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News in the Digital Age, with Dan Rather

2019-07-05 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson and legendary CBS news anchor Dan Rather explore the future of journalism, news in the digital age, the Space Race, the importance of science and data in reporting, protecting the truth, and more. With co-host Paula Poundstone, Jeff Jarvis, Mona Chalabi, and Bill Nye.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode. Commercial free from the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming. All is based and start with science. Your personal, it's real, my interview with one of America's most iconic reporters former CBS News Anchor Dan. Rather, yes, we discussed very science and knowledge through the news from space race to the White House, so Let's do this all right. My comments tonight is Paul opposed
Like followed uses the eighties- and I love you to death- is first time meeting you on the show tonight. China's thing they drank too much for her very for doing so, and you got a new pact has got. Nobody listens to all about so yeah, so, if you decide to listen, you'll be nobody. You'll be now have thought about it. That way, and also joining us and start talk, is journalism. Expert Jeff job is not your first rodeo with us honour to be delighted to have you, and you are a professor at the Craig New, more graduate school journalism acute Will you tell me your expertise tonight as we discuss my recent interview with drug as news icon Dan, rather than is reported the news
for nearly seventy years, while just it that the death sentence even exists is, is mine, blowing began and nineteen fifty and Unspoilt Texas, and had spent forty for you? CBS twenty four years as anchor of CBS Evening NEWS following Walter Cronkite after he retired. So I ask for his part, active on the evolution of news in the digital age. So, let's check it out you basically a battle tested journalist, something that they get less of it. What counts is journalism. Is somebody in the garage with a blog in over Joms with a Mamma call for breakfast. But that brings up something very important that there was a day when we were all funneled
you're just a few channels of access to the news. That is true. When I first came to CBS News in nineteen sixty two others CBS News that has said will they be as new in nineteen sixty two it primarily a to network national network situation, and b C and CBS News, were seen as a kind of national Horace around which people gathered in the evening and got the delivery of quote today's news so that created a commonality of outlook, understanding of trial. True, and I want to be able to say that the more news outlets the more perspectives become available and that that would be a healthy thing
but be systematically the number of news outlets has grown and it's I'm not quite sure it has become a You think I don't even know why I'm saying that well, I'm real measure is in some ways healthy, there's, greater choice, fog choice today. On the other hand, it has led to a kind of sailor? What effect the Jews people choose a place on the dial but cable television. No over wage television, radio version, the dial where they think big are hearing what they want to hear and they don't experiment much with other people. If view- and this is the downside now having so many outlets for news, but we know that many of these outlets advertise themselves as news outlets, designed to be and are basically entertainment, which is another problem. Those worsened journalists have entertainment,
values overwhelming newspapers entertain was very important to a culture, but it has its own value system which were different from value system. In news How should we balance news, value and entertainment value. Could you let her hard? We care so much about entertainment here in the United States. We do so hard as the question now when the White House is a show, An entertainment has taken over reality and real. He's not reality anymore, but I think, is important for news to also have some level of entertainment. Some. Will the relevance and compelling nature. So we can interests people when they have news panels. I always think it's kind of a news, theatre, because I'm one has a personality and they have to disagree with some level. Of engagement? So I never really taken all seriously. It's just I. So this is
