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We’re going to Mars! Join commander Bill Nye and executive officer Eugene Mirman as we explore the Red Planet with NASA Planetary Science Division Director Jim Green, “The Martian” author Andy Weir, and Maeve Higgins. RECORDED LIVE, ADULT LANGUAGE.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. The first is filled with secret cinemas, trees, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science, society are converging here for the first time. What what are you? Are you japanese? It's easy to mean a brace daddy, you grandma South by Miguel, Why not? brother,
guard dog live? It is A great pleasure to introduce a wonderful man angel of Science communication, ladies and gentlemen, What are you doing my job boys and girls? Kids voyages we have showed that amazing show we are all going to leave this room spiritually. And go to Mars the man who created more widely.
The man who wrote the book about being the Martian give it up for any where this is the funniest is woman. But you may very well be very vague and from the best brand of the United States, from the Science Mission Directorate Division for planetary Science, Jim. We're you created this amazing character, Mark Watts whose I know a woman whose just super hard for this guy Matt Damon, but for more gotten. Well, I'm coming Based on me, you wrote this book.
It out on Y yeah. Originally I wrote the Martian as just a series of blog posts through is really light, accumulated about three thousand regular readers over the course of ten years of making like web comics in short stories and stuff like that, and so that they will not they give a readers and they were a bunch, a hard core dork like me, and so there is one in the wires now, and so when I was writing it, I knew I had to be scientifically accurate as possible, because there's nothing a nerd likes more than calling out scientific and accuracy is through tat. Now I know you still get people do not like that's not how you'd go to Mars right well, but given I've work things out now so Jim you lawyers have been, you spend a lot of time with Mars. You are therefore review, ran curiosity landing yes
You must ensure that which we, the mercury absolutely and I was There- a relaunch of Juno J. You and I was not an acronym crazy. That's what's Jupiters wife! You know all the moons that orbit Jupiter are named after. The in mythology named after jupiters lovers, like the ones you mustn't, cheating on, has wiped out. You don't think I had on over. There
It's an ef. I beg Juno's on our way to get you aren't. You saw sixty moons, Jupiter Zeus, Zeus, less Jupiter use busy guy. If you look at the that, ninety percent of ninety percent of roman mythology is like Jupiter no Jupiters like Jupiter, yes of God's Mars, is named after the Gulf WAR. Very troublesome. Why was named after we got a bore? No, what's a roman name in a prior to that the Greeks named areas. God of war, but because, if you only vainly God S, blood, red blood, red red- and you can see it. Of course, in January beautiful alignment go on out Look at national level for the sun comes up. Yes,
Not yet we tend stick around Stayin, you see time scale. Mark that happens so often and its also wanted to live radio interviews. Do you can't just incorrectly this little mark to live to. So you finish this novel and twenty eleven who really Scott. Who approach now engaged just knock on the door? No written, usually initially known approach me. I saw published it so basically, I've been putting it on my website a chapter two time until I was done, thought. Ok, I'm done we're done with this autumn. An ex project and then I got you have a job during your computer program, bold type, so this was my hobby. Could
wow computer program are now they're into I'll. Tell you why I'll tell you why these classes always need virtual restructures? Later, The number of people who laughed doesn't want you gotTa Silicon Valley. Ok, so I spent any like cemeteries, business so, I figured I was gone, move onto other cereals, other short stories, and then I got an email from people saying like ok out of your story, but I hate your website, which is reasonable, because its crew and it is really oh yeah, yeah environment, just remember down approach, however, not a graphic Skype, and so they can. You make it a reader version. So I can just download it and read in my area inside figured out how to do that, and I didn't have an income stream for this mess around. This is all just fun. My income stream was from being Silicon Valley, software engineer, which is pretty good. About me within, but then so,
that I think I can say here is that you read a version and I can read my site for free or dunwoodie readers and then other people contacted the other mailed instead, like hey love, love the Martian hate your site, and I that you have any reader version, but I'm not very technically savvy and I dont want to download a thing from the internet, and so can you make a movie for me to know what happened a few? There's? No, what happened in Ukraine? Roger create a whole crew. Fears are on Mars, one run twenty thirty five or someone you aren't. You check your watch and its also tells the future. Tomorrow there will be a seven fourteen. There will be two of em with reason that you tell us twenty eight eighty five
We I did all the orbital trajectory analysis and calculation to figure out the best time to go to Mars with the ship than an earth wrote. Software had to do here and thanks giving with that November my considering for that? I wanted to be far enough in the future that it makes sense for the areas programme to have developed in the intervening. Tyres is rocket the name of the dutch authorities, the programme actually been able to ship. It took him. There is Hermes. Who is the messenger of the gods with angry? Oh gee goes from one day to another until next year from Skype, understand type Araby Aramis silence those funny because they did. If you watch the movie in a few places, they call it Aramis because really got there the dead and he says areas instead of Hermes. Why do I say that I also says Margin Martinez, but anyway they most people here.
