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Singing Science, with Kelly Clarkson

2018-02-23 | 🔗
Hit the high note with Neil deGrasse Tyson, singer Kelly Clarkson, comic co-host Chuck Nice, and vocologist Dr. Brian Gill as they explore the science of singing, bringing emotion to songs, singing injuries, the anatomy of the voice, the impact of auto-tune, and more. (Warning: Adult Language)Image Credit: Ben Ratner.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/singing-science-with-kelly-clarkson/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free? welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now. This is start talk, I'm your host, Neil, the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist and am also director of New York Cities, Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural history, and I got with me- my coat Jackknife Neil Baby, our reading a truck nice common. Thank you, sir. I follow you by the way I follow you. Two new monitoring entity Am I follow you in a list have allowed a list that focus Falco meeting
sign tat. I feel so that's why you you had we had, I will follow. You qualify, follow you and when I was six entities which includes like the Pentagon, and you know that every and DARPA array and shocking somebody will fall your twitter for profiling realise how to chuck hackers twitter profile get a bit less well, today were exploring the site, of the singing voice through my interview with singer songwriter Kelly Clarkson Miss Independence is, in fact the full interview, because for this we cut and paste for this vote if he was available on a start talking to channel their right and her newest album, which is how she landed in our universe, is called the
meaning of life? That's how that's? How does happen? Let me tell you very Clarkson is telling me the meaning of life. I don't want live just saying we have written studio, export gas because I am no vote, vote or vocal. Saying really good and a shower route, you know now, you're speaking voice would betray the fact that you might be able to sing well in the shower that's ok, the acoustics and islamic or aid by sound, get our guest today is professor and performer Brian. Guilt walk into the bright. I thank you very much. So you are I got here. You are associate professor, a voice, yes thing. Yes, envoys, pedagogy and voice.
Let it go. Yes will Indiana University. Yes, this is in a blooming in ITALY and in Indiana, yes, lovely little college down the Jacob School of user. Yes, that's a beautiful thing and it says here you are both colleges. Yes, that's that's! this is wrong. That should remain that you make you made that did Andrew on the fly. I'm sorry I will be in this rather haven't appoint with my book. College fired also resize just cause you're good at thing doesn't mean you put all of us and that's another thing. I have always a funny out. Could be dollar gums. Right can be valid. So your tenor. Yes, when you perform your performer as yet enter an opera, musical theatre, low, musical theatre, constant recitals, in the? U S and in Europe, I feel privilege that
you're, a town privilege to be here at the empty. We snatched her out of you, ain't gonna, head back to Indiana yesterday, yet yes and go back tonight and- and we delayed your plane, I got enough trouble on the tarmac. I gotta know people. I got a lotta gotta, stop checks the engines right, you see. Do that there were the two like cones lit up colony. Yet those in the drag me I know, so I have to ask what specifically vote colleges, the quick definition, science in practice, a voice ability and, if necessary, rehabilitation. Gas also know anyone habitations again, I never knew. No, it rehabilitate. Of course nobody ever ability jelly rolling out right now. I Billy takes it yet it later, but wait till it's broken when we shall have elected is the what would there be than the stairs sustenance and care and feeding of Europe?
