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StarTalk Live! Evolution with Richard Dawkins (Part 2)

2015-03-07 | 🔗
Our evolutionary journey concludes with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, Eugene Mirman, Jim Gaffigan and Maeve Higgins, recorded live at the Beacon Theatre in NYC.

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Skip the commercials support star, talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, The universe is filled with secrets in industries. This with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space. Science and society are converging here for the first time what what Are you japanese? It's easy to me in the brain tat glinda. Did you grandma South nasty when they get lab.
Richard when I was in college my freshman year, I attended a full year course come art and design, one of the more influential courses in my life, and we spent the first month or two drawing news, and that was fun. I thought, but we can clear to me immediately that the beauty
of the human body is a highly overrated concept. Diesel like great even coming and taking you can pack. Will you draw, as I saw this, I'm thinking. If I had control of the body, I would have made some changes. So can I get you to comment on the difference between how much praise we do of the human body and how much critique go alongside it. If we are honest about ourselves, the famous cases, a things like the retina being backwards to historical accident, but the retinal cells light sensitive cells in the vertebrate written and but not in the Octopus retina, they all point backwards. So it's as though you designed a digital camera with the pixels and the forest of. Why
it was a photo cells and pointing backwards away from the image and the wires have to run over the surface of the light sensitive. Screen with that, Sir Richard, I'm not sure, that's what Doktor Thyssen was driving at you looked at the models there in art class. You weren't, taking those retinal cell climate change is good. Ok, that's more like he being area died in giving more basic example unbosoming, given their facing all different directed bending over. You know, and I think we have that we're between our lives. We have in entertainment system in the middle of it
which complex engineer would not have designed plus a fuel tank nozzle through the fuel tank is right next to the air filter, a means for some percentage of a joke to death. We're alive, like, in spite of our bodies, design, he's a great video. I highly recommend where you autopsy A draft there's a nerve which is one of the they knew nerves and it starts in the brain and the end. Organ is the larynx the voice box, but in this nerve, is called the recurrent learned yield. Instead of going straight to the voice Box, it goes down. Chest loops around one of the main arteries in the chest and then goes straight back up again to the larynx in the giraffe. That is a very
Significant diverse diversion you just say that again, though, just like the British understate the direct payment to hear that, I can't repeating that only yesterday I was doing an episode. Do you know the wonderful, MR deity them only we video files again granddaughter. He had me on, and I was arguing with him as God, about what a lousy job he done and this the recurrent laryngeal nerve of the giraffe came up. And he said why it goes, and he said in his wonderful, Why no voice, but you know we have a surplus of lowering deal rev, we didn't know what to do with it, so we have to use it.
It is a very uneconomical thing and of course the explanation is history. The explanation is that in the ancestors, when this nerve originally started in our fish answers, vertebrate answer. Yes in a fish the end organ of this nerve is straight across, it doesn't have to go south into the into the chested goes straight. It is the most direct route and then, as the land vertebrates developed a neck, fishermen have an egg as the net links and the mob general cost of slightly increasing the length of the diverse was very small in every every generation we just added a tiny fraction of a millimeter to the diversion and it wasn't, as it were, a great increase in cost, whereas the cost of jumping it over the blood vessels, and they can't go straight to that. It would have been probably some major embryological upheaval it within
Is that not one should have been disconnected Re routed and reconnecting with this is your great insight is, it has to work all of our ancestors had to work at each state? Yes, that's right. Just amazing thing. It's a very important point is the nerve in the draft. Well, you see me, you don't know how knowledge giraffe snake is. The larynx is right near the head, were you should be, and we did. This nerve, we have already died, yea it had already died and the mob and within it within an inch of the larynx, and it could have it. You think it would be so easy. Just it oh well, any engineer would immediately have they will obviously that's where it goes it it. It goes with it, each of the larynx it goes on and on and on and on and on down down down the neck and then round this artery and then back back that back back up to rig where it started
