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StarTalk Live! A Night at the Neptune Theatre (Part 2)

2013-03-28 | 🔗
In the second half of our live show at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle, StarTalk geeks out on heroes, villains, and technology that’s changed the world.

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now. That is far from enough to today's subjects. The geek mecca, here in Seattle, the home of Microsoft. Could the patron saint of Geeks bill gates were celebrating the geek overseer and our special guess, we'll wheaten will welcome back to start IQ year. Ladys Chris
tom did you see? he knew what he murmured. I want to talk about geeks as heroes, because I'm old enough to remember the gates were those who were slammed into the locker by this. Before quarterback in high school. I want someone just had a flashback over their apparently we wanted the geeks we'd get the widget, then the greatest geeks would get the atomic which did not happen to you. When I went to a high school, the bronze high school of science. That's who has? Evan Nobel laureates among its graduate all in physics. By doing so, it is its own sorter, geek universe, where there, the jocks and then the geeks. Within this
universe, and so I was a geek job chose captain of my recently. So no one gave me a wedge when you went to do like geek wrestle is it like wrestling the way that people think of it or is it just sort of like? No? If I apply force, he is so about the letter about divorce. Is it just like when you samurai space each other new to sort of think the battle out, and you like, ok, so that I'm going to apply force here, and that is what my love my oriented rummage. Much scrambling for inhalers goes on they were they were in others, war, they their asthma inhalers. So that wasn't me our society and Inhalers God, your ass. There
so one has recently there was a move I wanted to invent because I knew at present. The atomic like drop Goshawk organ already did no, no! No. I got one better than that and I never perfected it. It was. Do you know how earth title? We locked the moon? Yes, the moon, The moon only shows one face to earth. We did that too The moon used to rotate just fine and we put the brakes on it so there Only ever shows the same face came round. We own you re so on the moon, the moon is trying to do it back to us. You made no one ever be behind you run. It means you're only near sighted, the moon Earth never rises or sets the famous photo Earth rise above the lunar landscape is miss named people say, that new, my son. Of course, earth rises on the moon, but it doesn't. Earth rose in that photo because there the operating they came around the bats,
The moon earth rose up, so they call it earthrise, but we're thinking that earth rises on the moon, but it doesn't. It is stuck up there. In the sky, we have totally locked the moon is trying to tie we lock us. It is slowing down our rotation so that the day will come where we only show one face to the moon now one whole half of the planet doesn't get a mood, doesn't get a mood. I hate to be those guys that is called a double title. Luck, the wrestling move. I wanted to invent like you, while the police don't ever travels, I guess I tap tap. How did you get that IP throw in the towel? Maybe so geeks is heroes. Urine leverage a tv programme, you like a hacker- I guess I am yet and is a team of you guys that a kind of rogue, but you have a man
in statement to do right in the world by hacking back into evil corporations yeah, but not the characters I play is like if they're the fantastic for, I'm doctor doom. So we were like maybe once on the same side and there is sort of like bad guys turned good, I'm still just a bad guy so I sort of I'm sort of analyses to those guys are nemesis. I guess there's only one of me as far as you know now that you know that Neil do you still want to talk about here is: engage them skip over there. That doesn't make wills fictional character. The only example you had of the hero about your character on big bang theory also, and emphasis evil to ok. But listen when you talk about geeks as heroes, I think the characters you're really good example. You have a tough guy, a hitter. You have a hacker, a Griffin, you're, a thief
a grander, that's a like, like a con man, don't be a pet and then and then a mastermind sort of helps them all work and I'm counterpart to their hacker, but every one of those five guys they are a geek in their own way. I think it's great because big geek, doesn't necessarily have to mean that you're a geek for a thing, a is how you wrote that thing. It is about it. He asked to have data mine hours. Yes, absolutely at once. The things really drivers, for me was a friend of mine, a movie theater movie, LOS Angeles. When the second sitting we came out and he to just relax, so he went to see it. Movie when that movie was coming out. So when we go to the opening of like an iron man movie, some of us dress up, inappropriate costumes, and when we went to see serenity Some of us may have gone wearing our Jane hats. I mean that that something like that. May have happened and it might have been me.