to watch not to my knowledge, the level of humanity, to that that's kind of ok. Rather than I really omniscient anchor reading everything. Do you ever teleprompter? Maybe an improvement. Subject is having more new sources. A good thing or a bad thing, I think, is a good thing, because I think we hear diverse voices who were never represent, Before, even if they get it all wrong there, a wrong. Don't be such a pessimist. Some do, but I think the problem is we're paying too much attention to those who get a wrong and it's hard to figure out. What's what but we're out of this world which stand rather was the king of of having just one voice. A monolithic voice was the more or less trust in the news when we got it from only a few sources. I dont think we know maybe presumed there was trust, was We now is that the public is telling us what we really didn't. Never trust you much
the real reason, although he's an old school journalist, is actually embracing fully the tools of the digital age checker? You may be the oldest person in the world with two and a half million whereas on Facebook dollar, but but that's that's an important fact, because the internet leans young. But it means you have a voice of influence on a community That means young and your contributions or their literate there in sight for there not to long who's got time right. They just the right length to get the job done, make the point in and get out. Thank you. I don't want to do is get back. What I call on base camp
professionally? Who I what it is that I'm trying to accomplish, and I can truthfully say widely believed it may not be, but true, it is I'm up, left wing, I'm out right when I'm not checking way. I'm working reporter who's been quite a while who is dedicated to both the idea and the idea that our heavenly Father put me on earth to try to find thanks for the makes sense of those facts. What I call analysis they do, it is mostly as is humanly possible, and my people call me what they want to call me Subject, there's been criticized over the years for being lefty, in spite of what we just heard him say. Is that true? Is it fair I think that we liberal media, I'm liberal, a media, we're not honest
over the years about our worldview and that's part of the reason, the conservative have of American. Doesn't trust us as we couldn't be honest even about that. How can you avoid claims of political bias? We are all by us. That's how we're all human. We all have a view. I think transparency is the new objectivity and being transparent about our my worldview and our background, is what can give us greater trust and acting as if we are above it all up in the stratosphere. We're here to earth as if it's an alien misrepresents the reality. Yes, so he said keys on earth to find facts and to make sense of those facts as honest these possible. Would you say that, as a journalist credo, I certainly am. I can argue with that, but I think that in a democratic society where we have free press- but if you look at this society today, especially in this country and some others around the world,
We have a worse problematic was civility. Civility, is a precondition to being open to other people's viewpoints and indeed to facts themselves. I don't care how agree with you can see what better so, what I M Dan about our current residents, approach to journalists and press in America just to get his opinion is point of view of secular there's. Nothing like that. I want from presidency anywhere in american history, nothing even clustered nothing. Even in this sense- and I say this whether you like budget, dont liking or haven't quite may have reminded by this is different you ve never had a brush it so relentlessly attack the institutions are supposed to be attacking balance on his power is attacked a court. The free press,
and science, and he knowledge is part of it. That's what's new, so find ourselves now again by any objective analysis. There's absolutely decisive battle for the soul of a country rather handsome breaking news there, which is it there's someone in the country who hasn't made up their minds about Trump, yet so so Jeff. Why those trumpeter depressed? Well you said earlier. You compare to China and IRAN and Russia is a trick of the authoritarian. Think it's a playbook absolute. That pre exists that he's playing and is also almost like being a cop near and count leaders need enemies. We are a very can be
enemy, and so we re no easy. We journalist Regional says my fraternity and We ve never seen this kind of attack Richard Nixon as enemies, lest I wish there were on it, but now to be called the enemy of the people is depressing. What do you think it from its approach to the press from haste, the press? He said so and that's the one thing he said that I believe ok yeah advantage Access to a game show called defeat suppress? Oh, I have you guys match the answer. I press quote to the Wall later I first question you can identify who said this? The press is your enemy enemies understand, so is it Castro, Nixon or Lenin.
