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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, The first is filled with secrets in industries leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what do you play recently the domain the brakes, Daddy Glinda did you grandma. Ass, deep brain. They get lab, like the plague
I broadly welcome to start I meal the grass tracing your personal astrophysicist. This week we dive into the world of sports with a star talk, networks, newest spin off show, playing with science hosted by comedian, Chuck nice and former Sakharov rope, Gary O Reilly, playing with science closer the first season with a time capsule addition mashup of the best love moments throughout the year check it out. We are talking
martial arts and the physics there in an joining us now is a very good friend, Professor Eric Gulf, not just a man with a plan but a man with a book coming out next year there will be twenty eighteen, this science behind Crab Magog, which, if I'm not mistaken, professor,
is the hand to hand martial arts of these really military. Is it not that's right? The israeli defence forces employ this minutes becoming a much more popular sport here in the? U S, your single oughta billboards going up for Cromer gods direction these days. Well, what is it a man? It sounds like a got. It say if, when you talk about the martial arts, you got some cool names out there. Ok, you got your judo. I re ready to your you're a key, though. Ok that sounds cool. You do did suit, which sounds very dangerous, even care at a which is like. Oh, I know what I'm getting into, but then you say cross my god and it sounds like pray. You gonna think you think he's food again I'll get unlike craftsman. Guy delicious. You know what I had. The best crop MECCA,
the other night I gotta tell you. It was unbelievable. I'm telling you the outside was crispy the inside was tender. It was the best problem, a guy I've ever muslim majority rumbling behaviour. So I saw what is crowd mug, firstly, by working barrier to play, scientists. Man, I'm things put this man in his place. Thank you about. Well, if check, it had good Cry Miguel, the other night his face would look a lot different, Our I ride, professor we're losing weight. A girl nicely done my friend. So is it? Is it kicks flakes of a sort of fresh stuff, or is this more
and let Sula end up wrestling or is it a combination of a lot of different Marshall? Is it I galloping and, unlike Ripley, throw out stuff, it's got some of them in there. I am. I have studied karate myself, I'm a first degree black belt. Add I really enjoy karate if, but it has a lot of elegant causes and movements, but chrome a guy's, a much more realistic fighting system. So I think I had been more comfortable knowing a little bit more crime regarding karate. If I were a dark sidewalk somewhere, it had defied somebody, I'm guessing that the good profess and never has an issue with pupils. Yeah we're not he's been lit. I am sure there is a great deal of discipline in the professors glass, so so problem a guy is basically a street fighting style than hot or or meat is I mean you, you ve got some kido in there you got some boxing wrestling, some karate, I mean you. Ve got an amalgam of Aachen,
the different systems, and it it's an ever evolving system, it employs whatever works well and it changes techniques as new ways to perform them come along. So you ve worked on an article four, the ring magazine on boxing yeah. We ve looked at different punch techniques. We looked at punch speeds if you do just kind of a standard, jab cross combination, men. We also do this incredible cigar. I, u can get speeds close to twenty miles an hour with these javelin crosses LAO and one thing to keep in mind when you're punching someone. If you extend your arm out straight when your arm reaches its full straight extension, your fist is moving at zero miles an hour. If it wasn't, it would keep moving in
arnwood stretch, so the maximum speed of your page is gonna, be about half way into that extended arm die too so used to. So is it better to be closed, and hit somebody half way through a punch than they hit them at the end of a punch? Absolutely your your elbows gotta be bad about ninety degrees, or so, when you're for your fist is moving at its maximum speed and that, as the fist extends your fists test, the arm extends the FIS test, the slow down to zero when you get to fully extended arm. So we have this rising speed and then going back down when the arm is extended, so the most damage on the planet it's gonna, be when the the elbows bed. So what well? When I look at the biomechanics of my shoulder my elbow my fist, we can call it that my showed is not built for kind of rotating around the outside its more output in a vertical upwards and What's a my, my elbow is a hinge so
how do we utilise the way were constructed to the most effect if we are to throw punches while the most effective ways to not just use your arm and shoulder? You really want to engage your core. This kinetic, linking that we talk about wearier starting from the sea. You're gonna start rotating your body and age, so your entire torsos creating irritations. You got a lotta stored energy that you're gonna convert kinetic energy as through that rotation. So you really want to be rotating your trunk, so ass, so that you are using it's almost like a golf swing. Ah, yes, does anyone whose election a Gulf swing right within the same with the rotation for kick in martial arts to set the same thing applies Europe? Europe,
you maximizing the energy? Is that right, professor, by incorporating rotation that that's right and when you have a like, for example, aside kick? You know we also you sidekicks friend, makes back kicks in Cromer Goswell karate the ideas, you're gonna cock your leg for a kick so you're gonna store a bunch of energy like a spring in your leg, when you ve got your leg cocked, and then you release that energy is your kicking and you're gonna rotate your hips at the same time, you're trying to get as much energy released during the the kicker the punch as you can well, when it was spoken who boxes and to people who practise martial arts. They said some guys punch harder than others, and it's not the big, mostly guys that you you'd, think would have. The heart is punches. Quite often, it's the little guys with not a lot of bulk, but they punch so hard.
