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StarTalk Live! from Future Con: Engineering the Future (Part 1)

2017-10-06 | 🔗
How will we engineer our way off this planet and into the future? Commander Chris Hadfield and co-host Scott Adsit explore the options with biorobotics engineer Katherine Pratt, mechanical engineer Suveen Mathaudu, Maeve Higgins, and, via holographic projection, Stephen Hawking.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/startalk-live-from-future-con-engineering-the-future-part-1/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, The first is filled with secret cinemas trees, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here, for the first time What do you say? You see the domain. The breakdown did you grandma South when they get lab
the star talk. Like minded Scott acts. I will be your co host this evening and, as you heard from the gentleman from the Smithsonian, it's a science show we're gonna talk about science and you're, gonna get educated and you might learn something before it's done. So I want to tell you about our special guess. Toasting I need is not here because he is out devoting planets.
And punching climate deniers in cerebellum. But we do have somebody, as you know, who's very cool guy, and you know he was floating up in his tin can singing to us. That's pretty incredible. He's done a lot of other things to one of the things I will tell you he is he broke into the mere space station seriously breaking and entering with a swiss army knife in space. Doesn't mean if, if this was army knew that they could have taken over the Russian Space Programme It would have done a long time ago, he's a great guy, a very interesting and wonderful and I'm gonna bring about right now. This is colonel commander.
Course. I had failed very much, and so this too, I think everybody here knows this gentle and next to me, there are thirty rock extensively and Bay MAX on. Big hero or sex Ryan? babe access at Bay MAX and any MR every Adult dulled swam, if you say up later, died on adults when he's a producer reason rector he's. An actor is a voice. Actor is a writer everything else. It is a pleasure to be on stage with Mr Scott had said. I do you think of you. We have some interesting folks to be on stage here this evening, some some folks to talk different ideas, including one virtual guess that will bring up but first I would like to introduce a woman who has dedicate,
her life to protecting your brain from malicious interference. She is an electrical engineer. She competes triathlon and she's a recovering rocket scientist, Catherine. We have a gentleman joining us joining well engineer. He is a man who has done the who he done measured the weight of bores hammer, and I believe rumour has it that at one point he at meal digressed, Iceland, which is also saying something he's a professor of mechanical engineering, a professor of mechanical- maybe more importantly here for you're gonna have gone he's a superhero science expert doctors of less adieu Welcome to the stage, sir, thank you, Sir
also tonight I mean on I just side, we have a very small I guess if you heard starts up before you obviously heard her before she's an author, a comedian and she hosts the podcast made in America, May rigour thank you, hire Ribeiro e, I so jealous of all these achievements on Thursday. I would think so happy. I didn't get my white top directly when I had dinner, but we are here to talk about, engineering, the future, I thought I would start a little bit in the past. It's been five hundred years, since the very first person made it once around the world. One type they launched out of those southern Spain Magellan and his crew when they they didn't, know what they were doing. It was,
a wild application of engineering the future five hundred years ago. They took the best technology, they had the best maps, they had five ships, two hundred and forty three people, and it took three years to go around the world once and almost nobody made it out of the original two hundred and forty odd folks, Turn five ships only one made it around the world, the rest of them were killed or destroyed on the way, and only about fifteen people. Out of your riddle, two hundred and forty made it around but that is what early exploration was like, but we ve learned our technologies got better, are our science or understanding our engineering has gotten better and right now up above our heads, there are five people that are going around the world every ninety two minutes and their led by doktor pay
what's whose from our farm I love and and that that space station has been up there since the late nineties first be lodged, and ninety eight
it's been around the world a hundred thousand times, and we run about two hundred experiments on board but to space station is just sort of the next stage from from Magellan you're. All the people that got us to where we are space flight is younger than I am, and now we're to the point where we're starting to colonise off our planet. It's it's like another door opening to the future, but just like Magellan and his crew were were just figure it out as we go, we don't have all the answers and what will the future hold in order for us to be able to explore further, we need just like all the explorers have. We need better vehicles, we need better propulsion systems. We need smarter understanding of the universe around us. We need all those things and, as God was was saying here we have a couple of people on stage that can help us talked about about better human interfaces and how does