One of these guys on line that reporters go up to an interview If so, then everyone laboratory, they probably don't go up to Milly S? Last time you had sex, People in alone, I'm generally not Those guys, but you raise a very valid point- ended infuriates me about the popular media would occur. Media show where they're asking people is unless there is today a popular mediaeval go past six hundred interesting people with families and don't go past all of them and find the one weirdo you get enough. People together, there's gonna be a weirdo I believe in your team, and I don't want to hear that regular dad thieves excited about the movie impression that if you like inspection. You don't know how to talk to people. If you like gaming, you can't make icon. Backed with people and completely unfair, and it's completely wrong. So when I go to, movies I like to dress up
because I know that my tribe will be there and that the way that we enjoy the movie. So my friend shame was movie theater when sex, the city we came out, and they were all these women dressed up as the characters from sex the sitting and they were drinking Cosmo, Limited, very worthy city labour, section the sitting, and it was this real epiphany for me, you don't have to be a geek for some That is a good text that is completely outside of the mainstream. You can be super geeky for something that, like sex in the city, that, from our perspective, our already respected. Of course, yeah. You know like. Well, that's lame. I don't know I totally helium thing, but I think maybe one of it. I want my being raised.
We're back at the empty talk. I'm your host astrophysicist meal, the grass Thyssen, my special gift this evening, is the one the only than the inimitable will we well you and then, ladies and gentlemen, also lower level Kristen show that really must naturally gives you dream urban, America's friends, so will. Erasmus. You are also in that prime time series numbers yes sets.
We're on a second reading about number three. Prayers Mum flares prayers, played a. I wanted evil person and that was an evil person and the huge evil guy I play I'm not evil in real life. I play globally the judge of that I play, in your interest to agree with me. What was your character? recurring character. No, it was just a one off and he was a guy who was a comic book publisher and an orientation third person, referencing you're, so yeah. Well, because it's a character I mean I could say I, but I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about a character. I view it is you're on so thinking. So I, Look, I don't tell you how to science. I just know it. You know when we share he's not saying. Captain Kirk did something he said. I M Shatner thinks he's captain. That's it! That's that's.
Fair analogy. He doesn't know the characters play. It was a total dirt bag and it was one of the earlier characters I play before. I entered the door bag phase. Much from that, I went to the guilt. And then eventually to Big Bang theory in the tea Regan's characters are all sort of like those guys. You kind of love to hate. Only telling needs those character. Yeah, there's something! That's incredibly satisfying to me playing a villain that I dont get when I'm playing a hero, which is where to me because, a real player, I play the hell out of dungeons and dragons. I play the dragon age, Fiji are you talking about. Seattle is a geek mecca, also visited the Kostas headquarters here. Green Ronin publishing its headquarters here? Cheap ass games as headquartered here like a lot of it, edible- incredible games have come out of this area. I think candy land is located near when you were in the big bang. Theory of you have seen
all the episode of that that you played in what was interesting is Sheldon! Isn't he? casually and irritating character you were more irritating, so that made me love Sheldon, because I a common enemy, and I try to protect like the core group and that serious it's worked very well and that in that regard, every time I see you know off the screen. It will we usually ATO and areas of meal that sound actually came my mouth, I asked bill pretty about without the what does it look real creator and an executive build righty was one of our guests on startup radio awesome. Yes, he is one of the archives for that he is one of my favorite people in the world and he's in he carries peak red is wrong. He really adds and Soda Steve Mulatto, who is one of the other Mps and renders on the show I
here s a producer, I asked hustling exec louder than one once again, I'm very busy- and I don't have time to say long words like executive produced. I try to grieve things so I was talking to. I was talking to pretty about what it means to be the villain and no one's point of view- and he said, the villain is the hero of his own story, and that was just ass magneto but it's really true, that's what makes well written fully formed villain is that they are convinced that what they are doing is right. Well of gene right now, my stalinist, so believable All of olive Jean raspberries billions in STAR Trek went when she was alive genes, villain He always said. Look these these billions. Are there not inherently evil? What there
We from their point of view, is the right thing to do, and we just misunderstand then- and I really embraced that I agree with you. For example, in the film a film you were not in but the one with the comic book I and worse, unbroken right. So so the Guy he's there's a self consistency to his character. Yeah, because believes that he's doing he's doing the right thing, so it is unthinkable to imagine, legions of warriors being led by geeks. We can do that to you? Can do that going again, but still they ve never seen. People on Twitter get mad at a thing,
I don't know writer, rapid, the fury of twitter, I will assert that there is a level of kindness and is an absence of judgment that goes on in the geek community that there's no counterpart to in the rest of the world. That's what I have seen. I dont think that geeks go out. Looking for real fights, obvious We fight about. You know how bad the first three star wars movies that they made were the new trilogy, not the original ones, that we love, but I also think that geeks don't go looking for fights, but I think that if we were backed into a corner by a bunch of school kids, we would fight that held and give them the atomic yeah, there's more of us than there are of them. You gonna, show is still on the air called Eureka. Yeah you're right, is about to begin its final season. We rapidly show about a year ago.