Is that downs rotation, or is it something else to bear employing a lot of its rotation? Amene, keep in mind your your kinetic energy grows like square of your speed and only the first power of your mass. So you can get a lot of extra speed going in that punch. Somebody's gonna feel that a little bit more than kind of a lumbering, bigger, mass fiscal medea LA so really is more about the speed and the rotation. It is about. Oh I'm, a big, strong guy shore I mean you really want to get. It would thus be a movement in these patches are coming at you at fifteen to twenty miles an hour when you're getting hit you. I feel that it is really interesting when you look at it from the point of view physics and martial arts. It, sir, I have a friend he's gotta, another guy, you there's nothing of him and he just turns our enemies. Is this guy can punch so hard? It's we do well and you look in everything he
who punches way out of a white paper bag. Yet when the weather mouth large export, says this guy compunctious thinking, ok, up next, we brought on your personal astrophysicist doktor kneeled grass, tiresome to discuss some of his many tweets about sports for an episode we called this world sports today, we aim to twitter them through the vast multi verses of Neil. Grass Thyssen's, mind and light the cerebral smears engage with a complex and ever evolving world of sport. I so did you did you change your mad? Cows is like any other s eyes. It has many opinions and many things which he chooses to share on a regular basis, but he has a heartfelt connection to sports. That's constantly filtered through his scientific lens on twitter,
so, when you play with signs there can be no better play date than the man himself and to take us to sports that are out of this world. Words. Have yes. Indeed, out of this world sports, we have Neil digress ties. For joining us right now is the one. The only being scared that's. It normally that's how you get someone off to stage a sort of gone show our eighty men don't take. It personally know that that is a royal entrance right there. That's what the gun is for now, normal
I'm sitting there. That's right now, you just took you just took your damn, show a guest on your new. I have to get used to it doesn't happen without you know whether without news gonna start asking us questions wellbeing, opium said I know be your guest on this as they please don't ask us inequality disease, I feel loved, feel that's very cool attacks. We here, may we re yet it and of course you are a prolific twitter yeah, but it's not well so a couple, for as said, I have many opinions which I do but I hardly ever tweet opinions. This is true: opinionated tweet, I ever posted, which was clearly an opinion was after star wars. The force awakens. I said Baby aid is way cuter than our two d, clear,
opinion as a family and then, of course, there are fight some things. You can leave those generational sites without an, but when I try to is not give you an opinion, because, frankly, I don't care if you they're. My opinion on anything get one cares at whatever opinion you come up with. It is informed with objectively verifiable nice. There you go this way. Always about science, education right right dared at a tweet. They make whatever damn opinion. You want rattle care, but I mean I care broadly but specifically person to person by just I'll give you more information that you may have had before right to help. You understand your decisions that sell come on we're talking about today between, deals with respect to sports, which is you called on my sports. We ass, we did my friend we re not does not. I mean, there's a
but it's not like. That's what I do right now, but this desert this there's more than forty of forty. We have tabled a five thousand okay, so this one in a hundred is a sportsman. Hundreds of is a sports tweet or a lot is how they surround very is significant sporting event. Yes, yes, just to keep it in the mood right. It's like this is its bottom or the Olympics, your grey matter. If it is one in a hundred- and you are an athlete you now coming forty pounds ago- yes if we think of established we're all everyone here is an exactly so you know, I am sure that you know you're
person who looks at so we as it as a former athlete- you were wrestler educator since we're like three guys here. So do you know where my how I wear my forty pounds? So a lot of it is everywhere, but of course we're guys- or most of it just goes to the bet that I've always had broad shoulders and a large chest and my chest, even at my chubby, biased, was always bigger than my waist. So I have to do is cut a jacket to cut support coat to come in at the waist. A little bit right Then it still cuts, and you don't look like some slob, that you know that that clearly was once in shape, but is no longer ADA, so I've, so I ve been able to fake this extra weight in my in my neck, they complain besides, we'll have colours for spring and as well as tailoring other haberdasher all advice. Rome science is from the two thousand told Olympics. I said how about a Mars Olympics. Yes, all athletes with suffocate
