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StarTalk Live! Let’s Make America Smart Again (Part 2)

2017-04-28 | 🔗
Our mission to Make America Smart Again continues with the conclusion of our show from the Count Basie Theatre. Ft. Neil Tyson, Eugene Mirman, Sen. Cory Booker, science policy advisors John Holdren and Jo Handelsman, Ophira Eisenberg, Baratunde Thurston. #LMASANOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Secrets industries with many questions. To be answered, we find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What do you see the domain? The brain tat goes into Grandma South Ass do when they get lab,
so so Joe. What more can be done by what we look for? Well, I One of the big areas that I'm excited about is microbiology because we're starting to understand that not only human body, but all ecosystems on earth are driven in part by their microbiology, which means their collection of Michael Resumes Georgia that live on you in EMU, exact, like most, we probably in your intestines.
A lot of the market, but also the skin the years, every orifice of the body and its master, no applause for anyone under thirty that over fifty at one time would walk. Into something called a phone booth. And take the receiver and put this side through their ear and decide to their mouth, where a hundred other people have done it. That day, I have shared your rags and mouse bill by those who want to that generation. Doesnt have all these allergies and disease we like to see in germs. Exactly the issue, most microbes are not germs not harmful to us there eighty species of germs and there thousands, if not millions of other species of microbes and
we think of them as the good guys, but in fact they're keeping us healthy controlling. Behavior controlling our vulnerability to disease all the time but I ve learned a lot of research on this I mean every things like depression and a lot of things we ve been thinking have other active, actually are our gut. Microbiology is affecting so much of our oh being our dealing fight us a whole frontier is an amazing frontier weight that it has to do with deprive yes, Tell me tell me the microbes in my body are affecting the same, because we're so who she was saying that there is some? U correct me if I'm wrong on August somebody's wrong. She was saying that's your microbes in you. Actually like chocolate and communicate this back to your to Europe.
Eating desires, anything gee. I want some problems when it is. Your microbiology is asking for that's right where driven by or bacteria, but I need to tell you this release that everything I'm reading is theirs. Bacteria, embed bugs and the bad guys, bacteria really breeze off of empty carbohydrates and things like that. But if you really want to breathe better got bacteria, media, more fibre, more vegetables or plant, may die so tat. We love this. This gene editing to crisper that I've heard as an acronym right, this sounds like is the future of all biology.
I think, is very important because it lets us make very very precise. Changes in genes or round is a tool for the laboratory that right never go wrong. Photoshop for genetic do wrong. What could go so grow hair ology. Concerning the ethics of that making new life altering life to your own whims yeah. I think that was a big issue when John and I were in the White House was trying to figure out what are the limits to what we're comfortable with an one. Clear and the President said this in his policy was we're not going to edit the germ line, which means the the embryos that are forming so we're not going to create heritable changes in peace, I am the test to would leave people it's a trap for that from one generation to the next, that's right, right and so
Thinking more in terms of what used to be called gene therapy, where regular tissue, not your sexual tissue, by or your heart, lungs we'd, be modified, so only have an effect in your lifetime, but that has. The Chinese from doing exactly experiments. We decided not to do an affecting embryos and having Jane changes that will be passed on. We have super soldiers, I saw them, or at least those who might be real or at least tat. People that live off of chocolate only seems to me you can you can if you can modify the individual, you can We talk about this and other, a fan of it, but people are imagine if you live on Mars judge we modify you so that everything is What about Mars is ok for your genetically modified body and that we will have to live in a module.
That's an extreme case, but clearly you could use this to cure of our traditional disease right, and so the human body has evolved over many millennia to be what it is today. With a few mistakes, certainly, but we have evolved to be on Mars, while we're just gonna make it worse. We put them out there for people to talk about it, but is this real and its age funding research, and does Congress know about this. They behind you learning about it. Now, having watch West World hand, we delete the Republican Jean up here. I know that's mine, it's mine control them for it So what is so so? Is there an awareness of the value of that of that power?
incredibly good value. They include incredibly, so it's not where I would want to be. I would like us to get back to being a science technology, innovation, leading nation and that's my frustration- is The excitement that I get when I hear scientists like this talk about what is possible. I wish we could have served, expand the moral imagination this country, about what we are capable about in terms of leading the human race into a into a safer towards stronger to a more prosperous world for all of us and that's the challenge we have right now I get back to this idea of what I think you play a good woman and we all have to accept responsibility in doing is we all? We can expect the world to change unless we are willing to change and be a part of that change and lead that chain. We all should be excited about science excited about innovation, the more we get excited about it, the more that will ripple the more demand or, like the leaders are the more more likely they argue respond toward me.
