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Season 7 Time Capsule (Part 1)

2017-01-06 | 🔗
Join host Neil Tyson as he revisits our fan’s favorite episodes from a season spent exploring Mars with Andy Weir, going back to the Moon with Buzz Aldrin, gazing into the future with Ray Kurzweil, listening for gravitational waves, and much more.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, Thank you, MRS, is filled with secrets in industries, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what are you crying recently the domain the brakes daddy glimpse into Grandma South Ass do when they get lab.
First of all welcome to start talks on your host meal, the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, most of the director of New York cities, hating planetarium at the American Museum of Natural history,. This week we ringing in a new year and preparing to launch yet another season of star talk. Radio but first will say goodbye to two thousand and sixteen and our seventh season yes, seven season we'll do that with the first part of our annual time capsule shoe every year, You're, not a survey to you are fans and ask you to vote for all your favorite episode, your favorite guest, your favorite co host. Then we cut in splice to create this single mash episode of the winning picks too
in sixteen saw our third season on the National Geographic Channel and it would be STAR Talk, TVS, second, Emmy nomination and every episode is an opportunity to reveal and expose the geek underbelly of the pop culture stars and influencers all around us and it's what we do here and start talk with your help. We're able to select some of these best moments from our past season First up the lunar legacy with living legend Buzz Aldrin, he was the lunar module pilot APOLLO eleven Is it on the moon with Neil Armstrong back in nineteen sixty nine? I remember that. That's how old I am and eat the second man to walk on a surface. I give you buzz inside my office here at the Hayden planetarium. Caused Eliza Slush injure help me out in the studio, along with science. Guess the former astronaut MIKE Mass Amino. Although can you ever really be a former astronaut
MIKE was also selected as one of your favorite guests of the season. Let's see what they had to say. Vice versa, recipients base. Your wasn't first appear on the move beyond the moon. Yet other guys peed in space. How other chemicals know that we were there you're the first year thinking how they further euro four hundred to three weeks Jim Level was up there. I m sure I repeat that I am, but I don't know you know these capacity on the movement of workers on the man on the moon and the? U S, writings. First, I do guess what
I was the first to tweet from space between from surpass are very well. We can say that, like walking on the move, even closer european, we like how does this work? Don't ask him, because we're going to compare to one small step that will guide us exactly. What happened on Saturday lie by eight day made fun of me based on end quote. So what happens? I tweeted This was awesome. The advice I wanted. I wanted to have people on earth enormous. Ok, so I said I'm feeling fine right. I wanted. I wanted to have people on earth enormous. Ok, so I said I'm feeling fine right anyway, put out there. Or I can already in space favorite story. Did you tell him here? You want the public to know. First guy
to be in his pants on the moon. I'm going to ask you about that, because I have kids come unto me astronaut, pooping p, because I went inside the command module of the power commemorative. There's. No, rest assured that you get up and go to hear our irish afterwards. Flight was gonna, be a pretty short sohemus to go out there get in there? Mercury, the first time, first, american suburb, and the launch countdown then quite go away. It was too late the alive And Alan's lying at his back, get burned down there, and that's for they figure. We we gotta do something. We gotta have a little bit better.
I grow again generic space rest, so they called hydraulic the USA De very important urine collection of ice. And you see the same rights, those words with a bitter to pin collection device that damned overboard and an phrases, and their flakes- doesn't appear sakes outside. Where were we to p is moving the same speed? Is your ship a course of bread if you put it outside now, the p is been frozen. P. Traveling, alongside with you to the moon, Carpenter saw a lot of those fireflies. And he was so fascinated with them. Quite lined up for it?