ignoring that complication wake, more than an earth Olympics. That's all I call it an earth Olympics set you up for between the following ass. I was going to take us when you say way, cooler than you actually give us some examples of why Olympics on Mars or pretty much any sporting event or Mars might be, We might also a couple hundred degrees below zero on Marceau way. Cooler has double meaning to dine with nothing to pick them up. Take that up. Ok! So let's look at what the Mars tweets and this is I click on Mars, all right, so go ahead price. So this again during the summer, two thousand twelve Olympics. If the recycling on Mars try olympic mons of volcanic mountains five times taller than Mont Blanc, the Alps wow. So you think you got tore mountains here now. The tallest mountains and deepest valleys are not on earth. In this,
system there there on Mars there on the moon. So we ain't got no ways not right. We're we're not without meaning those contest. As you know, this, the atmosphere on Mars is how much less than the US atmosphere about one one hundredth. So if we had pressure amateur approach, in other words for every breath you take on Mars, there's one one hundredth the amount of air in that breath and it would be an athlete altitude becomes your enemy in terms of the oxygenation. If your performing an attitude but the ideal way to do this is your train and attitude. They compete at sea level right. What we need to do is now. I suppose you don't have any problem getting up the mountain while tourists are like circled about each other, more here's what you do. Try it on my make us it s, never been made before you're ready area. Drain. The Pacific ocean. Ok, and then hold the Olympics at the bottom of the Marianna trench? But you try
high altitude. But now you compete at the bottom of which is friends six miles down now. Every breath of air has way more oxygen and ass level, and so now you have heroic feats before you do. You have a dope your blood. The air itself will put the ox because the right in Europe must show the eyes is gonna stump up for that draining of say I'd. Just like the fact that you are thinking like us, provision, On the other hand, there goes it's all good train on Mars. The mountain lumbered minds and come back to us and compete problem is its only forty percent the gravity of earth, so the weight that you are carrying is not as much going up. The hill
so there is some trade off some trade offs rode off. Let it suits saying oh yeah, yeah just lead led. Let yourself down another thing. Once you ve drain the Pacific Ocean, then nothing to do with sports. Just while we're on the topic, if you drain the Pacific Ocean, that is the great toilet, ball of dead satellites are really guess, because they always split in the Pacific they crashed down, and the big satellite did us waiting and ass far ass it down. So the reason why is the Pacific Ocean is almost a third of all possible longitudes on earth ratings? If you d orbit- and you do do you have a lot of latitude? No pun intended to where you begin the deorbit, so that is gonna point out and Pacific wet and add people live there. So not over the great bulk of the expanse so to say place to drop your stuff out of order of the day we deorbit hobble. It's going straight in Berlin to enter this. Yes, specifically ocean is the size or greyhound bus by the way, if you now no eyes telescope,
Yeah a time to take a short rate will be right back with our twenty thousand seventeen time. Capsule episode. Don't go. Secret for you, when I consider singing all of the ads on this shell, just one way to get out a hearing there go to patriarch arms last started talk and Porthos at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free, you download. All current episodes into your favorite pack has player and never we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not happy hear me sing if you support us at Patria, Dark coms last our talk, radio
I mean I'm just sing it I mean just SAM. But never to mention the bicycle. Welcome back signs on this time, capsule episode, we're visiting. Some of your favorites shows from this pass sees it up. Next, you voted for the physics of the tour de France. This feature doctorate near the grass Thyssen's interview with one and only lands. Armstrong check it out today on prime. Besides we ride. So, Philip? U water bottle like all on a centuries old and said to be the most efficient means of transport known to humankind, pretty simple, really, unwieldy, chant somewhere to sit and something to stay with you
very simple, but not so simple. You know. Cycling is now one of the most sophisticated sports on the planet and it's loaded, and I mean loaded with lots of tat but dont, You're not gonna, miss out on that we have a whole another show. There's gonna be devoted to the attack of cycling or yet before now, the exploring the physics of the tour de France well. I we need is a test of man's insurance man's need for speed while not falling off more twists and turns and devious strategies than Agatha Christine awful see what you did there like that, to explore this lesser known world, we sent the intrepid meal. The grass Thyssen to me with what some might say is a controversial figure in the spring we know him simply as lands Armstrong,
