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Revolutionizing Tennis, with Nick Kyrgios

2020-09-11 | 🔗

Has tennis gotten too routine? Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice investigate the people and technology shaking up the sport with Top 40 player Nick Kyrgios and David Ramos, Coaching Education and Performance Manager at the USTA.

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Gary Riley insured NICE, my co host. They went behind the scenes at the, U S open and they got to talk with David rainbows at director of coaching education and performance analytics for the United States, Tennis Association, and they talk about how data and a lie pollution, rising tennis, as you might expect check it out there. We always diagram, also the EU s own Pontanus, David senior manager, of coaching education, and I love this bit performers and read it. It sounds. I love that we do we La Mancha. We love some analytics man and he so just break down briefly. What it is. Your role involves a short a: U S tea, and I'll talk. A little bit about, like the evolution of because it started style is about, is the one? That's why the shoe titles, because around at one place, I went to another because you don't have to go back to far to find out where perform.
Its analytic started. You know that hasn't been human hasn't rid of us, I'm so go ahead. Yeah so actually went to school Ferris State University up in Michigan and they have this professional tennis management programme. I always have to start their because that sort of my beginning cool and that sort of thing. I got into coaching education at the USDA and play a development is that it is a pity I was an instructor for college students who are going to become tennis nationals nice. I went to thy programme as a as a college. Do myself I played on the ten esteem there. Then I was an instructor, therefore six years I got a masters degree and in order to complete my masters degree, did a work experience at play, development, nice, Oh, I had done tons of video analysis and so forth with my own college students and they taught students at first thing how to use dogfish, specifically as a solution, but when First, it I wanted to get into doing match analysis so taking man
is adding doubted for matches and hanging them so that I can use. A video in a way that I had with technique but to improve match places so you were kind of doing but we all know that every NFL team does which is YO less watch film on this team were playing the Packers this Sunday, less Watson Phil its common place and in two thousand and seven it wasn't a whole lot of that going online tennis. So when I I did a small work, internship foreplay development. They offer me a full time, job, after about four years, sweet, two thousand nine two thousand ten. We dabbling in some of the tagging, this technique analysis and then two thousand twelve, when Jim Crow became the escape captain. I raised my hands and hey guys. If you're interested, I can provide scouting and analytic Sport Davis come wild eyed. I drafted a couple of professional tennis man. Students who around the country train them online and we tag like a hundred and fifty
she's that year remotely and gave that information to Davis CUP a Euralia Utah was I've known. You do. I have to attend to deny them the matches. I sat in the software they tag them. They give it back to me we put all together. Check it, and then we started creating Crossman grass or now I'm around them against the weights albums it take to take a game to how long does it take the shaggy man and then what does that data set? Look like how big is the dataset that you pull out or something like that really depends on how good you are okay. So when we first starting if matches two hours are probably take you double for? After all, do it, then? get better and better. You can sort of go twice speed and maybe you can get less than you know what you're looking for. They are so you're. So your adding events about how the point starts out. Appoint finishes miss all the stuff in the middle in terms of the total number of strokes? But you can also, that, like it, was a rally of twelve shall so we are looking at this reading. This information are you reading it for the player, are you reading it as
strategy or you ready for the coach or the you usually star with a general sat where your measuring, how the point start and end for both players heading that approaches, any winners, any errors or replacement return placement that sort of stuff, then, once we get into providing the somebody specifically Jim Courier he'd say well, don't forget to add all the first missed going to sea with those and mental skills? I chose, might say hey for this particular person. I want you to tell me how much time they take in between points that we stop, the base and then from there we can adapt it. So thousands at the start of what we would call the analytics two powers being illegally, which really wasn't formed until last year. Formerly wow when I started encroaching ed and then it sort of grew as aside part of what services we can
now formerly were focused manner, and we think that a lot of young people and analytics in and from many different sports and Ets, as big as this is becoming when, when, when you're looking at it, for particular players, is a lot of information shore Dupe, but here is actually get this information or is it the team around them, because I'm sure this is such a mental game, it's so mental. Unless If I were one of this information you may we too in my head. Anybody wants this information. It's really a first off we actually have a performance, analytics philosophy and our philosophy is to first and foremost, develop our relationship with the team and with the coach and deliver all the things that they want. Specifically. First and then once we have a relationship if they, if they want, is to deliver small bites of it to the player. We will go ahead and do that. But we work through the coach I'm in their some player players out.