fire that the co sign of it, which is enough. But there is a little bit of the sine of the angle that is as I landed in the one tat various row, but the fireflies Khatami that was- p s ear and up the mysterious, but there is a low hesitancy about people. Getting there jewel to what was gonna go a vacuum daylight gets doubts. I thought we have to ask yes give a peed in space. Yes, we
then called the: U City, we called it: the mag, the mag, a maximum absorbency aren't there was a diaper. Yes, we were diaper, I launched an entry and while space walking and then when you inside a spacecraft to use the toilet, ok So what is the p go? If you do, it The spacecraft in spacecraft, its collected and then dumped as they describe them? You would want to see that junior and dump was cool as they. Let you in but they would crystallizing. The sun will shine on it. In was really it was. It was something I haven't had a relation beautiful thousand in marriage. Everybody is a year in dump ice writers of AIDS a year and up- and we know before you when I went to the window and Watch said said so Your pc orbiting the earth, currently. Yes, I never thought of it that way, but yes, for a little bit until it crystal can disappear. Don't then it would re enter the atmosphere. Well guess:
Yes, oh yes, I think that everybody paid on some about interesting and disputed scientific inquiry rise in the realm of artificial intelligence. Will machines develop consciousness should humans be worried about it, I'm not really worried about it, but maybe I should be. I interviewed futurists author, an inventor Ray Kurzweil finally got to meet the guy. Just attack, this discussion in the season, seven premier gazing into the future joined in studio by my comic covers Chuck, nice and neuroscientist Gary Marcus check it out Well, ok, so, whether its ay I taking over us or or we controlling for evil nefarious purposes, there is no doubt that the existential threats that this technology can bring, and I ask Ray, of course that's right about this-
technologies, but a double aside ever since its ever been fire. Fire form houses and every Technology can be used for creative and destructive purposes. We haven't actually ended technology that has an existential risk already, which is fine I'll be there. Central risk from artificial intelligence in nanotechnology is off in the future We can debate is a ten years away or fifty years away, but yeah, but the ability for someone to take a benign virus like a call buyers and turn it into a super weapon that make it more deadly more communicable, more stealthy Right now that could be done in the biotechnology land. Probably few blocks with you said I was recognized actually thirty years ago, is actually thirty years ago and had a conference call. These saw my conference to come up with guidelines. How can we keep the state
they came up with these dilemma guidelines, those have been made more sophisticated time and they ve very well. We are now reaping the benefits of biotechnology. The number of incidents either or accidental others, been harmful, binding algae so far as their zero zero. That doesn't mean that can cross about fire worry lists because the technology keeps getting more sophisticated, but none, this is actually a good model for how to keep these technologies safe poplars. When we know the fire exists so far code or disable the stairwell, and this is how you escape, and this is how and have a moral imperative fire or artificial intelligence or biotechnology to overcome the problems. Humans. Have this a lot of human suffering? and we using a guide to diagnose disease and come up with new cures and clean up the environment to reduce poverty in their moral imperative to continue that way, while we
I have ethical guidelines to keep the technologies safest, awesome, scarier, ear equip prolific it on this topic in on this topic in the popular media, even not only For the new Yorker side of why we should think about the threat of artificial intelligence so that sound, very that lead dick. I know that I am in fact I am just launching an organization called aid for good dot org, which is about what positive out as we can get from me. I buy there also risks too and is a trade off framework. Our ethical guidelines enough to just guide this, because we we have ethical guidelines for everything else that could possibly tell us they need regularly do I mean no regulation, but but we do that we don't they would not have aeroplanes because they could crash. We have regulations to make them a safe as possible and they still crash, but we accept that
so I M an enemy. We do some kind of calculus to decide whether it's worth it may be that two hundred years from now people look at some like. Why did they used cars but where they had computers in them to make them safe? They lost. So many people to people may look back at us now and say the ways in which handle day I and they in turn unwanted. Fifty and Earl early days were really pretty poor and so on. Know what the regulations are going to be is probably going to be iterative. One of the things that I think we all worry about is that the pace could be fast and we don't have enough time to take care of it. You share the total concern that the famous trinity of you must bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have shared neither a milder view. I mean it. I think that real stronger nuclear. They they there like friggin outright.