from when you began writing to when you retired, did the aerodynamic. So the sport change. Well, yes, something that they are dynamics as little. Your body. Still your body of the biggest thing that changed was in the late eighties. They invented a whole new type of handlebar which changed you now and then in the late eighties or in the mid eighties. You would have been sitting I like this. They took which originated in the draft law. They took the idea of that and they said, but what? If we and the guy who invented this is again inborn Lenin and he was an old ski racer, but he also reeboks and it worked for Scott, the ski manufacture, make poles and season, and he said well what, if, instead of and I wouldn't ski down the hill like this, what if Skeer, whose tucked like this and what have we done- own like that, so that that just that everything away the aerodynamic drag all this. My arms outside everything
Every mother say look was called the Scott BAR and it looked like a downhill ski razor out posing like that. You were out of everything we have seen it so that revolutionized the aerodynamics of traffic on initially and then moved into cycling, which was harder transition because they were so traditional. They saw these bars in these as they said in a way a no way, I'm right now. Well, they prove so much faster that actually Greco mine was the first point, one, the tour de France and nineteen. Eighty nine on these new airlines already takes that I mean that was the tipping point for that bar, so but then, when the cone head helmets, those those were around for a long time, those around before the bars and then came in then Europe people try to make an frame, and then I remember in the tubes became these there very there. The oval shaped
you can, even though I have, while over plan a british guy went when they you see. I, when the governing body was a little more lax on the double triangle thing a british sky and eighteen, ninety six by then and Chris Boardman said, our record, which is on the trail of the hour wreck, which is like the ultimate asthma that I mean you're indoors, is no wind, there's no drippy. It's like deals with so attractive banked, so you just its banks at thirty, not against you back. So he said he broke the our record on and by its called the Lotus bike. It was
a double triangle: you can look it up and then we can go to the lab it. It was a very. This is to me that if you, if the sports it ok, you guys evolve technology to what everyone that's. What this war would look like. You'd have that that that's what a bite frame would look like, but the Lotus, the Lotus frame, which you your audience will see that it will give yet so, but then they backed off at and went back to the double triangle, but you'll see how how radical it looks. So obviously he went I mean nobody's ever what you're best our never done. Did you not tell me that you'd, like I've, got a lot of great hours of my life a more logical Look at that unlike the track inside does he loves the road ass, interesting Eric that they borrowed from other sports you'd. You listen to that first, but the Scott BAR comes out of skiing
Lotuses british car manufacturer that a formula one race team so cycling being bought. Bring from all these different sports in an attempt to get that speed faster, and why not? We all follow the same laws of physic righto skiers facing the same kind of air that a cyclist has gotta face. Oh, what we can learn a lot from other sports by seeing what technologies advanced in other sports that applies to cycling sooner work without norms goes there. What is the? What does the optimum? way to increase airflow for a for a biker. Aside from the top, the makes perfect sense we sit down, hills gear, their there actually only are they talked but there as well. Due to the ground as possible. So what? What is the optimum means of increasing airflow fora by cyclist, Well, we learn about air resistance from where children are. We
dick our hands out the car window. We get into airplane mode. In the hand, is you know, sideways, and we have an library little dragon than we turn it ninety degrees and all of sudden we're getting smacked by the ear Hanno fall back, so we have now is by the way. Eric is why I only have one hand but her fast. Bringing up my team. Sir. Thank you now go am joking driver. The side of the road in England, then you can lose the other hey. I reviewed, encouraging appendicitis uptown encourages us now. Am I right when an chuck moves this term? Skin friction. Is that the technical, the cyclist term for the problem that you face as well as a competitor? wait! What you're trying to do is reduce the area. So when you get into that tucked position you are reducing. The amount of area that the Eric and hit gases author, if you're good,
early, slow? The resistance might just be a couple of pounds on you. If you're going really fast down hill, it could be fifteen. Sixteen pounds and remember: fifteen pounds is the way to the bike. So you you ve, got the weight of a bowling ball being pulled back behind you hear resistant, so you can really feel it. It's really slowing it down. So as new say, if we get the cone head helmets, then I get the supersede pre like crow body suit it really small booties for from My shoes, nice, reduce all of the wind, was how much can I gain and Lois it in the time trials they're allowed to wear this very,