five long voyages, and so that's why we have severe and Catherine here is to talk about those things and so, but I thought maybe just to get going. Let's start with Slovene. What do you do you work in a laboratory right? I'm a professor! You see riverside my students work Laboratory telling them to do what I tell them to do. You have to work for you. I have things work for me at the laboratory, nice. What what sort of work are you doing here? Are your students doing? laboratory aside, I summarised by my labs research with a quote from the ghostbusters, the external plumbing ghostbusters, more recent internal Fleming, Ghostbusters Ray some vagrant Algeria. One point: four: that I know anything about metallurgy Physics, engineering and just tell me what what s going on and
and that's what I do. I study the intersection of physics, engineering and metallurgy to develop a novel metallic materials for a variety of applications and what sort of applications are you? Are you developing the equipment for what what sort of stuff is due working on where's it headed. So what at one of the more recent things we ve been working on his ultra light weight, metals, magnesium, aluminum in certain kinds of steals that can be used in the transportation sector and increase our fuel economy tremendously, yet have the same: strengthen protection as steel, another more expensive, heavier metals that are used in transportation. So Catherine, you have worked on a rocket ships, I have yet end and you ve worked on robots. I guess I have worked on many things, so they tell us about about some of those things you ve been working on it. You workin on shares,
One of the things you may be familiar with. I work in the buyer about itself and we have three investigator. So we look at various things and one of the things we have of is a surgical robot and how many of you see the movie Andrews ok, so there's a scene in the movie after under beats the kid up and they have to do the surgery and there's the kids head they ve got the arms Maintaining move about. That is our robot. That is the raven too, that is ACE ethical experimental platform. It is not actually pay for human usage age, so the they kid had as little. You stop button underneath the drop cloth lives to graduate students who we're back there given their arms around though it is losing puts overtake is everything in the future silver and then they put blue light Saddam, because every future close blew it. That's why it looks the way it does in the movie, but that's a great devil of something? That's futuristic, something that Hollywood either
to show a futuristic think that already exists. We use this in the lab too. Castigate different techniques for cure, Tumors. What happens if someone interrupts the surgery there are various awesome experiments, so little union that's a great application of technology in your robot, how many arms and hands doesn't it has two and then it has too little. Pictures are various other attachments. Even ya know about a single, I was just wondering if the robot with finger, I mean they like robots being built for like all these important things, but I'm like what about a robot boyfriend, this only single so they did it is a review of areas is different. Kinds of rural iranian eyes. There are other rave it, so it is possible that there there is some in our lab. We haven't seen any reproducing ravens yet of you. Do still have to make them in and
from our manufacture overseas. There was a spin off company that now sells them. So if anyone wants to buy a surgical robot that they can practice on at home there. It is where you want to go. Why do you call it raven? That is a fantastic question that I should know the answer to this in an acronym tone. They love you. Sorry, I'm really sorry, Howard Blake! I should know that certain that its robotic for very. Exquisite, energetic and a raven two and now its reaching inside a person. How does it no words? Fingertips are, so that's one of the one of the things we are working on it so there one of the students who just graduated she was working on path planning. So if you have surgery do up in the nose you. Obviously want to be very careful where you're putting your employment, and so using scans the head. You can actually plan a path and have the robot. Where it's going ants. You do the least amount of tissue damage, but
So that's where you know where you're going. But how do you know where you are cable, like so is run by cables, and so you measure all the cables and where things are in their state, so one of the things they have to look at is cable tension and escape slack out how does that affect how you're you're doing you're surgeries We probably be used for things beside surgery. Absolutely yet Gulf say it's a doctor the people have not with this one, but people have sewn together grapes inside of a bottle of, if you I happen to have a great stuck in a bottle that needs to get some back together. That's a fairly esoteric than you got exactly. I see a different future than the rest of us have been, but AP, be used in applications somewhere at a distance like
the surgeon have to see what they're doing or surgeon does see. There's a treaty camera set that you can use that someone sitting far awaken can use the device we have had collaborators from as far away as Illinois, who have the software is its opensource front. The machine in Seattle. There how grant to figure out working with Raven to on the international space Station, trying to understand being able to use in remote locations for for space, Then you had upper time lag eat you end up with timely. Yes, you do. The time lag problems when you doing surgery, testing so debts. I think that we have actually tested wee wee emperor. Several researchers implemented a scheme of hacking there. So what happens? If you flood the packets disrupt the packets, basically make the surgeons life difficult and make it very Jackie, and then they analyzed at what point was the most other sent for the surgeon in a task of picking up a pie
