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2015-08-23 | 🔗
On a hot night in Brooklyn, Bill Nye and Eugene Mirman get steamed up about climate change with help from their guests, Nobel Prize-winning climatologist Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig and comedians Jemaine Clement and Michael Che.

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now. Welcome. Welcome! Welcome to start our way right here in New York, the town so nice they nearly twice. We worry we're gonna have big funding. I talking about climate change, we have with us our regular co host. Is that your noun
sure Eugene Merman and our science Authority and Nobel Laureate with respect the climate change, Doktor, Cynthia Rosenzweig, helping various sides comedy walls. Germane comment has to be the Cynthia you are involved in the IPCC, the Inter governmental plant panel on climate change back in two thousand and seven right, and what was going on back then by the That was when the Nobel Prize was given to all of the IPCC scientist. So I'm just really one of many, many many so
just hold on to how many people here have a Nobel prize, I'm very humble about my Nobel prizes, like anybody, I don't even like any publicity about oh anything written about, but let me tell you that the internet, the IPCC, stands for inter government the panel on climate change and it is scientists from all over the world who work, climate science, they work on actually the impact at it and adaptation and vulnerability. That's I'm in that part and then there's the mitigation scientists who work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So what were you? back in two thousand and two thousand, and I could lead the chapter on observed impacts of changes that are happening right now, because there's what and climate change on projections into the future? This is what it's going to happen in twenty fifty, by the way, I'm going to be telling you a lot of those here tonight too, but but what
a group of scientists came to realize is we all know. Climate change is happening now, and and when you say now you met there, then actually I mean over the past one hundred years and there had to be a fax there had to be well. What do you know what impacts whether we call them impacts? What did those change so what we did with our chapter with scientists all around the world was to make a database of twenty eight thousand time. Series of inches in normal times. During his time, series that he's Roy rafts there it's the data that go into the graphs and in the end these hours about species changing moving they're moving their boundaries to buy a higher latitudes, because it's getting warmer birds were are having earlier in their out in their invited them their invited, and then there
interest in the water cycle we so we put together this massive database to show then the that those were happening now. Twenty thirteen the climate scientists came out with rates of climate change, which we can go into that now there even more whether the re strategically the rates higher than anybody was willing to admit- and it was happening fast so One of the things you are one of the science things actually we do is we use models which are big mathematical equation, sets of equation sport, the holes, climate, Sis. And then we look to see will on those innovations of what's been happening. Do the models? Are they doing a good job projecting and they inject? they are doing a pretty good job, but the budgets these changes have been incurring faster than I then
encouraging what's an example of a faster change than you interest than everybody anticipate eagles having sex it two years old, Some of the warming in some really so, for example, the right size. So I would give their probably one of the most important examples is the melting of the Polar ice cap, especially in the northern hemisphere, is also happening in Antarctica. Well, that's my way. I have read that without loss of polar ice all is well, then the south we have our own Paul, yes because you're down illegal aliens, that's right, there's no Father Christmas, but otherwise Well, did not know that. So that thing,
polar changes is the use of positive feedback where the melting ice and less sunlight reflect into space, so the sea water is dark, holds in more. More melts blah. Yes, if it happened on land as well. I have a question: yes, why should we be concerned about, has because when we just say the time during which, when it when scientists come and say, for example, since eighteen, eighty there's been almost too, Greece Celsius, warming. I think people make go saying what he old scientists like. What's that point, Eight five degrees see right, but when principle, the global average and sew up at the polls, it's much much more than that. How much more is like up to one in that region. No, no, no! No! No, like three, four five! Six! That's why we on the order of three four, that's papua bits, much much
more and that's why you're seeing that melting bits, because it's that high attitude amplification that you just gave the science explanation of yourself just gave the sides explanation very good silver. Let me ass his do we know, because here what's gonna happen, there will be people. Questioning. All this, which is troublesome, Do we know why it's happening more quickly at the bar of rights, much warmer higher change, it poles and yes, exactly for the reason that you gave the how little simple or yet of there's other dynamic changes as well in the atmosphere, but will mean one desire, the out the it's a positive, he'd back, because the reflectivity, which we call the albino What do you want me to know? Evolve. They'll, be noticed him now being hours from the word. White noise is a very, very Snow and ice are very reflective. The water loud and vegetation, our darker and they
