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Stadiums of the Future

2020-04-24 | 🔗

What do the stadiums of the future look like? Neil deGrasse Tyson, co-hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice, and Benjamin Brillat of IBM Sports investigate modern stadium design and tech including the new SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

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Photo Credit: Artist Rendering of Sofi Stadium via sofistadium.com

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Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide start off begin right now this is start off sports edition. I'm near the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, coming to you, My office at the Hayden Planetarium right here in New York City, the American Museum of natural history. These topic, modern stadium, design and the Tec that informs it So what do I have here? I've got been brill at thy, pronounced that right, you didn't. Thank you. Thanks very much for IBM. I do you design stadiums right, but you gotta tightly global chief architect for sports and entertainment services. He has a lot of syllables, too
You does I stadiums. Well, I design Technology Force data, I don't want to. I don't want to cause any fights. Algerians arrives, so we got to get back to me. Jerry is always good to be hit. Gary O Reilly, Jerk, a more people Let's go? Watch people must not my sports people. So recently I visited the sofa stadium just outside of LOS Angeles. In the middle of building up, and I'm looking at the number to five billion dollars, While his wonted stadiums Cosette much recently revealed certain Twenty minutes ago, the same seventy thousand seats opening summer. Twenty twenty didn't look like that
but maybe they're not make hundreds of hours a flu already look like, but anyhow they say this: was they better be ready by August of twenty twenty cause? They already said the bicycle old stadia last year, deployment at football team. You played the plane, pick up game in the front, rank and loud. Every hilarious were now my god. Just like you get scale gay and last the game at the same time being readily hidden domestic law as gray so that stadium positively allay rams and the chargers, and so I bent obviously get home will get back to them. Footage of me visiting it up, but Ben How long has has IBM had such a thing? I mean engagement, start really with the Atlanta Olympics in the nineties, while ninety size got on the stage for a space for awhile. That's right, I really away so you will achieve technology architect for the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.
That's right, but our way after the Olympics absolutely always really different. As I didn't have the benefit of your brilliance. No other some of the fire infrastructure. Actually in the reuse really mean, recycled and reused, or no now there was still there are still good and you just after ok we're way to save them. Money. So so, how are you combining this sports and tech at IBM these statements were big muscle. Football players play it. Don't look like you have ever if a boy in your life. Now I have not so how do you land in that part? Yet so ivy? is approaching technology in stadiums really from two sides? The first is the digital, where we're doing hey, I programmes and how can we help coaches make better decision? about players. We analyze, oh yeah, a way we analyze data be able to take a coach and put them verse. Only after the game in your room, standing next there player and say: can I
stay in better. Why he missed that or why he made that. Can I watch this from three deeper active than when I got out and during the game would have recorded, You have a holographic coach on the field right yeah. I think that's that take his almost around now you converge with only a few seconds delay you can put come on back into the space yacht and analyze that play almost real time. That's where I come, and actually is that the limitation now is the technology and the data bandwidth available on the field. Can we get enough antennas enough kinds? Are radios to be able to move that information from the field? the stadium in real time in real time in real time decisions exactly answer I'm involved in all of the physical infrastructure, the antennas, the cellphone radios, the Wifi access points, the security cameras, all of physical tech that makes the digital tech possible. So I just got a really feeling good listening to you, because I let it geeky life but
It was early enough in the geek timetable that will do not I cause I was bigger than others, but most my different or got beat up by by the football players. Ok, until the football players needed to help them with your computer homework. Ok right through so the balance of power changed and so You are enabling professional sports as a and now you are like a patron saint of what enables them to do what they do you have now you have swore to as your protect the Irene we want that data. We want them healthy. We want to know where they were. We want to know that predictive in it's in the injury at least he's never gonna wedge as well. That's what
that may have been you bring about later. However, due to shoulder the one currently lined up in my mind, all big all about people got which right covered allies have been real estate is before you leave here. Having yet watchers, I gonna linebacker on speed that that is a coordinated as UK has belay. Yell broke one line of code, and I can make it so then what Debbie Agreement of a company one line a coup in line at Cologne, not a different, which so wit pointy or you brought in some rich, and I want EL the stadium? At what point too, I call you the earlier, the better ray, and so we started in Atlanta when it was still a hole in the ground literally still there. Because the technology, particularly as we start to talk about of course, and allows a forgery stadium, but, as we know, five more
more and more antennas means more and more wires to the antennas strife, and so we actually have the berry conduit in the concrete before it. Even its poured they have a design for that ready to go right. From day another onto it to future proof it so have we got footage of me at the sofa stadium outside of saddle essentials the but the charges and the rams threat both will play their that's right in obvious and I was not only the other day on the right. There must be greater than they do play on the same day in the same state mechanical. I gotta get you gotta get burned, so I'm so I visited it and one thing I couldn't help notice it just the enormous roof. The lot of thought went into the room, so this check out this high tech roof. What is that a pair of Meda colon?