I'd say Castro Lenin. Neither you are correct, mixer. What I'm gonna give you a chance on another one, all right. The first thing dictators do is finished, free press to establish censorship. There is no doubt that a free press is the first enemy of dictatorship. Who said that Castro Nixon or linen women, although one Castro All right is the last one left June redeem your yes. If you can get yours its tire, this, the free press, the liability unto every sustaining government and should be kept under strict review, archway mixing Lenin, unfortunately, we're gonna turn over. All the cards
said he was in the midst of a battle for the soul of the country. Poetic, indeed been scary, but is at an overstatement. No, I think it's true and I'll. Ask you doctor, or we also in a battle for the like to the country for for the survival of the notion of intellect of science. I would say. We are in a world where being smart is considered a liability and you're you're you're rejected from the table. By the way, I think the intelligence Europe really to blame because, for they spent a lot of have walkin around like oh you not in our club and we're smart and you'd only we don't even have to pay any attention to you and if you pay attention to the people who number you in a democracy, then you lose so who's going to win this battle? We don't know yet we don't know. What's pass that on to try,
and our CBS News? Anchor Dan rather gets fired for science. When start talk return, This is a start. From the American Museum, and naturally we reaching my interview with former news anchor ends. Bots science advocate Dan rather check it out, I got here. What are your tweets January. Two thousand eighteen, I hear this in your voice. Actually listen. Folks. Science is national security period. End of story. You can't say you care about their health and safety of this country, let alone the planet and be anti science not buying it. Never will
this in your face is true and it has a better future. The advantage of being true. So generally, you expect this. It has to be all that in your face. So what what curled up in you to say that let the wreckage show. I didn't call him up. I didn't tell him at all on is is lonesome. So what? What? What? What were you thinking that morning Well worth thinking about my experience in the world. Another sessions, one person what you're looking at here, and there's some producers is a reporter. A lifetime report that lucky very, very lucky and part of that luck and being bless. His I've been a few places more places and most I've been seen a few things, including by the way that
when we were raising the Soviets to the moon and nineteen. Sixteen science has been a very important part. Making our beloved United States work or what it is. We are an economic superpower and a military superpower, primarily because We ve dedicating ourselves being leaders and science we can discuss the role of science and society is data journalists more China be most welcome, so damned says that we became a global superpower, because our investment in science to meet its obvious, but is their clear data. Tobacco is the union's current nimbus about two point: eight percent of its GDP in research and development. Branching places the? U S, a nice place behind a whole bunch of countryside. Ninety place nice place, bind Israel, South Korea, Japan.
Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland and Germany in that order in that order, yeah, I'm not sure about these claims about the? U S being superpower. This is a really any more like trumpets, just signed a bill for seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars right for defence policy and thirteen percent of people in this country live in poverty. Does that really constitute sink power? All of your investors the going towards the military budget, divine superpower as how much we spend on the military. We win that contest hands down so their mother mention the space re shaping sort of an hour of science in America. So I ask him: what was it like to live through their period of checking the sober judge? United States and they had stunned the world by being the first to reach in the cosmos. The shock of Sputnik, the first russian man made thing in space wish I could deep Sean for the country. That's almost immediately.
Some of the best minds Andrew. He said we have to re, emphasise the teaching of mathematics, science and engineering, and you could feel it was in the doorway. Feel the country moving from kinda garden on a re emphasis on first reading and later math science. During an it, was sort of like the Spirit we want to. We either we dedicate ourselves too I urge bath engineering the stem caused them now or wherever we speaking rush,
I dont think we're quite out of the woods on that russian singling out reading Russia, we think so Jeff is feared the greatest motivator for society's investment in science. I hope not. I hope that wonder is I hope that you tilities osity, but it's not so I'm asking you about fear, don't hate for when it isn't elders, rebuilding a level dont. Get me wrong. That's not what I asked if I would think that now the internet, connecting all of us around the world. Connecting us to any piece of knowledge would be a tremendous motivator to be curious and build, and care about facts is hardly has not drawn up that way so far, but Very, very internet is yes, you think it'll shaken, in Gothenburg years were the year fourteen. Seventy four. We don't know that,
It is yet that's rare Gutenberg dentist. So what you did was you took the year of the Gutenberg Press added to it the number of years we are on the emerging and today and then you got fourteen seventy four fourteen said: Martin Luther was not bore until fourteen eighty three. He didn't tat his disease until fifteen seventy five hundred years. Now, I think we're coming to the end the Gutenberg age, Starting a new age now, meanwhile, at the beginning, the Gutenberg age we had a few wars, few, like a century and a half of them. May not be an easy period, but we're in a period of tremendous change moment. What's the best data you have on the connection between the progress in science and and and conflict, really really hard to measure. I think, is more likely. That correlation is a quotation, as you well know, so I think you could be in
