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2009-06-29 | 🔗

Space is now big business. Technology originally developed for the space program sometimes ends up in products for use on Earth, often in surprising ways. The 40,000 certified “Space Products” range from mattresses to medical devices, and have turned space into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Inspired by our excursions into the Final Frontier, entrepreneurs and inventors are turning stardust into gold.

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Why are you? This is filled with secrete mysteries, leaving us with many questions to be answered. Now more than ever, we find ourselves searching through those answers is the very fabric of space science and society of converging here, for the first time you, the Greeks, the barrier between what is something is in what is merely pop culture is starting to use your house astrophysicist doktor meal to harass Thyssen Commedia Complex STAR, talk, we're back, I'm getting very unique solely in order to talk about today idea, but I've been there's some clarifying what that guy, I have limited so it you said before I do you get it clarifies and out now I want you to tell Frank. Ok, this is start talking as you already. We find topics draw
from the cosmos and exploration there and talk, space topics, but we bring em down their bring down, because let me run on down to earth and frustration and focus on space spin offs, all this investment we ve made as a nation. The world is made and exploring space, not only robotics but with people and how to brighten, make spacecraft, fly and dark and move. Turn on other planets, we Chicago with space spinoffs. That's what I wanted to make is that I'm sounds like tv when I first saw that I thought that, because I get like happy is the spin off as a Vernon Shirley Lynn, words can her more than one meaning in this world of things, and I love it when you gimme that linear an idiot phase that is my favorite lock, I roll winds and area payments I know you don't think I'm an idiot without binding about like spin offs from STAR Trek were now remember things that derive from space profit. Praying RADA spin offs that right, ass mine. So I tv on the brain, but the show is about space
hey. What's in real housewives in New Jersey and I'm obsessed again, while we We always begin with my my friend bill. My in a bill he's my guy. You know I mean he's he's some areas He said that seen in his manic minute, what he's got to tell you on this product? they bill. Nye the science guy here this week on STAR talk, Cars are discussing the technology that came to be because we have a civilian space programme. The spin offs idea, promoting spin offs left over from the cold war, the race to the monk. Even then, there was a great deal of controversy about the cost of the programme, so NASA got into the habit of reminding us about their better batteries. Geo chemical assets, techniques me braces and blankets as they work spun off. But if a society wants these sorts of things, it doesn't seem like it would need to build rockets telescopes since eight
times. New technology doesn't come from high dollar civilians. It comes from. The military is working on. That's what we get stuck like telescopes radar box meals that heat themselves instead of fretting over, We can see of fines back on earth. I don't start heartlessness will focus on the future, the space that she had to be explored and that this is done by the science guy saying spent on look ahead very good You didn't do bill. I gotta fly all builders more. Fly, when he's he's, got the power he's very sound, very labour as big single, Yes, he single go rear. However, the locality something like that because I need a smart guy, you can fix stuff in my life. I think we'd be gets, this does not make an avenue. Well, you know we'd be like Pinky in the brain We give our other world me entail. My are you you dated incompetent,
I've dated from this applies to the ridiculous. I hate me. That is the problem less than bill knife? What do you know? Who at some point told me this once that he was once voted as the most likely person? They wanna haven't a desert island to enable them to escape, like the professor from Gillikins Island region, he's like Macgyver ask accept Macgyver, plus what you science, rabbi, updated, so many useless creeps is not perfect that somebody who can get me up, and I learned that right there already did just catapulted him to the top, or I shall build, is much more valuable to others than just what you can do with duct tape. Yes and tell him that I can see pass the gay house even put our produce have put being introduced in view. I love that I've had video here what I've been put behind them as I bought to pocket book. Even our producers have an opportunity to put this weird gay house music behind Bill nights. I have no idea why well
in turn. I see I don't know what he's after everything about this as I live in a way so yeah space spray space, spin, offs, they're all around us, and often people don't think about it- didn't recognize it. Two fundamental part of their life and of its four fundamental party life, you don't stop to think we're came from I found out, I really doubt Emmi, not unembarrassed. How might I doubt gives the more we ve talked about pheasant ask about is the more I feel like. I really should have known some while it's it's a lot of stuff and in fact we ve got some people to help us remind us of a good play. I want served on the board of the Space Foundation that basic Colorado Springs, Colorado, obviously, and The ceo of the space foundation. Anonymous is Elliot, poem melody came through town recently, and I got to interview him yet got interview him and he space rotation does as they like. They care about space, no matter how it happens so not only next morning, but NASA. Governments face
hung over any. How could you please explain to me? I mean forget, I'd like it for me, like mourning, for start for the home over factor so Medium four in the morning, the major work it was good So what what he's got is that the space foundation among their many duties is, if you have a product that you're making money off of that came from came from technologies and innovations that was used for space exploration. You can get in a certified and you'll be on list of certified. Spain were always. I didn't have anything to do with NAFTA. The well a lot of the certified products for came from NASA, but they themselves are not NASA. What the US like the Miracle Dental Association, the miracle than they are met. That also American Dental Association like when they believe if the America and association Us Asian, is an that means, there's not fluoride in it.