eighty system, how transparent is sixty percent from what I understand. Also what you say is ITALY. Out about sixty percent of sunlight that could come and that's what I like the word do something else with that's correct again, so those are sixty four by sixty put grid areas. I see him and then what we do is we build that frame on the ground outside the building and as we load this diaphragm in place, we go here but those in, and we pull the d a piece system over. How long does it state transparent if these states
transparent from the time. We finish the project, not as long as bird flu, Bonnet, wear away to clean out or is a way to clean it. How here is how you do not know how thou see anyway, you anyway, it's gonna, be clean verbal theirs is. There is access up? There is a god or system out there to go ahead and allow for washing down and also at all, that's one thing we can do is farms as far as the person was also uses falconer, so you can actually have falcons around here. The keepers does that help I'm right of smart. Is this man at National Geographic? You glad you turned up this showed it S. All right said these little. Besides, I want to say window, but I'm I've done it now on too What's going on in these this twenty first century stadium, what else could we build into a like that cuz, a massive expense by roof? He means bird, twenty seven. Is it so that we can have solar panels cause California? Thank Heaven
Construction has to solar panels. Thank God. Can we use it like a tv screen complete check things out? What what could we do to play with this and make it just I mean the roof. I mean you love to write the technology for solar panels. Having the problem is the weight today. Right can you light enough to be able to cover the service and still have it spam that enormous distance, which it now stands, we ve moved from state. Where are you used to have a limited site view seats to stadiums where there's no such thing in the entire place, because these raw materials, so light that now everyone can see from everywhere. So The more technology? Wonderful up there, of course the heavier it is We actually had would have to be clear: heavier roofs require more staff. Here's to hold it up. That would block your view. Potentially I'd like roof you'll have to hold up there? You can stand further away than further right. That's what you men from using Bulgaria should try to follow that looking at what comes a span exactly so how Citizens are you trying to span how light do need that's mature
I'll be in order to make the span so that you don't have a blocked view out is a roof like that affect what you would be? the do. Instead, you know it's interesting. The end Atlanta land presuming to have the same problem in LOS Angeles as well. The fact These materials are now plastics look at all the building a liking for them lower levels here: com, reed rebar iron, the or if energy of the city, radio, free, yes, the ready quickly doesn't make it into your basement here right, whereas when you build out of these new materials, these hyper thin plastics, transparent materials one the challenges were actually having is that all of the earth energy of the city is penetrating? into the building now, so you don't want you, don't wait interference. Absolutely. How can you deliver self service to eighty thousand people sitting in a space which need low
oh signal strength, because they're not that far from the antenna, but when you want to not provide sell service when you want to block theirselves servers service and provide them your own particular frequency, because, and you can determine what there to watch see here How are we going to interact with the stadium and other people because you're the puppeteer electronically adapt? absolutely of jelly, that's workforce are you you will I be I'm operating under helped him to rise and sounds like you work for a dance company distributed in ten, a system which is the local sailor system in a stadium. And the problem with that is. We want to run our DAS in a stadium and not have it leak out into the city and not have this really again, so these new materials are really to creating challenges and how we can do that success, you put wires in it and turn
into a fairer day cage. Yet you you could land already came on release? What we would like to know about a ferreting. He has nothing to do with prisons or anything of thing. Ferdy is credited with this. So if you have something to conducts electricity like wire or in any case and you surround yourself in it then Electromagnetic energy cannot penetrate that surface because it try to get through, who gets conducted into the surface for never goes inside and, if so frightened you walk out in a lightning storm. Your surrounded by one of these cases lightning will hit. It will never go inside your bubble and the aliens can't reach thought that too. I am aware that the limit we can't just another modem and eluded employer? That's really what exactly what it is all going to pick it up. So with these new materials, the it's just become very difficult to create.
