Cowan. Mirren Helen, you all in his moving on. Ok, it's the king, Arthur story, told so thanks. Much later, I realized, I think, have threes why, unlike the movie, was because of the soundtrack oh is very powerful vulgarian and that which is not vulgarian comes from in a broader, very emotional, energetic music that you just feeling Every seen, and I thought to Myself- maybe the movie not so good, but the music was amazing and completely compensated for. I watched it recently. It still super Campi and still really impressively great, but did you watch it?
mute, subtitles, a miracle that- and I do not apply a control so what you do you're. So I ve been obsessed with armor since then, and I actually when I was a junior in high school and nineteen. Eighty four I went to built a suit of armor out of roofing aluminum, with my dad and war at school, on Halloween and passed out of heat exhaustion in third period, Zol up stuff, just up north at sleepy hollow high school. And your twitter handle. Don't try this exactly and about whom? A few years ago I called up Terry English use the master armor. They built all the armor for Excalibur. He lives in the southern Tipp of England in Cornwall went to his studio couples? years ago and spent ten days embedded with him as his assistant. While he and I demand it gives me a suit of King Arthur's armor from Ex Callum you're. An apprentice was an apprentice and made me my lifetime goal suit of armor of Arthur's armor
Excalibur pretty, and it was so in as it was amazing. He lives in this incredible sort of overgrown. Shop in Cornwall. So he is you in England, yeah there's only one per continent that was by far my favorite mechanical prop construction. But was not. It was not or anything else, mechanical, hammering aluminum, all digital aunt, Jane Mail and everything gathers yup. Absolutely that's pretty wild man. There Congratulations on that have ever generally get out against routine ts. I actually I when I whatever they were known backroom. No, I made, I actually took it to New Zealand last year to make a little film with Peter Jackson about it. Were a demon tears, my arm off, we called it. A farewell to arms
I think you're high reared real, quick ear. When I carried the armor with me, I was thinking this is. This is priceless to me. I can't really ensure this, so I checked it as luggage with a gps transceiver. My luggage. So I could monitor it being loaded onto my play as pretty why I felt if the airline was gonna tell me they couldn't find it. I wanted to know that I could find out in days of Ngos that I can't find a black box. We find that we have not only where we have no idea why all these people are dead. We do have an awesome. Civil rights I got an do. Allow their that'll clarinets, pretty while you're far wider than I ever will be the most rapidly growing complement. Yes, we you, and I know you acts and are making home. Occasionally we know about for those who didn't know the, The ring series was mostly filmed in New Zealand as hydrogen.
I'd better get action was inspired to one of the key inspirations from in making Lord of the Rings was Excalibur. I'm not. The only one who like sex count is my top vitally important Phil. But before really weird. Not that. But that's it. That's sweet, ok, I've! I can't it's one of my favorite. Ok, I'm the mackerel and beat up here we go there. I wanted to thank God these five movies are like the only five movies I've ever not only seen a zillion times but sat through the directors. Narration areas right through Ankara's comical, very virtuous commentary, because you have to the movie so much. That shows that even to watch this next week to actually innovation, I've been here somebody just talk through it, yeah nice. That was why you ve also seen that that many times let us parted. That's that's how you earned the directors cut their exile I know I gotta know what are the other four year. Ninety two! Yet because, if that's that's part of the top,
Five years is theirs for the movies. You remember my breakfast number one, the matrix. Ok, I guess that's got out. Indeed ass member to all that. Yes, we Bob we are moving. That's a good one was agar, regular shudder, sort of playing above us here. Ok, three, the conversation such good move now for a couple of the conversations conversation search for to toss up between way conversations with them. The woman, yes, ok, going back over your man, good conversation and then like this pilot toss up here, but the website raising its grey and then Excalibur. I think its fifth out of those five. I look, I said: is it
is nine films in my top file. You and I have five grand that top five lists actually can go quantum and we give it. Another dimension is exactly right: timelines or you're, so satisfied, are so unlike each other and there's the. What am I it is really weird, but I'm totally so used to dance ok, so hence they bought fussy. Have you dont dancing with the stars? No, that's! That's! oh I you know I do is I thought you might want to see. You want a job when I was dancing, no one was published in my books and other political Avonlea to dance anymore. Ok, so so he loves. You love ballerinas. If nobody cares about people have come a long way. Ok, those so these that- and I I a column for magazine under the pending of Merlin. So I have extra interest in Merlin or Thurians
regions, and I have the Mallory Book in volume. So there's that matrix, of course, is the made major one. Of course,. If I may not have to be. There are two other movies. The conversation which is so oh well done and maize. And the no explosion. There are no che scenes TAT. It was a story, well done, and so so there s eyes those my fine. Now This insult lit very low people. Now you know what you're doing Netflix and chill with meals list? What a weird little note like my story is: New York, it's it's the city, it's I'm! Half porter, Can my mother's name shrinking familiarity, Siano Thyssen at her name website stories such a master if a measure become a masterpiece masterpiece and while I dont know how to compose music, if I,
good? I'm imagining that I could compose the music. I'm websites I store. While that's what I'm thinking, that's what I would reach war and I'll be your Northstar does want. Debbie minister, I like were beautiful. These beautiful Adam, I more when we come back of the makers edition of cosmic queries. Unlike in the secrets of your world, everything orbiting around it stereotypes back for a third.