You have no coach got so they need you aid. They need the information directly right. That's the requests, that's fine, but typically, where work through the court, the coach, as well as the rest of the performance team, which might be a mental skills specialist which might, of course, to strengthen conditioning coaches. Always I'm so glad it's a coach centred approach and then they have to filter out a few things that we might delivered to the boy. Are you build a database so that you might be able to go into a reservoir and pull out information on an opponent, so I mean so there's two times and a Linux. The one is that helps me as a player. That's where I was gonna start yeah, that's me, but the other type is I get to see your strengths and weaknesses, and analyze there we got to that point. We really started using ever developmental purposes. First I'll get it for every player to no sort of where there, true identity is what the core game is and to act to clearly identify like you should be surprised or a lot of players, especially that
now that we are helping our up and coming and they don't really know their identity. They get confused when it's like, say playing a certain style apply or playing certain surface yeah, they d get away from their core game. So number one is: let's identify for our players, what their core game, Let's try to measure the specific areas of focus at their working on, So if an area focus about one of our national coaches, the second serve or the winter, the ratio of rank and literally looking, we do this about three or four times a year. We grab all their managers, we put him together. We saying you know in the first quarter, you're seconds percentage was fifty two percent. Our goal was to go to fifty five percent, and here with us, we hit fifty five percent. How do we do that? We did it by mixing up the serve, so developmental purposes are first and then secondary, is to take all the matters we do for developmental purposes and then look at. The opponents iron put those together decree, scouting information so loud and development first scouting. I study that means I'd, be building a historic database to for game opponents to survive
The first second serve was this historically now it's this. This might change. I mean we we did Joe, not that long ago, with the authors of the and they pay machine wishes a baseball book. Using the ultra high speed cameras. I think it's rhapsodize are you in said that kind of system because travelling all the buyer is to break out the full vocabulary, and why do that's why you re? I am happy to have a chance to turn. All sort of thing is for me. Looking at what the baseball guys did with hit? Isn't the pitches the ability to act I was just on my new Luman changes are served, changes a stroke. Are you there now, but more importantly and here's? This is where it gets weird. That my Lucia is something somebody has to be able to come in and coach on top love. You know I mean
we are not happy about land to the questions of a couple. There's one is in a dish. Doing the analytics that we provide for qualities. We provide match analysis for qualities So we get all the matches back to the Americans that play. We give them information on their international opponents. We produced matches that we're not broadcast during the course of this tournament and got them back to the players that play them play them or their opponents within twenty four hours by tax, message to love a human right. They love you dont, know, of course, because they like they have an expectation that play at the. U S open that every match years broadcast, whereas not the greatest Attica, especially for Crawley's. So then, then the main draws comes up. We do the same things and everybody information on their opponents we within, twenty four hours show them their own matches, which do go to imagine our system here that the? U S open, provides.
Virtually zero players log into because if you don't know, what's that yeah there when they get attacks message from us that supply them with the scanning says, here's your your match, information on your opponent, oh by the way, here's your match and we also purchase Paca reports for every single. Absence played here that we give them the highest level, information feedback, that's possible there in the main draw than myself Of and another team of specialised filmmakers go around it's all the courts and film it with I speed and hd cameras. We use the other seven hundred yeah. I used one with an external recorded that did to Kay two hundred forty frames. A second continuous, slow motion. While it were able to really look at the technique, common fundamentals of all the best players and are we can do side by side comparisons with developing Americans and say the reason your service in as good as these top players. Who is ok, you lack Lange Drive. You lack the cocking position. You lack the tuscan system. So we were really using high speed video to collect the problem,
nurse around which the best players play with or we can also detect small problem, or deficiencies in their technique. Which don't allow them to do certain things. So if you have an eastern forehand grip on your serve, you gotta have trouble hitting a kicks in Europe. You toss us always to the right. You cannot, The building of a picture so were able to deduce things from the technique that, help us to analyze things that ETA analytics perspective as well, so well from the developing a play as technical abilities, phenomenal and brilliant. I look at it as the receiving end of a serve, and I think about the baseball analogy with the picture in the hidden member Carlos Beltran said He knew all these Mohammed coming. He read, but by the way this is a sport. That reactions eyes also. Is also area of our very house. You have to kind of almost no that person's Gay in order to play them. So are you
a? U analyzing foretell on, serves as well as just adopting technique for the individual, That's that's pretty much the number one you know when it when a coach player, maybe there need new to using analytics usually looking for where two players, like the girl right on the pressure, Pollyanna, absolutely an outbreak points, and if it's fifty fifty there are thirty, thirty thirty than is really nothing there. We say: there's nothing here, as you all know, whether its Serene Williams first serve on the air. She got wider tee. What do you think? Why he's real aims on the outside. What's our number one serve, I'm I'm Goin does that No, that's that's what I'm going to write and makes I'd like you to give out any start, but we all know three Lamb slice dna outside. That's her monies are best players in the world have ache at the game plan, a the serene it can be a b and c caution she's that the verse when we go down to one hundred and thirty in the world. There is a lot of play.