The irish people, can we Have you not? Can we talk up in the middle. The noise Yang talk that way you mean. Is her access to talk? Only real people do that again you mean I'm dreaming in my axe and no, no, not just for us really like it. If this elaborate character, you actually created four year concerning earthy among millions and millions of people actually make us more in order, but I also want to do anyway. Guys up on Mars will wait. I got one other push for what what other things would happen.
He won't you up in the middle of the night. I just there is just these right. There I mean I'd, be surprised, I mean we work together, not really yeah, Guerrero, Breathe yeah would be inappropriate, but then, like he's very I'm at the beginning of my career, so we can work it out I really hope my boyfriend here is that I'm not so sure I do this guys. A crew ends up on Mars and something goes horribly wrong and one guy gets left behind Where do we stand a book, a movie trying resolve this issue. I don't want to get much away, but Matt Damon plays bleed character and he makes it to the end
what, we want that half the people just starting out name. No, I want you to do this. Well, I mean I've been a space toward my whole life. Doomed to be won. My father's a physicist, my mother's, an engineer, the space, for I mean when I was a kid The space shuttle programme was like new. Exciting, which use Bobby Gonna, make some people feel kind, but I'm all right
back in my day my day reminder yeah. We don't got in here for four, for you guys. You know when you were kids Space programme with chinese people, inventing gunpowder right. I mean but happy fabricated. That's right to deploy all your lively defeat. The corn I've always been silenced. Organic I've always loved this up, and I came up with this idea for an astronaut stranded on Mars, but I want everything to be physically accurate, just because I always get take
out of a story when I see some believe physical and accuracy is fairly accurate to write or very accurate o the books die for in many ways. But you know what is the book delightful scientific? Let me think about that. So you know science fiction things in the book We don't find on Mars, not yet anyway. Roddy, for example, while Matt Damon, not under the earth, but there is a guy from Boston. Probably buried is that which you, men, buried somewhere among some the big deal turns that our genuine storm, the dust on our Mars is famous dust
Zayigo global? So you can see him with telescopes from earth? Absolutely they look you're our planet, they sometimes but some, but in reality the pressure is so low elbow is about one two hundred and eighty one to hundreds of ass here of what we know, and so, although the winds can be pretty happy, it can be a hundred twenty miles an hour. But that's not enough to straighten american flag LA longue blow away. Yet already are so few more going on right now you see you, so you did Did you have trouble watch the movie with all its lies? Then? Will you like another lie? Another lie like to be readily. Are you gonna put an unruly aright fucking, really
now washing out accurate delight. You gotta check the science at the door and go on in joy its enjoyable gray here. You know I did I kind of law. Why do I ask what horror theatre think about morbid has not managed to work out some serious scientific yeah, Yes, absolutely the dust storm is the sandstorm is inaccurate and I knew that at the time I just didn't care I wanted to good reason to strand and there, and at the time I wrote it most people didn't know that, like most people thought that its answer I'm amount, but then because the Martian got so poppy became a very popular movie and then got a bunch of scientists talking about it now. Everybody knows it does storm of Mars. Can't do that. I felt like I was blue. The thing over see right
What are those shots by the way they were coming out? You know I don't speak savary space one. My favorite things is how GPS almost ruined everything. When I, what You know I wrote the book. It was done. He was already in final editing. I can't make any more changes or other than like, copyediting and and and like at that point like they were. Citing they headed down to the final for candidates and where they're going to land curiosity, they eventually landed at near Mount Sean Gale, creative, but wanted to watch your mouth sharp deal on Mars. Big one right on Mars, the witches but which is valid thousands of kilometres away from all the things that happened in the Martian, not a problem, one of the final for Canada. Some where they were thinking about learning. It was marked values which mark drives through, like I specifically call it out in the book he tries to redeem Martha. He would have had to have gone round the rover to keep going, and am I owe you guys
killing me. Would you stupid real and it might might, but my favorite little little, they didn't even take out into a it's like you know. Nobody asked me, I dont know what I was thinking about the law Jim. What about the final decision? No, actually I did, but we down to the last four and I loved any one of those. So so my boston- and that was wireless at the time everybody? This is the real guy. That's all this is the sober clear. This is a clear the character in the book. I think I could poor, who is in the movie evincing Comport, that he holds that position in the real now you're curious to hear your tax dollars. That's right and they were too. But what we want.