sleep, clothing and in arid and am equipment. They got the back, we'll is covered and you can reduce drag by about twenty percent. You got the teardrop helmet right. You know you get a cyclist, like I think, of Tony Martin from Germany on the bike. You just absolutely almost gives himself completely two dimensional in that thing, the wagon repress his knees and as it is the body that amazing thing to see that they can reduce by you're twenty percent, or so that the drag area that they feel ok, one question Eric. Why only three wheel is covered and the front will has the spoke So we have a system is preferred. So when the heirs coming around the object, think of the water going around a boat, you have awakened the back and that wake is taking away some energy that you have. So when you close off that back we'll and you add, the teardrops shape your allowing the air to flow a little farther back in the wakes, not quite as
hey? Are you don't have quite as many swirls Sylvia, what as much energy just to clarify what you're saying is behind the bike? What happens is the the air turbulence? Creates like occur, and so that curl, that curl of turbulence happens much farther behind the bike itself, freeing the bike to move faster right, yet it if, if you just have a round object and you got- are full- and I didn't get all these swirls behind it right in the air and that's taking energy away from the from the ball at say. But if you can tear drop that the object, the air will flow much smoother, I find it and you don't have quite as many swirls others less drag on the object and now what what are these bees have? We got to a place where we were kind of reaching an optimum speed. What are the kind of speech that we're talking about when we look at these aerodynamic advancements. Well, you go back a couple of years and the first stage you had row on data setting a timetable record now. This was only about
eight and a half miles, but only I really only. I say that the guy average about thirty five miles an hour on the bike. Wow I mean that was an incredible speed. We're talk it over fifty five kilometres an hour sustain that forget that made that's! That's it! That's insane! Why? Yes, soup in this next episode, NASA oceanographer Bill, Patrick breaks down the science of surfing the big waves check it out, today we had for the beach and we are so am I We may shoot the co we might have to bio. We will probably get mullet and if you understand any of that, do ah, no Barney hurdle powers in the area,
helping us stay away from the gnarly stuff and steer us to the serious science of the big waves is bill, pads oceanographer at NASA and, of course, supercool surfer from California. Then we go all pro with professional surfer and big wave champion pay. Each arms who is based in Maui. I don't like her already call right. There are few sites in sport that are as also seeing surf attack on the big one. Make that huge descent and then emerge through the barrel. It is breathtaking and possibly the most fun you can have with. Someone I say also my don't mean it in that cliched. Why I actually really mean it is also clear. It's a beautiful thing to behold too wide somebody drop em. And right away that it shoot the corral and come out at the end of that barrel and stand up
it really looks like a human being triumphing over the entire ocean. Take that mother nature, albeit temporarily, because we don't like to upset that's for sure she does have a temp. Alright, let's get up to our first guess: showy, build tat, sat absolutely he s wrist scientist, an oceanographer at NASA and a former surfer, I don't know, should I say former bill, welcome to the show, and do you still surf my friend, ok I'll do it alone. I gotta Ben. I should have confound over. I spend too much time. Classroom, gonna, cage, Jay, bird I've been serving now for over fifty years later, Starfleet take a bow, Sir
Be that as it may. So that's a lifelong surfing career. Really, you seem to have unique approach on the sport of surfing being an ocean oglethorpe. Has it been an advantage to have this I'm calling inside knowledge of the oceans, as regards to getting the best out of your surfing? Why are you here for that, of course, is just now in our one thing to know the physics, but it's a thing to be a great surfer. All world class athletes, either you haven't you dont and I definitely do not have it Modest EAST? We appreciate some modesty. Let me ask you: this is switching gears just a little bit it back to you being a surfer. What makes a good way Well, you know these rights storms, they generate waves of many. Wavelengths from,
a few inches or a few centimetres up The waves that have three or four hundred of wavelength thing about waves, is that, depending on the wavelength length between the p, send a base wow. The longer wavelengths travel faster and so the first of waves to arrive for a magician storm are usually these various small long period, waves right, the precursors course. These are the waves that servers love. You get essentially anywhere between fifteen and twenty five seconds between the pigs, and if the arm is large enough. These great swells conjecture, waves anywhere between ten two thousand five hundred and thirty, even forty foot waves and, of course, the the real surfers, the guys that