meaning variable right. We know that scientific progress happens faster in wealthier countries and we know that wealthier countries are much less likely to be at war, so it could be wealth, as the explanatory variable rather than science are right. Next, we'll discuss how and why American Loftus start to Africa. I've got no secret for you when I consider singing all of the ads on this shell there just one way to get out of hearing there, go to patriarch arms last startled and porthos at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free, you can Download. All current episodes into your favorite pack has player and never
we're here? Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not happy hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just sing it I mean just SAM. Previously and sat down to earth, you were listening to start when the Americans we're talking about new science in politics, featuring, interview with veteran journalist? Rather, I asked his opinion on how we lost our science Mojo America after the Golden Age,
Space raised this jacket. I think what happened is that once we reach the moon We began delusion. Ojo, almost immediately after that adheres why exactly a good story. It John was love a good story loved. It appears to me that President Richard Nixon, a bear. Intelligent man set aside to trouble, you got into later, very intelligent person. He did I stood the Kennedy so. And he associated Space Programme in this whole period with the candidates, when we left the moon, Richard Nixon one or two in fact, do away with space programme which had been the engine that pool interest in science, mathematics, engineering long, he saw it as a candidate deal. He really want to kill it, and I think that was beginning a losing most
Because I had a plan, ok was now I wish to make our next go going to Mars and they came with one proposal after another and President Nixon ain't gonna happen, as one boiling I point out, the iron And all of this is that there is a black on the moon. And it has the name, not a president. John F Kennedy, not the name of President London Johnson who was a great champion of space exploration at black ass. The name will present where's your direction, because one man Landon all alone, approached Americans, you mention, the moon. President Nixon was in office. Irony earnings
Jeff then puts the decline of the beginning of the decline of science and murder squarely on Richard Nixon as a consequence of squashing space programme, which was so inspirational. Would you say that's a fair assessment is never shocking to see how petty politicians are by definition as whether politicians, but I wonder if there's a way more going on here. In that. It said that science and technology are at their most useful when there are at their most boring and I think, to an extent be conquered so much and there was not a big deal. Anymore was a shrug and we didn't see their frontiers, so you're you're agreeing that politics messed up our path to science? Leadership? Yes, I also think we got complacent about science, so we the people so Mona. Do you get your data
data person here at the table. Is there any data on how science and politics are commingled clean? The live cousin evidence about which, with my site spending president's, if a really so another Nixon crate? the National Science Foundation, really important in the development of science. In the U S, true, find the national council acts by think, given that if we don't tackle climate change, all the other questions. That kind of a moot point, I would say that the most science friendly president would have to be a bomb of having signs the Paris climate, green them. Oh, I should but show when I figure Finally, I think of sort of in money invested in the science portfolio. The signs are indeed and what if that were the measure? What would what on earth where, where do you think we should be investing? As is two point, eight percent of GDP? At the moment
Wow, that's kind of varied over the over me. I think all science frontiers need attention was not an answer saw an answer because, because Gregory intervene Shins arise from the cross, pollination of frontiers, and if you only tunnel down one scientific pathway, you, ignore possible cross roads that could give you leaps, not just Evelyn. Every change in your field, but revolutionary changes. How much impact as the internet have the ability to share with scientists around the world? Great, it's it's without precedent. Yes, just as the Gutenberg Bible enable people to communicate in its day. Yes, I type for me, the jury is still out which was more significant in its day, the Gutenberg, let the Bible, but the Gutenberg press was studying in what it could do be
so think in this through it took about fifty years for the book. As we know it took to emerge about a hundred years for the impact we known for abound, but we had books before that. Now the library has infringed. What's the printed printed books for removal type, so was what it was about. A hundred fifty years before the first newspaper was invented. This is a long process. Point fifty shades gray and that reaches abacha yeah. I think that significant, I got more from the rather on the decline of science in society, from like the APOLLO era onto today, with checking to wait, note of the fact that it has a little russian coupling doll. Is it not on the shelves? Gazelle worries me is that an facebook than pollutants listening, India won't conversation workforce both my office? Yes, poor guy, your blog
Why did he ever gimme a soccer, more land nesting doll I got from STAR City outside of Moscow. Yeah was probably said: no, no, no, it's. They have a version that doesn't have political leaders. Spacecraft in little ones, all the way down to the littlest one and the little one is guesswork but there's a beautiful they are the biggest one of the outside is the international space Station, because Russia is our partner They have one that has trumps lawyers. The first one of an EU needs a lawyer and then the next learning more review their rather on the decline of science in America, taking from the power to do that with treatment, will you had a slow erosion of the belief that, in science and in general,
To the point where we now are by these same forces or attempting the move for society completely over into a post, truth, political error and which fact spoke to me. As we know them don't really exists, backs fungible down. This is not true, but this movement is pretty boy law. If you say now that our facts, water, there is not one appeal to into equals for those new profile or seven white line, but, to my surprise, on bravely surprising, a journalist main things prize, I'm surprised her father should garden. I have such a confidence in their common sense of the earth and people in the ability of most people.
