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Season 6 Time Capsule (Part 2)

2016-02-26 | 🔗
You asked the questions, you chose the episodes: Join us for your favorite Cosmic Queries of Season 6, answered by your own personal astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, guest host Bill Nye and co-hosts Chuck Nice and Leighann Lord.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, The first is filled with secrete cinemas trees, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What do you want the Japanese and see the domain. The brakes, Daddy Glinda. Did you grandma South Nasty Brenda, get lab browser,
welcome to start your host meal, the grass your personal astrophysicist, who's? The director of New York City is Hayden Planetarium right here at the American Museum of Natural history, with the second and final part of our time. Capsule show bid farewell to season six count? Em season six of stock with our favorite cosmic query moments, you guys submitted. Hundreds of Questionest was over the course of the season we enjoyed. Answering them in studio. Had a great time so and now join me as we live some of those episodes selected by you, our fans as your favorites of season six, first at my good friend Bill Man, the science guy who's, also by the waste
because of the planetary society confounded by Carl Sagan thirty six years ago, sits in as guest host for me and answers all since you had just for him if our special bill Nigh Edition of Cosmic, where check it out. Do you think that one day technology will become so advance that it will begin to hinder our own human evolution? Can't we d revolve? Why? Because the subject now that this gets into a tribal question- and I put it to you this way what's taking us- take, for example, the guy was walking down the street when he was an engineered Boeing. Ok and had appendicitis right, but that could be me if I was going say just a second continue, but because
live in a tribe that is built hospitals. It was routine guy took up my appendix some still gone. I could have babies and things right, but if I lived in a different try, babies and things right, but if I lived in a different tribe without that technology I probably have die or unfavourable time. That's right. Some people patently survive appendices in this tribe. My genes are getting past on where they might not otherwise have been passed on right, and so there is an example of technology, enabling my genes to go into the future, couldn't get to the point where you can Do anything at all you can survive at all without technology, that is to say, you'd, be plugged there's some giant matrix machine from the get go you'd, be there all the time as possible, but I think it's quite a ways off, but from a science fiction standpoint. It is a worthy thing to consider,
it's also something to consider when you think about our tribes, our social systems that we have here as humans. We are, we all depend on each other and that's why there's so many of us. You know the bad old days. If you got the flu, whatever you're just dead, I was but now all these things enable so many People do not die, but nearly the rate, the use to which, as you can, I hope anyone can agree is both good and bad. We have you know, my grandparents were around were young nor about one and a half billion people in the world now they're about seven point: two gun on Ireland got yeah and so those that's it. That's gonna for quite a burden on the earth's resources but it's our ability to understand nature and create technique.
You based on science that will improve the quality of life of people everywhere. So great question is a good question. So let me when we tackle onto Bert, step birds, question and ask you with what you just said: is there a danger of us losing our humanity due to technology? What you just talked about was how our dependence upon one another has got a sore point where we can continue to evolve and grow in actually increase our population because we depend upon each other. Is it possible that technology will move us in the opposite direction of that yeah yeah? Here's? Why or give you an example: we now, if you ever, have you ever read, step four wives. Now I can't say that I have nobody. I just want you guys they make a make of it movies every now and then but
original the pill is capital, T Capital P, and this is an example of technology that enabled women do not have babies right and take control of their family planning in a much more practical way than other things that have been suggested with something like don't look at boys riot cross your legs with an aspirin between your new, like those are ineffective exactly, and so there is an example of technology that enables us to control human reproduction, which then could enable us hypothetically to raise the standard of living of women, which will, over the course of a century or to lower the human population evident by natural means
fewer people being born than are dying, and that will provide more the earth's resources for more people would write. So there's an example. Will that technology laws to lose our humanity yes or actually make us lovey other all more so I dont think technology will make our lose our humanity. I think that we that is wise or euins involved there will be human emotions, it's all about that bill. While these are off her sequesters for you, here's Kalen Mansour! If you and me were given the entire? U S, budget for one year! What would you do? fix everything. Now we would address climate change, we would raise the standard of living of women and girls are education and we would improve exportation systems so that we would, use less energy. The key to the future shock to do less