The Gaza live the sport these in the ways they love their smooth, have one large wavelength But that is interesting that ways the longer waves travel faster and Usually there are the first to arrive, fall the next day, usually by or we call storm serve, which is mixed, sir, for voluntary legs, yeah. Ok, many servers call slop slot That is what you want, or these long period waves better First arriving waves got it so it it's a small window of opportunity, if it's only going to last a day or so. Yes, the you know that waves are usually less than one day and you can and you could travel halfway round the world or
Just for while we are on the road, I forecasted raves, these waves, of course I'd call them great travellers. The travel across will recall great circles, which is the shortest distance. Yes from place to another, but I've seen great storms in the Indian Ocean and More than a week later, they arrive on the coast of California. Inside it. These are truly world travellers LAO time for another break. This is playing with science, we'll be back shortly with our time. Caps personally, I
we're back on fighting with science, your listening to a special time, capsule episode in keeping with a chair, a star, talk, tradition. We sent out a survey to our friends, asking you to select your favorite episodes and the results are in. Let's now take a listen to space jam in this episode. Your personal astrophysicist doctrine yield Thyssen answering your questions about basketball. Today we throw ourselves deep into the cosmos and put a course for the superstars, with our way Galaxy known by those who search such stalls as the NBA
nebula, oh man, I like what you did their guy yet I was like that there was a really Cosmo logical, MBA reference day. Well, guess what? Where armed, only with our enduring minds and our listeners fabulously creative questions, because we're truck towards those faraway stars, and our guide for this journey is none other than the one? The only your very own personal astrophysicist, Doktor, Neil, the grass tie certain is. That doubt you get up. I got the irony of the next line is not wasted, so let's not waste any time. Let's make some space jam showing up. I don't know why, but just hearing you say, let's make some space jam just like the great British Baker only in space, but I think Neil,
the way I have introduced to show might be flawed, snow, MBA Nebula, I love it. We have nebula nebula cities across the cosmos name for whatever happened to look like. We have a crab nebula, the North American, nebulous the saying that when we have the Eagle nebulae does look like whatever it looks. Whatever looks like we can't we that we call it as we see it. So let me ask it s in another. Sport. Shell is any good empire that right is nice. Now there s always a man. Let me just ask you. Also, though, is what it could be an mba network, and we have to look like her like Lebron James, a court or some, you know the pink patterns on a court vacillated a basket who, within that I don't know of any. Maybe I could reinterpret some that already exist and come back with all sort of a sports version previously named nebulae, so to find a universe. Let me ask you this about nebulae, because there,
the giant clouds of your face gas radios like latin for clouds. Was it a big giant, cloudless pace gas, but since it's a cloud which may change shape over a period of time earlier, you just don't have ornament So the eagle Nebula, remain an eagle, maybe LE as long as I'm alive. It's Emmett these huge you talk about something that hundreds of times bigger than the solar system It's not gonna, just sort of move around and be be anything it wants in any given moment. Ok, so So you do see some changes. Deep down. We're stars are being born. This sort of thing, but overall these structures have a certain permanency to them. Sweet eight I write and now remember this is a sports okay, so we're gonna gazetted. I suppose it is a sizeable okay, and that was science, that science, so how we gonna get to this voice, because what we're doing today is we're taking. I have no idea what you're doing today. That's why I guess I'm a guess: normally do
in this place, I drive in his birth, we gotta ticket to short, but we can that's what I'm Dr Courtly used to take it. Yes, wait a minute, let that drive the bus, but are so today what we're doing we're answering your listener. Questions submitted about our Karim, Abdul Jabbar. Our show that era one I really enjoyed aired on energy a little while ago, and so we only got to answer a couple of them the first time around. So we took the relevant. We figure, hey one I'll, revisit this and dedicate a show and have your personal actual physicist come back. Answer these questions, the less. Do they lose our eye at first weren't going to bury okay, so this is from ranging redraw on
facebook, you gotta know is great, looked and crashes we so often shown this is not call because everyone knows all these are. Ye must stay in Arizona and I never ever prepare, and so therefore I look stupid and now I gotta stop prepare it. Because you just maybe look down. I have learned a role here as a member state from New Delhi, which is obviously a very, very interesting place to pay which planet in our solar system. This is what we now know. India kind of got rebranded may change the whole, out of negligence associated what you do is stolen Roger, yet New Delhi, New Jelly Bombay Baha is Mumbai by Calcutta became Kolkata CALL cutter the drastic Coca COLA Calcutta. Gotta. So then, murder, dress markets use