Basically machines gonna, take over and careless. I kill us all and in the future the world is a mosquito world and many other machines right right. Urban receive coming. How you suddenly honest truth: Skynet is not going to be here and I would ask parliament to have another look at these are going I'm sorry. I don't think that Did these Schwarzenegger version of its gonna be here any time soon. I don't think that computers care about us so far, yet computers are exponentially. Smarter playing. Then they don't give a shit about us at all. I can say that on the air, but at the same time,
I think we need to be worried. As the computers get more more embedded in our lives. They have more more power to change things, so they're gonna start driving our cars, for example, in the eye, isn't right than there is a risk that when the critically acclaimed film the Martian hit the box office in two thousand and fifteen, it became what is perhaps the most scientifically accurate science fiction film ever made, and it was wildly successful. The film was, of course, based on the best selling novel of the same name written by Andy we're. So I snagged Andy for an interview to talk with the man behind the phenomenon. At its no surprise, this episode was voted as your number one favorite of season. Seven. I was joined in studio by NASA Engineer, Adam Sultana, who led the entry, descent and landing team of Mars curiosity. Rover You might remember that several minutes of
Oh video that went viral well, he was in charge of making that happen, also hear from first time, co host MAC, cushion check it out, Part of more lightly survival was knowing where past sources of energy and rocket ships, and because we ve been to Mars before right as in any so he's gotta get around and so he's got a rover. Yet he goes, the areas for eventually landing site where they San Francisco varies three. He was on every three areas for they had already sent the Mars Assent vehicle and it was sitting there making its fuel in and all the principal is having come yet, but they had sent be I'm av, and so our country, which is a completely sensible way to do future space export gas and oil supply separately. Maurice
to risk lives doing there, and then you sent astronauts later. Unless you have confirmed that the supply is made, it ok S and then they can. Then they can push ten and set up. Then play house so he realised that there is a spaceship capable of getting an into low Mars orbit right there on Mars. You just need to get to it The bad news, as it was thirty two hundred kilometers away. So we had to take these rovers, which really designed for a twenty kilometer range before recharged and drive. Thirty, two hundred kilometers us quite a challenge Adam you let a team curiosity. Car size Rover in a move on the surface of Mars. What would it take to drive that thirty? Two hundred kilometers a very very long time actually leads through she's only gone thirteen thousand nine hundred and ninety two meters. In and for you say, you used me
now the number sounds bigger a whopping. Thirty thousand. Everybody knows that Turkey can do. Two miles is even less like eight miles. Not unlike mark want me we're not hidden, aghast and trying to get somewhere. We are actually well frankly, size, singling out of Mars along the way. Ok cause, you know we're not in a hurry, were exploring we're. Looking at this, Mars were learning about its history, were learning about its ancient environment were searching for the stability that it could have supported life. But, as evidence of how slow and how methodical oh and interested our science team is, we went. Gale crater, for some clay, minerals that we saw from orbit signal play minerals, ok, we're there was Warner and upon ass, settle and then you just for the airlines are not above on Lake Lake Bed Kind of veal waste.
I haven't got to that deposit that we saw in the entire time that we ve been on Mars, and yet we ve been through my film a busy, because we ve been this, stopping for p breaks out, so so on this back up for a minute, because your ears I should see, was gettin a thing there safely. Yes, so that the scientists could do their job, and so what I remember from spurred an opportunity. They previous that, the previous round of this they have like airbags, so. The thing comes down and airbags deploy Ghana bounces until it stopped. Now you have curiosity. Could those were the size of like microwave ovens? Let's say yes, ok, so curious the size of a car and when he's airbags, each other are no fibres known to humankind from which we can make a fabric for which you can make a bag. The could handle the loads of that car. Like Rover Hitler Serfs Mars ok. So actually do you use what I told his collar sky crane,
The sounds complicated. What what is that? A pack? It's like a jet pack moreover, was sort of wearing a jet back and then about twenty four metres from the time from the surface of Mars, the jet pack lowers the rover below it and the to descend until the rovers. I think, may I remind you of this: can you be like bill arrangement? I drew you got the video, etc take talk is through all right. So we hit the atmosphere, don't quite quickly about thirteen thousand miles dour, that's fast enough to burn up or melt the whole spacecraft that would be uncool, so we rather than a special, shall we actually sphere our way through the atmosphere was the first for this expedition and that's why you see those rockets going off were actually maneuvering in the atmosphere, and then, when we slow down to about how little a thousand miles. We open up a parachute. In our case the world's largest supersonic curse. You we'll go Mach two. We get
he chiel the protected us from the from apple entry and then go. And we go on to rockets. They can see Rover with its wheels or six wheels are also tucked up and it's got to get back on top of it. It's only descending into the oh crater, we're looking at the ground with a radar and then here we do this guy payment over we lower the rover below us drop the wheels down both vehicles continue to descend until Mars takes up the way to the Rover. We sense that cut ourselves free and fly off to a safe distance.