get moving it over into a space, and so there there looking at those challenges of what happens when you don't get immediate feedback and That's the sordid technology, we're gonna need. If we have a very small group of humans in a remote place. We can't bring every single skill set absolutely and so that type of of remote skill, remote dexterity, Israel important. We have, of course, robots up on the space station right now. We The huge one on the outside Canada arm. To that end, it is large, operated by people on the ground, in fact, but its end effect it's it's huge size of a sequoia and, and it can grab space shuttle, something that size quarter of a million pounds and move it. Very precisely due to do prank from earth,
like they're, like I'm gonna, get paid to do this. This is why you don't work and mission control, but I have the math I don't and so yeah. So we have the huge robot Armand we use it like when, one of the unmanned ship, comes up and gets close reach out its own interests. Big problem. How do you dark or grab a spaceship? How do you attach a visiting spatial get all of these sites fiction scenarios in in all the comic books on STAR Trek. Everything since start tractors real. I promise now wouldn't mentioned, start reputation. There is always some sort of come come mechanism by which the two ships can were, or birth. Something, but on the space
she's. What sort of inventing that right now and the way we do but those ships is, they come. Close as close as we can safely bring them from earth and then essentially we shut it off, The crew on board the space station look through the windows or on tv monitors, grabs the controls they rotative with one hand and move up and down and back and forth with the other and they reach out and before this little spaceship drifts off they reach out and grab it and then attached to the ship but we're going to need a lot More than that, little Agora, this, what you should tell like maybe he's a Magnus magnets
We should have thought of that. But then this is the voice of the tiles Magda might erase all the real to real tapes inside the space like a virtual fishing rod, where you will, I hope, you're writing this downpours, making a metal. Now, yes, but so I went from Magellan originally through to STAR Trek. Through to this Hey station what's Katharine's working on it, to go to the moon not just visit, but to start colonizing. The moon go to Mars. We're gonna need even more robots and they're going to to be made of of hope. Two different materials. What's what do you feel? see as where we're headed with all her. Yes, if we have, we go to your example of Magellan and they explores wherever they got there.
To have the materials that they took with them. Tools, but then they have to use the resources of wherever they got. So I gets unrealistic for us to think that we're going to take all the robots tat, we need into space to get the blue dot onto Mars. One interesting thing that I saw this week in from a canadian university was three printer, printing. Another three printer and only thirty thousand kids like an inception like which is the real three Brenner. I wasn't like Mama I was, Universal across all languages and so so I envision the same thing will have some robots, perhaps trained to make other robots on our mission to get there for whatever First, they need, but then once we get to Mars, we have to use whatever resources we find.
The ground but merits, isn't there just like gas and readiness, like right is the right thing. I thought you said we read next and I was going to say you know their own ways but doesn't deserve to be explored yours. What are you gonna find them on my eyes, but you could possibly you. Is there a battle. There absolutely saw our whole universe is made up of some simple few elements on the periodic table where talking about mining off of asteroids to get critical things that we have a hard time getting here on earth. So when you look at them like iron and nickel and silica in some of the fundamental building blocks of what we have. We just have to learn to take those resources and converted. Into the materials that are necessary for us to stay there now and like any explore. We have to use the terrain of what we have. Without ruining it too
wherever we're gonna go, and so I think, rebuilding a robots out at first, but then we'll be building our societies out of the resources that we find off the planet. What materials either that you're working on are dreaming on. What? What are we missing? What do we need? What's transparent, aluminum? What's the next thing that we need. Transparent aluminum is real My colleague of mine created something called a aluminum oxy nitrate, which is aluminum with a little bit of oxygen and lit, have been by Georgian and it becomes transparent originally designed as a transparent, armor material for for vehicles, It was used in the most recent Jurassic Park, those big indestructible glass things. Those were trance there bubbles that got smell. Fire t Rex So so what we're going to need is, is us very much tied to a prior job that I had. I worked in soldier protection