Guess I'm here if their certify, so they re stamped the product, and that means it's definitely has inducement. Yes, that it means that whatever mix that product work had its origins, And innovations in space, then after any Can anyone get something certified because I have an idea On the Mars Rover you for, a lawnmower kind of thing, but it's like a surveillance rover that can survey like your because I'm from south, so we have my parents, have lots of properties like you could so echoed survey your property or girl. Listening for what you would have survey would send like a watchdog like you and have you would send the property and and it over watchdog, on the property handed over what's up and it would also combat and tell you if there were like go for holes or problems and bring a little samples of plants that we're getting sacrifice. We now call occur, so nobody still at work. Well. Ok, it's one thing to have an idea, because you looked at Mars Rover and he said I can put a rover in my back yard but
I didn't use tag behind my back here then there's one more thing tank. It involves for your things right, but you have to actually use the technologies that are there. So if you want moreover, to hear like your beer, your wheels, they can a beaver rocks without flipping over. I, like your sensors, I, like your camera, your story opposite stereoscopic camera and knew tat those technologies for you. Yes to get certified space our. How do I find out exactly what was I to have to go till it? Can I get it back off like a website? I will see why not just look at the plans for the rover. You look at all the technologies that went into it earlier. Ah, that live so then, what the next step, when you won T find something unless someone else invented it and they got a patent for it. So you have to watch out. Go? Look for the patent is like while now now it's over. I can't do it now. There's someone right now with typing today I met a drag but eight way here tonight. But let me ask you this. What I say I go on right now and I leave here and now us as amended it- and I get the idea We are dismayed at all right to earlier. You gotta know you create the product to make money.
Say: I've made a commercial product from space out so now my current topics have to go. Make this sword so go Mary Bill, nine, make it together, you're thinking so little. Let's hear what literate only Poland has to say, CEO, the space found and if any one else wants the car and tell us what they would imagination. Colleagues, because I like your idea to very cool, I want you to keep up their khalifate- has what you meant. We ve got him you are the guys who certify space products. Does what
about- and it is the temper Peter one of those products that use certified because then the guy on the commercial. So we sent we're NASA products and a morning like who the hell did, that is that there must be displaced foundation that would be ass. They are certified by the space Foundation. That's a program that grew out of a programme that we have called the space Technology Hall of Fame, which you are very familiar with, where we inducted enshrine technologies, came from space and became products here on earth and as a further adjunct to that, we have a programme where we certified products and in establishing these products did indeed come from the space programme and these products are you find them all around you in your everyday life and the companies that come to us we're certification, feel it being recognised as coming from space egg is in the competitive advantage in the marketplace, and that's how that came to be so Is this like Tang in overall here about space spin offs and is tank
these price- you know, that's, that's, that's the urban legend of space, Bonanza Tang Velcro, really not not really, will one shocked by we. We really talk about products and and and innovations that come from space, that our real that help us in our daily lives. They can range from something as consumer oriented as a mattress temper Punic, or something, is life saving and critical as the two making heart pump, which is a lifesaving device which is used for patients and have heart problems which is based on the designs of the space shuttle, mean engine turble pomp and saves about thirty thousand lives a year there there it is face saving lives, doing it and if you have an idea for what you might want to make from space, try products give me a call at eighteen thousand, seven hundred and seventy five startalk. So treatable, at plea that Street Red STAR Talk, radio war, one word or so Lynn. Did you drink
when you are, can I did and la la la la la la la I don't. I don't believe that I'm not goin for it in the drink of astronauts. I don't care what Elliot problems. Have I heard that Inter great and I'm sticking to it everyday? I also heard that, have you say: bloody Mary in the mirror three times becomes life and kills you, and I don't say that when you are sir great as well yeah, it's a drink, as I have taken my house right now. For that reason I do not deny that it was the trick of astronauts. You just said it was an inventive lot. That's all it was, but the temporary thing, I find really interesting our repeated, but of course you do there thousand dollars. Thirdly, very highly prized reminded the miracle foam that goes on top of the bed. Like a hundred dollars. It is just part of the temperature, because I couldn't afford the whole thing I really do not part- is nice next Sunday I'll be able to afford like fifteen more of them, but here
what I want to know, and I love the commercial that have agreed a commercial where the glass of wine, so don't worry, we're pretty merger but it s one on what sort of a jump up and down. On the other hand, those areas you got bigger problems at a bad back. My friend, if you gotta gotcha line on the bed next here and you're, worried about it fallen over much bigger problems are being out, but what I like about that too, is a you know. There has been, can take care of business. Why you get some sleep You don't even live alone or whether it means you know what it means. So, let's play this game now for great with her. I want to ask me about that: even only the dealers, I want to ask things that I think might have come from phase and then you tell me if they did tackling completing all, but try right You can't only go through Caprice son, having something came a pouch. I don't think so. This is when you squeeze how can that stronger, destroying it yeah? They seem like a space drank. It could be that we might have they drink. They do drink drinks out of pouches with
Rosamond in space reason so then, maybe not the drink itself, with the mechanics of getting the drink out of the power child. What about boxes line in one of the box? put in the fridge here, because if you open it up the inside the by there's a pouch, there's and collapses as you drink the one I don't think astronauts drink wine in space I bet they have a box of their just think. Aids could have behaved like they're, not coming back. Let's get what about ace bandages, the way it likes I don't know, I don't think so. I don't think they invented a Spanish, its freedom. They ve been around my father. Doesn't he ran tracking confirms their certain kinds of sunglasses that have certain I ve been around my father sunglasses. He ran tracking this conference there, certain kinds of sunglasses that have certain coatings that protect you from ultra violet light and like this, astronauts have on, thereby, yes, exactly was inspired by that kind of tickets there are some glasses that do have space to write, to talk technologies that were awarded an hour
space technology hall of Fame. Oh man, if you make some glasses, I bet you should definitely say that, because I would buy them if you're like these can look right are concerned. There are no good start and it's not just products and also As you mentioned, the debate you heart card pump things that keep you alive things that matter. Our health and well being in society I asked Elliot about. The I'd heard that Lasik I surgery, which is so common today in everybody's, got it and it just sort it take it for granted that its available, like it dropped out of the sky, but, in fact did not spare. It is from space technology answer. What it says about Lasik, I surgery specific in the case of basic what it is, it's a tracking system that they use so that they can keep track of your eyeball, as is moving during surgery and and track the movement of that very precisely with the laser, so don't make any mistakes, and that came from my a system that was developed for docking spacecraft in orbit.