Operation that we need to deliver that kind of service, so that's meaning new antenna designs. New antenna placements me around antennas. In fact, Atlanta. We have a first, what kind of women of the cell phone antennas are actually under the seats in upper levels of the stadium bow, because what we want is very low signal power to own, ego a few metres to the nearby seats. Paralyzes you're gonna die while a few along with that's so did you strong signal right. Don't you want to take you sound just gone down in Atlanta, really did a lot of testing lot engineering went into making. So another interesting fact that we think about much here on the EAST coast, but in the West It is in every design point what he do better earthquakes. Oh, can you earthquake proof a stadium asked, at the sulfide tour that I took that had asked me about it, was check it out?
this structure is a separate element to the rose structure and its separated by which called an embassy wall mechanical stabilize earthworm towards panels that go in some of you to walk through the rest of this data. And you go to a back area that has about twelve foot a gap between, so that this data and it can change, remove independently of independently and then the blade columns, support the real structure and actually go do butterfly capsule struts into dead men and that acts independently with ice leaders at the top and can move on to one engines. So you can sustain. Earthquake itself began ready for this
the same could shaken bag began sacred. I got a little bit a little bit movement to it does, and you wouldn't even now, because as you log in and we have a model- and so there is a month ago on around that most people now not a moat among ammo atm awaiting crocodiles exact. They could use a great army, the history of learning, about earthquakes. Another sort of issues is one moving over here that have to be felt in the rest of the structure. Now, right Cosette could take down the whole structure resort you think I have some independence right and then it just lives as an organic elm. Have these? yes expansions, usual Thermo expansions right. So bad you were in the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, two years ago. Did they have to put in sort of disaster, proving if not earthquakes, some other kind of protection area has.
Both for the environment in its right. So Atlanta is a very wet, very windy place. You know them movable roof. Is there because Atlanta, quite a lot of days when it's raining I think I can play football in the rain anymore. In my day, couldn't even see the gridiron somewhat snow would be on the real need, still black re, how many fans were there? I don't know my daddy bands of divine power with a baseball bat right, because how does it work you're not apologizing to me, so all of the facilities are implemented. Route. So within the roof, within the columns that supported this structural steel careful concrete, there's instrumentation throughout all of it, which today is more wires, that we have to bring to be able to measure the stresses that are on a given pieces. The already say: interpretation, you mean diagnostic yields. Absolutely
You always know the structural health of your facility yeah? So in Atlanta there are petals that opened and closed move the roof, and you want to know the health of the pedal system. So all of that instrument so that you know that it's imbalance and all the motors robbery incorrect, Ok, so you out, so you wouldn't be taken by surprise, is out anything was about to fail thinking about what you said about you complainers rain, that it at that, and so, when you all Unlike Q is involved in design in a stadium who you looking to please the onus, the coaches, the players, the fact yourself. Why, with any love, why would there be mutually exclusive? Not just wondering is there the onus is, I want it down this way and the owners, the guy. With the page check. Therefore, the ata gets what it wants, or is there even if that might conflict with something else got it. I think it starts with fans right because
that's right, they're, paying the owners their frightened right. They. They are not aware of the fact that there are the source of revenue for everything else comes after it, and what you want to deliver is a great experience for them and with stadiums here, stadiums, they're getting bigger, they're getting more complex because you have to compete with the fact that its I'm not expensive, divine. Eighty five inch television with that's what I bore k alter hd, that's what I'm you put it in your man, cave that! That's what I do. I hope that you are working against yourself there that I did not that's. That's gonna, be the whole process of every owner How do we get you out and we want you out here ass? We can crappy or television coverage. It's why miss that we gotta be the game We're gonna show the replay only at the game. There you go well. We want to do both right. We want to have you have fun on the days you can make it have on the days you can't make it you want to have everything
bringing the other best possible experience, but the stadium itself is really competing for that. Let me get you out of your house in Atlanta, in LOS Angeles, to come in those days we got take we break when we come back more innovative designs of modern stadiums and start off we're back. What's it very rarely former football out like you could always of that year, Jack gases. Would we have here that in real at Brill, at once, I