They don't have any, b and c, and there is really what they're gonna stick to. If we can get a player one or two things like hey on the other, pressure points. This is where they like to go and off the ground. This is where there, at our side is, and specifically This is really well. I like the plan, and so it's trying to give people you want to give him good information about how to start points. In that we let him play tennis after I want to get an elimination right, great right right that makes sense to because then you're, not you not overwhelming, and it's it's that makes us wow. Rights are now now The reason I really thought I told you, I'm gonna, wait here, tennis. If you ve got the ability They have pattern, recognition right now, play is due and don't some can develop. But how long before you go, I what sir, analyze. This been there done that. Thank you. Re vast, ready- and I want to say, is the best stuff for last rules. So.
Through our partnership with IBM, you know they ve been a big sponsor at the Eu Us here forever. They provide that and analytics around the tournament, and We were fortunate enough to be one of a couple departments. That's involved in this IBM innovation projects and through this innovation project we are a couple of main goals. One of them is to use? richest source of that are that we have available. Would you Hawkeye data? All the court now have Hawkeye Data. All the courts not have detailed stats. So, We have a combination of details, that's an Hawkeye data and video, that we're getting here at the open for every single main draw match that we're using in real time to again get back to the athletes and to provide scouting round by round and kept. So that's that sort of step. One step too, is you then use a. I were I to look at the patterns, we see within Hawkeye, like patterns of play from these nets. I'd like the directions in it in what's really critical? Is that I told you we do points
starting point ending shot, but we're missing all the stuff and between India, Hawkeye and Watson. They're gonna get all the stuff in between and they are to be able to look at. Single shot and give us things about speed and spin, and all these other and contact point. That's not really there and video and then cut a break it down in say: hey, you know, just like the he's the man that they provide and they IBM site in the very near future. We're gonna be able to use a, I think, give us those quality these guys are going to take a quick break, but when we come back, we going to get the athletes point of you from the perspective of Nick Kyrgios. This is star, sport.
We're back start on sports edition? revolutionizing tennis so which came off of a segment with day, rumours that some crazy stuff then he's talking about I guess inevitable one when you realize what role computers are playing in the Esther relies but when we get the point of view from a player, a world rank player and who told you so Someone told you about my ranking meal Nick Nick Curios. Nick welcome to start talks or edition All right, you currently rings what are you in the world by the Association of tennis professionals? and so you see on the top. Forty, that's a famous thing in America to be on the top. Forty stated, if you know
Forty first, no one will know or had fixed it afforded. I look at the people You beaten on first time out and it's quite impressive, fettered thou. I mean you, so oh it's almost ITALY have some secret thing that they may be. They learn about later, but they don't know when they first meet you. But let me just just it's not often we get it back full up professional in the house. Tell me what how long did you know you wanted to be a profession? or had when did you forgot you a good attempt, I play ball. Swallows young first must also Basel what I'll, seven and also play Tennyson. My dad and my arm appearance pushed me strongly into tennis, and then coming from a strikers. You never got above five feet. Tall is on actually and actually in the unlikely seems bodies
You thought I was gonna. Thirty he's got my boss, but on a lot of what it was massive Boston, self expenditure religiously began, and from Australia, the pathways becoming it. That is why I was a lot easier than making it impossible so yeah. One. Without him, it turned out that turned out pretty good yeah say I think you ve, given the understatement as well, so that they do so? But you don't astray, has quite the tennis legacy of sort of being one of the army of the grand swam and stray open with Tibet and entreat you from early on was it Yes, good differently? Does that contest completely occupy? All these when it's going on yeah we do get reminded of average culture in and sport all the time you know we have a very heavy way
The carry you know with past champions. Obviously light and you're still lies are Davis called Captain Davis copies attain event. That includes all all the countries in Europe is an amazing guy mental us all. But the way we do you reminded does why, on our heads a little bit, how much we do carry when we go out in the quarter return but, as I said, actually watch basketball every single day of my life, and that is my first love mothers, passion and ask I carried out swagger people call it onto the court now cause or my role model. The basket was Yan are unaware. So good? It's yours is so much. Fantail wise it so much fun. What's new play and it's so much fun. Listening to your comments and, as you know, is deserved makers kind of I'll say finger wagging by the organization a couple of times for things that he said but yet somehow they always have a microphone one. Here