My favorite little, the stories of I you know, space research screwing with me is the the universe in Arizona that runs the highrise instrument, high resolution gamma ordering. Apparently we have like four of their alumni, hurt or lower clapping. They may in Bill made ten minutes ago in the book, nobody God, but in the book I give them, Zack Latitude and Longitude had answer we have had a habitat mean that the base, where most of the Martian takes place, where Margaret the stranded where, where where they are habitat. And- and so I described, the terrain is being kind of flat and sandy there's not much going on Macedonia, Delia, Peniche, large, empty desert and stuff like that
You run high razor, let's check, and so they did. These super highroads photos of not having location on the real Mars and the like. Well, that's nothing like he does. I did what we have really got it right, beautiful craters right right around. Where that have would be a gap in the scenery looks great it does. This. Does the almost eight star wars Almost they don't have good resolution on galaxies, far far away have we not cameras, we're we're gonna. Ok, thank you. Guys on Mars, he's got a lot of food present disposed of people, but these only one yeah and they left but they left after six days of applause. Thirty one day mission and they had in food supplies, so we had enough food to last about four hundred soul
the soul of the day on Mars. For the four, if you don't know that, and while three of you and went to her get away, I have, I know it is that, but why is that what they call the soul is latin for son. It just needs because day it has an ambiguous terms day to scientists means the time it takes to rotate, wants on its access, just so Mars rotating on its acts. That's one martian soul! Ivy! Remember!
the disco difference. All dick saw three studio. Fifty four was like building, I don't remember he was their science. I ill little area always do that. Well, with the ladys typical male shocking
I got worse is a computer program or by the way, on a computer program, and I wrote a book about Mars. The current ladys is right that in we're going to take a break and start talk, will be back right after this hey, I've got no secret, for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free,
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Walk around and build. I hosting this. We shall. We ve been talking about Mars, Mars, hypothetically the Martian, the movie, the Borg, this hypothetical character willing surviving on this world but when Viking landed on Mars nineteen. Seventy six us all was this hip knew were, and the length of a day, assault on Mars is very much like an hour. The earth right GAD if a guy's gonna find a way come up with some new food source. He's gonna have someone yet, but that
not really what our hero does uneasy. He's inside the half, so he use Lighting of the hand tat grow pursue its much less on what you want and have time spurs wore away right and but he had a huge solar farm so effectively its rather inefficient, but he didn t have a lot of equipment to work with collecting energy with the solar farm, and using its power lights inside the how it should have done joint, which de I did exactly what I would have done. However, you know I'm sorry you you're, so diplomatic I really enjoy that about. You know how to get more funding of the planetary society. I can tell you there is a great deal to that. Little insight. This is many years now,
would you not well, I would definitely had the images sees dead body on areas three play my part in the movie. Sorry about that, but you know the soil. The soil, where curiosity is, is very acidic, and so a spare ass. We grow nice and my dad asparagus for violent or days and I would wish is no lies all their weight. It really woods. Asparagus would grow and civic soil. So when the alkaline souls potatoes would grow better soldier everybody grows potatoes, that's how he lives through National Euler spoiler. We literally ruin the movie. Now I gotta get worrisome of rain so another one of those great things where NASA ruined me was oh after cure. After curiosity than in the book, he has to go through these huge ordeal to make enough water to survive. He needs to the world.
