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StarTalk Sports Edition Series Premiere – Changing the Game, with Arian Foster

2020-01-03 | 🔗

SERIES PREMIERE: Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with former NFL running back Arian Foster to explore his illustrious NFL career, the rise of science in football, and much more. Co-hosted by Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice.  

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode commercial free. Those star talk fans near the grass ties in your personal astrophysicist and delighted too. You have a brand new version of start up. Call start luck, sports edition, as most of you know, I've always had a deep appreciation for the intersection of sports and science. And on the show, alongside my coast, Gary O Reilly and the one, and only Chuck nice, exploring the intersection of speed science and especially the way Technology have touch both so catch our talk sports addition every other Friday, that's every other free on the main star, talk, feed and, as always, don't forget to keep it
up welcome start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now, broken to our first episode of start off sports additions, I'm your home! the other grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, and here Miss me in studio are my car. Gary O Reilly, a former professional soccer player from the UK. Of course, Chuck nice, I now they, and today we have former that's a running that area and foster in studio. He joined the NFL, isn't on drafted free agent with the Houston Texans, and he still holds the record for rushing yards and russian touchdowns for the Texans he's now pursuing of all things: a music career under the stage name Bobby Fino and hosts I'd called now what
welcome to the show area. Eleven, it's it's pretty funny, just before with cameras role. We were talking about Monday for you the Sunday on the gridiron recovery, I'm in, two no lie what it takes to recover after a game. I'm not talk like like practices, is gonna, be rough enough near, but what happens? firstly, for running back The kind of nobody wants to target Manuel Gummy, listen! Everytime you just above is contact. Disorder is totally united me. Your position is, is poor. Probably aside from Lyman the old. Unlike you know the front line, and you know office in deficit, your position is probably only position on the field other than those two positions. That's design for content. On every single place near lowering, except when they can catch him underscores the touch me well,
often have you will get a percentage wise we'd like it to be like they renounce their recovery, took us through So am I remember it hurting. I don't know that's why I guess there's not a there's, not a pretty euphemism, I can give you wages. Edges herds is all over the course of my career you develop you kind of desensitized and you become the pain because normal and it becomes a part of routine and you and it becomes pay management rather than trying to avoid it's going to happen. So there's a saying for boys. I can hear to be hit, and so you want to deliver the blow rather than take it. Cuz that'll hurt more and call you more. Myself because in Monday's it amazes hurt you you so I mean the chemicals.
You are organised in trying to decrease inflammation, and you want to try to you don't you want to eat food that that there are high and attacks once again, the once again mitigating inflammation. Yes, that was best as our basically pain is disinformation, we're getting onto the diary, AIR but yeah sure, because you have an interesting so thought process during. Career as far as that goes so you talking about your own personal mental strategy too. The morning after I: how long does it She too, to find yourself in that place. Does so you know, is a running back. There are certain things going to happen. So how long does it really once you're in Vienna Focus Vienna has got to be a lot different to anything else. If you be experienced a hit then her headway here it is getting as it is, never easy junction in the career right so like when we we win its early and agree with you.
Still young and you did things up by the EU, that much in Europe and about back, but as you as you, as you age, you noticed the affects more than twenty five years are a strap relative term. Your like relative to the football players so, as you start ages start to feel the effects of a more and watch, like us is kind of like what I said. A little too early is is about pain management. You have to find a way to manage the pain, and I, unified a time where if I wasn't in love with the science part of of the sport, So there are actually trying to hide some of his eyes: It is more like stuff, a cd and So how accurate that was my errand now they're embrace in science, which the world
but another embracing science and he's gonna. Do nothing will benefit the players and there are losing always science could play in learning what happened to your body and preventing that you know concussion the main issues that gave the now, I'm not simply because you here I'm an advocate for size, but the thing that sizes infused with grace it doesn't matter, what it is because it's it's empirical data that does nothing but help and and grow. What have you to do so early all night. I remember her vividly as it ass a kid in high school and even a college. You were considered week if you get a drink of water. While you are you where you Practice are like where you don't work out to saying now you need one alone is like it like. Looking back as it does the dumbest thing Zanu has now you guys fallen out behind the same semi, so I know what you week, if you drink, the orange sideline
So your mama, you gonna, do you want me? The age of Unita MIKE I'm dying are pretending. We didn't run right, not worth it. He was a kind of others that it was peer. Pressure was coach pressure. It was a lot of its kind, acted in your own mind, but it was forced upon you all the time. It's a culture is best Africa, as it is a culture of this ten macho ego driven thing there? I was never in love until you get kind of like you called like, I used to call some of that stuff out. Maybe why are we pretending, like I'm, not tired? I'm tired. Kirsty, I'm gonna drink water. As, like you get kind of type case. It is the battle in the intermediary banks for rights, which funny now, though, is the approach. That is just the opposite. It's like we see now that you ve reached your peak and at this point is