rage? You teach a person, so you really high level function, so you do not injure using it. Don't answer gets there, then you don't have to rehab that's right, because it is more difficult to rehabilitate then ability once the sis. Broken to get the pieces back together, including the mind and how the person react. To the injury or the breakdown of the system is very difficult. That's why I know you're not a singer when you have a singing injury. I will not repeat what my router a common. Unfortunately, women due to injury amount for the set up yes, what happens, but it covers it covers any professional voice user, which would also be someone like you all that use your voice in this medium greater. We do so if something happens with
Partition, nor our teacher at school or something because I have a heavy voice. Load than of colleges is uniquely train to help them. I remember Bill Bill Clinton Yes, I remember he needed the and he ran into. He already sounded like this. To begin with that, I just want to let you know that I talk like this because I'm not habilitative and then I remember he was either campaigning for himself. Were Hilary or Barack Obama match your baby? What he had to come off the campaign trail, because here before he had entered his voice. Then they called it an injury Billy commenting on, unfortunately, stability. It interesting nicer, nice so we'll be drawing on your expertise,
Heavily for this conversation that I've had with Kelly Clarkson she's, been judge is one of the best vocalists in the industry, I'm just say so: yeah powerhouse voice from the verses so twenty five million albums thirty six million singles worldwide cheese and she was the first artist in history. I got mega crack team are researchers here to top each a billboard pop adult contemporary country and dance why and only to those actually count. Parliament there are the right word record no country. Contrary now is the country's yonder that can who country one, why don't you try to ask her about her? It was on the meaning of life in Chechnya. So the meaning of life is your eighth, album, yes and
now. Forgive me. I haven't heard all your husband, yes, but I heard this himself into I've. Listen I'm leaving school to get it, but I've heard your destructive charted As we have heard those in this album, it is There's a soul fullness to death that, but it has a pop routes, bringing stumbling elsewhere, and I'm what I'm old enough to try to remember, I'm trying to ask myself: why would they have put in album in the stove piped categories, inaccurate shop, yeah and I don't think, there's a spot. No, I mean it's. I guess pop, because not all you know, there's too much soul. Excuse me up not not know now I know it is a more self about its only because you saying- and I just have to stop what I'm doing here. It is Elvis pop, and I it's deadly there's, definitely difference when you listen to this album verse,
the other album lemme, the you one. You can just I'm happy and it creates a whole different. That happiness creates a whole domino effect of different, sounds in tones and in any The freedom that Atlantic has given me creates a whole different vibe. Because an artist in it and therefore to wear their able to just go ok away. I can do whatever I want, like you know, oh yeah, scary, zero, like waited on me now you accountable unanimous proposal, but love play I love I was home has been there's like even for the album. I was like I've literally getting so long to make this musical footprint that like even if it did do as well as other things, I'm still happy the end of the day. For that very blessed. I've had fifteen great years of success and in a very thanks, so so bright for it from a sort of volcanologists perspective. What such her voice apart happiness had. I think that now there that's I love that those beautiful and now he's already was unanswerable yet
for the landlord. I'm here is what she's, what I'd collar thoroughbred of of vocalists in that she can do something. That's a very high demand on the voice, the amount of recall connection at the local level, I'm an old when I got folder to flaps of tissue in the larynx right here I well, that's that when I know that he with anger into your throat, he plucked his throat sound acoustics. Where but I'm not doing that to my neck. I'm sorry, you get around imitate something I think, is a robot locking myself so hard that it hurts and I still can't get any sound out of it. Yet you have to close the vocal folds, and yet it was a vote like your listing something you go. Our words
not even a tax it nice yet which came read, but she she's been able to sustain that kind of production and really really well over fifteen plus years, been spent fifteen years and started, but but even longer than that are not just something that Can you or can you? Is it like police harassment and get out of there are so so so brine? You performed opera, hard Rock, yes funk when I had here. Ok, not in Indiana gets goes in another meeting that I like yeah, gaily, jazz, even indian, classical music yeah. I love I look in classical. We of these yonder is the ones you performed there, but what can we Clarkson has has shining? Can you rank them based on the demands on vocal performance at well? I think they all have different demands, specially hard rocks on the ground
people expect in the voice and heavy metal. That kind of thing, the gravel we look at the end of drafting a noise kind of like a snark rip, exactly like you're taking a dump and drink and jumped bowed with difficult to pass an observer, and it's a difficult. We say things I can't get out of my head: what our sound more constipate, one cause of the pace of France, that's right or left or Joker, yea Dzhokhar grim meant it, but then you get too like four westerners, indian, classical music involves different donating and that's really challenging so figuring out how to do that. Luckily, I was not the lead singer. I was I was there of backing group. Now behind I'm sorry, I don't know anything about indian, classical music. Is that the music that goes on for like a half hour?