None of us even knew that such a person as you existed, the Tec geeky person, who empowers modern stadiums to do and be what they need to be to satisfy the fans, the owners, the players all the birth rate and wonderful eyes of society as well, that what you are ass work tat is. How do we hope it's that way right if we don't want to be too noticed so, as you know, if reaching my footage from my visit to the sofa stadium, under construction and not even built outside, of LOS Angeles, it's great because one of the landing routes- and governments from relax right over the stadium? Please look out the window there. That is, as I know, I didn't look like they be ready when they said they be read. I'm saying it is a vital finally, nights come in there, extra redesign, but this also what's going on on the inside and, as you said, the user experience comes first that resonates with what I learned from the designers
stating was taken up. The augurs well actually start over here in his corner. So what is the oculist? So the ark? This is actually a good thing. These greens and or scoreboard. Every there are things that will be announced, villages and we're gonna get educated if you can be in the middle or somewhere and actually follows the line of all this. So right, where that green boxes, hydraulic box Imagine about eight feet away from that. We start building sections of it you start building section and we stack sections on it. So there's this, two on the side of all the way around the entire bowl, and then we go ahead and put a strand jack summer to this assembly up here and we introduce load, we hold out, it pulls on the roof. It weighs two billion pounds, what has completed with components assembling a mission it here take it all away hoisted up and we hoisted up. So when you stand and our level is now at an EU level, life then level nine about it will actually be staring right out of that oculists
so you and how those type to see somebody can still see the field still seem to feel right, so that governs access for cheap, the gipsy that she also those guys out. Yet it seems to be there's an arms race with stadiums now for the world's biggest us like Jumbotron Nord Span. Stumbling over eighty, I know I haven't been came in a long time. Can you tell us only when, as the current record holder, so there they try to be a man of some oversaw via see here he's, like yeah yeah yeah? I know why you're here right, I've got a couple of bottled loads s beating go right. There as it so now that this will definitely be the world's largest screen in
or fans green in the world after it's done the so that the new Iqs here has screen here, you survive and so far has resources on both sides of the circle. So It's not just a single ring. There's display elements on both sides of the circle. That's hanging down so how's it doubly site inside out it's a Kandinsky painting of jungle, screens Kandinsky Manly dance he's on something to me. So I don't know that I like this, play the game it. What are the Tec? Could you introduced to improve something like this occupants? What could what could then? take it to another level, because this seems, as just Chuck says, a bit of an arms race. Yeah. The holy GRAIL really is to have your players on the field. Right o my object,
Augmented reality more than we are really yet but augmented reality. Players projected onto the field, who were still some way is away from that. But what would I do that every so cool that'll get it was so check it out so an instant. I asked him play, I'm sorry, I don't know you reader. Do you want for IBM? No, let's just take this example. If you, are in Atlanta fan and Your team is playing in LOS Angeles. You want to be Go to Atlanta and watch that game on that field in front of you in matters that they do they also? I could be in the field, they will see me, but they won through me. Will you have that? Maybe You can also have just away game played at home right. You could have liked to have doing parties now for the play off. Sierra Leone or team goes to another city. Rightly open ivy. Aren't you all in this in their stallion in their place? but you're in yours scenario, watching the game, what you are hung all yet so you're, so
a thing as a stadium owner you're gonna love this, because that means has got by hot dogs. And our softer investor watch live in and not wasn't there actually watching the field just like a regular gave a reason to get another reason is out of the house not get out a home and go to the bar and put on your because you know the truth is not actually me almost a really good point. The truth is, if you bring that technology to a stadium it will, We are very short period of time before Our owners bring that technology to their very cook. It will get a guy. You sure version amended version. Visa you'll be more work for me using that was for a moment for ease, I guess what I'm right. Why so that real? And we really do not not yet not yet the display projection, Multi Man Robin cook him,
Oh, that's right, yeah thinking to show up in places, so we could do it today with looking through your phone right, but that's not the best ignores unless you want to be able to look at it in a seamless way. So there's a couple, a barriers, one of which were about to solve with five g, which is the ability to get that data out of the field real time recording what really called foxholes. The volume metric image data, so the project from any position we dimensional pixel three dimensional pixel and get that out of the current stadium. So five g will help with that. Where were following a little short still as in the display technology? So, right now you need something like maybe Google glass right as they are amended reality display to look at it eventually. Will we be able to projected in fog or something like that? You know that technology stowaways off, but I mean they're working on it That is so cool. I mean like