everyone who ever everyone's wanting yeah, who is who always fallen, who here secretly. They love it. Secretly they're, just like. Oh, my god, he's gotta face up the which way for him to say something because every time you do it it makes it makes it brings people's attention that today in our view, at the end of the day, like sports at the time it- and I know that in another- where I am the tennis well like they're gonna give me all this power like as another IRAN's watching when I play everyone's like all their eyes Romney's. I know that I miss having someone out there like How does demosthenian my role models giving on it. So you know how things? How does have some fun at data? they Dal Yasser Nick, if you're a bowler and you six five and you haven't, got a game and you thinkin, I can Do this what's the moment and are you said the pathway was that much easier, probably for tennis, but they had to be a moment. Well, you just when I really can't do this was
that light bulb moment when, when did that occur for you what forte my eye was shooting hopes. The back my house and my dad pretty much just came out said you can't play you can't play balls worry more. Like you, pray reduced, gave me the conversations aid about what more can affect cynically injuries, and then economies happened really fascinated seventeen. I was playing just general torments challenge. At all events, I called and then up play qualifying of I told him before Wimbledon made Wimbledon and then ended up bearing the dull for the first time, and then ever since my last completely changed. The spotlight has just been all my love ever since that data is untrue, something in tennis as the Balkans towards it. With twenty other things. We should ask you, but I want to get this out of my head. If you are six five, the length of your are imposed only for the record,
huge cross section, on your right of the cork. Yet So why are more tennis fires tall Would you have to have a level of court of basketball swagger? coordination to pull it off. Well because of it. Joker is now has no sweater Georgia has no swagger and he's probably tolerating the tolerant Mick. When it comes to swagger he's about forfeit too napoleon swagger, since they only attics where enlisted would talk about one of my favorite players like technically, I love the watch. The guy play. I love watch. Ok, we're doing! I didn't ask you a question. I gotta tell me about the cross section of interaction with the ball. What, if anything like that,
I mean in today's date. Age is a lot of players onto another, actually quite tall and can move and athletic. We more gifted these days. So I guess having one life is definitely have helped to myself my says my my best shot an island Having waivers, I think you ll be able to generate why more power and I feel lucky this color more little love it back to jog image. Lackeys any is, I think, he's about. Six were too is pretty tool, but He moved his movement of any EU tend to lose a little bit of movement at all. You are like that. This had happened in Tennyson. That's why Georgia, which moves unease movement side, the sideboard its eyes? ramble, able there is an unbelievable ever say that he gets to the bar, like you can't believe in automated, I didn't realize he was only six two. I thought it was little taller cause he's. So lanky I gotta wait here, but but but chalk. If I have a big wingspan, I gotta get to the bottom, I just reach for her. That's what I'm going do the ball is in the union, ass. If he were, the ball is because the racket- that's true,
However, I have to say we look at next game meat. Has this devastating for hand tat? He takes it almost looks like you take the bar and scooped up and then like turned it over and then like slam it down. On the other side, the court and every time you do this then a beauty. Man, it's like what a favorite it, as I swear my favorite things to say, but yeah so Neil is right you, if you're, I guess seeing all and have like you said labors is, is it is an advantage so if you want to analytics so so how? How how public a part of your life is? This. Tenants a part of your life is tennis, analytics
all right? All right I mean so when we actually got told it. You know you guys have a chart. Now is I was very excited to get on to get on it and on suddenly the maids fund. Because, like all other beta big steckler like when people come to me or like this, like a lot of starts a blunt play and they say look, this is where the guidelines sir, this morning, lockdown big point: this is what he likes applying general. This is, he still apply they die really like having any stats or anything you my head, but does not going out there playing completely on instinct feeling the feeling the opponents. Obviously, no that strengthen weaknesses and what they tend to do under pressure. But that's about it are really don't like going out there with much information are locked his play, my game and December. Let level follow up on that, then were like your end game analytics. Ok, because you know what The things that I enjoy watching about you, when you play is that you frustrate opponents,