but they can gain yet ingo on a long time with just a bee yeah yeah yeah I get on, they can and cannot aryan there some accident network so in these countries, then, because they come from such different cultural places, country indian, funk pop. Is it technique? or do you have to actually feel it? Do you need some some genetic link back into that place to draw from in order to perform or to excel both I think, there's a technique to it. There's a way that you use your voice, that that you can actually define and scientific way what the people are doing it's not it's no longer as much of a mystery, but then there's also, exposure to a gene road? That's in absolutely imperative. Someone have or other miss, altruism like oppose, or yet you have to grow up love in it and dramatically in in
under your skin enzymes. I have people who come to me as operating as and then there like a duel but more rock, but does will do you like rotten and not really we're gonna get, are gonna they're, gonna, sound, gonna, hallway yeah. That's why it's Kelly about her, how she conveys feelings and emotions her sing, check it out. Not that's got me thinking. I can read a poem on a page. A rhyme, it'll mean something information only to be precise. But if I hear you sing it there's a whole other conduit of communication going out. Why are you you must be I'm aware of that and you can go in there and you can yeah did you, how are you planning allowance which I like to be a mean? bit poetic, but at the same time keeping, stories, simple enough to where people are focused on.
The words of the story. It's more focus on the feeling of the story, because I'm or of an emotional person, languages, ground, Rita, damned book. Yeah I wonder how many words like I always feel like. I know it's on what Mr Blot but my point on this China. Aren't you say I do. Tyler live, but but here is my point- I've never said this before, but it's like I love you, but I feel like she's one of those people. It could be a silent movie, she would effortlessly flawlessly dictate her the her emotions, her eyes, just her every part of her you would know, Actually, what she saying without her saying anything through the entire. Maybe I think she would have been like the most fantastic silent actresses she does so much, and I think that as a singer too, like that's what I try to do. Likewise, I tried a like you know. Whatever the words are I could be not saying words Anja singing melody, but by my intensity or by the model,
mission of advise my emotions yeah, you could almost tell the story. I'm saying without even have their being words disappoint. Is there would you would you it is an evolutionary propensity to respond to a singing voice as a pole to just spoken voice and Why? What's that mean, communicating information just utter a sentence, but somehow that doesn't as well as if I sing a sentence. Yes, think singing in the end, the different terms that you have and ranges that you use and singing or more impact for with communication. Darwin had thought that in hominids, like early progenitor, man you that that is the first utterances were probably musical Yanza if you think about most species lop or get my grandmother who came and we don't have vocabulary strategy, but we do about it
eradicating was like, but they most species have some kind of song for four mating and then attracting people, I'm gonna vying. You know family and and territory in all those things had says: an early hominid standing outside of a can a cave going, Mama, seven me yes, but not by my father's tell them. I know more. I had to ask Kelly about the basis for the thematic basis for her now, my dear so check it out the mean of life. When you say it like that farm dramatic that's caught up both dangerous audacious. Yes, to be calling you allowed. There was bold, you can figure out.
Meaning of life. When you buy my elbow gray eyes poor, like Charlie in the chocolate backdoor golden ticket occurs. Let me turn to learn, not just not so you get it. I'm just say so the meaning of life is this something you you ve for a while. I just came onto it I think we're all under construction, and I think it point of meaning at under construction. We are in favour of it. I think that meaning of life is really just about connection and making sure their positive connections? In other words, people to people yeah? I saw and really I It's simple. I think we complicate its humans, cause retrying figure, everything out, and sometimes you can't you know, but you you're. Sometimes you can. I can Your mother was a school teacher lot of who you are making it part of mission, to figure things out and at school teacher, that's the trying to get their kids
yeah they. How much a question touch him? I love. I mean she always taught me question and I think that's the best part of whether you're talking about face politics, I've been eased any be love, it's always to question it like it I love that I love to question whatever. Happening at the moment, one too sure it's real and to just because I dont think when you stop questioning many stop. Ask you stop caring right. I don't know, I guess I'd better dinner. I bet you I bet you can ever Leslie coming up more signs of and my interview with a heavy heart that no secret for you, I'm gonna, consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one.