It is something that no engineer would come countenance and would be to send it straight back. So the hope we ideas, the big idea and evolution meal everybody is its bottom up? It is not there's not a designer at the top showed up routed the giraffe lyrics wire. It just had to work. Every stage you talk about turn pissed an end becoming a jet and generally and like another example, is the grocery cart you take to fair way market or something with two wheels bill is now a New York resident their way. Yes magic. You took that made into a bicycle, but yeah at every stage. You go to make it into a bicycle the wheels or be here also across from each other than they have to be
To end, or in tandem every stage that you do has to work kind of way, you can't thorough way. The design and start again is not stopped to. It is really once you see if you were ok so about this or not what what impresses you about the human body. There are now there are now seven point: two billion yes, so whatever really works really well, I didn't. I tell you what I mean. What what impresses me about the the the body of almost any animal is how elegantly beautiful it is from the outset. I'd. You look at a lion cheetah, a gazelle, these, a beautiful machines that high speed fast running, either predators or running away creditors and because they are very beautiful things and we all think that they are beautiful. But if you cut them open
the same is true of cars and markets and air, more Luke, Skywalker figure. This out, you know on the ice planet yeah, I did There's an as another life example: you usually Hence our fear that nerd raids, there's another open and guts go all out. Yet Another nice example, which is a bit like the recurrent Orange ITALY that the tubes that connect testes to the penis. They don't go by the most direct route. They go up.
They loop around mine, mine, think it has set, the prostate Goin gets involved, would say let us, but, but they they go up and made loop around the two that comes from the bladder. Another gaiters historical accident. Does that mean you say that's where fish had their balls, Ok, so what I would like on the outside, but when you Open is nasty ugly stuff. If you look at the inside a car, the exhaust manifold the tubes, your car mccartin, a nice neat road as neighbours. If you look at the similar thing, the main artery leading off the heart, it's sort of its vaguely similar, but it's Just not well designed to cover other suffer goes on. Male pattern, but where does it come well anything that tends to characterize
the longer you ve lived, the greater your charms of all. Having passed your genes on and so we're all descended. And broke in line of people who lived long enough to reproduce. Very few of us had descended from ancestors who are very old when they reproduced so there's not sexual selection, not just sexual selection, but any kind of selection is weaker. The older you get because you ve already passed the genes on mean, if you think about more unpleasant example like getting cancer, a gene that makes you get cancer when your fifty has already been passed on by the time you reproduce a gene that makes you get cancer when your ten has never been passed on and we re short life, said the oder. You get the more likely you are to be hit by a lethal genes which have slip through the net. This is part of our eyes. Words calling good enough
good enough. Your eyesight, my eyesight, is good enough to get us this far. Basically, more people have sex when their twenty and no one knows they're gonna be bold. The society have kids before you go Bob, you never will well. This is very fashionable nowadays that Iceland is a lady sell me. Some guys, rocked the Baltic by women. Flapping are veritable guy, resolute, still sexually active. So let me ask, as we go forward in time, what become organs that are not vested organ, so you, Experts have the toenail on your pinky tug of war. Possible value is ever going forward.
Probably not toenail polished with my tiny little now. Let me turn to coercion around to arrive First of all, what the cost of having does it hold you back some way That's why I can't be prohibited and that there is no cost to a little just persist. Secondly, what will proceed? forever, because you can have copying errors that don't you think it would inhibit a woman's chance of hooking up if showed up without a pinky tab. I think it was our toes issues. Mission it'll pass up. Let's take a summer day in central park, Where are the women are in their samples right? They ve got there too.
