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Reporting on Science (Part 2)

2014-05-18 | 🔗
In the conclusion of Neil’s interview with veteran science journalist Miles O’Brien, the two discuss the inherent conflict between the goals of true journalism and corporate America.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, versus secrete cinemas trees. This with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what Will you please it's easy to mean the brakes dad? Did you grandma South Ass do when they get lab applying pressure,
Welcome to the star talk, radio, Amelia S, taste in your personal astrophysicist, or at least that's what I think I am. Maybe you have other other main squeeze extra visited Israel. Now I got check nice and studio with me, Chuck Alia always great to have you back. This is at the heart of two of the interview we started earlier with science journalism, that's right and and and are. You now knows one science journalist s name is miles. O Brien lie like the car ball, Ziobro balls, your brain, because he'd majored in history, nature in history, busted into the CNN offices many years ago said. I want to be your signs, journalists and didn't know anything about it. I think pull it off at pull it off. We had as its but they really well. I caught up with him with my roving.
Micro, Emily couldn't I saw him in that we were friends from way back? I sought in Washington, so I want to get a monster talk and we don't have time or scheduled a flying back here in New York. I got him on the spot, and so we ducks cover in this flood conduit, we'll call it conduit, acoustics and underpaid, is untrue. Highway under fair. There was quite a place in this intersection, so so and if you I asked them about many things, of course, but accuracy and journalism. Do you people care that your accurate this I'm ready, like the man, let's find out what it what he says to me. You see in journalism such acquaint known me lad. I remember at the time when we actually had facts and checked them. Sir, I've spoken with journalists who, because,
some journalistic ethos. They would not show me the time They were writing that came out of in our view that we conducted out of premise that the word that I might influence it, then I say well due care, being right. And these. Yes, above all else- and I said well- if I don't see how do I know you turbulent right now, there's a chance! You ll be wrong. Your bigger ethos being right having the percentages interviewed, take a look at what you just create, I always on the side of being right, but I'm the average journalists. There is an old fashion notion that You show people your copy in advance. Somehow some way they will either try to get it law or will try to manage you in such a way that they change it wiser and you do in such a way that they change it to make it more accurate, that is actually a good thing. Reporters
got to get over this stubborn sense of that's what I heard got done it. I know that's what I heard we're all human beings and we all misinterpret an especially in the line of work. I do words very complicated at times and I'm the history nature. I will surrender every time to concerns about that. I generally send an email with my ripped but I'll go through it this is that right. Brought in a little passage that I'm stuck I've written in this way, does it make any sense any in almost always works out to the better, but there is a whole journalistic convention that this flies in the face of, and I suspect or hear from people say you're a saint, never journalist for doing. But you know I think, about how scientists got through purity operates right out of order, as I really started thinking about this journalist a notion of the decision, whereas which must be published, and everybody sees at the same time cutting resources. When I started really,
the understandable peer review is all about and how that doesn't like to keep integrity in science. I think journalists would be wise to embraces Peer Review Journalism that's interesting concept eyes. I like it we're both because they can be so tight about, and I wrote it. This is the truth. This is what they will be people in. Sometimes they can define it cities isn't true, but everyone reads it and its imprint door that its journalistic, and so therefore it must be true, and so, but nowadays you know I have. I got, might make my twitter stream. If somebody says That's not true. I just ate up the mess that up and then I can come back at a right, but there is a day you couldn't even do that now, ass, all right, all right, but you know accuracy in German That leads to what's that. What's this phrase, fair and balanced, had to ask miles. Was this fair and balanced movement? we ve been hearing about the check it out, something
His have one side that is represented by Say ninety five percent of the scientific community, the world. Is it fair in a story about climate change which- and I was talking about to do this classic journalistic convention of equal time for both sides. This is a huge mistake, I think for Germans, Don Giovanni, In percent and then there's a five percent you get at, from that five percent right August he presented. Your time is serving the truth. I would submit to you not is a matter of fact that is feeding obfuscation. That is actually perpetuating a myth, dare I say, a lie and sulphur less were hung up on this idea. What we're gonna get guy from the Cato Institute to balance out all these global warming stuff. I fought long and hard I did- and how long documentary foreseen back at the mid nineties and was about ninety ten. Basically,