And where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just said welcome back to start off with Michael Data at our export. Yes, this episode, professor of Ports, Indiana University looming ten year, which are about the science of the singing voice future my interview with Kelly Clarkson and I just had summoned a follow up. We talked about
your capacity to bring an emotion, oars and authenticity to what it is. You saying I am I wrong. I remembered I'd like James Taylor, but not enough to by all his absence. I waited till he had his greatest hits in a dead body, sit down and on their. Why we haven't trouble sleeping my sister can't get enough of and How goes all concert and eminent, and so I'm listen to album and I'm a fan of the blues right and in there he has a loose song. Steamroller Blue James Taylor has a blue song and then I said: ok, he's trot, he's triumph. You know he went to like oppressed. Cool in Massachusetts, re high school and goes to Marthas Vineyard and at we boost singers ever came out of Massachusetts gas, so I could well this morning, but the wooden
does he does drop the bomb low and that what we do- and I think that doesn't element that would probably wasn't working for me. He was not convincing as as us as it just doesn't work in was waiting for him either Let you know why I think the blues as a jammer, is probably the one that you would have to feel the most some think him in order to take recently the list of states, the blue singers doctor
to come from you top of the list of raising the problem is that we have that's how the remedies that we end this phenomenon here you got me like an alibi. Mri Mississippi exactly you got me pull in Chicago Province, cargo! That's right! Louisiana sunrise need to re, examine you gotta there's got to be some poor black
people. May I use it is or you don't have how you right now you taught me about just like run alone is exaggerated. Is clear, it must be used, broke enemy, no hot chocolate at alone, three marshmallow. Ok, let's do they really and to say that is a really find it we that is at stake here. That is really the Utah blues. I'm going right, I'm going Right. That's onto tonight guarantee you the Utah lose. I can't wait. Looking get back to my interview with Kelly Clarkson and see where that Takes us next check it out. Do you think of your voice as an instrument that needs culture? waiting and care. Yes, ok, yeah! No, I have to I mean
The reason I ask, as we were in the green, before you performed in the Youtube yeah base and but before you like to Ukraine, with everybody in the green room, just walk out there and then comes this way. How do you with how I warmed up earlier this morning. So I definitely I death aimed to warm up every day is just like a speaker like a public speaker like your voice, Is that where runner, your voice is a muscle e notes, these little things that you have to keep trained, and I know it fingers. Don't have to, I think, I've heard Jennifer in an interview, Jennifer, Hudson she's, having read it in English, people sought First of all, can I say that, because I don't think she died walking my turn my turn, you're in a different pool of people who are here today
Hudson I'm saying she's at eight a M leaders, another economical effort as well yes and she's she's a big vocalists, and she doesn't. She said and interviews I find it shocking shows like I don't Above all, it just happened. So I'm not like that. I have to warm up there. I can do, it's just not going to sound, is good enough to call you out, but you are fifteen years old. Then you were when you get an idle. So is the warm up the same Oh in an earlier this year. I think you know it's funny. I saw Tony Bennet at this and we know it another little. That's why her birthday, There are certain now anything I try I was made in recent years ago and he saying any use. You know eighty Sunday and I was like I mean he killed all of us and when he he was amazing and I'm a twenty minute ban, but I was I don't know I thought maybe the older we get like, I don't know, sometimes townspeople sandefur, he sends even better liquor. Buying glass of wine is so
level and I will say if you're doing things correctly and you're taking of yourself and you're not running your cords. I think that you get better with age your voice sounds more lived in and it sounds like I can go low I can go higher, like afraid, lived in yeah the peer boot just to be clear in the agreement before she went out. Ok, I understated She was doing in a grim. Do it. She had friend her husband. Her did outward agent or books, everybody she's, if you can end up with everybody oh she's eating chicken waffles? While did you just say four down chicken a walk, so I think it s a good warmer than this is really about. What's about to happen after I had no idea she went out there and rift lip just me, just towards new one o mass. So tell me about the anatomy of the vocal court, so well
and, while added I'd like to distinguish them, if you can, from that of other primates or anything else, that that would make sounds like birds or rails Yahoo, one a main things and in human beings the the larynx, which is the voice box right here, has descended, and so it creates a bent. Resonated like a space here and then a space go on this way, their roughly about the same size we're in an oil ass. The other species have a lax, as we have learned so so there. They only use it for sound and they dont use their tongue very much for articulation when they're making sound. So that's unique about human beings. So with other comes down and like them, professor, like me, why it is so That's one of the unique features in and you ve got mean we're with voice you. You ve got this power source, the air, the comes from your lungs, you ve got the tissue
