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StarTalk at BAM – Science is Everywhere (Part 1)

2018-06-22 | 🔗
Science really is everywhere. From the Big Bang to quantum mechanics to free will, we explore it all featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, comic co-host Chuck Nice, physicist Brian Greene, neuroscientist Heather Berlin, and rapper Baba Brinkman. Recorded live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/startalk-at-bam-science-is-everywhere-part-1/Photo Credit: Elliot Severn.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free? welcome start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture color not off begin right now, what were in the house welcome? Nobody here me welcome. Did you hear that very ago? Brooklyn in the house, thanks for coming out, given us your Friday night, this is a special presentation
STAR talk, star, talk at Bam and in his presentation, you're gonna get three versions of what our start talk. Franchise is all about the first one. Lasting thirty minutes is start talk first start start talk flagship where I am the host and we have special guest talking about special topics, we then go to another thirty minutes featuring start talk, all stars, that's where we have a country of account, parts to me Experts in other fields of science, and each have their own sort of radio show with the commission similar format, but they get to their way star all sorts of sampling of that for thirty minutes and we will end with one of our every new, franchises, Sartori Sparta, playing with science, which is all about the size of sports.
And tonight we're gonna talk about the physics of figure skating and we'll get, to that in a minute. Right now we will begin start talking back I'll bring out. My committee covers the one the only check nice somebody may lie in my man, zealous bittacy, very cool, and so tonight we're going to talk about physics of the earth the universe I realise that with this, with this whole event was introduced as a radio loves zest but but but Peter say right because it a radio
we are doing right, yeah, exactly Ataguju made the universe, pregnant vast. Let me introduce a colleague and friend, one of the smartest people on earth see right Physicists Brian Grain, everybody right green best known for solar popularizing concepts like string theory and However, just made string theory pregnant your breast sewing author, the elegant universe, but beauty, but given that one a permanent, rational right there. A person read your book,
another refugee or just poseurs that was followed with the fabric of the cosmos. Yet my beautiful, but hidden. Reality was a third book. And then you are co founder of the world. Scientists estimate CO founder, It's a bit audacious to call the world's scientists, will deliver gonna call the universe by holding back to work just great it's it's worth. Cyprus were held in New York. That's just I'm! Just saying it also in Australia, so it is worth, In that way, ochre are compounded with your wife, described very good man. How'd- you get married her. You know so bright what There's recent news earliest star? ever formed in the universe here. So we were on top of that.
Been following yeah yeah, because what what we know from as astrophysicist, yet the big bang got that ok, then the cosmic way back when I got that, but this is formed. Yet you gotta make stuff you can recognize in modern times and there's this long period, hundreds of millions of years where nothing, is happening, and so we call but the cosmic dark ages, that's the dark ages and certainly here dark dark. People have a given. We ve got our so so the dark ages before the first stars had form. So there was the hunt, the eternal hunt. Can we find that First star and recent news announcement said what we There is no evidence that those first stars may have formed by a hundred eighty million years after the Big Bang and its heart to find them because you're not actually sitting out there waiting for us.
De them directly. You have to find an indirect test to see their presence by virtue of their impact on their environment and in a very clear experiment, that's what was done and how they do that. Where will you the cosmic microwave background radiation writhing in just people that is just here, you're, not even listen, because there are some people like at home, listen and that may not know I'm just saying you know for their sake, maybe you should tell him is he left over from the big banks, a big bang, very hot, as universe expanded cools down, but the heat doesn't disappear. It's still there, and indeed we can see that he coming to us through powerful satellite born telescopes today. Now that is a fantastic discovery in its own right and one that
a fantastic discovery in its own right that won the Nobel Prize to discover the microwave background radiation. But now imagine this won the Nobel Prize twice. That's true! Yes, absolutely get the idea, the discovery and then got azalea. That's very good. The same thing just like five years later, oh my god, I was so we give it opens up right now is a bad thing. We found in a universe, yeah, ok and was found by MRS, so you do know about this man. You set mistake before I'd like I didn't mean to do so yet so too, so. How did the see their cousin? My background? Tell us as well. The the theory was there when these initial stars formed they would be very large. The largest of the sun and very hot, and they would have amid a lot of ultraviolet radiation and that radiation war
have had an impact on the environment. A lot of hydrogen around would have ionize a hydrogen. What does it matter when you cause the hydrogen to change in that way. It has an end on the microwave backward radiation, otherwise would pass through it perfectly with no internet no internet. Now it's gotten it's it's been perturbed, that's right now. Actually some of it gets absorbed, which means when we look out there should be missing parts of the spectrum that are being. Or by this hygiene, which itself is being effect, is right on seeing the stars themselves were seeing as some kind of smoking gun of the stars yeah we seeing a shadow in some sense of the star. Oh my god, it's just like the Russia investigation. so short, arbitrary. The reason why we we have such big bang expertise issues we have both independently appeared on the big banks.