to do more with less I'm vote for you guys. Ok, that's a ticket and vote and for his Ellie Saint Sire, says what, in your opinion, was Leonard me more its greatest tribute to science. What is your favorite star trek? The original The original sir, my favorite site like this is another question city on the edge of forever mean many. Such journeys are possible. Any idea: the import So let me my is hard to underestimate. The guy gave us the STAR Trek Writ large and he was a huge part of it gave us this optimistic view of the future magic? No through watchdogs, science officer leader, that's right, Tristram Mc Clellan wants to know this pay, since we ve got more cosmos. Why not more science guy
your people need you pay our cannot hey! I'm a host on start talk, radio, the longest journey starts with a single step, you're listening to start radio, and now you should do what I do when I was under the show. Chalk with that, applause. We learn of every opportunity to kick out here on stock and co host, Chuck NICE, and I took it, I think, to all other level when you ask us to take a realistic look at superpowers on one of favorite cosmic query shows. I'm gonna start off with one that I like a lot from my doubts and comes to us from earth and Facebook, because we agreed, if they don't say whether from you gonna say there from from Garth where you're from when you send these employees place. Without it, there was a superhero
whose power was to see the whole spectrum of light. What do you think he or she would see, and what we learn from him or her so that first mothers, this person doesn't this can superhero Lamb. So that's why Dick is cool about this, but what have you have power was to see all the spectrum of lying at what such a person has already been created in the world of science fiction, its Jordi on stock, that is, that's because he is absent. A blind, but he used. His visor, to see all the different spectrums of light correct here for a wide spectrum, vision of the world s hand, It was quite a discovery in astrophysics that there's more to the universe than just visible light to technical by your retina. It was was I counted as one of the great demotions of human physiology. We learn that this cherished sense that we have called site is actually, quite
evil relative to other things that are suitable out there in this world. So when I see in any way I see and Jack, and in fact you we familiar with the other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, whether not you knew that that's what they were so ultra violet right exe. Right, gammon, gamma rays, infrared microbes. Radio waves. All of this. Including visible light, are part of a continuum of electromagnetic energy, la and so, if you could see all of that, it would be a really visually noisy world. Ok, because of look at it, you now you be glowing with infrared at your ninety eight point: six degrees right. I look at you, I'll follow. You would be glowing with with microwaves right, if, oh, by the way, if you could see all spectrum If you drive in the car he be able to see the police, the police radar great natural from right. When you say let me for now, I got you.
And even if you had a laser radar gun, you be able to sell your be so no matter the frequency of light right. So so Would you be immensely empowered to know what's going on in this world. Grieg. First of all, what are they? I liked the greatly Grieg Lord Grieg Green, as in the composer. Yes, three, the name of our Greek Lee S so Grieg, one You know this winter per man. Fights is the gas. Or the wind more lethal because he has super breath You know to me? Waken freeze thing so here so what his supervised by the same way at so I think he eats regular food right right, and so, if you eat regular food than that
anaerobic digestion of that food that occurs in one's lower intestine would be creating the z list. Molly gases that are associated with the the effluent is the human orifices so about while workers their human rights would Superman's have. Would it be extra potent one might right? I don't see why not because years was interesting, some Superman's would be cool. If he could do this, you know his breath can free things guessing that I ve never seen his breath turn things on fire. As whereas eyes did the methane workers, E T focus is a laser raises. Three methane that comes out out of that added, but influences Methane is actually flammable. Yes, it is true that the gas that is in the stove, if you have gas, typically in
the city you have methane coming out of yourself. I that that lights, ok, So if we could look at its own, but he could lead is on part not what I'm so exactly so you can use a laser to light too far to turn into a flame thrower, I'm just in time. You asked me a question so there just kind of look funny right, he's got a burden imposed on us, draw speck love for him will be more flammable right up whenever it is inhuman, is superior shock. You tear up here.