here, the vocal folds of vibrate that create sound. Then that sounds filtered through the space above it. So that's the basics of the way. The instrument works net that visit does it serve any purpose for a socially or otherwise that we would be so different? Yet an end away. We use our voice tooth, serves the purpose of their. There was a stir, not too long ago where people could judge trustworthiness and dominance in, I think, was five hundred milliseconds of listening to someone really yet so it was So I don't think information about social interaction is communicated just by the two How would you want how milliseconds last and so there are certain habits that people have that. Are you often raided higher like the way a woman mark modulate the voice like using different pages, and things like that. That's that's trustworthy, p of personal. Does that and then simply with murder Valley girl that they may learn high and there's another lesson we have to that that that's all
the rain Please, ok! So it's not just words. So, for example, the writer has that challenge, because if you just putting words on a page, it's hard to then communicate the tonality of what how that's actually being expressed so the good writers somehow get that in that sentence. Right either by the pre descriptor. She responded anxiously orgy, then you do you put that in, but you don't need any that if you just speaking it right- and I can hear that so you can- he rightly say right don't you understand the emotions like the trigger for voice goes through. With Olympic system, which is part of where emotion, country, hypothalamus or voice the trigger, like the in return for a boy nerves, wiring trigger for the interaction of voice would have put, it runs through the olympic system, and so emotion than can be encoded on the voice it's right, which is. Why will you will too K. To someone- and you say, I'm terribly sorry,
but I really need you to move this along and they say calm down your light, I am not upset. You alive it's hard to hide our dies there, which was what made the performer so unique because they're taking their actually taking a signal. You know what happened to your horse. If you're really upset you lose your voice, I mean you can't do anything so a performers, can that signal and they're getting just enough of the emotional information encoding in on the voice so that progress in the motor standing on workers in the moment, but they're not going too far. So this whole thing nowadays, where people are trying to push people to feel, and then gets and then there like, and they can't sing right That's too far, so we had to figure out it's much more complex than that. You can't be void of emotion, but you also cappy over overwhelmed. By so tell me, can you reflect on her comment about age and with that? Those with your voice? Yes of first act or other sopranos there done, but you know you know
rarely are rarely Morel afraid you, those serious oversight, shoutout Marilla frame. Neither ok you want, the jumped out in that clip was, I mean, I believe, Kelly's inner thirty's. So that's now, let's not aging voice. That's like the prime So what happens? If there's a breakdown, the voice and one of the things that jumped down, that clip was, I mean leave Kelly's inner thirty's. I haven't you, sell your guess or that now, let's not aging voices like the prime of your life for voice till you get in there. The musculature develops in your thirties and India or Fortys, and then it starts run around in the fifties. Mid fifties. It starts going downhill in that there's muscle atrophy, there's a thinning out the vocal folds themselves and so and there's also cows. Suffocation ossification account suffocation in the vote in Maria Voice Box, yet hard hardening, which gives you less flexibility and as a downgrading of other of slackening. It would make you less versatile, but it still, it would mean you still can't put sittings
definitely not elements in your soul and what I think we were. Twenty Bennett example he's one of my favorites he's one of ever actually functionally hee hee lasted form more than other singers of his answer, but but have you die but is there a bureau home go one way How do you aren't the liver of that? That's pretty quabos. There have been all dead, I'll bet, nicety. If you give you combine the understanding a person gains through if that even even the sort of lack of they may have more flexibility that they may have is made up for in their understanding of emotion and and their more deeply grounded in life. So that shows interesting. So you know today, as I came to learn your singing voice like most things in society can be enhanced by technology, and I asked her
ass Kelly about one or two alone. It is vital that we had a place for checking in my mouth. Rescue in front of cameras, yes to use or a tune on record here yeah, we don't do it live, but we definitely have used it on record or you cannot do alive What you sing here alive there are people that do concerts that have the accusation, they are not because we have a duty to work for thousands of people in the closet. About now. There are people the otter to live. I don't do that live. I do want to take away from that emotional moment, but when it's on record I dont and if I had my lover performance and I'm like, No, I don't. I don't know if I'm gonna nail that again or five and tried again and I'm nailed like there was this everything was perfect, but one thing I don't want that one thing too: to ruin the, however, and not all by himself. So I don't mind I don't mind like using it sparingly, but we definitely don't use at a time when major addition to