track, anomalies, step exactly that right and one last time you do take a drink and how much you drink right, what you let your light were when you did at an end, and the fact is that being hydrated is probably the best thing you can do when you're doing any physical activity and personnel mean that I wish to return them up of camera ice. Where the majority of my career dehydrate and I didn't know, The majority of my career dehydrate and I didn't know it wasn't all my last year where the sports eyes I came on and make these are hoping to supplies things while we're practice in they took our our levels in so I didn't understand magnets potassium in and these days that you hydrated grass, a human there. I was, I was burning, more calories. Another like a lot of these days, though, is common knowledge in this. You have somebody who is an expert in writing, but is not ever your privy to unless you seek it. So so
a lot of my time dehydrated because I drink a lot, and I don't mean water has, has issues, including us. Everybody thinks about the harvesting of data as the telematics, particularly in an official but a lot of it now has come into the Bio data each individual. Athletes, hydrogen levels, heart rights, everything, because if that we're it's gotten now goes right. I said it's easier to monitor them the kinematics of things fast, IRAN. How long was running out? What's a temperature outside you have that, but come on inside your body relative to someone else's how much energy do you have left that you might not know you have or maybe you're ready to collapse? And you don't know it, but I know it because I've got the data there's time to take that into account. It is a beautiful thing. Beds, when you see it when your time is passion, they're, gonna, kill me, but it is better for the players but like so that, like us, start to take their account, whereas before the culture
was this one? Size fits all model and I used to hate. It goes for example, ice we for work out like we had this slate of workers. I used to do the same things that the Lyman we're doin. Unlike this makes no sense, I don't but they do they do what I do. I we lived in the same way. That is, it make any sense as the ice to protest to get. He's a troublemaker maiden aunt Rachel S worked, but not, however, haven't somebody but he's not watch on the aims of the body is latent, ignoring image we would take ignoring the germ I was. I was the hours guy, like always has some to say, because the system was broken leg. If the system is broken, we gonna fix it. Why are you does not see you You re whistle blowing on the weight letters Minamoto fusion Astley, who was seen the future from where he is now. Ok, I would like to think that. Thank you see. The thing is
Why am I doing the same standard practices? The guide doesn't do my discipline of skills. I should be doing my own things on wheat. We can't got therein soccer happily after I he's playing long after, but you did something you could control yourself, which was your diet. You went to a prompt based, I mean what everyone else is again. You just act, clearly you can be as physic fit as necessary. You can gain muscle mass and you be from what I understand more energetic by just having a based? I will, if I were you plant based when resigned to, the NFL is for Nora daughter for for short periods, so without, when in two thousand twelve for about half the season. I was planned by all those. That that summer into have the season
and the reason why switched we'll get into the house felt during the evening, but the reason why was it was just annoying to me to have to because a great now you walk outside and there's a big irrational. Some right into doubt was wearing the airlines now that the AIDS and now there I was solid, bow yea. Is it if the economic and Texas? by the way they do not have our ancestors barbecue s wrath. It's a sprig of parsley, roundabout way bearing witness of temperature resulting green. Now, as I did in a time where it was as socially acceptable. So I did it when it actually asked what for that two hundred army, no man took me thinking you jump, you try me right away. I love you wanna keep her you're running by road and you ve gone plant based drinks. Much flack did you take
in the long run it was not as an elaborate because everybody S. Third, oh my team, like whatever idea like I can intellectually defend myself. I am ever show in possible next, so do the limit to how much year wait about vegetal Ok, now like on a national scale. It was like a national story got debated, Warsaw's like a guy called our candidate. Was it wasn't like what I got on the field, by nine nobody gonna know? Now I don't like it that contrasted with the best of our one leg we're gonna wanna. Try me goes. You know, I'm very interested now to stick around. Because when I hear some of the cause, some of the best stories you hear about trust talking on now the basketball court. You get a lot of quality, true equality dress, I got a bad one and you know
You see a lot of barking on the football field, but I also here there's a lot of good trash talk that have a runaway lottery. Every is of a different kind of Europe. They want storied Reggie was written when all was ready white who did the transport of animals, we told the story, and orphans of Lima. He was lined up a crossroads and the guy was you said he was just needle in Reggie, all like half the quarter and all Reggie just where they you know, Oh Jesus, you back I believe that its aim of about thirty levels me, listen, there's your who s gospel, transitory France, like everybody here they when it is by. I will just take it you just like, I you're distracted by the isolationist when these two things together. We spoke just progressing organ missiles
That is why I strongly motivated rounds the greater the recovery postman written and going to a plant based diet. Now it had to be some benefits. Was recovery, part of the benefit of going pumping you sent for me. Yeah and every time I speak about this or I have the privilege of whether it is anecdotal because there was nothing. I didn't that you really have a barometer engaged on anything other than me out of my large and only plant based, went back to their native village has been so I really was right, it's I don't know how to gauge. So all I can say is I did for me. He after the games, I felt I noticed a difference in how my body for us didn't take as long to recover. Bombs and bruises I didn't like were as they did inflicted four months have?