in the scientific jury is in here. That was the word. I use the term yeah yeah it's in. There is no more scientific debate. This political, Maybe there's a debate over wait a money over whether we should spend it what we should do, but there there's no scientific debate. Ok, let's just get over that any fees caused it. You can be met, I'm talking to these science phobic, so Polly sigh guys in the news. Romo dont really All this we do, and he thought it was just a journalist aberration. How could write, a where's, the other side, and I started selling and papers and I started going through things in train. Explained them where the science really wise and where the peer reviewed science, what where the fossil fuel industry and I'm using be finger. Clothes science was at the time and I managed to convince them. It didn't and at night ten, but I've got to probably about seventy five. Twenty five
which I consider it a victory. The time because I was big for that merely was hard for them to read their heads around. This is naturally from their view. This was advocacy, but I managed to leave more than and get them to the idea that doing fifty fifty and this is not accurate you have to fight that battle requires doing your homework. An understanding, a lot of new wants and those are two things that tv reporters do very little love, so he's totally totally get mom a case of all his colleagues, I want to know how they for what they think it. Well, you know what I'm so glad to hear. Somebody actually say this because that fifty fifty argument is stupid. Four out of five Dennis recommend brushing the fish Dennis he actually works for the national sugar crowds. Let's do some homework and find out who are these scientists that are saying that this isn't the cakes right right right, and so it's so this this concept of fair and bound
implies that everything is a fifty fifty or even that they're. Always too to a story that could be three four or five or six rank right. So so it's an odd ethos that they put themselves in? I think maybe it's because journalists historically would report on politics and religion and all these other social cultural factors where you always had warring factions. Are you gotta give everybody tie exactly when we come back more my interview with MILES o Brien? This is start
We're back start towards Radio Chuck Norris right here with me, a jerk nice comic that is correct, cool, so to check we're talking about science journalism and do they do it right? too bad? I got my interview with MILES o Brien I caught up with him in Washington, MILES O Brien leading sides journalist of our time and the only one that I know you gotta, get out more about where you hang out about it? We we gotta work on you I'll, give you a list of places to visit chosen watch. I always wondered you know in the old days you would syndrome Rebecca, invite Tower telegraph or something you know their invading over the border stopped. Right over in their comments. We need terrain fast rife, and so
now. Obviously everything is instant in and which I have always been intrigue by all the way. Technology has affected science reporting putting in general, and so I ask him about a cause, he's old enough to have been here in the old days and then in the new days, and even MR and MRS America not to say that Mr News, the alchemist, those your first job back in nineteen, thirty, eight newsreel report- so let's find it let's get miles- is reflections on this topic. Cnn, Chicken Euro NEWS, until which night dear small, was Gulf WAR thank the First Gulf WAR and if you really think about happened. That night I saw the plot of Siemens body. We are using that matches stronger than they hit the graph because they like to figure out how to fill the gaps, because It's all my river, the war they either manufacture wars are known Andrews.
What's going on an commander documents anyway, that now If you really want to know how soon and one that night, it was technology a young producer by the name of ISA, Jordan, who had the foresight to buy a dedicated line, audio line in Tibet, get back to Jordan and then The only reason she was on the map was because it that one line nobody else it done nobody else guaranteed transmission. Most people think well, I watched it on tv actually didn't watch tv that I was all audio. It's just a phone call later. You saw the footage him. We had. The boyish Rebecca had Peter at John Harmon de Lage on only a genuine and nurture, and most people don't remember. Their or when they saw the tv you heard it, but they just know that it happens. There was a long way of seeing the scene, it has always had scored, embracing technology to get destroyed, and so on I was there, I was school