Easy, easy right what we thus smoke. So you try to hear my boys hey I've got no secret for you When I consider singing all of the ads on this shell. There's just one way to get out a hearing, they're good, patriarch arms last started tall and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and never hear another commercial on star talk. Ever again. You will deaf
I do not have to hear me saying if you support us at patriarch dot com last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thing, and I mean just saying. This is a Welcome back to start with the special time. Capsule episode is a measure of your favorite moments from all season. Seven, you cast our votes and, as always, it was a type Greece, but the results are n. You selected the beauty of mathematics as one of your favorite episodes. We take an in depth. Look at the film the man
who knew infinity. It's a movie about the life and struggles of one of the most brilliant minds in the history of mathematics, self taught, math genius, Ramanujan actor, Jeremy, and directed MAC. Brown join me in my office to talk about the movie and pesticides, has affected their own lives. I was Joe in studio by co, host Eugene Merman as well as the these own science can sullen mathematics, professor can oh no fit film is about don't talk, math genius from India and an english math professor, I have to ask Germany about this special relationship to create in that field was jacket We tend to sort of rather generalised black and white, in relationships that there's a myriad of types of relationship- and this was, I think, a very heartfelt you could say father son- I don't know it wasn't meant really that, but it was the release.
Two men who had the same dreams who had the same passions for their subjects: brings. You really close to somebody He describes it as being the greatest while the only romantic appear his life, but I think that was romance is a different wasn't here: romantic sexual Romania for his horses, romance for sharing a dream and time of his life when there was color and brilliance that but later on in life, he looked back on this, having been the great peered in his life, so can't it's an intellectual romance and that kind of what makes it a more interesting story to tell otherwise they want. The film is about is what it really way why you have someone that the likes of Germany Irons to portray the greatest guy he's great. Just your talk, you seems very charming, I'd like to be his friend, so what would I can you tell us about right? genes relationship with with Jake hardy? Well
a very complicated relationship. And what do we know about this relationship? We know a lot about Johns writings wears a frontier each party's writings from both in fact share a diary, not despair. They did not share a diary, but their many of the letters between still survive for thinking very interesting at first reading. Engine needed help from his mentor hardy and at first hearty viewed. Health is the great Cambridge professor who could offer that help, but over time, began to recognise more than just ramanujan. Creativity is sheer the volume and in the work that through produce, so that relationship went from mentor student to almost being like equal partners team its, and its abuse is beautifully told in this film Human element is something you can't deny right is not a valid great transition that someone make That is not allowed and not everyone survive
that transition they can't trying to can't make that make that change from learning. To the one. Who then becomes the teacher? That's right, that's rain, but but you? U turn ok, thank you, ve grown the limited information because you'd mentored, communings meant or other comedians very much so yearly, ok cause using someone. You can claim that we can look to and say: hey, that's a in Prodigy J Seinfeld. So when I helped out no, but there's a lot of comics that leg Patten Oswald help me alive David Cross Michael show all turn David Wainwright like a lot of people and then there's comics that you bring on the road with you, so yeah, that's very much. The world of comedy is a lot of people, sort of helping each other well. Germany, irons plays mass mentor in the man who knew infinity, and I just to ask him. How did he prepare for that role? Let's find out
You do not have all the books that he read any has as well and who is learn it or is it interest in ways that you are not that what you reach for. Better than you would you gotta meet all the books that he read. I mean. How does this give while we had cannot now- and I said to- can cause great mathematician- I said- can of as a visor trying to see this is a trend line so that didn't it. There was a day that didn't happen. We make movies and they make stuff up on our cameras. Incredibly, he flew. I send out an email to five different mathematicians and, although back in five minutes and can was on an airplane three days later came to England a major every single. Writing in the movie is right and accurate sound, and I think it gave these guys the cycles they nobody tweeting about the movie, and I want to call about that. They make it ass right. That's why you ve got to when you, when you have to pretend we oughta do things that you know nothing about you. Gotta have something that is right.