So much other medical technology comes out of space. The ability to buy obscene, potentially cancerous materials using a needle, instead of a surgical invasion procedure procedure, like magnetic resonance imaging, which are these two to scan your body, which were originally created to two discovered. Facts in workmanship and cripple rocket motor parts, so It really does run the gamut from the from the sublime to the ridiculous. There are forty thousand or more products out there and in the world they came from my space where start talk, radio, I'm your hosts, astrophysicist kneeled Grass Thyssen with then, when a buffoon men Cuthbert, but I'd kick a professional comedian. Our toll free number is one eight, seven, seven five star talk if you have something to say, or something to think about space derived products, so. If you have a product you wanna and wants to tell you it's a good idea. If you think I don't care what we think of your brother
I think I hear what you think: you're no and I'm a straight talk, restrict shooter spoon, start sort was take. A break will be right, back pay, we'll talk bans on March. Twenty fifth start live is back. We're returning to the historic come basis centre for the arts in Red Bank. New Jersey and tickets are on sale when right now, for you join us and was sure to be a fantastic shell visit start talk, radio dot nets, last tickets to grab your tickets before they're gone now. Some you may be wondering why the one the only Chuck nice be at the start. Talking I've will. Sadly, the answer is no. I seem to have luck myself into a recording studio and have been stuck here for about three weeks have now come to the conclusion that this money home that's right,
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start operating dot nets last tickets to grab your seats before their shows cells out. That start radio, dot, net, slash tickets rigorous space. Cadet rocket scientist I want to hear from you on the phone lines are open call. Now this is started back in our own to hear from you, the overdraft Iceland, but my Carlos Lage been couplets me, I'm so get out you and the other night. I don't like air bananas. Fine, we had a people listening. We had a public relations in the press about knowing entail an aims towards the end of the party and on setting mills got like all you little press girl sitting around them all these little. The hue girls and August, Neil pulls his ways around his
actual laser, that's not a euphemism and one of the causes that you see meal. He said it was the funniest thing. I was telling a story and then all of a sudden, Niels Lasers out did you see new and I'm like I've, seen nails no offense, but once you see me very soon, I really need to see it again. Well. Consider laser the pocket. Laser is standard standard operations for any astronomer, because wheat is that it's the green laser. That's me, higher power than the red laser used for Powerpoint presentation and every hour. The cosmos! You larger laser and pointed out the night sky and sleeping I've heard this thirty title I now so the party was on the roof top of the of the of the of the facility. To tell the truth: it's a science penis I was in Newport when assigned is positive way. There out, I think he's playing out of science. Can it's wondering how big my laser is? Its green? We get back to lazy surgery, please
six surgery uses lasers to help align the surgery so that in the eye that would otherwise be moving began. You state that whole energy in maybe I wasn't my main problem, because I think that your name on it because I did the thing about the site. You know side effects of all this stuff now freaked me out and again. This is kind of a happy premise, but when they, when you watch the penile implant things in that the others the drug for on tv enough on tv and they only protection for inside a fact that nine, our erection and might have diarrhoea like those kind of big things, but they breeze over it and like with laces they're, saying the apple issues are aside a fact, and see halos or triple, and it seems to me, like that's a bad thing for an astronaut. To be in space, seen aberration play NASA, there's an asteroid right in front of me. Oh wait is apparently there is according to my friend Barbier. That is the way things work effectively. Interesting? You mention and is not until just
We were Lasik surgery was allowed for someone who started out with bad vision, but who needed good vision to become an astronaut there was a longest while we may. I come in with good vision, uncorrected, good vision, and so now there allowing Lasik surgery. As a means of making the grade to become an astronaut? So that's an important That says that whatever the side effects that can't be all that common, so they're, using a laser in space to burn a hole in something someone goes. We could do this with a written bodies related to a line in docking stations, and that's what they re exactly exactly to what you doc one vehicle to the other. You have to say center it so that the docking collars can match up and that that I'm a process is what is used so that they can cut that's as brilliant and repeatedly an what they need to do with your with your, Believe me. I already have people my life, who ve gotten lay says as brilliant. Innovation is an awesome thing that we have it by it.
