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2013-03-28 | 🔗
Do sci-fi classics like Star Trek provide a glimpse into future trends and styles? Neil chats with stylist James Aguiar about the science fiction and facts of fashion.

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The universe is filled with secrets in industries. Using this with many questions to be answered, we find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What woody
Japanese it's easy to me in the brain tat. Are you going to do Grandma South Ass do when they get lab welcome back door, talk ready on your hosts near the grass Thyssen, astrophysicist and director. Cities- hating planetarium, I'm here what city joined by my fab, co, host comedian, incompetent Lynn, welcome back now. I love I knew into our core despairing or parts of my body still shaky little. This we show topic is on the science of fashion and as well. As the appearance of fashion in science fiction.
I have no expertise at all on this except I have strong opinions about all the outfits, I've seen and movies, but we will Few minutes we're gonna, get to an interview I conducted in my office with fashion stylist. James Aguilar, we'll have a perfect We have a professional, that's right, but first we have to do so to do, an update on the week's news. Cosmic new sign when we have news that has to do with ourselves Last week we talked about new life that that was discovered in a lake in health, look new life, it's old life or that lake has really are so cutting their. That lake has some of the highest levels of arsenic, of any body of water in the world. So if you want, if the, if you find life I think you want to understand wizened, arsenic, killing them because it would kill us like posting and one of the reasons it would kill us is because our bodies not good enough to distinguish phosphorus from arsenic. They both do your memory of chemistry in high school. Remember, oh yeah,
objection. I didn't even know of Connecticut with my fate or not. I hardly remember Clemens thing I'd, sir. I do know it so in a farce, mix it right below phosphorus on the periodic table governments, which means They burn the same way with the same elements, and so when you in just arsenic, your body, doesn't know the difference and You could end up dying from it because your body doesn't protect you from that distinction. There are microbes, however, that do know the difference and can swap it out and still thrive on it, and so this we'd be reported on this too, Perhaps what we felt we ve found now asked me last week with leaves a NASA announcement that, through microbes in Model Lake in California, that thrive on arsenic in places where the phosphorus would go. Since then, there's been some push back in the scientific community which there Always scientific everybody's got a rain on somebody s career, but even if it
ass if it really make any these are uncertain, mean that all rain and the moraine off stepping on their rain loud, it's gotta, make sure you noses clean when you do in science and so what they the question, whether the apparently they were coaxing the bacteria not to replace their phosphorus. What one of the basic ingredients of life as we know it they, the claim, was that they would like swapping arsenic with the phosphorus turns out. That might not be so that what they are actually doing was just discovering that the life is doing just fine in high arsenic and burned It's not killing them do not actually swapping it out so so the full answer remains in one night, regenerating urgently that were used, not just as a loss me at our side of dad. I don't even know what that meant anymore. I was like to them back and in high school
I'm just saying that that, as is the common in any frontier science, you come out with an amazing discovery till the other colleagues of yours, then, with double check. It amounts to step on your aims. Get scepticism runs rampant throughout the scientific community because where we can be sure that people did the right thing, but either ever final answers in science. Me I like it. It seems like people can always question everything or something when all the data agree and everything's workin you're done your ear. You done you go into the next problems. Yes, they can be. Finally answers like earth does go around the sun. I know that I'm just saying, but you can keep asking you questions and you can yes, and so by the way, so cite the frontier of scientists not only always in flux, but so too, of course, as fashion, in fact fashion. If it gets segment,
No, that's good. I practice that same move. So yes fashioned changes much to the chagrin of many people why the can afford to keep buying new clothes or or or but the fashion industry loves it, and I don't fully understand it, but I you know we have a good interview with with James younger he's Aguilar. I think I pronounced it right. There's a fascist! I listen to the stars. He appears on the tv show full frontal I value as full frontal fashioned. That's the guy now he's, and so we get several cliffs with him and first I tried. I talked him just to get an understanding of sort of weird the universe his mind operates in just to find out. Is there any connection between what he does and what we do? Let's go check it out. I gotta be honest with you. I can't think of a more remote topic from astrophysics was ashen, When I got your call, I thought the same thing. I thought: what does he think gangs, science and fashion workers.