This by some of the best business, will always again new different ways to get signals back from remote places and ass time went on those been live. Trucks we're shrinking pretty soon it was. No suitcase in prison was back attached to a phone and it's gettin to be decreasing time pretty quickly. Right and I know, as a comic book euro, you extend talking only of late you're Superman comical. So when I summarily dismissed along with the rest of the science and technology unit, because after all what we know about the quotation trip, so the entire union and from CNN gone, we pixelate. I was crystal because I thought Julie's bad for me, I figured I'd against someone who make a living, but really I she to care about making people understand. How important all this is that I cover I really do. It means not to me, and I think it so important our nation and everything I saw it. I was really upset about that and then I realized I don't need
stinkin truck. I don't need no time Warner Center. I dont need all that stuff. We were fired at just the right time idea. Tat knowledge is waiting for you to feel one man. You know, member way back when I said I lie with Al Frank and we had the silent have levelled at the classic anyway, so I was fine and frankly, I just do not want this shuttle launch. That's what it boils down to cycle my friends in space, like now Stephen younger, I said, give internet for another s idea tracks. Every single want gave a great space words on this site and I say stationary as being one. I don't see that its Jordan Wrong on the show nerd as a complement, your badge of honor, regular course anyway. So I said: what's your internet connection like there I'll bring down my back in a dvd camera, will just stream out coverage we will miss launched. So we started doing this in a guide progressive, a little more complicated. Do three camera shoot the? Basically we are doing it for the cost of
travel down to Florida and the t1 line to the cape to the lunchroom. Thirty, nine, it was no money it off toward the end. We did a separate launches this way and we would do six eight hour length What can you tell them? It was great we're gonna meal a space of six or eight hours to just keep talking it everybody there and there are there in the outcome in and love you several top a couple minutes out with you and your people are tweeting back. Questions was fantastic and told you. We are getting couple three hundred thousand people watching the world over. That's not a huge thing, but we would make me buddy Buddhist there without MAC, as I realized suddenly that we are in the three gauge journalists, I've seen it is the department store or the Walmart and think about that does to quality. There room for a Madison Avenue, boutique still right for people who care about things that are specific to them and they will seek you out. They were full of wonder
build. A day will come, and you have learned this by the way you tweet, by the way you use all the tools out there. You really and do it on your own. I used to think was, it's gonna be this group of already interested folk, but the truth is that, she had no appreciation for social networking is all about there's an extra essential nature to it. That is just infused in it and yet You might have this core that begins with you, but inevitably it gets bigger. You promise, in a study pew did I surveyed asked people. What's the thing you care boast about Did you see the least starve in the mainstream media answer sites, sweets, so you, and I know that there is an audience out there, the mainstreaming. It was decided for what reason they're scared of it too complicated too expensive to cover it. I can just people in here the studio haven't yet about the election, whatever system from their sides classes could be you
why? Because you never have. I think that there is much work to be done. Admittedly, but there are, avenues for those of us who care about this to share, knowledge and passionate interest, then leave me We have not always lost so he's like in the technology, but we both seen technology taken a little too far. It can go awry weed. I saw what was it CNN, where they had a hologram guess what glitters hologram, which now is not just what Blitzer using a hologram every is everybody? Not everybody, but they're, like you, know, they're using it for specific stories. Don't remember the story correctly. In two thousand and eight during the presidential elections, election returns, Wolf Elixir, brought in by a hologram Jessica, yellin right, a reporter we see her floating in the middle of the space. So apparently it wasn't an actual physics hologram because he would have seen it runs only was put into that space for we,
the viewers correct, and she was three dimensional photographed image. Teleport it put here on our screens. But why does anyone want to see all sides of a report that I don't care? Who needs a three dimensional report? I NATO's dimensional medium. That makes no sense whatsoever. You could just ever pure wet while she speaking except you get the three all sides. Now I didn't understand that maybe overreacting. Maybe we should applaud it for the experiment,
got a step and new places to see what works. Maybe that's the experiment would be. I am sitting in my living room and wolf. Blitzer shows up in my living room is a hologram, that's cool watching it onto what do you mean hologram, untrue, daisies, telescope, two dimensional projected in the feathers he kept saying help me I'll, be one can only you're. My only hope really got omen that Justice STAR Wars, episode, for example. I have re right so yet so technology it can always be over used, and I think you need time to save it. Sort out to remember. When cities first came out. Yes, ok, they could capture so many different channels of music with such accuracy early it is when overboard an agent.