Who allow that to happen for not yet well. I wanted I better support. People- have reviewing really bad eyesight so that, even if it messes up a little they'll, be better than whatever they had before, so you start out with people with really bad eyesight and then the people but I cite we're just slightly bad eyesight manner and I would take my old dog plan a mile bog, so So here's what interesting the laser was not invented for cutting the eye. The laser was invented by physicists, in the early nineteenth fifties and the idea had to be put forth comes out of Quantum mechanics, a branch of physics great quantum mechanics my subjects of what most so you do. You got these, so laser has to do with like quantum trends since inside the atom I it's a brilliant concept, turned into an actual device and early leaders were the sizes of entire rooms. Now I got one of my pocket, you could practically with the Czech when we ain't you got a laser in your pocket
our demand that my pocket? Are you happy to see me not only also mentioned what I did not know until my conversation with with cyanides Ellie poem that Emma. I leave magnetic resonance imaging had its first applications in space space exploration, because the MRI Latitude looking thing not only inside the human body, but that was not its first application. The first application was looking inside of like space parts to make sure that they are drugs that structural integrity, so they wouldn't break in another some of that aggravate the crap pull out a may, because why then, is it that when I get a mammogram, they slam my boobs between two hard things? Why that wired than some soft space, Joe and why are we still at the I swear like it seems I astronauts and all this a vague with all this these programmes, like why is it that when you get a cat scan, they go
four doors down and talk to you through a microphone causes so dangerous. While this dangerous, if you live with it, but if you just in their once, that's a low dose and be just fine give it. It seems they can't they come up with something that is like less radiation. That is less than what previously that to cut you open a find out so that this a safer than anything that had previously been put forth. So not how dangerous it is it safer. It is then, what anything that came before it so, with the MRI main areas in which we actually talked about last week, briefly, Lightning STAR Trek. I come from nuclear magnetic resonance and this the nuclei of atoms, beer view put a very strong minute field across it in the wine and they can interfere with light that use pass across it and the cat skins, the ones in the big tube that you go into right. Well, I ve been depends on what you're looking for
I mean cap scans and am arise in mammograms in and all the recipes will you slightly different technologies. What the tire goal is insane kind of. What's going on inside of you, that's right, litter and ultrasound an ultra sound, the trite ultrasound, but that doesn't used light of any kind. It uses vibrations and dna and Joe so we can be reached start hawk. Star talk, radio effect, we're on line start talk, radio, dot net, we stream this broadcast, and we want. You also reaches by phone one. Eight seven seven five star talk: we can treat US star, talk radio, but we have a tweet Lynn, tweet yourself and tuna. We have a tweet to be read this Europe. Could products be developed on the farm comet rather than in Spain of honor? You don't about the vomica now my doubts about thanks now, while you know why, I doubt everybody Batman
the train, astronauts and actual weightless environmental yeah. That people think that NASA some secret room somewhere, we walk in and they Flickr switch in. They turn off gravity. No, there is This thing is no gravity rooms on earth. So what so, one way they get around. That is they work in a swimming pool, but that's not a complex enough to refer to a suitable, the neutral buoyancy centre. There's a huge swimming pool and there they have space. On that, make them neutrally buoyant, which means they might afloat nor sink and when they're in there and they submerge entire satellites and things that they might be repairing so they they practise the neutral I see no need you wasted time out ways from outer space. So that's one way they do it. S called the Mama comment known anonymous. So now you want to actually be way was you can have your have ever been gears met when you were a kid you being a car can feel like they use your father.