Images? Good is crazy, but it's right, it is super choices cries You asked the question of physics, it everything. That's all, I'm saying it in two thousand and fifteen, with both difficult and rewarding here for space exploration, Unfortunately, not all the endeavours were rewarded with a car its missions or even successful launches caused jackknife, and science guest bill Nigh join me to discuss, Why we must continue to explore space in cosmic queries. Rocket science is check it out. This is from at fish my man,
may this man from Twitter. This is cod. His name is caught. His handle is at this man how we balance the burning desire of our genetic predisposition to explore with the need to ensure safe passage. I think he's kind of another great question he's kind of talking, also about maybe commercial space flight enemy. Let me add some punctuation and go straight to you on this bill. You're an engineer, and you will tell the launch people. Would you shouldn't do that as it should be all safer than that? That could go wrong? Don't do that at some point? somebody's got to push the button and wants that they should all the engineers get on with production. Sometimes you have to stop listening the engineers and get on I'm sorry what we have. What is that threshold besides it about that. We call management dog, so the man
measures have to be literate enough to know what the acceptable level of risk is and act accordingly, but the knife, the night mind, would say no risk as acceptable, so thou. No! No, that's not true fact: that's falsehood! prospect know you ve been in automobiles and there is a risk attached in particular in driving, where I'm sure you. Have a sense that something could go wrong, and these guys the people who fly and rockets have a sense that something could go And I'm very sorry about the virgin galactic crash. The other day surprising, result in one that they will straighten out and that I claim is not just part of the process was part of the management process where you learn what is acceptable and I think what was going on changing the subject to the station. On the previous question, a lot of people knew the risk was a lot higher than was advertised in they pressed on anyway. At version galactic. It looks like perhaps
The risk was underestimated: transaction more dangerous than people were In other words, there wasn't a deliberate delay, ignoring of the facts. There was ignorance of the federalists, So we'll see what are the reasons why the feather feathering thing? It's a surprising results by that would cause trouble and it could have to do. I'm shooting from the EP has an engineer could have to do the materials involved. So this is the brain put onto early the air break. The largest too high to minimise like yours in the atmosphere at that level may have you
wait a little longer where you got up fewer molecules per cubic, something you might have been than just working with the data we have stated their people, who are experts, had figuring this out. Ok, Jack, that's give you know here we go. This is from Carlos and causes C D. S on Twitter wants to know this. How easy is rocketry these days, then tough recently, do we pretty much haven't figured out, or are we just going to play around shape that question back to bill? We ve been boldly going where hundreds of gone before I know into low earth orbit. I would think that low earth orbit should be zero risk at this point, given how long we ve been doing it and how many people have done it so that if we're gonna put lives at risk, it should be by doing something we ve never done before. If I were to think of an acceptable risk, it be doing something has never done before, not doing so,
hundreds of done before you, so we just saw in it back in in November, and I told her we sought to disasters to space. There was at her early November to disaster people not even going in orbit. So here's what I say to you, you may be mixing the modern verbal, conflicting air traffic aired. Airplane airliner, travel with rocket travel Few hundred is not that many ray you think about how many airplanes people try to build in the early nineties, hundreds and how many crash already failed and from the funds. It look like one hundred percent of the world's units in order to fill, in other words, a hundred thousand, isn't that biggest sample size really and the other constraint when it comes to the entire is rocket. The Herbal Sciences wrote the book that was an old rocket being re purposed
being refurbished. Ok make yourself. Are you saying that maybe we need to go up into low earth orbit so much that it becomes? like all this airline. This is what he is doing. This is what so, it doesn't as many as a hundred sounds as many as a hundred flight sounds like it's not that many in the city. As for you, did. You really need to have a. Hey I've got a little secret for you. When I consider singing all of the ads on this shell, there's just one way to get out a hearing, they're good,