Just operate bullshit from branch tax, but I have been surprised Jack. Have you been surprised by the ship in the value of facts we were living in a post, truth, political air. No, I don't, I think what we are seeing is a small number and I emphasise small number of people who manipulate facts and media. For economic reasons or psychological reasons. There trolls relevant. That is a small number. If there is effective, as they would be in big number phobia. Look why their effective and- and I have to be self critical of my business, but I think that we in our business, our jobs too often we have to get better at judging the larger into information. Egos We used to hear just from the rather and that was a convenient world and it was a package whirls easier It was easy. Lazier could be, but now
We have all this information, and now we all get to speak. We all get microphones an eye, celebrate that all in all. We don't know do whether we don't know how to find new without a trained how to sift the bull shine from the brass tacks portion from brass tacks, now Neil. It is time for the game will, from the rest, were you at one percent of the american population believe pseudoscience malarkey, so what percentage of Americans I believe that the moon landing is a hoax interpreter. Fifty one alive to the price of right rules are allowed to go over there:
beta version I saw them appears you are exceeding recycled trump here at seven percent, so you before some basins, you really when you were that closer. Ok, there's one. What percentage of Americans believe that humans did not evolve of in any way, Americans I'd, say you're forty percent Jeff, you did you say forty forty percent, I would say three percent thirty percent thirty Jeff ten thirty, four and thirty four percent there we go. So please don't based on pure numbers about the number of religious people in America made estimate. Oh, what is the number of religion?
people in America will mean that and they look at different rates groups by think, if you were to add together all of the people who are very strong believers, indifferent fates, maybe he's gets about thirty, four percent. That's come under close with this report, also obliged by young I'm I'm an atheist. I still voted church, I'm not a heathen, what's in line and a blood, sweat and tears on, I know, no, I haven't, but I pray that I don't think I've gotta help me it's gonna be better anyway. I really how is the humidity. I think there is one What percentage of Americans bullet that the earth is flat? Remaining three percent two percent, one percent, while our statistics,
gas is fantastic to press articles, one that representative Americans believed that the earth is less than ten thousand years old, but go to track the evolution that recital thirty four percent. Kindly the really cool thing like I one percentage point higher than you just get closer thirty. Six of them should be strategic, ten percent Mona once again of forty percent of american doctor. You do not. Why do all day long owners judges this technology research? Here we go. What presented Americans believe then begs what is real to twenty five percent, the themes and twenty five ways you high just ten. Once again, detestation sixty
next day rather has a question for me about the future of space exploration start on repair really space and saw him down to earth you're listening to start we were right here in New York for future my interview with American lose. I can't rather then had a question for me about using the power of the added to explore the cosmos. Back in the day back in the sixties, there were some
and we in the United States at a programme of trying to harness nuclear fusion, vision splitting the item, the atom bomb but nuke fusion, as I understand it, is cleaner and that in the context of sixties was if we could conquer nuclear fusion Harnish, will that would give potion into outer space into the cosmos. Much faster, much deeper, anything else. So my question is. Do we really scientists around still talking about propelling exploration in the cosmos using the power of nuclear fusion. Now. This was not what I saw one of the challenges rocket has unique needs and for every
sacrament of mass you wanna put into orbit or send to the moon or sent a prairie increment any that much more fuel to get it there. It in that grows exponentially Now you want a nuclear fusion reactor that itself has a certain mass associated with it. This was the big problem of aeroplanes. We had the steam engine, the produce power must make an airplane with us dimension, but to have a steam engine that wouldn't explode. You have me these iron steel things so that the pressure wooden explode and them the more powerful was your steam engine. The heavy You couldn't get a thing or two great guy right. So lately there's been a lot of effort of what they call high impulse hello. Duration engines, so plasma engines