Restart your mother would drive over slight aren't gonna run, I mean, would travel slight bump in the road and you feel like your heart would jump up into her throat yeah, ok, right temporarily, there you were kind of weightless. That feeling is a few. Weightlessness in your body? Was reinforced Savannah Guy get there? So now you have a plane that does what your card did over the bum accepted. Does it in a trajectory AIR, so the plane goes up and it goes to the top of an ark and then stop the engines and comes down on the other side and a parabolic trajectory and you are in freefall towards earth, and you are it. Was inside that volume I asked at summits may I come in such a way beyond what was the three question again? I'm ok, ok, do experiments on islamic common rather than the space to do it. So The problem is that trajectory only get about twenty seconds of weightlessness, so you experiment would have to
over and done with within twenty one, really quacks family, the quickest experiments. Where is your answer treaty? If you're in orbit you get to have continuous experience of weightlessness as well, because you're in freefall towards earth? If I give you in an elevator share- and I can be- I gotta be experimenting anything by the if you had an elevator cut, the cable you would fall, the elevator would fall in everything round, you would fall at exactly the same rate to earth. So you're, holding like a pain in your hand, you could look over the pen and we just stay there right in front of your eyes, because all of your falling at this right. Galileo gave us a yo yo. You have your fewer rights to ensure airlines sexy girl, but now, if you can elevator cables. I would be screaming. I wouldn't be able to experiment with anything I bet freaked out north might elevator cables were cut manure going to die at the end. I release get some physics experiments. Fourthly wide, but one I don't see how often
I think we need more like when we need more vanity products. I caused like what are you time space? What cause? I think people come from space, there's gotta be all sorts of gravity empty gravity, I'm I'm no spring chicken as somebody we on the street the other day, which is really nice of you, mean you're a compliment or known some almost guys, like you're good lookin in you, know spring chicken on. Thank you very much, sir, hope you get out a box, is As my thing it seems to me like There should be some one who just kind of keeping an eye when you got back from Jupiter Judy. I noticed you, who year wrinkles looked good. I said she wanted to get might be some space thing that we can get. Because you spend time being wait, listen, southpaw and about it. Just to me like there to be some good new cars
one Mittal everything that the cosmetics industry is huge billions in the outer space, because they're using diamonds now to do Micro, Durham, abrasion, can't there be some sort of moon rock form that can give me. I don't know of any, I know of this is stupid. No, with my vote. I bet you'd think the Sabre sound coming off. Your phone is perfect. Today, that's worth Jackson does anyone here agree with me that we should have liked cosmetic products from our space investments. I mean please. No, no, no, no view agree with me that its more important him to use technology to remove wrinkles then make a light Sabre sound telephone want any oh. By the way, does all the time call end at one eight, seventy seven five star tat. So let me let me go back to my interview with the report, because he tells us more about what I'm going you That's not. Why are usually segments just to get away from? I'm gonna get your neighbour
diplomacy, what else he had to tell me about space derived products. We are the people who have taken space technology and brought it. Under earth. The practical use for the people on planet earth and so new technologies. For example, let me have come from military space satellite, for example, your car, as polyglot airbags user deployed by an accelerometer accelerometers, were developed with space programme. My Iphone hasn't accelerometer your Iphone as accelerometer, there. There is so much that that we touch in our day to day lives and so while recognising the innovators, who saw an opportunity a technology that may have been developed for a very different purpose for ample. We recently we were talking right now, the company that makes what is all the humanitarian DE mining device, and we will know that land mines are or a tragedy. I can't mall around the road. Well with this company has done. Is it has his developed a device that the sides of a road flare- and it is- that, with space shuttle, solid rocket, propellant,
they find a mine, they just this device next to the to the mine lighted and is burns through the casing, the mine and it consumes explosive in a harmless manners. So this is space technology originally developed to propel, the spatial is being. Humanitarian de mining efforts there you have it, I mean: that's, that's that's right as Sabre sound thing from your phone comes from or whether on the Iphone there's, this gap called lifesaver I know you ve shown. So when you take it, if you live in a wave your hand with it, it feels the acceleration of the hand of you as you wave it back and forth, and then it such is the sound of the lifesaver too. That accept that. Important, then wrinkles, big.
There is also the mind of users, a brain application of space shuttle solid rocket proponents. What now, what the mind of user data? What so universe, special the solid rock boosters that sit adjacent to the main tank of spatial crises are hugely powerful rockets and a highly a highly effective and high temperature propel and they just lay that next year, the landmine in it burns through the landmine who totally disarms. What's inside of everything I know I haven't happily Emmi, we live in a place where that's not the problem, but these these, these accelerometers are not their use for not yet Sabre apps on an Iphone it for for this current season of Nova Science now and PBS that our house, one of the segments, I honey others through that another notifying. Now that I have heard here Tuesday, night seriously is one of the second I hosted was on. I was taken to a diamond factory with eight in me, effectual artificial diamonds of Jim quality.