Through active out only on once we weren't, when only I once you are then invite you bet another. Maybe you won't get my world. I thought you did really well. I thought you didn't. I am so not an actor and depend on people allowing a little attitude for that cameo, not actor delivered lines. Yet you know it's did not really an actor, but we will will let us live you a good thank you. It plus shelving both of us a hard time. He did right here. told me that I should give up physics, sitting reading to the elderly, I said: don't raise your own booked up your he he was pissed off. I was there an accessory to the door,
PLUTO Pluto here he said. Peter was one in favour and you told them to get over it to get over the other that its. But he scripted too that just get angry. So did you say Angry. I couldn't rely on a natural response that's because he's not real. Rightly so, this early star does it tell us something backwards towards that? big bang that we should know about? Well- big bang year. It doesnt mean the curious thing is that the signal is stronger than the theory predicted so the signals there in the sense that you got this missing part of the spectrum. Jeer people saying what would a first start look like with map it out. You compare it, and now we have,
stronger than that. That's right at me. You gotta go back and we calculate what you ve got to tweak the theory, and people are suggesting that dark matter may play do that IRAN weak tweak, yeah right, so I don't know what he's cocoanut, what what he'd tweak and stuff, but that the tweak also kind of spilled over into the dark matter. So I'm not sure what this means I don't know either of you are one of the big bang? Do you have to tweak in or to allow Our our hypothesis, Actually, I've, even while it may be that the dark matter interacts with ordinary matter in a way that differs from the conventional description. The is very speculative were at the beginning of this kind of experiments. What point do you say? I need to tweak my theories and at what point you say I need to throw out my will. That's it that's the art of science. You know, and you know some
people criticise scientists for sticking to theories long after the data seems to suggest that they really need to move on people say that even about string theory thereon but I guess it's it's in art and it's a personal choice. I've to his face, just to be clear exhaust say this again publicly, but I did really say that through his face, oh snap when I asked Ryan, I, Sir Brian, I remember your for like from them that old from the nineteen eighties. Drink theory was being born. I said why was the great A new understanding of the universe grew. General relativity, married with Quantum physics, marriage that Einstein died, trying to find. How soon will you have this that we're about five years out about five years in ten years later, how far too another five years and in ten years
after that just another five years, I'm consistent, hey, we're we're gonna, be here: twenty eighteen Brian five years ago. How closer you too, and it is So then I said I said so so bright. Why what's a hard problem, so then I said or everyone. Are you working on this problem is an idiot you did. I said that we face Brian, I'm gonna go hard. At what point do I see that you know really jokingly at what point do you say where's simply not smart enough to even answer that We ourselves post year or do you just say it's because I general relativity basically, lonesome in ten years after he had special, relatively yeah. You got coming dozens of you guys and
for thirty five years. You will look The reason I accepted to beyond the showed tonight is inclined unwilling now here, two years, the situation If we were not making progress, then I would need you to tell me to give it up right. I don't they even reincarnation. I think you live I don't I to want to spend my life work in theory. If I really don't think it has promised to reach the goal that we have set for ourselves. Cells or your honour, not with your set of total house and that we have so much in common. Is I don't believe in Cuz, I wanna be a turtle. Ok, No he's ambling reincarnation. For some reason. I think I'm coming back here again, you make out it very worried that they prefer that they did not get the all data. Did you get that
furthermore, is a thing, but they did not get the all data. Did you get tat? I was stupid people, you know, I'm begging you. Turtle was a reference to so, what are the Hindu on the back of an We often standing on turtle fertile following see. That's what he's got me and hey. I've got no secret for you, I'm gonna. Consider singing all of the ads on this show. There's just one way to get out a hearing. They're good
patriarch arms last started tall and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and never hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me seeing if you're supporters Patria Dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thing and I mean I'm just saying. Where, where we ride, I know advanced. Sorry, I'm sorry, I know exactly where we work well, what I'm asking you theoretical, physicists, leading the radical visas, we have an observation and astronomical observation and it forces you to go back and risk tweak. You tweaking. bank, between Quantum physics, you're tweaking. What are you tweaking,
we're in this particular case, you really are tweaking something that we yet don't understand fully, which is dark matter. So that's right for being tweak, but the matter, is like mysterious gravity the universe we have no idea what's causing, but but I give you another example which has happened recently right: there been measurements of the rate of the expansion of space. and those of measurement very recently or seeming to be incompatible with earlier measurements done in a different way. Yet all other recent I wonder if you're not exactly, and this one if its correct this is one that could really change our understanding of the early universe dramatically right in order to, yet the measurement said or done on the expansion space. Looking at the microwave background, radiation and those that are coming from looking at supernova explosions to get those compatible right now require perhaps tweaking the dark energy it may require too.