patriarch arms last started tall and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and never hear another commercial on star talk. Ever again, you will deaf. I do not have to hear me saying if you support us at patriarch dot coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I'm just saying. This is a start Welcome back to start on this special time. Capsule episode is a collection of your favorite cosmic, where we moment from all of season. Six, as you know cosmic, where
is the that not every show, maybe once a month we throw one of those in their their fan favorites, and we will never stop doing them, and one of your favorite shows according to your votes, boldly goes where no one has gone before at MIKE Firstly, I more than I am by the way, she's a notable, tricky answer. Your questions about all things. STAR Trek? Ok, I have a question from oh, I think it's men knew a man I'm not sure Patrice is less on the question is. It seems to me that the most implausible thing in STAR Trek, even here What do you think of as transportation in a warped technology is the fact that the cling odds have become space, travelling civilization without having them. I was destroyed before your stand on this, so yes, I have I take stands on things such events, you well, ok, so a few things. First, there are
It's been suggested that if you are warlike, let's say you always get into fights and you're, not peaceful. And you are into land grabbing tariff. Your territorial. That you're civilization is As we say in science self limited in that, so you go out and you say: oh there's a planet, I want to conquer, so you go conquer it and then it's your planet and then your relatives who also want to conquer planets they conquer and, if so, spread out within you. Reachable Where the nor planets to conquer, then you conquer each other like, and so the greek culture begins to implode on itself, because that which got them off their base to begin with and having them kill each other too. The acquire land that had been by others,
among their own their own community and so dubious self limiting future for what would be a war ring land grabbing culture looking, but like modern humans. Yeah, I don't know any species like, but it s also to the culture of war, and that is not inconsistent with the culture of technology, in fact wars. Dr science, habits at its a pain to admit that, but it's true to survive creates Extror Very creative impulses in people to invent something that will make one person survive better than the other rights and then usually in the form of weaponry. Yes, usually, Yemen, on both was invented, the longboat that the arrow, where's armor, so it rendered armor completely obsolete. That's. Why he's not
why, although the three hundred I'll take an army of that other demeanor movie, I saw their buff guys afghan women here. Ok, but no, you know by now I understand I warn you know, propels technology but the Klingons you in to his question: wouldn't they when they have killed themselves before they even got off the planet, they didn't put shouldn't, they have well sure, but this Science fiction think what does it? These are real people that I'm having a great question from that roof ah, which ship is better. Is it the? U S enterprise or the ship of the imagination. I now so by one of the eyes. Were I mean if anyone
listening doesn't know the ship of the imagination. It's it's When I got around in the economic most in space and time during as suit man? That's that's! That's ship imagination version to the original one Carl Sagan Road around the universe in back in nineteen eighty, so I would say we have to ask: is there anything the enterprise can do that the spaceship imagination can't Not specially magic does not have photon torpedoes. Or pacers or anything like that because it doesn't needed, Zach wherever it arrives. There is peace you know, I thought the answer That would be really easy, but it's not honour. It is, I think, an end, because it emanates from my thoughts the ship, their physical, seeing where I'm I'm on they're talking about the?
extinction of the dinosaurs. I just walk to the side of the ship, the ship dissolves and I'm in a primordial forest, because that's what I needed the ship to do for me. So if the ship emanates from my thoughts and my thoughts or eternally peaceful fingers, asked. I dont need photon torpedoes. I don't need a transport as as I'm you know, remembering when Sagan introduce the concept, it seems a little bit more democratic in universal, not everybody gets to be on the unit price, but anybody. Can be on the ship? The imagination people have a tendency to get all round especially those on the left, the political left. That is, whenever anyone drops the g word and I'm talking about gene those are fans had so many questions about genetically modified organisms that we had to make a cosmic query into two parts.