System within the have is self contained. You know, humans, consume water, humans give out an equal amount of water, so it's fine, but to grow potatoes. He needs lot more water. He needs to two moisten all this soil that is bringing in hundreds of leaders of water. So he takes hydrogen the descent vehicle that had brought him. There goes through. Its chemical reactions are clear. Incredibly dangerous because it is cynical reaction. Elaborate. Hydrogen and collect seo two from the atmosphere runs out through the Oxygen, eight or deliberate the oxygen and mix them together to make water? Ok, that's great oak, it turns out turns out, you know: ass, it goes to Mars. Scooped up. Some standing goes like shit little utter in here, and it's like thirty five leaders of water for every cubic metre of
soil or regular between not supposed call anything off, so I wouldn't even be able to get the water which you do it's very complicated. You have to bring soil in and then you have to heated. Even I think I can do that. I feel like I wouldn't replied on Mars theory. To put this. To put this into terms that you know don't done, require you to do a bunch, a map in your head. If you took a refrigerator and filled it with martian soil and then got all water out of that soil, you would have thirty five to leader bottles of water. Just like that. Just like that. Enshrining in red sub plotter, getting water, wouldn't matter and soda, are your thing, since it so since in real life, it would be so easy for him to get a hold of that much water. He could have gotten a hope. More water, then the soil they brought in and use that to scrub so well Actually, you know recently we found weeping craters yeah
during the summer season they into what we believe is happening is Miss ARC largely there's one little weeping greater. I like that. Alot again so in the summer The sun shines on these greater walls and their what we believe or underground aquifers and water plot supplements its poorest down the side of the creators, fillets water of water? yeah, we'll soil or now I say creeps. I mean it's not for long, because once the soils autocrat, certainly and then, and then eventually, Asia buckets Well, you know he would have no normally gone. Do as well
Where would have gone down to the aquifer, opt out the water, I'm not sure, remedy recurring slip. Linear there are in the relatively flattery, is there's one more than a hundred miles closer than path. I gotta make it how about how about this there's a signal to the margin somebody get stranded and it looked like twenty five minutes long in its final user rights like there's always water. Was this the curiosity where'd you get the idea to take potatoes so potatoes. I went through a bunch of different possible crops, the ones I originally. What I wonder would not asparagus, not asparagus. Thank God when I originally wanted to grow from the girl was peace, because it makes perfect sense to be peace in the middle pack and are the seeds for peace. I mean that's, replied the king S, army about forego. So
Why were the potato still viable? Why China, with a nod to your irish heritage? It was not. I mean, as any normal person what I try to hide the Irish. You know you- can beat me up later No, the potato thing was because there is nothing that potatoes have the very highest calorie yield per cropland area of any of anything. So if you were to grow p, She would just not in the land area he had inside the have and all the volume he had access to. You could not possibly have maintain is calorie needs, but potatoes we'll do it he had to fertilize yeah well for
ITALY has a method of producing that now it is the most popular line in the movie. Things was popular. Why an unbroken it's me said so popular every. Have I got a science, the shit out of? Well, I guess more accurately science, the shit into it, but what's funny it's just worth noting people coming to me. I looked at my my favorite line. A whole book is a new sites, the shit out of it. You know that it's not in the book line was made up? I drew Goddard, who wrote the screenplay for the film saw my guide. You, like it I'll, tell drew guy he's a great guy and he's up for an academy award, that's adapted screenplay so He pulled it off. Our euro blows it on eurobonds. It off. And how long did it take you to fear, overstep we're talking about three years to write the boys. You have a lot of farming, not a lot a little.