Believe me that his right, what you're doing is right. That makes sense, because you don't know you can't tell I mean I know if it's, if something emotional by no well, it's true or not water. I can judge that service greater. Can on this and other gave me the confidence to say what I was saying, knowing that it was true and it was right so you got a good shot out like every much himself. You ensure that experience I loved it. You know I have no experience and film so all of it was new to me and greater appreciation. Now for how hard it is to make a film produce how do you feel about someone who knows no mass to sound fluently? we spent a lot of time and rehearsals too, Jeremy, aren't you a great students, so they know a lot more than that. Tend in these interviews there they were. Elevator audio someone who knows no mass too.
Fluent in math. We spent lot of time in rehearsals talking about math, talking got a pronounced all the way. All my guy. We will have to teach that link them teach. The math like meeting today, actually learn a fair amount of or not. They learn what any learn any real mathematics from these persons either learn tiger active actors in some movies like when someone's acting is like a drummer. They learned a drum. I get that invented movie, yeah, ok, job, because that would be better than a guy. Do it will do likewise public music, but I guess with Math, Alex what they got together there there there raising of math exactly as they come out right. We spend hours reworking about a dozen scenes just to get the language right. Nation of the sentences rain, even when we even practice at a time bored how to write formulas so that you would Empress
eyes the right right, strokes, equations most people probably notice? This in the film mathematicians have seen the film the door an embrace this or more likely. If you see a film where a person was not coast and how to write Yugoslavia complexly fairly, I've ever met David and goodwill hunting. Our his equations. Next up a start to live addition called lie, go and the black hole blues. This should happen only a few months after the announcement of gravitational waves, the scientific discovery of the year and possibly of the entire century, although there are still many more years of the century to come, my cause you he murmured and start taught live guest comedian. Michael Schumacher, join me on stage with theoretical physicists Jan Eleven, and lie astrophysicist nervous marvel of Allah to help us understand everything we could ever want to know about gravitational way,
his father is, that is an optical device where you take a laser beam and you kind of split it into puck paths and the light travels along to pass. It comes back nice and then it interferes. Savior motions for after enlargement is a misnomer laser. You break it up. You get him back together, YAP and then you're like now. A great anywhere along the way? What happens when you broke the two laser beams report? If they travel different distances, then what come back together. They act a little funny their bit our corroborate brighter and what did you get a different system because the gravity always came through the detector delegated would have it your dreams are otherwise identically the same length. Yes, Oh now a graduate washes across the detector and makes the length of one different from the length of the other, because it
into the future, and then you can bring combined the waves, and now you have like a crust adding to a trough of these ways and they here is one another new measures we can measure And we can measure not just if quests line up with crests or quest line up with drugs, but lots of variations in between so is it perfectly dark troughs and cross lined up, or is perfectly bright or something in between that's how we make the measurement we actually used. Is a beam along one arm as a kind of a reference for measuring the light travel time along the other arm. You just compare: how long did the light take along? This are compared to the light along for pensioners who these facilities. Why? Well that's really important, because the one of whom we Vienna one is in Washington state. Yes, yes, it s about three thousand kilometers apart and then does
That's a mild here because we were married Thoughts about is about three thousand miles began stare! That's So it's a. Why do we need to have them? In fact, there is actually a Europe in detector in ITALY as well career go, and why do we need so many so couple of things. One is the sick also are are very weak, and so why does this guy see how the detect works. If you want to know how the detector works absolutely right. Lately, I've been asked to do so. The way it actually works is. Does the gravitational waves comes through the detector? It actually changes the distance between. The laser and a mirror that have in our case in case of lie, go the? U S detector,