I've seen science fiction movies and somebody had to design those outfits on other planets and somebody one of your car? Twill brethren is thinking this through wondering what the future of fashion would bring right. I always say the future of fashion question mark meaning. Does it really exist? So, for instance, I wonder what would it mean does well when you look at a futuristic movie or a sign fiction film that some designer or costume designer spent beaucoup time designing. It always inevitably ends up. Looking like the time we're living in, so can you really designed the future so, for instance, let's interest. Because I remember old STAR tracks back, then it look cool because they, I think it was sort of on the edge of the contemporary design. But you look back on it.
Dress, like the sixties, all the work that is thus sixty eight is so new tenant heroics got the boots. The tight, whatever the hot pants is the sixties. It's the sixties, and it's funny because STAR Trek is really. I think one of the best examples, because it really was designing the future, not just in fashion or costume, but in the I agree in how we expected to live in the future right, but if you really look at it with horror, lieutenant horror, she was a receptionist Is that their answering the phone? You don't wanna ensuring that intergalactic blackened? Exactly so I mean the future doesn't really exists and if you look at STAR Trek, you see the short skirts, many skirts, which were big in the day boots. We'll go. Go boots were driven Goble boots, they weren't they were disco cage, but Google absolute visa, the whigs than the booth on hairdos, the blue eye shadow with the egyptian eyeliner. All of that is very sixties, but it was also like you said, on the edge of fashion.
Still got to look cool in its day, Godzilla cool and that's why we look back on it now, like that's fear, sooner fashion person would say: that's beer I love him. Great. I what I really like you said he completely nerd it out with you the minute he said. Did you notice that the minister said this passion really exist in the future? You can hear you I'd like a little science, orgasm you're like what does that mean that so little acting against all I mean I've got my God. I love that. So I have. I have favorites, I fight of it that had been worn in movies. I do member me Barbara to remember that you and every other guy, and a view, statements this layer and Barbara. I met you and I had borne. I saw Balboa like a time in my life, where I shouldn't have seen Barbara. It was like a kind of her physiologically sensitive time.
He won't sleep through the night. Look out then fast forward. I couldn't stop paying attention to what carry on MOSS was wearing in the matrix. Was just part of my EU every neither guy yeah. Sorry, I'm a guy. What do you want amendment? No eight recover. What I meant to attain said it you want to know what I like being a woman? What policy my head of course has a girl. I love Princess Leia and I loved all the star trek. But again he was right. Teams is right that STAR Trek stuff, because it was sixty that was just cute and if they barbie dolls, even buy it. I didn't love cigani weavers off it in aliens, though she was brought Kirk and Alfred within Europe. I e, and it was like I liked it is those very androgynous. We still think she can move in. It is right that the first one was kind of item city. Looking thing I like that alive, so retreat. So what you say you want to be a superhero like she was that I want to tell you about the desert.
Well, we were back to James Aguilar, whose our our universe treaties. I guess this we caught the horror reception off. We want to find out what he just thinks about. Signs clerk about cipher clothes and where we have utility science caused really does not. I've seen comes closer, were bad Hayden Planetarium, pretty much pop pocket protectors and they start, let's see what he has to say about the close of the future. When they're not wearing clothing of our time? They tend to be He sought a silver costumes and they all to have these broad? others. That seems to be recurring theme when I wake what's up with that
I don't blame you for. What's up with the asteroid, came you blame me for that matter? I had nothing to do with it. Maybe you didn't that's the thing you sign. You never know what we're cooking up in the lab and I think the thing with the silver and broad shoulders, its designers working with technical fabrics of their day. So whatever scenes futuristic, meaning like I would never where this on a day to day basis, but in the future it might ward off laser, be afforded aliens throwing rocks at all? You know, Moon Lino, climate change or climate control undoubtedly have a utility of the moment to exact serves that me. I love him aliens and growing rock. I know there's some, not scary ally and throw its base right.
You haven't laser beams, two rocks there might ward off laser beams or aliens growing areas zone have ways of being. I like that. You know I have. I have a petty. And I have a friend who has a pet about people, fashion, people wearing fashions that came from and things and then not utilizing them for those purposes more, like cargo pants, I have cargo to but you use the park totally, I'm look landed here I got I got off, I go with this. When I use cause, I don't carry pocketbook that's. Why are you ready so that we do Tonia the pocket book and you fill up all the pocketing cargo answer you need to pocket. No, I wear the cargo pants when I walked the dog and I put on ice like gunship, hoop bags gotcha she what I did back, I'm old enough to remember this. When I worked in an historic city, he York City, I wore what was farmer pants, the the above our overall with the hammer. Everywhere assert.