I hope all instruments and all and there the stereo running back and forth minority ear and they were caught it over producing authors, afraid our it ok, I was over produce and then you maybe I had to go there to feel at the space and then pull back on it, and so what you really need to take knowledge for, as if you're gonna go to Mars and like leg, he said in the first of these. Interviews with MILES O Brien, he he wants to report back from Mars need some technology wreck and breathing apparatus that dimension motels or something along those lines. As I hear he's, not a lot of you have to like terror for Mars, for example, and to show no taken she's good and if you can get news faster but Maybe you don't need any more technology now that we have twitter, because some These I witnessed sing. Every news event in the world is just about to say that you being a bit presence on twitter, I mean you know,
had the whole arab spring of it happened. Pretty much on twitter happened on Twitter is nothing report is going to tell me that I do not do that. Our information and people actually live in it right and in real time in real time. What what are you gonna do to that story? That's got to improve it. That's right, exec, right right right and it happens when one is earthquakes, you get instant accurate reporting on. We have when people felt. What time it happened. Many tweet is dying. Is time stamped exactly so, you know exactly when it happened how it happened where it happened, and then I am happy that I'm here alive lab is sending out the tweet in the first place when we come back more my interview with science journalist miles over hey. I've got no secret for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one
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Started. What radio Beargrass Thyssen here Chuck nice sitting across Remy we're in studio, New York City and we're sliding clips from my inner with MILES O Brien science journalist. Rotten air, and I had caught up with them in Washington to get this interview and We talk about everything, women. He peace he's been around long enough to get a story about everything and at I finally had to ask about nowadays new their new source of them, just agro gaiters right. They don't actually have their own reporters. They just pick and choose that's an interesting. You know. I mean puffing this is largely the rain. Drudge drives diverge report, and so what would happen if everybody weren't aggregator the nobody would actually beginning in steady aggregating each other's levities bless you would miles. Is.
Reactions to this will this somebody's gonna have to go to the City Council meeting right, be someone's gotta shop for the launch he's gonna, be there every day we can aggregator, we want, but we're running out of actual I very news gathering instruments here, right, better give repeated that many times, because it only have one source and then it was thinks that was more true, yes shows up in more places. Yes, you can be putting in the midst of hurricane any making stuff up in from whole cloth about the stock exchange being flooded, any gets under way, this is where its outcome, that we don't have our borders there anymore. It don't bother with ads. You silly just read the sweets, so it's a big problem. However, when you think about journalism, almost always say. The goals of true journalism will be an anathema, dare I say, mutually exclusive to the goals of corporate Amerika. There will always
be a concept there, because it those whose job is to put questions at the status quo. The establishment what its corporate Amerika but the ultimate embodiment of the establishment. So there was a when the networks there were three of them right and they add the various doctrine and they were worried about the FCC and news was a lost leader, they had on limited budgets and the ability to give us people my Cronkite and morale and great television terms than a bureaus, all these cities. There was not a money motive and then things change, vanished. After the way the cable began, there was much more competition. Suddenly, the news divisions had to be undertaken with how to make money, so, therefore, the Indian right they had to make them way in that. The beginning of the end for serious journalism, in my view, and if you really look at their too kind truly successful, journalistic endeavours. There are.
Family owned enterprises? The times newspapers There are less run by families in communities. This is actually help. Viewed CNN there, an element of cocktail party bracket, shares this that goes into this right. You wanna be the outstanding citizen and the pillar. The community and one of the case may be you're not in it just to make a buck right, There are the outright nonprofit like the Pointer Institute, which run the temporary times in Florida or places like pro public order set of Republican heavily. There are actually doing true journals and funded out of the goodness of people's hearts for the journals and wise when you get into corporate ownership, a big change of newspapers and tv. Don't you like a joke, you really don't and I'll. Take us a coincidence and all this reserve from backward interest rate ask so maybe see Disney right right, envy, Gee now Comcast her
yeah, well, G Comcast, wherever they aren't CBS, is what will CBS is Viacom, so There is hope for journalism is just jewels, doesn't fit well into the corporate businessmen. And some maybe we're were evolving the middle, but you don't believe in evolution. We we ve had some intelligent design into a new era. Journalism is passion of these and today, through Godaddy that, if it's my duty idea, booty journalism, journalist, not I mean imagine, story comes up. That is bad for Disney. What ABC do without story. You wonder, I got a feeling