Final segment, and I don't want this children as well. This is because a maker cosmic queries, in addition with Adam Savage, who make stuff every tools, a hammer life is what you make it, and this is you know it's. A so it said window into your brain. Oh yeah there's some organised like the fact that your photos in thanks, oh yeah, to thank your publisher for agreeing to them always agree to put pictures in their brows. They did I through funds into the manuscript we after we were after we had the manuscript reproved. They said. Okay, so you're responsible for hold the permissions publishers of wimps. When it comes to their don't get me started, yeah served. So definitely so next question what was that This was the main from Minnesota set. As a builder, I remember failed projects more then, the successes, not here through tell me about failures relative to success. While we talk about this, allow
these days. Failures are really popular word and Silicon Valley says you know, build fast and break things. We talk about educating, kids, we talk about teaching them how to fail, and I have a particular take on this because I think failures of fine words, but it is a verse, That's from the nineties are eighties out with which were shocking. When we first heard it was, if it ain't broke, brilliant break it. Yes, so that way you might invent something better than the thing you had before. Does it work doesn't mean, as the best version of what it could be. Indeed, oil is in. There were a lot of broken. That's not create another Are you always broke its view, that of rising radically eyes, but we don't really mean failure wrong, turns on the path to get to a success or not failures. There simply iterations- and I am here
and that's not a euphemism or anything, so it might might might smells like one. What I want to preach is that both science and art are iterative processes that include tons of wrong turns in the wrong turns our outliers their part of that process. And we go up the path of my like. Ok, this is in the past. So let's go back to the fork and continue down another path and see if that's the path and so I also remember my failures more than my success, because that's where I learned the fair there's other whither. The failures. The wrong turns I took to get to the right turns are, though, are the places that I learned the most about myself and about how to build things about how to recover from those moment you're they say about rocket launch failures: Can I figures suggest experiments rich in data, as is always the guy who says my experiment was a failure, no scientists as normal.