First of all that stuff and a woman shows up with no pinky. You don't think you're guy would give a chance stroke and maybe they're off on. I think, You underestimate the like the bathing additional science people have done the whole day in and stables and people have done mathematical calculations on this question of something being too trivial to matter. If you put into the equations of evolution an assumption that something utterly trivial like tiny little toenails lack of a pinky and you set a value on they selected pressure against, did you make it as low as you like, and then you calculate how many generations it would take it that knows election pressure to eliminate it and holding did it and video Games Bs Holding and it can
to something like twelve thousand generations. If you set it at a value so trivial that you couldn't detected in field worthwhile. Thousands that many that's right, that's the point. Steadiness did a calculation. How long would it take a species of mouse sized animals if there was subjected to relentless pressure to get bigger? How long would it take to become as big as an elephant if you assume that the pressure to get bigger is so trivial, but it's impossible to detail in ordinary field experiments. I feel biologist going around catches, mice measuring them in its in the noise level they com detected since they ve been set the selection pressure this very low rate in the noise that to put it in
in the noise and then he calculated how long it would take to become elephant size than I forget the result. But the point was that it was so fast that you wouldn't detected on the peasant illogical, scales, it would look like an instantaneous change. How much you are able to steer most to make them much bigger lakes, and I do not mean but yeah, So how long is this a fascinating point? It's why you can look in the fossil record. Yes, anxiety! Rex, it's not exactly, but there's no happy exactly. There is a mismatch between what sealed by This can measure, on the one hand, in the noise and what of fossil hunters can measure, on the other hand, are now, it, doesn't usually there aren't and media, but if they are not, then you can appeal: disturbances. Calculation, so many generations about its for thousands of people. True wealth is, there is no less than that for many generations.
I've gotten the figures that I mean it. It's in the tens of thousands which is which, which is an idle income on the geological. Yes, so, and the second question for you to redress different people have different answers to this end. I want Europe. Are we getting smarter, stupid. Sometimes I don't know I am complete. The baffled by the Flynn effect the one effect the Flemish named after a man called Flynn yeah. I was a man not a moment. Yet and Flynn is a psychologist has been studying IQ now I q is actually standardized so that the average is a hundred, but he allowed for that, and he finds that over the course of the twentyth century, average IQ has been going up.
Massively- and I must say I didn't notice it, but the data seem to be there, and I wish it were true. Ok, The answer was being smart may not be of that great value with compared your ability to ourselves that being smart gives us an advantage where I'm thinkin being smart gave you an advantage, will be many more other. What we would take over smart animals in the tree of life and an apocalyptic earth. Extinct a whole other animals are rise up in our place and no one ever accuse them of being smart. So can you comment on the value being smart, regard to evolutionary survival and natural selection? We were talking
clear about the number of times things a revolver near the eyes of all forty times, linguistic intelligence, the sort of intelligence we have what we can actually formulate. Philosophical thoughts has only hold once and didn't evolve until the world have been around for more than four billion years. Tweeted on this recently did you yet with regard to farm animals, I was just wondering Farm animals, when they're just shoe in there could, if their contemplating the history and fate of the universe, If they are of the universe that their thinking so then I Eleanor if the farm line wondered the same about us, So I'd like things, speculate salon. I've spoken with my dog friends about it. By that I mean my friends who are dying, people and What I get from them is just a couple of things really: food food squirrel.
Are you, are you a girl dog food food and I spoken to dolphins, I was and why they let you hang out with dolphins. Yet dolphins budget tell stories, doesn't seem like it or not. Stories like rebuild libraries and theatres, I'll, not even a bit of a chronic were to dolphins are swimming together, commenting humans upon the shore one dolphin says to the other. They say: each make noise is what is not clear, whether the actually communicate Gardner side, her body and her my fine, and not to be with her head game and Einstein. Hey. I've got no secret for you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this show there's just one way to get out a hearing: they're good,
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Oh sure, my mother told the story when I was younger that, like her, the shipwreck of the animals, like only men, had a baby on the back and then one of the men is able to legislate to be the baby. See you don't like the baby crying and you don't like it would like and somehow like able to produce milk, but- but I don't matter the variation what's up with men nipples and also their name is John F Men's nipples
Of every logically, we start out the same, but the question of males that taking a great biologists, John may not Smith, ended one of his papers with the single Aparicio question. Why don't male mammals that date and there are anecdotal stories of this type, which I think is probably true. I believe that I could do the following experiment. I think that if you were to get some men- and so relate them with China. Are you gonna gave very long version of possible that we start again you but probably make males let taped by giving them home and injections. So you do that and then you breathe from those males who need least amount of hormone injection in order to lack teachers.