Our understanding of the gravitational force. I mean there are many things that may come into that particular way, including our understanding of the gravitational force yeah, we never you talk about dark energy right. Everyone knows with dark in new g is not well understand some people home may not certain is energy filling space that we believe reveals a repulsive gravity, that's cause in the universe, to speed up in its acceleration and and then radically should be slow. there are a very ordinary gravity, pulls things together, gladly slowing down the shock that we got in ninety. Ninety eight is that it's not slowing down the railways pensions speeding up the wishes of gravity and will Here's the thing we didn't understand, gravity well enough gravity. Not only be attractive, it can be repulsive and that really well and taken into account in Togo
nineteen I gave when it comes to cosmology. Now the possibility is maybe this outward push. Is itself getting stronger overtime, and so that means Can it was one thing would be an complete understanding of that phenomenon. Yes, and we went out only change everything, but that's it, which is why you have to tweak string theory absorbed efforts, gravity than every moment, of our models from the Big Bang forward- we'd have to be rethought, put back The computer is now what you gonna give me with this new understanding. Literally these equations are so complex and so many features that come into play that you have to put on a computer and stimulate, and you would happen. Ok, so now does that affect any thinking of what's going on beef for the universe began. Well, I mean people with those sorts of ideas, but it
aren't you know if that question even makes sense right, it makes sense to say what happened before you were born. What happened before the earth formed those? so phenomenon certainly were preceded by something else in the universe, but the big bang may have been not just the beginning of the universe as we think of it as stuff. It could have been We have time itself this path, Today we aired My interview with Stephen Hawking went to the Dude Office in Cambridge and one of I ask him what was around before the Big Bang, he gave A nobody understood the answer yet so now you check it I feel so so I know it what he was. What was then? I have no idea. I haven't seen the podcast watched the sharply. I will you d be impressed me on this
please allow me to explain what he was saying so short not, but you can give me two or three ideas again have about what preceded the big bang. Absolutely so, whether or not to your idea, yeah in one idea, is that the big Bang may not have been a unique event there. There have been many big bangs, giving rise to many universe. We are one of the primary and we're just one of that sort of like a cosmic bubble. Bath of universes emerges one bubble expanding in that larger landscape, a reality. It that's the case then our big Bang was the beginning of everything. It was just an interesting event that we hold dear because it gave rise to us, but there wouldn't in a time before it that wouldn't have been any more exotic than the time now, a time measured by some methods we have yet to divine, because every
method of measuring time exist within this union dead. That's right! So the notion of a time going across all of the universe is a very difficult idea to make mathematical sense, like a maritime amenities of some sort. But people don't fully appreciate that wouldn't be time, it. Wouldn't be, I'm not tired, you're, absolutely right, you're, absolutely right! So in this universe, the fact that we can say that the universe has an age of whatever thirteen point. Eight billion years is only because our universe is highly symmetric. You look at it chunk of the universe over here and another chunk over here on an average their properties of the same, and that were the case. There be no notion of time across even our universe because of this symmetry of appearance, you're saying we can
so finally say we are all experiencing the same age of this universe right. But if we looked over there and stuff was being born, and over here stuff was dying out of proportion. We would be forced to say there is not one coherent time across the space. Time continue right, easy because Einstein, as were often they were taught us that if you're moving time takes off at a different rate, if you're near black hole, time takes off at a different right. So you should ask yourself, and people said the universe- is thirteen billion years old according to which clock right. Those clocks are moving or, if they're near a black hole or strong gravitational field goal kick off time at different rates, and it wouldn't get out of that. Conundrum is what you're saying the overall uniformity means that on those clocks that are experiencing basically the same physical conditions, they're going to There is time to say: molecular, clap your clock, pantomime, I'd love to see a man. I never in my life with a small
We need more so now. Nobody dilemma we're Lamb explained so well. Two final questions, so If we ask you what was around before the big bang, you say: maybe there was this bubble bath, big bang, then that just pushes that in a little further. What was around before the bubble bath or it may push it in far back. That's a possibility could be turtles, although it now normal for the other. The other idea that does come out a string theory initially, is that me, be our universe is slice of space floating in a larger cosmos, right higher dimensions of strength? You allow for that freedom to our universe is like a slice of bread and a big cosmic love that may have other slices, which would be other universes. I bring it up because there