the mirrors and the lasers are separated by four kilometers saw two and a half miles The ends with happens, then, is that our job, this simply to measure the change in distance in the laser in the mirror, when the gravitational waves goes I compared to when it's not there and now the problem is that the ocean of these mirrors, as compared to the laser distance tiny. The gravitational waves really really really weak, and so on ocean. We're trying to measure over those two and a half miles is small then one thousand the size of a proton case. It's a varies while number it's ten to the mine, eighteen metres, but those of you thinkin in in India, Kinds of numbers occasion, but really want you ever think about- is that you start off with an atom and you you know you get to something that
a thousand times smaller than the typical size of an atom. You have its nucleus in the centre of broken proton and now we're thinking of something else some times smaller than the central central please open, Adamson, inhumane about women, that low you play. Yet the measure it with like one of those ruler, you get it staples ruler. Little wooden rulers bodes well one of the wheels that used to measure. Knowing measure that using the travel time of the laser. That's why the labour so important. I forget what So it is just so why? Because this effect is so small, now we're trying to measure the tiny motions of mirrors and everything on our planet wants to move mirrors by more than this passing crap I and I visited one of you come near the beam DR really slowly towards the facility, because any things gonna jiggle shaken bacon permanently?
But that's how do you know you did you take me driving into the facility? That's why you have to cause has not to view it had taken on three thousand kilometers apart. I find the same time there is another girl was in the end. Result is so the way that you know is that the EU be detectors. The two observers at the two observatories are instrumental with all kinds of other instrumentation like size monitors, echoed measure you going by, and so we take those we can remove those events from our signals and now what happens it think quite the black holes. We did. Attacked what we saw was a signal that arrive in our Louisiana detector first and then seven milliseconds later that same set of wiggles and bombs that same signal, seven thousand for research. I guess seven thousand Second later it arrives at our Washington detector, and that told something very important and told us that the wave was coming in from the South travel through
Louisiana detector and then continued on its way in seven milliseconds later, which is about the light travel times. You know these waves also go at the speed of light and aggression. In the end, the Washington D, like a thing moving through the air. It is the rippling of the fabric of space time shaking and begging earth being sought by one detector. Seventeen seconds after the other. Yes, that was that was what it was, and that's what those two detectors when, when you turned on the machine- and you heard the signal- and you were like that's the real signal- did you guys then have a party at it? So when you know in part because of the history of false starts in the field, many of us also have the psychology of oh, no, that can't be real. So we look at this beautiful signal and we were trying to talk ourselves out of it, but eventually after we didn't enough time,
Thank God. It was real and then we can only do not only driving down as we did. Anyone get drunk at the party put you all have to come of drunken go like no reason that this paper, as a thousand people, are a thousand people. Gonna keep us regard. We put you out my purse, clearly they are just smile and hear year. Nobody told me damn thing:
the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal this star die King Store talk today, we reaching back into the season seven workers too and to some of your favorite moments. According to your votes, one of your favorite conversations, the season was with the principal invest
later. The new horizons mission to PLUTO Alan Stern along time, friend and colleague fact. I knew him back when me when he was a graduate student at the University of Texas. He thinks PLUTO should be a planet and well. I know what I think about that. This episode, we chat about the demotion of everyone's favorite Ex planet Peter and with the New Horizons mission has unveiled I'm joined in studio by covers check nice and planetary. Scientist David Greenspun, both voted among your favorites talk guests other than PLUTO surface, as an object the change anybody's notions of things dynamically. It's a thing orbiting this well, with the exception of Neil Thyssen's, most people
How will we have now been out of any many people find out that if you drove around the circumference of PLUTO it's as far as for Manhattan, Moscow, Nice- I didn't know that big, I would say whether not anyone calls it a planet. I think I've learned this word in the corals again in universe, where we get to call the world a world has a certain intimacy to a conversational intimacy, because it tells you there's a place. Maybe we'll go visit. One day is interesting to think about and to explore, and maybe that's what matters here. Is it worth the moons of Jupiter worlds there planets this planet on the brain. Well, you know it's important, my feel is called planetary science. So I think it is important that we as practitioners