Mickey is not talking about Mickey's threats to silence the hype Mikhail at not been available for comment on Islam is not available for you no comment on a few years ago appear Jennings, did a round the world New Year's Eve programme where they had reporters in every time zone which, if I was it it was created with, was all slow but ipod. The experiment and they inviting me in right at the time that nine at the South Pole move the location of the pole and that free people- that's it What's going on with earth rotation someone had I had to explain that their glaciers moving and this pole that stock ice is moving with the moving glacier, so so you have to line to the actual rotation access of the earth, but the fine, but in there pure Genji smooth- and he says I wonder how there is celebrating new year's eve in Disneyworld
Let's check it out there and so did, is open Disneyworld. I kind of America course we're going to bits, but I thought why didn't you go? universal. Why was reminded on exactly Disney own Measly, but I'm thinking I was duped by that list. Smooth move of his. He should isn't, oh by the way they own us. So we have to go to tell this story. You know I was. I was taken in it that Greece, second thinking that there was something honest a genuine about going to Disneyworld for there for that story, but yeah I mean that's Who cares about a new year's eve? We're talking about real stories, ran what what's. The future of news of corporations are going to own it more Interview with MILES O Brien Science report, extraordinary when we get back. Buddha believe you
green space inside it down to earth you're listening to start rather nosed Ratlin woke up. That's not really taken here, nice the other side, the table? That is correct, chuck nicely, that was very farm nice guys, like my chicken baked, for so what some of you are a black up when I was a garbage, so so here's the thing when you point Powell,
soon do you know when you want to be a reporter? That's it! You know how it. When does that happen? I ask Myself- and I course I ask that of MILES o Brien and I want to feel. When did you know you wanted to be a comedian? Was it teacher saying what the committee- and you got it pretty much- every committee and ethics as its aim. It is mere inexperience able so great that haven't unlike elementary school now, an entry school when you get in trouble for trying to be funny, that's and play have counted as something back right, not that you can make a buck boatload money doing that later on, and it's just awful and it just gets your life into complete peril. But you're like I can't wait to do this again? There was no that's when you know you always so you knew early this find out about miles how soon he knew you wanted to early when no, he would be a journalist. I remember wanting to be a reporter. Just watching the old alpine, style. I witnessed news gas industry
in the seventies and is thinking. I was of course possible job, but at that time, in Detroit, not knowing anybody ever did it assumed it was out of reach because I couldn't even go to anybody and say how do you do that? Those people coming from another planet. Those who knows anyone who is the rapporteur does not a common trade when you think of anything to concentrate, and especially to trade in an automobile towns, not a town, the salad the media right. So I see it as a job. I went to school and Georgetown majored in here because I found that of interest. I was always on the newspaper atrophy no news, editor, all those things interested me and I yeah how much, but I always thought this is too much fun to be a job. And so I never saw myself doing that until its forty got to the end of the line of Georgia that what the hell am I going to do, and I took an internship and NBC. There was indeed, in Washington in Washington, D C and an embassy, and I walked in the usual
I just knew immediately. I was home, it was just like this. Is the coolest place ever? these people have in a bar doing what it is actually getting a paycheck. I can do this and suddenly an architect- and I just never turn back. Such a drug yeah, that's absolutely you're in there space- and we also the movie net, what was it not network new level? Yeah we're, not network the network news right Brok, s news, bribe area got other matters. How? No that's? No! That's network of that's network. Yes, yes! Yes, it was before your time. I don't know Brok business there, ll be no! You know because it had Holly Hunter in it and William hurt so yeah, but there was it showed the fat. Paste highly energized and they have to be on time and that the tape has to be working in the interview gotta be in place and the anchors hair to be just write and everything's gonna come together, so that there's got to be some kind of
drug going on Iraq. Influence yeah, that's it, but that's! A good drug like comedy, which is like a crank Straight on crack awful, I think universes drugs really is that your personal drug use of choice its accuracy as ecstasy. I could see me. I see you right now with couple glow sticks, I only heard about that's how much higher than in the universe. Can you possibly get that is as high as it comes at so true? So what I wonder is in journalism if they pay something that is not true, but people think it's true. How long does it stay? How people think it's true is there? does a stay that way forever. You know for a lot of people, it does
especially if it lines up with what you are Riddle Lee there's the bias you don't even put in energy to ask. If it's not true, that's right, you just accept it because it already lines up with your beliefs and then at that play if their reduction is made reduction, that retraction overboard fashion, protract, red ass. Well, guess what I'm looking at it in a in in printed form, but if, if, if retraction dismay at that point, you like a well you don't here that register this is it. This is a famous biased that we have it. So it's a selective any bias right. We remember, and attention to the things that we already to be true and through the hits and forget the message that you know what it is you listening to start talk, radio when we come back more my interview with MILES O Brien science, journalists