And so what do you see are they are the barriers between that goal and sort of making? America smart in a way that we have why? Why shepherds of our future will look? I One of you very blunt we're gonna have some very tough fighting years ahead of us. We ve got three plus years now of a president who has made it clear on many of these issues that he's contrary. You know that the Chinese made up global warming. You saw with the values that its budget you put forward and so much of what I'm doing in Washington right now, still looking for partnerships across the I'll get things done, but I am preparing to FI, Madam President, that I think was to take our our country backwards in terms of science innovation, but so I dont be politicians, How do you know why? Because their elected by an electorate right
so you beat him on the head, but and even get rid of them, but then there is the matter of the electorate that voted for them in the first place. So your gripe is not actually with president your drivers with sixty million people We voted for no, no, I don't. I don't get anywhere as a country when we are in the course of demonizing each other. I think what we need, Do I see this as a matter of education? If it's a man, if you actually saying this policy will harm these plans, they don't know it, then somebody's got to educate them right now to be too quick examples. One is this: the science March is so important, that's what you thought. I was down and watched him for the women's March and people than mortal dancing. It wasn't signs like the Republicans effect. I bumped into women that were Republicans there that were against a lot of policy issues.
A lot of this right. I saw no anti Republicans. I know it is not right and a lot of innovative sides. The March on Washington, you people like strong Thurman, Lily filibuster? The Senate is a racist rant by man trying to it's alright legislation, but the March on Washington, listen to the speakers John Louis Martin, Luther king. They were speaking against those They were calling to the moral imagination of this country My frustration is often a wheel. We we are not engaged, we will. We look jury in this incredible nation. We had the portals powerful words, you can say is even being if only forty five percent of humanity can say. I, in America, and that comes because of the labors and sacrifices and struggles of generation or and this generation, We see what happens when we disconnect. We see what You can watch the result as a result of people not voting. I saw this one a pie paragraph fifty or sixty million-
voting for Hillary Clinton. Fifty seven four Donald Trump Lilienthal trabants. Before million other people, like, oh, my god, look which has happened, and so some argue a very real example of the EPA. What's happening right now. This is because it I'll drop. This was happening under a great present, wished he could change. We internees right now we're Ronald Reagan, real. Authorize which Macao voted for a simple. Pollution to clean up Superfund sites? These corporations that create the most toxic spots on the in all of America. There's a stupor funding every state. Unfortunately, Turkey has the most of it now that that has that has lapsed, funding, has lapsed because This Congress now suddenly not like Reagan not like the old witch Mccall, decides not to real authorized to clean up for that. So this all these so called orphan sites, know corporation
What are the laughter clean them up, but now we have something called the When I was mare, I learned this grill quick lobby permanently the lot of emotion. I say: look God. We trust prevails, bringing data you show me the Normans will now we have logical data from Princeton university about one of the long term effects of living around a super funds and we now know that if you have a child, or rather Superfund site, is about twenty percent More likely will increase in autism twenty percent more likely that increase in birth defects so talk about a threat to our children. This isn't, though, Russians with ice is coming. This is problems we have right here in our country. The only allow me to proliferate tooth refund sites in New York there, to where I live the only thing, stopping us from doing something is decisions being made in Congress, but most of us don't even know that fact.