You didn't do that hinder me as much. It didn't hinder me as much so you hear that story coming up as a running as a junior running back as a rookie in the NFL. Do you think I recall a better I recover sooner nominal plant by. Let me try well how you invite that now, when they this moment by, because in order to be better plan base, you have to have it, control of your diet, and rightly so. I have. I have the resources in order to like. I want this for dinner, and I go get that for dinner. I don't have a chef cook for me or my lady. Can movement as already myself to make sure you get it right. Nutria I mean you have to supplement, would be twelve there's. A lot of things have to be aware of, whereas me grace right here, and so when a kid is coming in utero, ear, for dinner. Wherever you moment they I mean if, unless I'm not, I socio economic, how I grew up five zero people are, as it were, that what I was the dinner was verbatim yet software kid common abysses. Somebody goes by a basic. He might be
treed put it five over an area experiment with later, but for now git. You know and how you need to know about Could I just thought: maybe if there was a particular running, backs content; it is, it is a context bore bordering on collision spoke. Housing, always yeah. You know anything that aids recovery has to be something that you won't. You ve gotta one when you mind too otherwise, you gonna be struggling to play, fit everything Ok, I readjusted like a baby and steady. Yeah I've. We we're got to take a quick brink Start off supported his guns before you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one.
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Welcome back to startle today we have formed an affair running back area and foster in studio. I so we're all over the place, because we will have a lot of time with you. I need to know who is your paper running back? Take us that's right now, but I was not in jail. Technology analytical method are right. Now you re right now was a lot bow from what I've seen. Probably he s a camera name aven't calmer, looked like a guy. I write another growing back here that I got to
My three had Rihanna he's got its act, Dickerson yeah. Of course I want to pay of course, yes base and gas. Suite is hardly a better than those on relies over. Your mother is hard to get better than the very seriously and out of the three I gotta say the most exciting Deniz housing ahead to observe that the Danish, other Daimios great, but I gotta say like what we have to have a new element on the periodic table was that Lithuania, it does look tallies with any luck, Damien meaning. I am. I look any element, not exaggerate bar. If only we could finally elusively Danny, you may be able to make this bomb actually seen of India's Engur Isomeric gotta, just a yo, so area that is, of course are always. Airbus Twitter feed
they come on a show. I'm sorry you did. I love it. I found a lot of jungle. Now you twitter feed is awesome about anyway. It's it's at faster and its fino. You, know, you're a twitter handle and you have one here, video there. I have to know you made the video, or did you just put this video, because it's true this. This is how cannabis. Those from a sea to harvest, and it is the whole set. This out is a whole video. It was not my video I wish there was this? Isn't you now? Can you just reposing guys retreat item? Forget it? I thought you might maize and amazing isn't remains very early. Ask as I thought my has given up. We ve been through the other about in a city may, while our party special, we ve done it, and if we observed when others act
where are you on your own particular journey right now? So what are you it s? Great question. Thank you, I by saying he caught my attention early. Because he was talking like no other football player. I had ever seen I was thinking about science. He says he's gums, shooting it was. He was not. He was marching to different drummer. And that drummer had some overlap in my vendetta diagram. As a scientist, nice house, brain is wired and in fact you heard him say when it was talking about, is vague and experience. At first. It he's, I say, is only an adult and I don't know I'm miser unlikely to do this fischler experiment we haven't, we haven't even aren't you, but here is my store. This is, u talk in sight. I worked as yet once you composed poetry, and so I'm just I'm all
your camp Gama. Great ahead. I will answer ready for another. My my journey run eyes is I've been extremely fortunate to live a dream of my which was the Unifil. So when I was seven years old, I was born in the circumstances I was born in two I had a dream. You re born at age. Seven year has already said it was an anomaly that sentence, but that's what I was when I was eleven are born into is made, but as less when my dream in the universe, and my dream is to get out and when when they were covers that go, but you are not even drafted now isn't drafted, but I had the perseverance to finish the the go, and I did that in throughout the journey. What I learned was just that that that's it Ghost house super fortune, cookies apologize, but it's like this success is its role.