The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal star, die, We are back on start or radio photographs taken here, you're astrophysicist, I say on peoples love it when you say that, like you, like their personal astrophysics, what I really want is their beat a whole bunch of more astrophysicist and I can just go the Bahamas and not be anybody ashes. John! It's no good! If it's just me and one company She gets a meal impersonator souls automated like like they had Elvis Elvira here. But what about me? Would you impersonate? That's what I'm asking put them to have years. It stick out, I have some weird facial features. I don't know now you doubt what draws its regular
much. No, I don't. I don't have any that. Don't heads up so trivial, ordinary, distinct voice, the oh, so you come back one day and you will try and we'll try. Emily tried and uncertainty God I saw you and I gotta say that was the word. That was not a word, a hobbyhorse. It was the rest. I was the only NEO impression there ever wise and how could it be the worst that's the worst of it is the first like to get through the first get any start. Compare and I'll give you that a Saturday night light was very flattered that can be imitated back two miles, o Brien journalist. Yet so you know he he survived CNN and the beginning pink slip there and he had his will freelance enroll for awhile and now he landed on its feet at that ppm? and Let's see, let's see how that is gone, formed finer I was
available. As we know, you're between jobs between jobs, as they say, is flailing about Actually, I was living large CNN gave me the average the guy track down like you, wanted semi hold any anyway. News. I was approached by a bunch of funders who said we want you to do more science. What would you call Besides buster trader is what's really interesting is when I was a Georgetown, my first Taste of television was that very building it to be easier for the previous year located in my boss at the time was Linda ones, now, Linda One's own is the piece of news come completely false executive, british, exactly producers! So do I back, and it is extraordinary I mean if you were to CNN scene. I design twenty four hours, three sixty five right. I believe that all the time we have fright pretty much, and yet they would say
when I came in with a two minute and thirty second piece: we don't have enough time. I'm sorry, you have all the time and I go into the news out when I say I've gotTA thirteen, scripture this. It will. Can you come to eleven and I think to myself died in Gaza, journalistic Hammett. Thank God for big word. What would I do without wow you're? So he goes from people acting wise, two minutes shot is is worth anything tonight can ensure, with thirteen minutes segment to eleven. Rather, you know what that is the beauty of what I
crowd funded journalism. That's why I listened to and pr you know not because I have a particular bandolier wishing to start out. Radio wireless start talk all the time and I listened to it right now. If you created, you know, the fact is that they don't have. The word worry about corporate financing do what they do, what they do, do it right and as they gotta do exactly, and you know I am old enough to remember that, the Was it NBC lock the local news in New York? there. Are they the euro? They give half our news before the evening news, they said we're gonna go to an hour people say right, yeah, that's that's!
you do do you do that? What are you gonna? Do an hour's, Martha hours with news before the news you going to do in hours working, and they said something that Well, I thought they were just bs. They said they said you're wondering how we could fill that our actually, we had a hard time finding out what to cut wow and I do not believe that can't be right and sure enough. They fill the hour and the rest is history. Now we how we have twenty four to twenty four seven, three, sixty five plus Leap Day made him maybe later should be a day without nukes God, because it's not you know, is it it's not. Every is its one day and for years right, just just give us a break for going to sit yeah. That's it twenty four hours a day, twenty four seven, and so then you look at it
actually filling it with twenty four. Seventy five get headline news: they are not there on a loop right, you almost you, don't you have a gig coming up on my new. I can't talk about it, are we might see you on him lying near zero? My nonsuited bore might not eyes, but there's a loop going on there and sports Centre saying thank same live. They go and loops. You know what that is, as it did, not really filling twenty four serve not or not, and they you know why that's the radio model I mean, I don't know if this is what they actually call it, but I remember when I worked in terrestrial radio that you know the irrational rate of that fashion radio that doesn't go off a satellite. Thank your staff are absolutely so. We would say why can't we play deeper cuts on the avenue, and I said: well, you can catch mean more than just the top in more than just a topic, and I would say now you gotta play the hit people only listen for certain the type c that apply to hit you can't you can show them but now the smartest might do very well
They didn't want you to know, I'm their tuning. That's right could have got just whether in the car, that's it just while their debt, the beach and that's the news, That's what we're doing now with the rules and the information that we say that awful so they're lying to say to twenty four seven coverage that twenty four seven repeats. Absolute, we're finishing up my interview with MILES O Brien Science Journal. Extraordinary. I had shut my studio, always good to have you man's always my pleasure annual is doing good stuff will try to keep up with you, please. Thank you. Ve been listening to near the restoration forced our talk, radio. As always, I beg you to keep I have looked down on my old job. The organs wish you could listen. The star talk of regional free, joint star talk on paper
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