Are you wearing and like over fifty four with one, the undone One was the oldest, I guess it was fashion, pointing what I have only a parachute pants, because that kind of a science I will, I will not admitted it because parachute I mean those came, the reason they were being used. Am I correct we were talking about it, as is the parachute dad didn't rip. My eye on three pairs of partial must confess but we have already often gray had a black, and I had another one that was kind of an off red,
yet so that I had pink. So they were so they were good argument. Maybe they became clothing because you could break ants in them without tearing up your clothes spin and on the sidewalk right, but I didn't use them for break out and if my old thing about fascinate of, of course, that's why they they came about. But then I was just wearing them to school to school. I went to performing arts coworker Archy, that's warn the clubs, but I couldn't hear them to my astrophysics classes. They wouldn't worked just left your whole wardrobe, you ve got overalls and Paris, kids would guess who we have back on start up. We have our favorite bill. My audience way. Yes, bill, not he's gonna, how much interviews into fashion buddies into space, useless you to tell us about ions fastened, build. I hear whenever start.
Artlessness find themselves in space. They want to work good and feel good. That's why you, when you're spacesuit its high fashion- and it keeps you from dying in space? Not only is there no air there's, no anything which includes nothing, to provide pressure against your body. The pressure bodies accustomed to so spacesuit makers set you up with your own atmosphere. Your suit is its own spaceship, but the suit some so far, bulky massive and clumsy the spacesuit as a whole, bunch of suits worn one inside the other sea. I wore a space for a while on tv, there's, an absorption, whereas exact to ventilation, garment a fan and a nose scratching. In all manner of joint and houses in it are quite a while to dawn, but soon will have bio suits with form in fibres that hold you together without the bulk the head of every party from mere to the moon and, of course, as we tell every traveller, don't forget your hat. I mean your helmet. I gonna fly build. I the science guy.
I love bill. He's a friend of STAR talk, radio and he always comes through for us. I do know he pulled out of space suit winter. He worked on this and that we shall have the time, and I didn't know that I get it. I dunno scratch your in it. That's creepy, actually He was hilarious when he does that you have to wear space suits or you'll die scary. It all veld I or you'll die. You been listening to star talk, radio on your house near the grass Thyssen astrophysicist in directive, neared cities, Clayton Planetarium here with wind, complicates comedian. An actress we're coming up on our first come a break, we'll be back cosmic Mamma. You can start up at all it's twenty fifth starred taught live is back. Where return
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You're a space, Cadet rocket scientist deputizing for avoiding you want to hear from you. The phone lines are open now, stop start radio hope the other grass typhus I'm here with link up with my bab those men. We ve been talking about space fashion, In fact, the way technologies influenced fashion and we fashion is influenced sites. I vision for the future. It absolutely hasn't entail. Nice had something right that stuck out to me in the Laugh Annabel nine minute, which was how space in space fashion does
suits, are going to be holding us together with thinner, lighter, wait, material and Neil that's already happening in fashion with spanks sprang. You know what those are. No, that's Hollywood's big secret, that is it seems that the illusion right. We call women, it's the most beautiful thing and I call on behind the scenes of the electric light parade. If you look under a lot of women's clothing, where wearing now these these space age, girdles things they gaudy sculpturing, but their basically space age, Gordo girdles used to be like these hideous things like sausage, kissing and now they're made of thinner materials, but there's still sausage case and its higher versions, but just a nicer, more comfortable
What did it dynamic virus? It's interesting that materials that technology drove to enable people to do a lot of outdoor things to stay warm and the cold, like waterproofing mortar, prevents why tax or that all of that has become just mainstream clothing that so the intersection of fashion and technology is, I think that distinctions. Not even there can you imagine not having cortex. I can hear yeah it's something that, while we have a fundamental part of everyday life and among the cool items that people might where I think of superheroes what they might be wearing what Spiderman, where's or Superman Superman Use to you know he should get get wrinkles in his pantyhose, and now he doesn't in the autumn. I think they were tired. I don't think they bring your or I think He would tell you that's: let's go back to my
James Argue, our he's there fashion stylist and see what he says about superhero costume, where type the met a few years ago did and exhibit on super here. I remember that I attended that right wreck, which I thought was a very thin idea for a show. But when you look at the technology that those costumes had that's kind of what we're talking about weirdest, How did you come into this? It's beyond its more than just the cotton and you're sewing machine, apparently, what kind of envelopes can you stretch here while I always look to what sports figures do and specifically what they do for the Olympic? That's the time when a lot of innovative technical fabrics are introduced Please, like the swimmers, had the shark skin exactly know what that was now by our kind of wanted to try it, but that's how it trickled down then, to film and, for instance, the costume designers for Spiderman, say you know what that looked, really great speeds.