Your stand, what the central objects in our field and what we are PLUTO falls into that is secondary to just having a basic, logical, consistent understanding of water plants and his two ways to go where you can go at scientifically and scientifically the gyp physical planet definition says it went objects big enough to be round gravity off gravity, every shapes it and they are not so big that their central temperature causes them to ignite infusion. Anything in between which is from about a tenth of PLUTO size. Up to about ten times, Jupiters Mass, we'll be called the planet is very simple or you can use the STAR trek test. You know when the viewfinder comes on the public knows in about a half a second, what their orbiting incessant ship. It's asteroids a commoner. A planet pluto passes by either test, but really it's really about we as scientists being able to order things in
boxes so that weaken categorize. Does our protein are logical way, there's not a little promise. Our prompt both put us an inanimate objects. Ok, but of course whatever is your concern about the legitimacy of the vote, our community voted into thousands fix for the new class of occasion. I dont believe you re not so a four percent of the International Astronomical Union was there four percent voted. It was almost fifty fifty and so about. Two percent voted each way and it went the other way on a vote made up of not experts, call astronomers, not planetary scientists. I'd like to redo that the location of the really get the experts would find. What I'm saying is I dont think anything. I did have anything to do with effort, so
and that's the vote that sets the language so so seven years ahead of that running, a very prominent exhibit at the american resuming natural history. You wanted to take PLUTO and the small planets like it off the list. The planet's then you didn't know not really know we never had a list of planets ass. The thing we never I wasn't a plan which greeted with the cap about simplifying overhang. Today, I won't find any numbers like eight net.
There was never the number two. I was misunderstood, even the best the present misunderstood me and might then my team, who did this surplus plan, so no, we did. The institution did not commit to a non ass Neil, I think so. You didn't, I think, a disservice limit limitless meet you half way, I think. If dwarf planet is a category of planet. While I have no problem with that, what happened was people thought the door appointment is not anymore, and I agree and that's where I can meet you somewhere. So I am I like that it to our planet is a category plan would generate more stars. The sun is adore starving anybody belies the star dwarfs most middle noted were start with this. It s pretty good new over shaking his new to say
when a supply. We can ever better that you have at it. That way. We will I told you the wisest to women like. Let me just say that is a deeply wounded. Man you're targets. There I mean he is. He just went Taylor Swift doing. We are never getting back together meal, never ladder, dammit, lad, so David. What you're taken on all is well You know you heard me earlier. Conversation use the word planet and that's almost my wrist, looks like. I wasn't trying to be provocative or make a point, then its honestly. How I thank him, in I do understand how people our concern with thinking about orbits and classification of gravitational influence. You know my book dwarf planets like could and sort of their own category, but
planetary sciences. You don't I gotta meetings where we talk about planetary, geology and processes of planetary atmospheres and when we're doing that and we're doing compare planet algae, we do use the word planet, often We talk about good, we're, saying well that you know this planet has eight. Has a crater population that jobs in this area People understand that in that way, the only correct, don't know you mean about plan as because they ve all been brainwashed. It's another one of your favorite episode, discuss the physics and fantasy of time travel. Professor, meet your cock of one time friend and colleague, and co host Chuck nice join me under the Hayden Sphere, the hidden planetarium to help has grasped the concepts Vishnu featured my interview with back to the future actor Christopher, Lloyd, the dock and Doktor Houston,
Michel Gomes, both of whom portrayed well loved time travelling characters in pop culture. Does the prospect of time travel intrigue you? Yes, absolutely of your whole life we have refrained from the moment. I think my first thought will have been obsessed by really being somewhere else and is only until now that I'm starting to realise that right here, right now in this moment, lace in this moment everything's just fine and perfect. But has taken me a few years together, show the timeline was a work in progress until this moment. To be obeyed into submission. My very serve humanness has had to be beaten into me. Yes, all its true for anyone. We are the sum of everything we ve experienced. Yes right and but not everyone put it together now into a new emphasis on a cautious a new conscious lab