The old days of artificial diamonds, we're like they're just like diamond powder for make a great for its sanders and this sort of thing. Well, there they found a way to rapidly make diamonds. They can go on your finger, become jewel. And why? Why my mentioning this, because they would not tell me where the factory was suddenly put me in a car and they might wanna tell you, because if anyone find out who's invested, Billy in natural diamonds. This could undermine that business models that marketplace forty two mocking bird, like I dont know. Where was I was blindfolded and they even they knew that. My phone had an accelerometer on it and they wanted me to completely shut down the Iphone, because then accelerometer you can do so. I know I was ready to slip that one by
no show us your Iphone and showed that your turn you will see. This is why I'm tellin you, sometimes you need good old fashioned like Eminem the recent peace as like eighty there does drab. Now, because I could take throw out the window, I can remember. Maybe we made a left her and in return, but actually drew drove me round in circles for awhile to to alter that I had an accelerometer, it could have track the accelerations that the car if you had reasons pieces, I could have done the same thing. I didn't think of me pieces and they want to take in that office was. Let me tell you right now: it's not only on that. Its on release on computers, Mackintosh they ve got an accelerometer on a case is going forward. Your desk and you'll feel acceleration of falling, and then it locks the drive, so the dry doesn't get damaged upon impact. So there,
sensitive weight loss it! Ok, though, it's ok when it falls, it doesn't stop the fall because you didn't say I've got. Your theory has like this about to phone, I'm coming airbags, so all it does is locks the drudgery. You keep your data, even if you do these airbags. Having has evoked yes, yes, yes, That's what as the cart now, if you slow down with your breaks, that's not slowing down fast enough to trigger well there's about why your seatbelt, those that weird thing to examine the worst driver and every time I like to break my seat belt, tightens up, and unlike what have, they were old accelerometers that just had a heavy ball. They would rolled back and forth in real life it would lock the seat belt in place. You gonna have evolved, so so what so? What happens? if you actually collide into something you'd deceleration is huge, sixty miles an hour down to zero in a fraction of a second. That is,
That's why that happened, effort so that its all about it triggers explosion. I really got to sound effects today. Ivan movement is mine. I'm inclined Ernie's keep yeah, is that correct? Let's wait too long a crash later that moon, you're probably survive it, because, basically, one times rumbling out of the car right now bloody, you Ivan were killed him you're, gay house music. What kills you is that it is the very high high acceleration high export, celebration govern sixty miles an hour to zero in a fraction of a second. That's what kills you unless the airbag can get you first, so the airbag deployment supposedly from accelerometer that limits Kay from China is so cool, but I didn't know that that's cool now, here's the thing and here's what I we need to be reminded of. Yes, there are people who only interested in discoveries to help us explore space because spaces cool to them, you said, figure out a way to save your life in a car wreck. They might not have come with the accelerometer unique P,
who are excited about whatever it is their doing to have the free rein. Creativity, and then you look at how else it applies in it Any kind of creative projects really talk, critter process. Many leads to take up an artist anytime. Do this paint by numbers is not going to be excited. It's just Peyton his own. Thank logically exactly for Jack. You can't tell him what to invent he's. Gotta, it's gotta come out of them. What would ever that is Harry Hoffman, my manager to say no You listening to start talk, the elder Grass Thyssen, your friendly astrophysicist with me, you nothin, friendly comedian. You occasionally friendly land. Then have we need to take a break, but if you want to call and tell us what you think of space derived products when seven, seven five star talk or if you know, the directions to that mine where the diamonds are give us a call.
The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal? This is start. I brought them back door talk horrible than you seem to have had no, or are we being from brown website held that might happen is wide open. I look down, it was wiping without favoured and laser awry go the website. If you want to see my start off radio, the other question products in space in India, but from outer space, derive investments, to call when eight seven, seven five start off with it, we ve got.
All right now we do yeah, citing think things over question about spiders in space. Let's find out color welcome To start talking here would lead to kneel right, Stephanie, hi there have been a year. Yes, it got to tighten. I have a question I remember, reading about spiders that NASA took up in space and gave them all kinds of drugs white guy aspirin marijuana stage of copyright, if you're lucky supply benefit to see how the fact that their their spider web. The pattern- and I was just during? If anything, ever came a bat and also if they, if they NASA has ever has to develop drugs for him
I can tell you what happened to the ones who they gave. Weeds fighters are still building their rights, protect my three years to get what the other spiders goddamn in ten minutes. What thanks for that question? What I do And what is I do remember a lot of talk at the time. It wasn't only spiders that they took up. They brought up ants and other kind of sort of insect in Iraq. When they give him, they give the answer, but the ant have varied, very distinct behaviour patterns here on earth, Stu spiders, and so, when I have a day, obey rather jail, be like of your Slav to bring Islam. The space, the flotsam just be sitting until I get still do not have ethical nothin, so you want to bring something that has a very definite behaviour patterns and see how that might be alone would be interesting to see you get the fox to do. Something would be interested in that the drug use for many many so happens is if what we find is that, if the, if the issue the life form is small, enough
the small, you are the less gravity matters to you might have a commitment to look. You look the ants crawled up the wall and sometimes they crawl in the ceiling. Spider webs in every possible orientation, horizontally vertically and angles, and so The small you are, the less algorithms can do that, but they know their upside down and they don't like want to live. That way I mean I'm just spider is happy and almost any orientation, and so the less gravity matters to you. Even here on earth surface like like, for example, microbes in pond water, the grubby doesn't matter to them. You bring him into face it just simply would abandon, have brains, dna and mean does anything matter till my crab olonnois I'd I've never ask I couldn't help, but they seem to have behaviour, that's worth studying out of age. What to say to the core. I I did not follow up on what happened. He became Stephanie what what because of those spiders that we're drug induced. I
it seems to me, you would drug and use them here on earth first to see what effect that had and they compare it to space, but keep in mind that these experiments done in space are really what they really are. There is to see what happens to them being weightless. That's the test or you wait. The real space test you might do If you send them on a voyage to Mars, where it takes almost a year to get there and then there's like space radiation and other things would affect the behavior. Now do people ever volunteer to be space? Guinea pigs, like like, like let's say someone is like really old and sick, and those like very cartoonish, like sent me out, radiates me cooking. What the mover of the movie like I'll go about Mars. I've got a year. One of the far north tourmaline subject, result all eyes. You know in a minute I been uglier. Take me tomorrow that no one left in lower need earlier complete What do they do that today? I don't want you gotta be healthy. It's right at the moment, you gotta be healthy, two guns. Why does my point is why can't you take? Somebody is like eighty who,
on the ground is in a home or somethin, and they ve got lots of problems and cost twenty hours to so Jabber. When you come up, I mean that it is the cost twenty mean they look at the ants to wife. Looked at Amsterdam caused twenty million dollars. Interpreting way enough to costs that much the whole human being caught and millions of dollars to your payload man, I'd be worth it. If she comes back kicking Well, there's the ethics of that? Do you do experiments on a sick person that you would not do and a healthy person there's a whole ethic. Maybe there's a whole future space and I think if they weren't, you do the space ethics. I wonder if that any calls are many opinions about the ethics, the future of space exploration. You have your dying, can you just go up there in Heaven do what it can experiments they If you have you, if, if it's your wish, I'm not saying you do it against their relic always got a great idea has come here the kitten this chair and we'll be right back soon a year. I also into interviewed a friend of mine, long Levin he's a space entrepreneur.