We also look. We have the gene editing, so we can just get deployed. Therefore, I guess what I'm saying is that my at this is the red is country on the planet. I don't care what Donald Trump says. You need to make a great We are an amazing country, reservoirs of love and goodness and kindness, but something is missing and it was missing. Nineteen sixty two it took geniuses on number Martin Luther king. If you know that the history, the tailor branch he comes Birmingham jail at the writing, one, the readers pieces of american leadership of letters and early in jail, but he was failing to young people with an imagination Dorothea caught James provoking. Said: hey you're, failing here. Let us try something different and the thing they didn't different ones. To organise other, yet young people aged eighteen, eighty, two march against boycott or to create the spectacle of ten twelve thirteen. Sixteen year old,
what book Konrad Eddie sprayed on water hoses? The next time you release talks on them, but suddenly people sitting home in Iowa in New Jersey saw this spectacle going on literally The Soviet Union was making fun of our democracy on the front pages of their newspapers and its sole woke that reservoir love in this country. Within days, segregation fell in Birmingham, Does this country when they decide to do something, nothing can stand in our way. The challenge now just sounds like you're gonna think before you loose. I I think what we need to do is find creative ways. You jokingly said snapped out about it, but I'm sorry nylon. I've done the political should do it on the political science research about what influences people to act and did you know most persuasive thing to get your friends to vote is, only if their voting or not is literally talking to your circle of friends more than one of my campaign
New Jersey? If somebody says hey everybody, I met Corey, Booker EAST Break. I vote for him that for more persuasive than anything I could put on tv or anything I can do we. So much power, and so this is my thing,
I think we need a light. Rivers. One factor is, I think, it's a fact we will need to do is ignite our own spirits and in a promise you that that label castaways in darkness. I just think we all need to say what can I do different this year around issues that I care about, whether science or super funds or space exploration pick something and be a patriot with wild pursues a bit about every man have secret for you. When I consider singing all of the ads on this shell,
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This is start. What I want to know now is beyond our we do. We have the policy in place to invent the future we're are only we only reacting to bad things that have happened in the past. John begin with you how much duties of your office was to have people think about tomorrow? and in fact, you have on your list. Space exploration When we entered office we knew we had a challenge in space exploration, because a lot of science had gone out of national law to be advanced techniques. Had gone out of NASA. We had
a balance now, so we said we were putting the science back and rocket science anyway, and we had. We had a bit of a struggle. No it works very well, we didn't rebalance NASA and a lot of what we have got your Washington for eight years, eight years, like that's like longer than any signs adviser ever in the history of the universe, well, of course, the history of the signs adviser doesn't go back quite as far as it goes back to the last term of I wonder whether second last firmer Franklin D, Roosevelt. So I was the longest serving signs and entering perspective well sure and enforce like everybody else. I like you, watching I was a space geek. When I was a little kid I was making
fuel rockets. Out of my mother's use, lipstick tubes, when I was nine, they went about a hundred feet in the air yeah. I've been watching it for a long time and it was a pleasure to have them opportunity, working with President Obama and working with Charlie Wolden and ask administrator, made progress. I think I've done then we're going to have a background check that out of the blue things up as a kid will always be a bit of a problem, but they decided to let me through them those waiting, maid rockets, lipstick, tubes, little solid fuel rock, and here I had chemistry, set ingredients that made the solid fuel I made time views burned an interim minute, so I could get away before it went off.
Next time we seem six year old boys, C4 I'll know what they're up two hundred one things to do with lipstick. So I was very distracted by my apology, my phone. I think I'm back on track. I did we did get a lot done in reshaping the priorities and NASA more investments in new technologies that would be needed to go to Mars. People, are saying: why do we go to Mars tomorrow with the money in, and you know, Neil is as well as I do that we do not yet have the technologies to send people to the surface of Mars and bring them back Of course, there are some who are willing to take a one way trip
and some others who would be my candidates for when we have a one way, so I use citing NASA in response to my question about the future. Is NASA the repository of our future hopes among agencies. Now it's only one occasion it happens to be, particularly evocative one and one that still by the way, fires. Young people in the way, almost nothing else in science- the big science fears we ve had in washing, the two exhibits that always attracted most attention are NASA and robots. Those are the two that really do it get kids. Going about science and technology. So how do you draw the line between the rest You do that helps invent a future and the research that Congress will tell you you shouldn't be doing, because corporations should be doing that as part of their Aren t where's. That line
it's gotta be somewhere in there. What will there is a fairly obvious line? In fact, the corporate sector funds more than two thirds of all the r and d in this country. If one less than half of the basic research, the phenomenal Research, that's a seed corn control, that of your right line, research and the reason the private sector doesn't do. That is perfectly understandable time horizon is too long. The risk is too, The return is too uncertain and not sure that, if There's a breakthrough from this basic research that they the corporation that page. We'll get the benefits and the government needs to do it. The government needs to do that. Sort of basic research needs to fund it you're going to get done when that happens. We're stands up and says: why is taxpayers money being wasted, this research no application to any known thing,
and, of course, the samples of arable research, while the other now give you some the nature of basic research. Is you can't tell where it's gonna go great example, Charles you got the Nobel Prize for thanks the science behind the major and then the laser had no my dear, when he did that work stop pass that did some hundred million dollars worth of damage every year to the livestock industry in the United States and this basic research on the second that was obvious at the time the workers we remember the assets of the moon with lasers, folks, for I think lasers are worth is another great example. There was a science projects funded by the National Science Foundation. Many years ago was called sex life of the screw worm.