do this, it will send out a particle very fast. Ok, they feel but you a little bit faster because little bit faster, but you can keep doing this ok, so you can if it is a low acceleration for a long time sell for a long time. You can reach very, very high speeds. Just takes patients. Unjust So the idea of having renewable fuels with nuclear fusion here by his hockey? Yes, but not now, in line to be used anytime soon, one of the great challenges in the physics problem solving was plasma. That gets you. The fusion has to be millions of degrees, Ok, so what vessel are you gonna put millions replacement? What metal can love tat after the suit case of million degree plasma, why
still a suitcase there right. So why we have no problems, may confusion here on earth. We just can't control it and uncontrolled fusion is called a bomb. Period saw fusion just to be clear. I Europe taking light elements from the periodic table, bringing them together and making a slightly heavier element, and it turns out, if you do it right through the right pathways. The element you make has slightly less mass than the parts that sembled it in the first place and that mass is converted to energy acquainted, eagles, empty square and so its highly efficient and stars make their energy from we're fusion. In fact, we as astrophysicist had members of our own community cal the sort of the
energy yields of exploding stars from nuclear fusion. While someone on the other side of the wall was using that same software to calculate the yields of nuclear bombs, a fusion bombs same code, the same physics. This was the word in which we want to say to the den rather's interest in nuclear fusion. Technology has impersonal. Motivation behind it check it out. You know they come. We're just fair enough, but you know one of my dreams when you younger your dream or my dreams was, The first John was to go to Mars really as an everyday goose as it sounds ridiculous is. It was I ve made average myself and better physical shit
Then, just in case just in case, I got a call to cope. Your toolbars thanking you know. Maybe somebody come up with metal and resist this fusion control with fusion and bingo. What budget will be going to Mars barn only take a month in May. Just maybe they don't volunteers and, I would say in the biblical thing, send me so without the views you rocket he's not he's not going to Mars is right. It is a field to break the heart of the book. So you have yet to be the first journalists are more yeah outer retired rags every I'm not coming back. If we sit here, I go there, that's it Ramona. Haven't you.
Why did you go on a major scale me enough as it is? I don't like to go into ends or anything like that level? Maws natures, nature scares you. I don't do backpacking or anything like a problem, same here up when I go drive and the countryside. I keep saying I really have a good view of the mountains were in the way yeah yeah. I science involved like nature and stuff, but you don't see it that way. The actual physicists concerned. We concern ourselves with everything outside of the earth. Do you have asked for our dreams yourself? Never never! Never! Why not, because astronauts you're going to lower its orbit the same distance above earth as New York From Washington DC, that is not space. That's Amtrak! Right! It's an answer! I do know that the school, global, but you can ask how high up is the space station above a schoolroom? Go if you scaled three eggs of an inch
Well, it hasn't businesses that is not speak, though it received all the boy. You hate me somewhere about Mars and beyond Europe, but not just what everybody today call space that is like this high above the schooling globe, and I need better than that. So so so So if we had no atmosphere at all, we would look up in the data we see the stars and somewhere we also alarming space five issue, all you MAX built by the science guy shares his thoughts on science and the news wins,
Our talk return is looking back to front of repeating my recent interview with journeys and american workers icon Dan. Rather it is last click. I ask Dan rather about the future of his profession check it out? The acceleration of the pace of change has reached the point where it very very difficult to look ahead and any abortions crabs. Profession. I was the real answer. The pace is so fast. You killed too.