Barbara defence of things that can survive extreme environments. We have extreme. Temperature shifts. We have extreme pressures, we have extreme impasse Micro meteorites can move it twice. Thousand mile per hour and can do a little bit of damage when they run into things it's interesting being on the spaceship. If you sit and wait for a while, especially just when you try to go to sleep. You can hear those particles hit your share, like a ricochet, it's kind of in it sting sounding here. Were there when you're on board Aspasia do than I am, and I am being something like that: how does Europe needs? It sounds like like a sudden like a bull, just like our staff. The ship like what is worthwhile sandwiches out, but is it like when you're busy working during the day? You don't really noticed and then, when you're training,
it's when you that's the only time you really quiet and the quietest place on the whole ship we have a little tiny sweep birth. Back in the early part of the space program. You just kind of slept rough. When I, when I was on my first to space flight, you just got you We ve been bag and just Titus somewhere and slept there, but this base station were there for years and years, Eventually, and so we have little tiny sleep births and there the choir, This place close, the little doors. U turn the fan, it gets a little bit quieter there and that when you hear the meteorites hitting your ship, oh god, is the first segment talking about where we are now and where science has brought us in some of the things were facing. When we come back, we are going to talk about talking about where we are now and where science has brought us in some of the things were facing when we come back, we are going to talk about
exploring Mars looking for life, but we're going to talk about the people that are going to do. It is well. When we come back, we will talk about the new NASA. Hey I've got no secret for you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this show
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This is start our. I bought everybody back to or to ask them to future God and to start talk lie here. We are starting a screen, Catherine and those got an iron stage, I'm preset field and one you're you're, not only for real, professor and a researcher, but but there's a lot of superhero material sit around here and I imagine that truth in the fiction are getting blended yeah. They they have over time and are one of the better things about these comic book writers, as they use the science of the time they came up in an event,
I didn't forty, seven nineteen seventies. It was the heyday of metals developed. First space for ants, and so we ended up with iron man. We ended up with Captain America she'll. We ended up with our man, The clause these these fundamental metallurgical things out of carried over even though we have a whole breath of materials beyond that. So I like studying how we can make a real cap she'll. How can we make a real movement? its claws opened and an inspiring people by saying we, how do we make the next generation of materials, and you at the age of metals, was up until the seventies, then what well even about we expanded into more other materials, so polymers so, when polymers came around and composites came around? They started taking a large sector of what was typically manner. Metals. Look at any cost, For that you have these days like that. Barracuda could was a steel, bumper and now they're all wimpy plastic
Did you see the polar man film? It was terrible. Zero polymer man, no wonder woman's am wristbands. Do not their made out of breath. Just so. You know, like fashion there's, like a nice next perspective of interest to the microwave from your mother won at one of the interesting thing. One of the one at the end think things about mystical but there's been planned. Has been plenty of calculations. If it was strength, was steal your something just talking about intact invisible, that was used in our bracelets, but there's been plenty of cultural, since, if it was strength, was steel.
There's something just talking about. Acting as we can, we can do this. We are obviously, whenever we can, you stay there the whole. So thank you recently on board the space station speed. Polymer. They have. A non metal part of The whole spaceship gather beam, so the beam I draw, the Bigelow Exploratory Atmospheric module basically a collapse simple lightly module that can go out in space and then in flight, the inside and be used as a living habitat. If we were to get on somewhere like Mars, and how does it.
I mean if it does. I was telling me I'm thinking it's like you bring a little tent and then you put it up. It's exactly like going camping except you could dying. Why are there are their bears on Mars? To John Carter is worse. Is that I can say I thought it was funny. Now I love authority. I I I really love this audience. I never thought that some would like somebody being like who reads the Smithsonian magazine. Newport would get like huge series. I was so cool. Just there are terrible terrible creatures on Mars, called human yeah, so it is. It is like camping and that you have to protect yourself from whatever's outside, so that the biggest things that we gotta protect against this as radiation, the same cosmic radiation that made the fantastic for
terrible movie saying this. This interstellar radiation does a lot of damage again swell materials. I can cause them damn brittle after we have layers of metals and polymers that are very thin, that absorb the defects that are caused by radiation, of the kind of things that or the impact of the micro meteorites on top of unable to survive. Temperature shift from minus three hundred plus three hundred degrees celsius. You understand what that butter. Speaking of interstellar radiation who's your feet. Superhero.