you guys got really philosophical. Go I'm just saying you know if you gotta, go to you gotta go to in a moment requires it of you so meteor. What is this if there's time travel? What does that say about free? Will? It means perhaps there is no thing is free. Will we have that? No one wants to believe that right. However, you know life is a wreck a quantum, quantum mechanics. There is uncertainty certainly means that we're not robots where now. This is not uncertainty. The way we normally use that word this is the currently in position and velocity of electrons, but since we are made of electrons, it means that there is uncertainty with regard to whom we are. We exist in multiple stays at the same time, and in some sense you can be two places at the same time. So for us, Quantum physics is having multiple universes is commonplace. Does it if you gonna give you
multiple universes, then I do have free will verse where some have eyes out? I want to do that. I want that to happen. Let me go change that another universe right and do some different. That's right. If there uncertainty. Then there are parallel, universes, different time streams and that's that result all the paradoxes of time travel and it means Free will can exist because the time the timeline can fork into many roads. Each one of those time lies actually represents a dear friend reaction to a choice. If you were this person, So I got up and I went one way to work as so another way to work. I've created a different. Multiverse by we create multiple universes simply by making decisions. Rather we wake up in the morning or asleep another hour in bed. We Africa we split in have and so for US
I'm travel. Paradox is a very easy took to resolve because we were with parallel universes. Every time we work with the transistor, the internet. The internet is based on parallel universes some people do not like it, but hey get used to it I still, I think you are invoking parallel universes to make every and you say, work out. Ok ay, I think he's got. It does exactly right. We believe in a unification of all physical law, and we think that Mechanics is the framework. Even unites Einstein theory to relative, Quantum mechanics and the This version of quantum mechanics is string theory, so I that you know you can make another universe. Red then commit yourself to this one and make a better. Oh. Can I that question so before we
to you know. We can't do it without like a video visit from nine times in the city, ass filled neither science guy good friend in body and now he was a resident of New York and I finally got live. We finally got up here, and I runs around town- do a cool stuff. I'm still here stuck in the chair, I've told you got his hands on an actual the worrying that was used in the movie. Let's check this out. it is time for every possible probably not. Because if you go back in time and change history, go back to the titanic and convincing Catherine to slow down or maybe Just go back to last weekend up yourself from having one more two kilos shot, or maybe you
send a colleague back in time to have sex with a waitress who turned out to be your own mother, like in the terminator series, in order to prevent, what nuclear war cool Science fiction is replete with time travel stories I think for me, you and me are favours gonna, be the back to the future Series Ashworth. Dark Brown turns into Delorean sports car what time machine what if you could travel through time. gray sky. Suppose everything Everyone, you know and love were actually part of someone else's time travel adventure. I would mean
you and I dont even exist. I finish this night. In the city segment. Everything was just. Disappear. We leave your favorite cosmic query moments of our seven season. That's all for now, and as always I be You ve been listening to start talk, radio and I need the grass Thyssen. Your host and your personal astrophysicist join us next time for part, two of our time, capsule show where we really your favorite cosmic query moments of our seven season. That's all for now
and as always I beg you to keep looking up like Galileo job the organs the show maybe over, but don't forget from the executive producer of lost carbon cues. Usa's original drama colony is bad for another season set in the near future colony centres on a loss, and was that has been brutal. Invaded by outside forces will and Katy Bowman Play by George Holloway and Sarah Wing Kelly's must fight to keep their families save, but nothing can prepare them for what's to come, don't miss the new season of colony premier and Thursday January twelve, at ten nine central, oh You say wish you could listen the star talk, commercial, free, Joe,
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