You got a little farming now I have a brown thumb. Anything I try to grow do are you friends? Would botanists nope I did all my research on light by the way I I didn't know anyone in aerospace. At the time I wrote the book at all. My research has just Google. Do you know a farmer? Jim. I know Google for viewing. This point met Matt Damon, now lots of times now because of publicity, events and stuff, like that grannies like we felt, we might say hello, you're from my or you're born, and I'm born, and I are you just go stereotypical. We reform now I was a far was tony. Town, whirling, creating legal grubbing up, we Finns in everything your favorite parliament, my favorite, the movie actually, when Mark Watts
three extracts rod out of human and begins to survive and he's he's thinking about all the things on Mars. That would kill him enumerates. The morn right after the other, and you can see depressed, is probably one of the most depressed moments in them. He finally Figures out he's becomes astronaut? He really is what he's going to do next, and you can see that come over him just wander giants formation. I am gonna die and that was it and that's what they do and Onassis really famous for having the people that take almost insurmountable problems and solve them wanted. Time along the way, and that's one the great things about the book and really great things. About the movie in that is that's what you have to be able to make it less environment. When you first,
Why will you solve one problem at a time and try your sense of you right, but of course, at the Great Party the book and courses you fuck, you solve it, and then you have another problem. Sometimes even bigger than the last got, but Jim what we were going on Mars right now: going on what are we doing? What are we learning about Mars? You alluded Julie, weeping, greater yeah, I mean making discoveries. You know at a rapid rate, that's because we have some wonderful assets at Mars. We have several orbiters one that is as yet, science offers spacecraft a person whose there is like under cover. We need to wake, and then you can do it in the end, these spacecraft or make a fabulous measurements. One we just put in orbit not too long ago, is called maiden and it's designed to see,
The solar wind interacts with the atmosphere here on earth were so lucky. We have our magnetic field. Yes, I feel we're lucky that something using your gratitude? Listen, you're, searching for reasons like you, ve had a terrible we'd, be like like Manna God. I've got eyes makes the solar where these charged particles come to the poles like this or just go around entirely miss either way where we wouldn't be here talking about it. If it, In other words, I probably would not be on this planet. If it weren't bar, there may feel that's one of the things we find it out, because it's really Strip Mars's atmosphere. How long did it take? Well, it's been goin for billions of years. How many, probably the last three and a half billion years that's been happening, but Mars had an enormous magnetic field early on and so
it was born along with the outer. We know them, that's cool. How do we know we can actually measure the men, the remnant magnetic field from space? That's lane on this. Of Mars, your mom, doesn't generate the field anymore inside did you know I have devised and core what happened with more good than anything. I can do to help you in fact, and I wish you could put you chance. I believe even if I summoned the powers of Thor so more than its rather than here right yeah. It is but much bigger than the moon, but this is made a cool off here. It does cool off faster than the earth. Universal term, our planetary to say, but I didn't
what I'm gettin. I did not make the magnetic journeying iron inside slowdown and who often you know, there's a couple other ideas, there's some huge impacts on Mars place called Hell US basin in its actually. In the opposite hemisphere of where the huge volcanoes were. We Olympus more or less smiles and artists, ridge and all the beautiful volcanoes, so large ones very fun yeah. Why, when I say we I mean the northern hemisphere, probably twenty five or thirty percent of the normal Northern Hemisphere was an ocean, and so three billion years ago, we now know Mars, looked like the earth, it had read it. Cloud suited snow White Mcdonalds? TAT was their death leopard, we didn't have it at the time either. So it's got Rania. We don't know that
they produce forever. So what the grateful dead? What are the other explanations for the magnetic field? Goin off, there's enshrine impasse giant anything that would change the differential. Rotation where the currents are so the impact of cooling, something stop that that currently generates the field which we have on, which we thank goodness we have here yeah. I think the magnetic make magnetic field has played an important role in which is becoming. Aware of that, because we Mars, seeing what happens within it, I have one so stripped away. The atmosphere most have been water of what happens. Well is such that starts evaporates, but it also our ground. This is what we also found.