On Gmos, Guest House bill Nigh, sits in for me with comedian Chuck nice to hope, inform you This often misunderstood, but definitely controversial topic check it out. This is from inquiring mines bill. You talk a lot about out Gmos, you changed your mind. Is Monsanto paying. You know. Fact we went out to dinner the other day. My editor corrie. I thought you met you The Monsanto Rob Railway because they that may count bill. Not so, therefore, I said dinner, two months Antonius as broad freely shake your hand. He says high on one Satan money, hers all that sir and I know we Each team bought its own dinner I'll, try orca. So, however, when I visited Monsanto guess they offered me a sandwich cup of coffee and I enjoyed both, but I flew myself. There I mean in another man here in Amerika,
Here's the real question: did that sandwich have to know we bought two five hundred zero. You can avoid absolutely right so, by the way, I went to an anti Monsanto rally. All you know your city. I write and I was really impressed by how thoughtless and short sighted the people there were some therein, I just it will rise. They got the point, not charter. I don't know your political leanings, but I got to the point where they wanted you to believe that the President, the United States, is controlled by Monsanto. While is come on we're that he's out. There is a Kenya Muslim. Yes, socialists, we'll be confirmed by the United States by central people too, and as people point out Monsanto's in the top five hundred fortune. Five hundred companies, but it's not in the top five its way down liked two two hundred does not even appear to want to meet their big, but not that they're, not they're, not
biggest apple or obi answer or yes, ever beheld, what kind of research has been done to show what effects Gmos do or do not have on humans- or this is exactly point. This is to thank you Koreas, reticent about his quarry from gas from out there. So but they we it has done. Is that is the one. You can test is the effects of food. I mean that's one straightforward thing: you contested: that's not that different from twenty years ago, did the food to your good friends the, yeah and use the mice, and you say what you think so Steve. That's it. The mouse is theirs Dave. Henrietta zones is not making your fine
I think he Mickey's really hard to have a hard lab rat to have to make love to kill would be annually are re. He felt for some. So thing is: there's no of the genetically modified modify who has no effect on us as demand, that is to say there is no difference between it and organically raised through this, is scientifically provable on cancer the brutal to my satisfaction and that's like the most it forward thing about it, is to see if it's still nutritious and stiff see if it has any allergic effect. Actually does not. In fact, in general, all these foods are more nutritious. There Where then, is the first time I've ever heard that assertion mail? Just in general, I mean you get more soybean per hectare per like that. You get more corn per acre per hectare. You get bigger colonels of corn so from a voluminous standpoint, I'll, not just sad if you're gonna, if, if the bushel of corn
ways so many kilos or pounds how much of that is nutritious corn and how much of that is Cobb on edible. Annabelle. Ok, that's a very good point! Oh yeah yeah! I get a lot more. You get a lot more colonel Dent Cobb, suggesting that one example of a famous example, Gandhi and the other thing that's happened with genetically modified Who is this? Maybe in the future queries the other things. Happened, is its lead to the success of this technology, of allowing you to put life assayed on fields and in plant. Things like crazy is, people have raised enormous tracts of land in a single crop, because it's easier gotcha so called monoculture. And this has had two things. First of all, you you lose diversity in your farming, which leads to loss of diversity in the microbes that support plants in Lhasa diversity. In this, the rate at which differ
Tom, uneatable flowers appear, this is to say, ok if all the soybean plants come to go to flower the same time the bees have to work that whole deal right. I can't go from this plant to that plant. At this point you ll notice it Harry Blossom show up first right and then their trek right. So the bees everybody they sharpen underlie hey. You know what don't sorry blossoms you myself do show do they do in the way. I look at you know precisely what these does right below the drawn cool show up and the daffodils and there's a sequence that has come to by the way asian clear the horrors of the plant world, the daffodils, but I'm just saying it's just on your mind, on whom I mean about preserving law regulating theorem, consenting adults, the harvest of applying a fine. Now. This is where demonic culture, but