You want me to say Wolverine. My favorite superhero is right now is, is black Panther and it's been for these data trailer. I am I'm really exciting, and God we got my blood going in my blood pressure up the that's what you want and a relaxing movie, yes Both There will be a very tranquil movie variant of green gables, and yet you have a favorite robot, Wally, Why? So? I want to get my group with the why black Panthers my favorite goes at all A black panther was one of the first depictions of
character of minority character that wasn't stereo time. He was a king. He was a technologists, was a ruler of a country and indeed he protected that country fairly. What, while dealing with the rest of the world, he said on top of the most advanced metal. That is in everything in the marble universe. Yields clause is he's just a very versatile non typical maverick character for marble non battles over here off my back and have thus far Catherine same. Questions to you, who is your favorite superhero, favorite Roma, who ok so super her it. Now. It probably wonder woman choice, you're married Africa, I feel like this is obviously an air are hitting on your robot. I I was gonna, say while it, but I will say either.
I will also say that one of my favorite robots right now, a sarcastic rover on Twitter, but also all the robots that we kind of send out into the universe so of spirit opportunity. Of all the ones that are sort of doing their thing at the surface of ours. Those are those are pretty awesome, cool about you, sir. You have do you have a favor, superhero and a favorite robot. I have a favorite super. A robot. Ok, you can come by answers. Beekeeping. How about you, I wonder woman to the moment I mean I'm, not wonder, and I don't mean to out myself like us, but yeah always loved loves her arms.
I think my favorite robot is like this is just going to say why the old nurse or, from the other end of the sitting. I think my favour over I'm sorry, but it's like those things in a vacuum you didn't like what do they call again room but love love of a future military lines. When you get to put him on my feet, travel around to make out. You know, like I'm, saving there too expensive, but am glad that science is ok and making them cheaper, but I think that the priority in the world right now since there's no such thing as climate change, I know of my next grants- is gonna, be on oh yeah, you're, not gonna. Try my room by you know: I'm gonna make a room by that. Can you only need one instead of two.
He saw from the ridiculous to the sublime. What's what technology besides room? Are we going to need to go to Mars? What what's just very quickly What's the number one thing we need do: Netflix, kids, like it so long, Catherine, you develop artificial gravity, set out the gravity or already control, gravity, Hubbard Embassy, great power sources that get us their high energy density power source. Power sources gravity. For me, I think yes to both of those we're going to need radiation protection about yourself, potatoes that don't work Pope article as an irish patriot. I was so proud that he chose to girl, pay petty irish expertise so just recently
NASA put out a call right across the United States for anybody who dreamed being an astronaut who thought maybe there. Get a chance to be one of the next space explores and really sort of inspired by by of the science fiction and by the movies and bye bye, Matt Damon did on the surface of Mars, all the the fantasy of what might be possible, but the your paintings of the reality of going on would not only NASA's rockets, but what's space, acts is doing and what the other new rocket companies are building they put all that together. Eighteen thousand three hundred people apply for turned out to be a dozen astronaut positions, doubts about a year or more to go through all of those. Locations? And just very recently They chose the twelve new NASA astronauts
I'm sorry, you know like they could. Annie body apply like with the application open to anybody. The application was opened. Anybody we saw there was a minimum bar of of citizenship being able to pass a physical having. These are technical university degree as well, but when they got it down to the final twelve. They hired Phd Biologists Phd geologists. You feel, here to cheer out at all, and it is at all, lay Hyaena. Just then the how they hired test pilots, because we're gonna need test pilots to fly the new ships hired so lady who worked
Mariner in the United States, Davy Alot of area and in in small vehicles. They hired some doctor one of the fellows a Navy seal and a mathematician and are met doktor one guy they hired and they also in a bunch of allegations for people who were obviously not outside, and they were just terrible, but they just made fun of them and it was really. Referenda have liked it to be a sub mariner who, like has gone down so far, and now she's gonna, like me, the other way. So they don't have liked it. I've red shirt, astronauts like they do not just possible astronauts, but actually it anyway. However, it's amazing jury The building the space station with the astronaut corps was up to about two hundred twenty people. Now, when they hired twelve, that's about twenty five percent.