It's well designed a negative result is actually useful information. Tv punishable information. We don't have you have to say that when somebody else's painful wits but all of our view of this I was just reading an article the other day about how science have journals. Publishing journals, Joan highlight. No results value it in the EU area and we should and will show more its problem thrilled. I never thought of that. But yeah there is a great deal of the now. You know you would not today exactly tells the next person what this is, what I did it didn't work out and now I dont have to waste time going down there because scientific inquiry that is equally as important. Surrender foul now that makes a lot of social charter has has a new hero of recent months who may have been responsible for sending us down the wrong guy either because his his is is mantra was,
Failure is not an option. This was from APOLLO thirteen, and this is a gene grants. So failure is not an option and then it became a market. We're not gonna fail Ghana and then we lost track of the value of failure. We lost. Try the most. That is fine as making a scope for paying a painting a writing a book. I agree. Hunter Brazil by think is better when you, physically creative, the scientific discipline is and how it mirrors the creative discipline to me conducting and building for mental methodologies is every bit as creatively satisfying as making scope for painting a painting. A writing. A book agree. Whoever sent by think is better when you, What a wrong turn the way you put it that way, because if you think about it, just from both from a standpoint, everybody comment: identified drivers rivers now employ. Will you make a wrong turn? How many times have you done that and discovered some
thing that you really lie also botanical gardens. Oh my God process is the soul of stand a comedy, absolutely right, little re entering Raillery all day, every job, every child, even listen, it's the same process. Even when the joke works ass, you go back and try this. Frank and open and see how did emerging break is even better the gorge No, absolutely right sumac world, while lay what a great question you're a hero lane. That's what changes are you were right? This is Chris goes to the park. Thank you, Chris Array, thanks. Chris S, hey Adam. Are there any eventual? Your team create myth, busters that you have kept or that you might
still use because loved you show growing up and inspired me to study engineering, Naumann, engineer, LU, LU had always relating to here, there's nothing that we kept from the public eye. Myth busters, except for one thing, who care grand tory women identity into question you mean is something you made on this basis that the public never saw. You know there's something already the Congress here, something we came up with or that we discovered on methods that we have somehow kept from the public. I'd just now. I read the letter he met a, but I like that, don't you may, or is there anything that you invented or came up that your light, while this is so good, I'm gonna put to use in my life right. That's how I read yet wow. Yes, I mean really was the more the process of telling stories on Miss Buster. I mean it
that's not as interesting question as the one you thought out. That's a cinema! Wasn't you thought I was actually we see carried a territory were testing the loss of carried sorry, my co host a myth, busters carry Byron toward belay chain, grant him a higher and they were testing a story that involved. Commonly available a commonly Annabelle material that is close to a description as I'm going to get and its explosive properties and what they determined with use case scenario was so spectacularly terrifyingly explosive that we agreed to destroy the footage of the explanation and never tell how we got to that I thank you for the whole, you gotta know bomb squad the world over. No, what we figured out on a on our own rights and are thankful that we decided not to put that in the episode so dear
like given our engineer ban just founded on your right. You know he took cotton, balls and chewing gum actually bring down the World Trade Centre like what you know. That's crazy, So the answer is: yes, you do so you, U Quarantine, that information did and use it to hell with it. The world doesn't need that it will not be better for this Bit of now, not just between us. What was the over the world. I was just a junior dossiers and, as we know this moment, you are, I don't worry. I dont want now to be idle, because I can be trusted I write this is ring Emily, who says how create new things that have a before been thought of. In other words, what is your process for creative discover?
you know where he is there any to process this as we know it boom. I dont know if there's I dont know if it's reasonable to think about something, as I want to make something, it's never been thought of. I don't think we have that the choice two sequester and invention or build or something creative into a category before it's been made, and everything we made is based on everything that we ve seen. So justice is it Newton had said we stand on the shoulders of giant us just as Newton says that we all do it's called. I see farther than others. It is because I stood on the shoulders of giants who have come before and that is one of the greatest descriptions of culture that anyone's ever pen that that's exactly what's happening when I was you know, is adequately now when I was set, can I saw alien. It took me five years to get the aesthetic of HR eager out of my system. I had to recapitulate the aesthetics that he was doing because I found it so powerful until I kind of understood it that recapitulation so that