And you have to devise success before you obtain it Russia can be chasing the rainbow. Oh I'd. I did that, but what I found out that it was it was a journey. Anna was an destination. I know it's really corner, but it's the truth as I found it on my journey. There, I was so I had said tunnel vision focus on what I wanted to do that. A blinded me. Two things are really are and passionate about. I saw, as as I live in my dream and innovative, I realize I have access to all of these things. There when the ape privy to otherwise, as I get it, see how to talk to you guys, and so I started to tap, there will rise and then at in, and so I say out, I daresay I just enjoying the journey and everything and anything interests me I get into a so. I have an idea of what I want to do, but right now it's Parkinson. It's me and when I get to a age I'm going back to school,
a good place years. As you got all my guest here, what's what you call called now what with no y know, but now western mark you talk about the journey will you one of those athletes to come through high school and it was destined, but you, would be NFL or did you have that guy on your journey? It son angle, make it not. A whole bunch of those guys I was. I was never like the kids in towers, I guess would be the one I was never. That was never that I was always the I got in I had to fight the plans on the high school is awesome. Palate stuff, but I know you ve been back to the coachman. No one ever stories like me, but I saw I had moods are group outworking of waste gonna move to Santiago California, because it was just a bad situation. My father was there and I was doing things I don't have to integrate. The name of the Albert Kirkhi, AAA Baseball team. I'm going to dupe
What is thy Stoughton? The isotopes, as I just wanted a delay, the first atomic bomb you never cynical reestablish from scientific we must also avoid all over our goals are ok. I had it. How did you overcome the people who set young man? I love to make raise our do it if it was ignorance of bliss race like looking back, I had no chance. The probability was very low and you just couldn't tell me anything different. I never knew anything different in utero run standing on coming on, plump, hamper and positive that there's pleaded do there who have had the same dream and it didn't work out and there still try me do it somehow, some way away any will never work, they believe the naysayers. Yet, None of them is not. I think that eleven, don't and but You don't have the time It is that no disrespect, but it is also not yet you if you let it out if you haven't talent, but
the drive when you believe naysayers again again there, either as a multi very variable, is but talk, their math is required, but no it is exerting toward the camp the counter different and that the airline they don't align go back to that part. Now, because you were you doing things, you shouldn't that, I'm not unless you what they were. Is this story, so am I he's tell, and you can you can time and on this I An early express was set aside, and I eight we should provide it with. You should always be safe. Any kind of drug use or any alcohol anything. But I had an early like I was doing experiments in early and have a lot of guidance earlier. I had a lot of freedom, but I get in I had early space with citizens, when an I fundamentally believe that kind of change. The way I looked at the world and is why look, I think, so
Legally. Now is why don't see servers low? I think it had a did you like as a hunter persona, but at the more research about that actual here, you are not enough in Egypt. Is that the chemical like. We want a good neighbour when allowed up. You have a lot of same spears, its money there was a show and each boy, I'm takin class in physics, I'm going to say. I was gonna. Do exactly the same. I'm just saying they have the physics or drugs. I don't know what and we say early you, I mean it's not like super early like do not like four years old, I drink and mushroom t go, live I've heard that her little pony there was that there was an HBO show with Leubronn and they Davis and promise and out of the eleven guys used to hang around with a high school five were dead killed. Now watching that kind resonated with my own up bringing not that anyone died, but by the time
half the guys I hang around with in high school five. I've been in jail and you said you got into the best of a new came out of that environment. Using That was the moment you're in okra could possibly began taking yourself out, cause. You could have been the one of those guys on the other side of the line. Were I could have my life could taken another time. But luckily I had a little voice in the back I sometimes get he would get you never know. It leaves US forces in another voice when it becomes multiple one we're. Ok, you you're gonna fell player, but you will never draft you. I drafted and you rose up and just were a star
I end set records is how many of you are out there that are being completely overlooked. Jerk, The draft, what formula are they using? you're not noticed, and other players are is it the right formula Did you have a better highlight real person? What what's going to college? What I think What would it is is a it's a bell curve right that life is basically about. But it's it's a it's a bell curve. You have guys at that are cortical the cream of the crop, and you have guys, our view is not really that talented, and Basically, I of the observer. So it's the talisman as for the organisations that are picking the guys, and it is my opinion that they don't a hundred percent know what they're doing that lies with the ongoing, let him finish button despite their craft, but but