musicians- Arsenal did the same I mean it's in it. There are a lot of cool things you can do. I mean I know a lot of guys and wrap use em because it sounds cool like that's. When I look at it and they like, we did a whole program for Nova Economics, host of a noble spin off called Nova science now yeah. I you, the guy, who invented yeah and he was telling me about what happens if you, change, you can manipulate it over the edge and then it makes them Funny gather a lot a kind of weird yeah right and which can be calls on it like us on this. We did it on medicine. On this album, he made it clear that that was not the intention that the intention is to fix your note to be the proper, no absolute dangle off. Title the waterfall. Yes are always an extra weird noises come from yes in its also cool, like Google, Sancho Medicine, that's where we use it like on medicine on theirs is part. The goes Never hear me had never get Milly and I sing it, but then there's that's all support. They literally took my vocal in almost like
Ancient manipulated it like an octave, lower warehouses like November. It's like this sounds like a man, my mama's, like who's, the man on the irregularity. Most like that's my voice. I just manipulated it. So there's really cool things you can do with it. I think, at the end of the day, if your capable of doing it live then I dont think use movie. That's my personal thing, but like gonna run a moment that was really beautiful and, like you, don't want it in tat moment that doesn't bother me you're suppliant. Would you say- auto tune in music is analogous to doping in athletics. Chuck House set of start, our call playing with science and all manner of these topics come up, but now an analog in a whole other field. You are fixing your performance yeah, you will. People will applaud rather thing and violent doping
I'm cool doping. Bring that mean doping in sport brings you to the ability to do at the alive, whereas auditing does it out puts it on some kind of digital format, and so I think what Kelly said. Right on the money. I think, if you can't do it live, what's the point because you're trying to commute and most people perform a China commune with people you can't perform any longer and audited? Helps you hit that known. Then that's me. So, just like doping, I have written to us right now, settled, I agree with you that another quickly think that computers will one day I, for example, will be able to not only compose and emotional music, but then perform it in a way that You might not even need humans because I don't know how to maximize.
Access to your emotional on strings now, purse strings and Mohammed string I think going. I think I'm gonna undergone on record saying no. Never gonna happen line or wanted to have one like you know, he'd. I don't want that way. Brian they'll never be able to write a funny joke. Eater lunar cycle x, ray we'll, take a quick break when stark torp returns for my singing sensation- we're back on startup chuck nice, yes, Brian Gill, yes, vote colleges, so Oh, we feature my interview with singer songwriter voice. Sensation, Kelly, Clarkson and just before we went to break
we were talking about whether auto tune, which but you on note country to how many so many people think about a tune ray funny, thank God. You are young. You become a warbler which you are now. You believe that you share. Are you going? Are you you said it was, it had mean four analogies to doping in sport, but then Journey break you mentioned that there are actual singers, who are actually taking actual steroids? Yes, in support of their voice, so few for some that are are legit and they have a big that they gotta do and if you can earn fifty thousand dollars you gonna do arise and it. If you take steroids, it can reduce the swelling and enable you to get through a performance, but there are abused often so folks behind other, be backstage in Broadway, show and lobby
who can who? S name was who s there rose and looking for bill. I need the July that exactly at its use, in other words, we have virtually popular, but these are about people. That's why you're singers are getting back. So, let's go back, My interview with colleagues did you know she is also an author. No, I don't written children's books that count. I'm not gonna. Tell you why counter meter, I can't go. There will always be children to buy. Your book has only one pool of adults at any given time this is so true, and but a a brilliant marketing does not legitimacy, make anyhow I found out that she wrote a lullaby to go with each one of her books such as how to get inside that final. What was the check it out. I want
and you were a lullaby for each of your two books. I really lullaby before the first one level about your hide it here it was when I was gonna write a lullaby for each one and we might so dear, but that the Christmas when which was- second one in the river series, I actually did a foreign Christmas on four, original everyone's also. We did a full on Christmas for the second book, but there's a lullaby for the first, it's the song. I seem to her and she was baby so so lullabies I thickets scientifically demonstrate to be soothing to babies, and me I knew that empirically, but yeah you can study brain patterns and what parts of it it hits in advance and it comes its name as speaking very like a smooth, rather than a like your voice compared to Myspace. Boys years would be more soothing, so you could see and I can speak and we can vote on the out. We haven't, I'm ready, I say the universe.