Of all of the active astronauts in the United States. Right now, this brand new group of twelve- and the idea is that of that group of twelve people, five women, seven men, They are not only gonna, be joining Peggy and inner crew up on the international space station, but these will be the people that will be starting to set permanent habitations on the moon and me, maybe some of them are, I think the youngest is twenty. Eight. Twenty nine maybe the right age to be the very first of us that will travel as far as science fiction is taken us and actually start exploring. Mark That is the way that are so severe, laugh at it, like everybody, always trashes millennials, but then it like me I'm actually.
That's the coolest and taken a selfie while doing now, you can talk about that. This is start. I'm so here's the question: should we be sending people to Mars menu? You talk your favorite robot is which one is a curiosity or spirit opportunity here already Oliver LAW in which one of us it is an opportunity that stuck in the sand right now our spirits for separate stuck in this
wait for somebody to come along exactly right. Leader, someone's gotta go out there and you know, but robots, of course are made of tougher materials and and they don't need food and there there are real advantages to to sending robots. So Why should we be hiring a new class of astronauts? Why? Why should we not just be trying to focus completely on exploring the rest of the solar system and beyond teller romantically, what so one of the things I don't know. If anyone has seen the videos, the DARPA Robotics Challenge, where they try to get robots to walk around and open a door and draw holes in the wall of the whole thing is basically like a comic for, because it turns out what's really, if you want to talk about a military robots there, really not that great. So we have
to get that technology better. You can make the argument that legged robots would be better in a situation like that and wheeled robots, because you can, you can walk around you. You don't have to worry about obstacles as much. If you have a small, we'll know, big rock you're not can have a good day And humans have a lot more fine dexterity so being able to to pick things up it and look at things in a real time situation. First is a robot on Mars and human on earth and the delay. Tried to advance plan. So those two issues I heard one is that the robots aren't good enough. Yet pityingly aren't dexterous, they don't have I don't have control, they fall over you guys what, if they're listening a word about the other. Is others? Is time lag right and about yourselves to being what what do you think? I was just thinking just now what why can't we send something in between the deuce on their part to play in and let them their dexterous and they're alive and their smarter than us.
The The sense of exploration in humans is something that is inherent in to all of us. I mean I do it from a scientific perspective. I want to find out about the for all that I live in, and I use tools, festivals are my robots and machines, but we send out people because it inspires. Inspires all of us that they are part of us. They are part of humanity when they explore we explore when they find out things we find out things and its exciting to see them. Do that, plus, on top of that they can, they can make decisions. The robots can't very complex, tough decisions that that a robot wouldn't be able to make the I think, since the time of Magellan, they couldn't have made that voyage without the technology at the best that
just it back in, and fifty nineteen today have like teepee ass. They did not have GPS now. What are they did? They know where they were going. There were no map at all. They just kept sailing west until they ran into Brazil and then they turn left and it took them three months to get down the coast to get through what became the strait of Magellan it took over a month. In fact, averages just guessing and they they had forgotten what eratosthenes fig route for the circumference of the world, and so he thought the world was way way. Smaller and the crew kept starving and people dying of scurvy. They just barely made it, but they they prevail and we ve gotten better and better sense, and it's that that desire and then learning from it and then applying the lessons in inventing that that exploration is all about and Peggy and her crew upon this, the station right now they they are using too
was there using robots. But if the fundamental nature of exploration is a human thing, you know that the robots help us but like the robots, don't care, the robots are not interested in more rediscovering, but we absolutely need, I think, the cooperate between the two and I think what we always have and we're always going to. I was I was lucky enough to do to space walks and we understand pretty. Clearly what causes the northern lights. We know it's its energy from the sun being caught Bay. They respect Netteke field and reacting with the upper atmosphere and and the little electrons states going up and down and and fluorescing, and that's why the northern lights glow green and yellow red. But while I was outside on a spacewalk we,
Through the southern lights and what what started out as a sort of a robotic technical understanding of how a planet behaves suddenly became so visceral and some beautiful, and so so entirely different than just the science that behind it surrounded by and with its flowing between my legs and around the ship to see our world. That way, I think I think that is very much the essence of discovery and exploration, and I don't think we're going to have robots sitter appreciate that or re bribery always said that we should be so Up artists in the space of they could capture I agree with, but the thing is we have three artist right here who have a great wealth of knowledge about science, but you all are artists as well, and I think that's very valuable. Thank you.