As you may know him, but he's a more behind the scenes person than in front Heaslip, founder and crew. Of extreme radio, Susie dogmatism based derived products. One quick call that a spin off per se, but it Is it a tyre industry? There was born of space innovations, so, let's see what lawn Levin has to say, You know when it comes to space and there have been a plenty of companies that have made money in face and those are the ones that illicit put up the satellites. There are effectively just high antennas is written off more Marconi pudding. Higher and higher antennas to communicate the earth more effectively, and I never, What sort of that that way, but that's exactly what it is, put an antenna. Couple hundred miles up or twenty three thousand miles up. They have and it happens to be in space and that's what this is about and that's it that's that was the taking that one I wasn't much thinking is. How can we get high as we can to cover as much as we can to be efficient. Exxon radio, how can we get you're channels in each community efficiently, while the way to do it
put tell high enough that covers the entire continent, so very has for him space, which is simply the high ground. Rather this rather than as some special sort of innovative products, if we all have listened to radio with transmitters at the tops of mountains and tops of buildings. If you live near pics, He wanted to send the same transmission to the entire country. At the same time, the only way to do that is from a GEO, a satellite whose You know what your secretary about using green. I already know all you ok now I don't know anything about it, but we were a bit. It means you have to have a big antenna right, big well Ex M radio, the principle behind accent, radio is it is a man. Getting your antenna were so high up they could see the entire nation rather than just from horizon two horizon, and that's what the accelerator on principle somebody's like four thousand annals nobody had put our many channels. You want what why everyone in the country, here's the same. Some radio stay
they're, all listening to like the sixties or the eighties, your listening to the same information at the same time now, because of that, and so that a pioneer that concept, and it puts it in a GEO synchronous orbit? You don't exactly ok, so the shuttle is what we call lower earth orbit LEO low Earth orbit goes up. A couple hundred miles space station is taken out of my fax aid. It needs! No wonder you gotta, be a millionaire. You gonna, take me for this new right. I'm gonna call me right now, I'm not telling you, because you like mean would mean a ban, LEO lowers orbit and at that height ignored, stay in orbit near you have to travel eighteen thousand miles an hour, sideways and takes about ninety minutes to circle the earth. If you go higher in orbit to longer to go around the earth there's a height for which it takes two hours, a height for which it takes eight hours, ten hours, twelve hours, fifteen hours was the same thing when you're in a plane the higher up the farther
No! No, because I didn't know you got a pirate, given the distances plain travel, your height above the ground is kind of irrelevant to that significant? So if I wanted to go and a little puddle jumper to England, I could do that. No cars, the plank, fuel to get you it. I'm just saying you got five miles up six miles can you going a thousand miles away so that height there's not much of an indifferent for top beginning fuel? Will there be a part that these two do that before I had my own sitting that wisdom right. So what I M saying is there's a height with which you can orbit and object. We're takes twenty four hours to go around the earth, but earth rotates once twenty four hours near sad. I now serve so, if you put it satellite at that attitude, both the satellite any earth will turn will turn around the earth once every twenty four hours making it look like the satellite hovers in. That's called the Algiers synchronous orbit and you can park a satellite right. Its centre line longitude up over the United States, and it can, you can be met
New York and beam it right back down in LOS Angeles, and everybody can hear the same here, that's cool and I got a beam and stuff. So today of radio in space radio, we and tv astronaut announcements. Can put in for what song you wanna be awakened by by NASA Nasa pipes up into the audio snake. A wake up call now factors and ass. A website attracts what music is playing on the space station when they go up there. You have areas that make us how embarrassing when Abbe like outside you got very man alone high. In the background, I excuse you must be a cool astronaut, your lesson, not mandate, that is there a cock and our turns out the space shuttle orbits below the GEO. Second satellites of your broadcasting radio from your second of satellites and you had a receiver there you could in principle here the signal, while you were flying over the United States, but they need rapidly come out because you not over United States for very long Do you get application for year thing to know
your computer, where you can find out what the astronaut for listening to your Aubrey made an astronaut music ep yeah back. We also like big brother and space for this too, and watch what the astronauts we do it you ve got a question about or comment about space derived products, a call it when thousand seven seven five star talk or tweet us it STAR Talk, radio, you not to visit our website, it start radio dot net. Already what son? do you think astronauts released into practice. We find out that we have a collar run. We now Let's go. Let's go now to the lines collar you're on the air, with star talk with kneeling Lynn. What's your name, Sir I'm Eric from my side or will you can say you know your name? Was an interest greenly question Eric what it actually more common about? If you had been discussing a few moments ago, will you talk about sending elderly people into space?