The universe is actually like. It's o Brien. Is there a definition of a lullaby, aha, functional, definite It's a means other than that. I understand these. Dig it right. Other neighbours dig it not at the basic ideas. It's a constructive, a song, that's designed to be super simple word because, with their cognitive functioning, children can't process something that's too difficult. Has really consonant intervals announced in it, not dissonant or not. As the opposition to send out a signal. Syria similiar yet, and then nurse had arrived like exactly, and our narrative is key right zone
its repetitive. So when it all of music today, already they had dinner with you, listen serum ratio, it say: hey you're, an idiot you'll like desire in the preamble to every saw three realities bogus we might like. There's dummies again cutaway my favorite lullaby, its feed, the bird feed burns from Mary Pocket. I dont know it. Yes, you do Oh my gosh and I loved just the words and she sings attempts to law. The children to sleep and it and she sings about the bird woman at Saint Paul Cathedral. Visiting any scarier top evince a bank tappans top events
Turbans it work by the eleven languages word quick at hand. So there is a bird lady whose homeless value by bags of crumbs from her too then seed, the hungry birds on the steps of Paul and is a line which is at the saints and apostles down ass. She sells her where's, although can't see you know they are smiling It's time. Someone shows that he care of his other civil, really beautiful various, is really beautiful is socially conscious and its, and these are not influence. They were there there too. Kids are twins and sub. So that's my
blood. You got him a lullaby, my favorite level, bisexual he'll, imbibe, Marvin, Gaye, Brian sleep or get in the disturbing, because we live in and go to sleep with every usage. Everything's minor, my my wife can beautiful most beautiful support, voice. You ve ever heard, and she sings to my boys overnight. We both through but but just somewhere over the rainbow to one by request. She takes her best. And the other one she sings, the Easter Bunny has come into town today. This voice like man and then later I met her. I didn't knows her voice and I walked up and ass. I will seventy nine. So you so you married another singer. Yes, yes, because of the thing we were performing together. I heard her oysters rehearsing. I heard this voice, not like man. And then later I met her. I didn't know her voice and I walked up and, as I will
my hand, and then I put the two and two together mating call. It was to me that's a pain in the movie. We will sound for just one world. Everything else was silence the US and the sun rose with a bit of it. Some men have no little gradual assets in the choice of music, sure voicing really well because we seem to him all the time. I hope that my group and one of those we we call ourselves the bomb blacks. Instead, the ultra instead of the VON tragedy, divine black every night when we went to bed. I would emphasise this very good. You know
What's more black, there only tenders? what's that. What was that other book? it's a priority on Goodnight Moon, it's all its goal the to sleep unsuited to block this theory. I with you right- ok just to atone for this, ass. We gotta put a link in this too. When Laval Burton read to me good night move, yeah, he read it to me as very cool The beautiful, however, TAT Emma so in this landscape, with Kelly Weep bonded over the poetic beauty of the great american total solar eclipse of August to them
seventeen, let's check it out so you're from Tennessee, I'm frantic says, but I've been in Tennessee for over a decade, brokered Yahoo. Did you a resident of ten amber residents? Ok, now I read to have a total, solar eclipse, Goebbels, Wheatley, three or state, actually Sumner County, where our farmers is exactly like one of the best places and we got raising. My invitation was still in the. In the meantime, I go back home in shock you earlier was there. We had a cook. I don't know here where we were on our land and hang it now. I would maybe it's all in the design I address the right. One didn't have any rights. Astral person on your ranch for this. Now we you had no say do you do I? I love that I appear that I have cited here, because I think that everyone who is a scientist at arms ricotta well, we do of course, die on our team, which he's a gene We call Macgyver on tour, but he was