I would ask you when you speak about like the two working together like humans and robots. It makes me think of the photos that we got back from it. The little voyageurs those two little craft through, went and took a picture of patterns rings and arctic picture and late. Then, when we could see them back here like people who whenever never like walk in space. That made me feel like. Oh, I am actually connected to this and I can picture it and I can fears and that's magic to me without magic. I so so, let's we have the opportunity, I think The technology will allow us to bring an expert who is sort of thought about a lot of different things and whose head time an extremely long and successful career of invention, discovery and original thought to talk about a lot of different topics, including the
idea of of exports. In life soul, Could we ass doktor Stephen hawking to join us? Please. Hello can you hear me? Yes, Clear can hear us. I can hear you too great I am delighted to have the opportunity to use our media's hologram technology, tat transcend time and space tat me with you today, while if anybody can train ten time and space should be you, sir. We have a question for you and that is If the combination of humans and their technology and robots, if it takes us far enough out into the universe, so that's
someday, we eventually can find evidence of life somewhere else. What's it going to look like what do you think life, and other planets or other solar systems might be like. Our civilization is only about ten thousand years old, but the universe is about fourteen million years old. Therefore, any on your life in the universe is likely to be much more advanced than us or so primitive that it has begun to evolve. In the former case, the breakthrough. Listen project should be able to take up their radio transmissions. Close enough
but in the latter case one has a rather boring you. Potentially dangerous bacteria or under life forms. A far cry from the usual science fiction picture of glamour, salience any on your life. We discover this lightly of me or because robots with artificial intelligence are far better equipped and biological life to survive. Long duration and radiation, damage of interstellar travel, Thank you, professor. That's that's interesting thought that actually, if it's all right, you don't need to sit there and all time, but if you want to If you want to sign off, maybe we will have a chance to ask you a question a little bit later. Also, sir, thank you for the answer.
I would like to do that. So that's that's intriguing that one of the deepest anchors. We have eggs that if we do encounter life in order for to have survived over the immensity of distance. In time it will have had to know hunger, be biological, but will affect transfer itself into some sort of technical or or robotic kind of form, so some sort of hybrid between the two, but for now work kind of stuck with these biological forms. We we're not far enough along yet and were fragile, physically fragile, psychologically, fragile the crew up on the space station is, is very much separate from the world I was talking to Susan Helms when she was up there,
back on my second space flight in and at one per Susan said to me in passing. She said, earth said that we need to do this tomorrow and I thought earth said that her her psychological fragility, her gesture make up was such that she's she's became a multi star general near Force TAT. I went to test pilot school where their wonderful person body in order to stay healthy, that far away from home, even that close, but that separate.
She has a completely split herself from the rest of humanity. You have to recognize that you are no longer a nurse like you are a space like earth is a separate discrete entity from yourself and you and your crew are that way, and I think, as we go further we're going to have to have to honor that we put a lot of psychological support equipment up on the spaceship In fact we have. We have a big movie library of there. We have a huge audio library of Songs books to read a Yo Yo
yes, which are fun in weightlessness- could walk the dog for ever, but there is even a guitar upon the space station and I think we're we're about to take a break when we come back. We're going to talk about The next step we ve been looking at this of where we ve been what our science does, what it means to us as people. What this exploration may look like when we come back I want to talk about how we're getting ourselves and those young astronauts ready for the next phase of human evolution, but maybe in preparation for that, we'll just Celebrate a little bit with some with what that guitar, I had a chance to do it that Qatar and upon the space. Other
ground control too may age, ground control, some major tough luck. Yo saw use hedge any matter on ground control to major. I wanted awesome gone. I want his bag future cod estonian and
Chance for us all to be here on the on Startalk, Pennsylvania Kathryn. Thank you very much for being on the panel, and I presume that you have been less today my Yahoo job, the organs. We should listen. The star talk: Commercial free, joint star talk on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio!
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