and that is mental, but it is also a second goal, because you'll do things like get to the ball and your return shots that they know should have beaten you, and when you return it, you can see them to flee ambivalent, Until error that they make right after that is normally met, an arm like this guy. I actually I don't know what match it was, and you were talking to yourself and you stand stuff like this. What happens when you play your so tat? It was, Therefore, my plan place, they have elected you're. Talking to you thought, okay, so he's actually chiding himself about you know is game, but the other guys listening and did you guys had like a super cool rally and keep it, Down the line you came over and you come a slaughter, from behind almost it goes back and, of course,
it's in there and then you're like this. You like this. Well, you could see you could see. The relevant actors, our role, that what did you expect so use? Your point is drunk ready, but you see that you see the appalling getting kind of frost, We're getting married, and I'm wondering is this part of your game is: are you do with us? Are you ve screwing with these people I mean? Is that argue again? Well, because I guess that's- actually it actually aid- actually Walker wants it because you know one applied when I first. I want to turn us all who is better and it always like top perfect closing. Obviously, when I was a kid, I was very over why I've got told by like a lot of the courage it in a stranger might take it David like people just tell me like I was gonna- be any good luck. I heard the iron over and over again,
I'm an old winning matches and I didn't really have anything to say, because I was very insecure about our white buckles, always kind of Bouygues schools well and then, when I got on to her just like on play, minds: dollar tennis- and it's like it's kind of like straight tenants. Like I mean I just go, I grew up playing like ten minutes. It is really really bad like facility, like five minutes from my house, basically concrete cod and they went on playing these Gaza colleges kept it like. I always go straight and insight that play drop shots. I play like very uncombed unconventional shots. Luck when applied joke of each veteran Adolfo Islam enough of of Baden Job Commission, the doll multiple their luck. They just tend to struggle with, like tennis, that the very uncommon No, I don't know what to do with it like a bad and stated before they just kind of like they look at their like teams, box in the ground. They look. What what is this like? What is this junk that I'm play against? Where does this mean your mostly self talk in that sense. The out another cage internet account for about four
what movies knows the answer because, for example, in adjusted, do a cross pollination here in Chess Bobby Fisher was most, hisself taught and he never sat on the scene and he make a move that nobody saw before nobody could imagine doing and just came from another place. And that was part of what worked for him and so at so too. Does this mean then that you can create a whole new school of tennis around that you're innovations that no new to anticipate would definitely That's my girl. What I want to leave on sport is not nothing Obviously I wanna, you know, have great resolve to stop at nothing to this day. Already, with my following on social meteor, everything my goal is just to inspire, like the use that you know, I've been told, there will be very good luck to players.
The way to do things, and while I just are all I wanna just tell, I want them to believe that they can do it their own way. Luck is all different, everyone's different in different pathways. The fact, to a level what you can do it your own way. That's what I've done an on going to college now for almost five years in United, creating you shot You know people in applying and you know I always had a couple codes when I was young tell you I do my foundation, but that's that's my girl, well then I just wanna know inspired the young young pick. The game I witnessed. The debt of the next generation is gonna, be fed, analytics, they're, gonna, know all about you do you know about their own physiology, surely tennis is gonna, be traced, or did not already by this and Could you be a day we're just gonna beer, this old fashioned guy in his day doesn't the old way, but now I'm being informed by the a I. Let telling me about you and telling me about me there. Definitely, I think I think that's gonna, take it.
This one it already has like you, I say in a locker and people going through stats for analytics all up stuff, but I do think that its very I don't think so. Whoever be completely taken up by the final the existing is always gonna basin characters. Let myself we were gonna, just go their own way, not be so worried about that stuff that you think it'll come on place. Great regret that you show, I don't think so, because your answer, your, I think I am, I think I should have been playing with the Mcenroe and stop because at the end of it I just want to go down a beer and stuff, but these days people just like this are part. Like I don't know, maybe I am old fashioned in a nickel, listen to you and make Chuck and I this interview, diagram us and you like kryptonite to these guys, because they ve got a phalanx of analysts, nutritionists strengthen conditioners and a coach coach coach, then you're going out there guy. I dont have this strategy that use.