Collectively gradually, as the generations go buy, you gradually win them off the home and injections. This is actually a question instructive illustration of something called the Baldwin event. The ball. Baldwin effect. Yes, where you get very angry, the idea we went to live in a city famous actor. The idea is that originally A change comes about through a non genetic means through say learning or through in this case hormone injections, and that exposes genetic variation, which was not otherwise visible, and so this the hormone injection is exposing certain males are a bit more likely to that date than others, but they don't, but they don't have the opportunity to do so until you get the whole manage action, and so you use the woman injection as a way of bringing to the surface genetic variation, which was there all the time
That's an interesting way to manipulate the genome. We ve been doing that with Wolf genes from the beginning and creating the whole diversity of dogs. Slightly more friendly they're not going to bite you that's a little cuter smaller and we go home a wolf to Pomerania right in just two week call now what about the wolf seize upon during this morning. What is the wool thinking like that? We must be complete. We must stop as humans to take a walk and turn it into a possible I'm wondering if we can manipulate Gmos in this work, how will we all is Jurassic Park or More disturbingly how real with any eugenics movement to be given the country we now have. The access we now have to the human genome.
You're, making a distinction between manipulating genes directly and doing it. That's the way you turn a wolf into a Pomeranian is by selection is just the otter, we equivalent of natural to do that with humans. We could do that with this humans as no question about that we could do with humans. If you really wanted to breed, You would equivalent of upon the ring and you could do it Joe carry one about bringing was attempted is yes, it is what it was tat. He was attempting to make these dreadful.
In a tall blown blue eyed, I'm right here. The greening of the jobs we belong here, people he had walked in Western Europe actually sold like this. Like agreement, even doesn't let the breeding or you could do the other half, which is the mutational party, would induce mutation. You ve happened not more genetics than we know at present, but that I moved out of the way so that in future should it be
sure do that if it is, it will be well, that's a political question and listen pride, be appletons wanna, be what sort of stuff would we be able to do with genetically manipulated people, and would it be? Will you ask them or we risk- I mean if you wanted to make a brilliant musician, you might be able to get to do that are really not yet present. The most you can do is not you not! You would make a musician you make a person
We agree that we want a little beyond measure practice but notice that budget for every musician you tried to make you'd make a lot of barristers right copy. So we should do so. I want to know is what is of the greatest value would treat you want to work, for it may be that thing to have in fifty years, this resistance to Ebola virus. Maybe like actually much better than what it is. We can watch this forum, what's gonna, be passed forward red blue eyes want here or yeah, whatever glasses? That's right,
people say that there is genetic existence to AIDS. I actually did a television documentary in which I went to Nairobi where the born in South Africa and I was born in Indian again I'd like your birth. You gave it to you, as you know, a visit very, very serious epidemic in Africa, and there is a population of prostitutes in Nairobi who are resistant to AIDS. And I went this television immune. Yes, it's easier on, I think very new, it'll get HIV
they get HIV, but they did. He tell you, don't get acquired individuals into anything to me and it doesnt manifestos age. I think that's right, I'm not sure that's right, but I went and interviewed fertility. Can you just interview one person to statistical sample. And I M to view one Nairobi prostitute, and I asked her how long she'd been in that profession, and she said twenty years, and I said what about all the friends who started the same time as you just said that all dead, they all died of AIDS, and I said well, why do you think you didn't die and she said I think God must be looking after me. So I said. Well, why didn't? God look after all your friends and she said well, I can't answer that might tell you this. God is extremely fond of condoms.