I go along with the idea I mean. I know I claim that the success of verge Modification with respect to life has said earlier. Does not necessarily mean you plant, a monoculture and stress our bee colonies. Gotcha. You could that's not cause and effect zombies ghosts vampires his past Holloway bill, the science guy comedian shut. Nice sat down to disconnect the science of these myths and legends and a cosmic query show all about me, check it out. Since we are talking about zombies, Zack has a great locally, not like what is what does zombie thing anymore, because it gives me with the growth. That is this a great question I want to. I want to get to take on this where that wants to know bill out of zombies, vampires and ghost, which do you believe, is the most plausible and why
see. I love this question because I know you believe in any other morbid vampire is obviously vampires. Why? Because a vampire bats and their mosquitos make their living. Fucking, your blood, our best. Is our calibre cap yet a little out of calculating yeah yeah yeah, but you're good at it, and so that some of those three, if I gotta pick those three, it's definitely vampires because they exist vamp, pyrrhic animal this. Obviously what you guys, you can't see him. It's really. Nobody is into it right now, because you are you Of course it is but we're talking about possibility of the undead versus the plausibility of a being, who is possessed by an eternal, eternal demon that gives it
blood lust in order to sustain itself quite the authority and, of course, the plausibility of the imprint. Human beings still be resonating after that person ceases to exist in their earthly body. So of the three of those which those would make more sense alpha again, socking somebody else's boy for nutrition is the most reasonable of those three. Does you watch people's work? It's sad right. I will be there myself, but as people get older and lose many of us lose our faculties. It doesn't seem like that. Young go get em spirit lives on in some ghostly entity. Which it seems like a U wind down and you die, which sucks I mean first to admit it sucks. Then that's the ghost thing and then the zombie thing well, met my old, but now people
while taking drugs to act, stupid. There's a lot of our neighbour to form sends out a lot about. I was about to say now: would you look at drug use, theirs zombies, that's what I'm saying is real Zogg, but there are animals that make a living parking? Other animals is blood wreckers, it's full of all the nutrients. You would ever need animal wise. Yes, you know I gotta say I once had an iron poor diet. Now you know I can't hear you realize not next monster based cosmic clear. This is always love it. Have you ever considered that zombie type virus so he's talking verily standpoint might actually be. Officials who belongs pace flights is limited,
this is a pretty. How can you guess suspended animation, Mozambique, exactly opposite be drug, so so so with you get, there is something to be learned have omby stable. Then we. What do you think about that? It is very reasonable that you could have an infection, something that would affect your genes. The widow Are you to live a long time or allow you to those off, but you'd want to undo it? You'd want an antidote. Ok, I'm an injustice, specifically use that word virus. Yes, he did. He said a zombie by anti viral drugs, our trouble, they don't work or, in the same way the antibiotic drugs work, but I follow you, but you'd want to be able to undo it and you'd want to count on your crew mates to undo, for you or maybe You understand it so well that this virus infection and you go to sleep at lunch right and then you body takes years to over from the virus in when you wake up ready to play. So as cod
like a would be, wouldn't they call that induced coma? Yes, via a viral indeed of travel virus coma thing and then everybody's got the people who get the gig is astronauts have to respond to it in the proper way. Right. I'm not saying it's very a reasonable, but it's a cool, promised precise, virtually physical premise. Besides, hey raw man right your book body, right writer, but don't forget, actors, the hard part breathing space inside it down to earth enjoy listening to start,
welcome back three reaching back into season six repercussions to listen to some of your favorite memories from a cosmic queries. Episodes in this next show CO nice and I would join in studio by biological anthropologist, Doktor Helen Fisher. To answer all your questions about the science and love of sex. Doktor Fisher is a fellow with the famous Kinsey Institute and she's, the chief scientific adviser that none other than match dotcom. So if your last Valentine's day didn't quite goes planned. You just might want to take this in check it out. Why does love hurt our boy? yeah. But I gotta say that's that's pretty prolific. What you just said last it really so we ve put a lot of people into a scanner, would just been dumped.