Is there a radical description? I'm ignore these guys services, which We ve got enough listening. I got it right with this. The bread, love univer, exactly and there's a way of describing the big bang wear it actually arising from the collision of these two universes is knowing called the big bang or that call it black, writes a little more evocative way of thinking about it and which can before the Big bang before the big splat would just be these two. Giant sheets of space lemming into each other. They created yet subsequent That's right, so sick look universe, it happens over and over and over again through these collision. So then, what's before our big bang, it would just be an era of the universe similar to this potentially, but was just
different part of the cycle. So therefore- and my last question to you the very distant future universe where we accelerating celebrating it whatever rate it is. Does what you're saying now effect that very distant universe? It can absolutely cause if, for instance, would talk about sick like universe about my slice of bread is getting bigger? You slice of bread is getting bigger but that other slice may be coming toward you so truly years from now we may get hit getting be completely. Read. How will we know if another slice of bread is coming towards? That's the thing we won't All I know is, I am hungry right, bright, angry. Thank you for totally with our
Ryan. Awesome started again phenomenon for second wrap up. This part of the show, with my hand, the baton over to nurse. Scientists, Heather Berlin, one of our star talk all stars and why she comes out, but before that happens we are going to have a special musical interlude, o musical interlude. Sweet. Do we are going to have a special performance, Bob Bob Bob Brakeman bought a break me come on out right, What are you you're science wrapper? I am a science wrappers such things do exist. That's a thing is it being now. You will demonstrate that now, let's
I hope, so they gave me one song to demonstrate designs. Rap exists in all this. Stuff is going to mix with neuroscience and pretty soon or and start talking about free will and as a artists- who's been at this for over a decade. You gotta get into freestyle, so I'm about to do a freestyle interpreting a lot of what was discussed for the last half hour, and I want you to think about this either every word. They said Every word I am about to say, was predetermined since our big bang on- slice there is some kind of free will possible hit it
I'm from Western Canada when I was a young rattler, bedroom, myself, horn and tv. This is the rap always petrograd. Self image is increasing. That was three. I wrote it does free will my decision every into my constituent part if it was the reduction said it had had, is planted and wanted to get up wants me to do about. It then come about how the universe is like a sandwich to step up here. Do some things that are drunk on and planned out why astrophysics makes people feel hungry? I was for thought, but that doesn't mean nothing comes forethought. Look at the source of your thoughts. You might find the boys blood every decision is made in a part of my brain is invisible coup me as well, but with a subliminal orgy. Now not thinking is to free see I break it down. I show you, the freestyle basics. You can see me all. You can seize the imprint of my breeding ocean. She wouldn't say mess the women s looking for me is looking for in the university First star. But what am I doing here? Why my choosing to push the Rhine, my apartment and could not have otherwise a slave to my subliminal, Migdol reptilian forces with no self control up in my unstuck you're trying to fuss? Rather, I could no more softly Neil could shake off his moustache. I'm trying to figure that out. Maybe perhaps it could happen, but we're all in this quantum bubble. Tat, I believe in the end to choose I couldn't stop. We wanted is bounded the molecules that you words, increased freedom is like a puzzle. This only strong that will probably could, but I probably should it is right now I gotta pick a rat and make a really good, maybe maybe interpret everything that they talked about a second ago a right, as do a little rewind young people can be checking love. Seen many drop this and say everything queerly, I'm five years from stardom, like brain explained on stream, was about to happen you his next. Every word I spent is peer review, something you can check like them to return to freeze down now, as I speak to you, that's the place that I take it down. The great six check it out restart will always felt them coming to get on the big bang theory. So I could get despite Shelby S about to happen. Nasty cameo probably become right. Now we ve got them. Would damage and flow of money have become spark cooking? It's not going to get the same reaction as it did with me. When I say is houseful the Brooklyn I screwed up. That's! Ok! I'm displays a nest of the way that we say come from on canadian front, plus the rats ominous shout out to the pledge right. There are some people in the trees I couldn't stop. It is down to the molecules words indeed once and freedom is strong when it's used well, I can stop.