The final season starts, like internet played. Why don't you played doktor parish? I play scientist minimums Doktor Isaac Parish was the head of the non lethal weapons division at global dynamics. The big government contractor and Eureka and race yourself kind of it, but not a villain, not especially a villain. Although seems to get blamed for a lot of stuff. That's how you feel year in year out in your world, just after parishes the hero and the star of his own story. I guess so Fine he's a villain. Are you happy now? That's ok I saw in the show some technology goes, Sometimes it has some good examples that you get so here's the thing about the show is at the writers and science advisers like completely make up science like violating the laws of physics on a weekly basis but it is internally consistent. Probably mark TWAIN said first get your facts straight
and distort them at your leisure right. Well, they certainly do that on Eureka. The premise of Eureka quickly is its accompany town. The company is called global d, annex and global dynamics, as is a government contractor that develop super high tech things like cloaking device is in lasers and in mind to control things in and stuff like that. That's your comments about and non weapons, and when I was a quick non lethal weapon, do you know about the microwave transmitter? What what? What has its role? progress, actually banned mounted. It's a l read write. This evidence is, if shoot noise that you make your Pooh. What's what's it We want. One of these things is so they say is a crowd over there and you want to disperse the crowd year rather than shooting bullets into the crowd. You bring up your van you beam. This strong said microwaves towards them, and microwaves have a special relationship with water. It vibrates the water molecule and that's about it
likes work, that's why you have poorer cellphone connection during re, underwater or under. What? Oh, we swim, your phone works poorly. That's why? Our might or wave telescopes in that band of spectrum are in very dry places like the attic com, a desert in Chile, which will soon have the most powerful microwave telescope in the world? So what it does is it means microwaves at the rights We see that the moisture in your skin absorbs the microwave and begins to vibrate the warder molecule so there. Your skin begins to tingle with a burning sensation, and you want to do all you can to exit the being, so they have to do is put the being where the concentration of people are and the crowd immediately scattered as well. This sounds like a thing that will ever whose by law enforcement can I have one that on its role,
I'm, not a fool but like it know in my pocket, so the dispersed one person We must avoid directions in a way. I don't appreciate. Maybe I will disperse them yes or so, So it's a whole branch of the military now for crowd control in this sort of thing, so yeah so yes, doctor parishes, the leader of the they had. All of you see what I'm saying so microwave just one with air microwave since water is an active ingredient in food microwave become real. Good at eating food? Wake the like that imaginary device from STAR Trek that anything has very quickly so you can use this to disperse food like where Spock dispersed those court girdles into popcorn lengthy than non lethal weapon. Was
first draft and it was really boy. Can you see before you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying.
Welcome back to startalk radio on your host and the other grass Tyson we're continuing the broadcast of our lives, show at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, recorded on March 30th, two thousand and twelve, with my comedic co host Eugene Mirman on stage that night, where his fellow comedian, Kristen, Schaal and Paul F Tompkins, as well as the actor will weaken, he'll die to Paris, had a non lethal weapons lab, and when I was making this character, I needed to justify why he's so annoying by everyone in the world, and I decided that he's really smart but he's one of those guys. You sort of things are right, I'm the smartest person in the room, and until I encounter someone who's, my intellectual equal. I will deal with them accordingly. That's his point of view about himself and he's that way because he's
building these incredible non lethal devices like any jerk, can build a weapon that kills a person right but to build something that would immobilizing not harm a person and protect people from themselves your HANS Rapid Metallica did. It thinks that that makes some sort of lake superior to people that the physicist is an expert in matter, motion and energy and a weapon is a means of bringing energy from where you are too, where your target is. That's all a weapon is energy. Energy is now they're. So it's easy to do. No up the energy and then break stuff, destroy things but to have the right range of energy that incapacitated but doesn't kill you you're right that takes way more brain. Talk to perish, is awesome. So my favorite, I that went awry was this thing where they. Invented this like Heisenberg field. These stabilizer
that was out there that doctor parish actually collected and loved, and it activates you know unobtainable or something I forget what it's called and it turns off the gravity in very this places in Eureka and things just start disappearing stuff to sort of that's flying away I know you turn off the gravity it just stays where it is. It just doesn't way anything right, like I said, make up science. Thank God. I can't so that she can sense to teach children lies with its relative fly to the ceiling is floats there let's go through all the shows we can say what's wrong. I may actually have the fake science wronged me absolutely well. Maybe it actually created a very exciting. I sort of created some kind of cannon already established by a though so