We're on the screw, where my sex life and and that's a real one everywhere- and there was a lot of fun- was made of this in the Congress. I think it God Centre approximate the Golden Fleece award. In fact the award of your into the greatest wasted greatest last year's money, and the fact is the screw worm was livestock pass that did some hundred million dollars worth of damage every year to the livestock. Industry in the United States, and this Research on the second for the school worm led to a means of biological control of the screw worm, which basically eradicated as livestock path
we were immense savings to the. U S economy. Was that just a marketing failure, though election to behold, like save our agricultural business researchers, we're gonna, get that then we will do in the research. Didn't knows if that would be the outcome, that the nature of basic research and then they put condoms, unscrew worms face actually better agriculture for American Revolution was actually somewhat similar. To that really this illusion was releasing sterile males. It turns out that the screw worm only made once the female only made it wants the female made it with a sterile male she's dead. No offspring, and so the idea we release you just released release a ton of their own mail here in this room.
Can't we just went eminently documents. Saving lives, knowledge. I know that's why you asked for an example, but we know, of course, that there are people who encounters both sides of branches that, Don't appreciate this apple? Is there how do we get them to appreciate? Again? That's that's the political process that these are a source of making we're screwed, funding is education, is not just examples like this. So it's not. Why can't? Why can't you stand up? Give that example. I give three others and they these are tangible examples. Why convince people is their missing part of it, education, twelve education, where there are doctors are there for or examples that might change their mind again. It is this is a process in which has tons of competing demands, and there are people that our dead set against this kind.
Research and don't get the larger is increasingly dragging their heels and with respect I think- and I don't want you to respect the trend. We pray that we take here. You laden with three disrespect Europe, you're. Coming at this, as a scientist and your leaning on these facts is a factor of ever always been enough. Parent knows that Tell the kid a fact once: why don't? Why do they keep misbehaving? I told them if this happens to be the consequence, but we do because we have emotions and we have tribalism and want to feel a sense of belonging, some of these reasons that people
Obstinate information alone is never enough to close the case, and so it is an important first step of bills and lays on top of that committee in the day ass. This are you convinced on. Why should I just curious about that? There are other branches of nets of of the government other than NASA knows that if they were in Europe or Folio, but DARPA is something we ve always earlier. Defence advance research projects administrate those aren't. I e DARPA Ii, which is which I am very interested in this about its investments. In all turn,
energy to be rendered so that these are funded by the development of its yes? Ok, now ARBA is funded by the Department of Energy. Ok, but they're. Both neither of them are in a western peace or they are wasting p. Has oversight of all the science and technology you, madam you, no matter who is doing it? Oh ok! and we worked together with the departments and agencies in developing the president's by so these are more biology. You would you, you said robots get everybody's attention at the guides variant labs, then I know doc has been making some robots absolutely, It's not worth mentioning. What would it help unjust refrain? All our science is a weapon. Yes. But one of the reasons why we can get a lot of very good research done through the departed defence, because is often easier to get people to fund the Department of Defense and it is to get them.