It is so, let's, let's appropriate, that for any cost you so you not this so so people understand spent for so much of sports. You're moving through the air is not developing on the moon, removing through air or you're booming through water. So what you want to do is reduce. We call the viscous drag on your body and you want war to be what we call flow over you and Lamb and Norway Lameter means its. Does it doesnt kick up little turbulent curly cues never see these wind tunnel tests when they put a car in a wind tunnel goes smoothly over the front and back and curl up if it curls up increase like a vacuum behind you and slows down. So you want to minimize that completely so a lot of this. So I don't, if you knew this but speed or approach NASA to get them to develop a superior swimsuit, because you want to know how to design a surface that can move through a fluid could be air or what a fluid is something to take the shape of its container. That makes sense, but then also what about the snake?
like fire pro basketball. I mean. I know this guy spend a lot of money to have sneakers that they can jump pirate and move better. Here. I think in the never come from space it helps when you're good basketball. By what am I wrong? I don't know how much space technology when it's a basketball shewed, but I know a whole lot of technology- has gone into basketball, shoes and sneakers, and I used to believe I mean I remember, seeing at four p m flyers and had the action where on the inside and we can ever for them. And I would swearing kids and it was like when others like just wrong. Where did you find, but I could still run faster than all the rest of them, so I knew that was a lot of your head of welfare. Five, that's what it was
So any also the the frontier research we have really smart people solving interesting problems has affected fashion and ways, especially lipids. We're Michael felt. This catastrophic viscous haven't Michael Phelps war. Just wanted war, one of those one of those efforts for the unity of clothes on it and notice. Distract like the picture him new there's some claim recently that third clothing, that a self heating- and I am sceptical about that- and that was brought up by James Aguilar. Let's wait, let's see what he says about it. I think I got on his case about I'm free men applause. I do not need that are at least check him out. There's a story called Uni Cloud that has designed heat sensitive away. Excuse me: I saw their at in the subway yours
to call right self heating, clothing, and now I do physics and someone says the clothing itself heating. I ask: what is the energy source does their battery? Is there a coffee warmer like what is it? And then I read the fine print and all it does is trap your own body heat. That's what any clothes Does that's why we put on her clothes in the morning? So maybe does it better than other clothes. Fine say that say that you some revolutionized closed because it keeps your body heat in. Excuse me. Are you done? now. Let me keep going, and so I was pissed off there in the subway. I had nobody to complain to nobody punch because its abuse of the laws of physics and on the physics police physics, but we must not. Now I've done first of all its not what it does is it redefines technology and how we decide to layer.
Clothes for warm. So, instead of while you could put continent, but we know cotton breathe, we know linen breeze. Silk is actually a really good fabric for warming, insulator desert rate insulator- and this is what this is. This is technological fabrics that say you know what now I'm not going to wear that quilted thermal t shirt I'm going to get this because it's super thin. It's going to not make my appearance but You are going to be able to say that I can go out in the cold dress. In the end, in more ways than I could have before exactly I believe it if they said it just simply keep you more warm than other cloaked in Aceh your work as when we all grew up. They said. Oh, you need fourteen layers and thick coats and that's how you stay warm, I'm glad. That's all been trapped we will look like the Michelin man running up and down the block we ask, and when I was growing up, my mother would put wonder bread bags on my feet inside my boots.