whatever you wish. My address became Chennai right, that's enough of the geography and history, but yes that happened in China as well, and when peeking became king, but they didn't change. Picking duck to Beijing duck that it still picking duck absolutely I'm pissed After that. I don't know that. Could change it to change its basic that doesn't then it's not like. I still bomb Bay June is not mom by June trade name. Ok, they gave us our right. Ok, which planet in our solar system would be the best for having a game filled with super cool high flying This would mean greater hang time in the air, take it away. So with our basket. We are all about the NBA and superstars within
The National Basketball Association Correct so so here too, thank you, don't want. The gravity beat to be too low right because you know what happened, because these guys can jump right ashore and you are my hang time. If the object has a low enough gravity, then you will. Jump and achieve escape velocity and just never come back. So you that's the limit, that's the game. I want everybody jobs, jobs at this now Kosovo, but it comes back, cost an awful lot of uniform. So so there's that limit you don't want to limit the other limit where it the gravity so heavy your muscles can't get you off the ground of all right, so you and we know what earth is like, and it is that not not not enough.
Robotics for this person from now I know no rude, ran jeep is possibly exploring the fact that will actually would happen. Ok would we would we think the moon is pretty good Mars would be good to buy. Moon would be better okay, so here's what they are just to remind you Mars has about four percent of earth gravity right. So if you two hundred pounds on Mars on earth, you are forty percent. You be eighty pounds on my So that means, as all your musculature, all the strength of those muscles that's accustomed to moving. Gracefully two hundred pounds, you guys all two hundred pounds at least ok can now In my day, they were like, aren't sixty seventy eighty pounds there's before their enemies. What can I do? we're gonna, wait, train red White re training, so two pounds is good average wait. If we want to hear about it so think about the strength you have to move your own body, gracefully and now at two hundred pounds. Now you re eighty pounds so
yeah. You can jump much higher. Your hang time is much longer. And you already acrobatic. Now you could do a triple. Pure? Where is your hang time allows it? So it becomes outta men on Margarets Oily Superman on Mars. That's correct! Now that forty percent your way now do you want to get used to that now that this person rights in you Mars, rascal players? I want to see one more. What one upon that right now go to the moon. So now, if you're, two hundred pounds on earth, you be thirty two pounds on the moon. Well, so now you be even lighter, and a little known fact is that the the
the body weight, plus equipment of the astronauts on the moon was like three hundred and fifty pounds right there they were skip. Then you might have an outline of their right like they were little low, let alone look after their little lambs, so if they threaten fifty pounds on the moon there like they like fifty fifty pounds here, we have one sixth of that but did not see on the moon when the when you would see the guy skipping along, as you say, with three hundred fifty pounds worth of equipment on them, they looked a little more bowed see so they went up and they came down slowly cause. Not only are they lighter, you fall slower right. Ok, you go up slow if they also known hang time routes or theirs, where they hang time, come out. Ok, so so you don't go out. You'll come down as fast as you went up is what I say, but if you go up fast, you
that much higher, so here's so so you can be so. I depend on how high the basket is. If we still ten feet up, you ever be wait and wait. I'm going to come back and downright headlongs again. Can it's that's it'll be longer right, so so what you really would have to do would be raised rather bad, raise the basque and then we'll just have more high flying stunts within a gay correct, and you can imagine member those few moves that I foresaw Michael Jordan to its surely has been done since then We're Michael Jordan was going with one hand, change his mind. Light was changed, hands ground to the other side of the basket and put the ball, and now you could do that. You could like change your mind for five times, have studied even produce free styling. Precisely exactly for it doesn't have time yet to do a freestyle and maybe to be judges. For how work I like my right. Ok, let's be bought, oh my god,