George more heat, so you get a positive feedback of warming. Eugene has a very strong obedience. Like a brother, and so this is serious. Because, as we know, the polls, the world's gonna hold in more heat the world gets on the order of sex Tillier jewels every second, yes, So if you increase, though the temperature of the world one degree Celsius you're talking about zillions of calories of heat, the world is holding in that it didn't used to. What I want to know is in its swim and green in the movie, silent green, which has made and what the seventies they talking about them The house, if it all the time why didn't people listen to swim in grain, is mixed
you know, we're gonna be eating the people. You know that's what happens Instead, we rose demands on the swedish scientists did a back of the envelope calculation of the greenhouse effect in the eighteen, lady teen hundreds because with India, revolution all the demands. Man drew rein, very popular movie. Just everybody, if you're into, we need the greenhouse effect or It wouldn't be warm enough to live here at all on earth. This is where visible light comes to. The atmosphere hits the earth's surface. It changes to a lower frequency to infra red below red, and then, though, admin holds that in and here we are happy. So we need a little greenhouse, but not as much as well as what we're doing Lynn greenhouse gas emissions. Some is like we're. We are putting on a thicker fluffy or blanket. Sometimes we describe it that we want enough to move to grow moist.
Matters, but we don't want to ban. We don't know that that that's that, what we want to keep it in some with envy and that gets to impacts. That's why we care, because the climate system affects every single thing on the planet. The sounds like a look, money, making scheme that I can't understand. I don't know about that. So doctor You are a senior research scientist at NASA, so it's your limited on what you can actually say about certain things is that we provide the science and technology the Science foundation than Knowledge Foundation then there's lots of. So what we, what we want. Lots of decisions to be made. So I cannot comment on political things
There is going to be a decline in health. That's that's an impact, his name which tend senators. Evil, and I don't mean better. So, let's go to the impacts so addressed. Talk about sea level rise first, because so when with his warmer, so that the land ice lot of the water on the planet is is, up and glaciers. So gets warmer. That, though, SK glaciers are and they are already melting in closing level. Down here and are all flows and also Warm these are the temperature. These are the knock on effects of temperature. Also warmer ocean temperatures are expand, water expands So we have what thermal expense or combination of thermal expansion, and
the melting of land ice. We have sea level rise again already happened. So just right here in New York City, we ve had over the past one hundred years over a foot of sea level rise meeting the water is a foot fire yeah, so there were several sandy right. Yes, now the sea, I higher, but then that was wind blown and we had. We had a big rush right. So We shut down the power, we think South, a twenty sixth readers are Maria Sweden and wish that we call that an impact. Definitely it went away, but I have to be very. I have to be very clear with you that we Anyone storm, we cannot say it's on climate change but we can say that there is likely high and showing that the more into
and the most intense hurricanes are projected, but to change in the future. This is still very much active, very of research, but guess what even if the storms don't change and become more more intense as they they are in general projected to do. But when we of the higher sea level again is like a one foot who cares but really happens, is when any storm even the storm, so don't change during comes along its one foot high the hypotheses Cut one foot higher, they go thought the flooding. The coastal flooding goes one foot further to a delegation and that that goes with twenty three of the world piece of sandy that that we could say was actually affected by climate change was the power, of the sea level rise that is attributed to global warming climate change with the in temperatures and melting and which is on the
about half of that and to that extent letting that we had in Sandy, that is the actual, a direct link to climate change, just for everybody think about if it's one foot, thirty centimetres, If I give you the of the modern world everybody on earth, except this place, if you have something that is several hundred meters wide when you add a foot of that year just at enormous volume of water enough to cover the streets of Manhattan and bury new or sink New Orleans. Indeed, this is gonna, be all kinds of trouble in Florida and so does in the developed world, the United States- and let me just say that it's fine, that that will be a problem in Florida, New York. It's not fine, but there are. There are parts of the world that already flooded the Carol body, islands and Polynesia. They don't have that have much to progress