My socks will come along and I'm gonna know actually know the wonder. Bread bags was that your feet can slide and easily through the rubber goloshes. That's. Why? Because I had wonder bread bags to and that's why, unless your parents gave you a different excuse for why they did it. Would not I swear to you not to keep your feet want. It wasn't, keep it warmest Kim dry dry. Ok, that, too, is out when you ve got the wrong the snow. It was an insulated scar, you so badly. You have Europe, this wonder bread moment on your feet and you swore this would never happen again. She became a fashion designer What it did made me realize how often and how much technology and materials affect our everyday lives, and this this is kind of what your point of the show is. I think is how do all of these elements
a fact science and if you're not looking around, if you're, not here as a designer, especially if you're not looking at materials and technology and blending the two, you really not pushing anything for so whether about your explicitly thinking science you're freely. Recognising that added science literacy in your profession can definitely aid your designs and where you had him, what you do, it's everything that makes a person well rounded and interesting and interest in aunt Jane. I gotta tell you he's, I know who you are trying to be funny about that or the wonder bag. Please, like I know when it made me think, was what you're says about. I believe you know what I thought was really interesting about that. Now I living in New York City, you know how I live in a pre war building, so it gets very hot. My apartment,
war or you could you not specific point is a very good report, which we will know what to do now. I don't know just stop it. I just want to get to this point. We're gonna run out of time in a long time ago that net. So I turn I open the windows and it didn't cause. That's how you have to live in dignity. They, the heat from the building, is the old buildings, and then you open the window so sometimes gets freezing in the Milanese. So I've really experimented with how to layer, my blankets and the strangest thing, and that's when he just said that I thought oh, my gosh that I have experienced this is that I I always thought by putting the warm like the fleece against my body. Would be warmer, but now I have found, and I put the sheep first and then fleece between the down and the sheet. That's the warmest constitutes a writer scientific experiment in science and Linz bed? This is good, but it doesnt have a patriot. Does one there is a bit of thermal dynamics, you're dumber dynamics, your member, linked to a year I hold out any plant. My Thermo
No, it's good because you can get. Gee or take energy needed norm, not depending on your work on what kind of chemic there's chemical energy that can be taken away from something or given to so called packs at TAT would have been happy the heat in your boat in your body, so that one way to stay warm in other ways to make yourself warm from sources of heat. And it's just a matter of what kind of chemical coming but our hot pack, this hard packs you can Brabant and released the chemical reactions, turned a pack heart. That's an exothermic reaction and then, as others, you can do the same kind of crumbling the crystals and it makes a cold and you have a cold at an endo thermit reaction and it's amazing how bad has ground, because when I was a kid my grandparents would say you ve gotta put a hot when they were kids, they had a hot potato, they put in their pocket,
to keep warm and then they would eat it with a lunch was as Ireland and with what we have is that the press- and they were whether the person you warm you had to have a potato in your pocket it running. We know if we rely too potato stay here for a long time now kid should be lucky may get the endothermic thing, a Magnano just got chemistry to do it and you don't feel it or you hope they weren't. That's right is that dangerous, though, is that a pollutant, those things I dont know some chemicals are but a most are much less polluting people believe they are simply because their called chemicals and people from all chemicals are bad, I'm just thinking. Maybe we should go back to the hot potato work on your listening to start
radio on your hosting the other Ass Thyssen, one we learned we come back in a few minutes after this commercial,
the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal this star tie me. Do let me money start today is Frank Sinatra: ninety sizzler couldn't resist align birthday bank he's dead and I'm sure you're, really you confrontational, and you really mean I'm sorry. So what I want to go to next, as but you're wishing to start operating on your hosts, Neil digressed, hasten I'm here
it covers the wind couplets. We been interviewing this, our James Ogier, whose fashion designer to the stars actually sufficient stylist, and he makes you look good when you need to look good and so he's been giving us inside it What goes on in the head of his fashion designer- and there are other things that go on in the relationship between technology and fashioned, for example, people today dealing think about it anymore, but we have wrinkle free fabrics and stain resistant fabrics and fire resistant fabrics and waterproof fabrics, and we just buy em and just accept that that's what they are, and I don't know that, there's enough appreciation going on to the fusion of science and technology of science and fashion as they? If you are a round back and people were blowing up, remember those shirts that were from India and they were, they were literally lead on fire, her hidden him remember if you went near
claim your line up and lay there is like back in the Hague. Even they re was a nightmare and now and then you appreciate it when you remember back to that, and so the lot the several ways to do it. I think in the old days you a dip the clothing in these insert sort of surfactants that would give it these properties. Nowadays, there it I've I've been reading that if they can actually grow, they can treat treatable fibres and sells the that woven fibres themselves, and it would ever you make out of it within. Have them. Have those properties No one is all that wrinkle free. They display stuff. Now, where you can do your own spray dry cleaning, your spray globalists, little stream is interested. If not because formaldehyde will make clothes wrinkle free forever. Dorothy knew that from our side didn't know, that's the stuff that keeps brains fresh in the jar I know from now. The hive look just in case out of you from ETA. Keep all my ex boyfriend
toes and look there's another one. I just read the story. The London College of Design, Professor Helen story created magically disappearing, dress made from polymers and what had its water soluble polymers and through the video this of water to worse they both ass. You may like a silk dress, the subjects centrally, and so the emperor did have close on there. It is made at a sober while it here's what happened. So if you go into the water than the closed, just dissolve off of you and there's a video of a supermodel wearing this new dissolve apple clothing, dipping into a pool of water and the dressed as that we have a video of this on start talk radios, Facebook page. Does he know what dissolve of? Could she got all this in advance? I dont give give events, are women, these soap dresses and then put him into puddle?