Wow what her feet it like it is women who work fast. It is like these studies. Yes, there's a good, they figure lapses. Risky, there's a canadian team working on them working on almost every during this year Well, it's not incredible in the biggest of pictures, this is to say it is not unreasonable that somewhere, somebody's gonna have resigned, desert a mutation which gives you a resistance, and it's a virus. And the greatest diversity of human genes is still in Africa. So when I look at the animal kingdom
I say I knew that can regenerate its tail and there's a snake, and I can see the infrared and I'm looking at this town is biological talent expressed in. The genetics about that we don't have his wounds. So if there is a common ancestor between humans and newts, should there be some Jean within us we're some gene and suitable to us that we can turn on and then be able to regenerate limbs first for army veterans? I do know that the genes for smelling things which the seventy other mammals, how we ve got most of those genes, but that turned off, and so our ancestors must have been the smell of windows, dogs or maybe not quite, but certainly as well as other mammals, and we seem to have lost that ability to genes are still there invested your form. But is it because we live in cities?
it's probably know it's. Let's turn about how much do you Ok, I think all your with genetically closer to dodge. Then we ordered news, I presume, says, he's it harder. Fine, where the gene is for regenerating limbs, is deepen us somewhere or is it just so vestigial? because I am not sure that you'd be right to call it a gene. In that case, I think, is probably something deeply buried in the kind of embryology that we have a noose have, which would make it more difficult It should also this is the charm, the amazing, potential, everybody was so excited about stem cells. Yes, right that, if you knew what we were doing, you could get stem cells to make anything yeah, my newly yes, that's right here I understand the problem is the close
Dolly the sheep was done mechanically. These guys got this fantastically fine pie pet and they posted into the cell, which was from a memory cell. That's why they called her dolly I'm, not joking, And they poked the dna into the cell and a few right yet and so that technique that cloning techniques be exactly the same technique that you would use to effect. Any stem cell this caused lawmakers, at least in the? U S, two, if I may, like totally freak So that's why stem cell research was generally put to a halt and let me go onto ramble that you don't want a clone yourself. Why
Imagine how familiar we say clown that jacket of yours, but its radio show jacket some people like the jacket. I think, if you were to yourself, then this Person that you created would be genetically identical to. You would not have the great advantage that you get with sex. And with sex. You got a new combination of genes and it is one very good theory of why you want a new combination of genes is cuz, your enemies are not lions and tigers and bears or wolves. Your enemies are germs, and parasites are spanish flu. Boy you in that vein, Richard you have friends who want to reconstruct the flu virus from nineteen eighteen.
I am sure that there are many wasn't no, of course, not not friends. If there are Joam warfare possibilities which it horrific cloning, the nineteen eighteen whatever is, nineteen nineteen flu virus would be a horrible thing to do, but we have the power to do isn't that drivers still extent by the way this this virus kill more people. With fifty million estimates very fifty million people Many many more than were killed by fighting in world war. Want that in the same winter factor to yet is itself That's what I'm not sure! I don't know. Why would disappear Aren't we all descendants of people who could handle that by handle it Yes, I went through the major flew I of here. Normal show the people that are killed already had sex and babies? It took out the top end of age, distribution.
I think it took young. I think it also did well. I've been to cemeteries in Seattle we have shown and there's a lot of kids were killed in winter people's, examining how many people. May I ask how many people have had a flu shot policies? how many people, how many people have not when I grow up, I swam in the Hudson River. Ok, I know I know that sentiment, but let's say hypothetically everybody. There were a vaccine for Ebola how many people would not want, because you just don't believe in vaccines meal. Wouldn't everybody wanted
I think everyone last vein. I ride the subway. I meet people. I would just assume your got through vaccination here, you're saying why? Wouldn't someone get the flu vaccine right? We wonder why people don't get vaccines, it's like! You ve been there, but it is a serious point, but it is it's not just. Protecting yourself is protecting the herd, because the whole thing about evidently ology is that if you couldn't get, a sufficiently large number of people. Immunize an epidemic won't get going, and so it is actually an social. Now get a solution. I just have an added, so I got a flu shots, I'm a good guy, you're on the side of a gap, good or bad, but he can't get. This year's flu
unless a new one evolves we'll get wet like cellphones. Whenever we abide. The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal start. I. So river if we have control over? You know of ourselves, supply I presume this is a good thing, but is there a downside to maybe experimenting competently, alter
We make a mistake. We would later regret like to make our rules, Yeah like fish genes and tomatoes, I'm not kidding so George Washington, apparently Richard George Washington, was My ancestors General Sir Henry Kinsmen commanded british forces in the american revolution. We war your proud of that year, bragging about him fighting and the revolutionary war where they wish. Everyone here versus british soldiers who deals with words russian bread, we pollen from one week stock and shook it onto the eggs the over of another one to try the hybrid I agree did I guess hybrid eyes we, and we still do that.