and your people are taking them in writing the key, typically not taking the matter as this troublesome, they ve done. No it again. So if you are not european The thing that impresses me: it's just the money involved when you down a city like New Orleans or Miami or New York for a week or to your target. Billions and billions of dollars? The estimate? damage of sandy for in the New York City was nineteen billion. It was it all scones. Lebanon Goods gone bought, so nineteen billion dollars in how many weeks Virgil No, you just know, unlike that was in like one week. You know that was basically that was it We knew it happened fast as we know, and some of the rebuilding is still going on sue. But can I tell you an important thing about Sandy
and which is- was a neighbour returned, the movie, Greece. This is a warning to all Europeans in boys were adjusted. It was interesting fact. So in income science. We have this concept of tipping point. Tipping point So, for example, it's mostly used in the melting of the ice sheets that that there is there was the thugs there's this slow accumulation of a rate of change and all of us said, wound tipping point and great acceleration were concerned. What's the year that it would be wham what you what's wham here in your opinion, when we should put this put now that yeah it's some there that's very challenging Tis given one but it doesn't
good, but you know I was going to say this is the most depressing comedy show our she's gonna show rational way on the optimum wash them so that the U N and they they have chosen to degree, see warming, but universally allowed is important, yes, sort by two thousand and a decade we got ten decades that it, but actually the projections, because of the accelerated warming, the turf it it's like- a unified end of the century? It's true did a book by then, while silent a week. I want to go to a dont forget. I want to talk about my tipping point of Sandy always before when did in the United States there, when the we're storms and rebuilding and hurricane, for example, in Katrina people this would talk about. Is this the climate change or not, and then they would bring raise climate change, but then, basically nothing would happen in New York, something happened and in the
plans for rebuilding. City government in there plans took the projections of of sea level rise and climate change into account. Rebuilding so that we. Actually are preparing here. For that is changing risks. You are you are part of the: U C c r n. Are you not? Yes? Anyone right, the level in line with change research network there are scientists and experts from sit all over the world and its. Developing countries, civil rights and maybe your little or is it a city, the vulnerability of the cities in developing countries is absolutely huge, especially the Kosovo, what their people therein neighborhoods on stilts you're, showing these health effects these, having to put houses zones stilts
building see wars for getting subway tunnels? Second pump out the flood. All that, if I understand you, you're saying is going to happen in cities. First or cities, especially, swear. You wanna put your thumb on the scale, but it's happening now. It turns out. That cities are the first responders to climate change and the union, the first ones to make changes they're making changes now and I know we're going to have to say that seem surprising. I would think you would be farmers or european farmers it see. Well, ok, what form farmers there are. A couple of reasons wire cities taking this role of first, let me just wanted to spend well and blogs. Fear now have a real problem. What what we are setting. What does cities need for people to live together? They need water system, they need to have clean air, they need to be.
Have a transportation system. They need to work together to make things actually function if they have experience in dealing with other environmental issues like air quality and kind of big. Don't see climate change as that different These these the city leaders. So the mirrors of cities around the world are forming so where we ve been forming, getting the scientists together, but the mayors have been losing whose we says we is but you see Erin. Ok, that's you the urban climate, trying to change this, this network weapons that that group has been working on getting the knowledge providers together, but the mere and the city governments have been getting together and forming networks and for hundred and and signing on packs with each other to set gets and timetables for greenhouse gas emissions to us. We were going to talk about more about talk more about this. With darker Cynthia why
Eugene, Mirman and Jemaine. For that, this we'll be right back and for you, I'm gonna considers consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me sing if you support us at Patria. Dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying:
Welcome back welcome back to start talk to me, yet I'm your guest host this week Bill Nye Science Guy, see you Jerry society here with our beloved Eugene Merman during this week of climate change, whereas we have Doktor Cynthia Rosenzweig, who I like many of us here, says a Nobel Prize, we're going to change back to work and live on one of many. I know, but still cleaner of incidents of the room, the fault that voice