I may I used to watch guys get drafted in on my while I'm looking at him. Why would you even think he's talented, but it's it's. It's a multi faceted, issue and there are so many variables evolve. And a lot of the times there's business decisions involved in it to write that get that come into play, so I think anytime, you have a business in entertainment, it's just become. It gets model, not only what is supposed to be a nobody hesitated either. Only look at the Highlight Ruth real of what someone has accomplished. Looking at the ambition real of what someone where's they you know. Eu aid could be a most tells it didn't work, and then you give em twenty million dollars and that ambition die right bananas. That's what you wanted any never knowing that you can have all those and, in your little I get away a hunger well, it's a variable is possible only
it is also in the universe. Is UK like there's no drew to measure heart right so no, there's no algorithms and by the way, give me twenty million dollars acquit everything normal bloggers does everything you do and go, and you don't have my funds are viewed as a YO yo outweighing. So is there or is there a perfect? stats for running back is there. This is what this is. What it should be oh that's yeah is there? Is he's gotta, be this told this heavy? This quick gotta be how to do this this. This is therefore a prototype around. Here I think give allow access to their boiler ass. I feel I wouldn't
times it was one Marshall FARC was another ass. If we were all kind of early adapters of the new any further new info, is you have to he had three down when a bank, which means you have to be, Put a password segments where you have to be because I, like failure, run aroused, and so I was, I was one of the early adapters Annette. Transition to this generation of Werner S, soul, oh man, knowing where he's talking, but thirty, may I remember only those letters helmet how hard I haven't you haven't been around for Basel, I feel so disconnected though I heard a business do you're right, we did have let them take known as they are innocent all player. You ungrateful, thank you may just tell you that result and I know quite a few retired players and they are doing that is how they alone- ok, jujitsu. Now, just next to a former college wrestler, I am aware and how does the mean in this whole raft of
things that you in depth, since acting singing now Jujitsu where's Jujitsu, fit into the realm how now I would be line? If I said it was something that I was meditating and I just might Miss. I was my guy com as I go you trying to work out, and I was asking So where met him at the place, is I guess you did too and as I did you just in front of yours, why hours, aided Utitsa phrase guys to play with that now does judges? Is his kids have been going on for years, and I was for new workers, because I spent my life and Jim is really want to live weight system anymore. So more than four new innovative work out, so the guy to try and I did. I found out that it was a little more than a work out and have fun It is amazing, it's amazing swore. Does it work as well as equally ass. What I like about it was there Tell him that aware this is like chat
with the body near you're, fighting for position in an end you're trying to anticipate and and Trachoma there there's ways you can trigger them into thinking you doin somethin, in its success with is a beautiful display of his gallery, I, like it cool so give me, give me Jiu in science. Please do and Elizabeth Jujitsu than about other immortal, our obviously there a lot of physics. Gravity lawyers? Your hands, are on someone, your grabbing there d and you are at every instant trying to feel where their centre amasses, where they could be tripped where they can fall off balance, and then you wanna exploit that? Does the chess game Talking about you, moving away, sponsor that move, your set them up and that's like a set up in a chess game when we learn them in and then I'll get the king or queen. So I think all these ports. Where is that its hand to hand is all about physics of your positioning or centre a mass of lower is higher. How long is your reach? Are you quit?
you could be bought second of the same move, but I'm quicker than I got you, sir. All this in a football player would be you'd. Think, especially right back. We have very good coordination balance and the things necessary too big, starter entry, into Jujitsu. I did ok, we're not in a video or are you pose a hundred percent? I was. There was one of those I didn't do it. The gathers guy taken photos around that everybody doing the hopeless and he just happened. It's never photo outgun, Taft out and choked by his black boat, and I was, I was glad to grim missing. Raising my god. That's when you decided to press you learn more. When I go to feed than you do from a victory. They heard the whole idea about learning right. That is our into very day with areas foster about. If you never gonna, go to Youtube and look at his highlight real he just leave folks in the dust as he zigzags his way to the goal line we
did here, but you been listening, possibly even watching our first episode of start talk. Sports addition- and I want to thank my guest airy and foster and my co Chuck NICE and Gary O Reilly I am neither Grass Thyssen and has always. I beg you to keep looking. I wish you'd listen to star talk, commercial, free, joint start our compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch doc. Coms last star talk, radio
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