The brain regions that become active when you bid then dumped is three brain regions link with intense craving a brain region, link with physical pain, physical pay, physical pain, a brain region and actually aspirin helps you're rejected in love with as an academic article and then also anxiety. That goes along with the physical pain and you're, also brain regions, linked with trying to figure out what went wrong. That caused the benefits. What happened here and I think so the brain is in overdrive. It is an AIDS in a terrible state. This is why we have all these crimes and passion you know, and why does it hurt? It hurts because last month. I said I, you know like greatest prize a maiden partner you, you must have the ability to pass your dna onto eternity, major overdo it to be properly. I really really suffered terribly and is basically to
It is of getting rejected. The first is protest. You just try to win the present back you're trying to seduce you try to threaten you, you'll try to make em jealous and all that and then you slip into this incredible. Depression lets you get them back and then again, in which case you slip into indifference like. Why did I ever once you what works, and what do I keep? You heard that other people say that, yes, we read about a tragedy, but I think it has two things: a real part of the brain centre that question about it being part of the brain become incredibly overactive. You know you can't eat you can't sleep, you can't stop crying disrupted. To your human physiology, enter your social relations and he's a love say is in actual fact, this actual sore. You can say from being reject, don't tell me you die from a broken heart. You die from heart attacks and strokes, sort of We hardly break dealer s
sleep manifests itself sit physically, you end of dying of a stroke or how to turn out as a rise of the Dublin system in the beginning, negligible that energy and focus and motivation and craving, and then after why you can't get em. You finally give up- and you slip into the profound ok The corollary to this, there are people who are in love with people they ve never met. Yes, isn't that right now, lar they do not. They practicing do not them the mating partner that they got to know intimately, but nonetheless the sentiment is still there. It's a crash, its most largely teenagers, but it can be somebody at work. You don't ever dare come close to but you know you. You feel that it'll go underground b. I agree with a teenager thing. Is that more women, and when you get older, is the male stalker of the of the women of the well men fallen faster than women? Don't follow more often than women do
somebody that they really like they want to introduce them to friends and family sooner men want to move in sooner. Men have more intimate conversations with their wives and women do with their husbands, because women have their intimate conversations with their girlfriends, and men are two and a half times more likely to kill themselves when a relationship is oversell manner. The more while Saddam, basically or just to be clear. I think my group were more likely to commit suicide in all categories are probably, I think so. Yes, I'm aside to downright right the mind, a delicate managers completely Mr Milosevic. There's a bunch of love pussies. What goes down again. Women are pretty bad. Believe me. I've had my my couch, so ok, so we were established
Some goods real on pain of moral is not imagine a media over. It is my breaking away, you're very get over exactly as a matter of fact. A week later, you can't remember any physical pain in your tooth, but a weekly areas, TAT really suffering from romantic rejection and markings on Facebook, worse than others. If evolution favours individuals who seek out the strongest and the best suit it made to pass on their genes, is there a biological advantage to falling in love over choosing the most advantageous partner? Jean wise, no insult intended to my beloved, fair and there you go. So that's a pretty clean question, so, if you just want to propagate survival,
the person and then you do that. Why does it with love got to do with it? Why do we fall in love with a guy who looks like the penguin from bad man? Any not read yours supermodel? How does that that has not happened? To have, and basically for your I've penguins go for penguins I mean we didn't. We didn't tend to fall over somebody of them. The same socio economic background seems a level of intelligence. Same general levelled good, look same religious and social values we do draw. We are drawing to people to some extent like ourselves. That's environmental of course you're? U religion that you're born into is your morn into a yes inside and so socio economic, those that people you hang out with. I do think you.
People who are very novelty seeking and risk taking over people like themselves. People were very traditional people like themselves, however, accept some of the greatest stories ever told where people falling in love, who completely marked rise, aim anything Romeo and Juliet I too true and thin and Tailoring Bill Clinton. I mean Hilary side testosterone a bill is, I think, I estrogen well. I can accept the blanket statement there. People turn a bigger, statistically perhaps, but as an exception to that were so extraordinary, so light will be a lesson to us all. There's always acceptance. We are an animal that flexible, no question an ogre and environment always play their role. Finally, your number one favorite cosmic query episode. According to your votes, colonizing, MAR, let's see what causes nice and I do with your martians query
when New York. Yankees play road series against the Mars Cosmos: how big will the outfield have to be to prevent every body from hitting home rise, also well the pitcher throw faster in the atmosphere or slower, and will he foresee skies very liberal guys got a female pitcher in the major league. Interstellar european monetary interplanetary. Now interstellar interplanetary baseball wills. Will he or she be able to throw a curve born a couple of things? Don't change and other things do. Ok, the pitcher does not throw faster cause. That's just their Moscow
got capacity to do so. The ball will not slow down as much between release of the fingertip and crossing home plate because the air is thinner and there is a resistance to the ball right. That slows down. I don't know, maybe ten miles an hour if I bought ever. It is five miles and it's not travelling for very long, so it, but it will. Down a little bit. It does that in the majors. It will do that on Mars, but It will slow down by a little bit less of it. But that's not the major thing going on here: the martian atmospheres very thin, like one percent of our thickness and it's the air. The movement of the ball through the air that enables it to curve right so curve, also be very hard on Mars, because you don't have the air or the thickness of the affair
serve the air for those those what they call stitches stitches. Yes, right is able to with stitches on abortion, stresses the coils distributors, Texas, Protestants, other blogs. You know that's what's causing that road well get assistance, even if it didn't have stitches you still have to them. You can still move it really area, but the stitches help it without the thickness of the air. You can't get that movement, you don't get as much movement. Ok,
you dont get as much move enough. It is windy on Mars, so you could throw an awesome, knuckle ball, knuckle balls, dont, rotate and so they're not stable. Moving through the air, like rotating things, are stabilized. You know, that's why footballs rotating Cassandra, stable, spinning, spinning, okay, so remarkable, does not spend. Therefore it is susceptible to any possible puff of air that comes across, as you can use windy day. Knuckle bar to create the the the effect of a curve bar, but yet, but it it'll it'll curve in a way that you can predict and that's my catchers are always droppin knuckle balls. They don't know where the hell do. You know the balls Jim, linen wig linen Diana comes in, and so the number pass balls pass knuckle balls by a by catch. Her is huge relative to other countries.