your main comments about the sun, is really bad is muckle we're talking about. It's really bad news, but we ve got big price around the world, don't we Cynthia, like we ve, got farming which needs irrigation with clean water, and we ve got bird species, moving away from the equator, carrying all kinds of crazy diseases and well oh biology of affected by temperatures. So, let's into food, think richest such an amazing, hot tub now, and so my actual, my actual phd isn't agronomy, which is in the science of soils oils and crops, but an
on the climate change side? Agriculture is a very, very important sector, first being we all eat, because we is in its is the fundamental sector, although of course ecosystem ecologist. Colleagues would, of course, say that of the larger ecosystem in agriculture is an isn't actually an ecosystem service, but generally jerks. Why would they But anyway, agriculture is important because, first of all, it is cell. Is a emitter of greenhouse gases, and you don't have to do. This is not rocket surgery. I have, I have been to the MID West there's a lot of corn growing on great big else. There's a lot of soybeans growing everywhere. Are you can see them from space so there I have an enormous effect on the climate, my good! Well, yes
here's and the livestock also you because of the enteric fermentation, believe it or not, of a father stomachs. Yes, I had a different, then balance and put a lot of methane out, which is a very powerful greenhouse gas. Michael. You were sceptical know that I heard that I heard that the cows pardon and ruin and everything like what, like a whole areas where to go, or they would not like that, no one hundred sailing advance. No pardon me. If that's the way the earth ended, though be ready. To tell the joke do, but it would be pretty funny. I guess it was written in a great book like an ancient working together some day. The council far all at the same time, that'll be the end of mankind
really put almost daffy, but it's you know it's true it stranger! it is also the fertilizer production. Creating nitrogen fertilizer is a highly energy intensive. Plus the fertilizer itself, when it supplied I'm emits another greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide, so the into a solution in those burn yet he's right? These are the these. Are that this is that agriculture emission? You know greenhouse gas emissions have a fundamental question these farmers, would fertilized field with the cow excrement, yes, but your time, I'd fertilizer men and industrial scale we're taking nitrogen out of the air that right, industrial. Yes, chemically the harbor process, or something we're making fertilizer and takes a lot of energy. But since what sir I've fundamental questions since we're taking nitrogen out of the air
doesnt just go back in the air eventual we'll know then a reaction minute when, as its Clyde and then it reacts and its goes back into the air as into o is knowledge research which is powerful greenhouse gas, its neighbours outside which you would You bet your dentist without a dentist uses to make your party, isn't that what you think? That's what tonight? So now you flip did and unlike other citizens as about well, it has a big what it has. It does have a big worming effect doing at every one Preserving was so we have these are horrible, and yet so so, but at the same time as you wish EL. From from your description of the agricultural regions, all over the world, also, climate is going to have a big effect on food production itself, so it's it's on both sides that agriculture is such a very critical piece. What's the biggest peace,
well in terms of the emissions of the fossil fuels are still the number were ha? What is exactly fossil fuel visit those transformer robots its carbon. That fixed in the earth and minnows billions of years ago, buried so it is coal, which is the hat as the strongest effect for when its burned greenhouse gas and coal and oh Paul and liquid fuels and like our gasoline and then and diesel, etc, and then natural gas, when they run out bo anyway, when they run it. Oh, no, no! That's too bad news, so we'll never run out of fossil fuel there. So much call call go, go, go, go go
you're so now and canadian they're gone tar sand. Tar Oil shale is that when you just- Canada and then we'll pops up well, it would be great if you could do that, but then oil that quality of the oil is much less usable. To burn a lot oil to get warm enough to process it so called bad right. It's bad! along with being in the U C, C r n and the ipcc. You are also an egg map. Aren't you a Gm Ip so act now that Agnes, which stands for agricultural model, Inter compares and an improvement project. So what every spring comparison and, Inter
the two and compare the goods is intercom terrorists. It needs a good viruses like a black comparison away comparison. That is why, with it. So you know there has been a lot of work on the climate system models that make the projections that we were and the word model- where is your computer program? Is computer programs? Are not bite off tat glue? No, no! No! They are not there right, like tiny farms. There, there mathematical models that solve systems that that have the variables an equations of system, so that and then you can do experiments with models to say what will happen if you're too, increases as on the trajectory that we're on, for example, that's on a global climate model and then with agricultural models. We do what will happen, The climate changes the way, those