a block away, no less and less. Let's was little. Let's play this out just for second now, because it see if I'm gonna throw player, and I'm smart- and I hear you say, you just said you're no longer my friend that helps me. You are now my competition, and now we go back to where jobs beat the hell out of geeks biggest regressive. Exactly rankers, let's be honest way, you just said there is one step away from. Instead of an augmented reality, which is basically the real time transmission of data to. Why do I that I'll just create the day. Myself and true its merit soda, You're saying a game that is really an algorithm that even though it may be predetermined, it's still a game that happens right and you can watch football,
all you are, nobody gets are legally. There is a need for yours. May I join Latin play. I football with it it! No! It's not your men, because each man you're playing, whereas the politically, I would be an indeterminate algorithm. Our way with the sole none. The outcomes are predetermine, see a real guy, we're gonna Watts enough against Syria right. So in this next clip, I snared one of the engineers to ask him: is there any other technology that the public doesn't see that might be going on on the field? like the players of the coach of the check it out in modern times, football teams keep track of their fires and with a high tech monitoring systems and GPS. How far they move will there be any sort of high tech sensor systems that can be invoked,
level is actually not GPS base its based. Ok, so we have a ring of basically sensors around. So when the players walk out of the dressing room, they have up a chip in their pants gets turn on, basically want to exit the laundry room and then within the playing surface. Basically, they tracked the movements. They can then figure out things like velocity and top speed and so short sober. That's not unique to the stated. If everyone has a trip in the modern World League, basically mandates that system and push for the health and wellbeing of acquired through right, you can track how far they run fast. They run much there on field, except that means you can also measure how fast they d salary in a block of Europe. And I got at youth and I got your speed, although I you go twenty miles an hour to zero in
right right. So then, why are they using or if technology? If I e is basically available So it depends. What is that sends her trying to accomplish so on high school? You have you yes, you're out, in the air. You can see the satellites, the gps, trackers move it in their path, before the GPS satellite, can see you with GPS now, but it further the indoors now having in the roof, which is blocking, though signal You need to provide some sort of local system that can now provide that location data. So survival he's not a local system. This well five years ago, system and there even within the stadium local. Absolutely to that technology of das that I mentioned earlier. We have to build our own five g network inside of a stadium to meet the density of people who bear you know eighty thousand devices and while we might even call hundred sixty thousand you gotta watch animal
right devices in a small space. Now you need dedicated electronics. Derek the intentions and radios just for that stadium by itself, but that true, King verses, making phone calls all different kinds of I'm g that are starting to come to life and that density the number of devices as we look at, I o t and really those sensors are io tee that's gonna balloon as an authority stands were internet of things. So that's what it that's. What they're abbreviate yes entered, a thing yes, things should never be abbreviate word vans and we're not important. This fence were clear and adopted I don't know what to do. I say: listen to you explain that ban mine, I'm looking at my mode. My cell phone is dating an out of date within two years. Yes, So how do we future proof? What's coming that we can do that? You are
that you gonna be out a jump on utilised Yet how seventy eight g, ten in a lobby, The way that we future proof in our architecture is we say we want our crystal ball. The only thing we can do is put more pathways for more antennas make sure that you have the ability to put today, you have one in ten in this room tomorrow you have to four, So now you have four five I got. I gotta get interrupt you, ok and back to the future, to which took place in two thousand fifteen more sixty Africa somewhere in our past right now, I'm back when it was made people a fax machines. Ok, That was the thing I was at school s eyes, and so they imagined in that distant future. That household would have. Multiple, fresh reporters. So when Marty was, from his job it was sent to him by facts.
Every fax machine and his house outcome. You're, a liar wow, that's the future. We will have more than one fax machines, so isn't it a little bit? cited to say that just put more of what we already have, no we're, not how much money more reporting more capability that just the path we don't know what? my cable will go in and we don't know what kind of out and I'll be. There soon needs a pay. You need to have a spot to put it right and its becoming particularly challenging because architects also I understand we beautiful right. You want to expiring technology, but not have to see it so you need. Really design in from day zero. The ability to put all this electronics, their anville behind it, tell me by Helmut Cams, Debian, not be first It would be interesting to us to monitor helmet concussion. What does that operate on a home? You should be able to do that with my phone can measure accelerations, no matter what I'm doing a helmet could do that to absolute ok.