I have and they're all about taking a strategy and dismantling its, Was they can we India? So when you come without one you break in their model, did you break there s a real mess and with their heads but you're not doing it in a verbal attitude way. In that sense, the chapters you are doing on that level, but on this other level you paste Gone round the back and pull the plug out of their computer You know why, because it's the Anti analytics approach here, because that's what I'm talkin about frustrating the players like you know there are certain certain shots that are considered. Here's. What I feel like in tennis is, if you if you make a start and the guy can't get to it, you win ok more than two hundred short. For that day s work, wisdom, believe it or not, and they could tell me if I'm right or wrong, there are people who look at you like. Oh, no, no! No! That's lie small
although that's like she or that like you're, not supposed to do certain things you know, but to me is just about it's in the bar, where the other procedure and that forget but that's, not without really that's really falls well, but its put put their players who, like? What did you play me? Why don't you play me like you're? Not you not playing me anything. Why should I play Europe Kalen Great, why did I believe your J J, your sale? I see that he is correctly there? I'm telling you this it's it's an incident same mental part of the game that an end when emit places like after your game, various origin, seal diplomatic, resembling I've heard. I've heard tennis analogies to chess, where you make a move. You set up the next move. The person has to go with different part of a court. Then comes in winning shot up. That requires strategy, you're, not thinking every shy.
In that moment, you thinking every shot in anticipation of shots that follow. So what happens if I watch videos of you- and I get For me, I my computer This is a rhythm that you take and then I'd disrupt your rhythm, because I know it did you in advance? Are you nimble enough to change But I've been that's? Why are you a hundred percent I'm in my game. I think everyone. Everyone in the top hundred or anyone onto a knows that the the the latter babies. I let my let myself be baby what baby, maybe myself or because I'm sorry, predictable. Every points different. My patterns are so different. May not aren't even its as imbecile, What it is I just trying to destroy him, My mother is always serve big big and I just try and keep everything my rocket. I tried at the ball, where I think there can be able to get it right. That's a simple. I have no patent really like. I don't really know my right what they said about Babe Ruth to Ozma
and players there might have been muscle regiments, they think fit. Seven hundred on runs in baby seven home runs on beer and hot dogs this strategy is, to my mind, some might say little careless, but, like I mean I, I care a lot about it. Just my mind. My approach to it. Like I mean I watched possible guys, like you know how they come into games like with like different style with fashion. They can see that personally luck, I'm I'm gonna Gaza, Walker, Antennas courts. We lock Woody's on like Jordan, one like I don't know, I'm just gonna wanna bite when we take on one will take get your ass into the top ten We did it in you see when you say I was always. I was thirteen and I didn't really had another courage. I won three times in one year. I was playing well, but I've always liked consistency. Luck, I mean, I think, a lot. Some little played and most every topic in the top ten that they can work but every single day- and you know it- I dedicate every small little time
maybe they're loss diet stretching regarding stretched a body bought in about Probably the eye is now you sound. Like me, I love Why? Not? nationalism and like muck assistances is death. It's got like the journal, a river improvement, but that's like that is what you can. You get like us. You know you can have ups and downs, but that's all just learn to accept that. Really what if you do, it? What if you said you know what I'll have that stretch I'll go and you are gone load up some. I I and I'll think not about maybe my opponents, but maybe about my own game, or you might have my view that, as in that violate ears com is we ve got to be a long enough smarter about a rather than more physical might have to rely on that yeah, but.
On Article sub region, I get to again. It was like yeah, but now I'm not now has pushed by what was it is at the end of the day. It's tenants luck, I'm not honour its, not solely on the scale of stress over, like lots beautiful to so many, like you know to me, like I'm unblest, to be why I'm a blatant a very high level. I do my way and you know you're not gonna. I think you're, not gonna dedicated my entire laughter Does this boy, you know about other things going on in that's it, I'm gonna too quick, break and Nicky if you can hang out with us we'd love to chew the fat with you in our third segment. That's what we like to do it's a game for a little different. I'm not going anywhere excellent. This star talk sports addition, revolutionizing tennis.