Stop before one the question is: why would I want to stop? I could stop it's just recommended at least
Not till the song is ended because I spent a lot of time training. My brain arrive at the drop of a dime. That's the kind of freedom claim is kind. Freedom is an immediate physical stayed at the level of atoms. It's a collection of talents. Each of us can develop and manage freedom. Evolved absolution gave us the building blocks absolute freedom, maybe not, but more than a dig wasp and more than prefrontal cortex lesion patients living today I'll take the freedom of gone over the non freedom of vineyards. Gauge freedom is having a ring that can reject actions intended impostors God. Southern punches, like boxes, is having a brain that can navigate obstacles and continuous exploration. The adjacent possible, a brain, the tree enough to recognise goals and pursue them recognise reasons why, even if its approach to allusions freedom, if you isn't it all free will, is similar to free stuff. It's a learning system. This deterministic deep down would even if every syllable has a physical cots, freedom is just the belief that ashes still get somewhat plot and you gotta run. So that was a piece from an oft roadway production. I'm doing hip hop theatre very inspired by Hamilton, is called the rap guide to consciousness.
And it's all neuroscience cognitive said you're all tonight you leave here tonight to perform that they show starts in forty. Five minutes will get the hell out of here. Solar plan, solo, Playhouse popular, can come see it go for it. You haven't. We should regret, advise my favour wrapper now, hazy Sunday, I know J G say anything about the prefrontal cortex. Vocabulary run in May and I was serious matters to be clear. He did that in rehearsal and five percent of it was the same, the rest was come. Fleetly, invented in that moment. Yeah Somebody's do talk rubber, mustache,
He knew better than to do next segment is going to be startalk all stars where I take a back seat and we bring on the host one many talented start talk all stars neuroscientist Heather Berlin ETA come on out. Heather is your show
ok for nearly can take a back seat. I don't think you don't know me very well, so I welcome to start talk all Sars at back. I'm your hosts tether Berlin, I'm cognitive, neuroscientist and based here in New York at the Mount Cyanide School of medicine. So Neil Brian thanks for being my guests and ate, and we're just forget about you just ingrained in my mind, we ve become one. We become shock, my co host for bringing all of the wonderful scientific insight and comic relief. They hope we being here so so. Wonderful full of use
So we're going talk a little bit about the intersection between neuroscience and physics. Talk a little bit about consciousness time and free will. Somebody keep it light everywhere. So now we really right for three: will not that kind of show we don't. I think everyone is what I was thinking outside now, but- and I say we want you're like my sub contractors, but I just kind of hard to keep it babe and keeps coming up. Yes it does it really good land, so actually Bryant you want. You want tweeted. You said for
we all know, is the way you're going to call a tweet of I'm quoting in front of this guy. That's like saying I play baseball in front a babe Ruth as I say, I write music in front of Mozart Guide, your tweets matter, your tweets, free free will all tweets matter August not all three, not all tweets blue tweets matter. I, whereas sweetener, ok. So so you said Free will is the sensation of making a choice. The sensation is real, but the choice seems illusory. Laws of physics determine the future, so I had to say the youth european. It was determined from the Big bang. What is this? I have to say about free will. Well, it's not definite because you don't fully know them
as a physics, but the laws of physics that we currently have at our disposal have now opportunity for intercession by human will. Right I mean we are a collection of particles. By laws that you can write down and fit on a t, shirt and those laws done at any point in the evolution of the particles. Say: hey. Can you like tell me now what to do person they just detour when the future, based upon what things were, in the past. The brine can't can't there an emergent property of A collection of molecules that we can call free will generally but because the emergent property, if we understand you, know emergence its a feature of an ensemble they cannot, the by study of the individual like ants, like If you study one ends, I aunt shake your hand. You have no idea that sound they have together and make an ant mount right, or
determined make a termite man would have burrowed will lock. You have no way to preserve. The idea here sounds like Woody Allen everywhere. Doesn't the areas that have often fit six if its a bit, in other words, if it doesn't exist at the level of physics, could not exist at the level of biology or a psychologist rights? So it's a very good point and it really depends on what your definition of free will is right. Normally, the intuitive definition is things could have been different. I could have made a choice for things to turn out differently and as that, the definition of free will design resonate. With your perspective, we will then I don't see any way to square that with the laws of physics, because anything now you do. Is your particles? executing some kind of motion and the motion of your particles in your brain in your body have no opportunity to allow you as a conscious being to direct them. What force could possibly that direction come from,