so you can find out on our facebook page. We have a linked directly to this disappearing dress act. I have to my question: is why why? Why is it you too lazy to take a close off when you go in the shower that what what I meant says because they can do this. Shall it be there why fashion designers gone bad? Who, I think, has rams her. Lady Gaga have one of those vessels rotating whenever great you quarter with water guns on the red carpet? All that would be great. The selective anatomical parts you can find us on face we're face a calm, slashed star, talk, radio, otherwise just do their marvelous executed, marvellous, sir functions and you'll land right where you need to be given a museum design, didn't they also
they made a dress made out of like Ellie Delight and its total lady got here? I think it's. You know why not if you're gonna go there just to see just to test the waters, but I'm more intrigued by this next frontier of what you're doing with fail, and there are now working on materials that have all towards a sort of sensory applications, for example, is so interesting, so they're making infant bed linens that smell. Like me there's milk, so their Meda aromatic fabric? Yes, the energy who's. The aroma that you want and wait till we met the implementing. Well, so you will you wrap them in this and they think they're there. Their smothered in mother's milk and there's some pleasure to the hangar grown men who would want to think about this at it. But it can really can calm down anxious children made previously, but we did with my kids as you can simply to heart beat. But now this seems like much more sort of passive. Yet
nonetheless affecting now tell why people the thing, the other things that these aromatic fabric smell her? So another really call ok support, Javert! Suppose you ever called you. Can you sort of eucalyptus treated pillow? and then you- and I have always played my pillow cases with eucalyptus, because wrong or lavender, because both of those things are nice to sleep on, so you better user peach research or try to clean this Edith. I heard one so we now with a planet so also in a fashion science, where your clothes that contain pheromones that enhanced sexual arousal re. That's what we need to address, what we have to be. She connected just clothing. On your shoulder or the parliament, what don't complained to me? I'm just run your report in a mad idea. I'm reporting the new measures morning. Now? What can you imagine being on the on the subway, knowing
both closer out there. We have to watch, you got. Someone was guy Robin up on you, like your jacket, males have seen and training places. Remember we're Penelope sat down on the couch on the chair in the programme, the police station and is really creepy like homeless. Just leader to use now rise, and so it is so. This is a fascinating and which obviously, next, if you'd need medical doses of various things, you can have clothing that has medicine built into it and it gives you the right dose at the right time. I went on to us that at all what are we gave? You too many doubts I didn't see. Is he reduced on her card again and there's one more with this one, where you can use clothing that actually does its own smelling to keep track of what
if there's something I write, what is and what so, for example, its suppose you can imagine clothing that was sensitive to a carbon monoxide and then the clothing sort of reacts when you walk into the presence of these chemicals that caught interesting, I mean why on earth- and I love it, a programme of this new out do spend guys you don't like this talk the same seen going to tuna crunching, that's right! You if the with the criminal has a particular smell. The clothing can retain a record of that smell and it's a much more chemically complex and uniquely the bull they think are proud idea and a prince themselves now, but then you know people like bathing in and you know dear pay to hide their cement
Let's go back to James Agora, to see what he says about the fashioned changing, because everything changes and see what he tells us about. Their fashion is always about changing. It is always about deciding what people want in the future fashion design design two and three seasons ahead. I always thinking this where they're always thinking this way, it's the masses and all of us who sort of catch up with it. Two years later, three years later, four years later, I gotta ask: why does fashion exist at all? I don't mean to be so blunt, I'm just. Why do you mean by some different three months from now out how perfectly happy the clothes fit. They work, I'm fine! Now you gotta come second to buy some different, I don't, but your daughter might, or your wife or Europe.