another another one of my favorites was this thing that went around sort of like creating micro, black holes in places, and that was actually really cool. I mean the science behind. It was really we hanky, but this special effects were correct its way, but that Also a real thing are other tiny black holes everywhere deal while the early universe through, surely many and what about now? There was a sir, tomorrow, that the states are we we will look like the dark matter. Could just be tiny. Baffled ought not likely we're pretty sure the dark matter does not even back all that you don't know. Can you just advance where, as sure as we're sure is your answer, I am pretty really sure that the dark matter is not even composed of black holes. If I didn't finish my definition of black all, I know the city of all time, Safety Hole in space is a threat,
a whole. You fall in no matter what direction you hit it now that the gravity is so strong that the escape velocity of that region, has exceeded the speed of light itself, and so, if I take from earth, I have this bottle of order, and I toss it It goes up becomes Becker. Hence the adage work goes up. Comes at that age is false, that's not the thing they haven't black hole, that is not to set about or in Eureka, that saying only actually is always correct and blackens there's a speed with which I can throw this, so they will never come back this miles per second seven like how you can't pull the piece of paper with them in time to be technical about? It would be too folded in half
Could you can easily put seven thousand because then that seven fold is too to the seventh powers number of sheets of paper that you're following is very difficult to do that. So in a black, If you set up a beam of light, he would turn around to come right back. You fall into a black hole. You don't get out like doesn't get out; it is a whole, it is dark, we call it I hope you don't come out from where you came in, but you would come out on the other side, which is the Whitehall correct? Ok, so it was a positive side in the nineteen seventies that, if you look at the equations they give you a black hole varies. The opposite of those equations. It's a second solution to those equation. In the same way, I can ask you: What's this, where it benign- and we have also three no I'd- say negative: three: now: It is all about regular three. It is
so negative three times and eighty three gets you not. So that's two solutions, so the Einstein's equations that a black hole. There is a solution to those that is the mathematical opposite of the black Hole in the way the swear to nine has two solution so that one is a Whitehall stuff Only ever comes out of it, so My mouth hour has come in for getting so hypothesize that wait a minute. If mathematically you can have a whitehall and we know we would have a black hole than maybe they're connected, gather through wormhole, and it was the first introduction of the car will you really throwing worm all around them because you're like the spaceship, goes through the wormhole? When we flip space, like the towards here you're saying I know, there's a wormhole between a black hole in a white whole, but listen
This can be kid served multiple use, a warm on. You could lived from those holes and you could just put the worm Holworthy one. Yes, yes, I'm just saying. If you wanted to correct the white noted, what will you have a woman is all our a is like a scarf. You can wear in many ways in the city, bans welcome back to use what rate I'm your host, the other s eyes. I'd show at the theatre in Seattle continues with Eugene Merman Kristen shawl, Paul I've, Tomkins and we'll wheaten we're gonna talk about technological breakthroughs, brought to you not only from the imagination
the deep fictional universe, but just out of the brains of creative geek folk. I got a partial list here of major technological breakthroughs in the last fifty years, like the remote control for the tv weight that wasn't just around pets in mind you have to get off your but walk up to the tv and turn a dial. This second channel its if you think about that guides, the cell phone, the birth control pills, not all just mechanic, chemical here I take it makes me: you're right? That's how you got your man, that what certainly I would also we have here lasers, you know that's an actual acronym. The light amplification for the
they did a mission of radiation? The laser was in fact invented by Albert Einstein. He wrote The equation for the stimulated a mission of radiation. So when he derives this equation, he's not thinking bar codes, yet it is an application of labour that would come a century later. So just never know what is going to be derived from what it is you got out how close was Einstein frequency was that for syllable they came out of your mouth Einstein to holding the world hostage? He was as they say, one lab experiment away right here, the thought of becoming an evil superhero village. He had thought they would have such a good feeling. He would have been so cool. I bet he would have He was doing the right thing, eternally would have
I think this is what I want to know: what device, what instrument, what bit of psycho chemistry whatever do you want to see in the next fifty years got will from the world's inspection. I want point to point transporters either from STAR Trek are stepping discs from no space, because I hate to travel. I was at the Charlotte Airport. I must work a mile to go from their regional jet branch to like a regular jet and if I tweeted and I said well, someone please hurry up and invent the wormhole, so I don't have to walk this work in the terminal. In someone in reply said, if we had wormholes, you wouldn't need the airport. I totally got owned on that one, okay, so What do you need? Ah, so much are you so unfulfilled by technology yeah. I guess I ll want a trance