That's intra species, if I may say that is within a species, but then when people take genes from a fish that real good in cold water. And put it in tomatoes to try to get the tomatoes to be real good on call days. That's why, you're kind of crossing a. Why right? Yes, so here's what you can know what will happen to the tomato, but you can't exactly what will happen to the ecosystem tomatoes. The famous couple of cases where this, the corn in the? U S: crazy: for corn, Richard reasonably lever corn. We had. The european corn bore insect receiving the cord. Think. These people took the gene from a virus in the soil and put it in the jail. The corn When the corn Borys, the corn, two corn, crystallizes in the corn bores die.
Bra they also messed around spray. The corn, with this crazy super strong weed, killer, roundup, and that was great- the corn Qatar it there, but the milk we would lives in the same cornfield. Couldn't The problem there, everyone right monarch, butterflies, so more butterflies like any butterfly love, milkweed pollen, so when you killed all them, there are a lot of the milk we. There is huge concern that you wipe out the monarch butterfly population by likes moderate butterflies, you're, so cool if around? They're, probably a beautiful here that will you extraordinary things I've watched them. They fly really Lake and fly up with that an example. There might be unintended unintended consequences so what we have huge monocultures without we CORE Ilo.
The corn and I goes on for a long time. You drive a rider bicycle bicycle across hope. You will not listen and if we did something to make that enormous crop not survive by accident? That could be huge trouble, says a general lesson would be that if you mess around with anything, you may destroying ecosystem. But what does They can only apply to putting fish genes in. Not a plan for civically at random in it that we know you. You have to be careful with anything. You do it's not just for love. What could we have a rule? Ok to breed within a species. But you gotta do some super crazy diligent testing to breed between species. How? I am not sure that the right division I mean I'm not children between what is it I don't know. I mean, I think that the only way they want contortion. We principle where just be very, very careful whatever you do. I wouldn't the divide between drawn into specific Roy.
Line. I was told it here tonight, Republic, novel member which one where it postulates. What's the last sentence ever spoken on earth, its let's try this one and that gets into this further that it should work. Is there still a natural selection going on so that will be the strongest or will we met with our so that tomorrow, naturally, irrelevant soon make when you it's not being the strongest its fitting in the best its not being the greatest weightlifter its sure you. What you are all that could affect our genetic. What is that come on Selection is still going on with us, but well probably were being selected by virus, despite that. That kind
parliament will probably no longer being selected to get brainier. I mean clearly in the last the three million years has been selection for us to get bigger brains to get cleverer. That's Teddy happened to look at the fossils and so during that time it must have been the case that the brain is individual surviving reproduced in order that still to be going on. It would be necessary that the brain highest. Individuals have the most children I am pleased with the most children are the most children that survived to have children? Well, that of course, but it's enough to point out that there is an absolutely no reason to think that being clever makes you liked it to have lots of Quite the reverse. The film authorised the entire on that very primitive people who are highly educated in Poland, so smart and other people call them smart. They like delay children. They might not have children meanwhile others just haven't babe the babies are
if their tendency heroin then put Martian Reese smallest typifies the great and the good in british sciences. At present there are society and all that stuff he has written a book in which he the human species, a fifty percent chance of making it through this centre. Three a penny for centuries Yes, he's worried about massively powerful weapon, falling into the hands, not of vaguely responsible governments. Falling into the hands of some like you answer, Well, what the tell terrorists the principle of deterrence, which is the nuclear standoff, presupposes everybody wants the world to live, and God now we ve got people who For religious reasons want to die, and so they got their hands on a biological weapons the norm, deterrents might not apply