From now more more of our observations in that is the awkward furs of theirs ice layers underneath and in fact, we found a buried glacier. It's where is it well it's not or not. Network areas. Three! Is that its halfway between where curiosity is and where I used my cell phone, could I get there member of the GPA you can. I could share your map words that, but it's on the ancient coastline where the old coast used to be the days are so right now the resources and things that were finding on Mars, and I ve been Tellin the astronaut core. This too, is a dumper. Now your water bringest raw because will strike Us Rock is what say you were to go to get it plenty of. Sources that are therefore use em in situ,
doors utilization through that's a big I'm sorry, my favorite thing we're not that just as our son, I'm not make it a joke. I know you're used to mean two things. Might us all time that no it's I assure you. I think that that's absolutely the key to Mars exploration, there's plenty of water and where you have as long as you have energy, you knew everything. Elsie need because I mean water. We breakwater apart, you ve, cut rocket fuel. Or you breakwater Apartment mix, it creatively with methane and you ve got better rocket fuel. Well, you look is got it. I mean you know you ve got the oxygenated and in March two thousand and twenty, which is our next big rover that they were going to launch in twenty twenty. We haven't got that great name for it yet it's what will run a contest European Union LAW, the spiritual opposite of curiosity. You want to be called on. We
What I do not care about these matters about Mr Ding Dong know it all that carries is able run like Anti semitic. Please let me so. We will be right back next time next segment, we're going to talk about the recent discoveries through signed what's going on so say you will be right back. This is starting.
Far more on the earth When do you think people will be working on Mars? Well, I believe gonna happen in my lifetime and therewith Jim planned slid to be five hundred years. All that's why I'm a vampire sitting over here are you in a obviously
we're following the president's direction and indeed we want to be. You do everything. Well, you know and are you now years? Nasa is part of the administration, so the president. As you know, my bosses, bosses box, and so were we heading in that direction, and indeed that is the right direction. So he want as to be able to have a presence in around Mars and twenty thirties, so that could no going too far, both Deimos Straps, perhaps doing what we did at the moon going out is a figure eight coming back, so we want to be able to go out, come back and then after that on the twenty fortys and on begins humans down to the ground. I want to get their sooner than forward. That said, you know the planetary society. We're trying to see
We did a study in the end of March, beginning of April, where we brought seventy people from around the world We did an analysis, Jim that we could send people. Orbit around Mars in twenty thirty three. You can only go to Mars may and I know you're inside every twenty six months and there there's a lot of good orbits, but twenty thirty three is an especially in the premises of the bed as well It means that when he, you won t believe I'm assuming home and transfer ellipses, probably I don't necessarily by into those is best, but it's so the deal as we did. This analysis that you don't have to increase the massive budget except adjusting for inflation, and you could get humans in order on Mars and twenty thirty three and they could hypothetically and that trip land. Volvo's, which you described as the space station in Mines Space Station of Mars.
And so you could land air and study Mars from above Subsequently, you could go down to the surface if people just decided it was worth doing well. You could also study Mars on for both, because a lot of Mars is sitting on the serbian position with people were talking, yeah, yeah, so abbot out their audience start talking in this want to send people to Mars and twenty thirty three. If we we increase the budget, could it be much sooner leg? Is the science there, just the money isn't well either. Arson knowledge is that we have to work on so we're doing the mark want anything, and that is where solving some technically tough problems along the way. For example, while we were down on the ground. Many tons
curiosity. We put down was a one time: roamer one metric tonnes, but from a sky gray, sums in the media get nearing wily, coyote method of landing, fantastic because just into simple act me on this. I agree with this: the reason why it was done away everything that is a good reason we or just german, but you know we have to do this kind of station, that Mark Watkins, that is, that's gotta, be about forty tonne or so so we want to be able to put it more than forty tonnes. That's not that That's not a million times correct railroads like I can see it from here, and we can see it from here. So there's a variety of techniques that we're developing right now. That will be able to put more mass down on the ground and had undertake to get their wealth from the top of the atmosphere the ground about seven minutes. No,
through our vote from Dallas for that area every minute and could also that- and that is that that is a million dollar question, because billion down well multi billion dollar question, because it has to do with the propulsion systems that you need to design. So do you go with energy transfer from earth? The Mars is called a home and transfer lips and it takes a little over eight months, That is the least amount of delta, be necessary to change changing speed that the least announced that you need however, if you have ion drives, or you know, I am propulsion systems like the fictional one in the martian yet, which is a real technology, that real space probes have use just not to that magnitude. Then you can get there much bad news. Is you need an energy source, for it also means convincing the very