So, but not only that just point of view, cameras like suppose we experienced a game as it is as a fan and successful economies with the quarterback is looking at me, center the wide receiver and at their camera. What's what about that? So, with what five g we will be able to do that, especially in areas where, like forebore, you have a lot of room to put the heavier batteries in the camera. Sensors things these two heavy yeah, that's a based public as apply the Good NEWS. You guys when you get clipped on the that's a I for one How is wrong with the all what we got? The news, a registry: I've got news for soccer football I have you is that we need to get away with the three with the three d volume metric pixel imaging. It's now possible, computation
play to recreate any view from an array of say: thirty, two cameras around the stadium dislike bullet time. Going the way where you can get it. I am ready, I always yeah. So You as a viewer could pick you wouldn't even have to be limited to specific helmet. Can you could pick the view right in between the two helmets? I'd have computed for you, dynamically from the images are already very while, as that I like him, I have bad ass right. There see now. Once again, it seems like you're working ok, so this will be an it seed that something that you want to keep to an end stadium. Experience rioting to be come and look on your phone and see a complete different game than you're. Actually watching on the field will be limited to some cameramen. Right was parked on some spot on the side of you can actually curate your old game in
The time has risen near. Let me see that replay. You know that's kind of cool. You could end up with twitched I'll re at its of go to break. Can you hang around for like the third segment? Absolutely could normally we just started in or to the fat, but the fat with you in the room, celebrate by radical right business, start ups or tradition. Rebecca start off their special guest brought in from Central Pennsylvania do live nobody that there were no he's here,
not at all. I want now apparent Brill. Add my thanks for Hanan. Normally we just suited to the fact the segment, but I want you dare thanks largely to the fat, sounds good. So I just curious about some. I'm look at the rate at which stating design is changing and that always tells me things as if the rate is changing rapidly, now become praise any newly open stadium point. If the rate is fast, it means five years. That's gonna, be an old stadium, just like technology. Self technology. It, sir you're, actually also so how you feel about me It's good news for me, write them. Our tax obstacles ready in her. But now do you build that into your design, because we had future proofs by pudding. How do it's in and play
where you would put stuff ok during those capitalization terms for all these things, you want to be sure you get your monies worth out of it. You need to be able to suppress it with its five billion dollars and with your money for good, but it is a big challenge. What can you do? How far into that crystal ball? Can you see- and you know we make our best attempts at it? But yes, ok. So with we touched on augmented reality now I'm just think if we really throat a long way away, do we need stadiums, because you're gonna say they would you ve all got to give you an immersive suit. So you can actually feel the hits yourself now. Are you sat back home? I see what you can do. Our best to work depends you darted up or you dollar, they're out there to organise our down to a relaxing bizarre negative through local impossible. We were talking about. We gotta get people out of their homes. We need to be no competition. Isn't this this this it's getting! People are
from the tv sets in the arena, but is it just going down to let saved the money and put it all into the fan experience. You know you. You think that would have happened with video game but what has actually happened is that e is now become a spectators bore spectators for recycling watching cylinder people play their eating, but in this area who go to us, they innovative watch on the big scream video games. Get played as true, though, you like that you're doing we're all sit in this room looking at each other in the same way, it's like which hell is wrong with these people is a huge data. Gin Exocet gin wise at millennials not just get to the bottom of this young, ruinous air. The the under twenty five site is. My son is totally into it and I was well and right, and I was completely against it. So I found out that these so called e athletes. Many
have seven bigger deals. I gets home and I'm just like, but get up stairs played a video game. I found it does not at all surprised to read a book us right. You're, a fence, the whole thing here now, a wee bit. Stadiums were built to honour the gladiators and the athletes. Now we are seeing a shift away. To defend the spectator. The person who provides the income as being the point of view that is the most interesting: where can we take them? Where can I be, and where can those data builders and architects of the future, take that I mean the fan. Well, we're trying to do with technology is deliver a better game.