climate models project, so the there had been there's been tons of scientific work on the climate, projection side and the, but on the impact side, which we were that we're. Rising more and more hey. You know that climate change is happening, that's what we talked about the beginning and the projections that we talk and the word model where these are computer program is computer programs are not vital glue, intensify and we need. Know what those are, because we have to deal with it even as we're trying to working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also have to deal with the impacts of the changing climate, so we got all, crop might lose as many many of them. We we bring them together so that they, because in the beginning, people People were using their own models and they didn't
We want to say? Oh here's, mine and us. I show you mind if you show me here. I no longer know what you're destroyed or decided how farmers work with each other. We got everybody together by me, and people are people are now ready to say, look because we have to compare we. We have to learn from each other, If we only use one model, we start to believe it. Well, what about just a two bit goes into stomach and you put the cold Ripley into just an idea, it's not that flavorful y know what I mean but sometimes barbecue ie, just how Massa? That's all I'm saying but these, everything is connected. But when you have
thirty monitors. This gives a lot of time with people who are our foot focused on denying climate change just to talk briefly about me and my problems and but they don't get it together to organise a march, though do they know? No, they don't. We had a big march in New York City over three thousand people, who, I think has been, in Brooklyn, don't know it's not true. Really anyway you when you have thirty miles. My experience with scientists like you, doctor, rose Is you guys don't get along that? Well, like part of it, to use the term compare, and I think there is you're compare up their earlier and you're all trying to shoot each other down. John, I mean often or call into question review carefully, but then what's happened, but whatever
Do you have converged? Everybody has finding the same or very similar problems. It's very feisty prevent you're, absolutely right software alike having many yes, of course, chapters are very spearheads, very spirited debates. They come to consensus and, above the shot, the ideal, thanks, but is, I would say, limited by career, like Zaga scientists shot Vegas Strip passages that of a Bmw. Ok, What made two point, five degrees celsius does any, does grooms get out of control if we're not care it still gets pretty. I would say No I'm not heeded, but not violent up, though never mind, let me,
Bangladesh, but hang us guys, like Michael Man, whose first guided mobile hockey stick our. He led the hockey stick graph thing where the worlds Betty temperature Lily gets warm really fast. I feel you literally took my answer of the hockey stick and I bet you're too a director- maybe bites Mary. Its aim is to give them is the prayer dinner. The hockey stick is a graph where the hockey stick on the floor and the blade is poking up towards dealing getting faster, getting warm very fast, but we can say, is he had harassment somebody since envelopes with white powder to his house, whereas kids are- and they put the this truck out in front the sarcastic cartoon on the side. So there is a lot of controversy. We and he predicted, the only way out is the world's getting warmer fast. Yes, but I say the citizens anthrax right, but what about this
a chasm is then, how busy about their while immediately if they have kids and your father ridiculed. Its trouble is suddenly, like the doesn't happen, psychological. We accuse those pretty smart, a pickup Sarka, the guy, the death from my gay or something so you know he would notably at the circus but but listen, listen! Everyone in the does turn people notice that this woman I've noticed that its woman in my city and right now, a few degrees warmer than it was when I was it. You know when I first moved there twenty years ago and right now, it's kind of just a nice tippets delicious and could even I even take another one hundred and two degrees out here and you know, it'll be good to be able to wear a t shirt at night and just you know, be relax I do not have to pick a jacket and my big. How do we find
comfort zone, but but you have tenders, and that that's just oh, I know when Aaron will usually win their Antarctica sounds very cold and it's just a week. We prefer it so far. So there's been we'll talk about that is in the controversy that will actually have some benefits for certain people in carbon dioxide, good for crops and now the stuff, but it's the rate. When is the rate of change, is very rapid Here too, when we look in purely at paleo climatic rates of change the other is that is its human caused. We're doing this ourselves, with the increases in the greenhouse gas emissions, but there I do think it's think it's good to be honest, that something's, not everything, is sick. Ass or certainly not. Everything is a catastrophe. Yet I think it's