Surprised, but both of survival for everybody right. Even the pitcher, a curveball catcher calls for the curveball. So then no one knows what he's doing it. They know it. Come and so to those that I love. This is well I value, and I mean this- I swear to God. I see that this was great, we'll talk like. I just asked questions of the game and of myself relevant to the game gotcha. So, for example, how this lab. Not you noted, is it's not what I mean by my router I'm a red blooded american- I like me some baseball and hot dogs and apple pie around just start there. Okay, so now the rest of it, it's just cause I go to base, will get I'm curious about it like. I just asked questions of the game and of myself relevant to the game. Gotcha so, for example, I say to myself: I suppose you are hit by a pitch on board for re. Gonna be go to second base right.
Exactly the same, so I'm just say no, it makes sense. We think about up. This is a kind of questions I asked about the gate. That's very good idea. So now we gotta get their role in baseball. That's us! So now how far bigger stating what you have to make more martian gravity is about forty per of earth gravity. Ok! So if you re a hundred pounds on earth, you weigh forty pounds over thirty eight pounds on Mars, ass so to underpin unless you eighty pounds, which is great because the muscles that you have for carrying it to Japan, I will now be operating in an eighty pound body to be able to jump higher Ok, yeah able yet so there's so maybe you'd make the in field a little bigger, because you'd be leaping. You'd have to sort of adjust that about the recent trial and error unrest to get the idea.
Your field size. Now, when you hit a home, run the balls doing two things: it's going forward and it's going upwards. Ok, then efficient, going upwards and then start coming downwards, while it still going forward rife. Each of those have a different effect. Ok, how far, How fast you can hit the thing going forward has nothing to do with being on Mars. A cash was how how fast did you swing right as Europe? That's your swing around! That's your swings right now, the Mars, the boar going up. Ok, the same force will have the Borgo higher correct, then on earth, which means it will travel farther simply because it will go higher right, and so you gotta do the May. I haven't done a marathon Sonia I'll. Have it if I guess you know, make it forty percent big. I mean just as our general rules is a first offers, and probably, if I do the math there is some adjustments in their so a foreign trade dead centre field of forty percent.
Greater than that would be a hundred and sixty more feet and at my efforts have your hundred sixty four feet so be five hundred and sixty feet. Debt centre just to recreate the same design labour lay over that of a home right now. That means outfielders, huge gray, which means you gotta, have some fast I'll, feel thirst, through one of the add two more outfielders to it. There is fans out from home plate right. So if you, if its rivets five hundred sixty dead centre, you know you you miss a miss. Alot of balls would be like Little league Fourth outfielder that might lead to more our very addressed that's amazing. Shoestring catch would be awesome because you would jump and you just keep his keys just out of its various logger regrettable, a cab journeys I shall sum then fantastic where Sway Stephen, what a fascinating question that was
great you ve been listening to start talk. Radio join me next time to help half a brand new season, more science, more comedy more pop culture, because that's how we will that's all for now and has always feel the grass taste to keep looking like Galileo job, the Orange which you can listen. The star talk Commercial Free, Joe STAR Talk on Patriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio,
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