but in the internal minutely alpine weapon, who was at the back, I think in the eightys the Senator from Utah went on it up. It was pretty much overpriced, junketing source, but two my purpose for being up there. They actually encourage him, wait a fifth to throw up as often as possible throw off guard I didn't do it very. They they kind of lampooned him referred with barking, Jake Garden. Larry is you sure it wasn't just drunk has strong senator this hinders drawn cool. Just say we made em, throw up. Oh wow, that's you see, the men of yellow and by early we mention the vomit comment. Obviously, going in and out of, weightlessness can set your stomach, and so you haven't been he's saying that they did that on purpose, while the unenclosed vomit well, that you wouldn't even have to trot for me, you couldn't you now to try if that happened, did they find out anything from it?
I am not privy to be in two. Whatever Pentagon secrets, you know we're divulged from the experiment, but that sounds like a drunk sam. Sorry to bring your brother what s not like a drunk senator made it a green and vote in a round there be a cover up that no one would care about the contents of Jack armed. What are your own vomit but plus, as you know, if you're way. Thank you. If you went weightless my point of view If you wait, listen you throw up, adjust floats in the area to be very hard clean up problem. We think it essential to exert flags. Let's go back. Eleven and see what more he says, some radio since he invented it and pioneered it, and just what what he had some thoughts on these matters. Why are we going to space? and we can have many reasons for, but I just have one and that, as I do think great nations explore? I think You have a long and plus make money
No, you look, you don't do your part, that's why I don't know if you're gonna make money land you didn't do. Some radio, because you wanted to explore. You did that you saw a business model for it and that you can make money. That's exactly why we did what we shouldn't standing and tell me that you do it better to explore. I'm saying as a nation as a nation. We as a nation, the reason why we actually had an ex some radio was because first, we exploring with government satellites and then the government handed it off and then we went to the commercial sector, private sector and the private sector said we have an application here, the same thing will follow. The government will first start exploring taking risks, that private sector will not take sooner rather than later, always the guy should hand it off to the private sector. If there's money to be made- and I think we don't know that we just don't know the answer to that question and then find that out and then you make the money and then the government taxes you so the government gets it all battle work at exactly
yeah so long knows how big the space industry is. In fact, if you add up or money spent on space, it comes to two hundred most recent data. Two hundred and fifty Seven billion dollars a year are related to the space industry. That's where I think we have lots of things from space, but not yet cosmetics, apparently so poorly, not worth it yet for you, nice of you, ve, told me so here just for comparison now, does annual budget is eighteen billion a year, so now She is just a tiny fraction of the total activity. Going on in space, Bananas is looking for. A specific like they are not being general they're. Looking for specific, exactly in fact, now is not the only source of space products that are out there and, let's find out what else Lon tells us about other things that drive space spin off. There are many applications that are used that that our exist today, that are, NASA government oriented in particular. Almost all communication satellites today, of course, are provided
how a private enterprise basis we're seeing things like well did you that is government effort, but underneath all the technology that's built around. It is for the most part, private, and I think you mean all the applications that we now use, because they did the Miller He didn't create a talking map in my car right. Well, the military didn't do it for your car. They probably came up with a way to do. It is far more expensive, but with rigour to consumer items. Yes, it was companies. It said there is an opportunity here, let's you get the right price point so that people will buy it and they and right now, and the fastest growing industries, in fact, and still a bright light dinner bad economy. Is this space based navigation systems so many how many people you think continue to mine themselves that the GPS, the using the car, comes from space They were my now again remain knows that buddy, I would never have thought about and to you I just heard it that we find it was going wrong. What am I
girlfriend now that you say who does voice hours for NASA there and she added go through all the security clearance? because she knows what they hear like all the special Instead, they hear that she has to say, because the GPS car has voices right its voice as she has the voices but she's the one who does them for NASA. So she knows what astronauts here like. If something bad were to happen, she knows what they would here, so you can't so she needed security clearance for the ash. Any major security clan Can you imagine my voice was a voice. I heard a still she's ever slots aberrant ass rhyme. Why, So did you grow up in a nice voice now, she's, ok, taxi likelihood very distracting, perhaps you're going to ride on Lebanon. At. I just want to say one day before we go that I think this is our wonderful other space technology. Maybe we should be very careful because my You don't even know how to use the phone book. All these applications?
we'll find out. You have been listening to start talking fund, by the National Science Foundation and the other grass Thyssen. With my caused the world linkup that signing off.
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