Who improve insights into how the players are moving, their physio, mechanics the. As the working calls physio mechanic It helps our worries and help the coaches to be able to make the best decisions that they can help the players be able get the most that they cannot of their own body. To put it to an ever more entertaining game rights think everybody is benefiting in how we talk about the greatest players of sixty years ago. Verses in a sort of your mid year, players today, the major powers I had so much more information available to them to help them train exactly the right muzzle rest on exactly the right rest day. You know that the level of play is just going up. Are. So let me ask you this: what that am? I talking about the fan: let's talk about the owner for a second cuz his way, I'm thinking I spent all this money. I got this high tech stadium
How am I gonna make even more money off all of this. Five g capable had not yet your business model. However, the business model hasn't money come back, and here I am come out of that money to come back to me. So am I gonna do charge to see like certain replaced that nobody else can see or one cause? You know, Novogrod AWOL, you gonna write, there's no firm experienced as complete without an onerous, and now you have to pay for that are in all. That is possible right. You can have a premium subscriber level features
a ventra features, got features. You can only get if you are actually there. That happens to be a lot because of tv licensing agreements. We can do more when you're physically in the stadium, then we can outside. If I give her an example of that really lame. But heartfelt example, when I was nine, we went to the Bronx Zoo and we we were very frugal. As a family, I saw the rich kids they could buy. The elephant key is a plastic in the elephant, nose sticks out and at every age back when animals are in cages. There's an information recording and you put the key and turn it and you get a narration about the animal read, but she had bought it, and two by the key, and we didn't buy the key savages standards, the risk is so help me black. Kid keep following the everywhere, so I saw I I felt I didn't feel like
as a part of the experience and didn't feel good to me, even though I paid We have paid admission to the Who is self? It was I felt left out just because I couldn't afford it. That was a visitor experience in nineteenth sick, the eight to sixty seven. That was it what you're describing If you have an elephant key analogy, I borrow still only eloquently Won't, you didn't listen I'll bring it in one the elephant in the room and the rouble oldest stadium gambling. When you ve got more of this ability to stream induced the almighty pop. The answer now you're talking about money online gambling in another way other than any. Oh, my god Jerry. You are brilliant. How do we get in on this right? Now? How would you run off the cameras will get out of my life ass, a real time bearing why in the stadium
Some money maker shake it it it There's a lot more overseas night, as here we have a stronger laws again I've spent five billion dollars to create my stadium, entertainment, palace,. I'll, be pushing really hard to get, the gambling was changed in the state which are, without a doubt, sure every state here now we're seeing data that comes just for a fancy: football right, fancy football, fantasy, baseball, the deceased making data that is available to you for your own fantasy leg is, would probably not the socks off of a coach from nineteen fifty five. To have access to the kind of information that you're not making? Seventy five major ratified the data there to going back to your point, what else happens? How does, as is the owner, you d want to make money. Put a massive big, complex of serious show movies,
I have a shopping mall, I was about to set out how why aren't stadiums a boom? We were by the camera with why dont stadiums have multiple use built into its like the stadium sits empty for most of the time this is the whole deal, but so far I think it's sort of myself. I is a great example of a case of occasional art, so so fi sort of professional football schedule today is sixteen games. If you don't want to play off cry again, so most football, pure football stadiums are used sixteen weeks fifty two year period, then I noticed ten years ago twenty as they try to turn them into a conference. Santa things, get an extra money on the side, but still you dont over around here, maybe hold Iraq answer? Okay, so with so fi it has two teams interlaced. So now its thirty the weekends as way better than sixteen out of fifty two
but still you got another twenty weekends were nothing's happening- is the business model so lucrative that you can go unused for twenty weakens. Now you need to drive that attendance up and the use of your facility. So in a land they have also Atlanta United them is less argued, Ladys, yes facility, so Lenny United, analysed soccer team has aims that are played. There also reveal that must be really driven up up, really driven up the usage of the building, and then you ll immigrants come in. They d get the watch great glory immigrants play soccer, absolutely every every last one of let's put seventy thousand vans in, you're, not a sailor for Emily saga over here, it's a huge job, not an american among them all up to now been away you're right. We are all come as long as you want well man had so people so indifferent. It's it's! It's like people around here and then you look in every bar and it is filled to the brand right.