So these other agencies, which echoes invoking, I don't want to die was a weapon there be no problem. There is a battle going on right now about defence spending, verses domestic spending, and this idea should there be parity in the increases in the light, but question, because I got two scientists here, something I've read a lot about. We talk about larger planetary threats. Isn't there a real threat of an impulse, for example naturally occurring one that really knockout America's infrastructure is the short answer. You have not had a people that once more infrastructure, so everyone about areas of no great is the big, it's real major tat, the impulse to get rid of the, robots waves that winning this twenty think article, the sentinels, because
oh, my god. So there are two kinds of electromagnetic pulse. One is if you explore, a nuclear bomb in the atmosphere among many other things that generates a pulse of electromagnetic energy that can fry the elect onyx in your cell phone in your car's ignition in the controllers of the electricity grid, and so on one of the many good reasons not to explode nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. In Europe. We need a new. Well, do the Nokia seven have these Bethlehem Samsung says, but financial version of electromagnetic pulse is when a solar storm. Source where a solar flare throw charged particles in the direction of the earth, they interact with the earth magnetic field in a way that generates a pulse of electronic
Eric Energy at the surface and that too can fry your phone, your electricity grid, and everything that has happened, what amassing as Canada, as happened in modern times it happened in a part of Canada, but it also there was an event in the late nineteenth century. The idea that if that was so severe telegraph over a very large area, but there wasn't much electrical equipment in those days, and so it didn't you, that much damage, but we know that if an event of that magnitude occurred today, it would be devastating. Nor can we resolve the sun as a result of that possibility. We have invested now substantial effort. Trying to build a multi pronged strategy to protect us and those kinds of events that ideology. That strategy includes sensors on the discoverer satellite, Give us early warning the strategy in
the ability to disconnect parts of the electorate agreed on warning very quickly but there are other things that we should be doing and that this stuff, recommended that we do that, we're not yet doing something that I am very glad your interests. No, this is my point. These things I read too much. I recall that ok about war is not all. You should be worried about. What we should be worried about, that is, as it is. A global challenge is happening, so so there's not only that there's there's always talk about running a monk and
Does the United States have a major investment in this the future of this technology, so we got from the matrix determinator an advocate, gaunt, happy movie in my regular life about how scared should I really be one at a time when we have so? Let me ask you this: we had Ray Kurzweil as a guest on Georgia, and I was delighted by the conversations I'd only known of him from what other people wrote. I finally got the horses mouth and- and I love the guy to know in just how do you think brilliant, and so what I asked he's a lot of talk about connecting human. Biology to the internet in some Your brain is now We processing the world. Do you see this biologically as a real thing coming down the line. I think, so I don't think it yes, yes, I dont think its imminent.
That's one way: ways forward That's where steps there already. This is biologically. Inside yourself a model. Her distribute medicine, all your literally sit at a computer we're. Getting close to that and be able to you does message based upon the information. You're getting over distances about what's happening inside your bottom. That's precision, medicine, attacking that before so? What have but may I now is making decisions that authorize right The big fear is that a I tweeted this once I so we behave when a chief consciousness. We want to give it as fewer reasons as possible. Two exterminators clapping, like gory autos, will save us. So is there an agency to thinking about a should, surely Johns hearing
We had many many meetings in the White House or by many them, including President Obama, who very interested in and concerned about a runaway Veronica has an upside outside in. In terms of increasing the capacity. We need to get a lot of important things done as a downside, like many technologies if its misuse, if it evolves. Bad direction. It could be problematic, and so the question is: how do you manage the evolution of this technology in a way that gives the benefits while minimizing the dangers, but My own view is that the dangers as we currently understand them are being overstated. The proposition that computer, are going to become, in some general sense, smarter than humans. Sometime soon is believed by many, the experts in the field. There are some who think it will happen. There are many who think it won't happen that doesn't mean we shouldn't be vigilant in front
figure out. How to make sure the day I doesn't in a way that takes over our line. But can I tell you where I stairs we right now? It is real. Is there are enemies. Sorry Eugene, like Russia, you married just a weekly. Sorry, let me nobler need if they win. This is so we have a real problem with this country with cyber attacks and one of the reason one of the areas in which a high technology is now be used up. Russia, China will never beat us tank for tank. Worshipful worship We spend more money on military and paramilitary. The next six, seven countries combined but where they can now offer threatened. We just saw this with a massive cyber attack is is with what the advance MR be made an hacking and that kind of knowledge,
in a I use being used, invested in explored by the Chinese Russians as a way of having a far more intelligent way, where the computer connect self pity the learn about what the defences orbit system better break into them. And so what you see our competitors and what is not? Russia. China is doing ordinary job, stealing business technologies and the like, using these very sophisticated, a I've watching all these these new next generations. Technologies and innovations against us being under the punch. It's a massive, born or ability of our nation, and we should be very wary about that- would come under the Department of Defense but but departments offence other than the darker in the dark with IE is not really as equipped it seems to me to Attract the that the best and brightest to solve that problem, I don't think that's quite right. The department of Defense includes the National Security agency. National security agency
What is more Phd mathematicians or any other organisation, and the world got if they are thinking about a I extensively, as is DARPA. Which has a lot of smart folks as well. I'm not saying there's no problem, I agree with the centre. This is a big risk it's a big area of competition, Our adversaries are very busy we're very busy too by the way, and I, can be used to defend our cyber systems, just as it can be used by our adversaries to attack them. This is an ongoing. You put our eye unfair and then just let them go to the heart, and that would be good
This is starting to get into your life, for each of you left academic posts to serve in the White House and Europe, you became a sort of a citizen, I into his servant of needs. What what each of you? What? What drove you to do? That for me, two factors- one was John Holder and the other- was Barack Obama Impressive lacks permitted to science. John convince me when we first talked about the position that working for this president would be a privileged beyond all else. First scientist- and he was right, it was an honour to work for president character.