billion pour that's when I'm so Without I'm, going off for Calabria, warmer temperatures will reduce peoples. Heating bills right here in New York City in the winter, but it heartily. He was then till you get the earth, and so I do one thing. We are vehemently by a lot more positive points. We were we do so, we try to reduce that. We try to be clear about what what's happening. What the projections and we would do- and we say- does what the model show and and then decision makers, the gently and of whom of our citizens are the number one decision makers. Then they can decide what one that line and we had a margin, the big city in the United States, where Russia's around the world- I guess but you- poor up or agronomist workin on the crops out there, the soil
but you live in the city, and you were for the city yeah network Rikers, you want to get the cities to lead the way that accurate, well in the late nineteenth nineties, I was asked to lead a study of how climate change would affect New York City, and it turned out that I think that it not only the first one here in New York, but it was actually the first one this is twenty years ago recently getting on for us, so it of any city anywhere, and then we, as we worked with the city here under a mirror Bloomberg. He the he formed the. New York City panel on climate change, so we were talking. About the intergovernmental panel on climate change before will actually in the New York region. There is one just for What's the acronym, what I am and pc
our city battling garmented. What fraction of the world's people live in cities, certainly over fifty percent over half. So go where we are now about those exactly we're going to talk about those people. When we come back right after this find welcome back, welcome back to startalk radio on your guest host bill, Nye Science Guy Co2 Planetary, with our beloved Eugene Mirman Hilarity, continues out of control. You're, not gonna, believe it Michael Shea, and this week, Science Authority Dodgers indian rule simply arose.
NASA is what has worked to climate change for how long, one of the five year. Thirty yeah there. First, some of the first projections with our With the gifts, global climate model, words were made in early eighties or work in view of the city's motivated to help lead the world. Because mayors of cities, leaders of cities are not enough. Early, conservative or liberal or progressive, they have cities to run. They got bills to pay their taxes to and they can't have the lower part of downtown flooding. And they can't lose their port. If there are seaport, if they live on a big river, they can have the whole thing flood. So here's thing. These are policy issues right, you got where you going to move people if they have to move whose to spend money on sea walls if they have to be built, what
I happened to crop production and farmers who made their living in someplace words better part of a century old family farm. They gotta move or something. But let me ask you this year from the states of the Eu S aim. It is my opinion that if the United States were leading, if you know states were out in front on all this. Everybody else are met The other countries would have less trouble fighting. Do you agree with her again in its well you're, not allowed to say, because your and ass employ I just did. Say that from the scientists, many scientists We have been working on this for low these now decades decades, yes, and bringing to the attention of the global community this mega planetary challenge so that we
tend to do everything we can to provide the science and technology everything that's needed. It contributes to the college foundation. So that we can actually solve it. So let me ask you It is my opinion once again it is correct that denial of climate change, which is what's held, at least the United States back from gettin going on this low. These couple decades is generational. That in general, younger people are less troubled. They embraced the problem. I want to get on with it. Would you agree with us now? I have to say that, because they work in the area I'm a science on impacts interact with groups from basically every generation, I've weave interacted with the great Panthers they are completely for it too, so we ve, but one day
In the course of twenty four hours I gave for talks, one was the Panthers ripened grey areas where any in the in the activists is WWW advanced. Hardly anyway, I guess it's just. I merely all part of what I am saying. I interact with so many groups, all of the groups- and I mean the young people- are great. That's what's actually really needed is its everybody and all the different groups, and so it's great to have challenging I dont mind having challenging questions. Let's look at those challenges lays one ok: here we go well with the hotel temperatures, Wilma Scheme, cuz, evolve to be human size. I what's gonna happen. What one of the worst to happen what's happen. There's been a lot of it John, how climate change will affect mosquitoes not getting so large, but also how they affect the carrying of the of the
an actual Disney, it is a highly NASA, does they look at the temperature changes and they can predict a malaria outbreak based on you know? Well, that's actually very hard to do that. I know of Do I find it hard to do right? It's not exactly, but also, but in terms of health, just plain old, Eat stress is also like the very big one. This is not an answer is saying: there's climate change there, just not saying which politicians are helpful, are not helpful or what to what to do What do we do about? It lies as mother conspiracy, which you, kids, you don't have suggestions of wood or you're, not allow that I'm not a girl. I represent, suggested now I'll speak. But I just think, is mighty curious,