In Britain and none of them are busy Atlanta is called this training would they lent a united, actually, they land united our driving fans into that sport at a rate that is free trade yeah, I'm in you bought, walked by bars and Atlantic, and there is an alarming united fly. Their kids go into a fantastic learning areas. I said so remarkable. Around the soccer thing again, but I think the footprint of the sofa stadium, I think, is greater than Disneyland in love recording parking yeah. Where are you from the days when alternatives this core? What else is there? What No there's. No, they build again the motor plaques, no tired of how this is to sharpen being born leaving all the idea is right. Then they got a destination area. Yet area becomes a destination got then the game is just one other thing you do what I want something to do, that you can walk to yeah, ok, cool
because there's a final amount of people who can go much again game, but they want to come in and joy. Parents, so you will build fan parks outside. I got an obscure geeky science ii comment. If I may ready. Ok, if you charging a battery, I don't know what your car and eco rechargeable battery the if it's dead and you start charging it like the first eighty per cent happens very quickly and then, as the battery is more and more charged, the rate at which it reaches the top, get slower and slower and slower so that law. Five percent is almost as long as the previous all the time it took to get to that. Ninety five percent do no y know I'm about to find out, the analogy is a stadium parking lot.
A dead battery have all these electrons in the wrong place they done served. You know you got a punch him back so that they can serve you again, they got a swim upstream and they got a park on the other side of that battery, but they can only park in pre designated place. Us this. So, if you're, the first electron upstream you park anywhere about the door, yeah so Adrian. If I'm early at the stadium, I can park anywhere, I can park within seconds. The later I come, even if there is a parking spot for me, it'll take me longer to find it. So when the parties is almost into early for only five slots left. It could take me half hour to find a parking spot, that of looking for those by that's. Why takes longer to charge or less of a battery than the first part, because the parking lot problem? Have you solve the parking problems? Yet we we have smart marking system.
Smart part of your party were determined we have a sign parking predetermine. We also have smart parking systems. If you been like an Heathrow airport, the red and green lights over every single parking spot sea can look down the hallway and see if there's a green light, learning even spots. Yet signs that tell you how many are left on each level turns out. This is a huge pollution in cities to the others, companies or energy, not just in parking lots period, yeah and every metropolitan rally around eighty percent of all cars that are emotion that are not taxis are looking for work in these companies. Trying to solve this now to be able to help you either some new. Florence on Europe, a spark parking systems in cities so you can know where to go. Did you could just see above all the cards and the green? Let's failure now give them enough that some little car that's hidden behind it, is angry, anemometers, vowed and angry. When I have now all we have latinity so now How many people are now looking for a space
and there's only one green light, not it? Not only my letter million birds, Benghazi, I've read out fast. Can you drive litanies Eliza, Larry David's gonna beat it's gonna, be there very David, I ain't gonna, be there is little electric car of current euro enthusiasts, so we can actually fall using cameras. We can actually follow your car through the parking garage and provide you individually appropriate signage at every turn, for where you should go to work, and can he told her the car turn left. You idiot Well, you can sign already worried tat. The thing was a bright light had no, that's that's worth at our borders, wondering eyes and our desire to that. Logically, going you fuck yourself. I so final thoughts check what here, you know, I'm gonna go to a game and probably disappointed because none of the core crap we're talking about is gonna, be there is not yet it's not happening in the world who could get a phone number for the exact will go together. Gary ice great, I think it's brilliant, because everybody wins
players are gonna win, the coaches IBM could become the best football coach ever right, all along a day to all the telematics or the prayers. Gonna win and funds are getting a better experience. Are it's a win? Win win brilliant. So what thoughts do you have a night before you go to sleep about all this I want to make sure that my son, when he goes to have it for now when he goes to a game that he will be able to have the experience he is imagining when he gets there so his world. His world already. He can talk to the house right and have Let's turn on, he can type because he just talked to his computer. The information the world is that his fingertips if you, nearly all yeah fifteen years from now and he's there before running the house with his apps yeah,
relax take now he hasn't farmer can operate better, get some really good parental guidance Lex the other world that he imagines is different than I can imagine that I want him to have a great experience that keeps his attention and keeps him going. So here's what I look forward to because I think about this all the time. I'd like imagining tomorrow's technology, from it reasons, but including the fact that, if it's good enough, it will make ever thing. I think, as modern today look old, so in the future. I want the technology to not even be anything you are projecting for it, I'm
but to benefit from innovations may say out of love field. Something you didn't even know, was on its way in glands in your lap. Technologically, you say: oh my gosh, that's a game changer and was that there's a future experience for the player the visitor get the coach that today we can get in. Sweet, be great. Blogger avenues were hardly that's what I, as a cosmic sports perspective, do thanks for coming here. Much judge Gary pleasures good yeah, I'm near the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist. This has been startled or tradition, and, as always, I believe you Do you think.
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