make it up new sport. I don't wanna. Never ever have you come down on the west side, I climbed out another right and I passed to you you pass back to me. I thought I'm a bad. Someone shows up behind me. It goes down back up because what you ve effectively done is added a third dimension, the manoeuvring of the ball. So all we could so we had the Harlem globetrotters here. What are we gonna? Call ourselves on the moon, who were closing our twenty seventeen time, capsule with hockey a k, a physics on ice, and this episode, physicists doktor. Our has shea breaks down the science behind hockey. Stick it: remove the slap these seas, pray with science ass, yes, its height and we got escaped sound grabbed our paths and took to the eyes and found out why hockey problem has more science in it than that. The sport on earth, Terry S. So let's begin bites,
You can download a hockey signature move the snapshot at one of the fastest, most powerful shots. There is, if you like, call it the slam dunk of HAWK and in a week Have a clip that we'd like to show right now and then, after that, we're going to bring in, a physicist, Alan Hash, yea and the reason why we put this clip adds a former hockey player retired now His name is out, I afraid, and for many heresies lose with the Washington Capitals and this particular play represents the slap sought at its best, because it's a break away play aware. I pretty receives the feed and he's all alone, almost like it's a penalty shop and see him adjust skating as hard as he can, and the thing that's funny is that whenever you see a breakaway play in any speed you know as well as a former professional soccer playwright, the guy gets alone
What and one with the goal then now there's a whole other thing going off, because it's not on the ice anymore. It's between easy is right, the whole mentality. I have done this much. I've got to finish the play right, but is on my right. This is the first, this recorded snapshot in Nature- is his well, he held the record for sixteen years for the fastest recorded snapshot and history and he's off oh known, for having one of the fastest and hardest snapshots em in nature history and on this particular play. He is just how alas, in down the ice he's by himself It's late, a one on one with the gully. Now a lot of guys. At that point, you would see them kind of finance the shot they might go left right and backhand. They might do a little risk flip, but what he does He ran back and how just slow. That's one and I'm a golly never knows what happened must be our dream, yeah and its come to fruition. So, let's, let's watch
let's see how this Panza gambling, I have raised- and I can't wait- wait awhile, guided by the way about I now that you even here the announces, not though many guys gonna pick us lab shop on a break away, but you see the comment that I afraid he has. It is it's a mean this thing's travelling more than a hundred miles an hour s. I do that in my car. Well, you know what challenge Valise weapon, and everyone thought about it like that. It's like driving a tiny little black car a hundred miles an hour on ice into when that arrives. All right, so chow driving down the ice. He's little slick mobile, but some serious physics, some serious science behind. What we just witnessed and helps break down is professor
physics. Alan has shaped from the University of Mountain in Canada, not just a professor but an author, to authorise snapshot science as well as physics of hockey allow welcome to the show now using the clip you ve heard. How chop feels about it fairly? Are you hope you play yourself and then we'll go from there about out. You felt you saw I'm going Do that hold him before you answer, I'm gonna! Let me let me answer for you. I'm just wanna see if I'm right so were you born in Canada? Yes, ok, you have lived there, your whole life yeah. Ok, then I am going to say that you are hockey player, otherwise they would have murdered you by now. You just right my life, any further our airlines. So what is happening in terms of the physics and science through that whole process?
So it's a bit like you. Have a rotating body have the upper body that is rotating its transferring that energy to the park, so you have what they call kinetic gee, I'm the upper body that is rotating anyhow an indirect collision. Actually, that's another important point because letter you and golf the club hitting the all directly can one when you have that situation? You have the ball, leaving at up to two twice, the speed of the club We have seen that speed limit, no matter what the Gulf manufacture, the balls governments, manufacturers will tell you the physical, absolutely, Myths of the speed of the of the ball will be twice the velocity of plum head and you would have also get the same thing in hockey
and that would be very hard to get hundreds of miles hundred miles power. Instead, what happens they hid the eyes before and they load to stick with a lot more energy. That would be normally transferred to the part of that you can reach higher city. Well. There's concludes. Are twenty seventeen time castle episode? We hope you enjoyed it thanks for tuning and join us, not stifle. New season of playing with science and remember when you play with fire you get when you play with science, you give learn until then. I've been your home, chuck nice see you next time with Gary O Reilly. Dela lay I'll drop. The organs which you could listeners our talk, commercial, free, joint, start talk on patron.
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