in Tennessee at the time of the year. We we were floor, though it was one of the coolest things I've ever been a part of followed by a moon. Shadow was simple in darkness steeped in darkness, right that book right now, Sir Slick it. In darkness may be so. The next time is a total solar eclipse over your farm, you're gonna call me, or I will call you aren't gonna call you and you are going to go but I'm gonna call you you think I won't actually the next time to see it. I think, is it where's the neck? The next one He said that was coming in twenty four and I won't mothers visit eclipse every couple of years, so the man is rare as the press, have you believe, not an algorithm right so and nowadays we have airplanes. So yeah like this one, like in South America, like next year or the year after year, twenty nineteen- I think so you never really that far away from the next one yeah lately by two Surface is ocean, so their entrepreneurial, so the ocean,
people who say will sailor both into the eclipse path, and then you have an ocean crews. At the time you there why that's pretty sexier totally Tom Ass, completely nice bottle of wine total yes, total eclipse of heart not than that embryo some we did during the eclipse all the songs. I knew that reference archaeology and a total solar eclipse. So if you look it up, I am sorry that man, don't you can make you- can make the eclipse album the arrow, noble totally again and growing collaborate and later there we have had rendered then do at between answer. You could be like the ear, the voice there, you're the sexy voice, envoys to men and I'll, be the singer. You do that here, baby, you just come in and need to start talking about talk site during its talk, nerdy to me, curly, look worse, look who s here comes the moon no, an eight hundred miles an hour
yeah come then we will work is a cone through space of dark. she's every bit as fun. As that conversation sounded like it was its algae, also out of pre authentic. To me, in every way I mean I was totally like it now made peace just can be like this. You know where you kind of like you friends your whole life, yeah, yeah, then, and I used to take that person. Like while we really bonded, but I think that just like that right and that any more in a conversation with their might feel the same way about them. So so this has that type of spirit, youth, the Spirit that that's a good were grounded now under real. We are sound, Zachary, hallowed person right right, right, I've, I've got a more. Fan after hearing your interview with hundreds and by more
a fan. I mean time now, a fan None of us off. There was some, as is the fact that wasn't anything, I've always liked Alec locks, and so so this this eclipsing that we were sketching, give a favorite universe on its way. Universe, it's more than the close, us less your body in the solar system? Then it is a universal number. Fly me to the moon, and let me play amongst this. Ok turn out people. Think of that sort of thing about the moon, but the moon is just like that. Just think how things can also things about Jupiter remark that aren't you will, let me see spring is like, in other words Mars. Please.
Were you in a rapid and Joe? That's really started three ten or know the three really upright thanks for coming in for this money, you have to find you again. Please bring. We wheeling totally bring you back right, fine, because we get singers ever you know what I will do this thing or this time you know, but we got a book. Colleges didn't come out from every angle and bring an exact. You got it, I use, and that's where you do, I'm ok, here's my career, you can't say I love you, don't even know what I've heard a lot about. How does not help the? U k Jack, always good. Having always applies, I've been your house near the grass ice in your personal astrophysicist. I want, I want think Brian Chuck and, of course, Kelly
for making this show happen. You've been listening and possibly even watching it startalk and, as always, I did eat to keep looking and we should listen to startalk Commercial free, joint startalk, Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio,
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