I did. That start ups or traditional names. Gary Riley arrives. Oh Nick Curious is gonna stay with us as hair I see the fact that you make for hang it on, and so let me just ask Are we at? We were devoting this practice show to try I understand what role analytics plays in when tennis player can kick another ass quickly, ass of another tennis by and you're just you
You broke that lobbyists crumbling that progress in that you set the whole thing, Ebbene identical against the guys, the average. You know what I caught like, I said, and would when we first started, call it endgame analytics. You know I mean, I think that what MRS doing is processing the analytics on a like play to play basis. Point to point: is figuring out, what's going on in situ and figuring out what he has to do. Make something happened. I mean we call them improvisation. If you're on stage is a comical jazz, aren't you know, I think that's what he's doing. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong man's resale makers declares artists of tennis. We I like that I would thus I would describe it is more like jazz. It's like you know what you know, what baseline there's. You know what the melody is right, but then all of a sudden, if you're in Sync, and it only works when you're in sync, if you're insane, despite a camera,
laugh when this little like phrasing here, I'm going to add something here, I'm gonna do something different here: and you come up like with a completely different song, right in the moment you wrote a song in the moment of pretty courts. Agrees, I don't agree, I don't know it's like Europe. You don't realize young as our main there's no earthly ever gonna take their white jacket going to embrace that seed. The thing is the other, from my point of view, is a former athlete in brackets name If you imagine I has, every tennis player has access to eye in the top. Fifty right, then, if you have called designs, design, computer. They all generally look the same. It's when this play at this car comes along its exotic, it's different! that's the thing he remembered. That's the thing that stands out. You'll have a lot of
I use game, is gonna, be based on very similar lines mix. Is that stand out that point so when they zig zag, when they zag he's eggs here was a different cusp. Here's the thing! Ok, I think people are. Under under recognising what I can actually do, so when it is not just a better version of what we would do if in its full force, it is thinking in ways we have never thought now. That's true! Ok! It's just that. We give an example, the Board of juggling right. You know that ways. Can you juggle three balls right? There's you know there's two or three ways you do this: they gave at two computers, even before I was on the table since you gave back to a computer with it? As is finest every way that word a whole new juggling sequence came up? oh buddy thought of before the ended up.
Think it's! The way it's done is the is like that were the most important thing like the personality is gone. If it's, I think it's not! Are you gonna be fun to watch none of its about where now? Because, because I could have your personality than you and say it You ve done. Is it s pretty inventiveness inventive, here's another inventive, one that about you, hadn't thought! Now you didn't think of. Look like what does it look like? I don't know they say I really dont be embarrassed by do somebody. I told you to do that. You could have done better. That's what you're saying I'm gonna have swag meal Anyway, I did programme. There were wag factor, not only so many I was There- has. How does that play into your existence with, the sanctioning body, where other players you know your life, the fact tat
you are more like a ball and you are a tennis player you know you did that the way you carry yourself, I think it's a good thing. I think you're gonna bring a lot of people, the tennis and I think that you know that I think that they look at you and they'll never tell you there's because you're unconventional, and so if, if, if I'm a sanctioning body I can't condone unembarrassed dollars. That's it! I don't care, I can't live spot on the spot, but what I do know is this is good, is good for my business. I know one thing when you're on the exhibition course right: I've never
seeing those there's more filled up right said. Not only that I mean I am old enough to remember in real time watching Mcenroe, no one would condone anything he said or did, but you, whilst the game, and they want to see what he was going on and they loved it that the at the love tat you see, they love not an analyze. The analogy to him under saying is an example of just what truck is talking about, where your dear you're, too unorthodox to be, say, endorsed by the agency causa secretly. Behind closed doors and user like great what they need Speaker Mcenroe, what do you think of of what he said just about a little while ago that he was like
that's gonna fight, no man said the other guy, don't get mad at me up just get it out. Ok, I'll! You gotta me. What did you say? What is rising varies all in and he carefully devastating more. So you don't. You know me very easily, be like agriculture. The smart withstood the easily said I thought anyway. Here we have a matter was critical of net for about some. Some on port comments and behaviour, but then he turned round was like look disguise. Super talented. This guy has everything it takes. If he really wants to be theory is tat, he should get serious. If not, you should go to something else yet also experts, don't worry, does a big words then they are actually on actually closely John, because replay live a carpets, tame well versed in Europe every year.