About science nine years ago. What we, what were you thinking of verse, I had the good fortune to meet. Is how're second term Science adviser George Kitty Caskey, when twenty nine years old, it became one of my mentor is when I learned a lot from him about his sword. For Eisenhower. Then I met Jerry Wiesner, who is today of K. Science advise and he became a mentor. I ended up knowing every science adviser to every. U S, president from Eisenhower, So I got a secret. I had a secret ambition as a result of all those interactions that I might someday beer five in my and I just happened to lock out and get the best president modern, today, the science adviser do if there were a president who you didn't white but ass, b?
to her sides adviser what would you say well. It would depend on the president, why, if you are asked to advise them, why should it depend on? The present depends No, you you have. You have to believe that the president will listen you have to believe me if you're not adhesion eyes around, if you not advise you not even in the room. They clearly not listening to you because you're not in the room. That's true! So then a chance. What was an issue of your in the world? You have to figure out where they are going to be more effective. Advising this particular president or more effect pursuing the same issues from I'm out, so you have to make that decision can only It's a yell science into a wing fantasies about these. Two doctors is extraordinary and people should recognizes.
The whole idea of our country in the declaration independence which this genius talking, but frankly at laws it was referred to native Americans are savages and all the floors of the genius of the writers of the time that they have laws, but the kind of king Gos pollution at the end, where they basis for this country. The idea of this nation, which was not founded like other countries, because we all look alike or pray alike, were presented the same way. This was the idea. This country was a first nation of ideas and principles and that's a tenuous especially then it was a tenuous wave forming a nation with these two doctors really represent. Me is what our founders said. He's gonna have to happen. If this country is gonna make it they basically said we have to have an unusual commitment to each other. Goes beyond just tolerating each other or a kind of admire each other issues that we have to commit to each other,
this is the final words, the declaration of independence. We must mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. And then something we all should think about? Are we leaving our lives this way? These folks and their very humble but trust, they could have paid a lot more money. A lot more resources, really rich Workin interview do not get rich, but these are folks. It said you know what my love of this country, my sacred honour, my commitment, my fortune will be to this nations goodness and in its been those folks were those irrational people throughout history you mean I make it into the history books, but I've had consistently had this commitment, those people to build the greatest infrastructure. The station has ever known most whose names are known: the underground rail road, those people who I can't name the people who, whether they store beaches in Normandy, or sat laboratories, designing technologies. Patients legumes everyday, but I take it take for granted, and so I just want to thank them publicly, because
they don't want to get a moment like this before the huge audience, hardly ever hardly ever to get the kind of gratitude celebration just good down the line here before we close this out and just one by one. If you can, what would be your recipe for making America Smart again, just Eugene and think outside of ourselves: I don't know what he's then? I guess I guess voting voting for science, and also, I think things like the science margin,
I think we I want them is that in the end, I think you can forward good things and over time it will work. This sort of thing sides margin that these immigrants would you guys joking around immigrants they get the job done. I believe dream north of here. You know We talk a lot about like right now, ones stressed out by what's going on there like. How am I gonna do with climate self go to do meditation and yoga. I think we have to stop focusing on ourselves. I think we have to focus on other people in our community and think outside of ourselves more often and think about how we are together rather than just laying down and going ten minutes of head spaces.