person is the what to them. Yet he did the eight hour eager designed the alien service like war, but we all desire the Jordanians our Eagerness Commissar Aisy german design. And all of the creatures and alien technology from the original movie, Alien, really Scots, first science fiction and, of course with Similarly, we ve screening, Weaver Tom, scaring carried, extends one of that's one of my top five hookers, an amazing film I mean he's, got the car filled, not science fiction movie, but I don't want my issue with. It was at the aliens still head like a mouth ajar. Yeah, but he had a mouth in a mouth. Amateur already create agenda them, not just taken most lifeforms on earth. Do not have a mouse and teeth like trees and worms and butterflies and the sort of thing. So I, if you can have a complete alien, you should be more creative than even that, like the blog
Like you, fifty eight steep agree movie. Yes, that's got no bones, nothing lies eternal. Whatever it was, it was, a blot was obliged completely terrifying. Eta would eat your blood suck your blood, and you know when the blood first Landy, don't color was whose transparent. It only turn red effort. Acres. First victim gas. You didn't know that we aim at us and it could you come through the rents into the figure so that to me, that's creativity, so I dont think that you can save yourself. I want to think of something that has never been thought. I think you have to just keep on thinking. What do I wonder? Why want that doesn't exist? What do I want to make extent that, that I can obtain, or I can't get also your urges are guiding your creativity totally. Oh there, absolutely at that. Actually that's what this book is to me. It's a permission slip to everyone to follow. Those weird urges. I call them secret thrill
so you shouldn't titled it follow. Your weird urge best seller out was rejected as long as you like you say, it's a damn good scientists from all the cover your weird urgently draw on. I know what I'm signing in your button. So so to go into lightning round. Ok, ok, now, a feminist little Kay, I need from you sound bite answers. Great hey! Are you re Chuck? Go though this is a living awaits from Instagram? She wants to know. How long does it take to usually come with a truly new idea that is impossible to quantify next year. You can as sole I ask what's the longest shortest time it took you to come up with a new idea, How did we get the rest quantified arranged between one minute and seventeen hours? Ok, you got
Alexander. When I was ass, a society we are looking forward to the wrong answer. I think I'll go there. We go canasta combats the liquor were that, as was said, I think somebody made number what is your most unique out of left, feel inspiration that has ever happened to you or even surprised you that is we're where'd. You find inspiration a place that you never thought you were good wow. I'm gonna need time to think about that when I dont have a sound bite and you have to be under the show. Ok, that's what I hear. We go Julie, former them. Let me read where that question, but maybe it's the same question among all your sources of inspiration, what has been the most fertile reading actually always reading about the first experiment of something that was just covered breeding fees. Those speed of light experiment is so thrilled. Ok, I got you out what a great answer: they even better question
Sorry, visa was visual and late nineteenth century really He calculated the speed of light with a clock, work and mirrors. Ok, very next day we go. This is due the ECB from NBC or from says, You had online, resources and time. What would you bill? Oh, I built a spaceship and I go to the moon, and then I go to Mars. Without a limited resources and materially, I totally, I would start some interplanetary exploration, beautiful love it I rise office. I love that affect our. Last Groznoe no one's here. I think we have found a reflection chuck, giving your final reflection I am going to now pursue my weird urge reared and I am really haploid idle go for. I am unhappy I promised to do so gay Adam. He got his book, presumably
Most of you, that's not in this book. Otherwise, by the book- and I mean I've ever watch you write off since tat. Time is not an issue that we should carry with us, wow, that all human beings really want to do is tell each other stories in its how its that's, both science and art. How we understand the universe, even if the store you're telling us how to build something. Indeed, who I like it very nice. So what I'd like to think if I can add to an earlier question about creativity to have a thought to see what everyone else has seen and think what no one else has thought, that's a commonly invoke definition of genius. But maybe it's not genius that we're honouring their maybe it's
Hard work where you have a lot of dangling thoughts within you, because you ve read a lot of books. You ve seen a lot of movies. You spoken to a lot of people, you ve done tinkering and thither sitting there waiting in your head, and then you walk amid all these dangling parts. They say Gimme two bits one part of that. One part of this could their available to you to draw from an out of that comes a brand new idea. A grant brand new object, a brand new concept. So I think the people who are cited as the great inventors and geniuses of the world are simply those who have more bits and pieces in their lives waiting to be assembled into something new. I totally agree very nice beautiful that you agree, because I pull that from the cosmic perspective out of thanks for being on startup?
chuck. As always, always my man do you, gentlemen. You. Ve been listening to possibly even watching this episode of STAR Talk drink, Adam Savage, formerly of myth, busters, and how do you do make stuff and he's got it aside, channels programme they came to catch him in the name of it again: Savage Bildt's, savage bills. Nice. Angry made torpid June twelve twelve billion summer, two thousand nineteen science, Shell, I've been your house near the grass Thyssen and, as always, I bid you to keep looking up. We should listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk on pay, for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com slap, star, talk, radio
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