Now we will change more than it has its hold history. So where could you possibly think it's gonna go? Rather, it will be hard to judge ardor judge, but what will change and joint action is one the bedrock of the craft in writing, because two right will you have to stop and think what an that's that's the fundamental school over her they won't change, would also will not change. Is that there will always be an audience. It is interested in getting facts and have alone. Have those flags analyzed connect the dots used the metaphor down. I can foresee what equipment is going to be but it will astounded today if we no longer have to see it,
What do you think the future journalism I've decay by various- do prepare your students web slowly? I tell my students that I'm too old do they're the ones who have to do it, and I read a fine journalism in my own mind. It's not just about facts. Is our job to convene communities into civil, informed and productive conversation. That's the essence of democracy. That's what we have to serve town halls,
in a way. Yes, we have the tools to do that. Facebook and twitter are virtually what they really are and we can bring people together and we can build bridges between communities. We can make strangers less strange moaning, your data journalist, I have to say, you're the only person with title I have ever met, so it's too beautiful fact that such a person exists. How do you think advances in technology will affect the way we use data to report on politics and society? I think it's pins on he's doing nice advances in technology right the domain of businesses. I don't necessarily have an interest in sending that data to us for us to be able to report on effectively. I also think it is very important here is in office. We talking a lot tonight about like the attacks on scientists. I also wanted to pass on the attacks on social scientists in this country. I don't feel like people, it's working enough about how the senses, terrorism
for a time and is under attack, because its budget is being cut so aggressively and if we can't glories of data taking enterprise is the foundation of everything. I do if I don't understand how many citizens in these countries, all of the averages that you hear all of these statistics that you here are based on and they all funds mincing misguided it that one fundamental number is not correct and the sense of spurious budget is being cut so aggressively that they are concerned that they cannot comes up to twenty twenty census accurately and without that thing to write. All of the activists who are claiming that I dont know systematic prejudice is happening in the neighborhood. Racial injustice exists is We reduce thumbs anecdote unless we have that data to demonstrate that systematically happening. I'm really frightened about and the sensors is the fact that a census needs to be taken is written in the constitution. Absolutely is the reason why Statistics Acount statistics, because they come from the states. The states is unique position to be able to collect,
numbers private enterprises on because they have their own interests and show me. The word statistic comes from the word state it does. I'm living people don't realize in all of this age of revision opened his mouth to every camera, Gore beginning people in the news and with a really the understanding of statistics to be able to take upon those algorithms, these algorithms to decide things like people's credit schools, the algorithms decide the sentencing and that in the justice system they have huge effects on people's lives is very serious. So depressing now we know we then rather tat go to Martin Weir, my good buddy bill, Nigh sent in his own special report on the importance of news and journalism. America, let's check it out. Good evening meal, thanks for joining us tonight, news society and science are they connected
we find out as nigh news starts now. The process of reporting is much like the process of science. It takes careful observation critical and respect for the facts and other news media keeps an especially sharp. I focused on those who govern the role of the media is so important that we often refer to the media as the fourth estate. Fourth, after the Congress, the exact the branch and president and system of laws and courts. The fourth estate is essential for the functioning of a healthy democracy so tune in pay attention? in part of keeping things balanced and ensure as all the Ny News for now back to you now,
and I think back to the invention of the printing press with movable type where people could read the same document. It didn't have to rely on storytelling to move the information. The printing press and, as we heard earlier from Jeff, it would be more than a century multiple centuries before the idea that what is printed would news, but to have news you need communication. If you have no, communication with outside towns. Theirs news that union already get at the grocery store locally so you needed to be able to communicate okay, so you have the broadsheet, then you introduce the newspaper. People got quite wealthy running newspaper.
People value the news, but you know what's going on to a set of people trying to report the news we were trying to do it. They are what then happened you get the news over the radio, a new means of communication. They will have to go outside then television, you could see. Person deliver the news. We their emotions, their reactions. You could feel for them. Emotion started showing up in the news: not only broadcasts television cable television, a proliferation. I remember the day when the our news cast said. I think we need to go to an hour, because we have that much news. Was it not a can't? Be that much news today we have twenty four hour news stations, so I wonder what's going on here. Why are so
people trying to give me the news from their own perspective, maybe the future of journalism? Has we the people more as a participant in the analysis, that new, maybe news in the future will be. Let us bring you the data. Now you have the tools to analyze the data and interpret the data and come up with your own views, but the views of someone who's yapping at you, twenty four seven, but you know TAT, takes it, takes training. Something has to happen in the school system where you learn how to turn data into information information into now and ultimately, knowledge into wisdom. That is a responsibility
We have as a people and for me that the cosmic respect our motor e mail address Thyssen. I bid you wish. You can listen, MR our talk, commercial, free, joint start talk on patron, for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio,
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