Make it all better. I'm going to build on our fear has said and suggests. Is I've done elsewhere? everybody who is in science and technology or who cares about science and technology? Ty ten percent of their time. Whatever ass. They do tides temper. Their time to talking with other people to engage on how and why science and technology matter to our society, to our well being to the world. What's and this is how it works. What the sources of credibility in are and why we need preserve and protect science. We need all of us. You'd, better storytellers about this, to be activists to be engaged in the policy process Thank you for having me here
No, I'm serious! It's been incredible on it, be on stage with these civil servants weather with the comedic arts, arts and sciences, and I'm humbled to be a I want to echo what Eugene said I happen to be in a meeting of the organizers of the science March and One of them cited and Niels Bore, quote Quantum its pioneering I'm going, to paraphrase it but essential Describe science as steady reduction of prejudice? you think about what science actually here's your causally challenge, what you think to be true and replace to which you know to be true. If you're not constantly challenging, that's, not science, we ve been challenged up here. I encourage votes out there to do it. Nothing was coming up with the science March weather before, during and after it do something much larger than the politics of the moment. It's about the law, if our pursuit of science, which is the reduction of all of our presidency
One of the things I found really striking today was: will we talked about things that excite the public about science? It was either because of fear or inspiration: I think we need to find a way to explain science and teach science in in logical ways, not not fearmongering that either incite fear or people's imaginations and inspiration, and it can't be just discovering new planets and discovering new cures. It has to go away beyond that to all of science, and I know how to do that, but I would challenge all of us to think about that. How do we inspire people about the fundamental quest for knowledge, which is the basis?
science, I guess we're just- would encourage people to as Eugene's had to be people hope of what I mean by that is I think this last hundred days, has been someone most hopeful period in my time as a senator and it's not because the situation looks great, but I spent eight years living in these horizon projects in New York and the tenant present. There met our sun murdered in in the lobby. The building which I live in. She was one most hopeful people that I met an invasive which he taught me was
doesn't exist in the abstract. It's always a response to despair. It saying that despair will not have the last word and ended. Hope also is not being were you don't just sit in a state of being. This hope hope is an active it's a fighter. It is constantly working to create that belief that that they haven't surrender, and so my my my hope is that I've seen the greatness of my country, whether it was the women's March or how that health care bill, which was so awful was back, not by politicians, but by a public republican endeavour to adjust. It there's no way we're gonna tolerated and so right now my prayer is that everybody remembers those tend to let her words that this country will succeed or fail based on those tend to let her words in those terms, in other words, as if it is to be it is up to me. I have got to be an agent
and that's that's remind my party, like your offer. Some final reflections here I'll be right almost everything I would have said. So you really left me with nothing I got nothing now, but let me share with you Personally, I try not to have hope, because hope is the confession that you have no control. And I don't ever want to see them to a word. I want say to myself. There's an outcome: that I have some access to some control over and let me reiterate again why I don't I don't beat back politicians there's something else deeper than that and in our case you twelve system. What do we do? I think we ve students as these vessels, we unzip their brain there, there their hand.
Poor information in for twelve years. And then you zip backer back, handle diploma and send them off, and so we that being educated is knowing stuff. When someone in their one, be taught how to question knowledge. How to evaluate information and ever These are the foundations of science. We don't you after college science, which just call it curious. What is a scientist but a kid It would never really grew up This is a kid who who, in adulthood, retained childlike curiosity we're chain childlike curiosity, anything that happens before you is. Four questions, and you say why you're doing it that way cannot happen this way with Lily research and a view in addition to being trained how old think about information. If somehow we can retain
Your curiosity from childhood through adulthood retain their lifelong learners, lifelong inquisitors because we will spend many more years outside of school than in school, people do we know if not among ourselves the last case? Will you take your books, throw him into the air and say schools as though That's the state you want to be and where you no longer have to learn, that's a failure, the educational system, you should come out of schools, gee, I'm still curious. Can I go back in Work is some ways I can keep learning and I think that breed an entire generation of people that are curious into adulthood. Then You will never like someone who
states things that are not true, that kid. That would never happen system, curiosity and Does the politics on the politics layers? On top of that, So you don't say there is no global warming. We know there is so now that we know there is. Let's have the power of the political conversations? Are their carbon credit? To argue for, do you subsidize, or do you put up terrorist? That's where the politics needs to happen, not at any level below that? My sense of this is we want to make Amerika Great first have to make its mark and to make it so We have to retain the curiosity that we all had as children and that we can turn a sleepy country into an innovation nation.
Eugene Bardell Male job, the orange which you can listen. The star talk: commercial, free, Joe, Star talk on Patriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com last star talk, radio!
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