the calculation yeah we're going forward again the people, like you, said the Djinn other before the ones who have the most children and Jim. How many kids? I have I, but I haven't heard from my wife- are now said Joe commentary. Your eyesight. Yeah you're, sensitive skin any receding. The most children of any of us here, I'm good and bad, is also very good and bad he's a generous lover, I'm a generous yeah. No, I I didn't plan to start my own nationality, but it seemed like a good idea if any one of those who choose to
the professor of your environment of anyone caught on your desire to you how many children I'll have any, but I still got my eye on Marian million still from Gilligan's The point is this: I am king of the world me as non we're deal is sadly I let me tell you something. I have a question. I have a question,
I am having to survive and may levity cocoanuts unpicking bill. But if you just want to look at you, I do have a question for the sustained panel. I think that the over population thing is a myth. It's an absolute mirth regulation with functional? Yes, I do but You know it's like convince me, otherwise, I've seen informed That said that you can feed everyone, it's not population, its delivering, a food, its corruption, your name. Women here say that having five kids was bad for them, Knowing his makes your genome more popular in the future than bills,
almost say you're losing guilty about no bad, but that's? U no great genomes. I did some great genome stuff. No, but I am curious because I think that there is this ongoing. Like you know, I have five. People like occasionally friends and I in visually. I thought you either overpopulation crisis, but I did research into it It is a myth, isn't it or am I wrong? it, surely true that we can go on feeding more people for a while, but not indefinitely, but is the population of the earth going to reach a peak and then go back down. If somebody keep seven five kids opposing but wait a minute, I'm having five kids you're, having none, how many kids do you have?
a common register all these years and what seven gives made, how many? not that I know not get away, believable some richer in a hundred years thousand million. Will we recognise ourselves in that field? or will we be so different from evolutionary drivers have I ever more biological talent or perhaps even less, usually You get new species when they split when they species? That's not gonna happen with humans were coming. We get new species. When I speak here, when your eyes, no ice populations are covered when they split it would be quite difficult for you, to evolve a new species and less at some.
A few months was sent off to a different planet- interbreeding, yes, rode into reading now. But if we set up these are matters for example, then it would be not unexpected that they might in quite a long time. Become a separate species which could no longer into breed with us What if no one went to Australia for two thousand years? Would that be easier than other machines houses? Drawing up an easier way to do? This right has already done. You have more, people keep lie there and looking up What kind of moves don't keep line right all right? The animals in Australia persona most exotic in the world, but that takes more than two thousand years. So would Marthas Vineyard be easier than what is something that we can? Hopefully see any tremor. You think about all the time. We would do in other stuff, well, you're, thinking about life Is there some direction than you think,
we won't become another species, perhaps invariably capricious ourselves. Where some of us emerge. Others down and there's some talent expressed within the genome itself, so that in a million years we will recognise. I think cultural evolution is so much more important than biological evolution in technology is changing so rapidly, and so that's what's really going to change and that might include genetic engineering, genetic technology? So if we do, come back in a thousand years and find yourself different if more liked it. Been engineer, differences by human, engineers rather than by the normal processes of evolution. If we become good shepherds legacy, some hope that we will be better to ourselves. If you are planning to be difficult to agree a among ourselves as to what would constitute better so its rays of all along the line,
you know we have. This urge to be altruistic. Apparently have urban all sorts of species to help each other out. It could, either. We will select for people that have a tendency to be better stewards of the earth that is reasonable and certain we are Looking for people who think maybe look you yes it could be worse liking for people in their not you. I think maybe that's what does that mean? You don't know her babies right. That's all could we were selecting for people who have the resources to go to but just ethics was called advanced degrees. Answer babies later in life could be selecting for their having my hat. Yes, yes,
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