Can I say let were curious. Thing is mighty curious that they're kind of disruption things, and they are the ones that all normal spaceships hardly The ones here like or will be fine on earth and in love many there. I guess what tickets that are more six billion to one thing about it, if you the way. You're saying the moon and he opened the door you'll what is right, you can't breathe you will notice that right away all they want you to believe good good point. This line, garter you're working with
cities where working in New York City, for example? But I imagine the president he's using the means at its disposal, the present states for time to make changes like executive orders as opposed to getting Congress the you, Congress to agree on thing? Yes, this is something I can talk about. President Obama, until the his administration has put out executive orders to the agencies of the? U S government to up to prepare both mitigation on the reduction of greenhouse gases, on adaptation, show your time I mean I can easily imagine the environment Protection agency would get some directive. I can imagine the Department of Agriculture get some directive, but your time at NASA now every agents, to ban relative? I urge whenever it is so exactly,
where it goes out about here's. What here you have to be beginning to track your greenhouse gas emissions in your agencies, you have to begin to develop energy efficiency programmes. You have to begin to develop Europe. Adaptation strategies and so every agency. Is doing that there's a couple. Old and happy numbers. One of em is eighty by fifty right. Eighty percent, action in greenhouse gases by twenty fifty percent, eighty per cent regards. Aren't you imagines by twenty percent fewer taxicabs, just an eighty percent reduction, greenhouse gas, Zenos, guess image and I'm gonna steal your vine over we'll be fine words here before I never get it What's that Chester New York,
really we're doing this incentives. All of your brother, I didn't I didn't Massa when I first heard about this, make solar powered cars flying of possible and makes just grows out of the ground with no animals that with low fat? Why didn't you do this Why won't you point made in the ground mass? written Greg. But let me just say one thing- about New York: avoiding requests I think, about New York, which is listening it, but also it goes back to Michael's coming about the different cities and different cities have different issues: Every city also has to find out what is their biggest source of emissions initially rejoined there you're, not just talking about United States, know all around the world. Oh I'm! Sorry I was just in yes up and Paris is being very active because they are hosting the the
and so the party worries drifting. Twenty fifteen, where there will be agreement, is most but anyway, what do we have? A new York? We have a lot of old buildings and they are in credibly open to them. I'm very energy, inefficient single. Windows, IE and Ricky Pipe exactly all of that, the court, building already looks like solar panels. Why not make all solar panel? Will they do things like Will it be like across the building actual we're just seeing stops not bad and by the way I got married to rumours. So if you go somebody out here wants to get rich. If you couldn't invent pale pavement instead of black ass ball, if you could make some reality, that does not think that you don't really easy. You mean, like a beige pavement, yes record about a pint,
painters, global when you put it on a street, you get its limited with New York is already painting roofs white with a with us. A roof cover what then should remember back to reality. Even rib of this The reaction of the snow, so you're pretty it's it's not realise, and instead of blue, acta- roofs right just absorbing the solar radiation right. This only young have its legs. So that's a big programme. That's cool about covered is quite cool, robes narrow streets, no because the Ladys they dresses reflecting Catholic School operated, but we ve got. We ve got problems to solve. We as we reduce as we already trying with shrunk here, but
resting living and solve everything tonight, we're going to take a step. I made a lot of progress. Yes, I like that one thing is it. Thanks. So we're burnish boss, you're right rear now, making more natural gas than we use with fracturing right? We ve got the information. Now we want to move to. Actions. Is that right, here's the issue with climate change. We can give up on learning about it? Because it's evolving, we don't know the climate system is evolving. We don't know exactly how it's going to change so simultaneously, as we are seeing it the climate summit, there is a move to action. But at the same time we have to keep the science going so that we can continue
in this back in Fort worth the problem for broader, exactly it's gotta be interactive as we go forward ass, the grown evolve like science exact because it signed. So with tat everybody. I would like to thank our panel doc. You Cynthia, our Eugene Vermin remain calm, and I will see you next time. Storage thanks very much. We should listen. Star talk, commercial, free, joint start talking Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio
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