We're all friend she may say you know what I am tired of EU wherein those genes and look at present Obama when he was wearing those dad genes. He got ridiculed not only in the fashion press, what the press fast, exist. So we can. We can change so that you can ridicule so so that we can. So you can have a sound work of worse, dressed list that the best wrestling Ok, we can re assess how we feel about ourselves. Chafes ocular enough to fashion to changes all time, and it is, but I don't think I agree with everything he things. What my friend I received the suit like it. It doesn't always it changes it if it definitely evolves but lots of times it's it's making a play on the old like just re, tweaking retreat is regarded Wharton BAR something new, but it turns out. Interestingly, Darwin notice, this in the descent of man there are. Currently we go back to dive in our Darwin yeah if you notice that
many animals in the animal kingdom, humans included, have some sense of what beauty is look at peacocks there and birds and general. The plumage, particularly of the male versions of the birds, are because they are the ones with all the the fabulous fat feather edge. All the pomp and circumstance in the bird kingdom, yet so so would have female Peacock little brown tail feathers dragon in the dirt, while he's out now look what I got, but if cover are clearly there are not that we know of her fashion designers of their own, but clearly there into looking good and entreat bunny attract each other, but they attract actually check usually rapidly to the interesting thing is actually attract each other with they attract something that they can make more peacocks out of right so that I'm saying that definitely you can definitely see that in the animal kingdom. Then you see that definitely on the red carpet, because look at ten,
Lopez. In her little there was. There was a nazi thing. That's to attract to me: it's not only plumage, but in song and in how they decorate their nests Jennifer Lopez- and this is what and when you know that the hot cribs on MTV notices, we do all the same thing that the birds do. Maybe this is this. Is this is a deep insight paint, it might mean. Just came out that I had a friend his style ass. He told me one time that you can wear any color green, any shade of green matches each other because of nature and were so used to seeing all shades of green ardent and its true. You compare our hunter green and light green, all shades of Green actually met each other, and I think that's really neat or keep your mind extremely going through scientific and I haven't interior does not a friend who actually told me that he uses fruit to help him with color combination, sometimes living people. Let me quote: Darwin: cause he's right here with us, says:
that are on the subject of imagination and the love of limitation. Ok, they could not have failed to have led to the most capricious changes in customs and fashions we use, for it was the woman's name. Who did that with a friend of mine back and asthma? I remember his name. You view from national. You die from I lived in ass. He lived in an animal, ok, we're coming up on our next commercial break, you listen you just talk. Radio, the subject is the science and technology have vanished, gets out and that's linkup, which we just under those words, we'll see so he's in change spring training slides into the regular season. Some requests rules into fall? leave change their color lie. Its change, their shape change is life
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breathing space inside it down to earth. You were listening to start up a girl back we're about STAR talk, radio, I'm your hosting the other s face and astrophysicist, with link up with stand up comedian whenever surprise for you, this whole shows been about fashion. I have, I have something from our last season. I just had to put right in here and now here she goes, but I don't like the assets: seven living aerospace. It's all about the clothes yes side. I agree, but I like the idea of zero gravity. Jemmy his without zero gravity, gravities put everything down, so it does give us that in that work
left. That's the only reason I would even consider going in space is the idea of I don't have that dragged down just so George it'll be re more uplifted, her point, as you say you, you would have things up received, whether stupid space suits or good point. They look like gay exterminators. I dont like these rights. Good boy. So, even if your floating, no one knows cause, you were in a spanish usurious raises there, you can't get your toes down. There's big votes, the gravity boots. It is so rapidly so you want opened her gravity boot. I would like. If I was there, I will aid to go on the moon until they figure out a way to look nice I don't like the out. I love my girl. I don't like the outfits, that's your girl, the two of you know we're both not shallow women, but when you listed them together, don't like the outfits and I'm like I'd, only go in space because there's zero gravity. What that's my girl! I love well
so we ve got another last clip of James Arguer are who do he's our guy he's our fashioned stylist and uneven. He worked on all the people are on the red carpet He actually told me if I ever wanted Academy award one day that he would like six me up for that. This is so not going I've been, if I ever when a Nobel Peace Prize is gonna fix me a generous guy. He talks about NASA inspired fashion with Syria to say the other day I was going through my bag of staff, and I found an old gee. I Joe Costume, when Viejo had hair in does. He know ball at the moment, I think, he's plastic. Now I mean this all. We had actually fibre heresy, fibre, her hair, and it was a NASA space travel uniform as they have for barbie to those Gemini Barbie exile, and it made me think. First of all, it was a well made costume, but it was metallic silver and I think that that's what you always see