nations of the earth that it's ok to put a nuclear reactor in space and time and sows use, bolt, insulted sake. Yes, then something I learned recently Orient reactors organization months in less than a year to get more lies view punches Then you can stay there for about twenty days short stay and all that What are the areas? Crew was doing, get orders to the time any have come back and only days is enough to like really you relax, though that's definitely now. I feel refresh ready for a six month you're about. What's going on my phone and state of my, for, I feel much better here. You could, because they are women
it's on the far side and there's no spacecraft above your phone would be off again by the time we sent people to Mars. I guarantee you. There would be at least one more Zella, our one telemetry satellite in this guy at all tat. Absolutely so so Indeed, the view, if you miss that twenty day window coming back, then you're gonna have to stay there for good, three or four hundred days and then come and the next steps are taken on DVD nineteen days, just the people's safety oversleep. Then you really going to say this is forbidden really going to stay for one year because of now, let me ask you guys this talk to people there's this guy, you wanna go to Mars. One way live in people want to go there. I wanna go die on Mars,
while we will. What do you think about? I just I say this only. I have strong opinions which, as you know, were correct People want to tear of war Mars, make moors like years. We're gonna take that water stir up the the sand just to be just like home, while that may be fined for, but you know right now scientifically. We want to study it in the way it is. We want to stand everything about it before wavering those Ngos living things that might be. There might be there, but I mean you know those resources that we want to know about, so that we can use them. But you know, Ursus Mars, is gonna change on its own temperature? The sun continues to rise and It's our planet's in right in this area part
solar warming. So, oh by the way, if there's any climate, deniers it's got nothing to do with it all sounds gonna. Do this, regardless of retirement billion area somebody you could change temperature of Mars in the future, with the sun, energy increasing by forty, We see or about seven. Greece, Fahrenheit. That takes these seo to top supplements from the pile leaving this huge ice cap of water underneath it then to also melt because c, O Toole, former greenhouse and then Mars will return to a little bit like what it was
three billion years ago, without huge climate. How get much more atmosphere alone? Will this table you're? We talk in months or we thought we it's gonna take a while by twenty thirty three now leave to millions of years or alien, several hundred million years hundred. That is too long in my eyes, and I was really hoping to see a lot sooner rather than later, a little bit about what happened in our lifetime. But that's what it's not without technological inventions. So Jim? What do you need your planetary division of Science mission director adding as many acronym letters as we can see in there. What do you need to pull this off? Well? Indeed, we benefit from the enormous support by the american people you say you say I am: where are we?
routine. Here people say if they can put a man on the moon. Why can't they blank make a magic marker cap fall off or whatever. So the answer is always obvious: NASA's not in the business of building the magic markers or we would have just don't usually make gray eyes, whereas the APOLLO era, the NASA budget, was four percent level by four percent. Now, ass, a budget is point four percent of right, so is it the boy was APOLLO So? What would you guys you wanted to be a mean? What is the milk eighteen percent lending its twenty to twenty. Two myself says to another word: ass: a budget used to be a fifth of the military budget. Now it's a fifteenth of the military budget. What boo hoo
But what would you leave? You need faster rockets, bigger rockets, what we were doing, the investment right now with the funding you do get from the american people through Congress in a really judicious way from science, perspective we're study and they had got on Mars, we want to know everything or science and the shit out of if you and elevated and swore you would get all the money you need? I don't love you noticed, but I just did on the radio really related region, people just people, sorry, so the scientifically Mars's hours at the moment, we really want to be able to understand it and that will mitigate risk for our human.
To guide you look at me mitigate rather more than I do this looking around leave we idiots from getting you say, navigate rescue me, get killed, and killed being much less likely where you could take the mark, Watts approaches, burden, hydro or you could take a stronger and stronger. That's right. So these are the we learn along the way and the dam that helps us figure, where we want to go. We just had a me, workshop of the scientists and the engineers they do this resource planning and got together and say: here's Mars we're you put humans and why and we had fifty locations, just it was places to go on Mars. Studying those this has been star talk about Mars.
We ve had Andy we're creator of the Martian, lie down on my I'll drop. The orange wish you can listen. The star talk: commercial, free, joint startled, compatriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriotic dot com. Last star talk radio
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