later for animals so that we can figure out what their why were you today? I felt something was food, but it was. What are you gonna do rates of Christians in the movie up the dogs had translators. That's so clearly it can happen. What dogs for living. When I was a kid and from that money I bought my first telescope that was in a day when you didn't have to clean up after them. So I had a good that was the poop era. Streets were paved with poor, so What do you need a jet pat? Why are some very good news for you there? Seventy
five thousand dollars basis. The hitch is brought up above. There are not very managed all right now there unstable, but I would love something like that. I would love commuter space. Travel would be great if regular p. We could go up that we already have to be less expensive. That's here's the problem because out one with the jet pack flying cars let's go. Let's get a lot of motorcycles. Hi gloats rock. Submarine about I can go underwater support. Here is the problem. Yes, in the sixtys, we imagined the future would bring us unlimited access to energy, but what the future actually brought us unlimited access to information, and so we
another kind of access to energy and I tweeted wants, I said I'd be so embarrassed when the alien comes to tell em. Look we're still point energy out of the ground, just be embarrassing to me if they flew here from another part of the galaxy we're still feeling clocks. With put, I wish we note your cover. our defence. The streets are no longer covered with welcome back to start off with your host grass I'd show its Neptune Theatre in Seattle continues with Eugene Merman Kristen shawl, Paul I've, Tomkins and will weaken. So Eugene do what we may well. I mean I would definitely like energy ring powered by real power
Is there anything you can have an energy ring, yeah we're? I would release the universe you watch, green Lanthorn, everyone's eugene- wants to be agree. I guess it's that as much a future. That is. I would like to be great leopard. The troll helmet is that now you wanna be magneto? No, I want to be the ape thing in Justice League, the villain, but I would you Grog guerrilla grow up in a good word who met well. I would support the green lands where we're with dismay needle control wax note. The execution of sorry big. You'll be surprised a magnetic, everyone over there
important, green lantern question. Yes, how come they d on Green entered would make like a big hammer to like hit a pact with that gives them a reaction from the bad guy like you, You're, making a big cartooning have hit me. That's just. Dismissive and rude. You know better than me. Stronger rob a bank. Wait. I want to change my answers. Lasher mended too, I wanna thing they can make. Peloponnese is real. So on a move objects with some sort of invisible beam. Can you help me towards what go
words, what gold, a big Kurtz cool, I need a visa to want to move that. What's it like a laser with yeah, I guess you asked about science it s like. I wanna be magic, so what I want for the future? Here's the thing, the greatest technologies that we embrace in modern times. Any of them. If my most are needs, we have fulfilled that. We didn't even dream: of meeting before it was fulfilled within us, so think about our grandparents and their parents. However, but how am I hold but go back to like them. Eighteen twenties, your radio was a piece of furniture in the living room. Nobody is thinking at the time.
Gee, I want to carry that around on my hip, it's a non thought, and so then you can and in what is solely thinking after they invent the Sony. Walkman you can carry a cassette on your hip and they say what. How do we improve on that? Let's make it see that all that so what the real revolutionary advance the smartphone that puts stuff on your hip that no one even dreamt of having their like angry birds like angrily, next generation by the way inspired by starting next generation. You're welcome angry. It is now going into space. I read you angry birds and Smith: You can put trajectory angry words if your unfamiliar uses laws of petty political to plot the trajectory
he's of objects, things known to Galileo and two Isaac Newton, and now we're going to space. We can point orbits in trajectories around planet. Here is my point. Here is my point. I will assert that I am not creative enough to imagine what in fifty years I cannot live without, and so I dont have a list of things That is your content, know its impact. You wanna tell kinetic one now: ok Is that that the real future, provided we nations, to enable provided. Systems are in place. We're dreaming about tomorrow becomes a pastime once again under those conditions with the right supportive.
And the right initiatives. The right inspiration to reverberated way down the educational pipeline. I imagine a future that is filled with technologies and discoveries and chemistry's and and biology is I cannot imagine even today. That is the future that I want. That is the end of small talk, this has been started toward radio snore toward video. What do you important by a grant from the national Science Foundation. As always, I am the underground station telling us all too,
looking up we should listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint start talking, Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio.
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