Yeah blocker, it's like erotic up Gulf, ok, yeah yeah and on having called this leap, delay the cup labour come interesting. Gently from an alarm tamely Ursus Team Europe. So the idea has got Novak Federal, and the doll like that. Good luck, they, like all style on up and then tame world, basically just made an end. Some Americans too many people on my side on mobile versus these days. What he's got it? once he didn't know me like once we met each other. We literally like bonded like crazy, like we actually dry friends there and then when he realize that I'm actually crazier than him he's kind of just giving out like he's giving out like he try He tried like do me some advice and then like when you really just met me. Just like I was in his luck? Aid is needed, like not
a comment or anything I said was gonna actually influence anything. I did what you just have to come back and then he just now we just now everybody talks we operate very little use language should go a beer or something like that really is thus a chat, gnats, nothing, illegal tennis sets and that's it that's the way I prefer we want it's like. I understand it is like people differently, gonna go about it. Provides luck. That's just how it is. You can't make someone do something. I don't want to do about right of castle. So let me ask you: just let me ask you this is there It didn't he's ever said that you were just like yeah right on. Ok, you got you got me man, you got me if there is anything that that he ever said that did that to you, I may everything he told me like. I know that I need more consistency. I need the type maybe training of it will seriously or recovery because there's everything he said of common our economy, our luck, they just hall putting it again but When you talk to me about my behavior, like John, like, if you did
Today's daily social media, lock you going out partying like people on their phones, video. What you'd have Bain Harangue destinies does. He cannot told me about you behave lucky tunnel and then he's like Iraq you're, like the council to IRAN. Are you because what you don't argue defaulted once foot for breaking everybody actually he had no more rapid supply. We were gonna tell me about it. I would like an answer re like I'm willing to give it back without look I can take it I'll, take it every time. A lot about like opera, gonna, wanna, say negative comments like uh uh grown up just like getting hammered handed with negative comments. I can take it and I can t should act like you would not believe. That's. Why, like, when, like these tennis by has come to me with luck controversy and live on Twitter, like a like Rama arable Land, locked up in his right to go to war from internet a very important point. So in terms of the head game. There goes on if half of its, if half of again- We have ten Caesar talent in the other,
F is it by as there's a Gary let off describing in the old days, because, citing someone out, is it possible that someone could perturb view? rather strategically in a twitter thread, knowing your reading it and now you're a little bit flustered for your next game or you above all that MA am unlike I don't even judges of Fiji. What is the zip making better like you, don't understand how much I love this like topic, lack of just like going out there and is getting in someone's have, but I love it like. I just do this. I just do like for instance, when we change in so tennis in all of the things that there is a change in the retreat and right you cross ends and then, like I, just like look about it every time about us. Look at him and say I was blocked, he's looking anywhere you looking at me like, but every day the everything Let us at last, like couple years up every time across him the opponents always looking at what I'm doing. I've always
straight away. I know that luck I mean I mean they had presented, externally, now they're, not even thinking about how their feeling that is looking at what I'm doing how you doing from talking myself self commenting or dislike playing with a crowd of love in a gallop. I'm already one left off about so now for disposal. My game there that their job, how much of what you do, is reading a tail on, do you bother to do that because it seems you all Europe he being you- and I respect that totally. But do you get into the ok? This gonna come now. Do you actually read that data that level, I'm I'm not, I mean like We about tell us that we can get you can get away with. You know, maybe just like having a common here. There are not even like focusing for appointing the scoring system like it helps you a lot so in order to really would serve safe, I'm holding my serve every time. I'm do myself a very good chance to win the said, the discouraged
Who knows me a lot in the fact where I could just throw a game on their servers? Games like I could just completely not even try to return to serve and then all of a sudden there thinking what the hell is this guy doing like this is not about professional Lucky's occupies we doing this and then a whole myself and then the next game they like eyes, but why don't you get it? bugger. Tim are certainly not when the first couple points on this served in African out their complaining to that their tame, saying these guys. What is this? Like this is ridiculous, and then before him with their heads dude. It totally mess and with him, and I ought to know if I will be able to like the mess with people's heads fact birthday. You know like NATO. Is you remember, chuck you'll, remember this? We interviewed run darling. Became the floor when its future. He has told us during the course of irregular season, he would face a certain batter, knowing their probably going to face up to them in the in the playoffs. At some point you said I would throw him junk. I would say
an absolute salute garbage and when we came to the playoffs he'd be thinking be getting the same stuff served up, and then to smoke and be trash. Absolute, several knick, knacks treading, maybe well trodden path, but trot a path that is in that year varies. So let me confess they're, probably that's the last in a way I will ever know how to do. I do it. Listening is probably already worked it out guys we gotta brings to a close here. I think it's really great avenue and unregulated Gaza German coincide in I'm sort of the anatomy of Tennyson General and especially inside your tenants any at all about the site. This is not the general tennis can not get. Who have strange Gatt BR. Definitely to be like that, Very good to have you checked As always I was applies itself.
We got it. We ve got a rapid up their nick thanks for being on this on start talk, delighted to have you Did your insides not only to the sport but into yourself, which was quite a large lovers, excellent excellent always good to have a giant you always a pleasure always there. I merely grasped hasten your personal astrophysicist bidding you to keep talking
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