the electromagnetic force well when we understand from actual. Is it the gravitational fourteen? We understand that one from a sign that the nuclear forces, those who understand from the standard mom particle physics. What for Could you possibly exert on your particles that goes against or goes beyond those that emerged from the equations of physics. Every issue could our free will thrive in the a ballistic description of quantum physics, no not as we currently understand it and that's a natural made me fight you here. We ve done this before we did actually I grandma's withheld yet, but we love or wrestlers in high school different wake attic why are you so? So it's it's. I should have stated its past, but I consider it highly unlikely. So so there is a puzzle right now. In quantum physics that has been on the table for
seventy five years- and we don't know the answer to this puzzle- that's why I have to ouch my remarks with a little bit of uncertainty and that Puzzle this court. In theory says they can only put predict the probability of one outcome or another right, fifty percent, electron here, fifty percent chance there. Yet when we measure the electron, we always find it either here or there. One or the other. So how do you go from the fuzzy probabilistic haze of many possibilities to this single definite reality that we all experience in everyday life? We still dont know how to bridge that gap. So within that consciousness. Somehow plays a role in picking out. Why outcome from their probabilistic haze. Then shore, and free will might come over the I said. Oh no, you just said probably equally, the particle can be here or there. Yes, what? If you measure
It is only in one place. Yes, so my act of thought, is, I want to go. I want a cheeseburger, that's the particle in this state, and I was, I want the particles very large part I filled by right. You see I caused you put in because it's random, nothing that you did to pick one. Outcome because you wanted it because you will did because it was your desire and yet our intuition is. You had a cheeseburger because you chose it. It comes from a random process. It's like throwing the dice and thrown the dice again. An outcome is not what we mean by freewill. Ok, wait! You physicists sorry, I'm gonna give you a nerve scientific perspective, good, ok, so from an scientific perspective, First of all, what's happening at the quantum level, doesn't really scared
up to whether a neuron fires are not right. I mean, though, that indeterminate see, but from experiments that we ve done starting the eighties Benjamin limits it studies where he said to somebody whenever you feel like it, just press this button and he measured brain activation any found, and he said even before they actually pressed the button cause that takes time to make the movement. Just let me know where this little dog is on the clock when you feel the first inkling of being tension of wanting to move, and but he found is about three hundred fifty milliseconds before a person even had that conscious intention there was a gearing up refrain activation right. So then leave forward to current times we do nor imaging experiments where we can say to a personal people know. Yet you measure people brains for a living, that's my job. But I do yes. I would be of no help to you. My unconscious here again was always button in Vienna. We each year, we need to use
You can measure using fm, or I, which looks at blood flowed in different parts of the brain. Functional functional magnetic resonance imaging, busily looking at blood flow is a proxy to neurons far the blood is gonna, go where the neurons are foreigners and they need energy. So we can, say to you. Ok, just choose left or right, or that hamburger or or not and cheeseburger, Assize she's, here He chose to use them we can say we can predict up to ten seconds before you even have the conscious inclination of your intention, which you're going to grow, left or right or cheese or no cheese right. So at level I like to say. Yes sure we have free will but we're just not conscious of it right. The brain is making these decisions all the time, and we have this illusion of free will, but the western really is. Why do we have the solution? Why did we evolve this? Is important if we didn't have it, would it chain our behavior? It strikes me that a gift
in that sense of control. That, presumably, out in the savanna in fifty thousand years ago. Hundred thousand years ago made the difference between surviving and not. If you're invested in how things turn out and feel that your decisions can affect how things turn out your mom. Attentive your more engage. It's something that matters to you more, presumably, something like that are some parallel story like that suggest why we have this illusion, less likely to be eaten. Yes, that's right! That's the point what was so so you both agree with one another with each other that From this point of view? Its deterministic, you don't use that word, but I put it in your mouth. Here I mean It's ok on the radio and live show at some other, so your it's not a consistent with is basically yea. I think from both of physics. Perspective and a nurse science perspective, we come to this,