in the future and then I always think did helmet lying in the nineties. Have this costume on his inspiration wall, because he did a whole line of Nassau, inspired fashion and specifically, silver and mylar and technological fabrics. So I was sort of my application is always fashion. Yours, obviously is is the world of science, but I always to see where the starting point and how does it affect fashion? That's interesting and more creative, the fashion designer the more elements they can draw from pop culture from society, because otherwise there I speak out of my zone if your inspiration,
not drawn from real things, they might fall on solid ground in the in the interest of the buyer. Where's. If I have twelve buttons and you hid in these buttons- and I don't even know it obviously boy- that's an awesome. Looking outfit me while I had a piece of that came to me from various famous events or very famous costumes that we all know- and I think the myth about fashion- is it's off laugh and, secondly, the fabulous and blah blah blah when you really sit down with a car logger founder John Galiano, their breath of history and what they now is so far removed from fashion its tribes in some. Some indigenous derives its history, its art, its science, its technique, ology, it's really all idle humming fashioned all coming together to inspire every next thought that comes out of her mind to make you buy by his and be your wife
He had not actually do what made you buy. That's Larry's! I'm not sure! I don't know if I trust a grown man who has a g, I Joe Doll and his bag of things on no idea. Trust him, listen what he was just saying about the minor mylar he's right, because my friend who is here today whose hanging out she was telling me how Terry Movements and Claude Montana, who were big designers in the eighties, how everything they had designed like everything, Donna Mills, war and not planning. Remember that back to the call to sack everything or look like Judy death in at all, like the making the big limp and the big LE powder of Individual Latin and then remember those boats, we were back then and had the they bead. They were
a very. I remember that you know the weird waistcoat utilities grace was workin its work in its magic and little wastes blink. All we wanted to look like that was it. You know we don't. We have tweets that come in. I have one we ve been treated, yes, we have, and so here's one it's, what is it I don't get this neighbour J, F, dual stir tweeted to star talk, radio due to shape up shoes, vice catchers, do anything for your body. Now I don't. I don't know for sure I was gonna buying, but I said these look weird. You know there's another one. Look I pay rock reflected the rocking chairs on the bottom of your sneakers and it turns out. I didn't do this study, but it turns out just a few months ago the American Council on exercise. I didn't, even though such a council existed, in the still didn't council on everything they listed, a team of exercise scientists to test
effectiveness of owning shrieks, and they found that none of them showed statistically significant increases in either the exercise, response or muscle activation during any the treadmill trials and enable then they tested twelve physically acted. So they can only answer is now. There is no evidence to support the claims that issued help where's exercise more intensely burn, more calories, Europe prove muscle, strength, tone and quote, but you get to be cool and claim that you're sort of on the frontier. Oh, my god, I love your science answer. There are no permanent about data. Madame Lebrun back. Ok, you twitter is now out. If you want to spend forty ex knock yourself out, but they don't know, I'm just saying, but the down it down. You come into the closer the show,
and in the closer to show its it's. My turn to sort are given in this means set up my god. I love you know, I'm thinking very united us respond today. Will you could gonna listen to my closures? He points nor I try to close. It show with a cosmic glee, inspire tweaked if I might ensue, but informed by the show that we just did Sir, what I'm thinking this time when, as I opened the show in my conversations with James Argue, our it was fashion in astrophysics whither they intersect at all. Do they should day, and I realized, might me Michael, you don't like to admit it, but yes, we were clothed, have been designed and influenced by somebody out there, and maybe there are some fashion.
Go to settle science, but at the end of the day we get to what I think is going on in my tweet of the week. My start or twitter. Are you Eddie, as this goes out to the movement of about thirty minutes? Without physics, there be no fashion channel there be no tv, but without fashion physicist might just be naked, not good that's all you ve been listening to start talk, radio at production of curved, like enterprises, and we are partially funded the National Science Foundation. I'm your hosts, Neil, Grass Thyssen astrophysicist and my colleagues for this episode has been standard. Comedian, Lynn, Complex Linux. There again visit our website its star talk, radio dot net to download past episode,
and ridden many buyers and all of our guest, and you also get a sense of the shows to come thanks for listening and we are signing up. The cosmos takes a week on
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