conclusion that it's an illusion that free will is an illusion. Even now We really feel like it's. Not actually, studies have been done, which, when you tell people that free will is an illusion and you start giving them subsequent tests are more likely to cheat on. Tat the more likely that acting on ethically so the fact that we have this belief, those you had it actually are better able to survive in this them along knights and would like you to behave were much more likely to be range role. However, we also have a ball for there to be cheaters ray and they can went and it's over for all cheaters, no one, when, but if we are just asked Tom Brady and shook he looked so deflated at the end of our guests, who says so
he's so Heather. Is there a? Let me ask you a blunder question rate: does it even matter if that you know this, if we all feel like we have three well, I want to believe that I go to school. A good job and behave- and I want to believe all that what you tell me, I couldn't believe it that if one may end up in prison, there was pre determined from the Big Bang and wait just yesterday as it as as an addendum to the isn't it you're gonna. Do there's nothing up up up up up your ass right now those predetermined, many debates on the big bang it was meant to be. I don't know how they got so sexy put right kicking I'm just not a literal. Stick. Your ass in some
Tat way, it means just winning a fight, oh, but that prevents overrides Brian born and raised in New York City, I went to Stuyvesant High School, so he's homegrown syndrome way that predetermined that you would just talking about ok, let's say for instance, that who do accept that at then that leads to fatalism was It also predetermine the fact, But you are given this information that well that really in charge of my own decisions, my brain is making these decisions based upon these Neuro Synaptic Transit. What happened with my mics, and so I just let that happen, and then I say okay, because of that I don't give a damn about everything, and I just let it all go. Was that predetermined?
It also put it in perspective. Well TAT, God supermodel. But what are you gonna do? What the regular Johnny Chuck put out a really awesome question right: they're gonna, just gotta one word: if you could at least stretched out your answer, I'm the guy break happy show. So you know often people when they encounter these ideas, and you must have heard these two people say: ok, they're not going to do anything to say to my couch and what does it matter fatal is right, but you see that's mixing of two distinct views on one question: you see if you think that you are making, free choice to sit on your couch. Then you feel like well now I am going to give in to this and I'm just going to sit there, but it you do that it was determined so exam.
What you're asking if you choose to sit in your couch, it's not that you made a volitional choice. It was set in place and if that's, what was going to happen, that's what's gonna happen so put them by by that particular as you are all information that we receive them. Pre determines everything that we do, that but what you say yes absolutely, and and moreover, but you know to just give us a little bit more car, I think you know your view I'm Bob Mass lay her view. Ok, Bob I say now. Let me tell you something: Jason predetermine the say that about this, about buzz bombers, description. I think the these helps me when I think in terms which is its not that free will? Is the intuitive one one we're talking about here
free will really is the fact that we are able to carry out this amazing spectrum of behaviors. We can walk, we can talk, we can saying we can come up with ideas, the fact that they had an earlier cause, maybe even back at the big Bang tomatoes Take anything away from creativity. It doesn't have any the way from originality it didn't take anything away from having a sense of authorship over your own actions, because you're the most immediate cause of those actions they emerge through you through your particles. Your particles in your brain are configured in such a way that, when certain stimuli hit your body, you said, and do certain things could act that is determined who care this others different views of free? Well, ok, there's not there's not just determinism and non determinism there are different. There's compatible is usually what that is yeah. Yeah yeah yeah ism is saying that the world is, monistic, but we also have free will within that. Because of these probabilities, and
question going home to what you are saying is that people have their hands. They are kept. There's no such thing as three. Well, then I can do whatever you want. I can go murder someone, it doesn't matter, was predetermined However, however, we, I have, however, ever however, that's really important. We have evolved the capacity to have self control as other animals, but particular we have the largest percentage of prefrontal cortex than any other species, which is a part of the brain that has that data control ornate impulses, so we hold people accountable for their actions to the degree to which they have the capacity to have safe country. Therefore children are less responsible for their crimes than adults or people who have prefrontal lesions or severe psychiatric. So it is children, don't have a fully developed pre and if yet, until about the age of twenty five states, guys it's thirty five
you're a little bit more, perhaps said the rabbit. We should listen. The star talk commercial, free, Joe, star talk on Patriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio
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